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March 30th, 2000

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Doors & Locks
Exploration XP
Order of Items in Houses
Add-A-Color Coupon
Oldstyle Hit/Dam Eq.
Changes to Spellbook
ID-Item Skill Idea

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Doors & Locks

'Is there any way to check ratings on a door that has new locks?' Wyvern says. 'If there ain't...you should put a way in :).'

'You can look at the door to get a sense of its properties,' LadyAce says.

'How come we can uninstall locks but we can't demolish extra rooms in our houses?/more on,' Fatale says.

'We haven't gotten around to coding room demolishs yet,' Ea! says to Fatale. 'They're a bit trickier.'



'Ok and is there any ETA for PkOk at all?' Empress Krillen says angrily.

'No ETA right now,' LadyAce says.


Exploration XP

'Umm how come with an alt I dont get xp when I wander into some xp rooms?' Temptress Myrella says provocatively.

'Following someone else?' Empress Krillen says furiously.

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Nope always alone.'

LadyAce says, 'If you're following, even if they're not in the room, it can happen.'

Empress Krillen says furiously, 'Mebbe you got em and don't remember, happens to me quite often =p.'

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'I am not grouped at all.'

LadyAce says, 'If you tell us which xp room when you're on your alt, we can check your flags and see if you've hit it yet, etc.'

The Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly, 'If your following. Doesn't matter if your grouped. I do that on accedent all the time.'

'Well I know I didnt hit them cause I can back a day later and got the xp,' Temptress Myrella says provocatively.

Empress Krillen says, redfaced with anger, 'Then chances are you were following someone else, or a mob, at the time.'

'Well I have always got xp for simply walking into the rooms before,' Temptress Myrella says provocatively. 'Well I treid to report it when it happened but the immort online was afk and I had to run before he got back.'

'Bad luck then,' LadyAce says. 'If it happens again, let us know.'

Kaige says, 'Mudmail does wonders in a time like that.'

'Its happen to me with 4 xp rooms the last week now though,' Temptress Myrella says provocatively.

'There's an area that has you follow a mob, for example...and you might not even remember later,' LadyAce says.


Order of Items in Houses

'Oh, why were items in houses put in backwards?' the Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly.

LadyAce says, 'Hm...explain a bit more?'

The Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly, 'Few days ago I logged on and all the items in my house were in exact reverse order they were the night before.'

'Fatale said it happened in the lazy hall too,' the Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly.

LadyAce says, 'Ooh, that's kinda cool. Did the mud reboot in the mean time?'

Sandra Starseed says, 'It's just the way they load, next reboot they'll go back =P.'

The Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly, 'My items are still backwards. Not that I care. Just wondered.'

Ea! says, 'It's something that we're not quite sure how to fix... Basically it read and writes the objects in reverse order...So if it reads in "a, b, c" it then writes it as "c, b, a" (sort of last in, first out)...'

'I see,' the Destroyer of Hope says tolerantly. 'It'll be backwords everytime.'


Add-A-Color Coupon

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Can you restring a item you used a add-a-color coupon on and what happens if you do?'

LadyAce says, 'It'll make the item you are restringing onto, the same color with no other changes. It takes an imm with string to do it, so assistant builders/coders can't help you with it I'm afraid.'

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Hmm so seeing as my sash has 1 red word does the new item get 1 red word then?'

LadyAce looks up into the sky and ponders. 'You can turn the same color on once, and off once,' LadyAce says.


Oldstyle Hit/Dam Eq.

'Any plans on dealing with old chars hit/dam eq?' Kidd says.

'I'd say no plans to deal with as of now,' LadyAce says to Kidd.

'No point to make a new character,' Pelleas says. 'If you have lvl 50s.'

Kidd says, 'I dont want my non-pk to lose his stuff...but its alll for fareness.'

'They will always be a notch down,' Pelleas says.

'If it ends up being a problem after the change has settled in some more, we'll probably consider it,' LadyAce says.

Kidd says, 'It IS a problem.'

'I don't see an added attachment to old chars as a problem,' LadyAce says.

Pelleas says, 'A big one, the change doesnt affect those who have characters. What about the new player.....'

Kidd says, 'I bet half or more of the fighters wouldnt bea ble to use todays hernes horns with their current eq set uip.'

'I think it's less of a problem than people are making it,' Sandra Starseed says.

'That's why it was coupled with the damroll cap,' LadyAce says to Pelleas.

'So dont use em,' a gruff historian says, looking amused, to Kidd.

'But the new eq is also negative stat, making it a double whammy,' Pelleas says to LadyAce.

'There's more eq out there and always more on the way,' Sandra Starseed says.

'Since when is it written in stone that SSS and hernes are a must?' a gruff historian says, looking amused. 'Be creative.'

'I switched one of my level 50s to using new eq, honestly don't notice that much of a difference,' a daughter of the North Wind says.

A daughter of the North Wind says, 'She hit harder before, now she heals more, outcome's pretty much the same.'

'If old eq is such a bad thing, junk yours :),' LadyAce says.

'You're acting like that one item is the bane of all existance,' Sandra Starseed says. 'News flash - it isn't =P.'

'There will ALWAYS be an upper crust of hitter wiht eq as is, those wiht 50 dam roll and tons of stats,' Pelleas says.

'There's some advantage, but I don't agree that it's huge,' LadyAce says.

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'THere is no such thing as a huge advantage with old eq.'

'There advatanged,' Kidd says. 'There shouldnt be ANY advantaged.'

Temptress Myrella shakes her head in disagreement with Kidd.

'I would gladly fight a 44hit 72 dam fighter with my last pkiller, there we so easy to kill it was funny,' Temptress Myrella says, with a provocative wink, to Kidd.

LadyAce says, 'We're giving it a wait-and-see for now, if it turns out to be a prolem, we'll look at the specific instances.'


Dopples and Charmies

'Do dopps and charmies have the ability to have ac hr and dr from eq like we do?' Raz says.

'Yes, they're just like mobs in that way,' LadyAce says to Raz. 'I remember dressing up a doppel back in the day...:).'


Changes to Spellbook

'Any chance total spells could be put on the end of allspells and spellbook lists?' Galan says. 'Would work wonders for gettin new words.'

Ea! shakes his head.

'Or, when you get new words,' Galan says.

Ea! says, 'That's intentional design to make it take a bit of work when you're playing a mage.'

'Thats all we mages get, work, work ,work,' Temptress Myrella says, looking amused.

Galan says to LadyAce, 'Dunno if it's like that now, but used to be you could have unimp'd spells in your spellbook that wouldn show up in allspells.'

Ea! says, 'When we can, we'll make it so that spells that aren't implemented don't show up so that it's easier to do the research to find out if you're missing something.'


ID-Item Skill Idea

'Any chance we could get a skill or two for use in identifying what items are made of and what material you use to fix them?' Temptress Myrella says provocatively. 'And a second skill that tells you item stats. I hate always having to remove something to try and figure stas.'

Galan says, 'I like the what they're made of.'

'Not to mention juggling rent if the item is biggish rent,' Temptress Myrella says provocatively.

LadyAce says, 'Attributes is actually kinda nice for telling that, I think.'

'I think we'd like to do it, but we need to do some general changes to the code first (like make it so that all types of item have a material associated with them)....' Ea! says.

'I agree it helps alot but its still kinda lame if I stumble across say a sword and I'm both to weak to wiled it have to drop stuff to get to rent,' Temptress Myrella says provocatively. 'NO really was expecting to see it tomorow just a wishful thought.'

Ea! says, 'At some point we might make the ID object spell a litlle more useful in that type of thing, but don't expect it to be failproof if we do...'

'It seems like a good merchant type skill, really,' LadyAce says.

'Add more info to appraise?' Galan says. 'Like material and such.'

'I'd think that we'd probably make things like tools be IDable by a merchant skill and stat bonuses by magic, but I'm not sure,' Ea! says.


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