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April 6th, 2000

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Equipment Specs
Wall Spells
Purify Skill
Future Plans
Housing Descriptions
Land of the Scyldings
Egypt Changes
Timed Items
Con Weapons
Immortal Applications
Skill Trees
Admin Imms
Looting In PKOK
Healing In PKOK
Staggering Headbutts
Crossplay Under PKOK

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Equipment Specs

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Ok, simple question, I'm wondering if +hp and +mana gear will follow in the path of +dam/+hit.'

'Eventually they'll be revised, but the spec has not been determined,' LadyAce says.

Sandra Starseed nods her agreement with LadyAce.

'As soon as I get some time, I'll probably be going thru the specs,' Sandra Starseed says to a holy, pale-skinned druid.

Groo says, 'How the new inferior vesions of items have much more horrible rent?'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Sandra Starseed, 'Sweet, it just makes soooo much sense to do it.'

'If you think the rent on an item is too high, mail the builder =),' Sandra Starseed says.

LadyAce says, 'If you don't like the stat/rent combo, I'd use a different item. I can't say I like all the changes to the stats, but I don't think we should be changing the eq stats all the time, either.'

'There needs to be a dex weapon that's +dam. =),' the god of mischief says.

Sitalz says, 'And their needs to be a dex weapon that does a fire spell =P.'


Wall Spells

'Was wondering how stong i can make the walls i create and what it does for them,' Sitalz says. 'Can cast create wall in the same direction and it strengths my wall.'

'All it does is make the wall last longer,' Huginn says to Sitalz.

'Is there a limit to how long you can make it last?' Sitalz says.

Huginn nods his agreement with Sitalz.



'Is there a proposed change to the immense influence of hitroll on the combat system?' the Betrayer of Britain says deviously. 'Or are we peachy and happy with it?'

Sandra Starseed's peachy and happy with it.

The Betrayer of Britain says deviously, 'I can't stand it personally.'

The god of mischief says, 'I'm still not exactly clear on how hitroll affects combat.'

'Help hitroll explains what hitroll does. The value of hitroll was boosted recently,' LadyAce says. 'If it's overboosted, then I imagine we'll try to scale it back. But I haven't heard too much about it being overbalanced.'

The Betrayer of Britain says, devious and sly, 'I feel that having hitroll is a dire necessity in order to make any attacks.'

'Damroll is just as necessary as hitroll,' Sandra Starseed says.

LadyAce says, 'It's not really a dire necessity. It's a boost to your pre-existing ability to hit.'

Groo says, 'The trouble is level matters too much.'

LadyAce says, 'Hit table is a whole other discussion tho :).'

'Not every combo of stats has to be a good fight combo...' a fair-skinned brunette says to the Betrayer of Britain. 'What you are doing is like me choosing 100mind spirit, and then complaining that I dont hit hard enough. if you wanted to hit, you should go dex str.'

'Well I was jsut wondering if in the recent change to hit damage was the change to hit as nessecary to the damage change?' Groo says. 'Hitting is vital for pretty much eevry character.'

LadyAce says, 'The change was only to hitroll. If you have hitroll, you're better off than before. If you don't, no change.

'Just wondering if the chages to the hitroll items was as nessecary as the change to dam roll ones,' Groo says to you.

'We want hitroll and damroll to have equal value,' LadyAce says to Groo. 'That being said, it's possible that the eq spec is a little too tight. I'd like to see us play it out a bit longer and see how it goes.'

Groo says to you, 'I have no problems with it yet but as of now I dont have a character with the 'new' eq to try yet.'

LadyAce says to Groo, 'If you experiment around with things and give us some feedback on your experiences, we'll take a look at what you're seeing.'


Purify Skill

'There was a change so that you can purify weapons, I don't quite get it, since it doesn't give the original effect back, care to explian?' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

LadyAce says, 'So you're wondering what the point was?'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Yeah, pretty much ;).'

'It's a small boost to the skill, not a big one,' LadyAce says.

Captain Vandervecken says confidently to a holy, pale-skinned druid, 'There are some mobs whom you don't want to use poisoned weapons on.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'I see no gain in getting it.'

'It was on the coding todo list or something, so I coded it =P,' Sandra Starseed says.

'Just so that people who don't want poison on their weapon don't need to have it,' Ea! says.

LadyAce says, 'Being able to switch back and forth can be a nice boost for people, but nothing huge.'

'Doesn't fit in with their RP, etc,' Ea! says.

'Mobs that flee like mad, for example, you might not want to kill with a poisoned weapon,' LadyAce says.

'Well, there are a few druid skills which, frankly, suck,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

LadyAce says, 'Do you have any suggestions for any boosts to current skills?'

'Foul, show me a good use,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

'Foul someone's chalice when they arent looking,' the Betrayer of Britain says, winking deviously.

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Make it to where filling a container carries the effect.'

LadyAce says, 'You mean, filling it with bad water makes the skin bad?

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to you, 'Yeah.'

LadyAce says, 'It seems like it should, for a temporary amount of time at least. The whole 'fill your skin = instantly pure water' thing is silly.'

LadyAce says to Ea!, 'Any comments about how hard that might be?'

Captain Vandervecken says firmly, 'I remember when bags preserved spell effects on water containers.'

'Right, maybe timed the same as flavor,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says to you.

Ea! isn't sure.


Future Plans

'Well when are the updates for cities like klein are going to come in so you can expand those mini cities,' Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says fluently.

'Yeah, how's sk___t___s coming?' Captain Vandervecken says firmly.

'Well, Klein update is going pretty well...but I'm avalanched with work right now,' LadyAce says.

Captain Vandervecken ponders the lack of housing in Klein.

'It's waiting for the update,' Sandra Starseed says to Captain Vandervecken.

LadyAce says, 'New klein will be large and very different :) it has about 40 different housing rooms right now.'

'Kaige is working on some improvements to London,' LadyAce says. 'Any other cities you think are due for some updating?'

'Lima!' Groo says.

Sandra Starseed says, 'Kaige just updated Lima not long ago.'

'Agrabah,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

'I definitely think that romania place, vlad's place,' Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says, in a voice smooth and courtly.


Housing Descriptions

'Ok, is it possible to have RP housing where you can rename the rooms, to fit what you want them to be so it's more RP,' Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says in a courtly fashion.

LadyAce says, 'That is up to the building department, and the last time I asked them, they said no way.'

'Could be like coupons,' Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says, in a voice smooth and courtly.

'Doesn't matter, they said no dice,' LadyAce says. 'If you have an idea for a room name that is rp'ish, suggest it :).'

'The building department works hard on putting in housing that fits the era their area is in,' Sandra Starseed says. 'The room descriptions and names reflect that.'

Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says in a courtly fashion, 'How about a wider choice of rooms that you can build then.'

LadyAce says, 'Most builders are pretty willing to add things which fit into their areas.'

Sandra Starseed says, 'It would be sort of odd to have a Knight castle in pittsburgh, for example.'

Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says, in a voice smooth and courtly, 'But what about a KNight castle in Klein.'

LadyAce says, 'There will be no housing in Klein until the expansion goes in. The expansion includes about 15 different castle-type rooms for housing.'

'Yea...but I mean when it does there should be a choice if you want a castle or just some hut,' Sir Vendetta, Knight of the 'Old Code' says in a courtly fashion.

'Huts, farms, caves, it'll all be in there :) just like it is in crusades,' LadyAce says. 'Don't complain about the variety til after I get it in tho :).'

'Why is it that all humanoid mobs tend to be as smart as 100 mind mages? ,' the Betrayer of Britain says, winking deviously. 'I think too many mobs have unnecessary 100's.. especially mind and strs.'

'Since I can't hit unstunned mobs, I need to stun them..' the Betrayer of Britain says, winking deviously. 'And stunning humans doesn't work to well.. its a known fact. Same that 100 str bashes fail on weak old men.'


Land of the Scyldings

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Ok, I asked this a few days ago and got little input, so what the hell area is "the land of the schlyds" considered?'

'Beowulf,' LadyAce says.


Egypt Changes

'Kaige was gonna put a quest into Egypt to bypass the need for burkos,' Captain Vandervecken says, looking self-assured, to you. 'What happened to it?'

LadyAce says, 'That was Charity actually. I don't know if she put it in or not, you'd hafta ask her. Drop her a mudmail if you don't see her often.'

Timed Items

'I was just wondeing do timed items decay when they are just laying about?' Groo says.

LadyAce says, 'Yes. We're all rotting, all the time :).'

'I was just curious I always see orbs laying about all the time and they never seem to vanish,' Groo says.

'I think they just run out of light, not vanish,' LadyAce says to Groo.

'Hmm thats kinda illogical,' Groo says.

'Magic is logical?' Captain Vandervecken says, looking self-assured, to Groo.


Con Weapons

'Can we have some fun new con weapons?' the Betrayer of Britain says deviously. 'We have dex weapons with all sorts of neato spells, and some str weapons with spiffy effects.. but all con weapons are boring spare the xxxxxx and the xxxxxxx which isn't as useful as it used to be.'

'We've 3 new areas coming in soon, so look around when they come in,' Sandra Starseed says.

The Betrayer of Britain says, winking deviously, 'I think spiffy new con weapons are in order.'



'With the recent testing, how long till we start hearing about how soon pkok will be going in?' Oli says to you.

Ea! says to Oli, 'We've still got a bit more coding to do and some testing to do after that.'

'But you yourself saw just how close it is to being done :),' LadyAce says.

Ea! says, 'And I need to finish going through the list of bugs reported from the first.'

'And Ea!' a fellow in full camo and ammo says. 'Has been doing a good job with it.'

'Anything that, mortal idea's may help to speed it up?' Oli says to Ea!.

'Other than that, we're probably pretty close to ready to go,' Ea! says.

'I don't think so, though we may need some help testing some of the steal stuff -- if we do, we'll make sure people know to volunteer,' Ea! says to Oli.

'*Nod* Any ideas, on how the healer thing is gonna work out yet?' Oli says to Ea!.

'Healers didn't have any restrictions on them,' Captain Vandervecken says, looking self-assured.


Immortal Applications

A fellow in full camo and ammo says, 'Whens the next time to apply for a immship.'

LadyAce says to a fellow in full camo and ammo, 'September.'



'Hmm i dont suppose it'll ever come to be taht botting will be made illegal?' Groo says.

Pelleas says, 'Enforcement would be difficult wihtout immorts being total snoops if that happens.'

Groo says, 'Not really it pretty obvious.'

LadyAce says, 'I think if it turns into a large problem, we'll address it then. Right now I don't see it as a large problem.'

Groo says, 'I do and I dont, I just fiond aspects of it annoying.'

'Ive seen people log and play 2 characters at once, Ive had total bot control over others before, even receiving their tells, chatting withthem, youd never know they werent the player without snooping,' Pelleas says to Groo.


Skill Trees

'I know I'm beating a dead horse, but I'm wondering if someone will be replacing Rufus on his work with trees, or are we concentrating more on balance now?' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

'We're not sure,' Ea! says to a holy, pale-skinned druid. 'At the moment, we don't even have the time to work much on balance issues.'

LadyAce says to a holy, pale-skinned druid, 'I think the eventual decision will lie between those.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Ea!, 'Due to a lack of coders?'

'Yeah, that's a lot of it,' Ea! says to a holy, pale-skinned druid.

LadyAce says, 'There's a lot of balance issues that we really need trees to fix.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Ea!, 'People fear your app, ya know :p.'

Sandra Starseed says, 'I fear it, and I'm already an imm ;).'

Pelleas says, 'Is the code here still C?'

'Yup,' LadyAce says.

'Bleh, cant we ever move to C++,' Pelleas says.

Ea! says, 'Well, two things with C++:'

'Notime soon,' LadyAce says to Pelleas.

'Or java if it woudlnt be too slow,' Pelleas says.

'First, it's massively over-rated, particularly in a Unix environment,' Ea! says.

Captain Vandervecken whips out "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 24 hours" and starts coding skilltrees.

Pelleas says to Captain Vandervecken, 'The teach yourself in 30 days one is a good book.'

Ea! says, 'Second, ever try moving 134,000 lines of C over to C++ and have it take advantage of C++'s better features?'


Admin Imms

A holy, pale-skinned druid notes, 'Seems to be a lack of admin as well.'

Pelleas says to a holy, pale-skinned druid, 'You are telling me.'

'New admins are a hard thing to imm,' LadyAce says.

'How so?' a holy, pale-skinned druid says to you.

'Why is that?' Groo says to you.

LadyAce says, 'We're picky and with good reason.'

Groo says, 'Picky how?'

'We have to have people we can trust,' LadyAce says.

'The hardest part of any application is the general app,' Ea! says. 'And that's tripply true for Admin.'


Looting In PKOK

'Looting in pkok,' Pelleas says. 'How is that going to be handled?'

'That's on the category of things we don't know answers to,' LadyAce says.

'You accept all, i accept all,' Pelleas says.

'If we knew, pkok would probly be in,' LadyAce says to Pelleas.

Pelleas says, 'Accept all unclanned comes in invis after fight, loots coupon.' Old gear etc. Then what? Especially in ten ticks in a fortress.'

'We've got a working theory though:' Ea! says. 'It's untested, so it might not work out right, but...If someone has an object that you own, you can fight 'em.'

Asmodean says to Ea!, 'Finding an idea is half the battle.'

'What if they drop it in a house?' Pelleas says. 'Or junk it.'

'You can steal it back,' Ea! says.

'Can't junk owned stuff =),' Baby Stile says.

'Though you can drop it in a few places and watch it die,' Asmodean says. 'Unless thats going to be changed.'

Pelleas says, 'What if I quit y and dt with it to be devils advocate.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Does owned gear cost rent, even?'

LadyAce says to Asmodean, 'I think we'll hafta work on closing those loopholes.'

Ea! nods his agreement with a holy, pale-skinned druid.

'Well, if you're really dead set on junking it, you'll probably be able to figure out a way no matter what we do,' Baby Stile says to Pelleas.

'The mob will get 'That's not yours!',' Sandra Starseed says.

'If you quit y, it goes to the ground and sits there owned,' Ea! says.

Pelleas nods his agreement with Baby Stile.

LadyAce says, 'DT'ing with it is a different issue.'

Asmodean says, 'I think he meant quit y his gear and then grab that guys.'

Pelleas says to Ea!, 'I pick it up and dt.'

'To be honest,' Asmodean says. 'Looting isn't a problem now, why do you think its going to be then?'

'If you dt, I think it's gone, but I'm not sure,' Ea! says. 'If it's an issue, then we'll face it then. .'

Ea! nods his agreement with Asmodean.

'Or for that matter give it to a clanned char who doesnt accept all,' Pelleas says.

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Asmodean, 'True.'

Asmodean says, 'As it stands we enforce our own rules on everyone.'

'You won't be able to if they aren't accepting the person you stole it from, I think?' Sandra Starseed says.

'If you loot someone you are in deep **** with the majority of the pkill community,' Asmodean says.

'You'll be able to fight anyone who has an object that you own, regardless of their accept list,' Ea! says to Pelleas.

A holy, pale-skinned druid says, 'Can't give a owned item away.'

'Ah even better,' Sandra Starseed says.

'Though ea, I could see tha being abused :P,' Asmodean says. 'I could steal someones bandage just so they always have to fight me, hehe.'

Baby Stile says, 'The person stolen from should be able to reject the thief still.'

Pelleas says, 'I see a little backpatting black market in old hit dam gear emerging in pkok.'

'They'd have to have your bandage for you to attack them,' LadyAce says.

Baby Stile says to Asmodean, 'So you trying to make people fight you by stealing from them shouldn't work...'

'That could be disasterous,' Asmodean says to Baby Stile.

Ea! says to Asmodean, 'But since you can't give away an owned object, you'd have to con your intended victim into stealing it from you.'

'Pssst!' LadyAce says to Ea!. 'Hey buddy, steal my bandage!'

Pelleas says, 'Well I will probably make a cheap sniper, accept all and lurk to steal.'

'The coders here have an uncanny knack at finding insane solutions that I would never think of to problems,' Asmodean says.

Asmodean says, 'Though you could always steal an item from someone and give it away and they'd never know ho had it. That could be fustrating.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Asmodean, 'Can't give away stolen gear.'

'Errr, owned gear,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

Ea! says to Asmodean, 'If people abuse it that way, we'll use it as an excuse to code the detective skill early or something.'

'Hrm, can you steal cursed gear?' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

'No,' Asmodean says.


Healing In PKOK

'I think healing pk damage when unenabled to the attacker will remain illegal,' LadyAce says to Captain Vandervecken.

Sandra Starseed says, 'Shame we can't make them become pkok all =P That'd stop healing in a hurry.'

'That sounds a little over the top,' LadyAce says to Sandra Starseed. 'Makes it sorta a bad idea to be a healer at all :P.'

'Healing anyone on the pkill timer makes you automatically accept all!' Baby Stile says.

'Thats not a bad idea,' Asmodean says to Baby Stile.

'Why not just have it coded, to where, if person your healing is under 10 tick rule, you must be accept all, or the skill won't work?' Oli says. '=p.'

'It gives you pk_healer flag or something for 15 ticks,' Asmodean says to Baby Stile. 'And when it wears off it goes back to your old accept list.'

Sandra Starseed says, 'Yea but if someone suckers you into it, you can get someone to kill them and heal the person attacking since you're enabled to all ;).'

Pelleas says, 'Bah, just make pkok on a separate port.'

Sandra Starseed says, 'Ick two ports would suck.'

Baby Stile says to Pelleas, 'That'd be so boring.'

Pelleas says, 'Pkok will be boring.'

'What was I hearing about us not having enough admins?' LadyAce says to Pelleas. ':P.'

Sandra Starseed says, '"wait, stop this rp and come to the other port so we can pk!"'

'No admin on that port,' Pelleas says to you.

LadyAce says to Pelleas, 'That sounds like a testmud.'

'Let it exist, small area, leave serious pkillers some niche,' Pelleas says to you.

Captain Vandervecken says confidently, 'Ultimately pkok will result in certain play-styles given an equivalent of hte 'Silent Treatment'.'

Asmodean says, 'Though i do agree the game is going to explode in pk, at least at first.'

LadyAce says, 'I hope it will, I hope more people get hooked on it, interested in it, etc.'

'If you want to use pk as an aspect of RP, you just accept other rp'ers,' Captain Vandervecken says, looking self-assured.

'We need the bad guys, I just wish there was a better way,' Asmodean says. 'But theres not, so I accept pkok.'

Baby Stile says, 'This is a game, and if you don't play nice, you don't get to play.'

Baby Stile says to Asmodean, 'Well, we need RP bad guys.'

'Well, there's bad guys, then there's jerks that make it unfun,' Sandra Starseed says.

Pelleas says to Baby Stile, 'You are showing your european nature there.'

'Hehe, I'll take that as style, culture and afterthought,' Baby Stile says to Pelleas.

'You will have a sterile environment where you arent accountable to the mud as a whole with your rp,' Pelleas says.

Pelleas says, 'It will be like everyone in a separate corner running their own little AD&D game that doesnt concern others.'

'And of course it'd be much better if everyone was pkenabled from the start?' Baby Stile says to Pelleas.

'I think that alot of the current pkillers will go pkok all,' Sandra Starseed says. 'Though I'm sure that some will end up being rejected due to being idiots.'

'Actually, I think it'll make reputations more valuable and more worth building,' LadyAce says. 'Less recycling of characters, more people get to know each other.'

Asmodean says, 'What about those of us that LIKE to recycle characters. I've unclanned what, 4 or 5 characters? I keep those I enjoy.'

'You're not a rapid recycler,' LadyAce says to Asmodean. 'You manage to develop a reputation via many hardcore hours spent.'

Asmodean says, 'I will enjoy pkok because characters like this will be brought back for the dead. For people like me, characters lose their charm when they can't fight :P.'

'It'll be fun to duel, too,' Baby Stile says.


Staggering Headbutts

'Could I please get a direct answer to the question of whether strength has a direct corrilation with stagger headbutts because if they don't I'm going to just go insane cuz I don't know whats wrong with me,' Asmodean says.

LadyAce says, 'My direct answer is: no clue.'

Sandra Starseed says, 'I second that answer.'

'I third it!' Ea! says.

Asmodean says, 'I just want you to consider lowering fighter staggers, its driving me insane.'

'Well, its not up to me,' Asmodean says. 'I'm just REALLY making the strongest suggestion a mort can here :P.'

'I find that both headbutt and bash suffer from the fact that if they hit, they're too powerful, and if they miss, they're too much of a penalty,' LadyAce says. 'My own theory is that we have too many stat combos built on relying on one or two skills/spells. A table without enough legs :).'

Pelleas says, 'Every skill should rely on two stats.'

'Thats because so many skills are worthless, especially in pk,' Asmodean says. 'Elbow, choke and warcry are all worthless in pk.'

'Or that we don't have enough skills, not enough choice,' LadyAce says to Asmodean.

'On the other hand warcry is nice in mobkill,' Asmodean says. 'Though I still think it should last longer :).'

'Warcry should have a chance for a long stagger,' Pelleas says.

'I guess what i think we should do LA is make all skills not as strong,' Asmodean says.

Pelleas says, 'You are defraying position advantage for a home run.'

Asmodean says, 'Instead of doing SO much more % damage on a bash or headbutt, maybe you shouldn't do so much.'


Crossplay Under PKOK

Pelleas says, 'Pkok crossplay.'

Baby Stile says to Pelleas, 'Destructive crossplay, same as now.'

'If someone's xplay annoys you, unok them, I'd say,' LadyAce says to Pelleas. 'Destructive stuff is the same as before.'

'Shouldn't the burden be on the offender?' Pelleas says to LadyAce.

'Well, if they behave that way often, I'd say that they won't be pking anyone,' Sandra Starseed says.

Pelleas says to LadyAce, 'I can't accept all, and not have to worry about killing someone, who logs an alt in and finished me off at almost dead.'

Baby Stile says to Pelleas, 'That's destructive crossplay, and as such an offense.'

'Ok all, then unok Jerkface Stupidhead and XplayFreak,' LadyAce says to Pelleas.

Pelleas just thinks that that should be spelled out in great detail as autodeletion.

'That would definately be an admin issue,' Sandra Starseed says. 'They'd get in trouble.'

Pelleas says, 'It will happen though. Sooner or later, someone will lose their temper and do it.'

'Yeah, it probably will,' LadyAce says. 'But that's why we have imms and logs.'

Pelleas says, 'Being up front about it being deletion should quell most people. And maybe in the who list. Light up all the pkok accept all people.'


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