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April 13th, 2000

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Empathy Spell
Imm Retirement
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Bashed Mobs

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'Ok, how much longer approx for pkok?' a beautiful French girl says.

Ea! says, 'Not sure. Probably a few more weeks.'

Bug Reports A beautiful French girl says, 'And when a misspell or bug is reported, when do they get checked usually.'

'Sometimes they're fixed right away, but generally it takes a few weeks,' LadyAce says. 'They all collect in a big file and we go thru them as we can.'


Empathy Spell

The Eternal Watcher says casually, 'Any reason empathy is a pk only spell?'

LadyAce says, 'Well, it has the potential to be used for pk interference, I'd say?'

The Eternal Watcher says casually, 'So does operate.'

A beautiful French girl says, 'True.'

'But in that case, can't it be coded to only work from non to non, and pk to pk?' the Eternal Watcher says casually.

LadyAce says, 'Operate is not quite as subtle, I'd say? I'm not really sure :).'

'I love the spell, but cuz it's only pk, I hardly ever get the chance to use it,' the Eternal Watcher says casually.

Ea! says, 'Probably... I haven't looked at the code, so I'm not really sure how it works. It's certainly something that we can take a look at.'


Imm Retirement

The Eternal Watcher says casually, 'And one that's not really important, but is there a time limit on how long an immort is inactive before they get taken off the wizlist?'

LadyAce says, 'When we retire them, essentially. I don't think there's anyone on it now who is up for retirement.'


Sense Life Spell

'Oh yah, is sense life workin right?' the Eternal Watcher says casually. 'I tried it in a room of camouflaged mobs, and tried it with invis things, and didn't get anything, or does it have a chance of failing?'

Ea! says, 'I think it's broken.'


Sloth Spell

'Umm can the effect of sloth like last slightly longer?' Temptress Myrella says provocatively. 'Maybe a full combat round or such? It reeally annoys me when I sloth something then it hits me then stand up before I even get a change to hit it.'

A beautiful French girl nods solemnly.

'Then it should be aggressive too,' Baby Stile says.

'Autostanding mobs annoy me too,' LadyAce says.

'I notice a lot of mobs getting up way fast from stun moves,' a beautiful French girl says.

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Its you hit, sloth it, it hits you, it stands.'

Baby Stile says, 'Because there's no lag affected with it.. It's not a one round bash.'

'That's when elbow is fun,' the Eternal Watcher says casually.


Bashed Mobs

'Is a mob that bashed any easier to hit?' Temptress Myrella says provocatively. 'And how much so?'

Baby Stile nods his agreement with Temptress Myrella. Baby Stile says, 'It's sitting.'

The Eternal Watcher says, with a casual smile, 'And sitting hurts.'

'But how drastic?' Temptress Myrella says provocatively.

'Only if someone's fighting you,' Baby Stile says to the Eternal Watcher.

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Is it say a +5 hit roll eqiv or what?'

Baby Stile says to Temptress Myrella, 'Not as bad as being stunned.'

'I don't think we have any precise public numbers about what the difference is,' LadyAce says. 'Try it a little and see, I'd say.'

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'Well I'd just like a rough idea, such as about 10% better or what ever.'

'I personally have no idea what the number is or even a rough estimate,' LadyAce says.

The Eternal Watcher says casually, 'And like hitroll.'

'But take a pker, and get a friend who will let you bash them :),' LadyAce says.

'That's kinda bunk tho,' the Eternal Watcher says casually. 'Cuz most people that bash have heavy weapons.'

Temptress Myrella says provocatively, 'I dunno I never have much trouble hitting in pk regardlesss unless I'm stuuned of course.'

The Eternal Watcher says casually, 'And I've seen a str fighter with a serrated rip to shreds when they were sitting, stand up and bash, and then slash hard.'

LadyAce says, 'It'll average out, tho, over the long run. Do it by averages and percentages.'


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