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April 20th, 2000

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Regeneration Rates
Stealing From Shopkeepers
Camouflage Spell
Rules Clarifications on Discussion Board
The Newbie Experience
Areas in the Mud
Unimped Spells
Abusing Player Bots
Next Area
String Saving
'No-give' Config
Echoing of Board Reading
Mrti and Create Mages

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Regeneration Rates

'Are we ever gonna see faster hit regen than we have right now?' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

'Trying to regen my 600 hp foghter sucks,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

'I can't say 'never ever' really...but as far as I know, we don't have a plan to change regen speed,' LadyAce says.

'Ah well back to mages then,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.


Stealing From Shopkeepers

Morgoth says, 'How come its impossible to steal from shopkeepers even though they're asleep?'

'Stealing from shopkeepers will actually break them in bad ways,' LadyAce says to Morgoth.

Morgoth says, 'Break them?'

Kaige says, 'Because the way shopkeepers handle their inventory, basically.'

'So is it totally impossible or just really difficult?' Fatale says.

'They will have nothing to sell if you steal from them,' LadyAce says.

'I think it should be possibel to steal when they sleep,' Morgoth says.

Temptress Myrella says earnestly, 'If you steal from them is the loss forever or till next reboot?'

Kaige says, 'They have a "template" copy of the items they sell, and without that item they can't produce more.'

Morgoth says, 'Thats the way of the thief. It's hard to roleplay a good thief in this game.'

'So it's totally impossible?' Fatale says.

'Can't that be reprogrammed?' Raz says.

'And yes, it's currently totally impossible,' Kaige says. 'It would take a huge rewrite of the way shops work to change it. But it's not out of the realms of eventual possibilities.'

'Thief type chars can backstab, sneak around, things like that,' LadyAce says.

Morgoth says, 'But not really steal enough.'

'Then mobs that arent shopkeepers with _good_ eq would be cool,' Raz says.

Raz says, 'Maybe ones you cant kill, you just gotta steal from.'

'Or cant kill with the item in inv,' Raz says.

'Yes,' Kaige says. 'There need to be more uses for skills like steal, balance, waterbreathe, and all that kind of thing that's currently useful only in one or two places.'


Camouflage Spell

'Why does the camouflage spell set the pk timer, if there's another pk in the room,' Galan says subtly.

Raz says, 'Cause you hid a pk'er.'

Galan says, with an undertone, to Raz, 'Ok, so what about fade person?'

'Yeah, but by that token, casting fade person on a pker.. blah blah,' Fatale says.

Morgoth says, 'Is there a machine gun in the game?'

Fatale says, 'Yes.'

Morgoth says, 'If so do you get 30attacks?'

'You mean, did we make it super powerful and unbalanced? No :),' LadyAce says.

Temptress Myrella says earnestly, 'With 30 shots you'd hardly be accurate anyway.'

Morgoth says, 'Most people with a machine gun arent that acurate.'

'You can try the ones in the game, they don't work like daggers with # of attacks, they just shoot,' LadyAce says.



'Ok, is there any release date for PKOK, or an estimate?' Galuf says.

Raz says, 'NO.'

'Never,' Robb says.

LadyAce says, 'Huginn and Ea are working on the bugs in it still.'

'Ok, and is there any plan on making spirit count for anything other than druids augments?' Galuf says.

'Yes, but to do it, we'll need to add new skills -- and that's a trees thing,' LadyAce says.


Rules Clarifications on Discussion Board

'Just windering why when people post on the disscussion board for rules clarifiactions they never seem to get answeed by an immort?' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

'I haven't read the board lately either, but I'll look into it,' LadyAce says to Temptress Myrella.

'It hasent happened lately really just I remeber it a while ago,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly to LadyAce.

'And it is kinda annoying,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

'Well, it's not really the forum for rule clarifications, for one thing,' LadyAce says to Temptress Myrella.

'Actually I stopped answering.. since the few times I did, people were upset,' Huginn says.

'Why not?' Temptress Myrella says earnestly to LadyAce. 'They never seem to get clarified elsewhere.'

'People will be upset no matter what you do,' Fatale says to Huginn.

'Sure but why aggrevate them?' Huginn says to Fatale.

Fatale says to Huginn, 'They'll be aggravated no matter what you do.'

LadyAce says to Temptress Myrella, 'The best way to get clarifications is to speak with an imm directly.'

'But it'd be so much easier to answer when a mort posts in on the board!' Temptress Myrella says earnestly to LadyAce.

Huginn says, 'Or come to a QA.'


The Newbie Experience

Kaige says, 'What're some of the types of things that you guys would instantly say, Yeah... if there's one thing about Legendmud I'd show my friends to get them hooked on the game?'

Galuf says, 'Not much, actualy.'

Morgoth says, 'You can have your own house!'

Galuf says, 'Yeah, I like housing, and the clan system here.'

Morgoth says, 'Well, hehe, ummm...they can gecome really neat people?'

Temptress Myrella says earnestly, 'I prefer the combat system here to all others I've found.'

'I'd probably show them around Tara, myself, since a few of my friends are really into Celtic mythology,' LadyAce says.

Kaige says, 'One of the quotes I saw this week was "I want every newbie to see at least one cool thing the mud has to offer in their first session" and was wondering how to capitalize on that.'


Areas in the Mud

'I would make an area, but I don't study history, so my areas would be out of whack for Legend,' Galuf says.

'Tara is aweome if you've ever read of the sidhe,' Huginn says.

Lelldorin says playfully, 'When i came i was disappointed cos there's already ireland and i wanted to design it =P.'

'I wasn't one that studied any history until I decided to become a builder,' Sandra says to Galuf.

'How come there's no chamelot or king arthur??' Morgoth says.

Kaige says, 'No king arthur because we've never been able to agree on how it should be done.'

'We need an area like SL/PD/AT that has good mobs instead of evil, cuz my alignment gets messed up by constant big runs:P,' Galuf says.

'King arthurs court would be one of those,' Morgoth says.

'We'd like a historically accurate one over a glitzy legendary one, but not have it "suck"' Kaige says.

'There's no way around having it glitzy,' Morgoth says.

LadyAce says, 'I personally think that it shouldn't be done, just because we have too many areas right around Britain/Europe.'

Galuf says, 'Just make a little area called camelot with peasents in the field that are good alignment, and attack you with shovels and rakes, and are worth 200K each!'

Kaige says, 'There's that too.'

Sandra would like to see some Asian areas proposed.

'I think that it's very hard to make a historical King Arthur area very glitzy,' Ea! says to Morgoth. 'I'm not an expert on it, but I believe there's a real lack of historical information.'

LadyAce says, 'I'd like to see some African areas, really.'

'But i want ancient cos ahm deep in the cuchy era =b heck they even got lugh's weapon wrong,' Lelldorin says playfully. 'And cian's a god. and lugh's a god too. and the gae bolg belonged to the fomori. and freagra was finn mccumhail's sword. :P.'

Ea! says, 'I hate reading proposals for Samurai-japan or Shaolin-China.'

'And non-colonial Africa in particular,' LadyAce says.

'I'd rather see something like Anc. Cambodia,' Ea! says.

Captain Vandervecken says firmly, 'I was pondering Timbuktu for a while.'

Ea! says, 'Or Med Korea.'

'I wanna see Stonehenge,' Galuf says. 'Or however you spell it:P.'

'A buncha rocks that sit around :) sounds like fun!' LadyAce says to Galuf.

Galuf says, 'I dunno, I don't think all the areas on Legend have to be big and bad, just something different. Just have a small area that goes around in a circle, called stonehenge:P. ... I think we should leave Legend the way it is before it gets even more screwed up, and just add more areas and items and skills, instead of changing them:P.'


Unimped Spells

Sitalz says, 'Suffocate or any of the other spells going to be going in anytime soon?'

LadyAce says, 'Not that I know of.'

Ea! says to Sitalz, 'We've been planning on removing those from the spell list for some time so that it doesn't look like they're in the plans.'


Abusing Player Bots

Temptress Myrella says earnestly, 'Lately ole Mr Padan has been making a popular fellow out of himslef by 'stealing' from marauder what exactly was resolved on this?'

'As far as I know, there's no rule violation, so no imm involvement,' LadyAce says.

Sandra says, 'Be careful using a bot?'

'Just was curious,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

'I despise Marauders services anyway :/,' Temptress Myrella says earnestly to Sandra.


Next Area

'So what's the next area(s) going in?' Captain Vandervecken says firmly.

LadyAce says, 'Probably Cheyla's Alaska.'

'Ooohhh alaska,' Morgoth says.

Sandra says, 'Look for alaska soon.'

LadyAce says, 'Then Hades I guess, Croaker's expansion to Greece.'

Morgoth says, 'Umm not much to kill in alaska?'

'Penguins and bears?' Morgoth says.

LadyAce says, 'Alaska...not antarctica.'

Captain Vandervecken says, looking self-assured, to Temptress Myrella, 'I hear Hades is another gauntlet style area.'


String Saving

'Recently strungs were changed so that if the item scraps the string dont what haapens if you accidently junk a strung item?' Temptress Myrella says earnestly. 'It go poof? or if a strung time item poofs? it gone too?'

'Poofing and scrapping are covered, junking isn't,' LadyAce says to Temptress Myrella.

'Call it limited insurance,' LadyAce says.

'Well I only have accidently junked once, you learn to be careful quickly :-),' Temptress Myrella says earnestly.

Morgoth says, 'Dt victims shouldn't get their strings taken away.'

'I agree,' Sitalz says. 'Dtes and over rent people should keep their strings.'

'Why?' Sandra says. 'Then you don't have to pay attention to what you're doing. And you should.'

A lord of air and darkness says, in a voice smooth and courtly, 'Strings aside would it be possible so that DT's don't eat notes?'

Temptress Myrella says earnestly to Sandra, 'What exactly is the point of DT's anyway?'

'To make you pay attention to what you're doing? :),' Sandra says to Temptress Myrella.

'Keeping notes isn't possible then?' a lord of air and darkness says in a courtly fashion. '=/.'

Temptress Myrella says earnestly to Sandra, 'Yeah I do but its really lame one a mistype and pow there goes you time spend string collecting.'

'It isn't so much the strings and eq that hurt for me in DTs, mostly the personal stuff,' a lord of air and darkness says fluently.

'Didn't say it wasn't possible, just we need a better way to handle them in general,' Kaige says. 'And no one in their right minds wants to touch the code for notes and boards.'

Lelldorin says, with a playful tone, 'Dts are big psychological blows on people...'


'No-give' Config

A lord of air and darkness says fluently, 'Would it be possible to have a config option like config receiveitem?'

LadyAce says to a lord of air and darkness, 'I've wanted that for a very long time.'

'So if your link is really bad people can't give you things you don't see etc,' a lord of air and darkness says, in a voice smooth and courtly.

'How about an ACCEPT protocol?' Captain Vandervecken says confidently. 'You could set whether you want to accept something from somebody or anybody at all. Close out that last little excuse about being overrent.'

LadyAce says, 'Well, I think making it like befriend would be excessive. But we can make mobs NO_GIVE, it should be easy to do it for players :P.'

'But bein able to turn receiveitems on/off, would be nice,' a mental institution escapee says, gibbering a little.

'I think that we can put in a config option for receiving items...' Ea! says. 'When we get some time to code it.'


Echoing of Board Reading

A lord of air and darkness says in a courtly fashion, 'To have board reading either a) not echo or b) be configurable as to whether you want to see the echos?'

'I don't think there's a reason to see the reading echoed, really,' LadyAce says to a lord of air and darkness.

A lord of air and darkness says, in a voice smooth and courtly, to LadyAce, 'Yay can it go then?'


Mrti and Create Mages

'There was a suggestion on the disc board a long while back for a c3 create spell with the use of Mrti, something like 'feign death' which fakes an info and all the death messages to a target, is that viable?' a lord of air and darkness says, in a voice smooth and courtly. 'Mrti seems mostly pointless on a c3 create at the moment.'

'Oh.. umm...we've never sat down how to figure out how to do feign death in the manner we "thought" of it in. =),' Kaige says.

LadyAce says, 'I dunno about the info, infos are more like news announcements....'

'It would be nice to seem some more use of mrti,' a lord of air and darkness says in a courtly fashion.

'Not actually infoing,' a lord of air and darkness says in a courtly fashion.

'But mrti probably does need looked at for just that sort of thing,' Kaige says.

'Like an ephemera effect?' a lord of air and darkness says fluently.

'Right now my c3 creates don't bother getting mrti anymore,' a lord of air and darkness says in a courtly fashion.


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