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May 4th, 2000

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Two Computers, One IP

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A mischievous Irish rogue says, mystified, 'I have a question about PKOK that I wanted to clear up.'

LadyAce says, 'Okie.'

A mischievous Irish rogue says, totally mystified, 'When PKOK goes in, will we have to accept to duel someone, even for players who are already pkill enabled?'

LadyAce says, 'When pkok goes in, being pke won't mean anything. You'll have to get enabled for pkok.'

'So what happens if people always reject anything?' a reluctant assassin says in a cold distant voice.

LadyAce says to a reluctant assassin, 'You mean, if they always reject everyone?'

'If they always reject everyone, I guess they don't want to pk,' LadyAce says. 'If they don't want to pk, you can't really say we should make them.'

Raydon says to you, 'When was pkok supposed to go in?'

'It'll go in on the 12th,' LadyAce says.



'Is it true that Fionn is coming back?' a holy, pale-skinned druid says. 'I saw him on and I don't particularly like the idea. I remember him, unlike most.'

'Ah, Fionn.' LadyAce says, 'His status as an immortal is under discussion. I personally don't appreciate the way he slammed Rufus and Tara. I dislike that attitude from anyone carrying the 'imm' name.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to you, 'Exactly my point.'

LadyAce says, 'I'm not sure he's even eligible to be an immortal at this stage, but it's under discussion.'

Sitalz says, 'Well hey Fionn i can understand was a little mad...altering his area and such.'

LadyAce says, 'Everyone's areas are subject to alteration.'

'Fionn has been gone for a long time..' a holy, pale-skinned druid says to Sitalz.

'That's something you agree to before you become an imm,' LadyAce says.

'And for good reason,' a holy, pale-skinned druid says. 'Well, him being here is, well, disturbing..'

'It took me by surprise,' LadyAce says to a holy, pale-skinned druid.



'This situation with OOC... whats the deal with it?' Fuego Inferno says.

'Be a little more specific?' LadyAce says to Fuego Inferno.

'Charity mentioned some issues about going OOC from an inn with PKOK,' Fuego Inferno says.

'Oh, damn!' Ea! says. 'That's another thing I've got to get coded!'

'I don't like that idea,' a slender, golden haired wanderer says.

'Haha, no more healers running ooc from sl!' a holy, pale-skinned druid says.

'Thats abusing ooc then, now isnt it?' Fuego Inferno says to a slender, golden haired wanderer. ':P.'

A holy, pale-skinned druid says to Fuego Inferno, 'That's one of those rules that's never enforced tho.'

Fuego Inferno says, 'Im just making the suggestion that everyone should have to go ooc from an inn. There is no way that you cant get to an inn when you want to go ooc thats not abusing OOC.'


Two Computers, One IP

'I am getting another computer in my household,' Lachesis says mysteriously.

Lachesis says, looking mysterious, 'And there is one other person playing Legend.'

LadyAce says to Lachesis, 'Ah, yes.'

'If we both play at the same time, our own chara,' Lachesis says, looking mysterious. 'Would that be ok?'

LadyAce says to Lachesis, 'If you're coming in from the same IP, you need to be sure you act as 2 separate characters, and to avoid any problems with the admins, you should keep us posted on your alts.'

'I just didn't want to be yelled at for mulitplaying,' Lachesis says enigmatically.


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