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May 18th, 2000

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PKOK Healing
PKOK Enabling
Multiple Characters & Clans
Multi-killing Timers
Mort vs Immort Duels
Web Page Improvements
Flee & Hidden Exits
PK Log Page?
Reimbs for No Spam
Bind during Combat
Magic Sink
Prize Tokens & Games
Trading Characters or Giving Them Away
Choke Stuns
Backstab & Damage Questions
Resistances & Immunities & Rent
PKOK Bot Interference & Blind

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PKOK Healing

Kaige says, 'Annika's first question was: .'What if you want to heal someone immediately, without accepting all, and they have accepted your alt. With the offline accepts being coded, will be able to accept our own alts, for the purpose of healing?

'Easy one.. Yes. The trick is if you log them on at the same time, you will get in trouble for multiplaying,' Kaige says.

'Ok.. her second question was: ,' Kaige says. 'In oldstyle pk, I would heal my opponent after the fight. It would be nice to be able to do this, if you inflicted the dam, without having to accept your opponents accepts.'

'We don't track who did the damage beyond the duration of the fight,' Kaige says. 'So by then we don't know who did it. After 10 ticks tho you can heal them without having to accept all. Otherwise, same rules apply.'

'You do track if it's mob dam or player dam, right?' Annika says. 'So after 10 ticks, you can deal mob damage immediately.'

'We only track that kind of inforomation for the duration of the fight.. the combat ends.. that info is vapor,' Kaige says to Annika. 'Also, the timer is only applied in a player vs player instances. So if they haven't participated in pkill prior to the mobkill, you can heal immediately too.'

Annika says, 'So if someone goes mobkilling 11 ticks after fight, my healer could run with them, and heal them during the mobkilling, even though 48 timer is still on?'

Kaige nods in agreement with Annika. Kaige says, 'Right.'

Theseus says, 'Can they heal pk players?'

Kaige says to Theseus, 'There's a whole long section on pkok healing on the discussion board... If you don't find the answer there, lemme know.'

'Umm, I haven't really been on since pkok went in, have the healer problems been resolved?' Jesus says.

Sandra says to Jesus, 'This code update.'

'WHOLE big section there on the discussion board.. #27 I think,' Kaige says to Jesus.

Annika says, 'Anything else going in this update?'

'Nope pretty much just PKOK fixes this week,' Kaige says.

'Every answer on that post seems to be "since we don't track damage.." is this going to change?' Jesus says. 'It seems to be a key element in healers/pkok.'

'It's way too expensive to track.' Kaige says to Jesus. 'If you want real lag and memory problems, that'd be a great way to introduce them,' Kaige says to Jesus.

'Well, as complicated as you've meade healers, I foresee alot of people saying the hell with pkok, it's too complicated,' Jesus says.

'We're hoping the code update will fix alot of the healer problems,' Sandra says to Jesus.

'Well, after the update we'll be re-evaluating again,' Kaige says to Jesus.


PKOK Enabling

'I haven't logged on for all the Q&A sessions, so is everyone now pkenabled?' Theseus says.'

Kaige says, 'Nope. Only those people who were pkenabled in the old system were automatiicaly pkokenabled.'

'You still have to get pkenabled by an imm,' Theseus says. 'OK.'

'But you can now request it for as many characters as you want,' Kheldar says to Theseus.

'How long does it take to become pkok?' Malicious says.

Sandra says, 'Just gotta ask any admin or depthead or Kaige to pkok set you.'

Kaige says to Malicious, 'You just have to find an admin or depthead or me available to do it.. they'll probably ask you if you're sure you up to it and then type one command and poof you're done.'

Malicious says, 'And I can still be normal if I reject everyone?'

Sandra says to Malicious, 'Yep.'

'Default is accept none,' Kaige says to Malicious.

'Can we unpkok-enable chars?' Annika says.

'You can reject all,' Kaige says to Annika.

'But you can't go ooc anywhere in the game, if you do that,' Annika says.

'You are still pkokset,' Annika says.

'Yes, and you can still accept people,' Kaige says. 'We can put that up for discussion too.'

Elisa says, mischievously, 'Just to clarify, so if you are pkok enabled but reject all, you still can't go ooc from anywhere?'

Kaige says, 'Yes, that is correct.'

Groo says, perplexed, 'Just wondering if we get pkoked and then dont want to be anymore is there anyway we can get it removed?'

Sandra says to Groo, 'Just don't accept anyone.'

'We don't have an answer for that right now.. but we'll put it up for discussion and get back to you since beyond the reject all there's the OOC thing,' Kaige says to Groo.

Groo nods his agreement with you.

'No big deal just curious,' Groo says, perplexed.


Multiple Characters & Clans

'Hehe, um, does it matter if you have alts in the same pkill clan,' Satan says in a threatening tone. 'Or different pkill clans.'

'The clan rule still applies,' Sandra says.

Satan says menacingly, 'What's the clan rule?'

Sandra says, 'You can only have one char per clan.'

'Ah, but all my players can be in different clans?' Satan says nastily, sneering.

Sandra nods her agreement with Satan.

Satan looks up into the sky and ponders.

Satan throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!


Multi-killing Timers

Annika says, 'What about a reduced tick timer after death, so you can reject after 10 ticks, if being multied?'

'Not currently in the plans, but we can put it under discussion and get back to you,' Kaige says to Annika.


Mort vs Immort Duels

Theseus says, 'Is it possible for a player and an imm to duel?'

'It's pretty one sided,' Sandra says.

'But is it possible?' Theseus says. 'Can I actually do damage to the imm?'

'We laugh at you while we do lots of damage,' Sandra says.

'Nope,' Kaige says to Fuego. 'Imms are invulnerable to mortals.'


Web Page Improvements

Kaige says, 'What kinds of things would you all like to see on the web pages that could be updated regularly and would be interesting/useful to you all?'

'Hmm, maps of areas?' Theseus says to Kaige.

'Probably wouldn't need updated that often,' Kaige says. 'Especially the hometowns.'

'An Index to Q&A's,' Annika says.

Kaige says, 'That was suggested the last night for the sitemap page.. cause on the Q&A page they are.'

Annika says, 'Ah, I look at the sitemap page.'


Flee & Hidden Exits

Archmage says, 'Did they change it so that people that can flee if they see exits? Like hidden exits? That only snipers can see.'

Sandra says, 'I don't think that was changed yet.'


PK Log Page? 'Who was gonna put up the pk log page?' Theseus says to Kaige. 'Is that idea still around?'

Sandra says, 'Natalia is taking care of that.'


Reimbs for No Spam Change

Archmage says, 'Can people that had chars before the no spam change still get practice redeems if they didn't use it yet cause i don't believe i was told of a time limit.'

'That's a good question,' Sandra says.

Sandra says, 'I'm tempted to say, and Kaige can correct me if I'm wrong, but if you weren't archived and gone for a really long time, then you knew that you needed to get the reimb's done.'

Kaige says, 'Yeah... that's been quite a while now.'

'I wasn't archived or gone, i just stuck to my plain junk pkiller, but now i would like to change eq around and will want to have practices back,' Archmage says.

'I had to dig up all my chars out of archive to get theirs done,' Sandra says. 'Didn't take alot of time even considering I have 26 chars.'

'I didn't archive that char though....i played him and found that it wasn't working so want to change aroudn eq,' Archmage says.

'I played him quite a bit too,' Archmage says.

'Last call for that went out about 5 months ago or so,' Kaige says.


Bind during Combat

'Why can't we bind people while fighting?' Archmage says.

'Um, bind is kind of an initiating attack,' Sandra says.

Theseus says, 'No it isnt! It's a non-agg spell!' Theseus says.

Sandra says to Theseus, 'Cast it on a mob and say that.'


Magic Sink

'Is magic sink based on cast level or mind or both?' Archmage says.

'Both,' Cobalt2Guest says to Archmage, 'At least thats what i was told.'

'I had a person with 60mind and level 3 sink suck up a 84mind person spells 8 times in a row...is that balanced?' Archmage says.

'Having a third circle go against a 2nd circle who's sink can suck up proactically all the spells kinda renders the 3rd circle dead,' Archmage says.

Kaige says, 'This one will have to be looked into.'


Prize Tokens & Games

'How do I get pink prize tokens? cuz i want a coupon...' Malicious says.

'We all do,' Raz says.

'But I have been so good... and I haven't gotten one yet... *sigh*,' Malicious says.

Kaige says, 'Well, I know I sent Chimera the entries fo rhte bug lotto this week, If I run a game, I usually end up giving a token to everyone who makes an honest effort at it.'

Sandra says, 'Play games, write lt articles, that'll get you tokens too.'

Theseus says, 'How many games are run frequently?'

'I run my "guess how many hours" monthly!' Sandra says.

Kaige says to Theseus, 'I'd say not quite enough from what I've been hearing lately.'

'NEVER enough!' Theseus says to Kaige.

'But I don't think games should be the only thing PR does either,' Kaige says.

Sandra nods her agreement with you.

Theseus says to Kaige, 'Recalltag is a real hit, flag hunt is ok.'

Annika has logged a lot of hours in the last 3 weeks, and hasn't seen one.

'In all seriousness, we dont have enough games lately,' Cobalt2Guest says.

Cobalt2Guest says, 'There should be a few games in events.'

'Recall tag is awesome, and I have only played once...' Malicious says.

Elisa says, with a mischievous grin, 'Will imm sponsored, mortal run trivia ever be reinstated?'

'Not likely,' Sandra says to Elisa.

Kaige says to Elisa, 'You'll have to ask Ladyace, but since it was so popular I hope so.'

Elisa bursts into tears.

Kaige says, 'Oops, missed the "mort run" part of that question.'

Sandra says, 'Some people thought it was fun to rig the games.'

'How do you rig a game like that?' Malicious says.

'Give the answers to your friends,' Sandra says.

Raz says, 'Do reported ideas and bugs ever get rewarded with coupons or prizes?'

You nod agreement with him.

'They get put into the lotto,' Sandra says.

Raz says, 'That lotto run once a month?'

Kaige says, 'And I'm going to try to be better about responding to the ideas that aren't bugs/typos.'

Kaige says, 'I just sent Chimera the latest batch this week.'

Raz says, 'I found big bug...does that get like 2 entries or anything?'

'Not usually,' Kaige says.

Kaige says, 'I usually combine line runovers as one entry and the same person reporting the same thing multiple tiems also get combined.'



'My alt has a house in an area I like to run in,' Annika says. 'There are fleeing mobs there.'

Annika says, 'If another of my alts chases a mob into the house, and closes the door, is that cross play?'

'Is it crossplay if you chase it into someone else's house and close the door?' Kaige says.

'No,' Raz says.

Annika says, 'But I know my alt never locks her door.'

Sandra says, 'Don't use one of your char's things as an advantage to the other.'

'I thought so,' Annika says. 'So if it was someone else's house, I could, but if it's mine, I can't.'


Trading or Giving Chars Away

Cobalt2Guest says, 'Whats the deal with giving characters to friends nowadays?'

'Giving chars away is never a good thing,' Kaige says. 'Especially now, since all characters that are pkokenabled have the potential to really mess up people's expectations. SO I'll leave it at pkenabled and pkokenabled chars can't be given away.'

'But we used to be allowed to give away alts,' Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige.

'It never was suggested but it was still allowed,' Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige.

Kaige says to Cobalt2Guest, 'Non-enabled ones, yes.'

'Well then why cant it still be given away, based on the fact that you can have more than one enabled now,' Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige.

'Because people have expectations on how that character will act and react and it should remain the same,' Kaige says to Cobalt2Guest.

'Well its up to the person to give away the char then to trust the peron they are giving it to,' Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige.

'Having it suddenly played by another player upsets those expectations for anyone who is accepted by or accepts that person,' Kaige says to Cobalt2Guest.

Kaige says to Cobalt2Guest. 'That has nothing to do with how the rest of the community views that character.'

Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige, 'Well the way Kaige says that its as if the character was stolen.'

'Yup, to the rest of the community it was,' Kaige says.

Cobalt2Guest says, 'Its not.'

'But I might accept you, cos I trust your player, you give it away, to someone I don't trust,' Annika says. 'How do I know?'

Kaige nods in agreement with Annika. 'Exactly,' Kaige says.

'And in the previous system we could give a character away that was known for something, and that person could alter the views the community had of that person just by saying something,' Cobalt2Guest says to Kaige.

'Not pkenabled characters for the same reason I'm saying pkokenabled can't be,' Kaige says to Cobalt2Guest.

Kaige says, 'I think Annika's question on it summed it up pretty well since you didn't seem to get my explanation of it.'

'Ok, lemme give you an example,' Sandra says.'

Sandra says, 'Lets say Sabu and I have a big ooc problem, we do NOT get along, so I reject him. But Jesus and I get along well, and I accept him. Jesus gives his char to Sabu and Sabu starts multi'ing me with that char.'

'Guess who's gonna be in trouble?' Sandra says.

Sandra says, 'If they're NOT pkok enabled, then you can't accept or reject them, so it's not a problem.'

Sandra says, 'But as soon as they have that flag, it becomes one.'

Cobalt2Guest says, 'That could be potentially dangerous :P.'

Cobalt2Guest wanted to borrow his friends 3c create mage cause he was too lazy to level up his own.

'It is a problem with non pk too,' Elisa says, with a mischievous grin. 'You have to trust your leader on dangerous runs.'

Jesus says, 'The thing about giving away enabled chars. No decision yet, I take it?'

'Looks like we're going with the can't give away pkok set chars,' Sandra says.

'Did you miss the whole thing with our friend Cobalt guest?' Kaige says to Jesus.

'Yeah, my isp hates me,' Jesus says to Kaige.

'Blah, btw, just blah on that,' Jesus says to Kaige.

'Basically, the community especially those who have accepted the pkokset chars have placed a trust in those players,' Kaige says to Jesus. 'And by giving away that char they can't guarantee that that trust will be honored.'

'Wanna hear my example of why?' Sandra says to Jesus.

'I might accept you, cos I trust your player, you give it away, to someone I don't trust,' Annika says. 'How do I know?'

'Ok, here's the example I gave,' Sandra says to Jesus.

'Sabu and I have no ooc problems, so I accept him,' Sandra says.

'But Groo and I have serious ooc problems, we don't get along, so of course, he's rejected,' Sandra says.

'Sabu gives his char to Groo, and I don't know about it,' Sandra says.

'Suddenly, Sabu's multikilling the hell out of me,' Sandra says.

'Oh tell it again i love the ending ;),' Sabu says, rather depressed.

'I'll be in the log twice,' Kaige says to Jesus.


Choke Stuns

'What were you guys thinking when you limited the choke stun so much in PK :P,' Fuego says.

Sandra says to Fuego, 'We're working on that actually.'

'I get 1 round choke outs,' Fuego says.

'Every times,' Fuego says.

'Personally, i think it should go from 1-3 rounds,' Fuego says.

Sandra says, 'Yea, we're discussing increasing choke and a few other things.'


Backstab & Damage Questions

'I was informed that backstab damage was decreased quite a large amount, is this true?' Fuego says.

Sandra shakes her head.

'It hasnt been changed?' Fuego says.

Sandra says, 'Backstab hasn't been touched.'

'However,' Sandra says. 'Damroll has.'

'Based on the damage i took last time I fought umm no,' Groo says, looking a little lost, to Fuego.

Sandra says, 'So, yes, Backstab is something that's being looked into also.'

'One thing tho,' Sandra says.

'Damroll affects backstab dam?' Fuego says to Sandra.

'It's damage using a wielded weapon, yes?' Kaige says.

'Snipers are snipers,' Sandra says. 'Get used to them being different than a thief type which backstabs ;P.'

Sandra says to Fuego, 'Yea, the damage.'

'So dam roll effect damage spells too?' Groo says with a chuckle to Kaige.

Fuego says, 'Ooh thats a nice little piece of info.'

'Not exactly,' Kaige says to Groo. 'I meant damage done with the weapon.'

Groo nods his agreement with Kaige. 'Where does that put weapons with spells?' Annika says. 'On mind or damroll?'

Sandra says, 'Weapons with spells are totally different.'

'The spells do one kind of damage, but the damage that the weapon itself did not counting the spell would be covered by the damroll,' Kaige says to Annika.

Annika nods solemnly.

'Damage is such a loose term,' Kaige says.

Fuego says, 'Why are there so many damage items but not even close to the same amount of hitroll items?'

Sandra says, 'Well.'

'Damroll items kinda got carried away,' Sandra says.

'Umm.. +91 +dam total in the game and +96 +hit in the game...' Kaige says.

'That's total points not number of items,' Kaige says.

Sandra nods her agreement with you.

Fuego says, 'Really?'

Kaige says, '+dam is in more varied slots tho because it's easier to justify.'

Sandra says, 'There's more damroll items, definately, though. And we're working on adding more stuff in, of course with new areas ;).'

'I think the dam items just got really, really popular,' Elisa says, with a mischievous grin.

'Its all those silly horseshoes with hit roll,' Groo says, perplexed, to Fuego.

Kaige says, 'Like heavy boots, weapons, held items.'

'Personally i would rather see all +dam +hit items begone, but upgrade the amount that the stat increases it,' Fuego says.


Resistances & Immunities & Rent

'How come items with resistances and immunities always have susceptabilites?' Groo says, looking a little lost. 'And how come they are so darn renty?'

'Heh cause they offer such a large advantage,' Fuego says.

Sandra says to Groo, 'Because of the power of resistances and immunities, they need to have a balanced out suscept.'

Sandra says, 'And most items like that are high rent coz they are also usually +stat.'

Sandra says, 'That adds over 1k right there.'

Groo says, looking a little lost, 'Well the one I found teh otehr day was just horrible for what it gives.'

'Which one?' Fuego says to Groo.

Sandra says, 'You could idea that it be looked at.'

'Silver medallion,' Groo says, looking confused, to Fuego.

Fuego laughs with amusement.

'Almost 7k rent,' Groo says, looking confused.

Groo shudders.

Fuego didnt think anyone actually wore those :)

Groo says, perplexed, to Fuego, 'I dont was just curious as to what it did and how it rented with the change to hit and dam roll.'

'It might be worth wearing if it wasnt -stat too,' Groo says, looking confused, to Fuego.

Groo shrugs helplessly.

'Or if things used the resist more,' Kaige says.


PKOK Bot Interference & Blind

Jesus says, 'If I ask marauder dispel jesus, will it work?'

Kaige says to Jesus, 'No clue.'

'I'm betting it would, which could be a problem if people started abusing that,' Jesus says to Kaige.

Kaige says to Jesus, 'Possibly, but I bet those people who do that are gonna find the pool of people who accept to play like that grows smaller.'

Kaige says, 'See one of the whole goals of pkok was to put more power in the players hands regarding what kind of behavior they would tolerate in THEIR pkill.'

Groo nods solemnly.

Jesus says to Kaige, 'If you barkskin me in tara, and I run to the inn, and then back to you, did I use marauder, or did I rent it off?'

Kaige says to Jesus, 'If we can ever get the affects renting in, it'll be marauder and either way, if I don't like it I won't play with you long.'

'Get him to cast it on your oppenent whiel fighting them in the reception,' Groo says, looking a little lost, to Jesus.

Jesus nods his agreement with Groo.

Kaige says, 'That I would have a problem with if he's rejecting all at the time.'

Jesus says to Groo, 'Much better to just blind there tho :p.'

Groo nods his agreement with Jesus.

Jesus says to Kaige, 'Hrm, that brings me to another point, actually.'

Jesus says to Kaige, 'I accept you, you accept me, I reject groo, you accept groo.'

'Can I crash you into groo?' Jesus says to Kaige.

Kaige says, 'Probably.'

'Heh nice point,' Groo says, looking confused.

'Which isn't exactly right, IMO,' Jesus says to Kaige.

'Just get rid of blind!' Groo says, perplexed. ':P.'

Kaige says, 'Doesn't mean it shouldn't come up for discussion at some point probably.'


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