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May 25th, 2000

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Implementation Plans
Safe Rooms and Inns
Dex and Balance
Ideas for Weapons and Weaponry Skills

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Jesus says to Ea!, 'How will pkok effect current pk'ers? In terms of pkok all, or whatever.'

'We'll probably make it so that current pkers don't need to ask an imm to allow them to use the commands,' Ea! says. 'Otherwise, they'll be like everyone else.'

Jesus says, 'So it will be possible to not pk at all, sweet ;).'

Ea! says, 'If I were a pker trying to get the xp to unenable, I'd consider taking a two week break.'


Implementation Plans

'Umm, there are alot of spells i've seen that are "not yet implemented", any ideas when they might go in?' Sparky says.

Ea! says to Sparky, 'Most of them won't be going in. Mesmerize will be a stage magician skill under trees, the area lighten/darken will go in at some point.'

The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully, 'Ooo, I wanna be a magician.'

'When will skill tree's plan to go in?' Sparky says.

Shaidar says, 'What about shapechange?'

Ea! says, 'Basically, if it's not in currently, don't expect it to go in soon.'

'I wouldn't count on it,' Ea! says to Shaidar. 'It's back in the plans as a Druid/Shaman skill for trees, but it may get cut in an attempt to get trees in.'

'And, no, we have no idea on when trees will go in or anything,' Ea! says.


Safe Rooms and Inns

'I've thought for a long time inns should be safe rooms,' The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully. 'I think it would help improve interactions between people who do and don't pk.'

'Then people couldn't crash into Aengus anymore, and what fun would that be?' Kerstin says coldly.

Ea! says, 'Well, though jumping someone in an inn is a lot more dangerous -- half a dozen people might just decide to accept you and jump you back.'

Sandra wans to take out safe rooms.

'Really?' Drakkon says to Sandra.

Craven says to Sandra, 'That stresses clans too much.'

'All my nonpk'ers rest in safe rooms ;),' Jesus says to The Incorrigible Elisa.

'Rogue IS fun for some of us,' Craven says to Sandra.

The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully to Jesus, 'I like to rest near boards to read.'

Ea! says, 'I know that most of my characters would not like having their pleasant dinner time conversations interupted by pkillers and they'll likely jump the jumper.'

'Of course, I'm assuming that the jumpers will be more likely to accept from everyone, which my not be true...' Ea! says.


Dex and Balance

'Okay, you probably get this all the time, but...it seems like dex is underpowered in contrast to other fighttypes,' Kerstin says frostily. 'More fun, but that's another story.'

'We tried to give dex fighters a bit of a boost with the recent hitroll change,' Ea! says to Kerstin. 'We may give them a bit more shortly -- we've got a list of balance changes that got put on hold to finish up PKOK.'

'Bash and headbutt seem to be worth a ton more hitroll than 100 dex,' Kerstin says frostily.

'Dex should have a chance at a critical hit--like a slashed carotid,' The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully.

Kerstin just doesn't have much reason not to go con, really.


Ideas for Weapons and Weaponry Skills

Drakkon says, 'I think bow strings should frey and you'd have to replace them, or you could put better strings in bows and make them better, re-string skill that makes the damage higher.'

'I like that idea,' Ea! says to Drakkon. 'Particularly with the bowyer skills that we have planned for trees.'

'Re-string with magical strings that you get on quests or something,' Drakkon says.

The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully, 'Maybe extra blacksmithing skills that let you sharpen weapons.'

Drakkon says, 'Weapons should dull and lose damage and you'd have to sharpen them or get a londoner to sharpen them for you.'

Kerstin would love to have a way to customize spell affects on weapons.

'Lose sharpness instead of being damaged on everything,' The Incorrigible Elisa says wistfully.

'I don't see why Tara doesn't get repair at all that's stupid,' Drakkon says. 'Tara is ancient times, the time when weapons were around a lot more.'

'Tara has EVERYTHING but repair,' Craven says. 'It doesn't need that too.'


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