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July 5th, 2000

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Redemption Points & Practices
XP Scale
Imm Proposal Deadline
Pkill Tourney
The Assassin
Pk Tourney Redux
Druid Skill Update?
Wielding Two Weapons?
Weapon Types
Parry & Main Gauche
Crimson Shield
Guns, Sniping & Realism
LT Submissions
Purged Chars Reappearing in Clan Rosters
EQ Changes: Herne's Horn
Accept All Changes?
Memorial Garden

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Redemption Points & Practices

'Well, um, since pkok went in, I think the redeem for 1 point should be 4 practice sessions instead of unpkill,' Havok says.

'It technically doesn't work up for unpkill if we're running under pkok,' Kaige says.

Havok says, 'See, so we dont need it, some old people dont have any sessions for new skills.'

Kaige says to Havok, 'Also, we probably won't give pracs for redeem points.'

Havok bursts into tears.

'Damn, my character needs 2 for parry,' Havok says.

Havok bursts into tears.

Havok giggles.

Kae says, 'Well, that would make some people able to make power characters...'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Sabu nods his agreement with Kae.

Sabu cringes in terror.

'Like my alt who needs two skills badly and is very close to 3 redemption points ;),' Kae says.

'No it wouldn't,' Havok says.

Sabu says, 'Some characters having like over 60 skills.'

Sabu cringes in terror.

'No?' Kaige says. 'Keep getting redeem points -- keep getting skills soon we're back to master of all.'

Kae says, 'Well, I could list off at least 5 skills I'd like my cause mage to have, and that he could probably get fast with redemption.'

'See, i learned a buncha skills when ya could still spam for eq, now ya can't, making those skills completely useless,' Havok says.

Sabu says, 'Yeah redeem isnt too hard if you work at it.'

Danar says, 'You can still spam.'

Darla says sweetly, 'I have 13 practices and not a lot of skills I want.'

'You just need patience :b,' Danar says.

Havok says, 'And wait forever.'

'It's usually the 3c mages who end up whining about practices, really,' Kae says to Darla.

Sabu says to Havok, 'Ask for a reimburse of skills?'

'And if we ever get to skill trees you'll have a chance to change 'em,' Kaige says to Havok.

Darla nods her agreement with Kae.

Sabu says, 'Or is that not an option?'

'I asked, not getting any,' Havok says.

'Aah,' Sabu says.

'You can have certain skills reimbursed,' Kae says to Sabu.

Havok says, 'I can reimb them?'

'Skilltrees will coincide with a magical skill wipe,' Danar says.

'I wish there were more good skills for fighter types to make up for that,' Darla says sweetly.

Danar blinks at Darla.

'I know they did reimburse skills right when they made it no spam,' Sabu says.

'When admin is reimbing for certain skills, like new ones, it's announced,' Kaige says.

'And when we drstically changed the reqs for some, like disarm trap,' Kae says to Sabu.

Sabu nods his agreement with Kaige.

Sabu nods his agreement with Kae.

'And there's usually a time limit on it as well so we're not doing it into infinity,' Kaige says.

Havok says, 'Damnit, nobody every tells me this crap, I only found out a week about they did reimb when parry went in.'

Sabu says, 'Or meditate now.'

Sabu snorts derisively.

'Not sure exactly what you mean,' Danar says to Darla.

You comfort him.

Kae says to Havok, 'Subscribe to the LT?'

Havok says, 'No.'

Danar says, 'The biggest skill category is combat, after all.'

'Aye do that its a little dull atm but its very good info,' Sabu says to Havok.

'You should, it gets announced there and on the welcome board,' Kae says.

'I dont read anything....=P,' Havok says.

Kaige says to Havok, 'It's one of the best ways to keep up on major code updates and things of that sort.'

'Now you know why you don't know anything ;),' Kae says to Havok.

'Reading is for chummmmmmmmmmps,' Havok says.

Havok ducks to the ground.

Kaige says to Havok, 'Interesting that you play a text based game then.'


XP Scale

'Can the old xp system go back in?' Havok says. 'It's hard to powerlvl my characters.'

Kae would not pray for that.

Sabu laughs with amusement.

'Takes a damn month to get to lvl 50,' Havok says.

Kaige says, 'That was part of the point.'

'Took me 3 years to get this 100mil :),' Santina says.

Kaige says, 'And that's still short of our original thoughts on how long it should take to get to 50.'

Havok says, 'Let me lvl all my remaining characters to 50, then you can change it again.'

Kae says, 'What's so great about being 50 anyway?'


Imm Proposal Deadline

'When is next round starting on proposals?' Sabu says.

Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.

'My alt wants to know ;),' Sabu says.

Kaige says, 'I think we've shifted because of last time.. so it'd be Sept 1.'

'And we need to publicize that soon,' Kaige says.


Pkill Tourney

'Any thoughts on an upcoming pk tourney?' Jesus says.

Kaige says, 'Haven't heard any... can ask about that and get back to you tho.'

Jesus nods his agreement with you.

'One would be nice,' Jesus says.


The Assassin

'Why'd the bloody assassin get so hard all of a sudden?' Havok says.

Danar says, 'Because it would be way too complicated to make him hard gradually.'

Havok says, 'Answer me.'

Havok giggles.

Darla says sweetly, 'Summer odyssey.'

Kaige says to Havok, 'Because the items he was carrying got improved too and it was decided they were REALLY nice and he also gained a couple of levels as well.'

'Amen!' Sabu says to Kaige.

Havok says, 'He's like 20k.'

Sabu hates a certain item...

'Well, mobs can have an xp reward, but they can also have an eq reward in which case they're worth less xp,' Kae says.

'No one seems to like his other items,' Kaige says.

Kaige sniffs sadly.

'I like the bracelet,' Jesus says to Kaige.


Pk Tourney Redux

Sabu says, 'When is the next pk tourny or double one?'

Kaige repeats what she just told Jesus... 'I'll ask and get back to you'

Kaige smiles at Sabu.


Druid Skill Update?

Jesus says to Kaige, 'Heard rumors of you working on druid skills, care to share them?'

'Druid skills?' Kaige says. 'Like revising brew and all that?'

Jesus says to you, 'I guess, is that all there is to it?'

Kaige shakes her head.

Jesus pokes Kaige in the ribs.

'Adding in a lot of new herbs, which currently sucks cause it's hard coded,' Kaige says.

Jesus says, 'Hrm, any chance of flavor doing something besides a 2c cause spell?'

'It'd be changing how herblore works, new skills like make oil, and a couple of others.. I don't have my list in front of me,' Kaige says.

'What happened to that idea about animating trees?' Darla says sweetly.

'Well one of the problems we have is that we're trying to be super historical about the so what the herb was thought to do/does kinda dictates what they do,' Kaige says to Jesus.

'There's a tangle/entangle skill idea somewhere around,' Kaige says.

'Also being able to cultivate plants (but I'm not too happy with how that currently is,' Kaige says.

Jesus says, 'Grow your own herbs?'

'That would be nifty,' Kae says.

'Oh, cultivating plants would be great,' Darla says sweetly. 'Then people could have real gardens.'

Kaige says, 'I've been working on them for way too long now and should either finish them or turn everything over to someone else.'


Wielding Two Weapons?

Corpus says, 'I suggest 1 handed weapons and being able to wield two....max dam .? would be around 4..9 or 10 attacks?'

'Giving up held slots,' Corpus says.

'Interesting idea,' Kaige says. 'As well as shield and probably ARM as well.'

'Not a bad idea at all, hell to code probably,' Kae says.


Weapon Types

'We need a decent tangle weapon, that's what we need,' Danar says.

Jesus says to Danar, 'I'd like to see a dex based net.'

'The tangle attack type exists, but I don't know offhand if it's dex-based,' Danar says to Jesus.

'I've played with it a bit, needs work,' Jesus says to Danar.

Kaige says, 'I think tangle is one of those oddball unclassified ones.'

Danar says, 'Ah.'

Jesus nods his agreement with Kaige.

Darla says sweetly, 'What about bite attack?'

Darla licks her lips and smiles.

Kaige says, 'I'd love for the main gauches to be used more properly too.'

Jesus says, 'Almost as bad as whip :p.'

'Actually, a net wand for bind or something like that would be nifty idea!' Danar says.

Danar says to Jesus, 'Hey, whip's like my second favorite type.'

Kaige says, 'Bite's also oddball, I think.'

'A net wand?' Darla says sweetly. 'Like spiderman?'

Kae loves freeze.

'(bite),' Danar adds.

Kaige COULD go look it up in the code.

'Bite = piercing attack.. so it'd be dex,' Kaige says.


Parry & Main Gauche

'Can I speak honestly about the gauche?' Jesus says to Kaige. ':p.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Jesus.

'Sure,' Kaige says.

Danar says to Jesus, 'The only problem is it lacks a good weapon.'

'Not even close to being worth a held slot,' Jesus says to Kaige.

Jesus says to Kaige, 'I tested parry quite a bit, I came to the conclusion that it sucks.'

Darla nods her agreement with Jesus.

Darla says sweetly, 'There isn't enough difference between just having parry and having advanced or expert.'

Jesus says, 'I had an idea about it, but no one would listen.'

Kaige says to Jesus, 'What was the idea?'

'Well, I was thinking more of the whole gladiator thing,' Danar says to Darla. 'Throw a net over somebody, then stab em.'

'Making parry percentage based, instead of having a chance to parry one attack, have a chance of parrying a percentage of them,' Jesus says to Kaige.

Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.

'Yes yes!' Darla says sweetly.

Kae likes that.

Jesus says to Kaige, 'Percentage based on parry bonus and parry level.'

'For what it's worth, I really like that idea,' Danar says.

Kaige says, 'That could be pretty spiffy.'

Darla says sweetly, 'And dodge could use some improvement too.'

Jesus says, 'Like I said, no one would hear me out on it.'

Jesus shrugs helplessly.

'That way it would be equally useful against all char types,' Jesus says.

'Not sure on the coding side.. or if it'd be TOO spiffy.. but we can take a look at it with that tree (dodge too),' Kaige says.

'If it's too powerful, adjust the percentage :p,' Jesus says to Kaige.

'If they did that, though, I think they'd need to lower the chance of parry based on weapon size,' Danar says.

'At least a little,' Danar says.

'Otherwise str fighters would just get whipped up and down,' Danar says.

'Go play with parry and gauches, it doesn't matter what weapon you use,' Jesus says to Danar.

'Oh, wait, percentage of attacks,' Danar says to Jesus. 'I'm dumb and all.'


Crimson Shield

Corpus says, 'When's the crimson shield going back in, and what will be the stats on it?'

Kae says to Corpus, 'Probably never.'

'Then why can't we string ?' Corpus says.

'Don't know of any plans for it,' Kaige says. 'You'd do best to mudmail Rufus on that one.'

'You can't string items to look like ones currently in the database without a mundane coupon and you have to be able to get the item also' Kaige says.


Guns, Sniping & Realism

'Do you need a two-handed gun to be able to snipe?' Corpus says. 'I thought I read that on the welcome board.'

'You shouldn't, maybe a better chance?' Jesus says.

'I'm not sure,' Kaige says. 'But I know you need to aim.'

'I believe the problem is that you can't snipe with quickdraw,' Danar says.

'And one-handed guns are typically used with quickdraw,' Danar says.

Jesus nods his agreement with Danar.

'Can't aim with it either,' Corpus says.

'I can aim just fine with a onehanded gun,' Kae says.

'Yes you can,' Danar says. 'You just have to hold it =P.'

'Yes, I know,' Corpus says.

'I aim better with a one-handed than two,' Darla says sweetly. 'At least with my current one than my last two.'

'I don't recall anything about that, but if you wanna drop Ea!' Kaige says. 'A note he can clear it up for you.'

Jesus says, 'Be glad you can't shoot someone in hell from tara anymore :p.'

Kaige says to Darla, 'Yeah, accuracy of the gun itself has a role too.'

'Aren't most one handed guns more accurate than two handed guns?' Darla says sweetly.

Corpus says, 'Far as I know, I get a pretty nice chance of snipe with rifles.'

'Makes up for doing less damage,' Darla says sweetly.

'No..' Jesus says to Darla.

Kaige says, 'Depends on the gun.. the pistols in london are probably pretty poor compared to the colts in frisco.'

Jesus says, 'I know alot about guns rl, trust me, a two handed is more accurate.'

Kaige says, 'You can steady them better too.'

Jesus nods his agreement with Kaige.

Darla says sweetly, 'All I know is I changed from a custom henry to nickle 45 when the quickdraw changed, and suddenly started sniping all the time.'

'You'd think that if you shoot someone, they wouldnt be able to move for a couple hours,' Corpus says.

Danar says, 'You'd think that if you hit somebody with a big axe, it'd kill them.'

Jesus giggles at Danar.

'Depends on where you hit them too.. if you just wing them or get a non vital part... it might not be too bad,' Kaige says.

Darla wants a blowtube with tranquilizer darts.

'The kind that will drop a charging white rhino,' Darla says sweetly.

'Yeah, that'd be cool,' Kaige says.

'But they'd probably lie down and scream an hour or two :),' Kae says.

'You'd think that if you backstabbed someone, that's disable them,' Corpus says.

'I know that if someone hit me 12 times with anything I'd not fight back, I'd lie and scream,' Kae says.

Kae says, 'We can take realism only so far.'

'If ya get paralyzed, you usually don't heal in 10 seconds,' Corpus says.

Jesus says, 'You'd think if you rubbed a plant on a bandaid, it wouldn't put you at full health :p.'

'You know, if you were blind, you wouldn't regain your vision,' Corpus says.

Jesus says, 'Ok, enough if's.'

Jesus sticks his tongue out at everyone! =P'

Kaige says, 'Oh and I was gonna toss out a good one....'

Kaige sulks.

'And if you were hurt really bad, you'd never get back to full health,' Darla says sweetly.

'IF i had a life, I wouldn't log on here!' Jesus says.

Sabu snickers softly.

Sabu nods his agreement with Jesus.

'If you died, you wouldn't come back,' Jesus says. ':p.'

Corpus says, 'Sure you would.'

Kae says to Jesus, 'YOU would..'

Darla says sweetly to Jesus, 'I do.'

'If you're hindu,' Corpus says.

Danar laughs with amusement.

Jesus grins evilly at Kae.. wonder what he's thinking...


LT Submissions

Corpus says, 'If you post the same story for LT, do you still get a token for the effort it takes to attach it to the e-mail?'

Sabu laughs with amusement.

Kae says to Corpus, 'If your story gets printed, you get a token.'

'I'll just change some names around,' Corpus says.

Corpus throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Darla sighs loudly.

Corpus peers around the room intently.

'Note the if it gets printed part,' Danar says.

Darla is still trying to think up an excuse to print a story.

Kae usually thinks up excuses not to.

Corpus says, 'I have a coupon.'


Purged Chars Reappearing in Clan Rosters

'There is a bug with archive,' Kae says.

'I didn't get to tell you that,' Kae says to Kaige.

Kae says, 'A few people have been archived and have come back still on their clan rosters.'

Kae says, 'Or purged, rather.'

'Yeah, I managed to get purged and still be in the USL,' Kae says to Kaige.

Kae says, 'Happened to one of Chimera's too.'

Kaige says, 'Ahh.. yeah.. purge wopuld do that.. no one ever set it up to clean out the clan rosters cause it's done outside the game itself not by the mud server.'

Kae nods solemnly.

'Tho if the mud starts up and the char doesn't exist, it should get removed from the roster,' Kaige says.

Kae says to Kaige, 'Well, it doesn't :).'

'Except if the last purge was after our last reboot,' Kae says to Kaige.

'We HAVE been up an awful long time,' Kae says.

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

'Last purge was after last start up,' Kaige says.


EQ Changes: Herne's Horn

Goldberg says, 'Okay the eq changes went in to try and balance things out right?'

'Yes,' Danar says to Goldberg.

'Yeah,' Kae says to Goldberg.

'So all eq is supposed to give +5 net stats right?' Goldberg says.

'Roughly, yeah,' Kae says.

Kae says, 'Or less.'

'+5 maximum,' Danar says.

'Okay and every 2 points of +hit/dam is worth one stat point right?' Goldberg says.

Kae says, 'Hrm, yeah, roughly.'

Danar says, 'Not rent-wise, if that's where you're going.'

'Although there were some luckstones that came out 5.5,' Julia says. 'But they're gone now, I think.'

'Slot and stuffs has an impact too,' Kae says.

'And if it goes over 5 then there were supposed to be rent penalties that kick in right?' Goldberg says.

'No,' Danar says.

Kae nods her agreement with Goldberg.

'Usually but not always,' Kae says.

Danar says, 'Oh, yes.'

Goldberg says, 'Okay huh?'

Goldberg says, 'Alright well this is what i don't understand.'

Goldberg says, 'Herne's horn was changed from 5 str 6 dam, to 5 str 6 dam -3 min.'

Goldberg says, 'So why has the rent gone up to 4k?'

'Because 6 damroll carries with it a gigantic rent penalty,' Danar says.

'But its minus 3 mind,' Goldberg says.

Goldberg says, 'So that makes it 5 even.'

Danar says, 'Not 6 stat points.'

Sabu says, 'Anything with hit or dam now adds rent.'

'Nothing can get to 6 stat,' Danar says.

'Hit/dam rent costs are not the same as normal stat rent costs,' Sandra says.

'But hit/dam cost more rent per point depending on how much total it is,' Danar says.

'Like buying in bulk, except backwards,' Danar says.

Jesus says, 'Hit/dam should.'

'That makes the old herne horns ridiculously more valueable then the new ones,' Goldberg says.

Goldberg tips his hat to Sandra.

'Exactly,' Sabu says to Goldberg.

Goldberg sighs loudly.

Sabu says to Goldberg, 'I cant even rent the new ones but i can the old ones.'

'Now i have 3 damroll instead of a decent damroll,' Sabu says to Goldberg.

'Fortunately old horns get removed dynamically as people switch gear, quit and DT,' Kae says.

Goldberg sighs loudly.

'That's what i'm afraid of,' Goldberg says.

Goldberg says, 'I don't even play with my guys who have old hernes.'

'That's sad :p,' Jesus says.

'The intent of increasing the rent on the horns was so that I could keep the stats almost as they were,' Sandra says. 'But, if you want the max, you gotta pay.'


Accept All Changes?

Goldberg says, 'Is there any indication that the accept all pkok stuffs are gonna go in?'

Sabu says to Goldberg, 'Bah just accept all the pk clans.'

Sandra says to Goldberg, 'Well, I would say that maybe once the players actually try to USE pkok, we might consider things like that.'

Goldberg says to Sabu, 'Accept all is fine.'

Jesus nods his agreement with Sandra.

'Guilty,' Jesus says to Sandra.

'We don't know if its broken, if no one will put it to the test,' Sandra says.

'Nah i rather know who is after me ;),' Sabu says to Goldberg.

'I personally think that accept all means just that,' Kaige says to Goldberg.

Goldberg says to Sabu, 'But there are people who abuse pkok.'

Goldberg says to Kaige, 'Yeah i'd walk around accept all.'

'Ayup thats why i only accept pk clans and some friends,' Sabu says to Goldberg.

Goldberg says to Kaige, 'But if i got gang jumped, how would anyone be able to help me?'

Sabu says to Goldberg, 'Then i reject the jerks in certain pk clans.'

Kaige says, 'That's why we have a reject list as well for those who you feel abuse it.'

Goldberg says to Sabu, 'It'd be different if all the pk clans were forced to accept all.'

'I would help ya alls ya gotta do is ask,' Sabu says to Goldberg.

'Have a friend around that's a healer or something, they can accept all and then heal you,' Sandra says to Goldberg.

Jesus says to Goldberg, 'There'd be less pk clans.'

Kaige says, 'Get their GM's to set it up that way.'

'The only problem with that is that they would have to violate you before you'd know who was playing not nice,' Goldberg says to Kaige.

'What you want is to force people to fight you, you're used to it, pkok was imp'd so they don't have to,' Jesus says to Goldberg.

'Most pk clans as is accept other pk clans for now,' Sabu says.

'The real pk clans would exist,' Goldberg says to Jesus.

'Some dont though,' Sabu says.

'Well word of mouth is a powerful tool too,' Kaige says.

Sabu pokes his clan.

'Yeah,' Goldberg says.

Jesus says to Goldberg, 'Define real.'

Goldberg says, 'Mod has accepted all pk clans.'

Goldberg says, 'But for instance, demonic horde isn't.'

'There's a few clans that have,' Sandra says.

'All?' Julia says. 'Thought they weren't accepting one?'

Jesus nods his agreement with Sandra.

'My clan is just inactive so i think they affraid to accept all and watch me get beat on bad,' Sabu says.

'Okay okay, we haven't accepted the grendels,' Goldberg says.

'I actually had her remove the accepts coz I was the only one on =P,' Sandra says to Sabu.

Sabu says to Sandra, 'Aaah.'


Memorial Garden

'Is there any reason for the garden to stay ooc now?' Julia says.

'It's gonna stay ooc,' Sandra says.

'Other than it's ooc in nature and not very IC?' Kaige says to Julia.

'We have a huge problem with it being used as a safehouse and place to hide out in game,' Sandra says. 'So, it fits better where its at.'

Julia says, 'But with pkok, I notice safe rooms are virtually empty.'


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