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July 13th, 2000

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Code Release?
Housing Room Limits
Immortal Applications
Martial Arts
New Areas
Skill Trees & Code Projects
Light Levels
Moods and Voices
Joint Imm Applications
Code Update Posting
Ideas for Directed Emotes

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Code Release?

Cort says cruelly, 'Is it true that the LegendMUD code is being released?'

LadyAce says, 'Not for some time, it won't be.'

'The eventual goal is to release it, however,' LadyAce says.


Housing Room Limits

'Is the limitations on room numbers in a house implemented?' Doctor Mertjai says.

Doctor Mertjai says, 'To clarify : you type build, and it mentions the house has a limit of say 8 rooms.. is that in?'

'Ea thinks it is but is looking at the code,' LadyAce says.

'Yeah, but possibly not all housing templates take advantage of it,' Kaige says.

LadyAce says, 'We'll check to be sure, and get back to you.'

Doctor Mertjai says, 'Limit is 5, we're at 8.'


Immortal Applications

'Immortal app q: can send in asap?' the cunning prince of thieves says. 'What program to use aka notepad word etc.. put the questions on it as well? number them? etc etc etc.'

LadyAce says to the cunning prince of thieves, 'Use plain pure text.'

'If you list out/summarize the question, it's easier to read,' LadyAce says to the cunning prince of thieves.

'Plain txt?' the cunning prince of thieves says to you.

'Some questions are short, some are long,' LadyAce says.

'I have 3 programs that are txt,' the cunning prince of thieves says to you.

'Yes, in the body of an email,' LadyAce says. 'No attachments.'

The cunning prince of thieves nods solemnly.

The cunning prince of thieves says to you, 'Make it so when you open it you dont have to scroll i take it.'

'We all use different email programs,' LadyAce says.

Alvis says, 'Imm application time again?'

'You will want it to be 72 letters and spaces wide,' LadyAce says.

Doctor Mertjai says, 'Quotable printable.'

'Soon,' the cunning prince of thieves says.

LadyAce says, 'Sept 1.'

Alvis says, 'Hrm, woder if we will have the same fiasco about as we had last time.'

'The last time was ok, it was just the time before that :(,' LadyAce says.

'Ohh yea,' Alvis says.

Alvis shrugs helplessly.

'The time before when none of them got in anyway...' Doctor Mertjai says.


Martial Arts

'Besides -not implemented- is there any status on the skill martial arts?' Gades says, resigned to the ways of the world.

LadyAce says to Gades, 'As far as I know, it won't be soon.'

Gades nods solemnly.



'How is Satsu doing?' Hayate Kanuma says cheerfully.

'Last I heard, he's doing fine, fully recovered,' LadyAce says. 'He's left the mud, tho.'


New Areas

'Any other areas coming in soon?' Hayate Kanuma says, eyes twinkling. 'Like wasnt matrix making one, that was gonna have a HoL type place?'

LadyAce says, 'I think there's a few mini areas and updates in the works.'

'Chimera's Midsummer Night's Dream was looking good when I saw it last,' you say.

LadyAce says, 'Other than that, I know Cheyla is working on an industrial alaska, 1925s.'

'Hades was pretty much done when I saw it, I think Kheldar is most of the way done with medieval trade,' LadyAce says.

Kaige has a bunch of updates planned, but is having trouble finding the time to do what she wants to with them.


Skill Trees & Code Projects

'Skill trees a real thing or myth?' Hp'Shout says.

Ea! says, 'Myth.'

'A partially-done project,' LadyAce says. 'Real and myth combined.'

Kaige says to Ea!, 'But then this whole mud is about legends and myths.'

Skar says, 'Do you have any of the help files for the new skills prepared?'

LadyAce says to Skar, 'For some of them, we have the starts of help files, but help files aren't all that much work...not for skills, anyways.'

'Ah well,' Skar says, looking amused. 'I was hoping you could release more info about the skills and what they would do so I could dream.'

Skar says, 'Is anyone working on trees atm?'

Ea! shakes his head.

'What's the current project?' Skar says.

'Sandra's been working on a skill or two,' Ea! says.

'Unfortunately we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot when we do things like release advance specs,' LadyAce says.

Kaige got distracted with building updates.

'Trying to keep ahead of the bugs,' Ea! says to Skar.

'You could always just replace max_hp with max_mana in the charmie hp routines, if you're looking for something to do,' Skar says to Ea!.

Ea! says to Skar, 'Or I could work on code that'll help builders figure out which mobs are using the most processor time in their acts.'

'That would work too,' Skar says, eyes twinkling, to Ea!.

Skar says, eyes twinkling, to Ea!, 'You can't blame me for trying.'

'It would be nice to have a separate directed emote command,' Skar says. 'I idead that today.'

'When you mistype someone's name, the fouled emote looks *really* ugly,' Skar says.


Light Levels

Ea! says, 'The project that I'd like to work on when I next get a chance is light levels.'

Kaige says, 'Yeah.. doesn't sound glitzy, but would add to the feel I think.'

Skar says, 'That would include light sources in inventory, right?'

'That's what I'm thinking, too. And it'll make being a newbie a lot nicer when it gets dark at night...' Ea! says to Kaige.

'And make streetlights possible,' Kaige says. 'And candelabra.'

LadyAce says, 'And make it so it actually gets darker in the room gradually, rather than *poof* light and *poof* dark.'

'Hanging chandelers..' Doctor Mertjai says.

'Well, that's getting ahead of the game,' Ea! says to Kaige. 'I thought I'd start with just making it so that builders were using numbers instead of MURKY and the like.'


Moods and Voices

Skar says, 'Moods are still cool btw.'

Ea! says, 'The only skill that might go in ahead of time is the new eloquence.'

'New eloquence?' Doctor Mertjai says.

Skar says, 'Do tell.'

'Well, moods would be available to all,' LadyAce says.

Ea! says, 'Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.'

'Could you install voices too?' Skar says.

LadyAce says, 'And eloquence skill used for other things.'

'Altho you shouldn't be able to change your voice often,' Skar says.

Ea! says, 'Voices would be choosen at player creation.'

LadyAce says, 'It'd be fun to have it coordinated with player age tho.'

'You'd have to have some mechanism for changing them,' Skar says. 'A young apprentice would have a different voice from an aged necromancer.'

Ea! says to LadyAce, 'I wanted to do stat changes based on player age -- more mind less con as you get old...'

LadyAce says to Ea!, 'Nah...stick with voices.'

Skar says, 'And an old necromancer would have a different voice from an old abbot.'

'We need to separate out player age from time played first,' Kaige says.

'You'd probably have to treat them like descs,' Skar says.

LadyAce says to Skar, 'Yeah....rp reason required and all that.'

'And if they were more like descs, then you wouldn't be limited to a few stock voices,' Skar says.

LadyAce says, 'Mmmm, I dunno.'

LadyAce says, 'With moods and descs, we've already got major spam.'

Skar says, 'That's true.'

LadyAce says, 'I think that we'd have to have some pretty tight limits on whatever went in. Single word, or two words, or somethin.'

'Of course,' Skar says. 'You have limits on item strings, after all.'

'Not compared to descs,' Kaige says.

Skar says, 'Long desc can't be any more than 80 characters also.'

Kaige giggles.

'Well, we have say alts too...' LadyAce says.

Skar says, 'Say alts are nifty also!'

Skar adds, 'Altho ask needs to be a say alt.'

'It's really stupid that you can't hear what someone is asking,' Skar says.

'"Joe the super-necromancer babbles in a deep, husky voice, clearly agitated, 'Hello.',' LadyAce says.

'Yeah., but that just reads so much cooler than, 'Joe says: hello',' Kaige says.

'I dunno, I think there comes a point where you don't read a bit of it beyond joe (blah blah): hello,' LadyAce says to Kaige.

'Conversations are very different things than novels,' LadyAce says.

'I usually use moods for emphasis,' Skar says. 'I'm not into having them on all the time.'

'I'd take them on and off if they didn't echo,' LadyAce says.

'Yeah,' Kaige says. 'Moderation is nice.'

LadyAce says, 'I hate the "You look normal." "You look angry." junk.'

Sandra Starseed nods her agreement with you.

'I want a tone of voice, not a 'look' of some kind,' LadyAce says.

Kaige says, 'Don't set a perm one and only use them for conversation.'

Skar says, 'I hate that too.'

Skar nods his agreement with Kaige.

'I like the exit/entrance messages tho =P,' Sandra Starseed says.

Kaige says, 'Should be able to type angry north and have it give that message too... .'

Skar has arrived from the east.

Sandra Starseed says, 'Ugh yea, but that's so slow someone down having to type 'angry '.'

LadyAce says, 'I just think it's silly to have it echo my emotion as if it were a physical appearance.'

'Mostly I leave one mood on sa default, then if I have a 'mood change' I temp it,' Sandra Starseed says.

Kaige says, 'It's slower to type angry n, when you want rather than angry north normal?'

Sandra Starseed says, 'No, I was thinking more like angry n, angry e, angry e, angry e....'

'I could have sworn that Kaige is describing the way the system works,' Skar says. 'You can type angry north and go north angrily, then automatically revert to your default mood.'

LadyAce says, 'And changing the default mood when people are around, makes me feel like they're watching me get dressed :P.'

'That's what I meant by slow,' Sandra Starseed says.

Sandra Starseed giggles.

Kaige says to Sandra Starseed, 'WellI wasn't saying remove perm moods.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Skar.


Joint Imm Applications

'In the past you've had multiple persons apply with the same project to the imm staff and been accepted in the same department,' Doctor Mertjai says. 'I was curious, is this possible with seperate deparments, same project, one relying on the other?'

LadyAce says, 'You're talking about...Spencer and Joule?'

'They didn't start out same department,' Kaige says.

'Erm, not sure who I'm talking about, I heard Northstar got in with another person actually,' Doctor Mertjai says.

Doctor Mertjai says, 'In building.'

Skar says, 'New Orleans?'

Doctor Mertjai says, 'Can't recall the other persons name for the life of me though.'

'Ahh. Northstar and Arturus *nod* ,' Kaige says.

'They were talking about that area at the DC legend meet,' Skar says with a chuckle.

'And we saw how well that worked out,' Kaige says.

'But it is possible?' Doctor Mertjai says.

'She's now in PR,' Kaige says. 'He's no longer around.'

LadyAce says, 'I think that we'd look at it very differently... I mean, we'd wonder why they applied together.'

'Not very likely,' Kaige says. 'I don't think we'll try that experiment again.'

'And we'd wonder why they couldn't apply on their own merits,' LadyAce says.

'Also each proposal should be able to stand on it's own,' Kaige says. Nothing wrong with wanting to work on something together,, But you'll also note that none of those except me and Ptah started in the same type of situation.'

Doctor Mertjai says to Kaige, 'I noticed that..'

'Both doing building,' Kaige says. 'But working quite separately.'

Doctor Mertjai says, 'I rarely see immortal couples on cept Ea and LA.'

LadyAce says, 'I don't think Ea & I work together on anything, not exactly anyway.'

'But if both people have the same interest, then it's less likely to be a point of contention,' Skar explains.

Kaige says to Skar, 'In someways it can be more of one.. especially if you only have one computer or one phone line.'

'He was moral support for my area, and I whine about his grammar in his code, but....' LadyAce says.

Skar says, agreeing wholeheartedly, to Kaige, 'Yes, that would be a problem.'

'It does mean less tension between the imm sphere and the mort sphere in one's household,' LadyAce says.


Code Update Posting

'Are you going to post code updates regularly again?' Skar says. 'You missed a few weeks recently. I love code updates.'

Ea! says, 'I'm not sure.'

Ea! says to Skar, 'I missed last week due to vacation.'

'If we don't have an update...we don't post anything,' LadyAce says.

'And before that there was a week or two that I was too swamped,' Ea! says.


Ideas for Directed Emotes

Ea! says, '[=] could be special one for the person's name/description.'

Skar says to Ea!, 'That would be great!'

'Or we could use the whole $n, $s, $e stuff..' Ea! says.

'We've been able to do emote_to and emote_not_to with mobs for a long time.. point 'em out when you find 'em wrong,' Kaige says to Doctor Mertjai.

Ea! says, 'Of course, $n would need to translate to "you" when it goes to the victim...'

LadyAce says, 'Or some nice English word, like 'social joe bob conjures....'

Skar says, 'I might add some feeling to the private part, that only the target sees, like a shiver or excitement or something.'

Skar says, 'So I like the current set up, but I'd like a few arguments.'

'Yeah, you'd run into trouble with the whole plural vs,' Ea! says. 'Singular thing.'

'You conjure vs,' Ea! says. 'Ea! conjures...'

'Even just the name substitution would be nice,' Skar says exasperated. 'I hate typing in descs.'

Skar says, 'And a separate command would let me abbreviate the target name, and it would say 'huh?' when the target wasn't there or I typo.'

Skar says, 'Nothing looks uglier than a failed directed emote.'

Ea! says, 'Splitting it out into a seperate command shouldn't be too hard.'

Skar says sincerely, 'I'd be your bestest fan if you did that!'

'Forget that lag stuff -- go for the directed emotes!' Skar declares.


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