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August 24th, 2000

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Downtime & Machine Move
Imm Proposals
Kudos to the Imms
Text Muds vs Graphical Muds
Player Numbers
Multiple Large Groups
Cheating Mobs?

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Downtime & Machine Move

'Ok,' Kaige says. 'One of the the requests we've had is to try controlling the spam a little more during Q&A's. So if we could keep it to a minimum it'd be appreciated. =).'

Kaige says, 'Ok, first thing if, you haven't seen the MOTD or the welcome board post on the down time this weekend, we're moving sites for the machine again.'

'Except for the downtime, it should be pretty transparent, unless you've been relying on the ip numbers instead of the name,' Kaige says.

Dun says, 'LA and Ea are gonna have the server in chicago now?'

Kaige says, 'Yup, it's gonna sit at their house.'

Dun says, 'Oh, so the downtime is over night delivery?.'

'It's Ea and I driving to Texas,' LadyAce says.

Kir says, almost a whisper, 'How will this help?'

'They could get a better deal on a higher bandwidth dsl line than we could here in Austin,' Kaige says.

Dun says to Kir, 'We will HAVE legend.'

Dun says to LadyAce, 'Wow.'

'Hehe, you at the austin meet ?' Dun says to LadyAce.

LadyAce shakes her head.

'That was last weekend,' Kaige says.

Dun says, 'Oh.'

'No, we're leaving in a few minutes to drive down,' LadyAce says.

'If they dont do it, we wont have a legend,' Dun says to Kir.

Dun says, 'Oh cool.'

Kir looks at Dun and shudders.

Dun smiles happily.

LadyAce says, 'Roadtrip! :).'

Dun says to Kir, 'Wombat games, where rufus worked, and where the server was, isnt a company or something anymore.'

'So cant have the computer there,' Dun says to Kir.

LadyAce says, 'Okie, looks like there aren't many questions for me particularly :) see you all later.'

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

LadyAce waves happily.


Imm Proposals

'This is probably a question I could just read the answer to somewhere, but are you guys accepting applications and if not, when will you be?' Ganymede says.

'Deadline is Sept 1,' Kaige says.

Ganymede giggles.

Ganymede says, 'Okaaaay.'

Kendrik says, 'Deadline is sooner than I will be done...changing home and job takes a bit o time.'

Kendrik giggles.

'We announced it back at the beginning of the month,' Kaige says. 'All the materials are on the web.'

Kaige says to Ganymede, 'Go to www.legendmud.org/firstpagecontents.html and check on the site map or use the nifty search box to search for proposal.'

'Like I said, probably something I could read...the thing is I hadn't really considered it until...well, until this week,' Ganymede says.

'When do you suppose the next round will be?' Ganymede says.

'It'll be six months after that most likely.. so March again,' Kaige says.

Ganymede nods solemnly.

'Ah well, probably best...if I did it I'd wanna do it right, not rush it,' Ganymede says.


Kudos to the Imms

'Not a question, but a comment...I wanted to commend you guys, it seems like the immort staff is overall a lot more friendly, helpful and very pleasant to deal with than was the case a couple of years ago :),' Ganymede says.

Kaige chuckles politely.

Kaige thanks Ganymede heartily.

Ganymede shrugs helplessly.

Ganymede says, 'For what it's worth.'

Kaige says, 'I'll pass that along.'

Kendrik says to Kaige, 'To who...you top dog...doggette?'

Kaige says to Kendrik, 'No to the rest of the immorts.'

Ganymede says, 'I'm not even talking back as far as Fionn, there was a time when I'd request help with something and it would take 2 weeks to find someone.'

'Anyway, I guess that's it,' Ganymede says.

'We're trying to stay on top of things, it's often hard when everyone's real life takes priority the same week tho,' Kaige says.


Text Muds vs Graphical Muds

Ganymede says to Kaige, 'What is your feeling on the role of text-based muds, and their place in a media environment wherein continually improving graphical entertainment is captivating people's minds and dollars?'

Ganymede ducks to the ground.

Ganymede says to Kaige, 'J/K.'

Sasha says to Ganymede, 'Whoa.'

'My hairs stood up on end,' Sasha says to Ganymede.

Kendrik says to Ganymede, 'Blech...this place kicks asherons calls ass :).'

'Thought I'd toss a curveball in there,' Ganymede says.

Ganymede giggles.

Kendrik spent 2 weeks on asheron...going on what...7 years here now?

Kaige says to Ganymede, 'Seriously tho... I think they're a niche market, and will tend to cater to a higher class of player than those who go for the big MMORPGs with spashy graphics.'

'The mud hasn't been up for 7 years :P,' Ganymede says to Kendrik.

'Talk carefully...Ptah may be watching,' Kendrik says to Kaige.

Sasha says, '6 then.'

'Almost,' Kendrik says to Ganymede.

Kendrik says, 'I think.'

Kaige says to Ganymede, 'In text (right now at least and probably always) you can do or be anything, in the graphicals you're limited by what their artists had time to do before hand.'

Sasha says to Kaige, 'Or talent.'

You say, '2/94 so 7 next Feb.'

Kaige nods in agreement with Sasha.

'Not ANYTHING,' Kendrik says to Kaige.

'Or what their execs will let them included or decide is too trivial to add,' Kaige says.

Ganymede says to Kaige, 'And then there's the reliablility and complexity issue, along with the problems inherent in massive online populations such as those common to the big boys.'

Kendrik remembers being denied a string of thigh high leather bitch boots for his dominatrix char :)

Kaige says, 'Plus, while people complain about the degrading level of maturity at times, it's still miles above most of those places.'

Kaige is much happier in her niche than making $25-30K a year at her hobby.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Ganymede smiles happily.

'What do you do?' Sasha says to Kaige.

'I remember talking to Ptah about this stuff a lot way back,' Ganymede says.

'He certainly had no shortage of opinions on the philosophy side of it,' Ganymede says.

'And while the players may get demanding and cranky here, they're still usually looking out for the interests of the game, not just themselves and are usually civil about it compared the boards and hate mail Ptah gets for what he does,' Kaige says.

Kendrik says to Kaige, 'I don't envy him ONE bit.'

'That's what I was making for UO when I was working at Origin,' Kaige says to Sasha. 'I'm now a full time SAHM and imp.'

'My friend tells me how juvenile EQ players can be,' Kendrik says to Kaige.

'Oh it was ugly when we had the fire last summer. There was the truly good people who were decent.. and then there were the assholes who were like "I wish you'd all died in the fire you asshole"' Kaige says.

Kaige rolls her eyes heavenward.

'Seriously??' Ganymede says to Kaige.

Sandra says to Kendrik, 'Oh god they're the most unfriendly bunch of juveniles I've ever seen.'

Ganymede growls.

Ganymede says, 'That is beyond immature, that's disgusting.'

Kaige nods in agreement with Ganymede.

Kaige says, 'Oh his guestbook on his web page is filled with little gems like that.'

'I wish he'd clean them out,' Kaige says.

Kaige grumbles.

Kendrik says to Sandra, 'He says the 35 year olds are worse than the 15 year olds :).'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kendrik.

Sandra tried eq out for a week.

Sandra says, 'Well, 4 hours.'

Sandra says, 'But i had it for a week ;).'

Kaige says, 'I've seen some of that in the text world too, but Ptah's half-brother is one of those 15 year old l33t d00dz.'

'Heh,' Ganymede says.

Sandra shudders.

'Also have one advantage over eq and such, for us poor folks it is much better :),' Kendrik says to Kaige.

'I think it's sad that Meridian 59 is closing tho,' Kaige says.


Player Numbers

'Here's a scary thing.. I noticed they've started putting average number of players in the listings on Mud Connector... ,' Kaige says.

'The number that are below 20 is scary...' Kaige says.

Ganymede nods his agreement with Kaige.

Kaige says, 'Makes me feel like we're special with as many as we have lately.'

'That's kinda what led me to that question I asked,' Ganymede says to Kaige.

Kaige nods her agreement with Ganymede.

'What is our max ever?' Kendrik says to Kaige.

'Just shy of 100 if I remember right,' Sandra says.

'That's pretty impressive,' Ganymede says.

'Damn, musta been no mobs :),' Kendrik says to Sandra.

'Cool,' Sasha says.

'Yeah..' Kaige says. 'It's become VERY easy to set up a mud. there's so many out of the box code bases out there.. home machines are better.'

'It was actually pretty laggy =P,' Sandra says.

'Home connections are better,' Kaige says. 'Everyone and their brother getting DSL now.'

Ganymede says to Sandra, 'Are our numbers going up or not moving much?'

Kendrik looks up into the sky and ponders.

'We should post something on the board and try to get over 100 to log in,' Sasha says.'

Kaige says, 'They're hovering with peaks in the 50s-60s lately.'

'That'd be kinda cool to see that many,' Sasha says.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Ganymede nods solemnly.

'Summertime will do that,' Sandra says. 'And then next month we'll see an increase.'

'They'll probably pick up again with school back in session too,' Kaige says.


Multiple Large Groups

Kendrik says, 'What would happen if there was a PD, SL and AT run at same time...think we would crash?'

Sandra says, 'I'd probably take shots at random people in each group =P.'

Ganymede is going back to college next week for the first time since the year he started playing here.

Kendrik rolls around laughing at Sandra's joke.

'Would take 10 minutes for shot to go thru though :),' Kendrik says to Sandra.

'We'd probably just lag really hard,' Kaige says.

Kaige says, 'Yeah but with the AT command doesn't matter much.'

Kaige grins evilly.

'AT?' Kendrik says. 'Dont know that one.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sandra says, 'At.'

Sasha says, 'At kendrik smooch kendrik.'

Sasha throws her head back and cackles with insane glee!

'It's the one we use to do things remotely,' Kaige says.

'Pull a Flagg and take over some of the nastier mobs and go hunting,' Ganymede says.

Kendrik nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'At ruf ruf ruf.'

'At hug hug hug,' Kaige says.

'Those are two of my favorites,' Kaige says.

Kaige giggles.

Kendrik had a great time with Flagg as Kiera the other night

Sasha giggles.

'I am one of the nastier mobs =P,' Sandra says to Ganymede.

Ganymede giggles at Sandra.

Sandra giggles.

Kendrik says, 'Flagg even noticed a kiera problem as he was playing her.'

'Yeah but at least if you take over, you'd get those few seconds where everyone is bewildered and doesn't know what happened...that'd be worth it,' Ganymede says.

Kaige says, 'Yeah we need more random stuff like that again.'

Kaige needs about 40 more house in a day too.


Cheating Mobs?

Ganymede says, '"Hey, since when does Calatin leap over the bridge and follow into the hounds??"'

'No clue,' Kaige says. 'You'd have to ask Ruf about that.'

Kaige says to Sandra, 'You know anything about it?'

Ganymede says, 'Heh.'

'Oh I dunno but that's pretty funny,' Sandra says.

'If I were a builder I'd fill my area with mobs that attack when they hear you say the word "going"' Ganymede says.

Kendrik giggles at Ganymede.

Kaige giggles at Ganymede.

Sandra giggles.

'I dunno, you might get yelled at for making your mobs cheat =P,' Sandra says.

Kaige quickly adds that to the generic templates.

Kaige whistles innocently to herself.

Ganymede giggles.

Sandra giggles.

'You would feel left out if your mobs were not accused of chaeting,' Kendrik says to Sandra. 'I gave the gangsters nothing but skills, yet apparently they cheat like mad,' Sandra says.

Sandra says to Kendrik, 'Oh that's totally on purpose tho ;).'

'I know,' Kendrik says to Sandra.

Sandra says, 'Hehe.'

'I figure that once you get a char into HoL you're allowed to make them hard as hell,' Sandra says.

'Yeah, but I was used to the old ones:),' Kendrik says to Sandra.

Sandra giggles.

'Heh, I'm still waiting on that one,' Ganymede says.

Sandra nods her agreement with Ganymede.

Sandra waited 3 years.

Ganymede says, 'Somebody needs to light a fire under Flagg's butt.'

Ganymede giggles.

Kaige comforts Ganymede.

'Been about 3 for me too at this point, I think,' Ganymede says.

'I can't think of any more questions,' Ganymede says.

Kaige smiles at Ganymede.

'That's ok..' Kaige says. 'If you guys don't have any others, I should get going. I have to eat and hopefully get to bed early tonight.'

Ganymede says to Kaige, 'Take care :).'

Kendrik says to Kaige, 'Good luck.'

Sasha says to Kaige, 'Night.' 'I miss the rice krispy treats,' Sasha says.

'Thanks.. you guys too,' Kaige says.

Sasha smacks her lips.

Kaige gives a tasty rice krispie treat from Kaige to Ganymede, Kendrik and Sasha.

Ganymede says, 'Wheeee!'

Ganymede hugs Kaige.

Sasha says, 'Thanks!'

Ganymede says to Kaige, 'Thankyew.'

Kendrik kisses Kaige's hand. How continental!

Kaige gives everyone in the room a big hug, all at once.

'Take it easy gang...' Kaige says.

Ganymede waves good-bye to Kaige. You wave happily.

Sasha waves happily.


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