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November 2nd, 2000

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Hit & Dam Idea
How can we learn about quests?
More on Hit & Dam
Extra Fight Skills for 2 100pt Stats?
What determines EQ Rent Values?
PK Interference
Worse for Wear Stuns
Rudeness & Q&A's
Tumbling Stuns & Balance
What _DOES_ WFW mean?
Are the damage messages in combat accurate?
Entrance Skill & Flee

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HIT & DAM Idea

Craven says, 'What do you think of poetry/splats ideas on hit/dam.'

'I dunno,' LadyAce says. 'I'd rather see Rufus & Ea's package of changes go in and see how they work out.'

'Ahh, see, we don't know about "packages" of changes,' Craven says.

'Well, it's the same set of changes that we've been talking about for months,' Ea! says.


How can we learn about quests?

Ipomoea says, 'How can we learn about quests?'

'I have a couple tips on that one,' LadyAce says.

'One thing to do is to listen to mobs and read the rooms you're in,' LadyAce says.

Ipomoea nods solemnly.

'If a mob starts whining about a missing shoe, go look for the shoe,' LadyAce says.

Naomi says, 'Read local boards too.'

LadyAce says, 'If they act worried, ask what's wrong.'

LadyAce says, 'That kinda thing.'

Ipomoea nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'Every area has at least one quest, and most of the newer areas have many.'

'I haven't done any quests yet,' Ipomoea says.

Naomi says, 'You got a whois though.'

'If you keep your eyes and ears open, I'm sure you'll spot some,' LadyAce says. 'Just listen to the mobs and the acts.'

Ipomoea nods solemnly.

LadyAce giggles.


More on Hit & Dam

'What's your question?' LadyAce says to Craven.

'Whats in that package :P,' Craven says.

Ptwang says, 'Damn you're patient.'

'Hp/ma/mv changes, gear changes, what else?' LadyAce says to Ea!.

Craven says, 'Who's patient about what?'

Naomi giggles.

'We don't know what all it'll encompass,' Ea! says.

Craven says, 'How about just the basics!'

'Waiting to ask that.. what's gonna happen with old eq?' Ptwang says.

'The hp/ma/mv changes is part of it...' Ea! says.

'When the hp/ma/mv gear changes, old gear changes too,' LadyAce says to Ptwang.

Groo goes EEK! at Ptwang in distress - isn't Ptwang an awful person for teasing?

Groo hugs a silver serrated sword.

Naomi goes EEK! in distress.

'To what,' Ptwang says.

Ea! says, 'We also want to remove some of the places where a stat gets checked twice for the same thing in the fight system...'

LadyAce says, 'Probably to be worth less hp.'

'I think lullaby'll get a boost, mana sink'll loose the cast level thing it has...' Ea! says.

Ptwang says, 'No but old hit/dam.'

LadyAce says, 'At least, that'll be my recommendation, rather than any stat alterations.'

'We'll probably look at the damage backstab does...' Ea! says.

'Oh good, sink changes,' Craven says.

LadyAce says to Ptwang, 'Far as i know, there's no plan to change old hit/dam gear.'

'I think the damage low level backstab does is a problem :P,' Craven says.

'Stunning chokes might last a bit longer... we might tweak healing some across the board...' Ea! says.

Craven says, 'Okay, time for my normal disclaimer.'

Ptwang says, 'That's a shame.'

'I think you should put it all on the shelf and work on trees :P,' Craven says.

Ea! says, 'Hopefully we'll come up with a way to make prestige mean something again...'

Ptwang says, 'Nooooooo.'

LadyAce says to Craven, 'If you really thought that, you wouldn't come in here and complain about balance every week.'

LadyAce tickles Craven.

Craven says, 'I complain about balance because I know you WON'T do that.'

'Hehe, that wil just make marauder start charging for praise,' Dream says.

Groo laughs with amusement.

Ea! says, 'Oh, hey, and making spirit mean something is also on the list.'

Craven says, 'Spirit means the best pkiller in the world.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Craven's head.

Groo says to Ea!, 'Dont do that I like my -11 spirit!'

'Oh whats spirit going to do,' Reptilian says.

LadyAce giggles at Groo.

Ptwang says, 'Well people that use calm, inspire, warcry etc still try to keep 100 prestige.'

Haley giggles at Groo.

Dream nods solemnly.

Khelben looks at the news board.

'Prestige is very important to all my chars,' Dream says.

Khelben looks at the welcome board.

'Oh, we've got no idea,' Ea! says. 'We just want to make it so that having next to no spirit penalizes you. So you have to decide if the trade off is worth it.'

Craven says, 'I still say 25 spirit should give you a healing boost.'

'Eek, then I'll lose my spells, my umm other stuff!' Groo says.

Reptilian says, 'That will probably make more people leave.'

'Since healing is still ridiculous...I feel,' Craven says.

Reptilian sighs loudly.

LadyAce says, 'That'd do mages more good than anyone though.'

'As I said, we've got a package of changes -- many of them are problems without solutions,' Ea! says.

'Not necessarily ladyace,' Craven says.

LadyAce says to Ea!, 'Any idea when the package might be ready?'

'Now what are we messing up,' Khelben says.

'If 25 spirit made you heal twice as fast as normal for instance,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'That would help people with 100 con more then people with 40.'

'Which makes sense cuz they got more to heal :P,' Craven says.

'Con mages would be crazy then :P,' LadyAce says to Craven.

'I have noticed con characters heal faster than any others,' Reptilian says to Craven.

Craven says, 'Make it only affect hp.'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Reptilian.

'Make it so you can't learn the expert fight skills withough 25 spir,' Naomi says.

Dun peers at Naomi, looking her up and down.

'Why do you think fighters are non existant,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'They lose hp the fasest.'

Khelben says, 'Makes no sense.'

'They suck at doing damage,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'And they heal for shit.'

Reptilian says to Naomi, 'That would screw up all the fighters.'

LadyAce says, 'I'd rather see spr given a benefit than add a penalty.'

Naomi says, 'But they essentially get to take one stat all the way down.'

'Yep.. plain old fighters suck cos of the lousy regen here,' Ptwang says.

LadyAce says, 'Have spr benefit expert fighters with 2 100s or something.'

'Which is hardly a benifit,' Groo says.

'Master fight skills!' Naomi says to LadyAce.

Craven says, 'I just don't see what the point of slow healing is.'

Craven says, 'If its the xp ratio to time, fine.'

'Make mobs harder, but make it so we are fighting them more then we're healing,' Craven says.

'Slow healing lets me up my free cell record!' Groo says to Craven.

'Make it like root, you only heal faster if you're resting longer,' Dun says.

Naomi says, 'A 4th level of fighting, takes 100 str, con or dex and 25 spir.'

Ptwang says, 'They want healers to be useful.. other muds seem to have healing rates like 3 times faster and healers are still in demand for healing while fighting.'

Craven says, 'Who honestly has a pure fighter they play?'

Reptilian raises his hand.
Finlay raises his hand.
Naomi raises her hand.
Shmeck raises his hand.

Dun says to Naomi, 'Would have to be more then the meditate req, or mages would be jacked outa their minds.'

Naomi says, 'Not pk though.'

Ea! says, 'We'll certainly consider making spirit increase your heal rate.'

Khelben says, 'Why do you neeed spirit to fight thats stupid.'

Craven says, 'And I'll bet MONEY you ONLY do sl or pd.'

'I have one but only cause he's re-equiping, and I'm not a real fighter,' Groo says.

Reptilian shakes his head.

'Ok, now it's reptilians turn,' LadyAce says.

Shmeck says menacingly, 'Nope.'

Craven says, 'I get annoyed at having to beg for a healer if I want xp.'

Craven says, 'Its not worth the effort.'

'I never do sl or pd,' Reptilian says.

'I just beg healers to heal me when after i die, so i can go pkill again :P,' Shmeck says menacingly.

LadyAce says to Reptilian, 'Did you have a question?'

'NIether do you play :P,' Dun says to Reptilian.

Finlay coughs, 'Let the lizardly one have the floor.'

Craven says, 'We are.'


Extra Fight Skills for 2 100pt Stats?

Reptilian says, 'Why don't you make it so that if they have 2 100s in like dex or con or str and con you can get an extra fight skill.'

Craven says, 'He's just slow.'

Reptilian whaps Craven across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

Ptwang says, '100 mind meditate is like half the speed of regular regen on other muds :(.'

Craven says, 'What, you are :P.'

Dun giggles at Ptwang.

LadyAce says to Reptilian, 'There are some extra skills in the work for fighters, yeah.'

Reptilian says, 'I can't help that.'

'Thats the social/hack'n'slash balance thing,' Craven says.

'People can always stop fighting to talk if they want to!' Ptwang says.

Ea! says to Reptilian, 'We're not going to have skills that require 2 100s -- we try to avoid making 100 a "magical" number that gives a significantly greater advantage than 99.'

Reptilian says, 'Well how about two 99s.'

'Then 90?' Naomi says to Ea!.

'No big difference in 90 and 100 anyhow,' Khelben says.

'There should be some bonuses to specialization,' Naomi says.

'I tried getting them to give a benefit to the "professionals" last week, it not gonna go,' Craven says.

Craven shrugs helplessly.

'Same difference,' Dun says to Reptilian.

Reptilian says, 'I was a decent hitter up until the equip changes went it now i hit pretty badly.'

Craven says, 'I can't remember my suggestion or the answer, just remember it was no, and I liked the idea :P.'

'If you were serious about that.. skill pre-reqs should be nothing more than recommended stats and being below it by 1 or 2 stats would only make it succeed like 5% less,' Ptwang says.

'Spells as much if not more at 100,' Khelben says.

Khelben says, 'Spells fail even.'

'Only stun fails at 100,' Craven says.stat p reptilliam n

'ALL SPELLS fail at 100,' Khelben says.

'And failing a spell is more level based, if not completely level based,' Craven says.

Ptwang says, 'Stun's stupid.'

'Okie,' LadyAce says.

Khelben says, 'And stun is a waste of mana.'

Reptilian says, 'I wouldn't know this is the only character i have been able to get to lvl 50.'

Craven says, 'Dunno, my level 50's fail 2 spells.'

'True form and stun :P,' Craven says.


What determines EQ Rent Values?

'What exactly determines eq rent?' Naomi says to LadyAce.

Craven says, 'Theres an lt about that actually.'

'From a few years ago,' Craven says.

'It's a formula with a few different factors: +stat, material type, AC, minuses, whether it comes from a quest,' LadyAce says to Naomi.

'Rufus explains what affects rent and by how much etc,' Craven says. 'Etc.'

'Did you find an item that the rent seemed weird to you?' LadyAce says to Naomi.

Khelben says, 'Rent is wierd in general.'

'There are lots of items that don't make sense for their rent,' Craven says.

Ptwang says, 'Yea.'

Naomi says, 'Well, it was brought up on the discussion board, regarding the high rent of str weapons.'

Craven says, 'That one should holster thing.'

Ptwang says, 'Herne's are just retarded now.'

LadyAce says, 'You should point those out, we can recalculate the + on it.'

'Its like 7 perc -3 dex, a tiny bag, and it rents for like 2500,' Craven says.

'Con weapons are just as bad,' Khelben says.

LadyAce says, 'One thing to remember about weapons is that each quality point costs 500.'

Craven says, 'So a q5base is 2500?'

'So any weapon you use at a decent level is going to cost 2500,' LadyAce says.

Craven nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'Base, yeah.'

Craven says, 'Sharp wit is like 2800.'

Craven says, 'So pretty close.'

Ptwang says, 'So Q -5 is -2500 rent?'

'Weight,' Vi-Kata says, triumphant and cruel, to Craven.

'And then there's a charge per hp of max dam,' LadyAce says.

Khelben says, 'If wit is 5 mind i don't know for sure, then when is brahman over 4k.'

'Its a heavy weapon,' Vi-Kata says cruelly to Craven.

Craven says, 'I know Vi.'

Vi-Kata nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Craven says, 'People think I'm a newbie, weirdos :P.'

Vi-Kata shakes his head.

'I don't,' Vi-Kata says cruelly.

Ea! says, 'What it amounts to is that heavy weapons are more spendy than light ones due to the higher max damage.'

LadyAce says, 'I wish that non Q5 weapons were more worthwhile, the spec would make more sense.'

'I was just saying the extra 300 could be for the weight,' Vi-Kata says, triumphant and cruel.

LadyAce nods her agreement with Ea!.

'I don't think thats fair though Ea!,' Craven says.

'Since its more RANDOM too,' Craven says.

'Which, doesn't make quite as much sense as it used to under the old system,' Ea! says.

'You get more shitty hits too,' Craven says.

'It's a leftover from the old system,' LadyAce says to Craven.

Groo says, 'Why not just get rid of weapon quality its dumb anyways.'

Khelben says, 'Im using a light brahman btw and noticed the rent change and think its stupid.'

'I mean why is the katar 9k rent,' Vi-Kata says, eyes gleaming cruelly.

LadyAce says, 'In the old system it was just one swing, not 3/4 or 6/7.'

Craven says, 'Light brahman rent was changed?'

LadyAce says, 'The system hasn't updated since that time.'

Khelben says, 'Its over 4k i dont remember it being that high.'

'Don't strain your eyes reading the long changes :P,' Craven says.

Craven tickles Ea!.

Vi-Kata reads message #33 on the welcome board.240

'I think light brahmans were like 3.9,' Craven says.

'3.7,' Vi-Kata says cruelly.

Groo says, 'Weapon quality should mean they can get damaged easier and thats about it.'

'Maybe it changed when it became repair, I don't remember,' Craven says.

'Spells cost money too,' LadyAce says.

Craven says, 'Material type affects rent.'

'A lot,' Craven says.

Khelben says, 'Hrrrm 3751 i swear i had one trhat was over 4k.'

Vi-Kata says, triumphant and cruel, to LadyAce, 'Why is the katar 9k rent for 5 dex and major poison.'

Ptwang says, 'Everything that doesn't make sense here.'

'Material type?' Archmage says.

'It's something like level times % chance times a constant,' LadyAce says.

Craven says, 'Heavy is rentier.'

'That cat masque should be lower too 9k is nuts,' Khelben says.

Craven says, 'Material type, wood, steal, leather.'

Groo nods his agreement with Khelben.all the fun questions

'The masque is ridiculous,' Ptwang says.

'Steel even,' Craven says. =)

Ptwang says, 'Bloody high rent cursed crap.'

Vi-Kata hugs a katar.

LadyAce says, 'Sometimes items cost extra if they are buyable or easy to get.'

Vi-Kata says, eyes gleaming cruelly, 'The katar isn't easy to get the assassin is a prick to kill.'

LadyAce says, 'Perm affects are expensive.'

Craven says, 'Not really.'

Naomi says, 'That's backwards, newbies need the low rent things.'

Archmage says, 'Assassin is easy.'

Craven says, 'He's a hell of a lot easier then skatha.'

'And should be worth way more xp,' Groo says.

'Like flying, sneaking, etc,' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'Compare the masque to the swan cloak, platinum leaf, etc.'

Khelben says, 'Which brings me to ragnhild, if hes gonna do that much damage he should at least be worth 20k.'

'The cat mask is part of a quest,' Craven says.

'You have to wear it to do the quest,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'Then you can't remove it.'

Ptwang says, 'When's OOC gonna be updated so you can enter it with sustained breath, infravision etc??'

'I think the katar should immolate or blind instead,' Vi-Kata says, eyes gleaming cruelly.

'And your overrent and can't rent to make it poof,' Craven says.

Groo says, 'And the rent makes the quest really annoying.'

Craven says, 'You end up having drop gear and hope mobs don't eat your gear.'

Khelben says, 'I realize he has a ring and stuff but over 500 hp in damage for a mob thats barely 15k is nuts.'

'The other thing that the system does not take into account is that not all spells or affects are not equally useful,' LadyAce says.

'And in spain rogues and bandits love to eat eq,' Groo says.

'Well the cat masque is still no rent so can hardly be compared with the platinum leaf,' Ptwang says.

'Guys, I'm trying to answer the rent question,' LadyAce says.

'Drop some eq in someone's house for a bit,' Archmage says.

'Mobs shouldn't eat eq,' Naomi says. 'That's icky.'

Groo nods his agreement with Naomi.

'Please stay on topic and let the question be answered. If you're going to hang out here, at least bother to listen to me :),' LadyAce says.

'Well on the cat masque, if you just took off the curse it would hardly be a bother, though you need to remove gear to wear it still and drop gear to wear it to do the quest,' Craven says.

Craven nods his agreement with LadyAce.

'Yeah, the quest issue is a little troublesome,' LadyAce says to Craven. 'It might be worth changing, should suggest it to Kaige. A non-stat masque and a spell or something.'

Craven says, 'Yea, I see kaige a lot :P.'

Craven says, 'And no, I don't believe in mudmail!'

Groo says, 'Or have 2 differnt masques.'

Craven likes to talk to his imms face to face.

Craven stares deeply into LadyAce's eyes... you wonder if you're intruding.

LadyAce says, 'Use idea :P she goes through those weekly.'


PK Interference

Groo says, 'Oh yeah, are the rules for pk interfernce still the same as before pkok?'

'Well...interference is still against the rules, but pkok has changed the scene a little,' LadyAce says.

'With pkok we were really trying to get ourselves out of the business of regulating alts and pk,' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'Our first recommendation is that you reject people who crossplay in ways you don't like.'

'If people are able to get around the pkok restrictions for interference, that's illegal,' LadyAce says.

'That's a general overview, did you have a more specific question?' LadyAce says.

Groo says, 'I was more thinging of non-accepting or enabled calming or such a fight.'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Craven says, 'I think its legal to calm/inspire/entrance someone as long as you accept them.'

'For 48 ticks..' Craven says.

Craven says, 'The evil of pkok :P.'

'That's still considered interference,' LadyAce says.

Craven says, 'Why?'

'I thought you have to accept them and everyone else in their list,' Archmage says.

'Thats not possible archmage,' Craven says.

'Oh,' Archmage says.

'For example player a + b are fighting c comes along, is not acceptin either a or b but calms to help one get away,' Groo says.

LadyAce says, 'Help Pkill is a lot clearer these days, so read that for info.'

Khelben says, 'Thats stupid.'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Groo.

'Hm,' Craven says.

'That's still interference,' LadyAce says to Groo.

Archmage says, 'I just accept everyone anyway...simpler.'

Groo nods his agreement with LadyAce.

'What I just described is something sandras mort is planning on doing to someone :P,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'But you say its illegal.'

'Except with this char,' Archmage says.

Craven is completely boggled.

Groo says to LadyAce, 'Thats what I though but I've seen some players say otherwise.'

The "Flight of the Valkeries" suddenly blasts you and Rusalka bops in, clutching a handful of area notes.

'Sorry?' LadyAce says to Craven. 'I was answering groo's question, not commenting on your answer.'

Groo says, 'Not that I really care, I pkill nicely.'

'Oh, I didn't see him ask a question, my bad,' Craven says.

Groo laughs at his own folly.

'If they're confused, they can ask us,' LadyAce says to Groo.

Ptwang laughs at Groo's folly too.

'Well they were more like bragging that they could do what they wanted,' Groo says to LadyAce.


Worse for Wear Stuns

Craven says, 'Oh, my question was just why I get wfw'd so much, not sure its answerable, just annoying :P.'

Dashiva snickers softly.

Craven says, 'Does high mind provide any protection against wfw?'

'Then you can laugh secretly to yourself, knowing we'll come down hard on the fools later :),' LadyAce says to Groo.

'I was told it did awhile back, but I haven't seen it...' Craven says.

Craven says, 'My 76 mind mage gets wfw'd regularly and I'm lucky to make a fight with a 3rd circle mage with less then 3 wfw's :P.'

'Cause your only slightly smarter than minerally deeficient dirt?' Groo says to Craven. 'Just like me!'

'What happened to the shorter stun changes on the test mud?' Ptwang says. 'Only about 1 in 20 fights i don't get para'd or wfw'd and it's freaking annoying.'

Dashiva says, looking crazed, 'Karma?'

'Probably karma,' Craven says.

'Mine blows,' Craven says.

Craven slaps himself - that looks really strange!

Dashiva nods solemnly.

'Heh,' Dashiva says insanely.think LadyAce says to Craven, 'Be kinder to old people, maybe it'd improve.'le*

Dashiva laughs with amusement.

Craven says, 'I fear anyone with high mind...'

Naomi giggles.

Ea! says, 'I think it's mainly karma. Your high mind should help you protect against wfws, but if their mind is high enough....'

Naomi says, 'And kids too!'

Groo looks stupid.

Khelben taunts Craven mercilessly.

'People with 90 vs my 76 wfw'd 40% of the time,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'It seems my 25 minders get wfw'd less then my high minders.'

Dashiva says, gibbering a little, 'Yea but ive been like wfw'd once in all my mage fights, with 50 mind.'

Craven says, 'Your a lucky bastard!'

Craven slaps Dashiva.

Dashiva says, looking crazed, 'Heh.'

Archmage says, 'I've wfw lower mind people more than highermind people.'

'Malia could only do it once out of like 14 stuns,' Dashiva says insanely.

'My mage never wfw's, so I can't input,' Craven says.

'She was mad,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Dashiva snickers softly.

'I get wfw'd, I don't wfw :P,' Craven says.

'Malia wfw'd me 3 times last fight,' Craven says.

Craven shudders.

'Ack,' Dashiva says, looking crazed.

'Wfw!' Ptwang says. 'Snipers tumble 7/10 of my stuns!'

Dashiva grins evilly.

Craven says, 'I tumbled once in the malia fight!'

'Damn I was proud,' Craven says.


Rudeness & Q&A's

'No real question,' Finlay says. 'Just wanted to say that what I've seen of the place is miles above anything else I've played out there. But why are people so rude to each other? IC they're great, OOC, whoah! That's all.'

'Heh,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Craven says, 'Hehe, why are we rude ooc....'

Naomi is meaner to people ic than ooc.

Ptwang says, 'Cos when you suck you suck!'

'Just think of the entire mud like ladyace,' Craven says.

Dashiva says, gibbering a little, to Finlay, 'Were all convicts in prison, this is how we spend our day.'

'Then you'll realize noone is rude :P,' Craven says.

Finlay says, 'I don't understand how people expect to get info that way.. or be expected to read through everything to get that info.'

Finlay shrugs philosophically.

'Some people just cant resist acting like 3 year olds would be my guess,' Groo says, a true numbskull.

Naomi says to Finlay, 'I think there is a very vocal minority who insult each other.'

Dashiva says, gibbering a little, 'Heh.'

'A lot of it is there are a lot of bored level 50's sitting around waiting for something intersting to happen,' Craven says.

Finlay says to Naomi, 'Not the insults, just general rudeness.'

Dashiva nods solemnly.

Craven says, 'When a newbie says what are the stats on a gold bracelet, it gives them something to do, scream at the newbie to test it :P.'

Dashiva snickers softly.

'I think we have a lot of people very engaged with what they're doing,' LadyAce says to Finlay.

'Well take this tonight for instance,' Finlay says. 'Is it always this cluttered with spam?'

LadyAce says to Finlay, 'They pay a lot of attention to their corner, their angle.'

'Yes,' Craven says.

Lorenzo chuckles politely.

LadyAce says, 'Yeah, this'd be a spammy thing all the time.'

'Well this will probably be my last time here then,' Finlay says. 'I was hoping to come and get info.'

Finlay shrugs philosophically.

Craven says, 'This is a public discussion, isn't it loud at a public meeting :).'

Dashiva looks up into the sky and ponders.

'What is spam to one person may not be spam to another,' Groo says stupidly.

'Yea,' Dashiva says insanely.

'There's generally a question and then discussion,' LadyAce says.

'You'll like the spam when you have 500 hp to regen,' Naomi says.

Finlay says, 'I was just expecting a little more order I guess.'

Finlay shrugs philosophically.

'If you run on a 680 x 460, good luck,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

'Anyway continue on..' Finlay says.

Craven says, 'Okay, order.'

Dashiva salutes Craven briskly. Why don't people obey YOU like that?

Craven says, 'I won't say anything out of turn or suggest anything without it being my turn to speak!'

Craven is nice.

Craven slaps himself - that looks really strange!

Naomi tickles Craven.

'Well, you raise your hand, you get put in the queue,' LadyAce says. 'But since a lot of the questions tend to be open ended, we end up in a discussion mode.'

LadyAce says, 'When questions have concrete, limited answers, we're pretty efficient, I think.'

'I'm sorry you don't like the forum,' LadyAce says. 'I suggest help files if you prefer less spam.'


Tumbling Stuns & Balance

'Tumbling stuns is stupid....how can you see magic (without detect magic spell) to tumble it?' Archmage says.

'Tumbling while stunned is also stupid..' Ptwang says.

'If you can tumble stuns how come not the other spells?' Groo says stupidly.

'It basically means that the stun "missed" in whatever way,' LadyAce says.

Dashiva says insanely, 'Good question.'

Ea! says to Archmage, 'I could make up all sorts of answers about how a beam flies out of the caster's hands at the person and they can see it to tumble it.'

LadyAce says, 'Lots of spells have a failure condition.'

Archmage says, 'How the hell do you miss a stun?'

'We should tumble immolates to,' Dashiva says insanely.

Dashiva ducks to the ground.

'But, basically, it was a balance change,' Ea! says.

Ptwang says, 'I see no reason why stun should surge.'

'Balance to make snipers better than they are?' Archmage says.

'It didn't get implemented recently,' Ea! says to Archmage.

Archmage says, 'So now that snipers are better now, can we start balancing them?'

'The dodging bashes thing is just a poorly choose wording for the "you missed" message,' Ea! says. 'At some point we'll change it to a message that doesn't refer to the victim.'

Ea! says to Archmage, 'As I said earlier, we've got a whole host of balance changes that we're considering.'

Archmage nods solemnly.

'Yeah yank dip!' Ptwang says. 'They don't need it.'

Dashiva goes EEK! at Ptwang in distress - isn't Ptwang an awful person for teasing?

Dashiva peers at Ptwang, looking him up and down.

'Yeah dip is dumb,' Groo says, a true numbskull.

Dashiva says, looking crazed, to Craven, 'This is where you jump in with a good reason why we should keep it.'

Archmage says, 'One more thing if noone else has anything.'

Dashiva attempts to prod Craven but Craven isn't about to go anywhere.

'When can I dip my sword in filmys?' Groo says stupidly.

'Wont fit in a vial, mebbe you could coat tho,' Dashiva says, looking crazed.

'Dip makes archers interesting and fun to play,' Ea! says. 'Some options might be over powered, but the actual dipping is a neat effect.'

Groo nods his agreement with Dashiva.

Archmage nods solemnly.

'Yea, so is ignite,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Dashiva licks his lips and smiles.

Craven says, 'Actually what Ea! said is exactly what I was thinking, but I can't speak. Woops, I just spoke :).'

Ea! nods his agreement with Dashiva.

Groo says, a true numbskull, to Ea!, 'Yeah it's a neat effect but shouldn't be combined with blind.'

'What about just getting rid of crashing?' Naomi says.

'Classes other then mage have so few options...I don't think ripping them is a good idea,' Craven says.

Dashiva nods solemnly.

Ptwang says, 'Ok, i'm still getting mobs and players waking from stun on ticks.. is it still neccessary to for it to wake all on ticks?'

Groo says, a true numbskull, 'My options are even worse, bash or headbutt, bash or heabutt.'

Groo flips head over heels.

Dashiva says, looking crazed, 'Bash.'

'Hit harder lasts longer,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Groo shakes his head.

Archmage says, 'Headbutt =P.'

'Headbutt stinks,' Dashiva says insanely.

'You don't get hit...sometimes,' Archmage says.

'I prefer headbutts myself,' Groo says stupidly.

'They can wake on ticks, but they don't always,' Ea! says. 'The timer for for stun isn't based on ticks at all anymore.'

'Though ticks are one of the places where it gets checked,' Ea! says.

'Yeah, that's what i thought but they still wake between the time i stun and the next round, is very annoying,' Ptwang says.

'Heh mobs still get up on ticks too much,' Groo says stupidly to Ea!.

Ptwang says, 'So may as well rip it?'

Dashiva says insanely, 'Ne way this always seems to turn into pk q and a, lets here some game questions!'

'Hear even,' Dashiva says insanely.

Dashiva peers at himself myopically.

'We're answering one already,' LadyAce says to Dashiva. 'Shhhh.'

'And heal on ticks,' Naomi says.

Dashiva flops about helplessly.

Dashiva says, looking crazed, to LadyAce, 'Bah, it all comes down to pk.'

LadyAce says to Dashiva, 'Ask a non-pk one :) raise your hand.'

Dashiva looks up into the sky and ponders.

Dashiva is stumped.

Dashiva hangs his head.

Ea! says to Ptwang, 'Okay, so your concern here is people waking before you even get a round of combat?'

Ptwang says, 'Yeah.'

Ea! says, 'When is that happening?'

Ea! says, 'With the spell, headbutt, shoot?'

Ptwang says, 'Right after i stun or headbutt.. the tick goes by and they wake.'

'Happens to me on headbutt lots,' Groo says stupidly to Ea!.

'I figure it needn't wake on ticks anymore,' Ptwang says.

'Pkill, mob kill, or both?' Ea! says.

Ptwang says, 'Both.'

Groo says stupidly, 'Mobkill, havent pkilled in ages to notice.'

Ptwang says, 'I figure it was left in just in case there was some circumstances where you might stay stunned.'

'Okay, hm,' Ea! says. 'I don't think that should be happening. I had only heard about it in shoot before, so I thought it might be an autorush side effect.'

'Perhaps when you drop to 0 hps?' Ptwang says.

'I'm pretty sure ticks are no different than any other pulse stun-wise,' Ea! says to Ptwang.

'Heh, well.. yesterday i was annoyed cos like my first 5 headbutts were tumbled by another player, i finally landed one and it ticked,' Ptwang says.

'Yeah, I'm not sure why it would be happening like that,' Ea! says. 'I've certainly had some stuns last through ticks, so it's not 100% of the time.'

'Seems wfw's do..' Ptwang says.

'Just not regular stuns,' Ptwang says.

'He's going to look through code for a bit,' LadyAce says to Ptwang.

Ea! says, 'A quick look makes it look like it should be working correctly...'

Ea! says, 'I'm not sure why it wouldn't.'

'I'm pretty confident the limit on it was posted,' LadyAce says.

Ptwang says, 'There's no seperate code to wake all stunned on ticks?'

'No, there isn't,' Ea! says to Ptwang. 'Just lowers the stun counter by one and wakes them if their at 0.' Ptwang says, 'Ahh, so that'd be it.. regular stuns would be 1.'

'Pkstuns tend to be 2-4 or so, non-pk stuns are something like 8-12 if they're long and 4-8 if their short,' Ea! says.

'But those numbers are from memory, so they're probably wrong,' Ea! says.

Dashiva goes EEK! in distress.


What _DOES_ WFW mean?

Lorenzo says, 'This is a dumb question -- yes, there are dumb questions :) -- what's "wfw" mean? I see it every Q&A, and more, but no explanations....'

'Worse for wear,' LadyAce says.

'What about non-staggering headbutts and non-wfw stuns?' Ptwang says. 'They aren't 1?'

'Aka 'a sticking stun',' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'They last extra long.'

'It stinks!' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

'Its like a BS para,' Dashiva says, looking crazed.

'WFW are why we play mages,' Groo says, a true numbskull.

Ea! says to Ptwang, 'No, they'd be in the 8-12, I'd think.'

'Hmm..' Ptwang says.

Lorenzo nods solemnly.

'OK, I'll try to watch for something like that,' Lorenzo says. 'Thanks.'

'1 would be over really quickly,' Ea! says. 'The numbers don't corrolate one to one with fight rounds.'

LadyAce says, 'The message is something like "looks worse for wear, and may never wake up."'

Ptwang says, 'It's in pulses?'

'Thence the name,' LadyAce says.

'3 pulses / round?' Ptwang says.

'I don't think it's strictly pulses, but I'm not sure,' Ea! says.

Lorenzo smiles brightly.

Archmage says, 'I think it depends on how much damage you do.'

Lorenzo says to LadyAce, 'Ah, that's a great clue. :).'

'Was that sarcastic?' LadyAce says to Lorenzo. ':P.'

Archmage says, 'I seem to never get 4 rounds cause I usually rip or damcap....dex fighters seem to get 3 to 4 round wfws though.'

Ea! says, 'It's in pulses, but there are cases where it gets lowered that aren't based on rounds.'

Lorenzo shakes his head.

Ptwang nods solemnly.

'I knew I had one and now I cant remember it,' Dashiva says insanely.

Dashiva glares at nothing in particular.

Lorenzo says to LadyAce, 'Not at all -- the most direct explanation I can think of!'

'Actually, I think it's in 1/2 pulses,' Ea! says.

Lorenzo smiles happily.

Ea! says, 'But the numbers I'm quoting aren't exact at all.'


Are the damage messages in combat accurate?

'The damage lines given in a combat round aren't accurate right?' Dashiva says, looking crazed.

LadyAce says, 'They're approximate.'

'They're not precise,' Ea! says. 'They're accurate.'

LadyAce giggles at Ea!.

Dashiva snickers softly.

Dashiva says, gibbering a little, 'Kay.'

Lorenzo chortles with amusement.


Entrance & Flees

'Is entrance gonna be fixed so people have to wake and not just wimpy out of it? :),' Ptwang says.

Ea! says, 'Is it getting unset when people flee?'

Ptwang says, 'Yeah.'

Ea! says, 'And is that new, or has it always been that way?'

'Always i think.. they can't manually flee but wimpy kicks in, they flee and it's unset,' Ptwang says.

'Okay, I'll look into it,' Ea! says. 'I like the idea of them being able to flee, but not that it unsets the dancing.'

'It seems they should stay entranced the way the dance out of the room,' Ptwang says.

'Or whatever the message is..' Ptwang says.

'Slide outa the room,' Ptwang says.

Ptwang says, 'Yeah i'd agree there too.. not being able to flee with someone constantly entrancing would hurt.'

'Okay, yeah, I see why it's happening,' Ea! says.

'Even though it'd be me doing the entrancing,' Ptwang says.

Ptwang grins evilly.

LadyAce giggles at Ptwang.

'It'll be fixed for next week's update,' Ea! says to Ptwang.

Ptwang bounces around.

'Any other questions?' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'Okie, we'll call that good, then :).'

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

LadyAce waves happily.


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