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November 16th, 2000

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Charms going poof
Cast Levels
Skill Levels
Hunger, Thirst, Drunkeness
Dodge Messages
Balance Skill
Bash Skill
Foods & Macao again
Magic Sink
Mana Costs of Creating Bows & Quivers

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'Any chance titans could be bumped up?' Carney says. 'They cost the same as demons and angels but don't fly. Maybe if not flying at least waterwalk or something? :).'

LadyAce says, 'That's a good point.'

Huginn says, 'Do angels and demons stun?'

LadyAce says, 'Suggest it on idea channel?'

Carney says, 'No, they do damage.'

Huginn says, 'There's your difference.'

'Titans/demons/angels are glorified tanks,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'They aren't there to help the fight.'

'You can benifit more from the titans special than the others,' Huginn says.

Carney says, 'I disagree.'

Carney says, 'You seen damage these days :).'

'But the thing is, they're align specific...it's not like you can choose between them,' LadyAce says to Huginn.

LadyAce nods her agreement with Heineken.

'You can pick your alignment,' Huginn says to LadyAce.

Carney says, 'Not really.'

'Its just not a fast change,' Huginn says to LadyAce.

Carney says, 'I want to go neutral but titans blow and its making me not want to :P.'

'Then be good!' Bauxite says to Carney.

'Can't,' Carney says.

Bauxite hugs himself in front of everyone - what a narcissist!

'It's not something you do to strategize against a particular mob,' LadyAce says to Huginn. 'Not when eq depends on it.'

'My sword is anti good,' Carney says.

LadyAce says to Huginn, 'And skills.'

Carney says, 'Or I would go good.'

Huginn shrugs helplessly.

Carney says, 'Would be nifty to have a spell that makes all grouped memebers in the room fly with you only.'

LadyAce says, 'I think they should be different but reasonably equal.'

Carney says, 'Like a giant floating disc.'

'Still I think that if titans stun, that's pretty good..' Huginn says.

Carney says, 'Even if it was timed and cost like 100 mana.'

Carney says, 'Something with vayu I would assume, would be nifty, make charmies a bit more useful since then they'd be transportable.'

Carney says, 'When cause ones wouldn't be :).'

Huginn says, 'Not only can you yourself do more damage when using one, but the attacking mob isn't hitting back.'

Carney rolls his eyes, exasperated with Huginn.

'Stun is worthless,' Carney says.

Huginn grins evilly at Carney.. wonder what he's thinking...

'I pulverize on stun with 42 damroll,' Carney says.

'I'm not impressed,' Carney says.

Huginn says to Carney, 'Let me wfw you a few times.. then tell me that.'

'You can try :),' Carney says.

'*pet high mind*,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Plus.'

Carney says, 'Titans blow in pk.'

'Because a stun ruins inspire,' Carney says.

'So make em fly!' Carney says.

Carney throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Bauxite chuckles politely.

'Hm, I never thought of that...' Carney says.

Huginn says, 'It would be funny to give them waterwalk.'

Huginn says, 'And some message about them striding through the ocean :-).'

'Waterwalk makes sense -- they're pretty large things,' Ea! says.

'Would be nice if they were permanent more often,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'I've had 3 permanent ones in a month.'

'With 99 mind,' Carney says.

'We can also look at upping the chance of the stun happening,' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'And I make at least one a day on average.'

'I dunno, I'm biased cuz I'm create,' Carney says.

'Perm,' Ea! says. 'Ones are supposed to be hard to get.'

Carney says, 'Why?'

'Cause ones aren't,' Carney says.

Carney shrugs helplessly.

Ea! says, ''cause they don't go away.'

'And the majority of the time my 99 mind ones have less hp then a 60 mind skeleton,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'And mine costs 50 more mana.'

Carney says, 'Another question, why are their hp so random?'

Carney says, 'I've had like 420 with 99 mind and 559.'

'That's a huge gap,' Carney says.

'In reality the only reason I use demons is cuz they fly, hehe,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'They usually only have a few more hp then a dopple.'

Carney says, 'Again, I'm baised, sorry if I'm whining :P.'

'Just as it stands it can be soooo annoying to be create,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Roots and poofing 200 mana demons.'

'Oh, and lets not forget demons are now dispelable,' Carney says.

Carney growls.

Carney says, 'Like snipers weren't powerful enough.'

Carney grumbles.

Carney says, 'Are skeletons dispelable?'

'Snipers are too powerful!' Huginn says. 'Down with snipers!'

Sandra nods her agreement with Carney.

Bauxite cowers in fear!

Carney shrugs helplessly.

Bauxite hugs a nickel-plated .45.

'Skeletons have more hp then my demon when the mage has 40 less mind and it costs less and its perm...how annoying :P,' Carney says.

Carney looks at the welcome board.

'Isn't perm, can't do specials, and yea the hp thing should probably be looked at =P,' Sandra says.


Charms going poof

Bauxite says, 'Can we get warning when you greater charmy is a tick or two away from poofing at least?'

'That one shouldn't be too hard to put in, if you suggest it on idea we can remember to check into it,' LadyAce says to Bauxite.

Bauxite nods his agreement with LadyAce.

'Something along the lines of you feel your control fading or such,' Bauxite says.


Cast Levels

'Does cast level of spells ever improve any after level fifty?' MadMax says fluently.

'No,' Ea! says.

'Good question, tho,' LadyAce says to MadMax.

LadyAce smiles at MadMax.

'So if you learn a spell late, thats your problem?' MadMax says, in a voice smooth and courtly.

Ea! says, 'Some spells have spellbooks that'll improve the cast level.'

LadyAce says to MadMax, 'Yeah, although cast levels aren't extremely important.'

'Some are LA,' Carney says. 'Some affect damage.'

'How mant spells have books?' Bauxite says to Ea!.

Carney says, 'Like harm.'

'I dunno,' Ea! says to Bauxite. 'Not too many at the moment.'

LadyAce says, 'It's more important in some spells, sure, but I think the importance is overstated by some players.'

'I agree,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'People freaking about, never learning a skill till level 30.'

'Dumb :),' Carney says.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra nods solemnly.

MadMax says fluently, 'I've heard that but don't understand what you mean when you say cast level isn't important.'

'She means it won't make you suck if you learn it a level later,' Carney says.

'Why can we just make all spells have like the same cast level regardless?' Bauxite says. 'The whole idea of cast levels is well dumb.'

Carney says, 'Ya never know, maybe cast levels are addressed in this weeks changes!'

MadMax says fluently, 'Well my magic sink, for instance, stinks.'

'Or not :P,' Carney says.

'No the idea is a good one the longer you have the spell the better is works,' Saki says.

'The best idea is the more you use it the better it is,' Carney says.

'But thats a long way off,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'I think thats trees isn't it?'

'I think it makes some sense...a person who has been casting a spell since they were tiny should be a bit better than people who just learned it yesterday,' LadyAce says to Bauxite.

Carney doesn't know

Carney says, 'Maybe instead of cast level affected the spell.'

Carney says, 'It should affect mana cost.'

Carney says, 'That way you could still learn stuff late.'

'It just costs more, but its still good,' Carney says.

'More even,' Carney says.

Bauxite nods his agreement with Carney.

'Make a cut off point,' Carney says.

'Level 25 for 3rd circle,' Carney says.

'Makes it kinda hard to make helpfiles :P,' LadyAce says.

'Maybe 15 for 2nd circle,' Carney says.

Carney says, '5 for first.'

Carney shrugs helplessly.

Saki says, '5 is a bit low can't even see your stats.'

'Just make the helpfiles have the minimum cost,' Bauxite says to LadyAce.

Carney says, 'So?'

'You can learn your first circle words by 5,' Carney says.

'Then there's a good reason to learn them early,' Ea! says. 'Right now, you're not going to see too much of a difference if you learn something 2-3 levels later than you would otherwise.'

'But if it was a mana cost difference, it'd be really important,' Ea! says.

'Not necessarily,' Carney says.

MadMax says, in a voice smooth and courtly, 'That means newbies must recreate chars.'

Carney says, 'It depends on when it begins to get expensive.'

'Make it so you could get some spells below the cap, but not all,' Carney says.

'So you'd have to choose,' Carney says.

Carney shrugs helplessly.

'Yeah, but if we do it, we're going to have to make it pretty expensive,' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'This system really sucks.'

'Well,' Carney says.

Ea! says, 'Otherwise, we're just removing cast level from the game.'

Carney says, 'At least for sink.'



'One or two small things,' Isloor says.

Isloor says, 'Macao - It would be great if the *****house did something.'

'Ugh, like what?' LadyAce says.

Carney says, 'The *****house?'

'Whorehouse?' Carney says.

Isloor nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'Whorehouse, I'm guessing?'

'Jeez, just say it :P,' Carney says.

Isloor shrugs helplessly.

Straussy says, 'Why would that be great?'

Sandra says, 'And unless you're thinking of having them bake cookies =P.'

'Last time I did, someone got all bent out of shape,' Isloor says.

'Include a discussion of the oppression of women by a society which objectifies and exploits them?' LadyAce says. ':P.'

Carney says, 'Laced brownies!'

Isloor says, 'So i try not to mention it.'

Straussy says, 'Cookies, brownies... count me in.'

Sandra giggles.

'Its all a matter of perspective :),' Carney says to LadyAce.

LadyAce says, 'Could have the women torch the place and slay their pimps I suppose.'

Isloor says, 'Well, if its gonna be there, i am just saying it would be neat for it to do something.'

'Macao is pretty worthless anyway,' Carney says.

Sandra says to LadyAce, 'So we should make them all mean and tough, and kick the hell out of any guy that walks in!'

Isloor says, 'I am not saying any specific something.'

'It would be neat if something cool happened there,' Carney says.

'I LIKE Macao,' Isloor says.

'I like it,' Carney says.

'But whats there?' Carney says.

Bauxite says, 'A healer!'

'It does -- it's a part of the history of the area and contributes to the historical atmosphere,' Ea! says.

Bauxite laughs with amusement.

Carney says, 'A healer, an evil dt that gets everyone once, and the compardore.'

Isloor says, 'Its small, but when you are at the right level, its decent exp.'

'A dance club would be cool for them,' Saki says.

Carney says, 'The dt ruins it :P.'

LadyAce giggles at Saki.

'But I wouldn't have it any other way!' Carney says.

'Dts ruin lots of things,' Bauxite says.

'That dt has been the cause of my demise so many times we're good friends now,' Carney says.

'They are kinda uncool,' Isloor says.

'Its a regular museum. "these are the items dave lost in 1995....and here is 1997"' Carney says.

LadyAce giggles at Carney.

Bauxite chuckles politely.

Sandra giggles.

'Gotta be tough. it's a cruel world out there :),' LadyAce says.

'It could be a place that lowers your prestige but somthing cool happends their,' Saki says.



'Hehe, heres a question thats probably going to annoy Ea, but any progress on hit/dam/hp!' Carney says.

'Oh here, have some results,' Carney says.

Ea! says, 'No, that's in the other half of the changes.'

Carney gives a postcard from Carney marked 'Stats and Damage' to Ea!.

Carney cackles gleefully at Ea! - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

'And it's primarily hp/ma/mv that we're looking at,' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'I made those just for you.'

'That is, the other half of the balance chnages that we haven't gotten to yet,' Ea! says.

Carney nods his agreement with Ea!.

'I know how it is, ya gotta be patient here,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'We have like 2 coders, hehe.'

'Poor coders,' Carney says.

LadyAce says, '4!'

Huginn says, 'Rufus and Ea!'

Ea! gives a postcard from Carney marked 'Stats and Damage' to Carney.

Carney says, 'I never see rufus, but he might be around.'

'And Huginn and Choc!' LadyAce says.

Huginn says, 'Oh and snapper.'

'Hey!' Ea! says. 'I don't count!'

'5!' LadyAce says.

LadyAce pokes Ea! in the ribs.

Carney reads a postcard from Carney marked 'Stats and Damage'.


Skill Levels?

MadMax says, in a voice smooth and courtly, 'Do fighting skills have "cast levels" also?'

Ea! says, 'Not yet.'

Bauxite chuckles politely.

Heineken whimpers softly.

'Eventually skills will have skill levels,' Ea! says.

'I suggest that the shield of karna be changed :),' Carney says.

'I know thats rufus, but I never see him and I don't believe in mudmail!' Carney says.

'Idea file it then?' LadyAce says. ':P.'

'I did,' Carney says.

'I just wanted to say something :P,' Carney says.

'Not everything can be +5 :P,' LadyAce says.

Carney says, 'Yea but its 2k rent too.'

Carney says, 'There are +5's that are better rent and ac.'

'Cuz it's metal,' LadyAce says.

'Harder to damage,' LadyAce says.

'Makes it hard to justify one that isn't,' Carney says.

'Noone cares about that la :P,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'When your making a list you don't go, "hm...how much will I have to repair/tf now..."'

'Its not a consideration :P,' Carney says.

Bauxite nods his agreement with Carney.

'Its how do I get the most stats/ac for the least rent,' Bauxite says.

'I consider it :P I avoid stuff I'll rip to pieces when I make a tank, for example,' LadyAce says.

'Anyway my other question is any chance of my cool floating disc idea every being considered?' Carney says. ':P.'

Ea! says, 'Maybe that means that we need to make items get damaged more and/or make repair/tf/mend harder.'

'Rent is tight enough as it is,' Carney says.

'I'll always go for the cheaper regardless,' Carney says.

Bauxite chuckles politely.

LadyAce says to Carney, 'That sounds like some things that rufus has put in for runes, but I'm not sure.'

'Its easier to reget eq then get extra rent :),' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Runes?'

Carney says, 'Oh.'

'This is a compliment,' Carney says.

LadyAce says, 'Runes like the vikings used.'


Hunger, Thirst, Drunkeness?

'Physical states like hunger, thirst, and drunkeness currently seem to do nothing but create spam...' Heineken says.

'Thanks for the compliment.. what makes that a better change?' Huginn says to Carney.

Heineken says, 'Is that so and is it going to change?'

'They affect regen rates, for one thing,' LadyAce says.

Heineken nods solemnly.

Isloor nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'Drunkenness makes you clumsy.'

Straussy staggers around the room, bumping into walls.

'Try regening at starving and parched,' Bauxite says.

'Without hunger I couldn't heal :(,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Its hard enough to heal while starving.'

Isloor says, 'And allow all these cool foods (which i would love to see more of).'

Carney says, 'A good point bauxite, consider changing roots :).'

'They're also a piece of realism,' LadyAce says.

'Do they affect hit/dam/or armor or strenght?' MadMax says in a courtly fashion.

Bauxite nods his agreement with Carney.

'Ever tried to starve so you can heal hp and meditate?' Carney says.

Heineken says, 'OK, I could never tell a difference, just wondering.'

Carney shudders.

Bauxite says to Carney, 'Regenning my create mages drives me insane at times.'

Carney nods solemnly.

Carney says, 'Another point for an already bloated cause :(.'

'Roots is on the other half of the balance changes,' Ea! says to Carney. 'I just did the easy ones.'

Carney nods his agreement with Ea!.

LadyAce smiles at Ea!.

'Yea, roots are hard,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'So...'

'Any chance the greater summonings will be changed at all?' Carney says. 'I saw a few of you discussing ideas, is it a possibility :P.'

Carney says, 'Changing existing stuff is easy, its just playing with numbers!'

Carney winks suggestively at Ea!.

Ea! says, 'There's a chance.'

'I like my summons,' Carney says.

'Its just hard to justify the mana for them...alot...' Carney says.

Carney peers at himself myopically.


Dodge Messages?

'I heard somewhere that dodge does a lot of stuff behind the scenes,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Is that true or does it only affect you when you "see" the line you dodge.'

'Just wondering cuz I never really see it go off, was wondering if it really did much of anything,' Carney says.

'Gimme a min,' Ea! says.

'Okay,' Carney says.

Ea! says to Carney, 'Okay, I'm still working on your *last* question, gimme a minute.'

'Hehe,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'This question was just dumb though.'

'Dodge is listed as a missed shot most of the time,' Ea! says. 'If the attacker only gets one shot, it'll tell you when it's dodged.'

'What does that mean ea?' Carney says.

Ea! says, 'I think, I'm not 100% sure of that.'

Carney says, 'Missed shot?'

Carney says, 'Like bullets/arrows?'

'It means that if you dodge one out of your opponent's 12 attacks and they hit the other 11 times, it'll say they hit 11 out of 12 shots,' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'Ahhh.'

'But if they only get one attack per round, it'll say they dodge it,' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'So it doesn't always tell you.'

'Hm,' Carney says.

'I have a suggestion more then a question,' Carney says.

'Any chance "blocking" could be restricted to 1 attack?' Carney says.

'You're suggesting that only one attack per round should be able to be stopped by armor?' Ea! says.

Carney says, 'Well.'

'Um, no, no chance,' Ea! says.

'Anyone who regularly blocks,' Carney says.

'Also parries and dodges,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'So thats 3 right there.'

Carney says, '3 out of 5 makes your hit like a slash hard :P.'

'It just seems like strength gets shafted the most out of this stuff,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Probably why I don't have many strength chars.'

Carney chuckles politely.

'I think you're confused,' Ea! says. 'Either that, or I am.'

Carney says, 'My point is this.'

Carney says, 'I"ve seen people block ALL 5 attacks.'

Carney says, 'Without parry or dodge.'

Bauxite says to Carney, 'Thats the trouble with low # of attacks swords.'

Ea! says, 'Yeah, ac's a large part of it.'

'I hit 5 for 5, they block my damage and take 0,' Carney says.

Bauxite says, 'Which kinda sucks.'

'My point is its hard enough to hit these days as it is,' Carney says.

LadyAce says, 'That's the advantage of lighter weapons.'

'If they block it all, whats the point of being strength?' Carney says.

'I am lucky to hit 2/5 on a mob,' Carney says.

'Carrying lots of gold:P,' Bauxite says.

Straussy nods his agreement with Bauxite.

'I guess it comes back to hitroll,' Carney says.

'Full agg I have 20 hitroll,' Carney says. 'Often times I'll hit 1/5 on a bashed mob, just seems icky.'

'I stand by my original answer,' Ea! says. 'We can't devalue AC that much by making it only be applied the first of the 12 attacks.'

Carney says, 'Truth be told.'

'That's what you're suggesting, basically,' Ea! says.

'If I could go con or dex, I would,' Carney says.

LadyAce says, 'Armor blockage and hitroll aren't the same thing anyway.'

'Because strength just blows :(,' Carney says.

'We can make it so that dex doesn't get a natural bonus to AC,' Ea! says. 'That'd probably help.'

'I have tons of old gear and still can't hurt anyone....' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Oh well.'

'I'm whining again, go to the next question :),' Carney says.

Bauxite says to Carney, 'But how good is your hitroll?'

Carney says, 'I have 11 hitroll.'

'My point is this,' Carney says.

Shine chuckles politely.

'You do fine with 3 damroll,' Carney says.

'You don't do fine with 3,' Carney says.

'Hitroll,' Carney says.

Bauxite nods solemnly.

Carney says, 'And it shouldn't be that way.'

'Hitroll/damroll are supposed to be bonus's,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Damroll is.'

'Hitroll is a necessity,' Carney says.

'I can decimate ocassionaly with 34 hit and 0 dam, if it was the opposite I'd never hit at all,' Bauxite says.

Isloor nods solemnly.

Carney says, 'I guess it comes down to this.'

'You can have 1 million damroll but with 0 hitroll it doesn't matter,' Carney says.

Isloor says, 'I am str warrior too, and finding a lot of issues with hitroll.'

Carney says, 'The same does not hold true the other way around.'

'And it should,' Carney says.

Bauxite nods solemnly.

'In theory they should be about equal,' Bauxite says.

'I'm pretty sure that it's not a hitroll vs,' Ea! says. 'Damroll issue, it's a straight-up dex issue. And we're working on it.'

'That's about all I can say,' Ea! says.

Carney shrugs helplessly.

Carney says, 'Alright...'

'Its just real sucky to be strength right now unless you have tons of old gear or high dex :),' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Just seems bad my dex mage can have 30 str and be good, but I can't have 30 dex and be good.'

Carney says, 'But I'm just repeating myself.'

Carney nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

'Heh I just went 100 str and balanced out the rest with Straussy,' Straussy says. 'Then when I died I just blamed my poor pkill skills.'

'I'm really honestly sorry,' Ea! says to Carney. 'We understand it's a problem. If it makes the game unfun for you, I suggest you don't play str until we've had a chanceto fix it.'

Carney says to Ea!, 'And I like the dex/ac issue.'

'That's about the best I can offer,' Ea! says.

'When you were around strength wasn't broken straussy,' Carney says.

Carney gives a postcard from Carney marked 'Stats and Damage' to Straussy.

Straussy reads a postcard from Carney marked 'Stats and Damage'.

'Ah my eyes,' Straussy says.

Isloor says, 'So what about someone who has only one char, and that char be a str warrior?'

Carney says, 'Yea, it seems kinda evil strength characters are just on hold till its fixed :( But I understand your posotion.'

Shine says, 'He or she can make con or dex from him.'

Carney says, 'Just hope you understand mine....'

'We're working on it, is all we can say,' LadyAce says to Isloor.

'I can't snap my finger and fix it,' Ea! says to Isloor. 'If I could, I would.'


Balance Skill

Bauxite says, 'Um do I understand it correctly now tha if you are balanced and fall, or get set to resting/sitting that you lose balance now?'

'I know,' Isloor says. 'Its just frustrating.'

Ea! nods his agreement with Bauxite.

'Doesnt that make balance very useless now?' Bauxite says. 'Before it was ok to prevent falling in combat but now it just sucks.'

Isloor nods solemnly.

'No, it just means you need to re-balance,' Ea! says.spellb book carney

'Yes and it has how much lag on combat?' Bauxite says to Ea!

LadyAce says, 'Try it and see.'sp

LadyAce says, 'We have no idea.'

Bauxite says, 'Hmm.'



Carney says, 'If you get bored you guys could always consider making elementals useful :P.'

Carney says, 'Their specials never go off, they are 200 hp tanks, hehe.'

'Okay, I can't fix 20 things at once,' Ea! says to Carney.

'I know :),' Carney says.

Bauxite says to Carney, 'Hehe, I find em the most uselfull fo summoned carmies, after doppels.'

'I'm just throwing out millions of ideas!' Carney says.

LadyAce says to Carney, 'I think you've done enough damage for one night.'

Carney says, 'I just use homunculus's, hehe, they are the best!'

'20 mana, disposable hp, I like,' Carney says.

'20 mana for a 100 hp charmie is kinda nice yeah,' Bauxite says to Carney.

Carney says to Bauxite, 'Yea, its not based on mind either.'

Bauxite nods his agreement with Carney.


Bash Skill

'Is there a level check on the bash skill, or is it only a str comparison?' Isloor says.

Isloor says, 'Cause i just seem to fail the **** out of it on some mobs, and i am wondering why.'

'They have high str?' Shine says to Isloor.

Isloor shrugs helplessly.

Ea! says, 'Sorry, I'm a bit behind...'

'I don't think we can really answer that, but you might try some experimenting,' LadyAce says to Isloor.

'Bash tends to fail a lot, just the nature of the skill,' Carney says.

Isloor says, 'All i know is on some mobs, i be failing like 9 or 10 bashes in a row.'

'Bash fails more in pk then any other skill, I would assume that transfers to mobkill,' Carney says.

Bauxite says to Isloor, 'Then dont use bash.'

Heineken says, 'Well, at least you don't stun yourself ;).'

Isloor says, 'And being a str warrior, i am not terribly good at taking punishment.'

'It may make balance not as useful if you fall alot in combat, but if you only fall once per combat, it's not too much worse than before, other than needing to remember to type "Balance",' Ea! says to Bauxite.

Carney says, 'Use elbow, it always misses but its funny.'

Shine chuckles politely.

'If you get it to hit and special, its hilarious,' Carney says.

'Its just that getting it to hit part :),' Carney says.

Bauxite says to Ea!, 'Ok, fair enough just thought it was kinda silly to change in the realm of realisim to a skill thats not all that great to begin with but them the breaks.'

Carney says to LadyAce, 'See, now theres a place I consider material.'

'If I plan on ever elbowing, which I usually don't, I use metal arms!' Carney says to LadyAce.

'Hm,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'Any reason the flaming shield create can make is such icky ac?'

'Just one of those things?' Carney says.

Ea! says, 'Cause fires don't block things too well?'

'Hehe, back to the realism,' Carney says.

Carney nods solemnly.

Carney says, 'They cost a bunch of mana, are timed for a very short time, and you have to tank to use them which is against the very nature of create....but I'm not that worried about it, just wondered :).'

Carney says, 'Never tested the shroud...'

'We need to be able to give them to charmies,' Bauxite says to Carney.

Bauxite chuckles politely.

'That would be cool,' Carney says.

'A greater with a shroud and shield would be nasty,' Bauxite says.

Carney says, 'I have found a few bugs where mobs "special" me instead of my charmie who is tanking, but I can't remember where now to tell you...'

Carney says, 'Unless thats unfixable.'


Foods & Macao again

'Well, a general comment,' Isloor says. 'I LOVE all the various and diversified foods. would love to see more of them.'

'Can you be more specific?' LadyAce says to Isloor.

'In what i like, or what i want to see?' Isloor says.

Bauxite says to Isloor, 'I'll be happy when we can throw loaves of bread.'

Heineken says, 'But what about the drinks?'

Bauxite grins evilly.

Carney says, 'Hehe.'

'Throw tomatoes!' Carney says.

Isloor says, 'We DO need some vodka though.'

Heineken says, 'Why is there no mead in medieval? :).'

'Well, a lot of areas have a wide range of food, so where do you think diversity is lacking?' LadyAce says to Isloor.

Isloor says, 'Well, Macao "might" have some oriental food.'

'Or some British \ Portugese sailor food,' Isloor says.

LadyAce says, 'Macao is really just a few rooms, it doesn't have any food shops or anything.'

'It could,' Isloor says.

Isloor winks suggestively at LadyAce.

'I think I'd rather see a real area go in,' LadyAce says.

'Real?' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Rusalka raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

'I just LOVE the Macao i see in books, and then get to the mud Macao, and the *****house doesnt work, no neat food, and the tea trade doesnt work,' Isloor says.

'Macao is like 6 rooms, can't really ask for all the features of a 100-room area,' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'Tea trade doesn't work?'

'Macao could kick so much more a$$,' Isloor says.

'Maybe someone will apply and write it :),' LadyAce says.

LadyAce says, 'You could talk with Kaige about your ideas though.'

Isloor says, 'Tell me a missionaries and a *****house are right next door, and mobs dont fight?'

'She's always spiffing up her old areas,' LadyAce says.

Isloor nods solemnly.

'I will send some ideas via mudmail then,' Isloor says.

'Who do you think keeps the house in business?' Bauxite says to Isloor.

LadyAce nods her agreement with Isloor.

LadyAce giggles at Bauxite.

Isloor grins evilly.


Magic Sink

'Question, if the sink isnt based on cast level anymore is it based on mind?' Dashiva says insanely.

Ea! says, 'It used to be a combination of mind and cast level, now it's just mind.'

Dashiva winces.

'Well you know what that means,' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

'Time to make a barabas clone!' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Dashiva ducks to the ground.


Mana Costs of Creating Bows & Quivers

'Why does creating quivers and bows cost so much mana?' Dashiva says insanely.

'Hehe,' Carney says.

Carney says, 'I idea'd that!'

'Its like 130 mana each isnt it?' Dashiva says, gibbering a little.

Carney nods solemnly.

Dashiva shudders.

Carney says, 'For a quiver, 130 for a bow.'

Carney says, '260 total.'

Dashiva says, looking crazed, 'Evil.'

Ea! says, 'We'll probably cut that down some.'

Dashiva nods solemnly.

'I could maybe see the bow being that much,' Carney says.

'Doesn't seem like the quiver would be that much :P,' Carney says.

Dashiva nods solemnly.


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