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November 30th, 2000

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What caused the downtime?
When's a new area coming out?
Connection Analyses and Accept Alls?
Repeated Praises
Why change Praise Skill?
XP bug with charms
Delays with Shooting
Furniture Bug with Housing?
New Areas/New Hometowns?
Charms & REGEN & Move Changing

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What caused the downtime?

'We experienced some downtime from Thursday through Saturday the 25th due to a machine crash while LadyAce and Ea!' Craven says. 'Were out of town for the holiday. The problem may have been hardware-related -- we are still investigating.'

'I thought it was insinuating someone was screwing with stuff, but I read it wrong I guess,' Craven says.

LadyAce says, 'We came in and the machine was making a long beep and was crashed hard.'

'Yea,' Craven says.

'It did that for like 4 days, hehe,' Craven says.

'We took it apart and put it back together,' LadyAce says.

'Good thing you don't have any animals,' Craven says.

LadyAce says, 'And banged on the side of it a bit.'

Craven says, 'They would have exploded.'

LadyAce says, 'And then it worked.'

'Kicking always helps,' Vandervecken says confidently.

'Powersupply fan was being flaky I would say,' LadyAce says.

Craven says, 'Least it didn't overheat and melt or something :P.'

'What kind of machine is it on?' Vandervecken says, looking self-assured.

'P3 450,' LadyAce says.

'A fast one once upon a time, now its behind again, hehe, poor thing,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'I can buy a 450 for like 100 bucks now...'

Craven shudders.

'384 mb ram, 36 gb disk?' LadyAce says. 'Something like that.'

'36 gig disk must have been hella expensive when you got it,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'I bet my video card is better then the mud machines :P.'

'Mud machine doesn't need a video card, is why :P,' LadyAce says.

'Heh.. the old machine ran an amber monochrome monitor,' Kaige says.

'Hehe,' Craven says.

Craven cheers wildly!


When's a new area coming out?

'So when's the next area coming out?' Vandervecken says confidently.

'We have enough areas :P,' Craven says.

LadyAce has created the builder board!

Craven asks LadyAce, 'Hows the klien update going?'

'I don't fear it now cuz you said you'd keep the long path :),' Craven says to LadyAce.

'Pretty much i need to test it, and that's all,' LadyAce says to Craven.

Craven cheers for LadyAce - huzzah!

'Well, and other people test it too,' LadyAce says to Craven. 'But.'

Craven says, 'Klien is the only good solo xp now, so sad.'

'Well, the dun,' Craven says.


Connection Analyses and Accept Alls?

'This is really not important, just kinda wondered,' Craven says.

LadyAce smiles at Craven.

LadyAce says, 'Okie.'

'On those charts you send out every month that show us the peak people and stuff,' Craven says.

Craven says, 'Is it possible to make it show how many people are accept all instead of or plus pkenabled?'

Craven says, 'Cuz that number is extremely misleading :P.'

'Hm...Kaige?' LadyAce says.

'That should start showing up this month,' Kaige says to Craven. 'I just spent the last two days redoing the script for it.'

LadyAce says, 'Kaige does those stats.'

'Oh cool,' Craven says.

'You beat me too it,' Craven says.

LadyAce cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

LadyAce hugs Kaige.

'Did I mention Kaige is the bestest yet? :),' LadyAce says.

Kaige says, 'It now handles both old and new formats for the file.'


Repeated Praises

'What do you mean repeated praises?' Tarn says in a friendly tone.

Ea! says, 'If I praise you twice in a row, that's a repeated praise.'

'So it's to your advantage to find more than one person to praise you,' Ea! says.

'What if I change what I say?' LadyAce says. 'Still a repeat?'

'Basically sitting there and hitting ! over and over,' Kaige says.

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

'Praising the same person,' Kaige says.

'So I have to do something else in the meantime?' Tarn says warmly. 'Tell? smile?'

'Too much memory to track the praise, unfortunatly,' Ea! says to LadyAce.

Kaige says to Tarn, 'Praise someone else?'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

'What if it's a mob praising me?' Tarn says warmly. 'Such as the one who praises for all the quests you've done in a certain area.'

Kaige says, 'Then he won't be gaining prestige from it either.'

'So I won't be gaining prestige after the first one from him, and he won't be gaining either?' Tarn says in a friendly tone.

'You can all praise me ... I'm so wonderful ....' Krux says, with arrogance.

Krux bows deeply.

Tarn says warmly, 'In the mob scenario, I mean ...'

Kaige looks at Ea! questioningly.

Kaige hasn't looked at the code for that that closely, was just going off a conversation with Chocorua about it.

Ea! says, 'It's not quite so cut and dry -- repeated praises are penalized.'

'If there are two people in a room and I praise them alternately thats more effective?' Siachet says thoughtfully.

Tarn says warmly, 'Like I've done the dragon quest, the lost sister quest, and some others, etc, I walk into the room where the praising mob is ... he praises me several times - but only one of those will increase my prestige?'

Ea! says, 'Which means that you can still gain a boost from the 2nd and 3rd and so forth praises, it's just less of a boost than the first one.'

'It diminishes over time,' Ea! says.

'Ah,' Tarn says warmly.

Kaige says, 'It's going to be more effective if the praisers and the praisees are more scattered.'

Siachet looks up into the sky and ponders.

'Does it diminish to 0 effect, if I keep walking in and out of his room?' Tarn says in a friendly tone.


Why change Praise Skill?

'Why didnt we just leave praise alone,' Shaidar says wearily.

Kaige says to Shaidar, 'In order to make it useful for soemthing else, we'd like to fix a few problems with it.'

Shaidar nods solemnly.

'Doesn't make much sense to base something off a stat that everyone's going to have maxxed anyway, which is why we made the change with the rent affects,' Kaige says.

Shaidar nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'And this way items that give +prestige are more interesting too.'

Vandervecken says firmly, 'Is praise success based on mind or level?'

Shaidar says, sounding tired, 'I always thought it was spirit.'

Tarn says warmly, 'I thought it was prestige based.'

Ea! says, 'No idea.'


XP bug with charms

'That xp bug thing ...' Tarn says warmly. 'My alt bugged that several times, and discussed it with 2 imms ... and only once was it when the charmie got the kill, other times was my alt. Are the other occurrences being fixed too?'

LadyAce says, 'It's on the list, thanks for the reports and stuff.'

'Yes, I believe so,' Ea! says to Tarn.

Tarn says warmly, 'It's ok for my alt to keep killing - she's not taking advantage of it?'

'If not, re-report it,' Ea! says.

LadyAce says, 'Something of a weird and mysterious bug, as bugs go.'

Tarn nods her agreement with LadyAce.

'You're fine,' LadyAce says to Tarn.


Delays with Shooting

'A gun question...what determines how often I fire a gun that holds multiple shots...some rounds it skips a shot,' Tuco says shamelessly.

'Does the type of gun matter?' Tuco says brazenly.

Ea! says, 'Er, it's the same amount of time each time.'

Kaige says, 'That's what I thought.'

Kaige says, 'It's all based on the skill wait on shoot.'

Ea! says, 'Shoot has a fixed wait state, that is to say.'


Furniture Bug with Housing?

'Any progress on that bug where furniture disappeared from houses ... or was my alt the only unfortunate,' Tarn says warmly.

Sandra says, 'Its happening again?'

LadyAce says, 'I don't track alts, yours was the geraniums or whatnot?'

Tarn doesn't want to refurnish until she knows it's been fixed.

'No real progress -- all we know is that the objects are poofing,' Ea! says. 'Dunno why, unless they were timed or something.'

Tarn says in a friendly tone, 'Daffodils and tables, including the one that came with the house.'

'It's one of those strange bugs that we may never solve, or we might solve tomorrow,' LadyAce says.

Tarn says in a friendly tone, 'So I'd never held it ... so it shouldn't have been timed.'

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Several tables went into the ether while were we down.'

'It's not an easy one to find...' Ea! says.

'Oh that's right,' Sandra says. 'I remember the email. Maybe they got caught in the middle of a save or something.'

'The first table disappeared before that,' Tarn says in a friendly tone. 'The second one while we were down.'

Krux gives Ea! a bug zapper

Tarn says warmly, 'I don't want to start putting stuff in furniture in case I lose them.'

'I remember hearing about at least two people having problems with tables when we came back up tho,' Kaige says to Tarn.

Sandra says, 'Dhole's are evil.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

'My best bet is to log all calls to extract_obj() -- all 189 of them -- with unique messages so we can try to figure out *why* it's vanishing...' Ea! says to Kaige.

'But that'd be a massive log...' Ea! says.

Ea! sighs loudly.

Kaige wrinkles her nose at Ea!.

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

'Ow,' Sandra says.


New Areas/New Hometowns?

Wardley says cheerfully, 'Are new areas going to have new hometowns?'

LadyAce says, 'With trees.'

Myrella laughs with amusement.

Khelben laughs with amusement.

'Guess that means no,' Tarn says in a friendly tone.

Tarn grins evilly.

LadyAce says, 'All the skills which would make new towns sensible are in trees, so....'

'Are we waiting for those trees to sprout from seeds or something,' Khelben says.

Kaige has created some seeds!

Kaige bursts into tears at the sight of some seeds.

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

LadyAce smiles at Kaige.

Sandra giggles.

LadyAce hugs Kaige.

Huginn giggles at Kaige.

Khelben cackles gleefully at Kaige - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!

'Ooh, you watered them!' Tarn says warmly.

'Guess it's gonna take good old fashioned work to make it happen,' Kaige says.

Kaige shrugs philosophically.


Charms & REGEN & Stuff

Myrella says provocatively, 'Its been a while since I've had one alive long enough to tell but do doppels get hungry and thirsty?'

'Charmies can't eat or drink,' Tarn says warmly.

'They sure do run out of mvs quickly,' Vandervecken says firmly.

Tarn sniffs sadly.

LadyAce says, 'Not any more they don't...far as i know?'

Tarn says warmly, 'I wish lowlevel charmies like homunculi had better mv regen.'

Myrella says provocatively, 'I dunno just seems like there regen gets really bad if the stay around very long.'

'Especially since they can load with like 22 out of 100 mv - and at level 1 then regen 1 per tick,' Tarn says warmly.

'That sounds wrong... ,' Kaige says to Tarn.

Huginn says, 'Charmies shouldn't get hungry/thirsty anymore..I thought I changed that months ago.'

'Homunculi load with random mv - 23, 45, 115 ... ,' Tarn says warmly to Kaige.

'It did, but they do regen mv unbelievably slow,' Sandra says.

Ea! nods his agreement with Sandra.

'Hm,' LadyAce says.

'And if they are level 1, they regen 1 mv per tick. At level 2 they regen 2 mv ..' Tarn says in a friendly tone.

Myrella says provocatively, 'Yes Hommy regen needs to be raised too.'

Ea! says, 'They're made out of clay, what do you expect?'

Tarn says in a friendly tone, 'Well, perhaps they could load with 100 mv?'

Kaige says, 'Yeah, I'm just saying they should load "full" not weird.'

'If they are made outta clay why do the get tired?' Myrella says provocatively. 'Its clay! :P.'

'They're dirt-cheap mana-wise, too,' Ea! says.

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

'They start with maybe 23/23, next tick it says 24/106 or something,' Tarn says in a friendly tone.

Kaige says, 'Seriously.'

Ea! says to Myrella, 'Everything gets tired.'

Kaige goes to look at that.

Krux says, with arrogance, 'I don't like those darn charmies anyway ... somebody's always draggin' them into Kleinstead and and sacking it.'

Myrella says provocatively to Ea!, 'Which is silly.'

'In legends, homunculi weren't known for their speed,' Ea! says.

Tarn says in a friendly tone, 'At level 25, more of them fail than work anyway cos of cast levels, so it would be nice if those that did work had full mv.'

'It's a good point,' LadyAce says. 'Suggest that on idea?'

'I think I already have,' Tarn says warmly.

'The code has them loading at the same numbers, like you were saying,' Kaige says, 'Move = max move.'

'Yeah, looks okay to me,' Ea! says.

Ea! says, 'Looks like Rufus fixed it on the 1st of October.'

Ea! says, 'At least for Skeletons, probably for everything.'


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