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June 7th, 2001

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New Skills/Spells ETA?
Mobs in Housing?
Bug with Arabian Magician?
Fever Spell Oddness?
More Fuel Available?
Summer Odyssey Updates?
Harder Mobs Possible?
Game Ideas?
LegendMUD has won awards?

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New Skills/Spells ETA?

Waldo says, 'Well....on the LegendMUD webpage you have all sorts of interesting skill commands, and not all of em are implimented... What kind of time table is there?'

Kaige says to Waldo, 'are you talking about the skilltrees faq or another page?'

Waldo says, 'Reference library commands page'

Waldo says, 'Stuff like mesmerize, suckerpunch, etc....'

Kaige goes to see what's there.

Kaige says, 'ahh..'

Sandra says, 'whee lag'

Kendrik says, 'wanna see mesmerize? piss off Zandy :P'

Sandra says, 'those are actually skilltrees skills'

Kaige says, 'umm.. I'm not sure what the exact timetable on those is... Ea! would have the exact timetable on them.'

Nietzsche says, 'I've been mesmerized twice!'

Kaige says, 'I don't know if they were intended to make it to players before "skilltrees" or not.. even though they're part of that plan.'

Waldo says, 'Mesmerize i thought was a skill, or so when i type help mesmerize that's what it complains about'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Waldo says, 'say err a spell'

Sandra says, 'I don't believe that the spell is ever going to go in, but the skill will'

Dashiva says, 'which spill?'

Sandra says, 'mesmerize'

Kaige says, 'we often put in skills and spells to be able to test them in more real world conditions without opening them up to players'

Dashiva says, 'ah'

Nietzsche compels you to drop your pants.

Waldo says, 'It seems like it was considered for production at one point in time...you have a teacher for it...'

Dashiva says, 'would it be a bardic skill?'

Sandra shakes her head in disagreement with Waldo.

Sandra says to Dashiva, 'stage magic'

Kaige says, 'stage magician I believe'

Dashiva nods solemnly.

Muad'Dib blinks.

Dashiva says, 'I cant wait for skilltrees btw'

Dashiva fidgets impatiently.

Dashiva says, 'gonna be fun'

Muad'Dib drools contentedly.

Kaige says, 'which would be a new profession in the works'

Sandra says to Waldo, 'right now, it's just an imm only skill. There's no way for players to learn it or get it at all'

You do a slow fade as Muad'Dib whines at Sandra, hoping he won't get to you too.

Waldo says, 'Hmmm, ok, are you people taking rants as well?'

Sandra says, 'sure, just don't be mean about it =P'

Waldo looks whiny.

Sandra giggles.

Muad'Dib cheers for Waldo - huzzah!

Kaige says to Waldo, 'as long as you're willing to be ranted at back, and possibly not get the answer you want'


Mobs in Housing?

Waldo says, 'Can you stop mobs from entering people houses. Specifically like in roman briton and alajandro's house where the spam makes it difficult to see who's there...'

Sandra says, 'well'

Sandra says, 'it'd be easier for him to buy a damn door =P'

Dashiva laughs with amusement.

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Dashiva says, 'mabye we should all get together and donate'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra wants to force him to.

Waldo says, 'Well, there's him, and then there's that house in industrial london....'

Waldo says, 'and a few other places, i've had to turn the pager off...'

Sandra says, 'I don't know which one. But yea, the easiest would be for them to buy doors. It's kind of difficult to keep mobs from ending up in there otherwise'

Muad'Dib says, 'I think alejandro's the only person being that much a packrat that he needs two houses for spammyness'

Oxdeadbeef says, 'steal the code that keeps mobs from going into DT's. make it check for housing too.'

Sandra says, 'it wouldn't work on old houses anyhow'


Bug with Arabian Magician?

Muad'Dib says, 'umm, is something up with the magician in agraba?'

Dude says, 'its not clearing the flags i think'

Kaige says, 'yeah. I'm working on figuring out where I pulled a line'

Muad'Dib says, 'or did I have an unusual unlucky spree'

Kaige says, 'Hopefully I'll have it fixed for tomorrow'

Muad'Dib nods solemnly.

Muad'Dib says, 'kay'


Fever Spell Oddness?

Muad'Dib says to Kaige, 'out of curiosity, did you find out why the fever spell worked the way it did?'

Kendrik giggles at Sandra.

Sandra says, 'fever?'

Muad'Dib nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'I think Ea fixed it for tomorrow'

Muad'Dib says, 'kay'

Kaige says, 'Ea! thought maybe it wasn't supposed to be called twice in the first place with the functions it was using.'


More Fuel Available?

Waldo says, 'Could you spread gas stations around industrial, I hate running out of gas...'

Sandra says, 'well, there's places to get gas for those areas that have those types of vehicles'

Sandra says, 'but it'd be kinda odd to say, put one in london'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Waldo says, 'Yeah well, if I didn't get stuck when I ran outta gas, I could just fly on back there and refill...'

Sandra suggests stocking up.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says to Muad'Dib, 'I'm going to New Zealand next spring, that's about the closest =P'


Summer Odyssey Updates?

Dude says, 'can we expect another landmark item during this summer's odyssey?'

Dude says, 'like the katar =P'

Dashiva says, 'heh'

Sandra says, 'you can probably expect alot of things this summer ;)'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'but that's all I'm sayin!'

Dashiva says, 'I like that, sounds like some areas or something!'

Dude says, 'i'm excited'

Dashiva stands on his tip-toes and does a Snoopy-like dance of joy!

Dashiva nods his agreement with Dude.

Sandra giggles.

Kaige already fixed all her ancient typos.

Sandra points at Dashiva.

Dashiva says, 'ok'

Muad'Dib says to Kaige, 'nuh-uh!'

Kaige says, 'now I get to move on to more interesting stuff'


Harder Mobs Possible?

Muad'Dib says, 'can we have .... *duck* more meanipoop mobs that are harder?'

Sandra giggles.

Muad'Dib says, 'with wierded out equipment'

Dashiva says, 'yea, id like to see some more salem mobs'

Sandra says to Muad'Dib, 'i'd expect alot of new things'

Dashiva nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Dashiva says, 'see?!'

Dashiva says, 'new areas!'

Dashiva throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'I've got a a couple in the works.'

Kaige grins evilly.

Sandra does too.

Muad'Dib says, 'like +6 dex +2 mind +1 spirit -4 perc and flatline it with some other minuses'

Sandra giggles.

Muad'Dib is sick of +5 somestat items.

Kaige says, ' Someone was saying they wanted more mobs like the dis innkeeper'

Dashiva says, 'salem!'

Sandra says, 'well, I'm sure we can arrange that =P'

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Kaige.

Dashiva says, 'salem!'

Muad'Dib gives Sandra a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in sympathy.

Dashiva says, 'I need more xp mobs'

Kaige says, 'so I looked up his acts and well... he didn't look THAT interesting, but took the spirit of him...'

Dude says, 'i killed Nat this morning'

Waldo says, 'Blah, some more irritating vehicles so I can be stranded in the atlantic in multiple different ways...would be nice...'

Sandra says to Dashiva, 'actually, don't look for salem to get any bigger. But I DO have other areas'

Dude says, 'without help from other players'

Muad'Dib says, 'I really really really would like to see more "in-game" mobs that are hard as hell'

Dashiva grins evilly at Sandra.. wonder what he's thinking...

Dude says, 'and i whacked metacomat the other day'

Muad'Dib says, 'instead of having to go on a run like sl/pd whatver'

Sandra giggles.

Dude says to Sandra, 'your mobs are losing their edge =P'

Dashiva laughs with amusement.

Sandra says, 'nah, you're just able to use alot of charmies ;)'

Kaige nods her agreement with Muad'Dib.

Dashiva says, 'there' getting soft'

Dashiva says, 'metacomat would squish me'

Sandra says, 'try them without charmies!'

Sandra throws her head back and cackles with insane glee!

Dashiva says, 'but lawson and his cronies are easy'

Dashiva snickers at Sandra nastily.

Dude says, 'only if you give me the slay command'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'i've killed them all without charmies =P'

Muad'Dib says, 'and I'm hoping harder than kraken/metacomat'ish'

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'they're just harder to plan for to make difficult AND make sure the newbies in the area aren't put unduly at risk'

Dude says, 'or set my hp to 30000'

Muad'Dib says to Kaige, 'true, but still con = death will ..... should be a hint with a flagpole'

Dashiva says, 'whats the punishment for say..leading the wyrm to the x-roads?'

Sandra giggles.

Muad'Dib sinks his teeth into Dashiva's flesh.

Sandra says, 'so anyway'

Dashiva says, 'I dont even think thats illegal'

Dashiva peers at himself myopically.

Sandra says, 'like I said earlier, expect alot of stuff this summer'

Dashiva nods his agreement with Sandra.

Dashiva bounces around.

Muad'Dib says, 'oh.. erm'

Sandra says, 'we're busy little beavers!'

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'Yeah.. if you have ideas for making any mob more interesting, be it fight tactics, or responses to reactions or ANYTHING, please feel free to idea it.'

Kaige says, 'Trust me, I need all the help I can get from you guys.. if you look at areainfo, I have way too many mobs to think up instantly easy and individual tactics for all by myself'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra hugs Kaige.

Muad'Dib says, 'could those meanie-mobs have a flag that would erm, require you were above a certain level?'

Sandra says to Muad'Dib, 'as in to try and fight?'

Sandra says, 'I was tempted to do something like that for the LoP mobs'

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Sandra.

Muad'Dib says, 'yea, like that'

Muad'Dib says, 'well, if they are kraken-style meanipoops, perhaps it's a good idea?'

Muad'Dib says, 'perhaps they'd even hunt people down, cross timestuff and erm.. be meanies?'

Muad'Dib says, 'loot corpses till someone kills it.?'

Sandra says, 'we had tossed around the idea when I was making them that it'd be neat to make people get a message about having to be within 10 levels, like pk does =P'

Kaige notes that down for the gond....

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'well'

Sandra says, 'I will say one thing'

Dashiva cackles gleefully at Muad'Dib - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Sandra says, 'there is one mob that i know of, that I hope will be ready this summer, that's just plain evil'

Sandra says, 'I mean E-vil!'

Muad'Dib cheers for Sandra - huzzah!

Dashiva says, 'what area!?!?!?'

Dashiva bounces around.

Muad'Dib gives Sandra a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in sympathy.

Sandra says, 'I'm not sayin =P'

Muad'Dib bounces onto Sandra's lap.

Dashiva says, 'a small hint?'

Dashiva says, 'just a tiny bity one?'

Muad'Dib whispers softly to Sandra.

Dashiva peers at Muad'Dib, looking him up and down.

Sandra looks up into the sky and ponders.

Sandra says, 'nope!'

Kaige giggles.

Muad'Dib bats his eyelashes at Sandra.

Sandra says, 'ok, one hint'

Dashiva cheers wildly!

Muad'Dib says, 'pwwweeeeeze?'

Sandra says, 'I didn't write it'

Kaige says, 'it's not one of mine?'

Sandra says, 'ooh two hints!'

Dashiva snickers softly.

Kaige says, 'oops that's two!'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Muad'Dib cheers for Sandra - huzzah!

Sandra giggles.

Waldo says, 'Can we have another hint?'

Sandra giggles at Muad'Dib.

Sandra looks up into the sky and ponders.

Sandra says, 'i can't think of any others that'd not give it away'

Kaige says, 'it's not this month.'

Muad'Dib says to Sandra, 'will it make me miserable?'

Kaige says, 'there.. three hints.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Muad'Dib.

Muad'Dib cheers for Sandra - huzzah!

Oxdeadbeef says to Muad'Dib, 'it's the tara squirrels, they're too wimpy these days.'

Muad'Dib says, 'and will I hate you for it?'

Kaige giggles at Oxdeadbeef.

Dashiva nods his agreement with Muad'Dib.

Sandra says, 'well'

Sandra says, 'not me'

Muad'Dib bounces around.

Sandra giggles.

Dashiva says, 'oh'

Muad'Dib likes.

Sandra says, 'but you might hate the builder!'

Dashiva says, 'will he.....go into his brand new area!'

Dashiva panics, and attempts to flee.

Dashiva says, 'oh'

Sandra says, 'I love it'

Muad'Dib says, 'I already do!'

Dashiva says, 'sounds like a hell mob'

Sandra says, 'i tested it and it kicked my ass all over the place'

Dashiva laughs with amusement.

Muad'Dib cheers for Sandra - huzzah!

Kaige says, 'whoo!'

Sandra giggles.

Muad'Dib says, 'umm this must be the erm... silliest Q&A in a long time.'

Sandra giggles.

Dashiva says, 'sounds like its going to be a fun filled summer'

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'so all those level 50 mobs in the dun should kick your ass too huh?'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dashiva.

Sandra says, 'I hope so anyway'

Dashiva nods his agreement with Kaige.

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Kaige.

Sandra grins evilly at Kaige.. wonder what she's thinking...

Dashiva says to Kaige, 'that would be so cool if you beefed them up'

Muad'Dib says to Kaige, 'yeahuh!'

Sandra says to Kaige, 'I'll take cian and the queenie, you get the other two!'

Sandra throws her head back and cackles with insane glee!

Kaige says, 'dump in some ideas! I've been messing with the dun some, but not too much in terms of mobs yet.'

Kaige giggles at Sandra.

Muad'Dib says, 'spice the bigger mobs up'

Dashiva says to Kaige, 'how about a entrance and exit tunnel into the forest'

Muad'Dib says, 'they're too easy'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Muad'Dib says, 'and perhaps rethink doing tag in it?'

Dashiva says, 'ooh'

Dashiva says, 'tag in the dun'

Muad'Dib says, 'close off the entrance'

Dashiva says, 'most newbies know the dun too'

Muad'Dib says, 'tag!'

Kaige says, 'PR's working on a tag that can be run in any areas'

Dashiva says, 'heh'

Muad'Dib says, 'cuteness'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Muad'Dib says, 'like tourney-tag'


Game Ideas?

Dashiva says, 'can I Idea ideas for new games?'

Dashiva says, 'or mudmail them?'

Kaige says, 'sure'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dashiva.

Dashiva says, 'neat, I think I have a few ideas'

Kaige says, 'if they're long and complicated, mudmail/email's probably better'

Dashiva nods his agreement with Kaige.

Muad'Dib says, 'I might compile a list, if I wasn't so lazy'


LegendMUD has won awards?

Dashiva says, 'we've gotten awards from people? legendMUD?'

Sandra giggles.

Kaige nods her agreement with Dashiva.

Sandra nods solemnly.

Dashiva says, 'spiff'

Sandra says, 'we've been mentioned in lots of places too!'

Dashiva says, 'glad I could be a part of the um...newbie friendly community'

Dashiva says to Sandra, '??'

Muad'Dib says, 'gotten any new ones lately?'

Kaige says, 'unfortunately, no'

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Sandra says to Dashiva, 'Ptah gets interviewed a fair bit and always tosses us in'

Sandra giggles.

Dashiva says, 'we could suicide bomb other muds and yell out for LegendMUD right before we do it?'

Muad'Dib says, 'it's been the only mud worth continual play from my side'

Dashiva giggles at Sandra.

Dashiva nods solemnly.

Muad'Dib says, 'i've tried others, but you lose interest when you can practice stats'

Dashiva snickers softly.

Muad'Dib says, 'I would like to spend 1000 xp on 10 hp please'

Kaige says to Dashiva, 'do you like it when people do that here?'

Dashiva says, 'or have to pay'

Sandra giggles.

Dashiva says to Kaige, 'actually, it bands us together'

Dashiva says to Kaige, 'and we beat them down!'

Kaige giggles.

Dashiva says to Kaige, 'so yea'

Dashiva snickers softly.

Kaige nods her agreement with Dashiva.

Kaige chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'but you want to go band others together?'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Muad'Dib says, 'and still this has been the mud I've seen with the most RP going on without being mush'

Dashiva says, 'they fall apart like rotten fruit!'

Sandra nods her agreement with Muad'Dib.

Kaige says, 'anyway... anyone else think of a question yet?'

Dashiva says, 'I think that means we're done then'

Dashiva peers around the room intently.

Sandra says, 'yep, looks like it ;)'

Kaige says, 'Thanks for coming guys.'

Kaige gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Kaige waves happily.


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