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September 20th, 2001

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Create Healing Changes?
Problems with Quests?
New Imms Announced Yet?
Info on the Elementals?
Rerolling Chars?
Spirit & Mages
Cause Charms & Spirit?
Skill Trees Progress?
Changes for Fighters?
Any Quests Never Done?
Bug with Cure Light?
Different Sized Gloves?
Dispel Bug Fixed?
Testing Spirit Changes
Earthquake Dam Changes?
Create Watery/Fiery Changes?
Dex/Perc & Balance?

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Create Healing Changes?

Rahvin says, 'any new info on new create healing that can be released?'

Rahvin eagerly awaits.

LadyAce shakes her head.

LadyAce says, 'not yet'

Rahvin snaps his fingers. ATTITUDE!

Rahvin nods solemnly.


Problems with Quests?

MacMurphy says, 'my question involves the rules for mistakes on things like quests and such'

MacMurphy says, 'if a mistake is made on a quest, such as the rudh quest and giving away wrong items, what are the rules that immortals are told to follow'

LadyAce says, 'usually we try to make quests so that you can't mess them up'

LadyAce says, 'or at least, that there's a way to recover from the problem'

MacMurphy says, 'okay, then may I suggest you do something with the rudh quest'

Kaige says, 'if it's player error, it should be fixed by player with player assistance if possible. But in that particular case a bit of acts code had been in place for the mob to return the object went missing and that will be back in with tomorrow's update'

Chunk says, 'i was gunna say.. they can be majorly messed up if you try hehe'

MacMurphy says, 'make the items rentable or something, in case the mud would crash'

Dude says, 'the items are rentable?'

Dude says, 'i mean like... i just did the quest like 2 days ago with an alt'

LadyAce says, 'usually they're either rentable or else re-gettable after you log out/in'

MacMurphy says, 'was told they are not rentable'

MacMurphy says, 'ok, just wondering was all'

LadyAce nods solemnly.


New Imms Announced Yet?

Dude says, 'Was Hrath Immed?'

Riven chuckles politely.

LadyAce says, 'not announced yet ...'

Chunk laughs with amusement.

Kaige says, 'we haven't announced any imms yet.. still waiting on results in one dept, but should have that tonight'

Ea! says, 'wizlist will change when the new imms are immed, if any are.'

LadyAce giggles at Ea!.

Rahvin says, 'no party? fireworks?'

Rahvin says, 'or do you initiate them with hot pokers'

Kaige says to Ea!, 'along with the rest of the usual fireworks, if any'


Info on the Elementals?

Chunk says, 'any insight on the newly completely rewritten code for ellies.. or we find out ourselves?'

Chimaira says, 'more spirit :('

Chimaira sighs loudly.

Ea! says, 'At this point, we're not giving any details out about them.'

Rahvin paces back and forth.

Chunk says, 'just that its completely re-written?'

Ea! nods solemnly.

Chunk says, 'quick side note.. will we reboot later soon?'

Ea! says, 'And that each type will be slightly different from the others.'

Chunk says, 'so we can test it that is and figure whats up etc'

Ea! says, 'We're going to reboot on the standard schedule.'

LadyAce says, 'usually the reboots are Friday afternoon'

Chunk nods solemnly.

Chunk says, 'okay'

Chunk flops about helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'the Thursday announce is so that there's some time for player comment before we put it in'

Tobias says, 'whew'

Kaige says, 'I try to do updates around lunchtime on Fridays, but sometimes it gets pushed back'

Tobias says, 'just spilled dr.pepper, narrowly missing important stuff'

Rosaline comforts Tobias.

Chunk says, 'well how can we reply to what we only know is coming? =p'

Chimaira nods his agreement with Chunk.

MacMurphy says, 'wow, I cant wait for changes done to create mages :)'

Chunk says, 'its a good thing now.. but we could not like it when we mess with it =p'

LadyAce says, 'it's a general schedule -- it's a chance for people to say 'hey, did you think about ....''

Psylin says, 'CREATE MAGE POWER'

Chunk says, 'aah nod'

Chimaira snickers softly.

Chunk tickles LadyAce.

LadyAce says, 'if it's not enough info for you to comment, you can comment when you do :)'

Chunk giggles.

Chunk nods solemnly.

Muad'Dib rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Tobias laughs with amusement.

Rahvin says, 'heh'

Rahvin says, 'and that's that'


Rerolling Chars?

Rahvin says, 'ok, mine's kinda a comment then a question, so if you'll bear with me...'

Rahvin says, 'you changed it so people cant spam reroll anymore'

Rahvin says, 'but, isnt it possible to go str/con/dex and just reroll till I get a n00b dagger?'

Rahvin says, 'it's not as accurate'

Rahvin says, 'same process'

Tobias says, 'that'd take a while, no?'

Tobias giggles.

Rahvin says, 'you have no idea'

Chunk snickers softly.

Psylin says, 'wouldnt take long'

LadyAce says, 'we can't remove every possible way for people to know some things about themselves before they level'

Psylin snickers softly.

Rahvin grins evilly.

Kaige says, 'actually that one we could.'

Rahvin says, 'okies'

Tobias says, 'That'd suck, you'd have to have like 500 names ^_~'

Rahvin says, 'I knew I should have kept quiet'

Haley nods her agreement with Rahvin.

Rahvin says to Tobias, 'nope'

Haley giggles.

LadyAce says, 'we could remove it, we just haven't plugged up every possibility'

Kaige says, 'well make it harder anyway... if there's a tie, randomly pick between the results'

Rahvin says to Tobias, 'why do you think they changed it =P'

Tobias laughs with amusement.

Psylin grins evilly.

Rahvin nods his agreement with Haley.


Spirit & Mages

Chunk says, 'back to creates a moment..'

Chunk says, 'did you consider the max stats and the impossibility of having spirit be a big factor if any in mage spells etc'

Chimaira blinks.

LadyAce says, 'it's not impossible to have high spr, it just comes with a cost.'

Chunk says, 'cost of not hitting at all =p'

LadyAce says, 'we're aware that you have to choose, we don't want everyone to be identical.'

Psylin wishes he could be a full druid full 3rdc create

Psylin snickers softly.

LadyAce says, 'we have to make it worth it to have spr -- we can't do that without giving spr some boosts'

Muad'Dib applauds LadyAce's quick thinking and good judgment.

Chunk says, 'the figures i had done up was ending up with 0 in str or dex and having just enough in a main fight stat to have expert trainings'

LadyAce says, 'so maybe you don't want expert :P'

Muad'Dib says, 'or just have advanced training to get a decent spirit for spells'

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Chunk says, 'but if i cant wear a weapon.. =p'

Chunk says, 'or if i have -10 hitroll..'

LadyAce says, 'you can still use a weapon :) maybe it's not worth the rent to pay for a q5 one, tho'

Chimaira says, 'yeah like thats going to happen'

Kaige says, 'negative hitroll's fun'

Kaige giggles.

Chunk snickers softly.

Chimaira ponders Kaige's existence.

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Chunk says, 'alls i know is this.. if spirit is a big factor.. mages wont be anything like a fighter'

Rahvin pouts at Kaige.

Psylin says, 'negative hitroll sucks'

Kaige is easily amused at times, what can she say?

Chimaira nods his agreement with Psylin.

Psylin says, 'i have -2 hitroll :P'

Haley giggles.

Chunk says, 'they will be there to sleep and cast charmies or detects..'

Rahvin says, 'I decimate with -1dam =P'

Chunk says, 'nothing fighting with..'

Kaige says, 'wow.. mages won't be anything like a fighter?'

Rahvin grins evilly at Kaige.. wonder what he's thinking...

Kaige says, 'sorry, but I think that's kinda the point.'

Kaige says, 'and before you jump...'

Chunk says, 'under this system a pure mage is useless tho if it cant fight'

Chimaira says, 'mages hit like crap and do dam like crap as it is...'

Tobias says, 'I think it'd be cool to have a pure mage ^_~'

Rahvin nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'yes, there's a point that's too extreme and ridiculous...'

Rahvin says, 'no weapons'

Psylin says, 'the only mage that sucks is a pure cause mage'

Haley raises her eyebrow at Psylin.

LadyAce says, 'we can't improve their ability to fight without giving it to them in ways that won't benefit fighters.'

Kaige says to Chimaira, 'but until we can separate them, we can't really boost everyone and then drop everyone but the mages'

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Chunk says, 'if a mage had to give up fighting.. what could they do? use a spell and flee from a mob? their mana wouldnt hold up'

Chimaira says, 'fine then cause should get the same...'

LadyAce says, 'so consider this a step in the direction of making mages able to get a benefit if they specialize'

Rahvin says, 'hmm'

Chunk says, 'kinda like a pure druid.. they cant fight they only heal.. so they rely on others.. this is what we make mages now?'

Chimaira says, 'none is going to make a mage that doesnt have expert fight stats'

Chimaira says, 'its just not going to happen'

Tobias says, 'I'd make one if it were worth it.'

Psylin says to Chunk, 'im a druid mage con fighter :P'

Psylin flexes his bulging, impressive muscles.

Rahvin fastcasts~

Chimaira says, 'specialy in pk'

LadyAce says, 'we wouldn't be boosting their ability to fight with mana if we wanted them to be pure support chars.'

Chimaira shudders.

Psylin says to Chunk, 'with 100 spir 100 con :)'

Chunk says, 'a pure druid =p 100 spirit/mind dont fight.. they tag along and heal'

Chunk says, 'i surely dont want a mage to be a tag along'

Ea! says to Chunk, 'Right now, I couldn't even consider dropping the mana cost on combat spells. The further apart fighters and specialty mages are, the more likely something like that is.'

Chimaira looks up into the sky and ponders.

LadyAce says to Ea!, 'high spr could give a mana cost discount'

Ea! says, 'That's not to say that I'm planning on dropping the mana cost of combat spells, just that I can't do anything like that.'

Chimaira shakes his head.

Chunk says, 'im just hoping spirit isnt a huge factor.. because if it is it makes mages a tag along more than anything imho'

Rahvin cackles gleefully at Dude - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Chunk says, 'or atleast the good mages i should say'

Ea! says, 'There are tons of solutions that we can't do because any changes we make to mages also benefits fighters.'

LadyAce says, 'and vice versa'


Cause Charms & Spirit?

Chimaira says, 'so is cause going to end up with spirit affecting there charmies to "balance" it?'

Chimaira says, 'if not it should'

Ea! says, 'I dunno. I've got other ideas for cause and spirit.'

Ea! says, 'but I want these changes in first.'

Chimaira says, 'such as?'

Chimaira says, 'spirit already play too much of a roll imho'

Ea! says, 'I'm not saying, since I need to see how things go first...'

Chimaira looks up into the sky and ponders.

Chimaira says, 'all this "im not saying" or "we're not dicussing it"'

Chimaira looks up into the sky and ponders.

Ea! says, 'Well, sorry, but since it's entirely speculative at this point, it wouldn't help much to say anything.'

Chimaira says, 'thought this was Questions and ANSWERS?'

LadyAce says, 'we're fond of surprises. We don't tell you what quests will be in our new areas either.'

Chimaira snickers softly.

LadyAce says, 'speculations about the future are another matter'

Chimaira says, 'then release info on spirit and create, rather then hide it'

LadyAce says, 'we don't release the internals of the code like that'

Ea! says, 'We don't reveal any of the formulas used in the game. It's against the Imm Code of Conduct to do so.'

LadyAce says, 'not about this, or kick, or priority, or anything else.'


Skill Trees Progress?

Buster says, 'ok i got 2 questions'

Buster says, '1 how are skills trees coming along'

LadyAce says, 'no progress on them this week, I don't think'

LadyAce says, 'work on bugs and the stuff you see posted.'

Ea! says, 'Skill trees are on hold.'

Buster says, 'ok'

Rahvin says to Ea!, 'for balancing?'

Ea! says, 'They've been on hold for a year and a half or more now...'

Desade says, 'more like 4 years now.' Ea! says, 'Well, we've got entire trees coded... which we didn't 4 years ago.'

Chimaira says, 'then whats the hold up!'

Chimaira tugs on Ea!'s sleeve imploringly.


Changes for Fighters?

Buster says, '2 is anything being done to fighters?'

LadyAce says to Buster, 'there aren't any big changes in the pipeline that I know of, did you have a more specific question?'

Buster says to LadyAce, 'no, i just wanted to know like what the plans were for fighters in the next few months.'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Buster.

Buster says to LadyAce, 'so there aren't any atm?'

LadyAce says to Buster, 'anything we do plan will be brought up here, but I don't know of anything planned at present.'

Buster says, 'okies'

Buster says, 'i'm good now'


Any Quests Never Done?

Psylin says, 'can you say if there are any old quests that havnt been done ever?'

Psylin ducks to the ground.

LadyAce says, 'there's a quest or two that haven't been done more than a few times...but I can't really tell you anything about them :)'

Rahvin says, 'yea, like the one we did but never got fixed!'

Rahvin says to Tobias, 'right right?'

Psylin tugs on a lock of his hair absentmindedly, lost in thought.

Rahvin grins evilly at Tobias.. wonder what he's thinking...

Rahvin says, 'I mean'

Rahvin says, 'nope, nothing, no idea'

LadyAce says, 'the AT one works some times :) just not all the time for everyone...some bulletproofing is in the works but not in yet'

Rahvin nods solemnly.

Psylin nods solemnly.

Rahvin says to LadyAce, 'shhhh'

Rahvin says to LadyAce, 'that quest doesnt exsist!'

Psylin says, 'so no quests havnt been never been done?'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Chimaira.

Chimaira nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

LadyAce says to Psylin, 'could be ... we're not going to tell you all about it'

Psylin says, 'ahhhh why'

Kaige says, 'There's the grail quest... I don't think anyone's managed to talk Indy into actually leading it yet tho.'

Tobias giggles at Kaige.

Tobias says, 'maybe if you recite a movie line... ^_~'

Chunk snickers at Tobias nastily.

Psylin says to Kaige, 'indy?'

Rahvin says, 'she's yanking your chain'


Bug with Cure Light?

Chimaira says, 'ok this one is a bug kind of... is there a reason why i chant cure light ex self and it targets Coma when he is in the same room as me?'

LadyAce says, 'haven't heard of that one before'

Chimaira says, 'i bugged it a few days ago'

Kaige says, 'do you guys have a common keyword from descriptions or something?'

Chimaira says, 'i have no desc'

Chimaira says, 'i dont know his'

Chimaira says, 'still tho self sould be SELF'

Haley says, 'yea his keywords are nothing that should trigger it'

Kaige says, 'nope, no common keywords.'

Haley just checked

Haley giggles at Kaige.

Chimaira says, 'umm ?'

Chimaira says, 'freaky'

Chimaira says, 'thats could be bad in pk :P'

Chimaira shudders.

Kaige says, 'what was the spell again?'

Kaige says, 'cure light?'

Chimaira says, 'yeah ex self'

Ea! says to Kaige, 'it calls get_char_room()'

Chimaira says, 'it targeted Coma'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

LadyAce says, 'neato'

Ea! says, 'Which checks self like right-away.'

Kaige says, 'and you did type in SELF and didn't just leave it at ex?'

Chimaira says, 'yes'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Ea! says to Kaige, 'Even leaving it blank should target self...'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

Chimaira says, 'yeah i like self tho'

Chimaira says, 'im old that way'

Ea! says to Chimaira, 'Did this happen more than once?'

Chimaira says, 'yes'

Kaige says to Ea!, 'yeah, but hitting return guarantees self on most spells that should default to self, where as SELF might have problems because of something else weird'

Chimaira says, '3 times'

Ea! says, 'I don't suppose you have a log?'

Chimaira says, 'naw sorry'

Ea! says, 'I'll have to poke around on a testmud later...'

Chimaira says, 'next time coma's on i'll test it again'

DeSade says to Chimaira, 'maybe do cure light ex chima or something'

Chimaira says, 'icky'

Ea! says, 'Did it happen around the same time as a crash?'

Chimaira doesn't like change. :P

Chimaira says, 'ummmm'

Chimaira says, 'dont think so... maybe'

Chimaira says, 'it wasnt causing the crash i know that'

Chimaira says, 'if thats what you mean'

Ea! says, 'Oooh. It did happen near one.'

Chimaira looks up into the sky and ponders.

Chimaira says, 'really?'

Chimaira says, 'kewl!'

Chimaira says, 'wheres coma at!'

Chimaira says, 'reboot reboot!'

DeSade giggles at Chimaira.

Chunk throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Ea! says, 'No, I don't think it was causing it, but some of the hangs we had at that time were some really screwed up memory stuff.'

Chimaira ducks to the ground.

Ea! says, 'Screwed up to the point where all bets are off.'

Chimaira giggles.

Chimaira says, 'did i really cause it'

Ea! says, 'No, I don't think so.'

Chimaira says, 'good'


Different Sized Gloves?

Psylin says, 'why do some things say ummm cloth gloves sometimes make 5 bandages and sometime make 1?'

LadyAce says, 'cuz their size is set oddly'

Kaige says, 'builder differences'

Rahvin hugs a pair of lace half-gloves.

Kaige says, 'bug the ones that seem weird and where you got them'

Psylin says, 'it should be the same all the times'

Kaige says, 'if we could inherit objects it'd be easy'

Kaige says, 'whoever notices they're weird.'

Ea! says to Kaige, 'You're going to need to dare Rufus to do it in a weekend if you want that done soon.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

Kaige says, 'oh I know it's a pipedream.. was just saying it'd be easy to do then.'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Kaige says to Ea!, 'I'll make him do the materials thing too.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

Ea! cheers for Kaige - huzzah!


Dispel Bug Fixed?

Chanel says, 'wondering if the dispel bug was fixed with pkok? it's annoying.'

LadyAce says, 'I saw a fix go in, so my guess is next week?'

Ea! nods his agreement with LadyAce.


Testing Spirit Changes

Chanel says, 'secondly, do you have warnings on standby when I switch to high spirit (again) and am VERY dissapointed?'

LadyAce says to Chanel, 'you might do better if you just got some temporary gear to play with the changes, instead of committing to them and being upset later'

Chanel says to LadyAce, 'temp changes make me lose permanent eq, it's a little thing called rent.'

Chunk says to Chanel, 'keep in touch with me while we all test it ;)'

Chanel says, 'see, people aren't even willing to test this.'

LadyAce says, 'well, you could stash it in a house for a while, or a friend's house, etc'

Chunk says, 'oh i plan on it'

Chanel says to LadyAce, 'again, expensive.'

Psylin says, 'well you wanna do it you gotta pay :P'

Chunk says, 'my character just isnt high enough level to completely test it yet i gotta get him up there first'

Psylin rolls around on the ground with laughter.

LadyAce says, 'well, a friend's house is cheap :)'

Chunk snickers at LadyAce nastily.

Chanel says, 'but you expect players to test it, giving these things up, and give us NO info on it.'

LadyAce says, 'long as you don't leave the stuff in there for years'

Chunk says, 'nice surprise for friends eh? cackle'

Psylin looks insane.

Chanel says, 'but you expect players to test it, giving these things up, and give us NO info on it.talk ladya ok, got a house I can borrow?'

Chanel says, 'oops'

Chanel says to LadyAce, 'ok, got a house I can borrow?'

DeSade says to Chanel, 'went onto two lines in zmud huh :P'

LadyAce says, 'talk to a friend, or offer someone 10k to store your stuff for a day'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Chanel nods her agreement with DeSade.

Rahvin says, 'heh just wait till some other freak junks all his gear to test it and let him tell you what it's all about'

Chanel says to LadyAce, '10k doesn't cover one day''

Chanel says, 'here's my point.'

LadyAce says, 'well, don't swap all 50k of your gear'

Chunk says to Rahvin, 'thats how everyone is going to be i swear'

Rahvin says, 'of course'

Chanel says to LadyAce, 'it takes that much..'

Psylin raises his hand really high hopeing to be noticed.

LadyAce says, 'try out 20 more spr and see what you think'

Rahvin says, 'Im not going to drop/remove/lose gear to test a phantom change'

Chunk says to Chanel, 'i say when the few of us test it we compare notes and dont say crap =p'

LadyAce says, 'take off a couple items, stash them somewhere, cast a few spells.'

Chanel says to LadyAce, 'getting 20 more spirit means losing 4 pieces of eq.'

Muad'Dib says, 'try something new instead of sitting around in what you know?'

Jacob says, 'do like i did and drown tyourself a few times to test new gear out'

Chanel says to Muad'Dib, 'I tried last time.'

Muad'Dib says to Chanel, 'so?'

Rahvin says, 'well create mages have it easier'

Chanel says, 'it was a huge disappointment.'

Rahvin says, 'they can make dops to hold it'

Muad'Dib says to Chanel, 'so?'

Psylin says, 'who cares its just eq its not that hard to get..........'

Chunk says, 'if its strung it is'

Rahvin peers around the room intently.

Chunk shrugs helplessly.

Psylin says, 'hehe'

Jacob says, 'yeah but dops are lost in a crash'

Chanel says, 'I care, I don't feel like running around for days equpiing myself, just to do it again.'

Chunk nods his agreement with Jacob.

Chanel says, 'people dispel dops, too.'

Chunk nods his agreement with Chanel.

LadyAce says, 'well...if you can't find a way to test the change that isn't too much risk for you to bear, maybe you're better off staying with what you know?'

Chanel says, 'oops, there goes my eq.'

Chunk growls.

Jacob says, 'so DROWN'

Rahvin grins evilly at LadyAce.. wonder what he's thinking...

Jacob nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Rahvin says, 'like I said, just let someone else do it =P'

Rahvin says, 'or, help a friend'

Rahvin says, 'that's what i'll prolly do'

Kaige says to Jacob, 'I get it... ;)'

Rahvin beams at Muad'Dib delightedly.

Jacob says, 'sheesh its the same as dying here,'


LadyAce says, 'anybody else have a question?'

Chanel says, 'my point is, in the past you've tried to make not having fight stats worthwhile, to no avail. and you're trying again, but leaving us no medium to play with, it's one or the other, and a pain in the ass to change.'

LadyAce says, 'this change is not a revolution'

Rahvin snickers softly.

Jacob says, 'whats all this crap about weaponless mages'

Rahvin says, 'viva la resistance!'

Tobias laughs with amusement.

Chanel smirks at Rahvin.

Chunk laughs with amusement.

LadyAce says, 'if you're looking for a revolution, this isn't the time to jump on board'

Rahvin runs around with a torch.

LadyAce says, 'if you want to tweak around with stats, see if you like the benefits for your char, sure, give it a try'

Rahvin says, 'wait Im a cause mage, I dont need a torch'

Chanel says, 'I just want having spirit to be WORTHWHILE.'

Chanel says, 'I'm all for it.'

Jacob says, 'then be a druid'

LadyAce says, 'trade notes with other people, all of you in your same old gear, etc'

Ea! says, 'We're still a long way from making spirit worthwhile.'

Rahvin says, 'dun worry, me and muad and toby with his satanic stats will figure it out'

LadyAce giggles at Rahvin.

Chanel says, 'what mage right now has more than 45 spirit? we're all the same.'

Jacob says, 'i can have more then 45 if i ever decide on longhouse'

Chanel says to Ea!, 'then no one is going to use this.'

Jacob says, 'i just dont need more then 43 spirit'

Rahvin says, 'heh I have 40, but I still abuse the spam gear system'

Rahvin pets a pair of lace half-gloves lovingly.

Chanel nods her agreement with Rahvin.

Jacob says, 'what i need is perc, and somehow when i put it third it ended up one of the lowest stats i have'

Chanel says to Ea!, 'making your work pretty pointless.'

Chanel says, 'if no one bothers to use it.'

Muad'Dib laughs at Chanel.

Tobias says, 'I'd use the spirit changes, might be cool.'

Rahvin says, 'ooh you need super meditate at 75 spirit, and regain 600+ mana in like 45 seconds!'

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Tobias.

Jacob says, 'i dont see why mages need spirit'

Chanel says, 'he just said it's not a substantial change, people.'

Rahvin says, 'super meditate! I'd do it'

Tobias says, 'Uh...besides the whole magical concept? ^_~'

Ea! says, 'Spirit isn't going to be suddently useful, it's a long process that's going to take a fair number of small changes.'

Muad'Dib nods his agreement with Tobias.

Tobias says, 'I think a branch of sword-skills using spirit would be cool.'

Rahvin says, 'ok, meditate faster w/higher spirit?'

LadyAce says, 'It'll be really unbalancing if we suddenly boost a stat that's been neglected for so long'

Chanel says, 'ok, I'll move on. :p'

Muad'Dib says, 'surgeons need high mind, but erm do they weave spells? no? why?'

Tobias says, 'surgeons gotta know lotsa stuffs.'

Muad'Dib says, 'because they don't have a spiritual link to the energy in the world?'

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Jacob says, 'but doctors should for the most part be somewhat intelligent'

Jacob says, 'a priest or a druid does not have to be all that smart'


Earthquake Dam Changes?

Chanel says, 'the earthquake change.'

Chanel says, 'any damage changes there?'

Ea! says, 'No, just the bug fix.'

Chanel says, 'weee, a useless spell made more useless.'

Muad'Dib says to Chanel, 'do you do anything but whine?'

Ea! says to Chanel, 'Well, I look at it as a fix which prevents players from being harassed by others who want to cheat.'

Chanel says to Muad'Dib, 'firstly, I'm not speaking to you, if you don't like me, leave.'

Muad'Dib laughs with amusement.

Kaige says to Chanel, 'and if you can't be nice to other people here, I'd suggest the same.'

Chanel nods her agreement with Kaige.

LadyAce says, 'is there a question here, or are we just vamping? :P'

Chunk says, 'you lost me with the cheating comment'

Chunk is completely boggled.

Chanel says, 'finally.'

LadyAce says, 'bug in earthquake'

Ea! says, 'abusing a bug to kill other people is against the rules.'

Chunk nods solemnly.

Chunk says, 'gotcha now hehe'

Ea! says, 'well, actually, abusing a bug is against the rules. Killing people with a bug just angers the imms as well.'

Chanel nods her agreement with Ea!.

Chunk nods his agreement with Ea!.

Chanel says to Ea!, 'that's why I reported it.'


Create Watery/Fiery Changes?

Chanel says to Ea!, 'I'm not saying immediatly, but can create watery/firey death damage be looked at? seems kinda lame for having to have nice dex, and then praying you hit.'

Ea! says, 'I'd rather look at throw, really.'

Ea! says, '...which is on our list, if I remember right.'

Chanel says to Ea!, 'well, you shouldn't have to have 100 dex to throw effectively, I agree.'

Chanel says, 'the damage is still kinda on the low side, tho. :p'

Chanel says, 'at 100 mind.'

Jacob says, 'while the create mages are crying can i cry about cause spells not doing 500 hp a casting'

Chanel rolls her eyes, exasperated with Jacob.

Dude whaps Jacob across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

Chanel says to Jacob, 'we have one effective damage spell.'

Chanel says, 'it's mediocre.'

Chunk says to Jacob, 'animate dead does 500 hp casting =p'

Kaige says, 'well those two create spells, just create potions with the cause spells. soo'

Dude says, 'and it takes foul weather to do a lot of damage'

Jacob says, 'i realize they stink rather badly, but there are 2 schools of magic on this game and it seems cause is neglected'

Dude says, 'uh-huh'

Dude says, 'right...'

Tobias says, 'I like cause just fine ^_~'

Tobias grins evilly.

Chanel says, 'yeah, cause just sucks right now, right?'

Jacob says, 'ok when was the last cause spell implemented'

Jacob says, 'it gets rather boring'

Chanel says to Jacob, 'half of my spells are "newbie" spells.'

Chanel says, 'all my create gear.'

Jacob says, 'about 75 of my 90 or so spells are useless'

Chanel says, 'the rest are luxuries.'

Dude says, 'yeah... but the ones you do have'

Dude says, 'animate dead, immolate, recall, armor, bless, str, firestorm'

Chanel says, 'now, if I could giv my dop a flaming sword or dagger of ice, and flame shroud, I'd be happy.'

Tobias says, 'firestorm ^_~'

Dude says, 'dancing sword'

Tobias grins evilly.

Dude says, 'are hella good'

Jacob says, 'i dont use animate dead'

Dude says, 'well... you should'

Dude says, 'cause you get a 500hp tank for 150 mana'

Chunk says, 'rof..'

Chanel says to Ea!, 'any chance of that ever happening?'

Dude says, 'and it never goes away'

Jacob says, 'its a waste of mana when i can kill the mob myself'

Jacob says, 'but i have to kill a level 50ish mob to get a 500 hp tank'

Ea! says to Chanel, 'I suppose there's a chance of it happening at some point, but it's not on our list at the moment.'

Chanel says to Jacob, 'there's some pretty cheesy lev 50 mobs.'

Dude says, 'hell no you dont... just walk around in klien and animate someone else's after they leave'

Chanel says to Ea!, 'it's help create quite a bit, I think.'

Dude says, 'my lvl 26 cause mage did that yesterday'

Jacob says, 'for the first time ever i had my blind spell cause the guard i was fighting stagger into something else the other day, i have never ever seen that happen with any of my mages'

Dude says, 'the guard had 340 hps'

Chanel says to Jacob, 'it'll happen amazingly alot with dip, tho.'

Chanel says, 'which is rediculous.'

Chunk says, 'which also isnt a skill cough'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Chunk's head.

Jacob says, 'i also think its odd how some blind mobs still see you when you flee and reenter, and others don't'

Chanel nods her agreement with Chunk.

Chanel says to Jacob, 'some are immune I think.'

Chunk has always thought dip should be a learned skill.

Chunk shrugs helplessly.

Jacob says, 'i sat and meditated while magellan was blind with him in the room blinded'

LadyAce says, 'ok, folks. Does anyone have any questions? Or shall we call this done?'

Chunk says, 'yes i do'

Chanel shrugs helplessly.

Chanel waves happily.

Chunk peers around the room intently.

Jacob says, 'i did i asked when the last new cause mage spell was implemented i just want to see if im thinking right'

Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.

Jacob says, 'animate dead wasn't it?'

Ea! says, 'I think it was probably animate dead, but I'm not sure.'

Jacob says, 'or was bind about the same time'

Jacob says, 'so 3 years ago?'

Ea! says, 'probably something like that.'

Jacob nods solemnly.


Dex/Perc & Balance?

Chunk says, 'ok i have question on dex and stuff that revolve around it'

Chunk says, 'i havent kept up so i was hoping yall could catch me up with how things are working now with the resting sitting deal with checking dex 2 times or something and parry blocking'

Chunk says, 'and that such thing'

Ea! says, 'haven't really done much with it, other than the perc/hitroll change a week or two ago.'

Chunk says, 'nod'

Chunk says, 'is that right about the checking 2 times thing?'

Chunk says, 'i cant remember exactly what i seen/heard about sitting resting etc and the blocking parry thing'

Ea! says, 'Basically, yeah. Not really related to parry, though.'

Chunk says, 'aah ok maybe that was something else im thinking'

Ea! says, 'We'll see how the hitroll change plays out.'

Ea! says, '...maybe tweak it more in a bit. I'm not sure.'

Chunk says, 'alls i know is ppl tell me that bash sucks in pk for some reason to do with dex hehe'

Jacob says, 'everyone seems to tumble bash'

Chunk says, 'well i was talking more on the lines of while bashed something wasnt working right or something'

Jacob says, 'why doesn't flying decrease your chances for being bashed successfully'

Chunk says, 'so something is wrong with that then and you just not done messing with it yet or..?'

Kaige says, 'or kicked, or etc, etc etc...'

Kaige says, 'because we've never gotten around to going back and doing that for every skill that needs it.'

Jacob says, 'well i figure you are more or less hovering above the ground'

Jacob says, 'so in reality i should be able to kick you just have to aim higher'

Chunk raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Chunk peers around the room intently.

Kaige nods solemnly.

LadyAce says to Chunk, 'I don't know of any changes to bash in the works right now'

Kaige says, 'yeah.. but I think it's similar tho'

Chunk says, 'but you are aware of the dex thing checking more than once or whatever its doing?'

Kaige says, 'Ea said he was waiting on seeing how the hitroll changes played out first.'

Chunk says, 'i dont see how hitroll would change it if it is checking dex..'

Ea! says, 'We changed hitroll... I don't want to make more changes until we know how that effects the balance.'

Kaige says, 'if you change too many things at once, how do you know which is really affecting it?'

Chunk says, 'so your saying it checks hitroll on a resting sitting person to see if they get hit?'

Chunk is completely boggled.

Kaige says, 'no. I'm saying we just made one fairly significant change and we'd like to see where that puts us before changing anything else.'

Chunk says, 'nod'

Chunk says, 'i think im just confusing myself here =p'

Chunk peers at himself myopically.

Kaige comforts Chunk.

LadyAce says, 'okie, let's call this one closed :)'

LadyAce waves happily.

LadyAce says, 'thanks for coming gang'

LadyAce waves happily.

Kaige waves happily.


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