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September 27th, 2001

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Frenchy's Lottery
Color without a Pipe(|)?
Charms while You're OOC?
New Healing Balm
Hell Ideas & Progress
Any More Create Changes?
Progress on New Areas?

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Frenchy's Lottery

Frenchy says, 'I have a fabulous idea to run a lottery game here on legendmud, 3 times a week.'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Frenchy says, 'tickets will be 5k each.'

Frenchy says, 'the jackpot will depend on how many buy tickets.'

Frenchy says, 'if 20 people buy tickets, thats 100k'

Elisa says, 'how is it different from the sewage thing?'

Kae says, 'like the 7C lottery?'

Elisa nods her agreement with Kae.

Frenchy says, 'no not really like that'

Frenchy says, 'I want to hold this one three times a week.'

Elisa says, 'I think that having it that often, people will get quickly tired of it'

Frenchy says, 'I have rules, kinda, I have to put finishing touches on'

Frenchy waves a small piece of paper from Frenchy marked 'Lottery!'.

Kae says, 'speaking from experience, I seriously doubt you can get that much interest...'

Frenchy says, 'well, I'd like to give it a try.'

Frenchy shrugs helplessly.

Kae says, 'Why not? :)'

Muad'Dib wonders what the question is.

Kae says, 'Remember to schedule dates and times for the Events list by using idea'

Frenchy says, 'the question is is this alright if I run the game?'

Kaige says, 'why not ;)'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Frenchy says to Kaige, 'Like to look at my rules?'

Kae says to Frenchy, 'sure it is, 7C's lottery is mort run too'

Kaige says, 'sure'

Frenchy nods solemnly.

Frenchy gives a small piece of paper from Frenchy marked 'Lottery!' to Kaige.

Elisa says, 'no rules against games. I've run several without asking for permission ;)'

Frenchy nods solemnly.

Kae says, 'You can run any game you want. If you need imm help, you need to schedule it with the imm in question, though'

Frenchy says, 'but this is a lottery, and I didnt want to infringe on 7C'

Kaige gives a small piece of paper from Frenchy marked 'Lottery!' to Frenchy.

Kae says to Frenchy, '7C isn't imm sponsored either, you'd have to talk to them to see if they have issues'

Frenchy nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'so the numbers you pick don't have to match anything?'

Louie bows before Elisa.

Kingfisher says to Frenchy, 'We like competition, milady. Our thugs so rarely get to work these days.'

Blays flops about helplessly.

Kae giggles at Kingfisher.

Frenchy says, 'yes, they do, they will match up, because how Im going to draw them is like out of a hat. I will put the paper you give me in a hat'

Frenchy says, 'all the papers go in and I draw one.'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Elisa writes her number on an irregular piece of cardstock.

Elisa ducks to the ground.

Frenchy says, 'I will make a copy of each paper given to me and return to you. as stated, if you cannot provide the receipt I give you, the lottery must be redrawn'

Frenchy nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'ahh.. gotcha. that's interesting.'

Kaige wishes Frenchy good luck!


Color without a Pipe(|)?

MacMurphy says, 'is there any way to change the color of my text besides using the pipe'

Ea! says, 'You might be able to do it on your client for yourself. But otherwise, no.'

Elisa says, 'you mean how you see it, or how others do?'

MacMurphy says, 'the reason I ask is because im using a laptop and for some reason, with mud programs I have no pipe, question mark or other things'

Kaige says, 'you can set individual types of text with the color set command. but unless it's one of those types, nope.'

MacMurphy says, 'it comes out in funky characters'

Kae says to MacMurphy, 'you can write down what you want, though, and ask a pr imm to 'force' it'

Kae's done that on occasion.

MacMurphy says, 'ahhh, good, good, I will do that :)'

MacMurphy bounces around.

MacMurphy says, 'Kae bosses me around!'

Kae says, 'like that'

Kaige says, 'but that'd be way limitted'

Kae says, 'it's a hack fix'

MacMurphy says, 'I just want to change my title'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

MacMurphy chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'yeah something like that's good, but chatting your congrats and condolences wouldn't be'

Kaige giggles.

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Kaige.


Charms while You're OOC?

Muad'Dib says, 'any plans on adding ooc effects to charmies while you are there, I'm thinking of regen in particular'

Muad'Dib says, 'while their owner is ooc'

Kaige says, 'I saw that idea go by when you put it in and it was interesting.'

Kae rather liked it.

Kaige says, 'no plans per se...'

Kae is of course rather mean.

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Kaige giggles.

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Ea! says, 'You mean, making it so that they don't regen while your ooc?'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ea!.

Kae nods her agreement with Ea!.

Muad'Dib says, 'imho it just don't make sense that your "army" gets to regen while you don't'

Ea! says, 'I don't think that'd be too hard to do.'

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'that work for an answer?'

Kingfisher says, 'Not that I use charmies, but isn't that like saying that if a general sleeps, his entire army does so too? I mean, the charmies aren't ooc, why shouldn't they heal?'

MacMurphy says, 'good point, not that I use ooc a lot'

MacMurphy says, 'but if I did, I would want my homo's and doppel to heal'

Elisa says, 'well, that would be an unfair advantage'

Vercin says, 'has it been an unfair advantage until this point?'

MacMurphy says, 'how so, skeletons can heal just as well'

Elisa says, 'the charmy is kinda like an extension of you'

Kingfisher says, 'How so? The charmies can still be attacked since they are not ooc.'

Muad'Dib says, 'you could build an army, get it to almost dead, go ooc and wait til they are full, especially in pk that will be an advantage to mages'

Zandy slowly fades into existence.

Kaige smiles at Zandy.

MacMurphy says, 'but in pkill, those charmies can be manipulated'

Elisa says, 'I don't know if it has really been abused, but if it is changable, I say go ahead and change it'

Kaige says, 'and also if you go ooc to outwait your enemy instead of renting, you don't lose them'

Kingfisher says, 'Then the charmies should also not be attack-able, I would say. If they have ooc-disadvantages, it would only be fair to give them ooc advantages too, no?'

A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Haley?

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Kingfisher.

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Kaige says to Muad'Dib, 'perhaps something to post on the discussion board as well.'

MacMurphy says, 'if it was enforced, that should also come with it'

Kae says, 'the sad thing is, Kingfisher's got a valid point there'

Muad'Dib nods solemnly.

Vercin says, 'Idea: If you do change charmies, change them completely and have them go ooc or to the void when the player does. If they stay in the game, they stay -all- the way in the game, healing or being attacked and all the rest'

Kingfisher peers at Kae, looking her up and down.

Kingfisher says to Kae, 'Sad thing that I have a point? I am disappointed.'

Muad'Dib says, 'I realized it because I was able to kill something big with an army, go ooc, sit there for 30 minutes or so doing something oow, come back and use a fresh army'

Kae says to Kingfisher, 'nope, sad because it sounded so easy :)'

Elisa nods her agreement with Vercin.

Muad'Dib says, 'unfair advantage for me the way I see it'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

The aura around Haley slowly fades and she is gone.

Kaige says, 'who else has questions?'

MacMurphy says, 'is that not being just a tad nick picky though, I mean why include code to do jus t that when its really not being abused and has very little advantage over all'

Muad'Dib says, 'could also be fixed if going ooc would make you lose charmies, you somewhat leave the mud'

Muad'Dib shrugs helplessly.

Kae says to Muad'Dib, 'ow ow ow ow, shaddup!'

Kae's mage morts just had a collective heart attack.

Vercin gets a heavy mace and continues to beat the dead horse.

Ea! says, 'I think that the putting the charmies ooc as well would probably be the best thing. Though that might be tricky to do in acts...'

Elisa says, 'yes, but some people like to be able to leave for a bit without losing the army, and they aren't abusing it for pk or anything'

Muad'Dib says, 'place them in a "mob" room?'

Ea! says, '...and I wouldn't want to put it in the code, since ooc doesn't exist at the code level.'

Kaige says to Ea!, 'enh.. could be trying to do worse things. =)'

Zandy says, 'the charmie motel.'

Rowane says to Muad'Dib, 'what's wrong with the way it is?'

Kae says, 'I use a room for 'mob storage' in my areas, I suppose we could create a similar room for the ooc area'

Muad'Dib says to Rowane, 'they regen while I'm ooc'

MacMurphy says, 'theres nothing wrong with the way it is'

Rowane says, 'sorry, I just walked in on this conversation'

MacMurphy says, 'imho'

Muad'Dib disagrees.

Ea! says, 'Yeah, it might also encourage people to hang out ooc for long periods of time instead of renting... which wastes bandwidth.'

Elisa says, 'maybe if we could rent with our charmies...'

Rowane chuckles politely.

Rowane wishes.

MacMurphy says, 'bah'

MacMurphy says, 'to much of an advantage there for sure'

Kae says, 'wouldn't hurt to see ooc used more as a social place once the updates go in'

Elisa says, 'sometimes it is annoying to play mages if you can only play in half hour chuncks'

MacMurphy says, 'low level charmie armies will be a thing of the past if the player has a chalice'

MacMurphy says, 'or timed gear'

Muad'Dib raises an eyebrow inquiringly.


New Healing Balm

Rowane says, 'I take it you guys already covered healing balm?'

Kaige says, 'nope.'

Elisa shakes her head in disagreement with Rowane.

Jade smiles happily.

Kaige says to Rowane, 'got a question about it?'

Rowane says, 'oh, ok...how about how it will work :)'

Ea! says, 'The new help file is in.'

Ea! says, 'Basically, it increases the healing rate of whoever it is applied to. It needs to be used right after it is created.'

MacMurphy says, 'ohh, a create spell'

MacMurphy says, 'or a druidic thingie'

Sammael says, 'wow'

Kaige says, 'it's just replacing the roots thing.'

Rowane says, 'what are the key words on the balm helpfile?'

Jade nods her agreement with Sammael.

Jade nods her agreement with Sammael.

Sammael says, 'healing is changed, interesting'

Kae says, 'a replacement for roots'

Elisa says, 'increases rate, interesting'

Kaige says, 'help create healing'

Rowane bonks himself on the head and looks sheepish.

Rowane says, 'Oh, der Rowane'

Sammael says, 'too bad I can't help it :P'

Elisa says, 'so does that mean there won't be a healing aura?'

MacMurphy looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige says, 'it's a balm instead.'

Kaige says, 'just a different word for it.'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Ea! says, 'I pretty much covered the help file.'

MacMurphy says, 'ok, so there is no immediate effect to create healing now'

Kaige says, 'tomorrow, after the update'

MacMurphy says, 'err, or tommorow'

Ea! says, 'but, yeah, no immediate healing boost.'

Muad'Dib says to Ea!, 'will it's rate be based off mind or such?'

Jade says, 'well, it doesn't depend on hunger, which is a hella change.'

MacMurphy says, 'well, there goes a bunch of create pkillers'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Jade.

Rowane says, 'how immediate is immediate?'

Kae says to Ea!, 'well, there is a boost, you don't need to wander around starved anymore'

Elisa says, 'I liked the aura idea better. Balm sounds like it should be a druid skill'

Rowane looks curious.

LadyAce says, 'it won't be eat=hp -- that's the 'unimmediate' part'

MacMurphy says, 'that is very, very nice'

Jade nods her agreement with MacMurphy.

LadyAce says to Elisa, 'aura came across as too cause'ish'

Rowane says, 'well it sounds neat'

Jade says, 'can it be applied to charmies?'

Elisa looks at LadyAce, boggled.

Sammael says, 'but we heal faster when the balm is on ?'

Sammael says, 'or is it immediate?'

Kae nods her agreement with Sammael.

Kaige nods her agreement with Sammael.

Jade looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige says, 'the first.'

LadyAce says to Elisa, 'Causing an aura to surround you. I voted for aura myself :)'

Sammael says, 'how much mana does it cost?'

Elisa says, 'will multiple balms be additive, or will it just make you sticky?'

MacMurphy says, 'only problem is that most pkillers are using the create healing spell to create 4 or 5 roots and then when in trouble, eat them all real fast after fleeing'

Ea! says, 'No change to the mana cost.'

Sammael says, 'I don't get it'

LadyAce says to Elisa, 'if you think of anything less druidy but still create'y, we can rename it and stuff'

Sammael says, '25 mana makes me heal faster?'

Ea! says, 'You can only be effected by one balm at a time.'

Jade says to Ea!, 'it dispelable?'

Sammael says, 'why don't I just walk around with it on all the time?'

Sammael says, 'its like a super prep spell'

MacMurphy says, 'bah!'

Ea! says to Sammael, 'For the duration of the balm, yeah.'

Kaige says, 'and the balm won't work in conjunction with root at the same time'

Sammael says, 'how long does it last?'

Kaige doesn't know which takes precedence tho.

Ea! says, 'a few ticks.'

Sammael says, 'hm'

Sammael says, 'how much of a bonus is it?'

Kae says to Kaige, 'seeing as 3c can't root...'

Kaige says to Kae, 'seeing as you can hand the balm to someone'

Kae nods solemnly.

Kaige giggles.

Kae giggles.

Rowane says, 'will there be like a affected by -balm or something like that in our stat list?'

Sammael says, 'is it based on con?'

Vercin says, 'hrm--how do you get a stat/spell affect list? *newbie*'

Kae says to Vercin, 'status :)'

Kaige says to Vercin, 'status'

Sammael says, 'I still liked my create healing idea of making a minion with a scalpel and like 30 mana :P'

Sammael says, 'ordering a little man to operate on me would be funny'

Sammael throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Ea! says, 'It increases your healing rate by a percentage -- so those who heal faster naturally will have more of an effect.'

Sammael says, 'thats evil'

Vercin thanks Kaige heartily.

Sammael says, 'con is becoming more and more attractive as create...hm'

Sammael says, 'I should make one'

Elisa nods her agreement with Sammael.

Jade giggles at Sammael.

MacMurphy says, 'hmm, but in the end, create healing will slow down creates ability to heal'

Sammael says, 'assuming this healing rate is noticeable'

Ea! says to Sammael, 'Though they just lost all of the bonuses with elementals.'

Elisa says, 'con has been getting a lot of advantages lately'

Sammael says, 'doesn't matter ea'

Sammael says, 'elementals don't need hp anyway'

Sammael says, 'its all about dopples to tank'

Sammael says, 'and con has that down'

Kae says, 'con create still can't hit a wall at arm's length :)'

Jade nods her agreement with Sammael.

Sammael says, 'I'm not complaining, just observing :)'

Sammael says, 'doesn't matter'

Kae thinks that's just as it should be.

Sammael says, 'one dopple and 4 ellies are funny'

Ea! says, 'we'll see how it goes.'

Jade says, 'so can this balm be used on charmies?'

Sammael says, 'my most effective create is a dex create with hp gear'

Ea! says, 'I believe it can.'

Sammael says, 'is this affect noticible?'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Sammael says, 'is it like 3X faster ?'

LadyAce says, 'try it and see what you think of it'

Jade says, 'good, I always hated that about create, considering you can curecrit charmies.'

LadyAce says, 'we tested it but it's really a mass-test-needed thing'

Sammael says, 'because it'll have to be significant, otherwise create just basicly lost healing...'

Elisa says, 'is it scaled to mind better than the roots were?'

Sammael says, 'that would be nice'

Sammael says, 'would be nifty if you could make 2 balms, one was for mana one was for hp, but you could only have one at a time'

MacMurphy says, 'hmm, create mages just got way easier to kill in pkill'

Jade raises her eyebrow at MacMurphy.

Sammael says, 'hehe, I don't want to jump to conclusions'

Sammael says, 'but I won't be rushing my creates into pk'

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Sammael.

Rowane says to MacMurphy, 'yeah, wait and see'

Sammael says, 'healing slowly basicly means you can't heal in pk'

LadyAce says, 'Okie, let's go on to Jade. I think that the answer to all this at this point is "Please wait and see?"'

Sammael says, 'so install it now!'

Sammael pokes LadyAce in the ribs.

LadyAce says, 'give us your feedback when it's in.'

Rowane chuckles politely.

Sammael says, 'I'll give you feedback in 10 minutes or less :P'

Jade says, 'I justed wanted to know if it'd work on charmies.'

LadyAce says, 'we will be wanting that feedback even more on this than we usually do.'

Sammael says, 'I think it'll be interesting since we can meditate now, I'm happy about that'

LadyAce says, 'hm, you can use it on other people....Ea, does it work on mobbies?'

Sammael says, 'just worried you made it too little of a bonus'

Ea! nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Ea! says, 'I believe so.'

Jade says, 'sweet.'

LadyAce says, 'Let's put that in helpfile?'

Elisa says, 'rates are really hard for us to see without knowing the formulas.'

Rowane says, 'I think that you might have a bunch of create pkillers running about waiting for the healing to take affect, that might be irritating for some people'

Jade can't get the helpfile on this char.

Rowane says, 'but we'll just have to see :)'

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Rowane.

Ea! says, 'It does say on whoever it is applied to...'

Elisa nods her agreement with Rowane.

LadyAce says to Elisa, 'that's why it needs testing, in a lot of ways ... you have to try it, and see if you suddenly become hp'less all the time'

LadyAce says to Elisa, 'even having numbers doesn't help, you sorta have to 'feel' it'

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Kaige says, 'and not just on a testmud where you're there alone or with just a couple other people'

Elisa says to LadyAce, 'that's what I'm saying. Rates are things that it is hard to 'feel'. I'd need to have numbers to tell'

Rowane wavers slightly, feeling the zen of create balm.

LadyAce giggles at Rowane.

Jade says, 'hehe, another create bug fixed I reported ;)'

Jade says, 'two, actually.'

Jade swoons into Ea!'s arms.

Elisa says to LadyAce, 'on the ideas for names other than balm: how about halo (if good align), nimbus (neutral) and miasma (evil). Since creates are often going with alignment.'

Ea! has created a strange vial of a greenish-blue balm.

Ea! gives a quick polish to a vile vial of balm. It now shines brightly.

Rusalka gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Ea! eats a vile vial of balm.

Ea! says, 'It creates an actual object that you need to use on people.'

Rowane smiles happily.

Jade says to Ea!, 'givable?'

Ea! nods solemnly.

Elisa says, 'ew, you ate it'

Jade nods her agreement with Ea!.

Ea! says, 'Just need to use it quickly.'

Jade says, 'timed?'

Rowane says to Ea!, 'like in a tick?'

Rowane says, 'or are we talking pulses?'

Ea! says, 'Well, it gets worse and worse each tick.'

Jade says, 'preservable?'

Elisa says, 'or if you can't type, you can't use it'

MacMurphy says, 'ahh, so lag wont make it really bad then'

Rowane smiles at Elisa.

Elisa scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Zandy says, 'it is givable?'

Jade nods her agreement with Zandy.

Jade says, 'ea just said yes.'

Zandy says, 'he was hammered in questions, I was just checking.'

Rowane says, 'does it poof or just start to smell?'

Ea! says, 'You'll have to see.'

Elisa says, 'becomes progressively more vile'

Sammael says, 'this is mean :P'

Sammael says, 'we should have q&a AFTER the changes go in :P'

Jade nods her agreement with Sammael.

Elisa says, 'I know! Instead of a balm, a pipetful of nanobots!'

Elisa says, 'to me, 'balm' is just too much like a poultice without the cloth'

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Elisa.

MacMurphy says, 'or ointment of some kind'

Vercin says, 'You could make it a link to a deity based on align--you pray and find yourself in their good graces, etc'

MacMurphy says, 'hey, I like that'

Elisa says, 'I like fairy dust, but some of the male mages might not like that'

Zandy says to Vercin, 'that's kinda against legend'stheme andbackground...'

Kae says, 'owwie, you got any ideas how MANY deities we'd span between all our areas?'

MacMurphy says, 'it would make us more in the way of clerics and cause mages mages'

Vercin chuckles politely.

Vercin deliberately said 'could', not 'should' ;)

Kae giggles.

Ea! says, 'I dunno, I like having create mages create normal things. I think it fits in Legend's theme a bit more than things like fairy dust...'

Elisa blows air softly across her palm, lifting a cloud of multicolored sparkles. You blink, and see she is covered in shimmering glitter.

Elisa says, 'likt that'

Kae cowers in fear of the Aztec pantheon.

Rusalka giggles at Zandy.

Rusalka nods her agreement with Ea!.

Rowane sneezes.

Elisa says to Kae, 'aw, they're just misunderstooood'

Rusalka likes conjuring up silly stuff like bows

An aura of heavenly light appears above Rusalka's head.

Kae says to Elisa, 'and they breed like rats, there's a gazillion of them!'

Elisa says to Kae, 'less than Hindu gods'

Kae says, 'yeah, true, and Chinese'

MacMurphy says, 'hmm, how about you have a few different things, make it more definable by the end user, as in chant kere drva vant ex karm or chant kere drva vant ex glitter'

MacMurphy says, 'karma even, not karm'

Jade pouts at Kae.

MacMurphy says, 'like you have with summon greater and such'

Elisa says, 'perhaps something that is more ancient arabia themed, since that is where mages here come from...'

Jade nods her agreement with Elisa.

Elisa says, 'maybe incense?'

MacMurphy says, 'that way where not stuck with a healing balm, we can create whatever we like'

Kae says, 'I'd hate to see us all be arabians in RP, though'

Ea! says to Elisa, 'We try not to make the code too specific to Legend, since one of our long term goals is to release the code.'

Elisa says, 'oooo'

The aura around Kae slowly fades and she is gone.

Elisa would like to see a pure fantasy mud with legend code.

Elisa grins evilly.

Jade nods her agreement with Elisa.

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Elisa.

Jade nods her agreement with Elisa.

MacMurphy says, 'hmm, now that I thought of it, I really want to be able to create a jug of karm'

MacMurphy says, 'karma even!'

MacMurphy says, 'can we include it on the create item table perhaps'

Elisa says, 'I like the idea of having several different things you can make, essentially just different strings. Then people can choose which one fits their rp best.'

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Elisa.

Rusalka is fond of choice

LadyAce says, 'k....does anyone else have questions we can answer? I got distracted.'

MacMurphy says, 'get a bunch of ideas together and put it on a poll'


Hell Ideas & Progress

Kae grabs the chance to once again advertise the option of sending 'wishes' for Hell to herself.

Kae points at the big bag of ideas from HELL!.

Rowane says to Kae, 'you're open to ideas?'

Zandy says to Kae, 'I have some customers from HELL! is that the same?'

Kae says to Rowane, 'no guarantees but definitely listening, yeah'

Rowane looks thoughtful.

Kae says to Zandy, 'no, those are mobs'

Zandy says to Kae, 'oh. got it.'

Kaige says to Zandy, 'she could always toss the names in a bag and mix and match and name the damned soules'

Kae says, 'that's half the work, Dante DID name most of them'

Kae sticks her tongue out at everyone! =P

Rowane says to Kae, 'and it's based on the Inferno?'

Zandy says to Kae, 'Dante named people that weren't actually dead.'

Kae says to Rowane, 'yep'

Zandy says to Kae, 'that's just spiteful.'

Kae says to Zandy, 'shhh, he could still hope'

Jade says to Kae, 'how's the inferno coming along?'

Kae says, 'it's going pretty decent'

Kae says, 'beginning to look like more than a stack of crumpled paper on my desk'

Jade giggles at Kae.

Rowane says, 'how about having Virgil actually being a part of the area rather then a non-mob spouting spam on chat?'

Jade nods her agreement with Rowane.

Kae says, 'he's there'

Kae says, 'so's Dante'

Jade snickers softly.

Jade says, 'cool.'

Rowane says, 'or maybe I'm thinking to much along the lines of put in what Flagg missed, I'm sure your area has it's own feel'

Kae says, 'well, Flagg and I obviously interpret the Inferno in different ways'

Kae is going by the 'if it has a name in the poem, I want to be able to beep it on the nose' context.

Rowane says to Ea!, 'don't you know that us legendites have short attention spans?'

Rowane giggles.

Kae snickers softly.


Any More Create Changes?

Rowane says, 'so we've had two changes to creates in the last 2 weeks, any other changes planned in the future for this class?'

Elisa says, 'yeah, no more expert weapon profs :P'

Ea! says, 'Er, I don't think of anything else at the moment that's coded, but we've always got a long list of ideas.'

Rowane says, 'Putting in creatable mounts!'

Rowane nudges Ea!.

MacMurphy nods his agreement with Rowane.

MacMurphy says, 'I want to fly a dragon darn it'

Ea! says to Rowane, 'I *think* that's on our list. Can't remember.'

Rowane says to Ea!, 'well, don't know how powerful you would make it but I just liked that idea when I heard it'


Progress on New Areas?

Dragot says, 'any progress on any of the new areas?'

Rusalka says, 'folks are working hard'

Zandy says to Dragot, 'I thought about mine some :)'

Rusalka thought about her update

Rusalka chuckles politely.

Dragot chuckles politely.

Jade says to Zandy, 'you got another area coming?'

Jade bounces around.

Jade says to Zandy, 'I love anasazi ;)'

Zandy says to Jade, 'eventually.. the first one took 5 years, so don't get too excited.'

Zandy hugs Jade.

Jade snickers softly.

Jade says to Zandy, 'which reminds me.'

Rusalka is afk to get food

Elisa says to Zandy, 'but now you got the hang of it. The next should be a breeze.'

Dragot says, 'what about the new hell, is that almost ready?'

Muad'Dib chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'Kae's got a lot of work left on that...'

Muad'Dib says, 'that was just covered'

Kaige says, 'but what's there's coming together nicely'

Dragot beams delightedly.

LadyAce says, 'thanks for coming gang'

Elisa waves happily.

LadyAce waves happily.

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Kaige is off to finish up dinner then.

Kaige waves happily.


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