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January 10th, 2002

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Forming Clans & Open Slots?
PK/RP CLan Distinctions?
Expies Timeline?
NPH & Clan Vitality
Area Progress?
Recent/Upcoming Changes?
Balm Changes?

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Apologies to those whose questions and answers were lost with the first part of this log. Kaige shall be flogged repeatedly and not allowed to attend Q&A sessions in a state of semi-consciousness again. If anyone happens to still have a log of this, please contact her about it.


Forming Clans & Open Slots?

Edric Wulf says, 'Has the bug with forming clans been fixed? if so, are there any new rp clan slots available currently?'

Kaige says, 'should be fixed Next friday (was just fixed this week) and you can get the available clans number by checking the clans command.'

Taffy says, '3 slots, I think'

Kaige nods her agreement with Taffy.

Kaige says, 'they aren't labelled as either RP or PK'

Edric_wulf nods solemnly.

Edric_wulf says, 'thanks'


PK/RP CLan Distinctions?

Dae says, 'is anything being done to make a distinction between pk/rp clans? like making pk clans aa to just eachother?'

Dae says, 'dont hit me!'

Dae says, 'just had to ask =)'

Masha whaps Dae across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

Masha says to Dae, 'just had to whap someone'

LadyAce says, 'I don't think we have any intent to do that'

Kae cringes in terror, horror, and a few other things.

Dae says, 'so where's the diffrence?'

Kaige says to Dae, 'nothing new along those lines has been discussed. The GMs can make themselves accept any and all clans....'

LadyAce says, 'since any jerk could make a pk clan, and we don't want a pk clan to be subject to any jerk with 4 friends.'

Kaige says, 'in how the accepts/rejects override and in thw whoel "but I'm in a real PK" clan deal'

Dae says, 'yea but, its kinda weird but unless you force us to have "fun" it isn't gonna happen'

Taffy says, 'people in pk clans have the clan accept list override their own, that makes a pretty big difference'

Kae says, 'the chief difference is probably still that pkill clan GMs dictate who their members can fight'

Dae says, 'that's why you still have pkok'

Dae says, 'okie!'

Dae says, 'think I need something to put out these flames'

Dae peers around the room intently.

LadyAce says, 'I think there's also a cultural difference in the expectations people have of the clan -- when they join it, or just when they think of it.'

Kae looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Taffy nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Kae says, 'possibly, I've got alts in various clans and haven't encountered that, but sure'

LadyAce says, 'no one's going to make fun of an RP clan that never kills people :)'

Masha says to LadyAce, 'Wanna bet, look at DERT'

Taffy says, 'unfortunately, we don't make fun of RP clans that don't RP either'

Dae laughs with amusement.

Kaige says, 'I know I think less of a PK clan's activity and boasting if their last PK battle was like August '00'

Kaige giggles.

Masha nods her agreement with Kaige.

Masha says to Kaige, 'yep'

Dae says, 'I feel like I'm beating a dead horse heh =)'

Kaige says to Taffy, 'well kinda hard to stick a date on that, but people could do it on their own... I remember the pokemon clan getting ribbed pretty hard'

Dae says, 'should I give up on any of the old pk ever coming back and save myself the grey hair?'

Kae says to Dae, 'yea'

Masha comforts Dae.

Kae says to Dae, 'it ain't coming back'

Kaige says to Dae, 'did you read Kae's "to get action" article?'

Dae says, 'yea'

Kae says, 'dae's pretty decent at that, actually'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Dae says, 'well =) guess Ill have to learn the "mob" thing and all this silly gold running stugg'

Kae says, 'but sure, some people have serious trouble with it'

Dae snickers at Kae nastily.

LadyAce says, 'it's always best to enjoy the game you have in front of you, not burn away your energy hoping for a change'

Dae nods solemnly.

Dae says, 'skills!'

LadyAce says, 'same with bugs or imbalances or rules you don't like'

Dae looks quiet.

Kaige says, 'or if you're going to burn energy doing something, don't just hope, try to make it happen with the tools you've got.'

Dae says, 'I've got the all powerful --+++++whinetool!+++++-'

LadyAce nods solemnly.


Expies Timeline?

Dude says, 'when are the expie ballots due to come out?'

LadyAce says, 'nomination ballots will go out the 13th'

Masha says to Dude, 'that was going to be my question'

LadyAce says, 'they'll be due back the 25th'

LadyAce says, 'final ballot will go out the 31st, and be due Feb 11th'

LadyAce will post those later today.

Dae says, 'afk'

Masha knows she'll get one for Most Whiniest..

Kae's not sure we have that one.

Dude says to LadyAce, 'any chance of me getting them delivered to my addy even though i dont get the LT?'

Masha says to Kae, 'so make a category of it?'

Dude says, 'the firewall in front of my email blocks it how you mail it out'

LadyAce says to Dude, 'Chocorua is making an expies web page, you'll be able to get it from there, or else we can send you one personally in the mail'

Kae says to Masha, 'I wouldn't want to see "bad" expies myself, really, no need to turn it into somesorts semi-harassment thing sponsored by the staff'

Dude nods solemnly.

LadyAce says to Dude, 'we've always sent them out personally to people who don't get the LT or can't.'

Masha says to Kae, 'so what? i could get one for 'Most boring thing to watch: masha's evil rantings''

Kae says to Masha, 'most stupid newbie, most whiny player, most likely to perma his entire pd group -- nah'

Masha snickers softly.



Taffy says, 'I like stupid newbies...'

Dude says, 'no newbie is stupid'

Dude says, 'just needs direction'

Taffy once got asked for hleop.

Kae says to Dude, 'some of them test your patience though :)'

Masha doesn't help newbies, roasts them over pits, but doesn't help them. It's an rp thing..

Dude says, 'the oldbies pretending to be newbies... now those are the stupid ones'

Pray can n1 lvl me

Masha nods her agreement with Dude.

Kae ducks to the ground.

Taffy giggles.

Aidan is a newbie!

Dude says, 'like the "new players" who just happen to know how to trans from indus to ancient nazca'

Dude laughs with amusement.

Kae giggles.

Taffy says, 'forever newbie'

Taffy jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Aidan!

Aidan snickers softly.

Masha says to Dude, 'i get that a lot, then told how awful i am and what a worthless player i am because i won't help them'

Dude says, 'heck i dont even know how to trans from indus to ancient nazca =P'

Dude says, 'is there even one?'

Kae says, 'or my alltime favorite, the newbie who logs in and tells us how to change the game design into the really cool mud he runs himself elsewhere'

Aidan is taking over Pobby's lvl 50 newbie title forever!

Masha says, 'or when they out of the blue give you a tell about helping, and for some reason they know you're lvl 50'

Kaige says to Dude, 'sorta'

Dude says, 'i helped a total new player yesterday though'

Dude says, 'and that was cool i thought'

Kae nods her agreement with Dude.

Dude says, 'when new players start here'

Kae loves getting the really new ones first too.

Dude says, 'not just old ones making new chars'

Aidan says to Kae, 'you just like to corrupt them'

LadyAce says, 'does anyone else have a question?'

LadyAce smiles happily.

Kae says, 'I want to personally gut and roast players who tell real newbies to go to legenddb for help'

Kae grins evilly at Aidan.. wonder what she's thinking...

Dude says, 'i have them all making themselves into 3c dex create mages =PO'

Dude cackles gleefully to himself for no apparent reason.

Aidan tells everyone about legenddb!

Aidan ducks to the ground.

Taffy says, 'I like them, cause I remember what it was like when I was new. But sometimes it is really frustating when you help a newbie out and make friends and all, and then nevvver see them again'

LadyAce says, 'We've covered quite a few things -- almost every imm department had a question :)'

Aidan is kidding!

Kae says to Taffy, 'way the ball rolls :/'

Dude says, 'i wish my clan would do more'

Dude says, 'seriously'

Dude says, 'i need to talk to alejandro about some stuff'

Kae says to Dude, 'actually, the nph impressed me the other day'

Dude makes some mental notes.

Dude says to Kae, 'in what way?'

Kae says to Dude, 'someone in it was acting a bit dumb, and the speech he was given was quite impressive, I was impressed with the internal discipline'

Dude says, 'maybe i should quit asking questions before i find out i was the one being dumb =P'

Kae snickers softly.

Kae shakes her head.

LadyAce giggles.


NPH & Clan Vitality

Dude says, 'there's almost no communication within the clan though'

Dude says, 'the clan channel is almost never used'

Dude says, 'i mean... you guys see it'

Dude says, 'or rather dont'

LadyAce says, 'maybe you can meet up with a few clanmates and cook up a plan to revitalize things'

Kae says, 'many clans have that problem :/'

Taffy says, 'an idea, could we get something with newbie helpers, where you can volunteer, and get an * by your name in whos, sorta like aa, but where people under level 10 can see?'

LadyAce says, 'you can put a symbol in your title'

Aidan says, 'avengers died fast :p'

Dude says, 'nph in the title...'

Taffy says, 'yeah, but newbies won't know, and people won't all agree to the symbol'

Dude says, 'i use bold colors in mine =P'

Kae says to Dude, 'here's an idea, how about a weekly 'report' for the LT?'

Dude says, 'so ppl who need to see it better'

Dude says, 'it says type who and look for nph in the title on the welcome screen'

Kae says to Dude, 'like, so and so many newbies brainwashed this week, make it a bit funny :)'

LadyAce says, 'put <-- Newbies, ask me a question! <--- in your title :)'

Dude says to Kae, 'that would require more than just me colaberating'

Dude says, 'but it sounds cool'

Kaige says to Dude, 'like most often asked newbie questions, best newbie reaction to "the big cool thing"'

Dude says, 'haha'

LadyAce says, 'you guys do have a mailing list, too'

Dude says, 'i like the sound of that'

Kae says to Dude, 'no argument there, but you could run it past Alejandro and see what he thinks :)'

Dude says, 'the last thing that was mailed on our list was sandra chewing us out'

Dude says, 'well me out rather'

LadyAce says, 'well, time to use it for something else :)'

LadyAce smiles at Dude.

Kae says, 'do a Top Ten Best Newbie Line :)'

Kae says, 'fun stuff :)'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Dude says, 'i like it'

Dude says, 'and am definatly gonna talk to alejandro about it'

Kae smiles happily.


Area Progress?

Dude says, 'it looks like we're gonna have 4 areas come out within like 3 weeks?'

Dude says, 'hehe'

Dude says, 'anything about that comment true?'

Kae says to Dude, 'new areas? woa, why'd no one tell me?'

Kaige says to Dude, 'nope those are just ones being worked on '

Kae says to Dude, 'we got many areas in progress, but none that are that close to installation...'

Dude says, 'well just reading the latest LT - and like 5 areas are listed'

Dude says, 'ahh'

Kae says, 'oh, no, they're listed because they were actively committed to the mud server that week'

Dude says, 'what about straussy's'

Dude says, 'he's been at that for like 2 years'

Kae says, 'as to show that hey, we ARE working on it'

Kae taught Charon transport acts last week. :)

Kae says to Dude, 'you may haveta ask sandra or straussy for a report on his specific area'

Rusalka hugs Kaige.

Dude says to Kae, 'whats the status on your area?'

Kae giggles.

Dude says to LadyAce, 'are you and sandra still working on silk road?'

Kae says, 'half of it is alpha, half of it is really sketchy :)'

LadyAce says to Dude, 'we haven't done anything on it in quite a while.'

Dude says, 'now is it just that hard to make an area? or are a lot of you tied up in other things?'

Rusalka says, 'yes'

Kae says, 'there's a lot of writing and incredibly tedious testing involved'

LadyAce says, 'it's pretty much like writing a novel.'

LadyAce says, 'with more editing :P'

Kaige says, 'worse.. you often have more than one story line going too'

Kaige giggles.

Kae says, 'you sit and watch a mob do the same over and over and over and over while you try to guess how players will break this'

Dae throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Rusalka says, 'and all the fun of testing code'

Kae glares icily at Dae.

Dude says, 'i'll tell you right now'

LadyAce says, 'a lot of creativity and a lot of grunt work and a lot of endurance.'

Dae says, 'breakfun!'

Kae says to Dae, 'flea power!'

Dude says, 'with 4 greater elementals, a titan, 3 mobs from crusades, and a doppel'

Dude says, 'thats how'

Dae says, 'you don't feel bad when we break it do you?'

Dae gives kae the secret flea hand signals

Kae says to Dude, 'and that's why I need to make sure that you and that army can have fun in my area, and also some lvel 10 on his lonesome :)'

Dude says, 'dont forget about the 99 homunculi if its a tough mob'

Kae says to Dae, 'no -- I feel complimented, someone cared enough to take the time to TRY to break my area'

Dude says to Kae, 'i was on vacation when you let ppl in! or i woulda mad soloed it too =P'

Dae says, 'to bad we can't have 254 homoun's kill the GMA anymore'

LadyAce says, 'I'm outies :) I think we're close to done, and I need to go regardless.'

Kae says to Dude, 'you're thinking of Hades, no morts have been to Hell :)'

Dude jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Dae!

Taffy waves good-bye to LadyAce.

Rusalka chuckles politely.

Dude points at a commemorative "Plowing through AT" T-Shirt, embroidered Dude.

Dude jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Dae!

Dae snickers softly.

Dude says to Dae, 'chicks dig it!'

LadyAce smiles happily.

Dae rolls around on the ground with laughter.

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

LadyAce waves happily.

Dae waves happily.

Rusalka waves happily.

Kae giggles.

Kae waves happily.

Rusalka says, 'gee, taht was fast'

Dude says to Dae, 'i fear those days are over =P'

Craven nods his agreement with Dae.

Dae nods solemnly.

Kae says to Rusalka, 'you missed most!'

Rusalka nods solemnly.

Rusalka says, 'it's usually over by the time I get home'

Kaige comforts Rusalka.

Craven says, 'don't take this the wrong way'

Rusalka says to Kaige, 'most things are'

Rusalka chuckles politely.


Recent/Upcoming Changes?

Craven says, 'can I ask a quick question to anyone with any knowledge on the subject :)'

Kaige says, 'shoot'

Craven says, 'I am just wondering if anything new that actually impacts us in any way other then bug and typo fixes are on the way? I haven't played for months and absolutly nothing is new or different...'

Craven says, 'as i said'

Craven says, 'don't take it harshly, I just really wonder'

Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.

Rusalka says, 'a really buggy barge?'

Craven says, 'seems really stale lately'

Kaige says to Craven, 'well, we've had a couple monkey wrenches thrown in the works in places, but we're hoping to have some nice stuff in and available on the 14th.'

Kaige says to Craven, 'part of the problem is our high output coders have been swallowed whole by real life lately, so large project changes are slower in coming through.'

Dae says, 'is there even a "skilltrees" type thing anymore? or have most skills been put in seperatly like someone once said'

Kae says to Dae, 'there is'

Kae says, 'in someone's dream of the blissful future :)'

Dae says, 'okay, wondered if that was a pipe dream'

Dae snickers at Kae nastily.

Kaige says to Dae, 'there's trees and there's things that need to happen for trees to work as intended'

Rusalka nods solemnly.

Dae says, 'ahhh'

Kae says, 'housing was the first of those steps as I seem to recall'

Rusalka says, 'it was?'

Kae seems to think someone said that once.

Dae says, 'you need to make a skilltree Imm Dept!'

Dae throws his head back and cackles with insane glee!

Lorenzo chuckles politely.

Dae snickers quietly to himself.

Kae says, 'sure, give us a handful of dedicated skilled coders with no lives and no interests but us, thatd be nice :)'

Kaige says, 'the housing/ownership stuff is work along the way to pets/hirelings'

Dae says, 'pet's hirelings'

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Rusalka says to Kae, 'don't forget dedicated testers'

Dae says, 'haven't heard that term in a long time'

Kae says to Kaige, 'oh, that's the connection then -- skill trees including skills to deal with pets'

Dude says, 'just offer to pay all the present coders 110k a year'

Dude says, 'if they code here for 10 hours a day'

Kae says, 'yea! pay me!'

Kaige says, 'recruit, yeah'

Kae presses Dude for some answers.

Rusalka thinks that people are doing the best taht they can.

Rusalka shrugs helplessly.

Dude says to Kae, 'i tell you what... if you code here 10 hours a day i'll give you exactly 10% of my weekly wage'

Kae says to Dude, 'I take it you don't get paid lately, eh?'

Dae laughs with amusement.

Dude says, 'naw i make 90 bux a week'

Dude says, 'and can afford 9 bux =P'


Balm Changes?

Craven says, 'did you ever decide how to help people who have 50 mind and rely on healing goo to heal?'

Craven says, 'I remember last time I asked *god knows how long ago* I was told it was under discussion'

Craven says, 'and to wait and it would be addressed :P'

Dae says, 'I think that hit the back burner'

Craven says, 'just wondered on the update'

Craven says, 'its funny to run around balming real mages so they can't balm themselves'

Craven says, 'and they cry cuz they heal so dumb :P'

Kae grins evilly at Craven.. wonder what she's thinking...

Lorenzo snickers at Craven nastily.

Craven says, 'thats about the only thing I'll miss about my balm when/if it gets fixed...'

Kaige says to Craven, 'I don't think there's been any new developments.'

Craven says to Kaige, 'yea, things seem to be at a standstill since turkeyday :)'

Craven says to Kaige, 'maybe the gears are moving, but they are doing it reallllly quietly'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Rusalka blinks.

Craven sighs wistfully at the sight of Dude.

Kaige says to Craven, 'holidays and vacations and stuff had a bit to do with that.'

Rusalka nods solemnly.

Craven says, 'its never been this bad'

Rusalka says, 'work'

Kaige says, 'anwyas... I need to scoot here and Deal with Elena'

Craven says, 'I've been here like 6 holidays :P'

Kaige says to Craven, 'we actually got a fair amount of stuff done over the holidays, perhaps it just wasn't what you wanted?'

Craven shrugs helplessly.

Craven says, 'its all cosmetic'

Craven says, 'has been for 6 months'

Craven says, 'oh well :)'

Kaige shakes her head.

Kaige says, 'there was a lot of under structure fixes to memory problems that also got fixed with te update last week.'

Craven says, 'I know'

Craven says, 'like I said, the stuff lately just doesn't affect us'

Craven says, 'the last thing I can think of that really affected me was like balm...'

Lorenzo says to Craven, 'you'

Kaige says sarcastically, 'yeah.. stability dosn't affect you.'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Craven says, 'everything else is bug fixes or memory leaks or help files'

Kaige ruffles Craven's hair playfully.

Craven says, 'and its like 1 a week :P'

Dae says, 'he wasn't stable in the first place'

Dae says, '=P'

Craven says, 'well you'll take offense...'

Craven says, 'I commend you for your help file work'

Craven says, 'but I really don't think people read them enough to warrant it'

Kaige says, 'actually, I haven't been doing much lately.'

Kaige says, 'other admins have.'

Craven says, 'I mean you as in the imms as a whole, though you tend to lead it'

Kaige nods her agreement with Craven.

Craven says, 'you should set up a counter to see how much each help file gets accessed in a given month'

Lorenzo giggles.

Kaige says, 'probably wouldn't be a bad idea.'

Craven says, 'I bet the numbers are really low except for really obvious ones'

Craven says, 'like help words, help newbie, help fight maybe'

Craven says, 'I still occasionally look at help words...'

Craven says, 'good list there :) though now allwords does that I suppose'

Taffy says, 'I look at help files...'

Craven says, 'help sell_house'

Craven says, ':P'

Craven says, 'like what?'

Taffy says, 'like the ones for skills, yeah for building houses'

Craven laughs with amusement.

Craven says, 'wuss!'

Lorenzo waves happily.

Taffy says, 'lots of things where I don't do it often and don't remember the command'

Kaige says, 'anyway.. thanks for coming guys'

Kaige gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Kaige waves happily.

Craven waves happily.

Kheldar waves happily.


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