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August 15th, 2002

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Getting a Purged Char Back?
Bug with Vehicles & Charms?
Unpurging Characters?
Bug With Morgawr's Stuns?
Mobs that Sell Healing Potions?
ETA on New Areas? New Era?
A Psionics Class?
Converting Mud Time to RL Time?
What To Do With Extra Practices?
Silent Option for Housing?
Make Sugeons More Interesting?
How Come Some Socials Gone?
Kudos on Charmie Changes
Does GMA Quest Give WHOIS?
Which Quests Have I Done?
Saving Notes in DTs?
HELP vs VIEW Commands
Problems with OOC Elevator?
An IC Message Entering Game?

Additional Topics Answered

Commonly Reported as Bugs but Aren't

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Getting a Purged Char Back?

Flaxon says, 'theres no way to get a character who has been swept and the name taken back...is there...'

Flaxon smirks.

Flaxon says, 'knew i shoulda archived....'

Kaige says to Flaxon, 'wait until they in turn get purged and ask for yours to get unpurged giving the imm who is searching your password so they can get the right one'

Flaxon says to Kaige, 'but someone else has taken the name already, so it's nothing i can do anything about'

Flaxon says, 'so oh well, i shoulda just archived, instead of being stupid'

Kaige comforts Flaxon.

Flaxon says, 'thats ok, that alt kinda sucked'

Flaxon grins evilly.

LadyAce says to Flaxon, 'check now and then to see if the char still is in use -- they could get purged too, then you can jump in.'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Flaxon says, 'saw him just today, so...heh'


Bug with Vehicles & Charms?

Ibrahim says, 'with one of my alts i reported what i perceived to be a bug the other day, that when you sit down in a ford, charmies that aren't in the same room go uncharmed but stay grouped'

Ibrahim says, 'just want to know if it's a bug, sorta'

LadyAce says, 'weird! Sounds buggy to me too.'

Kaige says, 'sounds funky and unexpected.'

Ibrahim nods his agreement with Kaige.

Ibrahim says, 'of course, only tried it once, don't know if it was just bad karma'

Kaige says, 'i wanna say that one got passed on to the coders tho'

Axis stops using a blood encrusted war axe.

Axis wields a blood encrusted war axe.

Skwish whaps Axis across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

Skwish says to Axis, 'oh you THINK you can tell me what to do, eh?'

Skwish grins evilly.

Axis goes ACK TTTHHHHHPPPPPTTTTT! all over Skwish - what a mess!

Ibrahim says, 'ooh, didn't mean to sound as if i was complaining about the process, i bugged it this week after all:)'

Ibrahim beams at Kaige delightedly.

Kaige says to Ibrahim, 'just saying I recalled seeing that one go by =)'

Ibrahim giggles.

Ibrahim beams at Kaige delightedly.

Kaige says, 'cause it was one of those "Oh,... WEIRD...." ones'

Kaige giggles.

Ibrahim nods his agreement with Kaige.

Ibrahim thought so too.


Unpurging Characters?

Skwish says, 'just an adjunct to the half of the previous quesiton I heard...'

Skwish says, 'it seemed to relate to purged chars... is there planned to be another "unpurge"?'

LadyAce says, 'if you need a char unpurged, you ask an imm to look for them for you'

LadyAce says, 'the purges happen monthly'

LadyAce says, 'does that make sense?'

Skwish says, 'how far back can that go ;)'

Ibrahim nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Kaige says, 'any full admin or dept head can usually help you.'

Kaige says, 'I wanna say... we have archives going back to May '98 right now'

Ibrahim says, 'i think as long as noone's made a character with the same name?'

Skwish says, 'okay :)'

LadyAce says, 'if the char with the same name still exists and is active, they can keep the name'

Skwish nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'but if your old name isn't in use now, you can get it back'

Skwish says, 'k, just good to know :)'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'not good to rely on, but sometimes nice :)'

LadyAce points at Korgan.

Kaige says, 'If there's no active char, in archives, I've always made sure I've got the right person's character when I do the unarchiving. A little extra time spent searching on my part has made several people's days.'

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Kaige says, 'definitely not worth relying on when you guys can archive your own chars and get them out again these days'


Bug With Morgawr's Stuns?

Korgan says, 'ive been watching the updates but i havent noticed anything about this'

Korgan says, 'have yall made more changes to the Morgawr?'

Korgan says, 'cause the stunning now is unreal'

Kaige says, 'that's not a recent change'

Axis says, '8-10 rounds'

Axis shudders.

Korgan says, 'for a while everytime was just for 4 rounds'

Korgan says, 'now its 7+'

Axis remebers being able to take her solo with a 300hp dexie

Korgan says, 'and she stuns while bashed which i have a log of'

LadyAce says, 'you should definitely share feedback like this with us. I'm not sure that sounds intentional.'

Axis says, 'yay there gonna look into it'

Korgan says, 'well the past 4 times ive killed her its been atleast 5+ rounds of stuns. mostly over 7'

Korgan shudders.

LadyAce says, 'use bug to comment on it, and we'll take a look. Could just be a typo or sumpin'

Weryl nods his agreement with Korgan.

Korgan nods solemnly.

Ibrahim says, 'the code for stun wasn't changed so she suddenly got very good at it? *forgets*'

Kaige says, 'it's not using the stun spell, but a command and how they act is different'

Ibrahim says, 'oh'

Ibrahim says, 'shows how often i go there:)'

Ibrahim scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Korgan says, 'but should it still work while shes bashed?'

Kaige says, 'I'll look at it..'

Korgan nods solemnly.

Korgan thanks Kaige heartily.

Kaige says, 'btw, that change was from back in January'

Korgan nods solemnly.

Korgan says, 'but she seems harder in the past 2 weeks'

Korgan shrugs to himself.

Kaige says, 'no changes recently'

Kaige says, 'not as far as the stunning goes anyway'


Mobs that Sell Healing Potions?

Weryl says, 'this may be a silly question but what are the chances of getting a mob that sells healing potions'

Axis says to Weryl, 'there is'

Korgan nods his agreement with Weryl.

Korgan smiles happily.

Weryl says, 'hmm ill have to look for him'

Kaige says to Weryl, 'more you mean?'

Weryl says, 'hehe i didnt realize there were any :('

Axis says, 'theres a few that heal, sell healing things'

Weryl blushes bright red.

Kaige smiles at Weryl.

Axis says, 'there does need to be more though'

Weryl says, 'or a regen quicker skill'

LadyAce says, 'get healing skills, group up with a healer'

Ibrahim thinks there's enough options ingame for healing.

Kaige says, 'or even a mage'

Weryl says, 'true'


ETA on New Areas? New Era?

Flaxon says, 'how close are we to getting some more areas, and what are the chances of another time period being implemented sometime in the future'

Kaige says, 'time period is pretty well set at these three... were you thinking newer or older?'

Flaxon looks up into the sky and ponders.

Axis says, 'three is more than enough'

Axis nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Ibrahim nods his agreement with Axis.

Flaxon says, 'more curiosity really, we have a lot of flexibility with what we have now'

Axis says, 'but we could go older and beat up jesus'

Axis ducks to the ground.

LadyAce says, 'I think it'd be interesting to split into 4 -- ancient, medieval, colonial, industrial.'

Flaxon nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'Well, dreamtime is WAAAAAY before Jesus :P'

Weryl says, 'colonial would be fun'

Axis says, 'ohh'

Korgan snickers softly.

Korgan nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Axis says, 'oohhhh Colonial'

Kaige says, 'we have areas now that are much OLDER than Jesus'

LadyAce says, 'but it takes a lot of areas to make that work'

Axis prepares to learn a new trans

Flaxon says, 'i could do for a feudal japan area...if any of the builders are looking for projects'

Kaige has created the builder board!

Kaige points at the builder board.

Krynn says, 'that's the proposal i've got finished here on my desktop'

LadyAce says, 'I don't think we have anyone short on projects :P'

Flaxon says, 'an idea i was going to use if i ever got to be a builder, but i don't have the time anymore :('

Ibrahim has thought of that too. How uncanny.

Ibrahim peers around intently.

Flaxon nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Kaige says, 'as far as more new areas or major updates, I don't think any are ready to roll just yet'

Flaxon nods solemnly.

Axis says, 'wants prohibition'

Axis nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Axis says, 'hmm Is Kae doing enough areas?'

Axis says, 'maybe we should give her another'

Ibrahim thinks Kae's working on two if not three areas.


A Psionics Class?

Flaxon says, 'ok, what are the chances of a psionics branch for high mind characters who dont want "word" magic? (assuming skill-tree is implimented)'

Flaxon says, 'probably been brought up before, but i don't make it on very often'

LadyAce says, 'well, we do have eventual plans to put in a stage magician tree...with trees....'

Flaxon looks up into the sky and ponders.

LadyAce says, 'so that'd be like, mesmerize, etc.'

Flaxon nods solemnly.

Flaxon says, 'things like being able to change the moods of mobs, throwing and retreiving objects from outside the room, a fly ability...thats what i was thinking'

LadyAce says, 'you can certainly put that in on idea...but honestly, it sounds like a pretty modern idea, 1960s and beyond ...not sure it fits with what we do here'

LadyAce says, 'not that it wouldn't be cool :) but we're picky about what fits'

Flaxon nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'Don't know of any plans for anything like that. Like LA said, the stage magician, some additional herbalist/naturalist things in the plans.'

Flaxon says, 'i can understand that, never hurts to throw it out there though'

LadyAce says to Flaxon, 'of course :) thanks'

Flaxon says, 'especially since i don't have a reputation to damage'

LadyAce giggles at Flaxon.

Flaxon snickers softly.


Converting Mud Time to RL Time?

Adamar says, 'can you expand the help file on time, especially the formula of mud time vs real time'

Adamar says, 'how much 1 RL hr = how many mud days... this is for those quests where you have to'

LadyAce says, 'do the math....'

Adamar says, 'wait for certain dates in a year...so i know when to login'

LadyAce says, 'a tick = 75 seconds.'

LadyAce says, '1 day = 1 RL hour.'

Kaige says, 'you mean how 1 tick = 1 mud half hour = approximately 75 seconds give or take'

Adamar nods solemnly.

Adamar says, 'that is not in helpfile is it?'

LadyAce says, '"help tick"'

Kaige says, 'is so.. in help tick'

Adamar says, 'ok'

Kaige says, 'which could be pointed to from help time. =)'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Kaige.

Flaxon grins evilly.

Adamar says, 'oh followup on that...how many days in a mud month'

LadyAce says, 'use a calendar, Adamar....'

Adamar says, 'no leap year right'

Kaige shakes her head.

Kaige says, 'there... help time points to HELP TICK now'


What To Do With Extra Practices?

Flaxon says, 'cross-class skills...'

Rush giggles.

Flaxon says, 'like a fighter from tara...'

Flaxon says, 'being able to use like 5 practices to learn repair'

Flaxon says, 'with limitations of course'

Flaxon needs to find something to use these 26 practices on!

Flaxon giggles.

Basara says, 'haggle'

Rush says, 'get tailor'

Basara says, 'case'

Ibrahim thinks not everyone not being able to learn everything is a good way to get people to interact.

Basara says, 'tailor'

Basara says, 'etc...'

Rush says, 'you can make bags that are cool as hell'

Ibrahim says, 'arm wrestle'

Basara says, 'try some unusual skills'

LadyAce says, 'call it your late-life career :)'

Ibrahim thinks you got an answer, but he's senile.

Kaige says to Flaxon, 'pick somethign that sounds interesting to you and your char =)'

LadyAce says to Flaxon, 'I think the combo of 'nah' and mort feedback was what we left'

LadyAce says to Flaxon, 'it said it for us or so'


Silent Option for Housing?

Rush says, 'are there any plans to make it so a house is soundproof from mobs hollering in the area?'

Rush says, 'make it an option i mean'

Axis nods his agreement with Rush.

Herbert says, 'oh you mean like mine is?'

Herbert licks Rush.

Axis cackles gleefully at Herbert - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Flaxon thinks he's just dumb.

Rush says, 'those cows are freakin obnoxious and that woman is always yelling at her kids'

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Rush says, 'immies? is that a viable option for housing?'

Kaige says, 'it was just brought up the other day on a channel to see what players thought of it.. don't know if it's gone much further than that'

Rush says, 'maybe there could be a tool that did the same thing'

Rush says, 'like a radio or something'


Make Sugeons More Interesting?

Herbert says, 'when do we get cure affect scalpels?'

Herbert glares at nothing in particular.

Herbert says, 'thats my question.. and has been for 3 years'

Herbert grins evilly.

LadyAce says, 'your scalpels already cure :P'

Adamar says, 'pepperoni roll? meat that looks like a stick'

Herbert says, 'cure 'affect''

Herbert says, 'like an eyedropper that cures blind, a syringe that cures plague, a coldpack that cures burns.. yadda yadda'

Korgan grins evilly.

Herbert says, 'surgeons need bonuses.. or even implement dress wounds to achieve the same thing'

Basara says, 'like a doctor's bag'

LadyAce says, 'ah. They'd be wands from a imm/builder perspective'

LadyAce says, 'or spelltools'

Basara says, 'but... you can be from Lima, and be able to do all of that!'

Herbert says, 'or +stat scalpels for those of us that cant wield weapons'

Herbert says, 'spelltools that only a surgeon can use though is my point'

Rush says to Herbert, 'oooooooh good one!'

LadyAce says, 'you can hold extra stuff if you can't wield a weapon'

Herbert says, 'a spelltool that requires the operate skill to function, with unlimited charges and low rent'

Weryl giggles.

Rush says, 'would be nice if I could do *something* besides cut people'

Herbert says, 'yeah but then we dont have to have our scalpel in our inventory where its easily stealable'

Herbert pouts.

Basara says, 'or make it that we can still talk...'

Basara says, 'runs get really boring.'

LadyAce says, 'it's a good set of ideas -- I don't think I'd like the unlimited use...'

LadyAce says, 'surely your eyedropper runs out of solution, the cold pack melts...'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Basara says, 'but for balancing sake, I'd doubt that it'll be low rent for the spelltool....'

Herbert says, 'well yeah but i dont want it to be a 10k rent single use lameo wand'

Basara says, 'can be preserved by a mage, could be a possibility'

LadyAce says, 'but it's worth putting those suggestions in, they're a good innovation'

Herbert says, 'because a 100min 100spi surgeon gets no bonus othern mana'

Adamar nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'i DID put em in'

Herbert says, '3 years ago!'

Sandra says, 'that's not true'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Rush says, 'i don't think a spelltool to cure blind or burns only usable by a surgeon would have any kind of impact on balance'

Weryl comforts Herbert.

Herbert says, 'ok they also get 10 more hps on an operate'

Rush says, 'negative impact i mean'

Herbert says, 'the lullaby (sucks) skill, and a maybe better calm'

Rush says, 'oh yeah i wanted to ask'

LadyAce says, 'well, burns aren't implemented so that wouldn't be too too much of a gain...but cure blind I can definitely see being useful'

A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Sandra?

Basara says, 'I'm already wondering how cutting people up further in battle makes them feel better...'

Rush says, 'does upping spirit past the min for surgery impact surgery at all?'

Sandra says, 'oops forgot I didn't have my aura'

LadyAce says to Rush, 'try it and see'

Herbert says, 'ive actually tested operate a LOT'

Basara says, 'yeah, that's true. can we improve the lullaby skill, like forced sleep for a few rounds?'

Rush says to Herbert, 'tell me Herbie'

Herbert says, '100min 100spi max heals around 45, 50min 50spi is 35'

Herbert says, 'what the hell rip off is that'

Herbert grins evilly.

Basara says, 'so that they can't wake up even if they want to?'

Rush says, 'i already get 40ish consistently'

Adamar says, 'lullaby already does that'

Sandra says, 'gee, 45hp for what? 10 mana. Cry me a river ;)'

Basara says, 'even if you hit them?'

Kaige says, 'could be straight 35s all the way up'

Rush says, 'man'

Herbert sticks his tongue out at Sandra. =P

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

Adamar says, 'then..that would be stun, not sleep'

Basara says, 'it could be... like they wake up in combat... but in resting state because still too tired'

Herbert says, 'i wouldnt mind straight 35 all the way if my 100min 100spi could be used for an improved set of skills AFTER operate'

Herbert says, 'which has been my point all along..'

LadyAce says, 'you tried having your patient sleep?'

LadyAce winks suggestively at Herbert.

Basara says, 'and then after two rounds they recover and stand up'

Rush nods her agreement with Herbert.

Herbert nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Herbert says to LadyAce, 'reduces the chance of bleeding, thats about all'

Sandra thinks operate is fine.

Basara says, 'so it's like a sleep, and then to wake up it's recovering from being bashed'

Weryl says, 'and no good during combat'

Sandra says, 'you're greedy'

Sandra ruffles Herbert's hair playfully.

Herbert says, 'dude I think operate is fine as well. listen to me!'

Rush says, 'c'mon surgies get kinda boring'

Adamar nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'i just think there should be ANOTHER skill or item that makes use of those of us that are surgeons not snipers'

LadyAce says, 'yea, dull is true....hard to make less dull tho, even if they had spelltooly stuff'

Herbert says, 'or subclass surgeons'

Rush says, 'would be nice if there was some cool thing to play with with stat mins of 80 spir/mind or something'

Adamar says, 'maybe some sort of mana healing power for surgeons'

LadyAce says, 'the bardic stuff does integrate with healers...if you have ideas on how to make it better, do tell :)'

Herbert says, 'an 800 mana surgeon never uses more than 100 of it.. so why not add some new thing that heals more or heals affects that costs a lot of mana to use and requires 80 in a stat'

Herbert says, 'like fighters get expert, and mages get words'

Rush nods her agreement with Herbert.

Herbert shrugs helplessly.

Rush says, 'yeh my mage burns 800 mana in 10 minutes, my surgie never gets below half mana even without a chally'

Basara says, 'get resucitate skill'

Adamar says, 'expert surgery? brain surgeon'

Herbert says, 'you guys know this has been my personal crusade for YEARS now'

Weryl says, 'why not basic heal/intermediate heal/expert heal and master heal as skills?'

Herbert says, 'so dont consider this speech anything new'

Adamar says, 'too much coding?'

Krynn says, 'i think surgeons should be able to give people that accept them pastic surgery (surgeon version of youth) and/or sex changes'

Adamar nods his agreement with Krynn.

Krynn nods to himself - he must be getting senile.

Adamar says, 'oh sex change surgey'

Rush cheers for Krynn - huzzah!

Herbert says, 'if you SERIOUSLY want my input I can write you an essay on what id like to see.. Q&A isnt a big enough forum'

LadyAce says, 'the essence of it is that it's boring to type operate over and over.'

Adamar looks scared.

Basara says, 'basically, when your hp goes down to a certain point, it becomes grey. resucitate will cost lots of mana, but bring the person's hp to something like the edge of the red/yellow zone.'

Rush says to LadyAce, 'or push F1 over and over'

Rush giggles.

Herbert says, 'no its not that spamming operate is boring, its just that there isnt enough reason to JUST be a surgeon'

Herbert says, 'you are kneecapping yourself by NOT being a sniper or some other thing as well at this point'

Basara says to Herbert, 'isn't that like real-life? not everyone can be a doctor?'

Rush nods her agreement with Herbert.

Rush says, 'maybe make an expert first aid at 80 spirit'

Herbert says, 'surgery itself is an artform here, tanks switch, mobs turn'

Herbert says, 'and honestly these days half the surgeons around cant keep up with that'

Herbert says, 'so i NEVER spam operate'

Adamar says, 'sometimes that is just lag'

Herbert says, 'but if you guys want my ideas, and believe me im not asking the world, i will write an email to you about it'

Rush says, 'as far as pkill, being an AA surgeon means getting a partner and never leacing a saferoom without them'

Rush says, 'if you go full surgeon I mean'

LadyAce says, 'I mentioned the spamming as being a source of dullness -- not the source of difficulty with the occupation :)'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert licks Sandra.

Rush whispers quietly to Herbert.

LadyAce says, 'I think many occupations suffer from the same sort of thing -- too few commands to type'

Herbert says, 'nah druids get their fancy get herbs deal.. lots of stuff... brewing...'

Herbert glares at the hippies.

LadyAce says to Herbert, 'you should write it up, but I'd say that the chance of having time delegated to it depends a lot'

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Rush says, 'how come? whats ahead of it?'

Herbert says to LadyAce, 'hell id help on it as much as a mort can.. testing on testmud, giving feedback'

Herbert says, 'extra credit assignment..'

Kaige says, 'everything that's ahead of skill trees now'

LadyAce says, 'well, there's a giant list of 'stuff we want to do sometime''

Herbert says, 'yeah i know the list..'

Rush nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'more complex poisoning system is the main thing I know about'

Herbert says, 'and I know Ea! has been looking at surgeons a LITTLE bit.. but id be willing to help out'

Herbert says, 'i'll write him a mail and cc it to y'all'

Axis smiles happily.


How Come Some Socials Gone?

Rush says, 'howcome you took out fondle and grope?'

Rush says, 'or changed them anyway'

LadyAce says, 'because they were nasty :P'

Adamar fondly fondles a stolen boat.

Rush giggles.

Rush says, 'so are a bunch of others'

LadyAce says, 'once they went on to channels, they seemed out of hand'

Adamar gropes a stolen boat.

Rush says, 'ohhh'

Adamar gives a stolen boat a long and passionate kiss - you back away from him worriedly.

LadyAce says, 'well, if you see any that you think are too icky to keep, point 'em out'

Rush strokes a small fishing boat.

Rush says, 'no I like them'

Rush says, 'i think they're funny'

Rush giggles.


Kudos on Charmie Changes

Herbert says, 'oh.... Kudos to whoever did cause charmie code changes, i never used to use em but theyre AWESOME now'

Herbert beams delightedly.

Korgan grins evilly.

LadyAce says, 'was Ea'

Sandra says, 'which change?'

LadyAce says, 'oh, good point there :)'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Sandra.

Adamar says, 'cause charmy beefier change?'

Kaige starts writing on the welcome board.

Sandra says, 'oh I did that'

Herbert says, 'no seriously theyre great now..'

Sandra giggles.

Herbert says, 'hit harder, better average hps.. more zombies..'

Herbert says, 'see now THATS been a benefit ive felt from havin 100 in some stats'

Herbert grins evilly.

Sandra says, 'well, the hitting and zombie thing wasn't changed actually. But the hp thing was'

Sandra says, 'you've just been lucky ;)'

Rush says to Herbert, 'you just got good karma for bein a good brother'

Rush bounces onto Herbert's lap.

Herbert says, 'jesus you serious?'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'my skeletons massacre these days..'

Sandra says, 'I made the hp change to put them in synch with greater summoned creatures. But that's the only change'

Adamar says, 'is damage based on cast level? or stats'

Herbert says, 'then again i hadnt used them for.... errrr....a year'

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

LadyAce giggles at Herbert.

Herbert says, 'maybe they were getting bored from lack of use and decided to impress me'

Kaige says, 'could be'

Kaige winks suggestively at Herbert.

Herbert looks up into the sky and ponders.


Does GMA Quest Give WHOIS?

Herbert says, 'does the finishing the GMA quest give a whois now?'

Herbert says, 'the whole stay the hand of death go do his mission kinda one?'

LadyAce says, 'I can't comment on that until the update goes in :)'

Herbert says, 'poo :('

Herbert says, 'ive been meaning to do it but dont wanna go through all the blood and sweat if its no whois'

LadyAce says, 'I hafta finish testing what I've done, and stop adding new stuff to it.'

Herbert grins evilly.

LadyAce says, 'any whoises added later will be applied to your char the minute you log in'

Herbert says, 'ooh! nice!'

Herbert cheers for LadyAce - huzzah!

Herbert says, 'be proud of everything you guys have done.. cos the mud these days is seriously a LOT better than when I started much as im sure ive whined about the old days at some point'

Kaige thanks Herbert heartily.

Herbert hugs Kaige.


Which Quests Have I Done?

Weryl says, 'hmm is there any way to tell what quests your charachter has done?'

Sandra says, 'try doing them again? ;)'

LadyAce says, 'whoises are the main way'

Weryl says, 'hmm i had trouble with the +10 stat quest but i cant recall doing it'

LadyAce says, 'well, that kinda thing you can ask us to take a look'

LadyAce says, 'if it seems buggy and all, we'll take a look'

Rush says, 'add your stat points up to see if you have the right total possible'

Weryl says, 'ok ill try again later if it doesnt work ill let ya know'


Saving Notes in DTs?

Rush says, 'what about saving notes in dts?'

Rush says, 'notes can be even less replacable than strings'

Kaige says to Rush, 'the best way to save notes is to copy them to a text file on your own computer.'

Herbert nods his agreement with Kaige.

Rush wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Rush nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'then again mudmail>email would fix that.. but i know ea is lookin at that too a little'

Herbert chuckles quietly to himself at something he found particularly humorous.

Herbert says, 'why is it im always suggesting things that are being kinda done anyway?'

Herbert peers at himself myopically.

Rush giggles at Herbert.

LadyAce says, 'cuz we constantly have too many ideas undone? :)'

Rush says, 'need more coders!'

Herbert says, 'nah i just suggest tricky ones too much'


HELP vs VIEW Commands

Rush says, 'I think the help file on prance should mention herbert'

Herbert says, 'noooo'

Kaige says, 'it does.. for herbert.'

Kaige giggles.

Sandra giggles.

Rush rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Herbert says, 'the future generations need never know i was the priss who invented prancing as an art form..'

Sandra snickers softly.

Kaige just made the HELP command point to the VIEW command for socials and moods if it found them.

Herbert says, 'wow i didnt know you could use help (social) instead of view social (social)'

Herbert goes EEK! in distress.

Rush nods her agreement with Herbert.

Sandra giggles.

Herbert cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

Rush says, 'sometimes goes funny'

Herbert says, 'thats SO much easier!'

Sandra giggles.


Problems with OOC Elevator?

Rush says, 'the messages when people use the elevator to the ooc floors are weird'

Rush says, 'depending on floor they do funny things'

Sandra says, 'like what?'

Rush says, 'like on the 4th floor there is no message when someone else comes in'

Rush says, 'as if they were sneaking'

Sandra says, 'hm, thought I did one for that floor'

Rush says, 'I think thats the one'

Sandra says, 'top floor?'

Rush says, 'and the messages for coming and going don't match'

Rush says, '4th I think'

Rush says, 'the one with the arches'

Sandra says, 'ok i'll look at it'

Rush really likes those rooms.

Rush giggles.

Kaige says, 'only has a message to the char on getting off on the one I see here for 4th'

Sandra says, 'weird'

Rush nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'might be from a particularly other floor, dunno'

Rush keeps thinking of more stuff

LadyAce smiles at Rush.


An IC Message Entering Game?

Rush says, 'when LoPs rent in it just says "Soandso has entered." Instead of ... "has entered the game."'

Sandra says, 'that's on purpose ;)'

Rush says, 'just "has entered"'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Rush says, 'sounds funny'

Rush giggles.

Sandra says, 'needed to make it look like they weren't exactly players. DIdn't wanna confuse newbies too much'

Rush nods solemnly.

Rush says, 'another thing about that, dunno how you could do it well, but when you rent out its an in game sounding message'

Rush says, 'like "Goes to sleep for the day"'

LadyAce steps out for a soda.

Sandra says, 'on them? I think the ones that rent say that they just rent a room?'

Rush says, 'but when you rent in it's an ooc message "has entered the game" ... could maybe be "Wakes up to face the day" or something'

Sandra says, 'oh that's a good idea. Or steps down from their room'

Rush nods her agreement with Sandra.

Kaige says, 'out from their room?'

Sandra says, 'idea that =)'

Rush nods her agreement with Sandra.

Kaige says, 'since not all of them would be on different floors. but then it looks weird in nazca either way. =)'

Sandra giggles.

Kaige says, 'anyway, if we're done here. I do need to get moving these two here.'

LadyAce waves good-bye to Kaige.

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Sandra hugs Kaige.

Korgan grins evilly.

Sandra waves happily.

Kaige waves happily.


Additional Topics Answered

This new section is intended to address some of the things that come up repeatedly and also provide a place where players can submit questions via the feedback channel (Q&A) so questions can be logged when they're thought of and the answers reported back here.

Also, as you'll find below, some of the builders will have some feedback on suggestions and typos that get reported with some of their reasoning for why things are the way they are or won't be incorporated into the areas.


Commonly Reported as Bugs but Aren't

o I beat on this mob until it was covered in blood, then I fled to rent off the agg and came back to heal up before finishing it off. I didn't get any exp (he was still covered when I restarted). Is this a bug, or does renting out the agg remove your link to the earlier damage done?
When you rent, the game removes your character from memory and all pointers to your character from memory. So yes, all that damage that you did, the game doesn't know who did it, because you rented.
o It makes sense to me that if you make a sword two handed, then it should do more damage than a one handed sword, therefore I think any sword that is two handed, should do 2 more max/average damage then its same weight counterpart.
A lot of whether YOUR character will wield a particular weapon in one hand or two depends on your character's strength. The damage done by a weapon is based on its weight with some leeway and additional damage from your DAMROLL and weapon proficiency skills. So what may be one handed for one character might not be for another, unless it is inherent in the weapon. Weapons that are inherently two handed, also tend to carry other bonuses with them.
o I was doing this quest, and I killed all the mobs except the one I wanted. And then immediately after this the wrong one repops and gives me the whois, like all in the same instant... anything I can do about it?
no nothing you can do immediately, but expect the quest to undergo changes in the so far un-deadlined future.
o Bridge of Will, Flood, Pocket of Air Rain Dance, Shadow Room, and Feign Death spells don't give a message to caster when they are cast.
This is because the spells are not implemented. Spells that are not implemented, don't have any code behind them at all.

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