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October 3rd, 2002

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Item Affects & Rent Specs
Bash Nerfed?
Socials On Clan Channels?
What's an Aura?
Bug With Chalice Repop?
Bug With Flavoring?
What's Imp of Order Mean?
Herne & Monster Critters?
Strings Removed from Items?
Can Homunculi Drop Stuff?
Any Upcoming Tinyplots?

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Item Affects & Rent Specs

Herbert says, 'theres a TONNE of stuff id like real stats on..'

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Herbert says, 'reasons for rent totals on a lot of it more than anything'

Herbert says, 'like lughs stupid coat!'

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Retribution says, 'I think heavy as sin is supposed to be an upside :P'

Kaige has created Manannan Mac Lir's coat of twice smelted mail!

Retribution says to Herbert, 'isnt it indestructible?'

Kaige shakes her head.

Herbert says, 'ok Sylia's shield is comparable in stats'

Kaige eats Manannan Mac Lir's coat of twice smelted mail.

Herbert says, 'coat is much higher rent'

Kaige has created a mystical rune-covered shield!

Herbert says, 'i USED to think we were payin for ac on the coat of smelted.. dont think so now.. or specs have changed since it was in'

Kaige says, 'not bad if that's what you're looking for'

Kaige says, 'it's 4 beyond what's allowed, so yeah you're paying a lot extra for those 4, especially for the metal material type'

Retribution says, 'if an item has properties like perma abilities they will show up in status wont they?'

Kaige says, 'umm... like what types are you thinking of?'

Retribution says, 'perma fly and things'

Herbert says, 'tho the "on body" slot is rarer for good ac, but then theres the LoP tunic of flame also much lower rent'

Kaige says, 'it's also not metal.'

Herbert says, 'does metal really play a difference in damage reduction though?'

Kaige says, 'not so much in AC/damage reduction but how durable the item is'

Retribution says, 'perma something, its been a while since I looked at it'

Kaige says, 'doesn't show up for me using status'

Retribution looks up into the sky and ponders.

Herbert says, 'durability hardly matters with the saturation of tformers and repairers about nowadays, most people dont take it into consideration at all now'

Retribution says, 'its the 14k rent one right?'

Herbert says, 'but ok, interesting :)'

Herbert says, 'but yeah the rent is still high when compared to the specs'

Kaige says, 'yeah, which is most of what you're paying for despite the discounts on it.'

Herbert says, 'so jesus, ac must cost a CRAPLOAD in rent amount..'

Herbert giggles.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Kaige says, 'I can easily see what they are. =)'

Kaige says, 'cape also has some other +stuff on it too. but yeah.. the perm affect costs are something that need looked at across the board'

Herbert says, 'for sure..'

Herbert says, 'oh god the blackthorn ring.. now THAT is on drugs'

Retribution rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Herbert says, 'i can admit to using a plat leaf a few times, but never a blackthorn ring'

Herbert giggles.

Kaige says, 'yeah, and not a huge sacrifice to use either since it's in a dual slot'

Herbert says, 'no stats, negatives, or ac'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'what is the rent cost for a special? is it spell dependant?'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Herbert nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'makes sense..'

Herbert says, 'Fly i can understand 5kish but sneak? sneak is a nasty little 2c spell'

Herbert giggles.

Kaige says, 'which if you're not a little 2c or big 3c, or a thiefly type, gives you a big advantage over others who also aren't and don't have the perc or detect hidden'

Kaige says, 'we have a different sytem that limits the number of benefits any one item uses'

Retribution says to Herbert, 'we'll get every item in spec if we die trying :P'

Kaige wishes Retribution good luck!

Retribution chuckles politely.

Herbert grins evilly at Retribution.. wonder what he's thinking...


Bash Nerfed?

Retribution says, 'is it just me or with all the new combat messages does bash miss even more than it used to?'

Ridic says, 'hi everyone'

Retribution nods his agreement with Ridic.

Kaige says to Retribution, 'unless I messed up the order on a message, the underlying functions didn't change'

Retribution says, 'I seem to land less and less bashes now, because I dont have autostand trigs for them yet so I notice it a lot more'

Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.

Herbert says, 'i swear the message changes there were just to stop nasty people like us autostanding..'

Herbert grins evilly.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Herbert says, 'but i do like bitterly headbutting people'

Kaige says, 'actually no.. it was mostly to make sure that you didn't always get the mood action message'


Socials On Clan Channels?

Ridic says, 'why can't you do moods on clan channels?'

Ridic says, 'and if possible can it be that way?'

Orchid1Guest says, 'and socials!'

Ridic says, 'i agree'

Ridic says, 'that would be cool'

Kaige says, 'because they use different code than chat/info/auction/gossip and it hasn't been changed over to use it.'

Ridic says, 'oh, think its going to happen anytime soon?'

Retribution says, 'I'd rather not have socials on clan, I can at least fall back to my clan channel when chat gets too spammy'

Ridic ducks to the ground.

Kaige says, 'we want to make it so the clan channels are the same as any other channel, only just for the clan. The trouble is, I'm not sure how to do that, and no one else currently has the time to do that.'

Ridic nods solemnly.

Retribution bursts into tears.

Ridic says, 'well when you guys get time it would be cool, until then im cool with it :-)'

Retribution says, 'actually so if they are like all other channels, we can turn them on and off?'

Kaige says, 'I don't know what the plans for that were'

Kaige says, 'err are?'

Orchid1Guest thinks you should make speaking in an accent illegal on channels. :P

Retribution says, 'because the mafia clan channel is just sooooooo spammy, with all antisocial create mages constantly nattering :P'

Retribution says, 'im lucky if I see 2 sentences on that a day'


What's an Aura?

Shadowfury says, 'weird'

Shadowfury says, 'how come I can see you in ooc'

Shadowfury says, 'but not in ic?'

Shadowfury looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige points to her [Aura]

Kaige says, 'it makes me vis to the room'

Shadowfury says, 'ahh'

Shadowfury says, 'ahh'

Shadowfury says, 'your right'

Shadowfury says, 'neato'

Retribution says, 'well ya learn something new every day'

Retribution says, 'I always wondered what the aura was'

Retribution snickers softly.


Bug With Chalice Repop?

Shadowfury says, 'Is the Chalice thing bug?'

Herbert says, 'you better not be talking flavoring it..'

Herbert says, 'cos ive had this discussion a LOT and i dont want it to be a bug'

Kaige says, 'define "chalice thing"'

Herbert grins evilly.

Shadowfury says, 'the altar thing'

Shadowfury says, 'it won't close and lock itself'

Ridic says, 'whats wrong with the altar?'

Herbert wipes his brow and sighs a big sigh of relief.

Retribution says, 'does on chalice repop'

Retribution says, 'not on suger repop I thought'

Shadowfury says, 'when does chalice repop?'

Shadowfury pets a tiny gold key lovingly.

Herbert says, 'it should autolock on close.. would be good'

Orchid1Guest says, 'oh chalice repop is just ... evil'

Shadowfury nods his agreement with Orchid1Guest.

Shadowfury says, 'I would pay a lot for one right now'

Orchid1Guest says, 'been that way as long as I can remember tho'

Shadowfury says, 'like 5k!'

Herbert says, '5k isnt a lot'

Herbert wrinkles his nose at Shadowfury.

Shadowfury says to Herbert, 'yes it is'

Shadowfury says to Herbert, 'you can buy alot of herbs with that much?'

Herbert says to Shadowfury, '30k is a lot, 5k is nothing..'


Bug With Flavoring?

Herbert says, 'ok while chalices and bugs are raised as a point..'

Herbert says, 'IS flavoring a bug?'

Herbert says, 'if i flavor my chalice with cure light, the curelight stays on the chalice not the water within it.. is that a bug?'

Herbert says, 'its nice to get a cure light every chalice tick.. so please dont change it on me'

Herbert sniffs sadly.

Herbert says, 'not not necessarily cure light, but ANY flavor effect..'

Kaige says to Herbert, 'technically yes... so's the fact that you can fill a drink_con from a flavored/fouled fountain and get pure liquid'

Shadowfury says to Herbert, 'if you don't tell them, they won't change it'

Shadowfury says to Herbert, 'but by you telling them, now they will change it'

Orchid1Guest says to Shadowfury, 'shame shame'

Herbert says to Shadowfury, 'i will also get busted for exploiting if someone ELSE does..'

Ridic says, 'no crap, if its good DON'T TELL'

Shadowfury nods his agreement with Ridic.

Herbert says, 'exploiting bugs is a BIG nono'

Retribution says, 'something I have been wondering about chalices for a long time actually, why is such a nessessary item for mana users not only timed but extremely annoying to get?'

Orchid1Guest says, 'dats dumb :P'

Ridic says, 'to you'

Ridic says, 'not to me'

Shadowfury says, 'just assume it isn't a bug?'

Kaige says to Retribution, 'balance basically.'

Shadowfury says, 'and problem solved'

Herbert says, 'to the immorts, not to me'

Ridic says, 'exploit while you can!'

Orchid1Guest will laugh when you get sitebanned.

Shadowfury says, 'by asking if it is a bug, your doubting, and by bringing it here, they will fix it'


What's Imp of Order Mean?

Shadowfury says to Kaige, 'what does imp of order mean?'

Ridic says, 'she is the head of legendMUD'

Kaige says to Shadowfury, 'when my husband was co-imp he was the one with all the crazy ideas and stuff like that so he was imp of chaos. My job was mostly taking those ideas and making sure things worked. Hence.. order.'

Shadowfury says to Kaige, 'ahh'

Shadowfury says, 'So, when will LegendMUD be shut down?'

Shadowfury snickers softly.

Ridic says to Kaige, 'why'd he quit?'

Herbert says, 'If you find a bug, you must report it by using the BUG command or mudmail to an immortal or even email to imp@legendmud.org. Taking advantage of a bug or using it to crash the mud is not permitted.'

Retribution says, 'by asking if it is a bug when you are not suree, you are covering your ass from getting busted for exploiting it if it is a bug'

Kaige says, 'no plans on it'

Herbert says, 'there ya go straight from HELP RULES'

Shadowfury shrugs helplessly.

Kaige says to Ridic, 'you know what he does for a living?'

Shadowfury says, 'I probably die from withdrawn symptom'

Herbert grins evilly at Kaige.. wonder what he's thinking...

Ridic says, 'no'

Herbert says to Kaige, 'origin still isnt it?'

Kaige says to Herbert, 'nope. Sony.'

Herbert says to Kaige, 'or did he move to Verant too?'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Shadowfury says, 'Oohh'

Herbert says, 'Sony/Verant.. knew it was one of em'

Shadowfury says, 'That new Star Wars?'

Herbert grins evilly.

Shadowfury bounces around.

Orchid1Guest says, 'I'd be like those people'

Kaige says to Ridic, 'he was lead designer on Ultima Online and is currently Creative Director for Star Wars Online.'

Shadowfury says to Kaige, 'wow'

Herbert says, 'didnt Sadist go there too now?'

Haley beams at Kaige delightedly.

Kaige nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'yup. he's working on SWO now too'

Herbert says, 'all the old faces, ran off and got famous'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Retribution says, 'dammmmmmn, no wonder he doesnt have time to mud :)'

Herbert says, 'but we DO still get our halloween stories'

Herbert beams delightedly.

Kaige says to Ridic, 'so working 10-12 hour days on a computer on a online rpg, doesn't exactly leave him with a lot of time/inclination to work on one for free in his free tiem'

Kaige nods her agreement with Herbert.

Kaige says, 'he's excited about doing another one this year'

Herbert grins evilly.


Herne & Monster Critters?

Retribution says, 'actually I have a question about an encounter I had earlier'

Retribution says, 'what drugs did you guys give herne this week?'

Herbert grins evilly at Retribution.. wonder what he's thinking...

Kaige says, 'no changes to herne in a while'

Retribution says, 'he cost me about 900 mana and 800 hp'

Orchid1Guest says, 'i swear there is a king tradesman and a king boggle'

Orchid1Guest says, 'I'll go along killing them so easy then one will tear me up'

Kaige says, 'not that I know of... a lot of multiple load mobs do have random stats so they're not the same every time... but it shouldn't be that wide a fluctuation in most cases'

Orchid1Guest says, 'maybe just karma or something'

Retribution says, 'and does he have autobash code or was he cheating when he was fighting my demon while I was out of the room and when I walked in he bashed me and kept on merrily beating on my poor dmon'

Kaige says, 'might depend on the keyword he was triggering with... since you'd then be the first one in the room with that keyword'

Orchid1Guest says, 'ohhh interesting'

Kaige says, 'cause I think the charmies get the player's name as the first keyword... but many mobs also have acts to seek out charmies' masters'


Strings Removed from Items?

Jacelis says, 'i have a question can you get strings removed from items?'

Herbert says, 'no'

Jacelis says, 'why not?'

Retribution says, 'not if you want to keep the item'

Kaige says, 'you can usually just get a new item, or you could get a new string'

Herbert says, 'because the item is renamed and unique when its strung i presume'

Kaige says, 'or you can have that string moved to a new item, but means giving up the item it was on'

Jacelis says, 'liike my strings'

Jacelis models his equipment.

Jacelis poses attractively and models a broomstick made from rowan and alderwood.


Can Homunculi Drop Stuff?

Retribution says, 'ooohhh yeah thats right I have more of a complaint'

Retribution says, 'homuncli'

Herbert says to Retribution, 'regular lil whiner!'

Kaige says to Retribution, 'Hmmm?'

Retribution says, 'why when you ditch them do they bugger off with your stuff?'

Retribution says, 'why cant they drop it like dops do'

Herbert says, 'because you ditched them! its the price you pay for meanness!'

Herbert throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Kaige says, 'why do you ditch them with your stuff? They're probably not happy about being porters anyway'

Jacelis says, 'yeah'

Herbert knows all of the default imm answers.

Herbert grins evilly.

Retribution says, 'I gave one my strung bag full of stuff while I was tforming stuff for someone'

Kaige giggles at Herbert.

Kaige says, 'ouch'

Retribution says, 'then without thinking I ditched it'

Kaige comforts Retribution.

Herbert says, 'just like those STUPPPPPID fate of the worlds.. NEVER string one of those kids its not good when you rem orb, junk orb'

Haley wrinkles her nose at Retribution.

Herbert says, 'and small quivers that dont have keyword small!'

Retribution says, 'so now my beating heart string doesnt work'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Jacelis laughs.

Orchid1Guest says, 'it would seem that a summoned creature poofing would leave behind all the earthly things it carries'

Orchid1Guest says, 'jmo'

Retribution says, 'it was ok when I could headbutt my homunculi to get rid of them'

Retribution says, 'but now its just nasty'

Kaige says, 'sounds like it would make knowing the peek skill useful'

Retribution says, 'and my spam production has increased a great deal when I want to get the money my little clay fellas carry for me'

Retribution says, 'no more killing them to get it from their corpses, no I gotta order them about'

Kaige says, 'yeah we've had a couple ideas for an give all.gold person or somesort'

Retribution says, 'I havent quite worked out exactly how much klien eq worth of coin each homunculi can carry so its a slow process to transfer at the moment'

Kaige says, 'the question is the best way to do it to make sure you're getting the money and not an item with the keyword "gold" or something like that'

Retribution says, 'use coin'

Retribution says, 'or coins'

Orchid1Guest says, 'use money'

Herbert says, 'oh yuh give ladyace a boot so those kleiners arent so weak they drop their swords!'

Retribution whaps Herbert across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.

Retribution says to Herbert, 'shaddup about that!'

Retribution whistles innocently to himself.

Herbert grins evilly at Retribution.. wonder what he's thinking...

Retribution says, 'dammit no more easy kills'

Kaige holds the unpopular opinion that all those lvl 50s should be spread out between 40-49 with just a few 50s left for the ones that really stand out

Orchid1Guest says to Kaige, 'klein guards you mean?'

Jacelis cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

Herbert says, 'need more! more 50th level congregations of mobs'

Herbert says, 'thats why Hell was so popular'

Retribution says, 'I have never killed klien for xp, its easier elsewhere'

Kaige says, 'I mean we've got about as many level 50 mobs across the whole mud as we do between 40-49'

Herbert says, 'cos you could go there at 40th with a surgeon and just CLEAR up'

Herbert grins evilly.

Retribution says, 'klien for me is a walking bank account boost'

Kaige would say more like "shuffling slightly in place" instead of "walking" but yeah

Herbert says, 'oooh ooh we need an animate dead tool..'

Herbert ducks to the ground.

Herbert says, 'cos i want perfect zombies every time, its for RP reasons of course!'

Herbert nods to himself.

Retribution says, 'I dont know, you find out how fast things walk when you beat on that lehensherr guy'

Herbert hugs a syringe of luminescent green fluid.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Herbert says, 'might have to spend an afternoon zombifying another town soon'

Retribution says, 'an animate tool would be good, either that or a way to decide what you want, much like lesser and greater elementals'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Retribution says, 'wussy up skeletons a bit and lower the mana cost'

Herbert chortles with amusement.

Herbert says, 'i dont mind high mana cost on skeletons, hell if pay another 50 for a guaranteed zombie even'

Retribution says, 'then you get the choice, cheap wussy tank time, or actually useful creations'


Any Upcoming Tinyplots?

Herbert says, 'ya know what else'd be good!'

Herbert says, 'a tiiiiiiinyplot'

Herbert nudges Natalia.

Herbert nudges Haley.

Retribution nods his agreement with Herbert.

Orchid1Guest says, 'can't morts run those?'

Kaige says, 'yup, it's been a while since we've had one'

Herbert wants to flex his RP muscle for a change.

Natalia looks up into the sky and ponders.

Herbert says, 'are morts allowed to co-ordinate tinyplots?'

Kaige says, 'yeah'

Herbert says, 'im sure between Carian Trag, 7c, Me, the Knights, The Coven, Infernals we could come up with something crazy for after halloween'

Herbert grins evilly.

Kaige says, 'the aztec one I did a while back, the idea was given by a mort and I ran with it.'

Orchid1Guest says to Herbert, 'do it'

Herbert says, 'im probably just envisioning the Boston one again though, god that was a blast'

Retribution says, 'the mafia is way too antisocial to take part in any tinyplot :P'

Herbert throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Retribution nods to himself.

Orchid1Guest says, 'how long ago was the last one?'

Kaige says, 'it's a little harder to do all the behind the scenes stuff as a mort with all the extra bells and whistles involving mobs and props... but morts can always do tinyplots -- I'd classify the thing with Kaine and CT as one'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'did we do a march madness one this year?'

Kaige can't recall.

Herbert says, 'dont think we had one this time..'

Herbert says, 'or if we did i wasnt about cos i was working maybe..'

Retribution says, 'I dont recall one'

Kaige says, 'yeah, so we're overdue for a big one'

Orchid1Guest says, 'so ages ago'

Herbert says, 'i might write up a little something and pass it around some people and see if i can raise some mort interest in it'

Kaige says to Herbert, 'sounds good'

Herbert says, 'gotta make sure i can get the players into it before i go givin it to the PR peoples'

Herbert grins evilly.

Kaige giggles.

Herbert says, 'pretty sure Marcel will pounce on anything halloweeny, and the coven and knights would too'

Herbert says, 'but halloween kinda appeals to EVERYONEs sense of fun, so could be good'

Herbert bounces around.

Herbert giggles.

Kaige says, 'anyway.. unless you guys have any other questions,...'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Herbert waves good-bye to Kaige.

Natalia nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'and hopefully, barring any problems, we'll have a big stack of stuff codewise next week'

Kaige says, 'thanks for coming guys.. we'll see ya next week same time and all'

Retribution hugs Kaige.

Kaige gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Kaige waves happily.

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