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October 10th, 2002

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Lotus Eater Broken?
Upcoming Tinyplots/Events?
Herbert's Game Idea
Possibility of Dex/Str Magic?
NPH Clanhall Poofed?
Why does Kipling chat?
Playerbase Smaller?
Breastplate to be Fixed?
Bless & Hitroll Cap?
Greater Summoning Helpfile?
Help Pages -- Good or Bad?
Steal & Ownership Bug?
More Info on Tinyplot?
Obvious Socials with Objects?
Can Homunculi Drop Stuff?
Make Singing Skills Cooler?
Mobs Standing After Bashed?
A Couple Paris Bugs
Next Imm App Round?

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Lotus Eater Broken?

Herbert says, 'the lotus eater.. how come you use brew for the lotus why not just make it an act.. so that its non-brewable except by him, then make the asking him lotus part trigger a spawn of the lotus'

Herbert says, 'that way its A. Always there B. Wont get destroyed by his incompetence'

Kaige says, 'That's the way Croaker set it up.'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Anjani says, 'I just idea'd that. He just scrapped it ... after an hour sitting in that silent room.'

Herbert says, 'what to be diabolically frustrating?...'

Kaige says, 'probably'

Kaige chuckles.

Herbert says, 'fits greece perfectly..'

Kaige giggles.

Craven laughs.

Anjani says, 'i don't mind the waiting or the destroying ... just not both at once.'

Herbert says, 'that whole area needs a damn good mstat'ing i tell ya'

Kaige says, 'the whole area just needs someone to maintain it.'

Kaige sighs loudly.

Herbert says, 'gimme!'

Kaige pets Herbert lovingly.

Herbert says, 'i'll fix..'

Herbert breaks out a chainsaw.. an axe and a sledgehammer.

Anjani says, 'or put boards in there so there's something to do.'

Herbert says, 'theres a board in there.. i think'

Kaige says, 'I think she means, news, discussion, etc'

Herbert says, 'oh right on.. true!'

Herbert says, 'but seriously its one of the best designed areas on the mud but its far too much of a deathfest on legs combined with nasty timebased things and awkwardness'

Herbert says, 'if it got a good tidy it would be amazing..'

Herbert says, 'and if i was a lowbie relying on con i would be deeeeead in there'

Anjani says, 'or the lotus room could have dream-type chars you can interact with ... sort of like Athena, quest hint or general history perspective conversations.'

Herbert says, 'like stepping on a bug... mmmhmm then why did i just get decimated 3 times and its still only on several wounds..'

Kaige says, 'yeah I like that idea... waking dreams there'

Anjani says, 'it's not that bad ... my last me had lots of fun at the teen-20ish level there.'

Kaige says to Herbert, 'now don't take this wrong, but.. umm... do you submit bug reports on stuff like that?'

LadyAce says, 'keep on making your reports -- eventually someone should be able to get in there and fix it'

Kaige hasn't looked at the list for that area in a while, so you may have, just asking.

Herbert says to Kaige, 'what on the lotus and conning things?'

Herbert says, 'yeah..'

Kaige says, 'the conning things, especially'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'most of em were months ago tho'

Herbert says, 'when i did all the greece quests'

Herbert says, 'well not ALL of them cos i got too frustrated by dying to supposedly wussy things'

Herbert snickers softly.

Kaige comforts Herbert.


Upcoming Tinyplots/Events?

Herbert says, 'ok TinyPlot! *puts on the broken record*'

Herbert says, 'last Q&A i was at Nat expressed interest as did everyone else in the room'

Herbert says, 'who do I have to kidnap to work on one!'

LadyAce has one planned for later in the month, but hasn't heard about your idea.

Herbert says, 'Halloweeeeeen, capitalise!'

Herbert says, 'hey if you have one planned why didnt Nat know when i was whining for one!'

Herbert says, 'communication within PR!'

Herbert nods to himself.

LadyAce says, 'I didn't send it out 'til Tuesday'

LadyAce says, 'so she wouldn't've known. And I didn't think of it til a few days before.'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Herbert says, 'oooh show me yours and i might blush and show ya mine'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert says, 'whats yer plan LA?'

Herbert says, 'off the record if ye like even..'

LadyAce says, 'I'm not doing anything with Halloween -- I'm already busy that day'

LadyAce says, 'so it'll be before that -- I'm sure we have very different ideas :)'

Herbert says, 'yeah but we cant run TWO tinyplots that'd give people heart attacks'

Herbert grins evilly.

LadyAce says, 'well, they could easily be at different times of the month.'

Herbert says, 'but two in a MONTH!'

Herbert faints.

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'been done before'

Anjani says, 'there's probably several events around Halloween ... maybe we need TPs when we don't have events like halloween, spring, easter, etc.'

Herbert says, 'i was only gonna work on one cos we havent had one this year'

Herbert giggles.

LadyAce says, 'type events for the list of stuff planned for the day, I need to pick a day for my tinyplot thang'

Herbert says, 'so if LA is doin something then i might as well hold off till we NEED one again'

LadyAce says, 'well, there's no reason to hold off if you have energy to do one...'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Herbert says, 'we've had tonnes of RP this year just no communal throw yer soul at it stuff for an outrageous old man like me'

Herbert says, 'i always have the energy for creativity!'

Herbert flourishes grandly.

LadyAce says, 'better to go for it when you have the inclination, I'd say :)'

Herbert giggles.

Anjani says to Herbert, 'do it closer to the end of the year or early next year, then people will remember it for the expies.'

Herbert says, 'but yeah yer right Halloween is WAY busy'

Herbert says, '4 events just that day..'

Herbert prances about pondering something.

Herbert says, 'later! i can work with that..'

Anjani giggles.

Herbert says, 'i can pick some obscuuuure witches timeframe for it'

LadyAce giggles.

Herbert says, 'god im sorry guys im WAY hyper today'

LadyAce says, 'well, let me know what you need for it (or I'll read the thingy) and I'll do what I can -- or see who can be recruited from PR'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Herbert hugs LadyAce.

Herbert says, 'i will hound me some PRs...'


Herbert's Game Idea

Herbert says, 'i also have a gaaaaaame ideeeea!'

Herbert bounces around.

LadyAce says, 'whatcha got? :)'

Herbert says, 'i been saving it for when i was gonna pounce the PR dept with my application but i cant waaaait'

Herbert says, 'ok so we have this theater right.. its called the Globe..'

Herbert says, 'Shakespeare is this big actor right..'

Herbert says, 'but hes ALWAYS lookin for actors to join his troupe!'

Herbert says, 'so we get people to bring along their bit piece for a screentest so to speak'

Herbert says, 'they use mundane items, socials, emotes, skills whatever they want to perform their piece'

Herbert says, 'and these get judged and prizes given, for individual or group performance'

Herbert says, 'possibly even with an annnual contest for a whois like .. has joined Shakespeares acting company'

Herbert says, 'or something like that...'

Herbert pants.

Kaige says, 'hmm.. wonder when his birthday was...'

Kaige says, 'aha!.. April 23rd.'

Herbert says, 'but it fits ALL yer PR guidelines..'

Herbert says, 'its playable by ANYONE with imagination'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'no level or movement or restrictions like that'

LadyAce says, 'it does sound like fun :) if people played along and did it'

Herbert says, 'just fun fun fun and creative'

Herbert says, 'oh i asked around i had a TONNE of people that said theyd pounce all over it'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert snaps his fingers. ATTITUDE!

Herbert says, 'so now im going to have to be a genius to get another game planned!'

Herbert says, 'but thats ok...'

LadyAce giggles.

Herbert says, 'there ya go, take it or leave it, thats my idea'

Kaige says, 'I like it.'

LadyAce says, 'it's a fun idea :) it's like the comedy club, in some ways'

Herbert beams delightedly.

Herbert nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'people like the comedy club okay, so it seems like it'd fly'

Herbert says, 'but with the right advertising..'

Herbert winks suggestively.

Herbert says, 'Shakespeare writes to the LT and announces a time, and says on chat and stuff to come attend..'

Herbert says, 'a quick transfer by ANY PR imm to him and yer off and away on the day'

Anjani says, 'and advertise at the magpie lightpost as well.'

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'give people lots of time to prep though i was working on a piece by puck from midsummers night dream it was simple or hard as ya like'

Herbert says, 'it can be as easy as reading lines, or as sophisticated as using props, temp moods, socials, emotes, skills'

Herbert says, 'people would get into that, the challenge of perfect acting'

LadyAce says, 'would you want to gear people towards Shakespeare specifically?'

Herbert says, 'not at all'

Herbert says, 'anything at all that requires passion and acting ability is good'

Anjani says, 'could we change our descs for the duration? So instead of Anjani I'd be seen as whatever char I was trying to play?'

Herbert says, 'poetry, scenes from plays, movies, books'

LadyAce says, 'sometimes it's useful to give people at least a starting point for what to pick'

Herbert nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'maybe have a theme on a per event basis'

Herbert shrugs helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'otherwise, if you're choosing from the whole of English lit, it can be hard to make up your mind'

Herbert says, 'i just concoct the scheme, execution is yours!'

LadyAce says, 'kinda like a teacher saying 'write about a book' *sploosh*'

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Herbert says, 'i used to LOVE doing that..'

LadyAce says, '(the sploosh is for tossing you in the deep end)'

Herbert says, 'but yeah just give a theme per event'

LadyAce says, 'well, some people might find that that gave them too many ideas :)'

Anjani says, 'followed by gurgle, gurgle ... as you drown?'

Kaige says, 'hehe.. with pittsburgh's nickelodeon movies, could do a silent movie night, that was kinda like charades too, all done with emotes and the like'

LadyAce says, 'it does sound like an idea that could get some use'

LadyAce smiles at Herbert.

Herbert says, 'make the competition shakespeare only or something or even hand out a few shakespeare scripts on special paper to the contestants who register in advance for the competition'

Herbert bounces around.

Herbert says, 'use it use it!'

Herbert beams delightedly.

LadyAce giggles.

Herbert says, 'scary thing is i would probably be terrible at it when it came down to it..'

Anjani says, 'or shakespearean age, in case someone wants to recite a metaphysical poet?'

LadyAce says, 'there are sources online, I think, for plays, etc.'

Herbert says, 'stage fright in the form of typos and forgotten lines'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Herbert nods his agreement with LadyAce.

LadyAce says, 'Christopher Marlowe, etc.'

Herbert says, 'yeah theres lots i went looking'

Herbert says, 'theres actually a free or out of copyright depository for plays and productions'

Anjani says, 'sweetest love (waves suger cane) I do not go for weariness (yawn) of thee ...'

Herbert says, 'i dont have the URL on me but it wasnt hard to find'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'gutenberg project, etc'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'ANYWAY.. thats the idea run with it'

Kaige says, 'that's an awesome site'

Herbert says, 'and i will try for something else by 5 months from now'

Herbert pants.

Herbert says, 'someone else talk now'

Herbert grins evilly.

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce says, 'how about Nov. 9th? I know it's a ways off, but I'm booked up til then :)'

LadyAce says, 'you free at 3pm? :)'

Herbert nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'it's a date.'

LadyAce gives Herbert a great big smooch!

Herbert says, 'can arrange that.. send me a note to be safe'

Herbert says, 'reminder notes are good'

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce puts it in events.


Possibility of Dex/Str Magic?

Rimenshi says, 'now, I'm new here and all, so this may be an old thing'

Kaige smiles at Rimenshi.

Rimenshi says, 'but I sure would like to see a spell or two that uses dex'

Anjani goes EEK! at Rimenshi in distress - isn't Rimenshi an awful person for teasing?

Rimenshi says, 'a word perhaps'

Rimenshi says, 'reason being'

Rimenshi says, 'it allows for another direction'

Herbert grins evilly.

Anjani says, 'now I personally love dex mages ... but it'd kill str mages.'

Herbert has seen this scene.

Rimenshi says, 'well, I dont really mean as a pk deal'

Rimenshi says, 'but or as an aid to bs'

Anjani says, 'no ... the stat reqs would kill str mages'

Rimenshi shrugs helplessly.

Rimenshi says, 'k'

Anjani says, 'if you need every stat BUT your fight stat ... you wouldn't go str. But that's just my opinion :)'

Anjani shuts up ... to let Rimenshi finish his idea.

Herbert mumbles something about warrior monks.

Rimenshi says, '*shrug* it isnt a very coherent one truly, only that if con is a prereq then in I dont see why dex isnt..I mean, the vision most have of mages'

Rimenshi says, 'includes arcane gestures and whatnot'

Herbert says, 'and being old and cranky with a pointy hat usually'

Rimenshi says, 'Im not saying that translates directly'

Herbert grins evilly.

Ea! says, 'It'd take a lot of work, and I think that instead of adding to mages and chant, we'd probably do it by putting it elsewhere... perhaps in the rune casting skills, but I forget just how those will work.'

Ea! says, 'not sure if dex makes sense there...'

Rimenshi shrugs helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'would be neat to revitalize that project'

Rimenshi says, 'it doesnt help that I dont understand a lot of the underlying things you have implemented here yet'

Herbert says, 'make a warrior monk form of magic, use focus instead of chant and only 2c words, that give you specifically fight type bonuses'

Rush smiles happily.

Rush says, 'did I miss anything?'

Herbert says, 'chi strike for stun, chi adrenal for strength stuff like that'

Herbert says, 'that would be soooooo dreamy'

Herbert swoons.

Kaige says to Rimenshi, 'I wouldn't worry a lot, sometimes it's good to look at things from a fresh perspective too'

Anjani says, 'ooh a mage without con perspective.'

LadyAce smiles at Rimenshi.

Anjani says to Rimenshi, 'sorry ... I should have let you finish. It was very rude of me ... fresh ways of looking at things are good.'

Herbert says, 'hes right you know.. str/dex mages are a LOT harder to make and dont get many bonuses for their stat'

LadyAce says to Rimenshi, 'make your observations as you go, learn everything you can get your hands on, tinker, try, experiment ... :)'

Herbert says, 'like con affects charmies and what not, or used to maybe'

Robar says, 'never the less i'd never go con in my right mind'

Anjani nods her agreement with Robar.

Anjani nonchalantly flips a main gauche.

Rimenshi says, 'nod, Im giving create/dex a try..figure what the heck, Im new, might as well be wierd'

Herbert says, 'harder EQ sheets because of conflicting stats for dex/str mages too'

Herbert says, 'hey con is GOOD!'

Herbert reports: 729/729 hp 95/727 mana 587/716 mv.

Herbert bursts into tears.

Robar says, 'but he's right of course, dex mages needs to be beefed up, I want power!'

Robar throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Herbert remembers never rescue Sir Robar Royce again.

Herbert sniffles quietly.

Herbert says, 'not that i have but you know.. theatrics and drama!'

Robar pats Herbert on the head.

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert hugs Robar.

Robar says to Herbert, 'its not your fault your a big oaf'

Anjani says, 'or two new types of magic user that uses dex instead of con as a prereq, and one that uses str instead of con as a prereq.'

Herbert says, 'str for a samurai, dex for a ninja'

Herbert winks suggestively.

Herbert says, 'both used chi spirit for fighting more effectively..'

Herbert says, 'and both are SADLY lacking in LegendMUD'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Robar peers around intently.

Anjani says, 'oh there's plenty of dex mages still around in dexmud'

Herbert waves a sign that reads, 'More Ninjas Please!'

Anjani peers at herself myopically.

Ea! says, 'We have a spec. for martial arts that covers all sorts of combinations of stats.'

Herbert sharpens a brilliant long well-crafted katana.

Rush says to Ea!, 'any eta on that?'

Herbert says, 'i know a character that knows martial arts skill'

Herbert ducks to the ground.

Ea! says to Rush, 'Nope.'

Rush nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'it doesnt do anything cool though'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Kaige says, 'It was spec'd out back in like 95/96 back when we had an oriental area in progress, but we haven't since then, so it's been left on the back burner'

Herbert says, 'oh god gimme that to play with Kaige id write a beautiful land of cherry blossoms, art, sophistication and bushido coooode'

Herbert tugs on Kaige's sleeve imploringly.

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Rimenshi chuckles politely.

Kaige points to the area proposal docs.

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Herbert grins evilly at Kaige.. wonder what he's thinking...

Herbert says, 'was working on it awhile ago.. cant propose till next time.. gotta prove im loverly'


NPH Clanhall Poofed?

Anjani says, 'I notice that NPH clan hall poofed. What's the story on that? clan gone or did they go broke?'

LadyAce says, 'clan poofied, looks like'

Herbert goes EEK! in distress.

Anjani goes EEK! in distress.

Herbert says, 'yeah not on RP clans list now..'

Robar doesnt need a clan to misguide newbies.


Why does Kipling chat?

Robar says, 'why's that author talking on channels now and then, isnt that pretty ooc and not at all in the bengal myth?'

LadyAce says, 'you mean Kipling?'

Herbert says, 'ive asked myself the same thing time and again'

Robar says, 'yes'

LadyAce says, 'he's actually a part of the time the area is set in'

Robar decided to stop asking himself and start askign some imms.

Herbert nods his agreement with Robar.

LadyAce says, 'you'll notice that the area is a juxtoposition of the idea of the ancient and the idea of the modern'

LadyAce says, 'the timed and the timeless'

Robar says, 'uh, I'm not sure i'll notice that'

LadyAce says, 'the commentators and those they comment on, you might say'

Herbert says, 'then again i dont think menelaus would have said Kudos either.. but yknow... greece needs tidied nuff sed'

Anjani says to Herbert, 'that's where we started from'

Herbert nods his agreement with Anjani.

Herbert says, 'flashback humor works great in movies..'

Herbert says, 'its a call-back'

Kaige says, 'the whole area is based on Kipling's interpretation of the area at the time -- so Ptah thought it'd be fun to have him announcing the achievements as the players went through the quest.'

Kaige says, 'and that was done way back before we could have "anonymous" info's too'

Robar nods solemnly.


Dead-End Quests?

Herbert says, 'kaige you remember that whole depressing princess thing?'

Herbert says, 'with the dodgy quest thats not there and the scary implications?'

Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.

Herbert says, 'in Tara..'

Anjani says, 'the one I always thought might be a quest, but never found it?'

Kaige says, 'depressing princess... oh yeah. Fionn's vague references to incest or soemthing'

Herbert says, 'shes crying cos its her dads fault cos of what he did to her..'

Herbert nods his agreement with Kaige.

Herbert says, 'its not incest'

Herbert says, 'in Celtic mythology she was the goddess of birth'

Herbert says, 'shes pregnant prolly'

Anjani says, 'did he stop her marrying someone?'

Herbert says, 'to who i dont know and dont want to imagine'

Kaige giggles.

Kaige says, 'well see, you know more about it than me... (*notes it sounds the same if it's his fault*)'

Herbert says, 'but yeah i think thats what was sposed to be gone for.. havent asked her baby or anything yet..'

Anjani says, 'could be her brother ... the evil one. Incest again.'

Kaige says, 'it's not there...'

Herbert says, 'well yeah it is his fault, but what is? that she fell pregnant or he got her pregnant'

Rush says, 'fell pregnant?'

Rush says, 'neat trick'

Kaige says, 'I at least have a place to start researching then'

Herbert says, 'heh you know what i mean..'

Herbert says, 'yeah have a read about it.. but it also fits with a lot of the dodgy pagan ideals of the time'

Rush says, 'sorry, that's just a hot button for me'

Rush says, 'people act like pregnangcy just happens to them :P'

Herbert says, 'which was the goddess gives birth to the child who grows up to impregnate the goddess, eternal cycle stuff'

Anjani says, 'maybe it's his fault that she isn't pregnant? Like she fell down some stairs that he'd not had repaired or whatever.'

Herbert says, 'dodgy, yes, but the way it was...'

Anjani says, 'as in miscarriage.'

Herbert says, 'i dunno, just keepin ya up to date than some of us are still frustrated by her lack of conversation on the matter, i HATE seeing girls upset'

Herbert says, 'and she wont lemme fix her!'

Herbert sniffs sadly.

Kaige nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'I'll see what I can find and add in there.'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert beams delightedly.

LadyAce says, 'then again, she could just be a sullen teenager, if you're the sort of traveller who doesn't believe in goddess stuff :)'

Herbert looks up into the sky and ponders.

Herbert says, 'well yuh i dont believe in it yknow, but its a far nicer picture to paint than her father being twisted'

Herbert snickers softly.

Rush says, 'do those damn girls in sherwood have a quest?'

Rush says, 'always asking about fashion, i've tried about a million things to tell them about it but they dun listen to me'

Kaige says to Rush, 'they're flighty gits.'

Rush says, 'they annoy me'

Herbert says, 'those girls need to spend more time farming and less time gossiping'

Herbert nods to himself.

Kaige nods her agreement with Herbert.

Rush nods her agreement with Herbert.

Robar says, 'kill them'

Rush says, 'I wanna do something to shut them up'

LadyAce giggles.

Kaige nods her agreement with Robar.

Anjani says, 'ya know she could just be realistic ... wouldn't you be depressed if you were killed repeatedly by every level 8 in town?'

Herbert says, 'hehehe i fear the day the mobs start remembering things like that..'

Herbert says, 'have Calatin turn up in the Institute clan hall and say Hello Herbert you killed me 840 times I may kill you now'

Anjani rolls around on the ground with laughter.


Playerbase Smaller?

Rimenshi says, 'tell me...has the playerbase here dropped off quite a bit? It seems very quiet considering the depth of the place'

LadyAce says, 'we're smaller than we used to be, but not by a huge amount'

Rush says, 'are we really?'

Rimenshi says, 'its suprising, I dont think a lot know this place is out here'

Rimenshi shrugs helplessly.

Herbert says, 'ive dragged like 8 new people here this year SURELY ya dont want more'

LadyAce says, 'it's hard to know how to get the word to them.'

Kaige says, 'and we've picked up again since summer. with people back in college and all'

Rimenshi nods solemnly.

Anjani says, 'we're kinda unique ... a lot of people drop by but don't stay'

Rimenshi says, 'its hard is why'

LadyAce says, 'text-based games just don't attract people the way they could in the past'

Herbert says, 'to get word to them advertise in Dragon magazine, or Dungeon magazine'

Rimenshi says, 'and Im not complaining, its a good thing'

Rush says, 'most people who see me mudding think it's insane'

Herbert says, 'hand out like the coffee cup that says advertising fund, some kind soul will fork out for it'

Rimenshi nods in agreement.

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Rush says, 'a lot of them think I am doing something in unix or something'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Anjani says, 'yah, but a lot of people want it easy. most of them don't stay.'

Herbert says, 'thats why Legend is SO good'

Herbert says, 'you sit at work and play and they think yer word processing or programming'

Rush nods solemnly.

Robar chuckles politely.

Rush says, 'totally'

Herbert says, 'cos all they hear is typing and all they see is text flying past'

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Robar got the wrong job.

Rush says, 'i mud from work a lot'

Anjani says to Herbert, 'I want your job then.'

Rimenshi says, 'yeah, I fall into that category too, the unix as well'

Rimenshi says, 'I mud all day from there, have for years'

Rimenshi chuckles politely.

Rush says, 'people want pictures'

Rimenshi says, 'hey, its a programming window! c-a P!'

LadyAce says, 'it does make it hard to advertise -- come join us, but only if you're cool and want to work and contribute to the fun of others as well as yourself, and are mature and friendly and and and....'

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Kaige says, 'and have an imagination and don't require eye-candy'

LadyAce says, 'we used to advertise on newsgroups, but now few people read them but the spammers :P'

Rimenshi nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Rimenshi says, 'mudconnector..it spams avalon'

Ea! says, 'I clearly remember arguing with Ptah shortly after I immed about how much graphical muds would make it hard for us to find players. He didn't think it would hurt at all.'

Rimenshi laughs.

LadyAce says, 'we're listed in mudconnector -- you should write in a review of us :)'

Rimenshi says, 'yeah, I didnt realize that he was connected with this place at all...what attracted me was the theme'

Herbert says, 'hey ive played EverCrack, Asherons Call, Anarchy Online..'

Rimenshi says, 'I was shocked to hear it was DD from UO that was ptah'

Herbert says, 'and frankly they all sucked for the depth, style and imagination here'

Rush says, 'I've played evercrack and asherons call'

Kaige giggles at Rimenshi.

LadyAce says, 'maybe we'll come back in fashion, like hiphuggers and lovebeads'

Rush says, 'for like 3 weeks, then .,... boring as crap'

Kaige says to Rimenshi, 'a bunch of us here worked on UO.. Sadist, Rufus, Me, Ptah, umm...I think that's it.'

Rimenshi nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'Sadist was Wyrd Dragon'

Rimenshi says, 'a great world, too many people, bottom line'

Herbert says, 'Sadist is cool but he doesnt come see us much'

Kaige says, 'yeah.. he's around, but doesn't visit with the players'

Kaige giggles.

Rimenshi says, 'I played for like 2 years, the first, and about 2 years ago'

Rimenshi says, 'it was sooo crowded'

Rush says, 'the ease of social communication on a text based mud is what makes it better, if you ask me'

Kaige says, 'power of emote'

Herbert gets on his hands and kness in front of Aunt Sandra and kisses her feet.

Rush says, 'if the graphical games ever get to that point they might be worth playing'

Sandra giggles at Herbert.

Kaige says, 'in text you can be, do, or show anything... in a graphical game, you have to hire and artist to draw it for you...'

Rush rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Anjani says, 'part of it's the speed for me. Old computer, old modem ... I don't see how I could play a graphical game. The rest of it is Legend itself'

Rush nods her agreement with Kaige.


Breastplate to be Fixed?

Herbert says, 'oh god Sandra PLEASE do something to that breastplate..'

Herbert winks suggestively.

Sandra says, 'what's wrong with it?'

Rush says, 'and thus began the ranting'

Rush giggles at Herbert.

Herbert says, 'nooo im ranting in tells!'

Herbert gives a quick polish to his halo. It now shines brightly.

Sandra giggles.

Herbert says, 'and shes giggling at me'

Herbert bursts into tears.

Sandra nods her agreement with Herbert.

Sandra ruffles Herbert's hair playfully.

Bart says to Herbert, 'probably deserved :)'

Rush nods her agreement with Bart.

Herbert says, 'i can see it now, a poll on login, Do YOU hate the stupid breastplate of spamminess?'

Sandra says, 'well, then get a coupon ;)'

Anjani says, 'which one? Crowe's?'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert says to Sandra, 'i DID! im stringin it later'

Herbert says, 'hahahaha'

Sandra says, 'problem solved!'

Herbert says, 'but serious its NASTY!'

Rush goes ACK TTTHHHHHPPPPPTTTTT! all over Sandra - what a mess!

Herbert says, 'ok ok dont look at my lots of overlength strings to dismiss the case..'

Anjani giggles.

Sandra says, 'I'm really not gonna change it. It's what the item was originally named, and it was the one he wanted. So it's staying ;)'

Sandra says, 'sorry tho!'

Herbert says, 'ok but if i ever lop i want the FULL length syringe not the cheapass new one LA made me get'

LadyAce giggles.

ArchAngel says, 'thought so...'

LadyAce says, 'sounds reasonable :)'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Herbert says, 'good.. deal.. and i also want a noncolor for everytime i have to use that godawful item'

Herbert licks his lips and smiles.

Sandra says, 'it's why I'm ignoring the typo reports on Merc's dagger too ;)'

LadyAce says to Sandra, 'you should put it in the helps, the nobugs like that'


Bless & Hitroll Cap?

Miyamto says, 'Is the bless spell affected by the 50 hitroll cap?'

Sandra says, 'if I remember right, no'

Miyamto says, 'Because, I have 27 hitroll from items, and bless doesn't give me any more'

Zoom says, 'It said in the helpfile that bless and agg affect it even when you have 50 hitroll'

Miyamto says, 'Then I think perhaps it is broken?'

Herbert mumbles something at spell helpfiles ALL need reworked.

Herbert says, 'i checked help on something recently regenned to exactly the mana it said and was 10 short..'

Herbert says, 'the helpfile had the wrong mana cost'

Miyamto says, 'I'm affected by less right now, but you will see, if I go rent it off, my hitroll will be the same when I log in again'

Herbert giggles.

ArchAngel snickers at Herbert nastily.

Anjani says, 'silly question .. .but are you resting when you check it?'

Miyamto says, 'No, and I'm 0 agg, but even resting, bless should affect me'

Herbert says, 'it doesnt while resting..'

Miyamto says, 'I'm actually even 2 dex short, of capping for hitroll, but bless still has no effects on me'

LadyAce says to Herbert, 'didja report that?'

Herbert says to LadyAce, 'yeah it was a few weeks ago'

LadyAce was hoping someone else could! :)

LadyAce nods her agreement with Herbert.

Rush says, 'did anyone answer the bless thing? or at least note it to check out later?'

Kaige was looking, couldn't find anything conclusive, and got 3 other things to do in the meantime.

Rush tugs on Ea!'s sleeve imploringly.

Bart grins evilly at Kaige.. wonder what he's thinking...

LadyAce says, 'I think it's a stumper question...report it on bug.'

Rush nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'and his hitroll has changed since he asked'


Greater Summoning Helpfile?

Herbert says, 'also mana costs on elemental summoning and even greater elemental summoning needs a HUGE tidy'

Herbert says, 'like if i was a total newbie i wouldnt even know HOW to summon a greater elemental'

Bart raises his eyebrow at Herbert.

Herbert says, 'lucky i was Andrea's apprentice when i was a create'

Herbert says, 'i.e adding "ex greater" after the spell words makes it a greater one'

LadyAce says, 'it should be!'

Rush says, 'my create was level 44 when someone finally explained how to make a greater elemental'

Herbert says, 'i never read that anywhere i had to be told, and the mana cost isnt written under summon water elemental'

Bart says to Herbert, 'do you mean the mana cost or the helpfile needs to be clearer as to how to get greaters?'

Rush says, 'there is nothing in the help files and i wasn't apprenticed to anyone'

Anjani says, 'both.'

Herbert says to Bart, 'both'

Rush says, 'i forgot it'

Anjani says, 'I asked someone with my first create when I got to the level and couldn't make them.'

Ea! says, 'Huh. Yeah, the helpfiles should mention that.'

Steerpike says, 'ok how can i find out how to make a greater elemental in the help files, whats the path through em to find that?'

Steerpike grins evilly.

Ea! says to Steerpike, 'It should be mentioned in there, but it isn't... '

Steerpike nods his agreement with Ea!.

Steerpike says, 'cool ok so im NOT going mental'

Steerpike giggles.


Help Pages -- Good or Bad?

Rimenshi says, 'www.legenddb.com man'

Kaige says to Rimenshi, 'not if you want accurate info... you get it yourself'

ArchAngel says, 'legenddb is helpful but not complete and is missing loads of data...'

Rimenshi says, 'I had assumed that site was done by the staff, it isnt?'

Rush laughs at Rimenshi.

ArchAngel says, 'its not -- its done by players'

LadyAce says to Rimenshi, 'it's done by a player, and it's considered "not recommended" by the imm staff.'

LadyAce says to Rimenshi, 'our website is www.legendmud.org.'

Rush says, 'why is it not reccomended?'

Anjani says, 'last time I looked it had errors'

Zoom says to Rush, 'kind of a cheat site'

Steerpike says, 'legenddb is HORRIBLY inaccurate..'

ArchAngel says, 'the site actually gives too much information....'

Kaige says, 'legenddb is very UNHELPFUL to the builders when they get quests wrong and people won't do it without the site and then drive us batty looking for bugs that aren't there'

LadyAce says, 'because we think people should find things out for themselves, and that it ruins people's fun to just look it up and follow along'

Rush says, 'that's individual players fault'

Rimenshi nods solemnly.

Rush says to LadyAce, 'but your fun and my fun can be different'

LadyAce says, 'it also creates a different sort of atmosphere -- gimme gimme, I don't want to work for this, I don't want to think, gimme more more more....'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

ArchAngel says, 'legenddb is controlled and altered by countless players really...'

Rush says to LadyAce, 'maybe my fun is following along, and hanging out'

Rush says to LadyAce, 'while yours is fguring it out'

LadyAce says to Rush, 'we'd rather that players worked together, if they don't want to puzzle it out alone'

Rush says to LadyAce, 'i don't begrudge you figuring it out, i just don't see why you begrudge me having my fun my way'

Herbert says, 'oh god i STILL havent figured out the new lima quest'

Herbert sighs at himself. What a sorry sight.

ArchAngel says, 'and I really prefer to actaully get things done myself...'

Kaige cheers for herself since no one else has.

Kaige says to Herbert, 'which one?'

Rush says, 'honestly, i'd much rather use db to get stuff done fast, then spend most of my time here chatting and grouping with buddies'

Herbert says, 'wasn't there a new one recently? that required working together to achieve or some cryptic silliness on welcome?'

Herbert giggles.

Kaige nods her agreement with Herbert.

Herbert says, 'that one then!'

Herbert grins evilly.

Kaige says, 'thought that was the one you meant'

Herbert says, 'me and spite wandered about but couldnt see any quest triggers about, cept maybe the senorita ruiz thing'

Herbert says, 'her and the shady old dandy, is that part new?'

Rush giggles.

Kaige shakes her head. LadyAce says to Rush, 'it's not a simple matter of fun, either, from an imm perspective -- it's something similar to the argument we make about bots.'

Herbert says, 'gah cant ask stuff like that.. sorry'

ArchAngel says, 'I want to lvl and staying here chatting aint gunna lvl me besides I got two deaths to make up.... so catch ya all on the other side'

Rush says to LadyAce, 'splain?'

Herbert hugs ArchAngel.

ArchAngel hugs Herbert.

LadyAce says, 'if I make a really huge hard quest and give a great reward, many people might find that exciting. But if someone goes and writes out the exact way to do it so it can be done in 5 minutes, the balance is thrown off'

ArchAngel blinks.

LadyAce says, 'we try to match up effort and reward'

Rimenshi nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Rush says, 'why tho'

Rush says, 'for the individual who enjoys a gruel quest, he gets his fun'

Rush says, 'for me who doesn't. I read db and get my fun'

Kaige says, 'or writes it down WRONG.. it's just gonna frustrate a lot of people who will blame us for it being "broken"'

Herbert says, 'cos otherwise good honest hardworkin joes like me slog it out, sometimes for DAYS *glare bart* to get a quest done.'

Rush says to Kaige, 'i see your point there, but thats just dumb people'

Herbert says, 'and then some punk puts it on the DB and its a 5 minute deal'

Bart grins evilly at Herbert.. wonder what he's thinking...

Herbert says, 'cept maybe the one of barts i mean, which is a few hours whether ya like it or not'

Herbert chuckles quietly to himself at something he found particularly humorous.

Kaige says, 'we've had a lot of dumb people recently then'

LadyAce says, 'no effort for big reward is bad for the balance of the game, ultimately, and it's pretty darn discouraging to both the people trying to make good clues/interesting quests, and those who are trying to puzzle through the quest themselves'

Rush says to Kaige, 'i mean really, if you are going to go basiclly get a cheat, can't complain when it doesn't work :P'

Herbert says, 'Bart makes great quests, they're hard but not too hard, and beautifully written'

Herbert says, 'if Bart wasnt a man id marry him'

Herbert swoons into Bart's arms.

Rush giggles.

Bart chuckles politely.

Kaige says to Rush, 'you'd be surprised... but then until we figure out that it's listed wrong over there, we're sent on a wild goose chase when we could be doing new and/or better things'

Rush says, 'i dunno ... there are some i like'

Bart thinks Ptah still takes the cake for written quests...

Herbert says, 'but im already gonna marry Mimi'

Rush says, 'but most quests frustrate the crap outa me'

Rush says, 'I just don't enjoy that aspect'

LadyAce says, 'we'd rather have the player feedback from frustrated people so we can improve them'

Anjani says, 'my favourite quest is the raindance one'

Herbert says, 'do beowulf sometime rush..'

Rush says, 'so i'd rather bust through it when i have to get one for a stat or something'

Bart smiles at Huginn.

Huginn waves hello to the world!

LadyAce says, 'we'd rather hear where our clues are missing or misleading than see people resort to the 'back of the book' every time'

Herbert says, 'get this hardass item, kill this hardass thing, ya think yer done? hell no.. get another hardass item, kill another hardass thing..'

Herbert says, 'and so on.. hehe'

Rush says, 'beowulf was broken years ago and i was told i was doing it right but I was just uta luck so i ever tried again :P'

Rimenshi says, 'honestly, the biggest thing Ive used db for is pure navigation...wandering around for days trying to find a place to rent is a pain'

Rimenshi says, 'put more roadsigns'

Bart says, 'the problem comes when the builder thinks they have put enough clues in, but not everyone thinks the same way, so some players just don't connect the clues that are in there.'

Rimenshi says, 'not a ton, but a few'

Herbert says, 'too many people play with brief on'

Herbert grins evilly.

Herbert says, 'most rooms near inns have big speeches about sounds of noisy drinking and yadda yadda'

Bart nods his agreement with Herbert.

Anjani says to Rimenshi, 'you been using graph paper and pencil to draw your way around?'

Rush says, 'oh I can think of one very small thing that is a good example'

Rush says, 'i was exploring in alaska'

Rimenshi says, 'have to admit, I havent'

Rush says, 'and I got caught in the room where you have to use a social to get back out'

LadyAce says to Rimenshi, 'you can get a lot from using look , as well as watching when the room descs mention towns and roads'

Herbert says, 'and the listen skill is good, and scan'

Rush says, 'but the wording of the desc made me think if I used that social i might die or something'

Herbert giggles at Rush.

Rush says, 'so I waited until someone could tell me what to do'

Rush shrugs helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'sometimes, you just have to try stuff :P live a little, take a risk.'

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Herbert says, 'i like it when a quest is like really hard to find and no one has the whois'

Rimenshi says, 'so how did you know what whois it was?'

Rimenshi chuckles politely.

Herbert says, 'i have sophisticated whois filtering glasses'

Herbert grins evilly.

Rimenshi grins evilly.

Herbert says, 'oneday i will put the whois suppression thing on'

Anjani says, 'until then he wants to spam you LD if you whois him'

Anjani grins evilly at Herbert.. wonder what she's thinking...


Steal & Ownership Bug?

Rush says, 'not sure if it's been changed but i've been thinking on steal ... if you can reset ownership on items by having someone steal them from you after you've stolen them, that has a ton of implications'

Rush says, 'has that been changed?'

Ea! says, 'we haven't figured out what to do with steal yet.'

Kaige says, 'there's a difference between "owner" and "possessor" so I'm not quite sure what you were asking about would happen.'

Rush says, 'ok if I steal shivans coupon and then i get someone else to steal it from me and then they drop it - i own it now'

Herbert licks Retribution.

LadyAce says, 'stealing an item that doesn't belong to your victim should leave it owned to the original owner'

Rush says, 'i think axis proved that wrong, ladyace'

Kaige says, 'then that would be a bug.'

Rush says, 'unless i am mistaken he mudmailed me about it tho'

Rush says, 'i thought he mudmailed you guys'

Kaige says, 'she was saying "should" which is correct.'

Kaige hadn't heard of it.

Rush says, 'who wants to come ic and play with steal with me?'

Rush bats her eyelashes.

Huginn says, 'sorry what's the question about steal?'

Huginn is on a slow link

Rush says, 'ok i steal a coupon from pkerA'

Rush says, 'pkerB steals it from me and drops it'

Rush says, 'I now can pick it up - it's mine'

Rush says, 'and I can use it'

Kaige says, 'about how if you steal and already owned item, it switches the ownership to the possessor'

Kaige says, 'instead of leaving it as the original and correct owner.'

Huginn says, 'ok that's broken if it does.. it should not reset the owner'

Huginn says, 'only the posessor'

Rush says, 'thus my question ... who wants to play with steal with me ic to see?'

Ea! says, 'I *think* I fixed it so that when you pick it up it becomes unowned again.'

Rush says, 'it shouldn't change tho'

Huginn says, 'only if you're the original owner'

Rush says, 'it should stay owned by pkerA'

Rush looks confused.

Ea! says, 'Ah, right -- I was confused.'

Huginn says, 'it should only unown if you "get it back" so to speak'

Ea! says, 'You're right, that's a bug, and we haven't figured out how to handle it.'

Kaige says, 'I think he's talking about another bug that was just fixed with it'

Rush says, 'ok'

Rush says, 'i wasn't sure if it was meant to be that way'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Rush says, 'and if it was I had sneaky plans'


More Info on Tinyplot?

Rush says, 'where can we get more info on the tinyplot?'

LadyAce says, 'well, we'll see if it's kickass. I hope it's fun, anyway, and that people play along.'

Retribution says, 'oh no! its almost halloween again :('

LadyAce says, 'I'll post some more details to welcome in a bit. It's a ways off yet'

Herbert says, 'Elf Slaughter!'

Jenna goes EEK! in distress.

Rush nods solemnly.

Herbert holds his head down and mourns the dead.

Retribution cries on Herbert's shoulder.

Herbert says, 'at least theyre not handing out free string sets like the first one'

Herbert gives a firm poke in the ribs to everyone in the room.

Anjani says, 'i think i might put elfin in my desc.'

Retribution says, 'Im gonna be rushed off my feet with dt re-eqs again :('

Anjani grins evilly.

LadyAce giggles at Anjani.

Jenna rolls around laughing at Retribution's joke.

Rush says, 'free string sets?'

Rush looks confused.

Herbert says, 'they were.. the first elfgame was noncolors aplenty!'

Retribution nods his agreement with Rush.

Rush says, 'ohhh'

Rimenshi says, 'dts are a heck of an idea btw...they make me mad, but make me watch'

Rush says, 'i was in a non legend place'

Rush bursts into tears.

Rush says, 'I missed it'

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce smiles at Rimenshi.


Obvious Socials with Objects?

Jenna says, 'I've probably idea'd it before.. but why can't we tickle people with objects..'

Jenna says, 'I would have thought that'd be an obvious one..'

LadyAce says, 'if you're not sure, idea it again? :)'

Kaige says, 'I think I originally shied away from that one for fear of what some people would use to tickle with...'

Bart nods his agreement with Kaige.

Retribution snickers at Kaige nastily.

Rush says, 'no shyness'

Bart says, 'could get very "ooky"'

Rush says, 'you have stroke for gods sake'

Rush says, 'and stretch'

Jenna says, 'you can't stroke people with objects'

Retribution says, 'and licking aint ooky?'

Rush says, 'and all those'

Rush says, 'but stroke itself is pretty suggestive'

Rush says, 'don't get me wrong, i like it :P'

Kaige says, 'same reasoning... who here would want to be stroked with Craven's wad?'

Rush rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Bart shudders.

Kaige nods her agreement with Bart.

Rush says, 'he dun have it anymore'

Retribution says, 'if he still had it :P'

Rush says, 'so its ok now'

Rush nods to herself.

LadyAce giggles.

LadyAce says, 'one never knows what perverse creativities lurk in the minds of players :)'

Rush beams at LadyAce delightedly.

LadyAce says, 'an imm almost fell for the 'can I be a cunning linguist?' desc :P'

LadyAce fell for the wad one, didn't even SEE it coming.

LadyAce shrugs helplessly.

Rush says, 'always a fun suprise'

Jenna twiddles a curl around her finger and grins cheekily at LadyAce.

Retribution says, 'well I got a whole mess of perversions waiting to burst out :)'

Rush cheers for Retribution - huzzah!

Rush says to Retribution, 'wheres the baby corpse or whatever?'

Jenna comforts Retribution.

Retribution says to Rush, 'my homunculus ate it'

Rush goes EEK! in distress.

Rush says, 'if I get a coupon its yours'

Rush says, 'that was just too good'

Jenna says, 'oh'

Krynn sighs loudly.


Can Homunculi Drop Stuff?

Jenna says, 'there's a point'

Jenna says, 'shouldn't summoners be able to slaughter their own homunculi?'

Retribution says, 'that reminds me, can someone please make homunculi drop things when you ditch them?'

Retribution nods his agreement with Jenna.

Retribution says, 'he ate my baby and a whole lotta stuff I had stashed in it'

Rush says, 'it does make sense for summoned creatures to drop earthly things before they return the the astral plane or whatever'


Make Singing Skills Cooler?

Herbert says, 'Bart.. can you make the sing school cooler..'

Herbert says, 'or more useful for something other than a subskill, lullaby, which sucks huge'

Rush says, 'school?'

Bart says to Herbert, 'euw, singing schools.... they're scary things designed for early teenage girls and boys who want to be pop stars'

Bart shudders.

Kaige says, 'school/tree same thing'

Rush says, 'there are only 2 skills aren't there?'

Rush nods her agreement with Kaige.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Bart's head.

Herbert says, 'skill i meant, i dont know where school came from'

Bart says, 'I know :)P'

Herbert says, 'something needs done with Sing/Lullaby that whole branch'

Bart just enjoyed the tangent

Herbert gives his detailed report of things with, 'it sucks'

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

LadyAce giggles.

Bart says, 'well, blame me for there actually being a "sing" skill, but I have nothing to do with the "business" end of things'

Herbert says, 'lullaby just isnt that effective, its nowhere near the sleep spell but requires damn near higher stats'

Herbert says, 'and singing has no effect really, maybe if it cast a random beneficial spell for every success or something people might use it'

Herbert says, 'like bless, str, armor, curel, dh, aurasight etc.. just lil spells or something'

Jenna says, 'or a better inspire effect if you have the skill?'

Rush says, 'any plans to imp entrance with sing?'

Herbert nods his agreement with Jenna.

Herbert says, 'SOMETHING.. it just needs some kind of benefit'

Kaige points to many previous Q&A logs where that's answered.

Rush says, 'oh'


Mobs Standing After Bashed?

Akima says, 'i was wondering, are there mobs which are supposed to stand 1 round after a bash?'

Huginn says to Akima, 'depends on the mob.. most no'

Huginn says to Akima, 'some have special abilites though'

Akima says to Huginn, 'one LOP mob in particular... ah okay'

Huginn nods his agreement with Akima.

Huginn says, 'probably so then..'

Kaige says, 'you may want to talk to Sandra about that... she swears they don't cheat like that'

Huginn says to Akima, 'if you think its a bug you can send a note to sandra about that one'

Huginn jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Kaige!

Ea! giggles.

Kaige says, 'so she can look into it and see if they're supposed to be doing that.'

Akima looks up into the sky and ponders.

Akima says, 'one of us bugreported it... i suppose that should be sufficient'


A Couple Paris Bugs

Akima says to Bart, 'i know this is the wrong forum for this, but i think there's a little typo in the tarasque room'

Bart raises his eyebrow at Akima.

Akima says, 'the moment he dies the message "convulses in surprise at Grunt's final assault and tumbles horribly towards the flaming pits below" is seen'

Akima says, 'that message appears after "the Tarasque is DEAD!" and before you hear his deathcry'

Bart says, 'ok, should be "toward the..."'

Akima says, 'hm, the problem appears to be that the sentence starts with "convulses in surprise..."'

Bart bonks himself on the head and looks sheepish.

Bart nods solemnly.

Kaige says to Bart, 'echo instead of emote?'

Bart says, 'silly mistake there'

Bart nods his agreement with Kaige.

Bart bonks himself on the head and looks sheepish.

Akima says to Bart, 'um, and you know about the "Someone says, 'Where on earth is my victim... please tell Bart ASAP!'"?'

Kaige giggles.

Kaige comforts Bart.

Bart says, 'awman, that went off as well?????'

Bart is completely boggled.

Akima says, 'i thought you knew, you were in the room =P'

Akima says, 'anyways, didn't think you knew, i figured i'm probably the first person with the anal retentiveness to pick through the entire log and look at all the details *bonk self*'


Next Imm App Round?

Akima says, 'next imm-ing is in feb? or march?'

Kaige says, 'march 1st is next deadline'

Kaige says, 'feb is mud birthday stuff'

Akima nods solemnly.

Ea! says to Kaige, 'Damn. That's not too far off, is it?'

Kaige says, 'nope. only 4 months'


Additional Topics Answered

This section is intended to address some of the things that come up repeatedly and also provide a place where players can submit questions via the feedback channel (Q&A) so questions can be logged when they're thought of and the answers reported back here.

Also, some of the builders will often have some feedback on suggestions and typos that get reported with some of their reasoning for why things are the way they are or won't be incorporated into the areas.


General Suggestions/Questions

o Any tips on tracking one whois? I mean .. once you get 50 or so, so hard to see if you get a new one or not .. etc ..
Oops. Skipped answering this one last time.

You could always copy the ones you have off into a file and periodically check against that list to see if it's changed. There isn't really an easy way for the code to know if you just got this whois string or that one, so we can't offer to put a star beside your newest one or anything like that.

o This weapon weighs 7kg yet it needs 36 strength in order to wield it one-handed. Does that mean it is really 7.2kg?
Nope. It doesn't work that way. For the most part Legend's code and database deal with integers, so all our weights and sizes are whole numbers. Whether or not you can wield a weapon and how many hands it takes to wield that weapon are not based on the same formulas.
o Can we have a leap to assist command? Like those mobs that help each other? My leader gets hit... I type assist leader .. you leap in to defend .. bleh bleh...
We do not intend to ever have an assist command for players, automapping, autolooting, server-side aliases, or any other commands that permit players to not pay attention to the game as they play.
o Why isn't there more than one +5 net stats bow? Taking into account that by going the bow route, you will miss out a held item.
Several people have made this suggestion, some even specifying which stat should be made +5 on the bow. These suggestions are logged in the regular area bug file for builders to look through for suggestions when they are making new items in their areas. But just because a suggestion for an item is made, it doesn't mean it will be made and just slapped in somewhere. If the builders don't feel it will fit with their area, they aren't obligated to squeeze it in.
o How do you turn tells off?
By using the CONFIG command and typing CONFIG RECEIVETELLS will toggle your setting from on to off. You can check how your CONFIGs are set using the OPTIONS command. HELP RECEIVETELLS, OPTIONS and CONFIG will have more information.
o Why are guards so "dumb", if they see a player murdering a mob citizen in front of them, shouldn't they jump in and do their job? To protect and serve?
This one is often a question of playability. If they guards are too high level compared to the mobs they're "protecting," it becomes rather unfair to the player who comes to the area, considers the mob and gets splatted out of the blue because a guard walks in in the middle of the fight. Places where the mobs they are "protecting" are higher level than the guards, you can expect that they will likely assist them.

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