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January 22nd, 2004

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Ways to Reset Alertness?
Tools and Requiring Skill?
Idea for Rainbow Bridge?
Honest, I'm Not Multiplaying!
Can Write-Ins be Real Categories?
Bug with Reloading from Quivers?
Burning Questions
Belly Dancer and Perfume?
Old Eq and items that no longer exist?
Problem with Zanzibar Housing?
Posting Target Dates?
Emotes with Name Not First?
New Spells in the Works?
Does Wall of Winds Work?
Create Mages & Pkill?
No Illusions on Some Items?
Scheduling Player Events?
Language Rules Cover Private Boards?
Next PK Tourney?
More Entangle Weapons?
Dispel Magic Vs Magic Sink?

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General Suggestions/Questions

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Ways to Reset Alertness?

Spanish-Flea says, 'is there anyway to reset an alertness trig on a mob that's implemented?'

Sandra says, 'wha?'

LadyAce doesn't know what you mean.

Spanish-Flea says, 'you know, the flag that prevents people from being backstabbed more than once a tick :P'

Spanish-Flea says, 'and a bunch of other stuff'

Sandra says, 'oh, sure there's ways'

Tuco nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'you mean, for a mob which is too alert, to become no-longer-too-alert?'

Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Garrett says, 'what about putting them to sleep?'

LadyAce says, 'it's a flag, trig got me thinking all acts'y'

Spanish-Flea says, 'you cant put them to sleep if they're too alert'

Spanish-Flea says, 'its a vicious cycle'

Kaige likes it.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

LadyAce says, 'explore and see what you can do about it, I'd say'

Sandra says, 'see, I didn't say it that time'


Tools and Requiring Skill?

Suileach says, 'in my quest for knowledge i have found a number of tools, yet each tool i find requires the skill it gives to use it. that seems redundant'

Sana says, 'hear hear'

Garrett says, 'what about the tool that does scan'

LadyAce says, 'some do and some don't'

Garrett says, 'I don't think that requires scan'

LadyAce says, 'depends on the tool'

LadyAce says, 'they're a lot more spendy if they don't take the skill'

LadyAce says, 'and they have to have more disadvantages'

DoC says, 'does the meditate tool still improve rate?'

Wren says, 'yay spendy'

Wren says, 'did it ever? It never seemed to help much for me'

Sana says, 'just make them all timed for like 8 ticks'

Sana snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'those don't work'

DoC nods his agreement with Wren.

DoC nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'they only 'worked' when they didn't require the skill ;) And that was only letting people use it. Not increasing rate'

DoC says, 'ahh i see'

DoC nods solemnly.

Sana says, 'that was sweet, leveled so many mages in that week and a half that was in'

Wren snickers softly.

Sandra giggles.

Suileach says, 'does that answer the statement of redundancy?'

LadyAce says, 'if you're seeing tools that you don't think anyone ever uses but might use if the tool worked differently, you should comment on that via idea'

LadyAce says, 'but it's not like we're going to make, say, a kick tool that you don't need kick for'

Sana says, 'somebody comment on the ride tool on idea~'

Sana nudges DoC.

DoC snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'Most tools, even though they require the skill to use, will improve the success or another aspect of the skill. So they aren't really redundant'

Suileach nods his agreement with Sandra.


Idea for Rainbow Bridge?

Wren says, 'I think rainbow bridge should create a climb tool that doesn't require skills'

Wren says, 'and can be used while sitting in the room without getting it!'

Wren says, 'so that a group can use it instead of flying ebberywun'

Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

LadyAce says, 'could be interesting, a no-take climb tool seems more likely than a takeable one tho'

Garrett says, 'wouldn't you need one on both ends?'

Wren says, 'ya that would work too'

Wren says, 'it's just so useless now =('

Wren says, 'and it doesn't work in so many places.'

LadyAce says, 'send it in on idea, we're always looking for *ahem cheap and dirty * good ways to make stuff more useful'

Wren has a mage who can't cast fly but CAN cast rainbow bridge and the spell is just arghing.

Wren giggles.

Lorenzo giggles at Wren.


Honest, I'm Not Multiplaying!

Sana says, 'whats the rules like for getting equipment for somebody who you always get equipment for but suddenly finds themself as your room mate and using the same computer?'

Sana coughs loudly.

Wren giggles.

Lorenzo snickers softly.

LadyAce says, 'same rules as before, but you will save yourself much trouble if you tell us your situation so we can record it in our big book of situations'

Sana says, 'so im not gonna be instypurged if I run and get myself a jawbone and drop it somewhere for this dork?'

Kaige says to Sana, 'And you shouldn't every have two characters logged in from the same computer at the same time -- but what LA said is the most important part... and keepig your passwords distinct and separate and private.'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sana says, 'okay'

LadyAce says, 'I'd say send a note to Chocorua describing the situation and he'll post it'


Can Write-Ins be Real Categories?

Lia says, 'Expie season. Alot of the suggestion for write-in topics are often repeated. Some have been given out multiple years. What is the reason for not moving them to the player section? Any sort of plan behind the player categories?'

LadyAce says, 'sometimes we do move write-ins into the player categories, but we try to be somewhat strict about it'

Lia says, 'According to what strict guideline is that?'

LadyAce says, 'the write-in suggestions are intentionally the same each year -- I take last year's, add the ones people wrote in, then add them all.'

LadyAce says, 'whether it's a serious and substantial type of award, on the same scale and substance of the other awards in the category.'

LadyAce says, 'if it's jokey or funny or small but cute, we leave it to write-ins'

Lia shrugs helplessly.

LadyAce says, 'and if people advocate for moving things into full category, I imagine we'd definitely talk about it -- the only ones that have come up before have generally been added in'

Wren says, 'ya just want best healer in regular cat'

Wren winks suggestively at Lia.

Lia says, 'Just wondering.'

LadyAce says, 'best healer would mean moving in best everything, is what I would worry about'

LadyAce says, 'best sniper, best mage....'

Spanish-Flea says, 'we can just make a 'bestest druid ever' category for lia to win :P'

LadyAce says, 'we try to stick to broad categories when we can'

LadyAce relishes the opportunity to talk about Expies, though, if there's one you were thinkin about?

Garrett says, 'is there a most slayed category?'

Sandra giggles.

Wren says, 'well some imm would win that cause they keep slaying each other'

Wren giggles.

LadyAce says, 'we're up to 12 nomination ballots back by now!'

Sandra says, 'I think Akira got killed like 10 times the other day'

LadyAce says, 'keep sending, keep sending'

Sandra comforts Akira.


Bug with Reloading from Quivers?

Wren says, 'see in the ballots it says, bows can now be reloaded from container quivers'

Wren says, 'but they can't. it only works with generic quivers'

Wren says, 'I've been chasing this darn thing for about a year so bear with me'

Wren says, 'what's it doing in there?'

Wren says, 'for the container quivers I still have to remove the arrows'

Wren says, 'in a fight that takes a pulse, but I won;t leave dipped arrows out of quivers'

Wren says, 'cause then people will steal them, what's going on?'

Wren pants.

Kaige says, 'it might be the type of quiver. but as written and what you're describing, it sounds like a bug'

Wren says, 'I've bugged it so many times though'

Kaige says, 'where'd you get your quiver? what type is it?'

Wren says, 'and in the end someone tells me it's not a bug'

Wren says, 'and it's supposed to be like that'

Wren says, 'tanugeak's and johnny's for their respective bows and quivers'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'and see since they said it's not a bug I said okay!'

Wren says, 'and BAM it shows up inna expies'

Wren says, 'and makes grumpy fluffying wren'

Wren hangs her head.

Sandra says to Akira, 'There's a bug. Go fix!'

Wren says, 'so it'

Wren looks dogged.

Wren says, 'IS a bug?'

Kaige says, 'it definitely sounds like it needs looked into'

Kaige giggles.

Wren says, 'okie contentious question done'

Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Wren was kinda annoyed to see it.

Wren says, 'I've been chasing it forever'

Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

LadyAce says, 'I'm sorry that you got a different impression with it!'

Kaige says, 'doesn't make much sense to make it so you can reload from quivers and then change all the quivers so you can't... with out fixing something. =)'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Wren says, 'well some immy told me it wasna a bug but okay, so that's what the expie is referring to and it is a bug. all cleared thankees'

LadyAce says, 'bug it in big letters :)'

Wren says, 'I think they got tired of my bugging it every time it got posted it was fixed'

Wren giggles.

LadyAce says, 'tell 'em Kaige said look look.'


Burning Questions

Suileach says, 'having not played here my entire life as many have, things that have gone before are unknown to me, esp about areas and quests. did croaker finish greece, is pittsburgh robbery permanently broken, these and many other questions bombard my mind'

LadyAce says, 'well, this is the place to ask :)'

LadyAce says, 'one thingy at a time tho'

Kaige says, 'no, I hope not, and this is where to find out. =)'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'the pittsburgh robbery does work :P'

Suileach nods his agreement with Sandra.

LadyAce says, 'if there's something you think *should* work but isn't, use bug to report it and snag the imm maintaining it'

Sandra nods her agreement with LadyAce.

LadyAce says, 'if you're following someone else's directions, though, they may be wrong so don't count on them'

Sandra says, 'sometimes they get quirky. But that's because their middle names are dhole'

Wren says, 'eek dhole'

Garrett mutters under his breath.

Sandra says, 'Joey Dhole Camoni'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Wren giggles at Sandra.

Tuco snickers softly.

You hear a dhole howling in the distance.

Sandra says, 'dhoooooooooole'

Garrett groans loudly.


Belly Dancer and Perfume?

Suileach says, 'ok other ppl besides belly dancer want perfume, yet if you buy perfume you lose bellydancer whois'

Wren says, 'wow you do?'

Wren says, 'ack I have to go check my spammalacious fella for that whois...nooo...not to watch her all over again'

Wren cries on Suileach's shoulder.

Kaige says to Suileach, 'You lose it if you do what?'

Firefly says, 'that's a first i've heard of that'

LadyAce says, 'We need to go one question at a time though -- if we covered your first couple, let's move on and come back to your others -- just raise to get in line.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Firefly.

Wren says, 'sully says you lose the belly dancer whois if you buy the perfume'

Wren says, 'after completing the quest'

Wren says, 'er I think thas what said anyway'

Wren ponders her own existence - better keep an eye on her.

Kaige says, 'yeah.. I'm saying I didn't code it that way... =)'

Firefly never had that happen. Could test it of course.

LadyAce says, 'I'd say, report it as a bug describing as much of it as you can recall.'

Kaige says, 'I think it's something else that triggered the losing of the whois tag... you can lose it quite easily if you DT for example'

Suileach says, 'no dt'

Suileach shivers uncomfortably.

Kaige says, 'weird. I'll have to look.'


Old Eq and items that no longer exist?

Wren says, 'are 0kg water containing throwable items out of spec?'

Wren says, 'and if not why don't we have more!'

Wren mopes around, depressed.

LadyAce says, 'sounds like it'

Wren says, 'since we can't get anymore'

Wren says, 'okay linked question'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Wren.

Wren says, 'you won't take them away will you'

Wren gulps nervously.

Wren sniffles quietly.

Kaige isn't quite sure what we're talking about... waterballoons?

Wren says, 'er no but I shall subside into the corner now and quiver my lip'

LadyAce says, 'we usually only go mucking with things that are causing trouble'

Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Wren says, 'yay'

Wren says, 'so (one more link)'

Wren says, 'the Old Gear Change basically means hit/dam/mana right?'

Wren hangs her head.

Sandra says, 'everything'

Wren says, 'see. that's where I get confuzzled. but no more questions.'

Wren quivers lip inna corner.

Kaige says, 'it means anything that's different in the pfile from what's currently in the template that new ones get created from'

Cheyla says, 'but something like that doesn't exist with a current template'

Kaige nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Kaige says, 'yeah. I don't know how things like that would be handled. The coders will likely think of something brilliant tho.'

LadyAce says, 'that cover your linked-list of questions? :)'

Wren says, 'ya thankees'


Problem with Zanzibar Housing?

Tuco says, 'is there a problem building in zanzibar, above aasma it says i can build the typical 1 of 2 rooms, but when i try with the proer syntax build named_hostel (direction) it says you can not build here'

LadyAce says, 'are you in a room where you're allowed to build from?'

Tuco says, 'it says i can'

Kaige says, 'did you bug it from that exact room?'

Tuco says, 'i didnt test the unnamed room, because i didnt want it to work and the named one fail'

Cheyla says, 'bug it'

Wren says, 'did someone have a room already?'

Tuco says, 'no i dont think so, my bugs never seem to be bugs'

Kaige says, 'that makes it MUCH easier to diagnose and track down for the builder'

Tuco says, 'no no other tenants'

Wren nods solemnly.

Wren comforts Tuco.

LadyAce says, 'yea, bug it from the exact room you saw it in'

Tuco nods solemnly.

Cheyla says, 'it worked when housing was first installed...'

LadyAce says, 'Housing settings are a little distributed -- in different places in the file, it's easy to get one of four things off'

Kaige grumbles about people bugging about "tudor" churches in tudor when really it was a sherwood church.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Wren giggles at Kaige.

Akira chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'took forever to find the right place to even start LOOKING for the problem'

Tuco snickers softly.

LadyAce hugs Kaige.


Posting Target Dates?

Spanish-Flea says, 'just an idea, but could the imms post target dates for mortals as to changes?/major updates?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'even just a month estimate'

Sandra says, 'if we had target dates, we probably would'

Sandra giggles.

Kaige says, 'my 8ball would likely be more accurate'

Sandra says, 'but we sure don't'

Spanish-Flea says, 'I say this because it'd stop me bugging you every 2 weeks about when stuff is gonna go in'

Kaige picks up a MaGiC EiGhTbAlL and shakes it vigorously.

Kaige peers into her magic ball and declares, 'Very doubtful.'

LadyAce says, 'we don't have a secret database of timelines or a roomful of coder gnomes'

LadyAce says, 'unfortunately :('

Spanish-Flea says, 'but you DO have the coder gnomes, right?'

Akai_Hayate says, 'I dont believe you'

Kaige says, 'I'd like to see us getting back to an update cycle where what's posted isn't for the next day, but the next WEEK's update'

LadyAce says, 'not a room full!'

Sandra says, 'it'd be neat if we did. But Akira won't work fast enough'

Akai_Hayate says, 'if you dont have coder gnomes, who stole my gun while I was archived?'

Kaige says, 'Bob.'

Akai_Hayate yells, 'damn you bob!'

Kaige says, 'Bob Dhole.'

Kaige nods to herself.

Sandra says, 'dhole!'

LadyAce chuckles politely.

LadyAce says, 'we're not really in a positin to do that, is the answer. It would be cool if we were though...we can't even say no to it ....we can't even do it!'

Sandra says to Akira, 'I said you don't code fast enough! Get moving boy!'


Emotes with Name Not First?

Wren says, 'okay in legend we can only emote'

Wren emotes!

LadyAce says, 'and emoteto!'

Wren says, 'in some other places you can actually put your name in the middle or at the back. would that be possible here?'

Wren wiggles her small brown toes at LadyAce.

Huginn staples Wren's feet to the floor.

Wren says, 'and emoteto'

Wren goes EEK! at Huginn in distress - isn't Huginn an awful person for teasing?

Wren catches sight of her reflection, emits a piercing squeal and faints dead away.

Wren says, 'ya anyway'

Wren says, 'is it possible here and'

Wren says, 'if so is it not in because of the possibility for abuse which I cannot think of at the moment but given time to ponder I'm sure I could abuse?'

Wren pants.

Wren says, 'okie that's the question'

Wren is good at abusing stuff.

Wren hangs her head.

Sandra says, 'remember when we allowed people to use $N in warcry?'

Kaige says, 'It'd take some fancier checking to make sure you had the name or the name variable in there... but basically morts don't have echo because of abusability'

Akira grins evilly.

Wren nods solemnly.

DoC slaps Akai_Hayate.

Wren says, 'okie gottit'

Wren giggles.

Lia says, 'spoofing'

Lia says, 'Could make echoes much more closely coded. To go through you have to add either $N or desc-variable.. is that $N?'

Wren looks confused.

Kaige says to Lia, 'Even so.. the ability to spoof other things would increase dramatically.'


New Spells in the Works?

Cheap says, 'any new magiks in the works at all?'

Huginn says, 'none that I care to discuss at this time'

Cheap says, 'to bad, Id personally love it if some stuff were more advertised so I know what to expect in the next few months if anything'

Cheap says, 'but thats just me, not meant as a complaint, honest'

LadyAce says, 'yea, we talked about that some before you came actually'

LadyAce says, 'or maybe you were here and didn't see'

Huginn says, 'yeah but then something would happen and people would get pissed'

Cheap says, 'just got here'

Huginn says, 'feeling that it was promised etc'

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Spanish-Flea says, 'the advertising or the spells?'

Cheap says, 'yeah, I can see that'

LadyAce says, 'yea, we've been burned a few times by that type of situation'

Cheap says, 'just too bad that we can't be in the loop, just a little'

Cheyla says, 'skilltrees'

Sandra says, 'I think that if there's new spell stuff in the works, it's a 'spare time' kinda thing where as there's other things higher priority?'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Cheap nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'I really loved the testing for the current fight system but I understand that that was biiiig'

LadyAce says, 'the only time we'd do it is if we had something done but didn't want to put it all in at once, and we do tend to talk about what we're working on or working on next'

Sandra says, 'yea that was huge'

Wren says, 'but it made me feel really er...involved and stuff'

Wren wiggles her small brown toes at Cheap.

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'id like to see a damage reducing spell for creates myself, just something to throw out there'

LadyAce says, 'yea, but the system was pretty well done at that point'

LadyAce says, 'and by and large, if we have something done, we want to put it iiiiiiiinnnnnn'

Spanish-Flea says, 'give creates cure serious :P'

Spanish-Flea says, 'or roots at 3c :P'

Cheap nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.

Wren giggles.

Lorenzo giggles at Spanish-Flea.

Spanish-Flea says, 'ah yes, roots'

Wren says, 'if it ...stands... stick it ...in!'

Wren ducks to the ground.

Sandra says, 'I'm hard pressed to see the need for creates to get another damn thing :P'

Spanish-Flea rolls around laughing at Wren's joke.

Huginn says, 'if something like that happened it would be at the expense of something else'

Wren says, 'roots!'

Huginn says, 'creates squish pretty well already'

Sandra says, 'when I see things on chat like 'Any creates wanna do a 2man PD run?' Creates are fine'

Cheap says, 'well, Id love to see some new stuff put in thats different, talk about a home run with iron will and topple skills,'

Cheap says, 'more areas are nice but I think people are loving new skills more'

Sandra says, 'we have some tricks up our sleeves still'

Cheap says, 'Im just going on about stuff id like to see, don't mind me'

LadyAce says, 'yea, you haven't seen the last of new.'

Cheap says, 'please, continue'


Does Wall of Winds Work?

Wren says, 'well it's about wall of winds. I've used it repeatedly on mobbies I know don't det illusion, but it never works. is it buggy, or is the chance to turn to something else just really low, like certain hometown bonuses?'

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'really low'

Cheap says, 'ive used it lots with full set of charms, rarely they turn'

Wren says, 'so someday when I win the lottery it will work!'

Wren says, '?'

LadyAce says, 'wall of wind spell? what wall of wind spell?'

Cheap laughs.

Wren says, 'oh its sposed to make things hittink you turn around and hit sommink else'

Wren says, 'well a chance to anyway'

LadyAce says, 'we're all trading cluelessness in the background here'

Sandra giggles.

Wren says, 'it makes you sus fire too so it has er bad effects'

Adamar makes a solemn vow.

Cheap says, 'yeah, wall of winds for create mages?'

Wren says, 'I'm not actually complaining cause it could also be way overpowered, but I've never seen it WORK'

Wren says, 'it would be nice if it worked _occasionally_ more than er lottery odds'

Cheap nods his agreement with Wren.

Sandra says, 'it's a low chance. But i don't know what else is necessary'

Wren says, 'which seems to be what cheap is saying since he's seen it work?'

Wren has never seen it work.

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'yeah, low low chance'

Wren nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'hokie'

Cheap says, 'almost makes it worthless to use considering the time it takes to kill a normal mob with charms and the mana cost'

Wren says to Cheap, 'actually how do you know they're turning because of the wall?'

Cheap says, 'it gives a message'

Wren says, 'ah okie'

Wren nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'so it does work, it's just silly'

Wren nods solemnly.

Cheap says, 'at least it did with my create'

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'something like bouncing into your wall of winds and now attacking something, er, I really can't remember, I archived my create after summon lag'

Huginn throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Wren giggles at Cheap.

Cheap says, 'what can I say, im a pkiller at heart, that lag killed me :P'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'it was supposed to slow you down, yes'

Cheap nods solemnly.

Wren bounces into Huginn and now starts attacking a short fat balding man!

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'I was never very good with creates anyway, and I hated using more then a greater summ'


Create Mages & Pkill?

Wren says, 'it's about creates again, I know this has been asked a lot. at leats I think it has'

Wren says, 'see the problem now with c3 creates pk wise seems to be there's only one really viable way'

Wren says, 'which is to charm things to death'

Wren giggles.

Huginn says, 'that's not just pk'

Cheap says, 'ohh, read our minds :P'

Wren says, 'well'

Wren says, 'to greater summon thigns to death'

Wren says, 'non pk has more options'

Wren says, 'so if you don't want to make a hugely unfair pk fight, you don't make a c3 create. part of this is because c3 creates can';t heal cept balm anymore'

Cheap nods solemnly.

Wren says, '(you know what's coming) will some immediate healing a create healing either or'

Sandra says, 'lemme ask you this'

Wren says, 'thing, be available in the future, or is c3 create stuck in the overwhelm rut?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'balm is decent, roots would be wicked, just take away create ability to money run and bring that into spec :P'

Huginn says, 'the rut of killing everything?'

Wren shakes her head.

Wren says, 'the rut of having to use all the charmies to win'

Wren says, 'it's no fun'

Sandra says, 'fighters can't heal either. But there are alot ot fighters in pk. What do they do? They use healers.'

Sandra says, 'and I'm not entirely convinced that a 3c create NEEDs to use charmies to win'

Spanish-Flea says, 'not if they wanna continue pking without being rejected :P'

Wren says, 'I guess no then =)'

Cheap says, 'here is what I think should happen to creates, give them a 3c healing spell and take away dispel magic, woot'

Huginn says, 'that's a no'

Wren nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'they use charmies because they don't want to lose :P'

Cheap grins evilly.

Wren says, 'I said to win, not to fight ;)'

Wren tickles Sandra.

Wren says, 'hokay'

Wren flops about helplessly.

Huginn says, 'creates have no problem holding their own..'

Huginn says, 'there's no reason to power them up'

Spanish-Flea says, 'yes they do'

DoC says, 'smart creates own'

Cheap says, 'creates and druids, both pathetic to fight'

DoC says, 'not that im one'

Wren says, 'I canna argue wif dat, was just asking about the whattit'

Huginn nods his agreement with DoC.

Wren says, 'the aspect of it'

DoC says, 'sana can take most people'

Wren says, 'er of'

Spanish-Flea says, 'youre just angry because you cant blind all the charmies cheap, that and you cant PK without using a resist item anyway'

Huginn says, 'you can't heal but if you have charmies getting hit, you don't need to heal'

Cheap says, 'dude, you have a mouth but you never know what your talking about, so chill'

Spanish-Flea shrugs helplessly.


No Illusions on Some Items?

Adamar says, 'i found some items i can't caster greater illusions on, is that because it can't be done or I just failed a lot'

Wren says, 'if it flashes and returns to normal you can't'

Sandra nods her agreement with Wren.

LadyAce says, 'owned stuff rejects that I think?'

Wren says, 'if you didn't get that message than you can. you can see the message by trying to major illusion stuff like wells'

Adamar says, 'these are items you can pick up'

Adamar nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'well you can't with some furniture items, even though you can pick them up'

Adamar says, 'actually it was a string'

Kaige says, 'there's a flag to block it on certain items'

Wren says, 'oh you can't with strings either cause of me'

Wren struts proudly.

Wren hangs her head.

Adamar says, 'you?!?!'

Wren says, 'I had an alt that had something major illusioned before it was strung and then got it strung and then someone cast dispel'

Wren says, 'and the long description went poof'

Cheap snickers softly.

DoC chuckles politely.

Wren says, 'some whole convoluted thing'

Cheap comforts Wren.

Wren giggles.

Adamar says, 'ah, i remember that'

LadyAce giggles.


Scheduling Player Events?

Adamar says, 'if there isn't a game for tonight, do you mind if i do a chinese new year trivia later'

Wren says to Adamar, 'ooh.'

Wren cheers for Adamar - huzzah!

LadyAce says, 'players can do stuff anytime, and watch events for what is schedule'


Language Rules Cover Private Boards?

Wren says, 'why is it illegal to post bawdy poems to purely private boards? I'm not talking about clan boards, I mean player housing proper, as opposed to clan housing'

Wren says, 'bawdy as in '

Wren giggles.

Cheyla says, 'because even though it is in your house, it's not 100% private...'

Wren says, 'oh'

Wren says, 'sniff'

Wren says, 'okay nevermind what goes on IN houses then'

Wren giggles.

Cheyla says, 'and that way, you don't run any risk of posting it to the wrong board and then getting in trouble'

Wren says, 'eek'

Wren says, 'good point'

Wren cowers in fear!

LadyAce giggles.


Next PK Tourney?

Cheap says, 'any idea on next pk tourny?'

DoC jumps up and down.

LadyAce says, 'this month got really full with other stuffs. We'll have to do something soon though.'

Cheap bounces around.

Cheap nods his agreement with LadyAce.

DoC says, 'woot'

Cheap says, 'thats why I asked, nothing schedules for this month nor next'

LadyAce says, 'we've really got a lot going on with the birthday and the expies and so forth. There's going to be lotsa hoopla of many flavors'

Cheap says, 'well, even a simple tourney would be fun'

DoC says, 'ill run one'

DoC chuckles politely.

DoC says, 'or at least put prizes up'

LadyAce says, 'yea, but simple means 10+ manhours of time :)'

Wren looks up into the sky and ponders.

Cheap says, 'how about a token event sandra?'

Wren says, 'you could use challenge wood to player run a pk tourney'

Sandra says, 'it's alot more work on this side of things :)'

Wren says, 'possibly'

LadyAce says, 'nonsimple means 20-30 :)'

Sandra says, 'yea I want to run another one'

DoC nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'probably next month'

Wren says, 'since that wood is only good for hiding in otherwise'

DoC says, 'ooo'

DoC nods his agreement with Wren.

LadyAce giggles at Wren.

Wren says, 'well no really'

Wren giggles.

DoC says, 'we should'

Wren says, 'to make challenge wood less of a hiding place and more of a possibly player pk run place could there be umm'

Wren says, 'some sort of glass wall echo act'

Wren giggles.

Wren says, 'well not glass wall but you k now'

Sandra raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Wren says, 'was jabbering at doc and the problem is that it would be purely infos if it was player run, no one could watch the fights'

Wren says, 'and that's not fun!'

Sandra says, 'oh'

DoC says, 'we could group up'

Sandra says, 'like the ballgame echoes'

DoC says, 'but not as fun'

DoC shrugs helplessly.

Wren says, 'ya'

DoC nods his agreement with Sandra.

Wren says, 'like the ballgame echos!'

Sandra says, 'idea that'

LadyAce says, 'sounds good to me :) send those ideas in, see if you can inspire the building fingers :)'

LadyAce giggles at Sandra.


More Entangle Weapons?

Cheap says, 'ohh, Id like to see a mancatcher or bola's or something installed, that would be fun'

Cheap says, 'more entangle stuff! cause we um have none currently really'

Wren snickers softly.

Wren says, 'ooh sommmink kinky like silk scarves'

Cheap says, 'though the whispering wind says kae has something'

Wren says, 'don't laff! there's whole chinese martial arts'

Wren says, 'where the girls go whipwhipwhip wif these silk scarves - they're fighting! and the scarves wrap you and strangle you'

Sandra says, 'you shouldn't listen to people that don't know what they talk about ;)'

Wren says, 'and they even have little tinkly bells at the end'

Wren says, 'no no honestly'

Wren isn't making this up.

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'I don't believe something on this mud till it happens personally, to many people with no clue'

Wren says, 'since it's chinese, entangle, that'd be neat'

Sandra nods her agreement with Cheap.

Wren says, 'I believe it when it happens to me!'

Wren stomps around.

Cheap laughs.

Cheap says, 'yup, that too'

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'and I hate it when it happens to me and its new and I had no idea'

Sandra says, 'and people think they're sneaky, then we change it all around'

Sandra bounces around.


Dispel Magic Vs Magic Sink?

Cheap says, 'hmm, you know what would make creates work better, if dispel magic acctually had a chance of failing on magic sink'

Sandra says to Cheap, 'Now that, I'll agree with ;).'

Wren says, 'ya me too actually'

Wren giggles.

DoC says, 'dispel is nasty'

DoC says, 'nasty even'

Wren nods solemnly.

Wren says, 'meanmean'

Cheap says, 'yeah, its auto which stinks'

DoC says, 'and i cant use the scrolls cause theyre 1k rent eek'

DoC flops about helplessly.

Wren giggles.

Cheap says, 'it should be able to be resisted :)'

Sandra says to Cheap, 'Idea that.'

LadyAce says, 'alright, are there any more questions out there?'

LadyAce says, 'otherwise we are done done.'

Wren says, 'yay donedone. you're just scared of me!'

LadyAce says, 'thanks everyone for coming :) we'll hafta do this again sometime!'

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

DoC waves happily.

Akira winks suggestively at LadyAce.

Cheyla waves happily.

Huginn waves happily.


Additional Topics Answered

This section is intended to address some of the things that come up repeatedly and also provide a place where players can submit questions via the feedback channel (Q&A) so questions can be logged when they're thought of and the answers reported back here.

Also, some of the builders will often have some feedback on suggestions and typos that get reported with some of their reasoning for why things are the way they are or won't be incorporated into the areas.


General Suggestions/Questions

o Is there any way of making OOC items transferable between players in the OOC? I hate being able to buy drinks there but not give them to the people Im talking to.
You can ask Paul the HELP to get instructions on how you can put a drink for someone else on your tab. ASK and TALK directed at Paul will work best in this situation.
o There should be a Craftsman Skill tree.
There are plans to add more types of craftsman skills, but we don't have any estimated completion date for that yet.
o It would be cool if mages could have the ability to write scrolls for in game use, Mabye base the scrolls of the mages stats and what not.
Again, it's been in the plans forever, but we still don't have any estimates on when this might be available for players.
o Hunt should give some idea of whether someone has passed that way and an indication of how long ago if you can't get a trail on them
Hunt can't currently give this information because it isn't being stored on a room by room basis. We do want to eventually change hunt to work this way, but again, no estimate on when that might be.
o Is praise buggy? They get tons of successful praises, and prestige doesn't go up at all.
No, praise isn't buggy. If you are repeatedly praised by the same person, it's not as meaningful to the world compared to your being praised by several different people.
o PIPE U6 and PIPE U99 dont work like they should.
This was reported after the update where many of the instances were fixed. If you notice problems, please, be specific where you are seeing the problem and give examples if possible. It will be MUCH easier than examining all 78 places in the code.
o When making items like 'a bag of potato chips', change it a little more so you don't get the message 'is made of deerskin' when examining it?
It sounds like this is a string... unfortunately, the way those lookat descriptions are read into memory and saved, we can't change them so that they will save over renting. If this is an item anyone can get (without having to take a coupon to an immortal) please note where it comes from so the builder responsible for the area can maybe choose a more appropriate item to string or consider making their own with a more specific lookat description.
o It cost me 1050 coins to buy 10 something that supposedly cost 11 gp each? it also said I didn't have enough money to buy any when i had 72 coins.
This was reported in Pittsburgh where prices are listed in dollars. Be sure to check what it says when you get a LIST of a shopkeeper's goods.
o In this room desc: hangar should be hanger.
This is not a typo: a hanger is something/someone that hangs or supports something else to hang and a hangar is a shelter used for housing and repairing of airplanes. So in this usage, hangar is correct.
o Why does this blacksmith collect the money from you for one skill, but wont collect it from you for the other he teaches?
He doesn't automatically teach one of them when you ask him the skill name.
o Zanzibar made some of its money in cloves, clove trees should be here not juniper.
The clove plantations weren't in the middle of the city, so no, they shouldn't necessarily be clove trees instead of juniper.

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