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April 15th, 2004

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Kaige says, 'ok.. raise your hand if you have a question/etc. And I see that the lovely state of New Hampshire has decided that anything cut and pasted or logged from an online setting such as this falls under their wiretapping laws, so.. just letting you know.. this IS being logged and anything you say, can and will be used against you if you're not careful.'

Retribution rolls around laughing at Kaige's joke.

Axis ponders Kaige's existence.

Kathryn snickers at Kaige nastily.

Kaige says, 'not a joke.'

Kae is doomed.

Ainge says, 'And abusing people's rights!'

Chocorua nods his agreement with Kaige.

Mephesto says, 'good thing I didn't plan on saying anything incriminating :)'

Kaige says, 'we will likely have to post something like that in the motd/basic files so everyone's aware that by logging in, it could/will happen at some point'

Kaige says, 'and no.. I'm not kidding.'

Ainge nods her agreement with Kaige.

Spanish-Flea says, 'stupid government trying to regulate the internet'

Spanish-Flea mutters under his breath.

Mephesto says, 'good luck'

Axis says to Kaige, 'I thought the Mud was hosted in IL though.'

Kaige says, 'stupid state government trying to regulate the world.'

Mephesto says, 'who plays from new hampshire, anyway? seriously?'

Ainge says, 'New Hampshire is a New England state.'

Ainge says, 'They don't matter.'

Axis says, 'so shouldn't just those states laws apply'

Chocorua says to Mephesto, 'I did when i started playing.'

Cheyla says, 'i would if i still lived there'

Mephesto says, 'just because it's hosted in IL, doesn't mean that all of its content is in IL..'

Spanish-Flea says, 'it means if you admit to killing a guy in new hampshire and kaige shows this log to the state police, they can indict you'

Kaige says, 'it doesn't matter where it's hosted.. if someone in NH feels they weren't informed they can take the other person to court and jail'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Axis says to Kaige, 'Help privacy!'

Ruby says, 'do bows in general missfire more than guns and if so why?'

Kaige says, 'it'd depend on the individual bow/gun and what each builder set them to...'

Ainge says, 'Bows rely more on the person than guns do.'

Spanish-Flea says, 'bows cant kabomm?'

Kaige says, 'off the top of my head.. I don't know each one's relative chances... so.. you'd have to experiment.'

Ruby says, 'let me refraze. does the type of weapon being fired affect the missfire chance?'

Kaige says to Ruby, 'Did that answer your question any?'

Ruby says to Kaige, 'not realy but then again I didn't rely expect anyone to know off the top of there head.'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ruby.

Kaige says, 'and with over 50 of those items (bows + guns) to check.. that's a lot of checking/experimenting to do'

Ainge nods her agreement with Kaige.

Spanish-Flea says, 'ok, in regards to the immortal code of conduct and developing the game'

Axis says to Spanish-Flea, 'Are you trying to get glued?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'I was having a little post-pk pillow talk in the altar with a few people and we came to the realization that nowhere in the immortal code of conduct does it say you get to have your queue of ideas but ahead of mortal ideas'

Ainge blinks.

Spanish-Flea says, 'really, we began to see the queue of personal projects imm have as a detriment to the mud, contravening the code'

Ainge says, 'Who says they have them, Spanish?'

Kaige is waiting for the question...

Cypri giggles.

Spanish-Flea says, 'jeez, always bang bang bang with you imms I'm getting there'

Retribution says to Spanish-Flea, 'do you ever speak english :P'

Chocorua says, 'you're trying to imply that the people who build the game shouldn't have more say than those of you who play it?'

Ainge says, 'Spanish..'

Spanish-Flea says, 'I was wondering, what % of ideas that imms implement are of their own design and what % are player ideas?'

Ainge says, 'People who build it know how much work goes into things.'

Kae says, 'well, given that imms are players too, I'd say 100%'

Ainge says, 'They know what's realistic, and what's not.'

Chocorua says, 'there is no calculation done on that'

Huginn says, 'that's impossible to tell'

Kaige says, 'it depends on both the imm, the project, the ideas bounced and several other factors.'

Spanish-Flea says to Chocorua, 'i'm saying they can have all the say they want, as long as they dont start piling up a work queue of a few years for themselves.'

Kaige says, 'but to put a percentage on it is rather difficult to do.'

O'Bedlam says to Spanish-Flea, 'You just need to make your mort ideas so good that immorts steal them and make them their own.'

O'Bedlam chortles with amusement.

Huginn says, 'for themselves?'

Huginn says, 'how exactly do you define that?'

Kaige says, 'I'd say more of my coding work is done from my own ideas, but I'm basically coding to support the builders.'

Ruby says, 'I sorta understand were Spanish is come'n from. Although I love Ea! He did have some messed up ideas on the code and imp'd things that from a players perspective were a little... odd.... just and example of an imm idea being worked on before a player's idea'

Chocorua says, 'and well we do design the game and implement it we are in a lot better position to understand what is possible'

Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'define what?'

Kae says, 'I don't quite understand the question -- if something is coded, it's for the benefit of everyone, not just the immortal who codes it'

Ainge nods her agreement with Kae.

Kaige says, 'Most of my area work lately comes from players in the areas I maintain....'

Ainge says, 'He thinks that you guys get better priority'

Spanish-Flea says, 'yes you are, but one of the general principles of the imm code is : "do nothing to harm the growth of the mud"'

Ainge says, 'For example..'

Ainge says, 'An imm wants to create Disneyland. A mort wants to create Disneyworld'

Ainge says, 'Disneyland would be created just because the imm wanted it'

before a playerds ideaAinge says, 'As opposed to logically making a choice.'

Kae says, 'then I'd suggest said mort go ahead and propose it'

Retribution says, 'specifically things like charmy code and changes to field surgery, are they player ideas or imm? :P'

Cheyla says, 'both'

Chocorua says to Spanish-Flea, 'You are twisting the code around, i could easily twist that to mean that allowing someone to connect who only wants to start fights is harming the mud.'

Ainge says, 'He wants to be sure that that isn't what happens.'

Cheyla says, 'you'd be surprized what players suggest to balance things out'

Ainge nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Spanish-Flea says, 'I was getting the the spirit of the code part but apparently I cant draw out an arguement to make it clearer without people getting impatient'

Cypri giggles.

Chocorua says, 'but a lot of really good ideas and features come from the morts who play'

Kaige says to Spanish-Flea, 'Yeah. I mean you can also read into that certain player types should be kicked off immediately showing their true disruptive tendencies.'

Kaige shrugs philosophically.

Ainge says, 'Imms have the hard job.'

O'Bedlam says, 'when was the last time we had a nice evil player that everyone hated? that can be good for the mud'

Ainge says, 'They have to keep all of us happy.'

Kaige says, 'but.. to answer your question that I think I read in there....'

O'Bedlam smiles happily.

Albright begins flirting with Axis outrageously.

Kaige says, 'Of course immortals with ideas are going to get excited about them and work on them.'

Ainge says, 'They should get a little bit of preferential treatment every now and then.'

Chocorua says, 'evil characters are completely different than disruptive players ...'

Kae says, 'as I see it, if you want something to happen soon, rather than sometime, present a well-worked out idea, or consider proposing to do it yourself'

Retribution says to Ainge, 'suckup much?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'and there's the catch, evil players whom you consider to be disruptive already have their say nutted because--they cant become imms hahaha'

Retribution throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

O'Bedlam shrugs philosophically, commiserating with Chocorua.

Kae says, 'the more ready it is to be done from the idea, the faster it'll happen, most likely'

O'Bedlam says, 'not everyone is disrupted by the same things'

Ainge says, 'No, Retri.'

Ainge says, 'I just know how it is to be in that position.'

Ainge says, 'And if they have their quirks, so be it.'

Kaige says, 'Mortals, well, it's much harder to catch the attention and cooperation of someone else to push an idea through. When I read ideas in the logs, I don't judge them on the basis of who the player is.. just whether or not they make sense'

Albright hugs Axis.

Ainge says, 'It's not like they're paid to do this.'

Kaige says, 'I've tossed lots of imm ideas as well'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Kaige nods her agreement with Kae.

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kaige.

Ainge grins evilly at Huginn.. wonder what she's thinking...

Albright grins evilly at Axis.. wonder what she's thinking...

Kaige says to Kae, 'Absolutely, a clear well, thought out idea is MUCH easier to take and run with than somethign like "frisco sucks and is useless"'

Kae says, 'no kidding, I based half of my canada update on player feedback'

Kaige says, 'apparently from what was on the discussion board.'

O'Bedlam says, 'I am working on some ideas for frisco next'

Kaige smiles at O'Bedlam.

O'Bedlam says, 'it is gving me an excuse to explore around'

Kaige says to O'Bedlam, 'Your ones for tortuga were very helpful.'

O'Bedlam smiles happily.

O'Bedlam says to Kaige, 'Thanks, I wasnt sure.'

Spanish-Flea says, 'that and I think it's kinda sad that department specific boards arent more obvious'

Ainge says, 'If you need a reason to explore, I'll give you one.'

Ainge nods her agreement with Spanish-Flea.

Ainge says, 'That I'll second.'

Ainge says, 'Can you possibly keep the other boards up?'

Ainge says, 'Like, the builder boards and such.'

Kae says, 'how do you mean keep them up?'

Ainge says, 'It'd be really helpful for us to idea things if we can see them.'

Ainge says, 'Like, I never know where to look for the Builder board.'

Kae says, 'they're all right here in the ooc, right off the elevator on each department's floor feel free to use them'

Ainge says, 'Or maybe I found that one.'

Retribution says, 'I remember now!'

Axis says to Ainge, 'Ooc up press 2.'

Ainge says, 'Elevater?'

Ainge says, 'Oooh..'

Ainge meeps.

Ainge says, 'Me done.'

O'Bedlam says, 'I just started looking at the builder board, I like the area progress stuff'

Retribution says, 'seeing as how players like things like imm games and stuff, is there an eay way to have automated token drops, say once a week?'

Chocorua says, 'too many strings out there already'

O'Bedlam mutters under his breath.

Retribution says, 'cos Ive noticed recently the amount of boredom in the players, and how they jump on a game whenever one is run'

Kaige says, 'that doesnt' sound like players liking games and such compared to just liking free stuff they're lucky enough to run across'

O'Bedlam says, 'darn horders'

Retribution says, 'doesnt have to be a token drop exactly, just any sort of game to relieve boredom'

Ainge says, 'That's not lucky.'

Ainge giggles.

Kaige says to Retribution, 'I would like to see more games and better yet, more participation in the ones that are run.'

Kaige says, 'and yeah, I think we need to be a bit better about advertising upcoming events more than just on the events calendar'

Retribution says, 'Im thinking automated games to relieve the pressure on the imms that have to run them'

Vanion says, 'maybe for the bigger events have the high end innkeepers bring it up to people renting in'

Chocorua says, 'automated games are mindless bribes to horders'

Kaige says, 'yes, but even those people find a way to complain about and say how unfair they are'

Kae says, 'except, of course, the elf game'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kae's head.

Cheyla says, 'the elfgame is automated, and boy do we get complaints about it'

Kae says, 'oh yes'

Vanion nods solemnly.

Kaige nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Cheyla says, 'but even it takes a lot of prep work'

Vanion chuckles politely.

Chocorua says, 'the elf game takes so much work upfront its hardly considered automated by me'

Kaige says, 'the easter egg hunt too.'

Chocorua says, 'far more work for the elf game than the amount of time it runs'

Vanion says, 'well since its been like that since the first elfgame you can assume it comes with the territory'

Vanion snickers softly.

Kaige says, 'and granted it's less work than the elf-games by a long shot, but I guess that's why the complaint level is lower too =)'

O'Bedlam says, 'I don't dislike elf and egg games, I dislike that I suck at them'

O'Bedlam chortles with amusement.

Kaige comforts O'Bedlam.

Retribution says, 'even small hunt games that have a token as a prize, there just seems to be so much downtime these days waiting for run areas to repop :P'

Kae says, 'that's how it is, I suck big time at recalltag and trivia :)'

Kaige says, 'Are run areas the only thing to do?'

Kaige looks skeptical. Chocorua says, 'get exp elsewhere in between .. stop being lazy stagmonsters'

Retribution says, 'people havent quite figured out there is exploring to be done, and they need a little incentive'

Ainge snorts derisively.

O'Bedlam chuckles politely at Chocorua's feeble witticism.

Ainge says, 'You haven't, you mean.'

O'Bedlam says, 'those stagmonsters'

O'Bedlam shivers uncomfortably.

Ainge giggles.

Retribution says, 'hey I resemble that remark!'

Retribution says, 'Im a stagmonster :P'

Ainge says, 'You and spite. Geesh.'

Kaige says, 'it's funny the different playstyles we get here... I know some of the groups I end up in as a mort... we're lucky if we move very far sometimes, but I think we have a good time doing it'

Kae scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Kae can move if she has to. Honest.

Cheyla peers at Kae, looking her up and down.

Kaige giggles at Kae.

Ainge looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige says to Retribution, 'Anyway. I see and agree with a need for more "entertainment", but I'm not sure automation is the key.'

Ainge says, 'Just put Sandra on more.'

Ainge says, 'Her games are fun.'

Ainge says, 'Half the morts on die.'

Retribution says to Kaige, 'i was just thinking automation as a way to relieve the pressure on the imms :)'

Kaige says, 'we've got summer odyssey coming up in June/July/August so that should see some new things coming your way too -- both in terms of exploring new stuff/ revisiting old places deemed worthless in the past/ and new games and stuff like that'

Ruby says, 'to much automation already/emote grumbles about SL trigs.'

Ainge says, 'The other half live because they don't play'

Kae nods her agreement with Ruby.

O'Bedlam says, 'those automated runs are getting annoying as heck'

Kaige nods her agreement with Ruby.

Kaige says, 'yes, I cringe every time I see someone chat about that'

Retribution cheers wildly!

Retribution says, 'gives me a reason to leave stag!'

Ruby says, 'fix steal?'

Ruby ducks to the ground.

Ruby says, 'stupid ownership'

Kaige says, 'they just fixed one bug with steal! look for it to go in soon!'

Ruby cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

Ruby cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Ruby says, 'go coders!'

Cypri cheers wildly!

Ruby hangs his head.

Ainge snorts derisively.

Ainge pets Ruby lovingly.

Kaige winks suggestively at Ruby.

Ainge nods her agreement with O'Bedlam.

Ruby whistles appreciatively.

Ainge giggles.

Kae says, 'but piss off the wrong people and you will ge tyour butt handed to you :)'

Axis nods his agreement with Ruby.

Ruby says to Chocorua, 'not when your a newb looking for mrti.'

Chocorua says, 'if my little pkilelr could roam around mostly unhurt it was way to easy for hell'

Cheyla giggles at Chocorua.

Chocorua says to Ruby, 'Newbs shouldn't be looking for mrti?'

Ruby says, 'he was a newb mage!'

Kaige says, 'definitely not in hell!'

Kaige giggles.

Ruby says, 'my 1st char'

Ruby says, 'all I wanted to do was cast immolate my whole life'

Ruby says, 'never did'

Retribution says, 'its going to be a good thing that there will be a place I cant solo without putting thought into it, SL is a joke for that'

Retribution throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Retribution says, 'and that reminds me'

Kae says, 'well, if you find that you can you're in for a third degree from me on HOW ;)'

Ruby says to Kae, 'well I'll give it my best to at lest duel kill my way though your hell with a roomie.'

Kae says, 'of course :)'

Retribution says to Kae, 'tell ya what, I'll do it then tell ya how I did it so ya can change it :)'

Kae says, 'I just don't want to see hell french beach, leave every second hour, triggers welcome :p'

Kae says to Retribution, 'Deal!'

Ruby says, 'oh that reminds me'

Ruby says to Kae, 'is the intrence gonna be in the same place?'

Kae shakes her head.

Ruby says, 'entrance'

Ruby says, 'even'

Kae says, 'it'll connect to the mediterranean, being in Italy'

Ruby nods solemnly.

Retribution says, 'where is that?'

Retribution ducks to the ground.

Kae snickers softly.

Neo_Tritoch says, 'lemme guess'

Chocorua says, 'kae thought i tmight make more sense to go with a little more realistic look at the source material'

Neo_Tritoch says, 'you go into malta and get spammed to death by mobs and go to hell'

Neo_Tritoch ducks under Kae.

Kae laughs.

Kaige says, 'http://www.mapquest.com/atlas/main.adp?region=world'

Ruby grins evilly at Neo_Tritoch.. wonder what he's thinking...

Kae says, 'well, and I've actually BEEN to the site where Dante thought the netherworld was'

Kaige nods to herself.

Retribution says, 'thats my place I swear to god'

Kae says, 'it's this teensy little very smelly valley in Tuscany :)'

Ruby says, 'well folks its been fun but I'm out'

Ruby says, 'g'luck all'

Ruby says, 'and fix steal!'

Ruby ducks to the ground.

Kaige chuckles politely.

Axis says, 'no code updates on welcome yet?'

Kaige says, 'ok. sounds like we're all questioned out for tonight... I'll see if I can get 2 logs up this weekend AND the LT out as well.'

Cheyla comforts Kaige.

Retribution nods solemnly.

Chocorua sharpens a pencil for Huginn and gives it to him

Retribution waves happily.

Kaige says, 'hmm... dinner's starting to smell good in the oven here...'

Neo_Tritoch says, 'well if this is wrapping up, got important people to tease'

Lenore snickers softly.

Lenore curtseys gracefully.

Cheyla waves happily.

Chocorua waves happily.

Kaige waves happily.


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