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April 22nd, 2004

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Ruby says, 'I looked and looked.... and looked. how come I can't find any large amounts of inject medicine?'

Cheyla says, 'there's a limit on how much they can contain'

Sandra giggles.

Seldom chuckles politely.

Ruby says, 'I want some more ether or it's counterpart in the game'

Cheyla says, 'and, there's only a handful of areas that can historically support the medications we've got currently'

Ruby says, 'I can only find one place with any and it only has one vial'

Sandra says, 'there's no stockpile of it, and you probably ain't gonna find it either'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Sandra.

Ruby rolls his eyes heavenward.

Sandra says, 'I see 3 places'

Sandra says, 'and 2 for the other'

Kaige says, 'I was gonna say I know there's more than one'

Ruby says, 'hmm I must not of found the other two...'

Chocorua says, 'until we et an area where it would be mroe available its gonna be pretty rare'

Seldom says, 'what about adding to a skill so londoners could make it?'

Ruby nods his agreement with Seldom.

Ruby says, 'or components of it to have a mob make it for you :)'

Sandra says, 'well'

Sandra says, 'we need a later hometown for that'

Ruby grumbles.

Chocorua says, 'some things also need to be rare'

Sandra says, 'we're pushing the limits letting some of the medicines be used by london, for playability sake, because not all were made in 1840 ;)'

Ruby says, 'I knew I should of used that prac for shipbuilding instead of inject'

Ruby chuckles politely.

Seldom snickers softly.

Ruby says, 'poor poor london.. they don't get much anymore'

Ruby says, 'expert parry.. yeh right'

Huginn says to Ruby, 'Inject.'

Sandra says, 'you're complaining about inject?'

Sandra ponders Ruby's existence.

Ruby says to Huginn, 'inject is worth about as much as 5 day old pizza.'

Ruby nods his agreement with Sandra.

Huginn shrugs in response to Ruby's words.

Chocorua says to Sandra, 'Yeah its not a new toy anymore now it SUCKS.'

Sandra says, 'why? because you can't get a hundred vials of ether?'

Huginn says to Ruby, 'For a sniper, sure I guess.'

Ruby says to Sandra, 'i should be able to get more than 3 or 6 uses.'

Ruby says, 'I know indus is limited in areas and all but sheesh'

Sandra says, 'would now be a good time to mention that my temper is at a minimum and it's probably not a good idea to snap off stupidly about a skill that Huginn and I worked hard on to get in for londoners'

Seldom says, 'thats more uses than dress wound though...'

Seldom ducks to the ground.

Ruby says to Sandra, 'i don't think the skill is stupid. I think the amount of medicine is stupid.'

Sandra says, 'obviously only to listen to yourlittle pissannt self complain about not being able to find the 3 people selling the god damn items for the fucking skill and wanting to be handed it?'

Seldom grins evilly.

Huginn posts a postcard from Huginn on the welcome board.

Ruby rolls his eyes heavenward.

Huginn says, 'ok next question?'

Ruby chuckles politely.

Ruby says, 'yeh guess I'm done'

Ruby shrugs helplessly.

Chocorua pats Ruby on the head.

Chocorua says, 'you can take a hint!'

Kaige comforts Sandra.

Sandra says, 'who else has questions that I will let everyone else answer? :)'

Cheyla says, 'wow, we done already?'

Seldom says, 'Quick comment - hooray for KZ, that place is damn scary and hella lots of fun because of it.'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Sandra smiles happily.

Kaige says, 'nothing like a little challenge, eh?'

Seldom nods his agreement with Kaige.

Kaige says, 'ok.. maybe a lot of it..'

Sandra says, 'you should drop a note to Bart for that'

Krynn says, 'i doubt my questions are relevant to legend'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Krynn nods to himself.

Seldom nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'i'm sure he'd be glad to hear it'

Sandra says, 'and a god damn misquito bit me'

Twilight rests.

Seldom comforts Sandra.

Twilight lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Seldom says, 'Hows Ladyace doing, will the rescheduled tinyplot be going ahead this weekend?'

Sandra says, 'she's been swamped with work and school and not feeling well on top of that. I'll send her a reminder about the tinyplot, but I'm sure she'll not need reminded :)'

Seldom nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'any other questions, or comments?'

Seldom shrugs helplessly.

Seldom says, 'Monkeys, we need more of them.'

Seldom wobbles around unsteadily - better sniff his breath!

Sandra points at Ruby.

Ruby says, 'what was the reason for lowering the lag on magic sink?'

Huginn says, 'it was higher than dispel..'

Huginn says, 'which shouldn't be the case'

Ruby says, 'I supose so.'

Seldom says, 'What can you tell us about the doubles pk tournament, how does it work?'

Kaige says, 'instead of 1 on 1, it's 2 on 2. You work with a partner.'

Seldom says, 'are there different weight divisions?'

Kaige says, 'I'm not sure.'

Sandra says, 'I believe she runs different divisions. But it's been a while since I've been able to go to one so I don't know for sure'

Ruby says, 'last time there wasn't'

Seldom says, 'Is this Ladyaces dept?'

Sandra says, 'yea, she does the tournies'

Seldom nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'anyother questions or comments?'

Seldom shakes his head.

Ruby says, 'fix steal?'

Ruby ducks to the ground.

Kaige points at the welcome board.

Ruby says to Kaige, 'fix it more! :P'

Kaige says, 'helpful bug reports with lots of info make that easier!'

Huginn nods his agreement with Kaige.

Ruby says, 'it's more or less idea's that i have not bug reports :P'

Ruby says, 'like that one'

Huginn says to Ruby, 'Working on that.'

Sandra says, 'that's under the 'being worked on' list'

Ruby cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Lenore's eyes glaze over with images of afk.

Seldom says, 'Hows Huma coping with it all?'

Cheyla says, 'pretty good, tho he's been kinda busy with school stuff'

Sandra says, 'he hasonly been killed like 3 times this week, so pretty well I suspect ;)'

Lenore disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Kae hasnt found an excuse yet.

Seldom says, 'Being killed is like initiation or something, or when he does dumb stuff?'

Sandra says, 'yep'

Cheyla says, 'both'

Kae nods her agreement with Seldom.

Cheyla says, 'or just cuz'

Chocorua says to Kae, 'We need to have excuses?'

Seldom chuckles politely.

Sandra giggles.

Kae says to Chocorua, 'Well, no, not really.'

Chocorua says, 'ahh good'

Chocorua was gonna be in trouble there

Shrieve giggles.

Ruby pets Shrieve lovingly.

Shrieve smiles at Ruby.

Sandra points at Shrieve.

Shrieve says, 'Yea, so while I was gone looks like the "8" and the "0" black turned into the same thing, or have I lost my mind?'

Sandra says, 'that's a client thing'

Kaige says, 'using the same client?'

Shrieve says, 'Yep same same'

Shrieve says, 'Anyone know how to fix it in that case?'

Seldom says, 'I had that happen too'

Shrieve chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'get a better client'

Sandra nods to herself.

Kaige says, 'you might wanna check the settings for background colors... it's at the end of HELP COLOR'

Cheyla says, 'got colors 28 and 29 now, too... maybe you can use one of them'

Seldom nods his agreement with Kaige.

Seldom says, 'that worked for me'

Shrieve says to Kaige, 'thanks.'

Kaige says, 'it could be one of those is replacing the other'

Shrieve nods solemnly.

Shrieve bows deeply.

Ruby says, 'well I'm gonna spend anouther day working with inject. I'll get back with you folks later'

Sandra says, 'any other questions or comments?'

Kaige wishes Ruby good luck!

Chocorua says, 'someone make me more steak, i ran out'

Sandra giggles.

Chocorua pouts.

Kae says, 'oh!'

Ruby says, 'being i do that. can anyone give me the year ether was created?'

Sandra says, 'I had chinese food'

Sandra points at Kae.

Seldom says, 'How much longer does Herbert have on his LoP application? And who was the last mortal LoP put in?'

Kae puts on her Fraegis suit.

Sandra says, 'eh I'd have to look it up again Ruby'

Serk smiles happily.

Kaige says, '1846'

Kae says, 'he couldn't be here but he made me promise to ask'

Ruby thanks Kaige heartily.

Kaige says, 'http://neurosurgery.mgh.harvard.edu/History/ether1.htm'

Sandra says, 'tomorrow and Clutch'

Kae says to Huginn, 'How is sing coming along, stat change wise?'

Seldom thanks Sandra heartily.

Sandra says, 'why is sing changing stat-wise?'

Kae notes that she has no clue what he's asking about.

Kae says, 'Fraeis apparently made Huginn promise to look at it possibly being lowered to match meditate or something'

Huginn says to Kae, 'Not really looking at it until I get done with other things.'

Kae says, 'mkay'

Kae'll pass that on.

Sandra says, 'ah'

Seldom says, 'Would you consider lowering the reqs for lullaby whilst your doing it?'

Ruby laughs.

Ruby says, 'I hope not'

Sandra says, 'I think lullaby's reqs are ok as is'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'tho I'd probably make the mind req higher ;)'

Kae says, 'I think the point with sing was that in itself it doesn't really do anything -- lullaby does'

Seldom says, 'I dont really understand why they are high, is it that valuable a skill?'

Kaige says, 'makes it so you can do a lot of the bard things without an instrument...'

Seldom says, 'Im obviously not using it correctly'

Kae says to Kaige, 'Yeah, sing is a pre-req -- lullaby has direct affects.'

Seldom says, 'Lullaby does? Like entrancing without an instrument?'

Seldom says, 'I thought that was slated for sing'

Sandra says, 'lullaby can make it hard to wake up'

Kaige says, 'sing does. and I don't think you can easily dance to a capella stuff'

Sandra points at Ruby.

Ruby says, 'is balance being looked into at all?'

Lorenzo says to Kaige, 'you haven't heard the right kind of a capalla then.'

Lorenzo says, 'ella'

Sandra says, 'for... ?'

Seldom sings, "I dont know, but Ive been told...!"

Ruby says, 'make'n it not go away with every little thing that happens to you'

Huginn says to Ruby, 'Yes.'

Kaige says to Lorenzo, 'I also think that I like the balance of requiring people to carry an instrument around with them for it. instead of it just coming out of the blue.'

Seldom watches everyone dance along.

Ruby thanks Huginn heartily.

Lorenzo nods his agreement with Kaige.

Lorenzo says to Kaige, 'i'm just being silly, out of game context.'

Lorenzo hangs his head.

Matt_kW paces back and forth.

Sandra says, 'other questions, etc?'

Lorenzo is thinking of a local a capella group that harmonizes so much and beat-boxes and all that it actually could be danced to.

Kaige says, 'but you just said "group"'

Kaige giggles.

Lorenzo chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'that implies more than one person.'

Seldom chuckles politely.

Kaige chuckles politely.

Kae says to Kaige, 'Quiet! or the next idea will be to make sing cumulative, the more people the more effect.'

Lorenzo says to Kaige, 'true. but I'm not arguing for a change, anyway.'

Lorenzo smiles happily.

Seldom says, 'ooh!'

Seldom nudges Kae.

Kaige says to Kae, 'That'd be cool, but I'm not coding it...'

Sandra giggles.

Chocorua slays Kae in cold blood!

You hear Kae's death cry.

Kaige says, 'it's like the whole conducting thing'

Sandra laughs.

Seldom winces.

Kaige says, 'it's like the whole conducting thing'

Kae isn't either. She's too busy being dead.

Kae picks up the corpse of Kae.

Kaige says, 'cool idea, still uncoded'

Kae gives the corpse of Kae to Cheyla.

Kae gives the corpse of Kae to Cheyla.

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Lunch AND dinner.'

Kae stops using a Chimera voodoo doll.

Chocorua says to Kae, 'I feed her steak and asparagus.'

Cheyla beams at Kae delightedly.

Seldom wonders why Kae needs to carry around gold coins.

Seldom says, 'not that I was peeking'

Sandra says, 'just in case'

Kae giggles.

Seldom scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'never know when you wanna stop for a burger or something'

Seldom chuckles politely.

Chocorua says, 'it sucks to get toldya can't afford soemthing froma merchant'

Kae takes off her pineapple bound in steel wool and dipped in vinegar.

Kae stops using a twig flyswatter.

Seldom says, 'slay merchant, loot corpse...'

Seldom chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'yeah.. but there's a point where it's just silly too: Gold: 2000212 coins'

Matt_kW just steals from them.

Kaige is completely boggled by the concept.

Sandra says, 'hehe'

Kae says, 'doesn't work when you're testing his selling acts :)'

Sandra says, 'Gold: [6182878]'

Seldom says, 'ahh'

Sandra says, 'I just like seeing the 31932 kg I carry'

Kaige says, 'Weight carried: 10187 kg'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Kaige flexes her bulging, impressive muscles.

Chocorua says, 'i'm poor just 9958'

Seldom shudders.

Sandra giggles.

Kaige wonders how much of that is in notes tho.

Kaige sighs loudly.

Sana says, 'but first'

Sana stomps on Sandra's toes.

Sana stomps on Huginn's toes.

Sana says, 'you're both very naughty!'

Sandra ponders Sana's existence.

Sana ignores everything, lost in her own little world.

Sandra says, 'ask now, then I'll kill ya after'

Sandra giggles.

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Seldom chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'I was just gonna say that like, I haven't really tested it and all but homos are acting wierd on picking stuff up'

Sana says, 'they won't get stuff from a corpse (namely gold) even if they are well under thier weight limit'

Sana says, 'so I gotta get it and give it to them and urm, it's just kinda annoying'

Sana zones out.

Matt_kW is completely boggled.

Sandra says, 'weird. Didja bug it too?'

Sana says, 'just noticed last night'

Sana sniffles loudly.

Sana says, 'I have another question too!'

Cheyla says, 'so? didja bug it?'

Sana says, 'I will I will :p'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'ok, next question'

Cheyla says, 'then do it already!'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Cheyla's head.

Sana points proudly at herself.

Seldom quickly steals Sana's bug report and wins himself a token.

Stradivari says, 'wasn't there a place to buy paper somewhere arouund here?'

Stradivari scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Sana says, 'is dispel magic lag gonna be lowered too? 'cause when i'm in a dispel fight with somebody over thier preps...dispel and sink already had the same lag, and dispel is 15 more mana...how am I ever supposed to dispel somebody who isn't af'

Sana says to Stradivari, 'e s.'

Stradivari smiles happily.

Sana says, 'afk'

Sana says, 'isn't afk that is'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Huginn says to Sana, 'Dispel had lower lag.. now its the same.'

Sana says, 'well it didn't seem much lower, usually the person could resink at least once'

Sana says, 'which is 150 to nuke preps...'

Sana says, 'now what...infinate resinking till i'm manaless?'

Sana sniffles quietly.

Chocorua says, 'or you try something else'

Huginn says, 'if they do something else, you win..'

Sana says to Chocorua, 'i already do try other things :p'

Sana says to Chocorua, 'most people won't even pk with a create because its walls charms or death, I think i'm very admirable in trying new things with them.'

Sana mourns her own inadequacies - you feel sorry for her.

Kae says, 'I'd have to agree with Sana on that'

Kae says to Sana, 'And we still need to brainstorm some more sometime.'

Kae nods to herself.

Matt_kW looks up into the sky and ponders.

Chocorua says, 'i wasn't being sarcastic .. i meant you could keep spending mana on it or so sometin else'

Huginn says to Sana, 'They're occupied the same as you are..'

Sandra says to Sana, 'Go on.'

Sana says, 'the druid labrotory door'

Sana says, 'well the whole door locking magically thing in general..but especially the druid door, locks wayyy to fast'

Sana says, 'like within a tick of opening it'

Kaige says, 'the key isn't that hard to get.'

Sana says, '3 times this week i've had to rescue newbies who got locked in'

Kaige says, 'and the resets don't work off of when it was opened...'

Kaige cheers for Sana - huzzah!

Kaige has created a small piece of paper!

Kaige gives a small piece of paper from Kaige to Cheyla.

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sana says, '...'

Seldom says, 'It said, Sana smells.'

Kae says, 'she's a grendel, we knew that'

Sana coughs loudly.

Kae says to Sana, 'Sacre bleu! Have you ever heard of "soap"?!'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Sana says, '*point disc board post 34 append'

Kae ducks to the ground.

Sana coughs loudly.

Sana says, 'I have another one!'

Sana says, 'lately when I try to do something that involves *'s and numbers no matter where they are positioned in a sentence it gets all messed up'

Sana says, 'like how I spammed everyone just now'

Sandra says, 'it's coz y ou're a grendel'

Sana zones out.

Kae says, 'did Huginn forget to post the anti-grendel code in the update?'

Kaige says, 'if it's # then a * then yes... that will happen unless the first one is a 1'

Sana says, 'it happened just now and it was *then a bunch of letters'

Sana peers at herself myopically.

Sana says, 'err'

Sana says, 'rright'

Kaige says, 'uh huh.. and what was before the first *'

Cheyla says, 'last *'

Sana says, 'yeah'

Kaige says, 'either of them actually...'

Sana coughs loudly.

Sana says, 'I still maintain that it is being wierd! I tried to * give you 20 dollars to shut up * just like that only without the spaces and it did it'

Sana says, 'and it was on chat and I looked very foolish'

Sana holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Sandra says, '...'

Seldom giggles.

Kaige says, 'the #* thing doesn't work on channels any more'

Sana says, 'and I have another that I said i'd ask for a pal'

Sana says, 'unless horror was here to complain about some broken quest thing, otherwise, he wants me to complain about some broken quest in san fran'

Seldom says, 'This wouldnt be a client problem - zmud special chars or something?'

Kaige says, 'nope'

Sana says, 'well he was telling me some mayors shirt quest or some such was broken'

Sana says, 'meant to try myself before I got here but umm I was gone'

Sana ducks to the ground.

Kaige thinks it would be more useful if he submitted a detailed bug report on how it wasn't working.

Chocorua says to Sandra, 'The replacement of the color code is done as the very last thing befor eit gets sent to the network so anything you have set in teh coor to replace will be replaced even iin teh color list.'

Kae says, 'I seem to remember him complaining that he gave a shirt and was told to repair it, but he alreadyhad'

Sana says, 'yeah something like that'

Sana says, 'we had a repaired shirt sucking up my hard earned clanhall rent for like a week'

Kaige says, 'I don't think it'd do much good for the attendant in his clan hall... and I think he expects it back sooner than that'

Matt_kW blinks.

Seldom says, 'shhh, he's here'

Kaige says, 'but hard to guess what might be the problem from that description tho.'

Sana says, 'think he is off taking care of his kiddie but maybe he will show up'

Kaige nods solemnly.

Matt_kW looks up into the sky and ponders.

Matt_kW eats a giant plate of spagetti and meatballs.

Sana says, 'I read this funny funny log of a buncha people, aygar? I think and some others holding some chumps corpse for ransom against somebody(vial or something?) getting sitebanned, did that work? :p'

Sana snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'toranthaz, and no'

Sana says, 'damn'

Kae says, 'sounds to me like they were closer to siteban themselves for pulling that :)'

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'but it got them in alot of hot water with Ptah and Kaige'

Sana says, 'I wonder if picking a better target than they did would get us our saviour back...'

Sana ponders her own existence - better keep an eye on her.

Kaige says, 'you may have heard of the NPH...'

Huginn says, 'in general ransoming corpses is lame'

Kae says to Huginn, 'Naw, I've ransomed corpses for kisses with great success.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kae's head.

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'ransoming a corpse is lame, trying to do so to the staff, bad move ;)'

Kaige says, 'in general, trying to force someone to do something ooc, through IC means... is sorta lame too'

Sana says, 'I heard about that nph thing but umm, I can't be forced to be one cause I already am!'

Sana flexes her muscles in a pathetic attempt to bolster her confidence.

Kae says, 'uh yeah'

Sandra nods her agreement with Sana.

Sana says, 'one last one about homos again'

Sana says, 'since they can no longer fight'

Sana says, 'or do much of anything besides carry stuff'

Huginn says, 'their intended purpose'

Sana says, 'is it possible to make them able to get through tunnels with you?'

Huginn waits.

Huginn says, 'no'

Kaige says, 'they're not an extra pocket'

Kaige giggles.

Sana mutters under her breath.

Huginn says to Kaige, 'Pockets with legs!'

Horror slaps Sana.

Sana says, 'well they aren't doing thier job when every 4 rooms I gotta stop and run 50k between two homos'

Horror says to Sana, 'Waking me up, this had better be worth it.'

Horror snickers softly.

Huginn shakes his head in disagreement with Horror.

Horror throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Horror says, 'figures'

Sandra giggles.

Sana says to Horror, 'talk about your shirt quest problem! I tried and I got laughed at and made fun of and i'm pretty sure they were passing nasty notes!'

Horror chuckles politely.

Horror nods her agreement with Sana.

Horror says, 'ok ok ok'

Seldom chortles with amusement.

Sandra says, 'we laugh at you all the time. that wasn't different'

Sandra attempts to prod Sana but Sana isn't about to go anywhere.

Shemyaza says, 'laughing at sana?'

Shemyaza lurks around Sana ominously!

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza laughs at Sana.

Horror says, 'when he gives you the shirt and says FIX this'

Sana says, 'yeah but it's fine to be laughed at when I screw up'

Horror says, 'i fixed it and gave it back...'

Horror says, 'then he said ITS NOT FIXED'

Horror says, 'when it was'

Kaige says, 'yeah.. I saw your report "giving the shirt to the attendant is bugged in the san fran side quest.. he said i gave it to you to fix, I fixed it already."'

Horror says, 'so i ended up flaged'

Kaige says, 'doesn't really help find where the problem is.'

Horror says, 'that was my only problem really'

Matt_kW blinks.

Horror says, 'he said a fixed shirt wasn't fixed'

Horror shrugs helplessly.

Matt_kW raises his hand for awhile.

Kaige says, 'yes, but for me to try to track it down from that description is impossible =)'

Kaige says, 'I didn't know if you'd given it to him or not, until just now'

Horror says, 'ok sorry im not that best bug reporter!'

Horror says, 'i tired!'

Horror sulks because Kaige has hurt her feelings.

Matt_kW falls asleep with his hand up.

Horror pinches Matt_kW and you wonder what he will do back.

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Sandra says to Matt_kW, 'I see that you had your hand up, I was waiting for them to finish.'

Matt_kW nods solemnly.

Matt_kW says, 'i was just doing to annoy her'

Matt_kW snickers softly.

Horror is finished if Kaige is.

Kaige says, 'it's just easier for us to fix things when we can tell what went wrong instead of having a vague description and going and testing it how we know it works, and not having the same problem.'

Cypri gets a small piece of paper from Cypri marked 'Legend MUD Q & A' from a fraying violet velvet duffel bag.

Kaige says to Horror, 'But I'll take a look at it again... and for the record you're currently not flagged.'

Horror nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sandra points at Matt_kW.

Horror says to Kaige, 'I had snapper remove it :P'

Horror taunts Kaige mercilessly.

Horror says to Kaige, 'And i was :P'

Matt_kW says, 'is emote going to be able to be used on channels?'

Kaige says to Matt_kW, 'And I don't appreciate the spam either while I'm talking or when I have to clean up the logs.'

Chocorua shakes his head.

Matt_kW says, 'kaige'

Sandra says, 'I doubt it'

Matt_kW says, 'or'

Matt_kW says, 'thought social was apologize'

Kaige says, 'Well.. see! how the hell am I supposed to know that when I go look to see why you can't do the damn thing?'

Kaige giggles.

Matt_kW apologizes to kaige.

Horror chuckles politely.

Horror says, 'i was going to try again, maybe i screwed something up'

Horror shrugs philosophically.

Horror says, 'i dont think so tho'

Horror says, 'i gave it to him FIXED and he said it wasn't is about the jest of it'

Sandra points at Sana.

Sana says, 'heh, scared matt off'

Sana snickers softly.

Cypri chuckles politely.

Horror nods her agreement with Sana.

Sandra giggles.

Sana says, 'okay it seems to me'

Kaige says, 'aha. ok. found it.'

Horror laughs.

Horror cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

Horror says to Kaige, 'See im not crazy!'

Horror winks suggestively at Kaige.

Sandra says, 'are too'

Kae giggles.

Horror says to Sandra, 'Are not!'

Sandra says, 'too!'

Sana says, 'and this is just my poor little opinion, that a spell that lets you absorb almost 90% of your opponants spells is extremely powerful! and umm, maybe the cost of such a great thing should be upped!'

Sana says, 'like to say, stone skin range'

Kaige says, 'never said that.. just had no clue where to start looking from that description. =)'

Horror says to Sana, 'Ok ok maybe a little.'

Horror says, 'oops wrong s :P'

Cypri gasps at Sana.

Horror slaps herself - that looks really strange!

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Sana says, 'cause I mean once you have it up your gonna absorb thier spells and get mana back anyways'

Shemyaza says, 'I'm not sure sink lag should be decreased'

Shemyaza flops about helplessly.

Sana says, 'so I think 100 or so for casting is pretty good'

Sandra says, 'it was set equal to that of dispel magic'

Huginn shrugs helplessly.

Cypri nods her agreement with Sandra.

Horror says, 'yeah i got a q on dispel'

Huginn says, 'I can increase dispel if you want instead'

Sana says, 'the cost isn't equal tho!'

Horror says, 'no no no'

Huginn doesn't care

Horror says, 'if you do...'

Seldom waves happily.

Cypri laughs.

Huginn says to Sana, 'You're right.. sink can fail, dispel can't.'

Sandra says, 'the cost is if you consider allt he other spells that go poof'

Horror says, 'i got a bone to pick about dispel myself'

Sana says, 'well dispel costs more but is slightly faster, that seems very fair'

Huginn says, 'dispel is automatic, sink has a chance to fail to catch things?'

Sana says, 'but not a very good chance to fail'

Sana says, 'unless your a stoopid druid or such'

Sandra says, 'plus dispel can poof about 200mana worth of buffs in 1 cast. Personally, Ithink dispel needs some work :)'

Huginn nods his agreement with Sandra.

Cypri nods her agreement with Sandra.

Sana says, '99% of the mage on mage fights I see they use thier fight-stat skill, kick bash headbutt whatever'

Sana says, 'and dont even try spells..'

Huginn says to Sana, 'They're trying the wrong spells then.'

Cypri says, 'and that's the way it ought be mage vs mage'

Huginn says to Sana, 'The main reason you see that though.'

Chocorua says, 'or standin there beating on each other forgetting they are mages'

Huginn says to Sana, 'Is the problem with mage healing.'

Horror says, 'back sorry'

Horror peers around intently.

Huginn says to Sana, 'They are trying to save their mana to heal, which they shouldn't be able to do so well in the first place.'

Horror says to Sandra, 'I would agree dispel needs some work.'

Sana says, 'yeah well, I play a create so obviously i'll leap to agree to that'

Chocorua says, 'i'd ratehr see mages have fwer top level fighting abilities than lose healing .. but thast just me'

Cypri says, 'I don't think mages heal very well at all'

Shemyaza says, 'er actually'

Shemyaza says, 'as a mage fighting a mage I fight special them because I know I can out-fight most of them'

Horror says to Sandra, 'I got an issue with it tho.'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Huginn says to Cypri, 'High level causes do pretty well at healing.'

Shemyaza says, 'if you match sink to sink it's not worth it to use spells mostly'

Cypri says, 'at like 1 mana per hp'

Cypri says, 'what kind of healing is that'

Cypri says, '60 hp 50 mana'

Cypri shrugs helplessly.

Huginn says to Cypri, 'Pretty good.. ask a fighter what they get.. or a sniper.'

Sana says, 'well considering it's instant healing with a low low lag'

Sana says, 'or a create!'

Sandra says, 'about 900hp at no mana cost if they're smart'

Cypri raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Huginn says, 'or a create.. over time they heal ok per mana pt but it takes time'

Cypri is completely boggled by the concept.

Kae says, 'my con create certainly doesn't have healing issues'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kae.

Sana says, 'midfight!'

Horror nods her agreement with Sana.

Huginn says, 'creates can normally keep from getting hit a lot'

Kae says, 'if he's balmed and not bleeding, he WILL heal midfight...'

Sana says, 'I can flee and heal to full all I want but thats just because everyone on the mud is afraid to chase me at this point'

Sandra says, 'just use it and run around a bit. WIth high con and mind, it's easy to heal with balm'

Sana says, 'any other create would be screwed!'

Sandra says, 'that stuff is sick :P'

Huginn says to Sana, 'You and most creates.'

Kae says, 'con create's big forte is definitely healing and gimps, cos it sure aint hitting'

Kae nods to herself.

Cypri nods solemnly.

Huginn nods his agreement with Kae.

Kae couldn't hit a wall if you threw her at it.

Sandra says, 'I could probably prove you wrong on that'

Sandra giggles.

Cypri laughs.

Sana says, 'I have an idea!'

Kae says, 'feel free to educate me :)'

Sandra can make some sick chars given the energy and time.

Sana says, 'for a month test run, remove walls and charms from creates and force everyone to play one during that month :p'

Huginn says, 'depends.. dex creates hit ok.. str too... con doesn't but its not meant to'

Sandra says, 'as I said'

Kae says, 'con create relies on other things than personal hitting'

Shemyaza says, 'con create can hit horribly hard'

Sandra nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Shemyaza says, 'it all depends on what you throw stats into'

Cypri says to Huginn, 'you got my hand raise right? just checking ;)'

Sandra says, 'I"ve seen 'em damcap'

Shemyaza snickers at Sandra nastily.

Chocorua says, 'normalize yer stats some .. don't go for anythign above 80'

Sandra winks suggestively at Shemyaza.

Chocorua says, 'you would be amazed what happens'

Huginn isn't running the QA..

Cypri nods her agreement with Huginn.

Sandra says, 'I got the hand raises, yea. And we should probably move on'

Sandra points at Cypri.

Cypri manages to calm everyone down with her rich voice and persuasive manner.

Horror snickers softly.

Cypri swears loudly: @*&^%@*&!

Cypri says, 'okay'

Cypri says, 'here's my question...'

Cypri says, 'what does the flamestrike under affected by do'

Cypri says, 'like after fighting a dragon?'

Sandra says, 'he set your hair on fire?'

Cypri says, 'like I know the burned, and that can be removed, but things like affected by choke'

Cypri says, 'flamestrike, what do these do?'

Sandra says, 'I can honestly say, I haven't the foggiest idea'

Huginn says, 'no idea on flamestrike.. I'd have to look'

Cypri giggles.

Cypri says, 'I was really curious'

Huginn says, 'choke makes you easier to choke later... sort of in stages :-)'

Cypri says, 'I'll come to the next q& a then hehe'

Sandra says, 'we'll get back to you on that one'

Cypri nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'I think LA was trying to set you to being burned through the flamestrike spell'

Kaige says, 'but things that cure being burned don't know to look to remove flamestrike as well'

Sandra says, 'that's a good answer!'

Sandra says, 'see, that's why she's the boss'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Cypri giggles.

Horror says, 'one sec afk'

Sandra says, 'doh, and you were next in line!'

Cypri says, 'one other question if I'm still up?'

Sandra says, 'sure go ahead'

Cypri giggles.

Cypri says, 'is there an eta or plan for unimplemented spells? (sorry you must get this all the time)'

Sandra says, 'none whatsoever'

Kaige says, 'nope and nope'

Sandra giggles.

Kaige giggles.

Cypri giggles.

Cypri says, 'that's it for me this weke'

Cypri beams delightedly.

Cypri thanks her lucky stars for just being alive!

Sandra giggles.

Horror says, 'ok back'

Horror nods to herself.

Cypri gently sighs with relief -- PHEW!

Sandra says, 'you're up then'

Horror says, 'ok....'

Horror says, 'why can i cast though my own sink but i can't dispel tho it?'

Horror says, 'seems reall real wrong to me'

Sana says, 'actually I have to agree on that'

Sana says, 'I don't use sink most of the time incase I get bound or something and have to dispel twice, ick.'

Sandra says, 'you meanleave the sink up and dispel other spells?'

Sana nods her agreement with Sandra.

Horror says, 'yes'

Horror says, 'i bet ten cause can STR thought there sink'

Horror says, 'ect ect'

Horror nods to herself.

Kae nods solemnly.

Cypri nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'they can'

Horror says, 'so you see'

Huginn says, 'dispel is not generally considered a beneficial spell.'

Horror says, 'making me dispel my sink to rid a blind lets say is wrong'

Horror says, 'unless'

Sana says, 'well'

Horror says, 'you do it all at once'

Shemyaza says, 'er yes that's a good question'

Sana says, 'can you wither yourself through a sink?'

Sana says, 'because wither is a lot more unbeneficial than dispel'

Sandra says, 'I don't think you can wither yourself anymore, can you?'

Sandra says, 'boy that was fun tho'

Cypri laughs.

Huginn laughs at Sandra.

Horror chuckles politely at Sandra's feeble witticism.

Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.

Shemyaza says, 'well you can still lightning bolt yourself'

Sandra says, 'no way!'

Horror nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Cypri laughs.

Shemyaza says, 'which you can probably do through your own sink...'

Shemyaza says, 'yes way'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Horror says, 'yup'

Huginn says, 'you can?'

Sandra says, 'cool new toy'

Horror says, 'you can'

Horror says, 'yes'

Huginn says, 'bug that'

Sana says, 'lemme see'

Shemyaza nods solemnly.

Horror says, 'i did it the other day in pk'

Shemyaza laughs.

Horror says, 'you can'

Cypri says, 'afk'

Sandra says, 'hehe'

Sandra says, 'sweet'

Horror says, 'not sweet'

Shemyaza says, 'hmm how to make sana hurt herself'

Shemyaza says, 'pssst sana you can..'

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Horror says, 'went through my sink too'

Horror says, 'without anything'

Sana says, 'you can lightning yourself'

Sandra says, 'is too. How come nobody tells me this stuff sooner'

Sana says, 'and thru your own sink'

Sana says, 'ouch by the way'

Horror nods her agreement with Sana.

Horror giggles.

Shemyaza says, 'er'

Shemyaza says, 'I thought it was intentional'

Shemyaza says, 'and besides it's fun'

Horror says, 'anyway back to dispel'

Shemyaza drools contentedly.

Horror says, 'needs looked at eh?'

Sandra says, 'I don't care about intent, that's just plain fun'

Horror chuckles politely at Sandra's feeble witticism.

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'does it occur to you that people assume you know?'

Sandra says, 'well, it would seem that lightning bolt needs looked at for sure'

Shemyaza says to Sandra, 'does it occur to you that people assume you know?'

Shemyaza grumbles to Sana.

Huginn says, 'dispel won't take off effects if the sink is still there..'

Sana peers around intently.

Sandra says, 'but I disagree about dispel magic'

Huginn says, 'not planning on changing that'

Sandra says to Shemyaza, 'You know me. And you know better than that :P'

Horror says to Sandra, 'What about what i said about sink and getting trough it?'

Horror says, 'whys that?'

Horror says, 'you make me dispel my sink THEN i have to dispel again for blind'

Horror says, 'thats just wrong'

Shemyaza says to Sandra, 'that thing has been around as long as you probably!'

Sandra says, 'I think that dispel should have a chance to fail against a sink. And with that, I think it's mana cost could get lowered *slightly*.'

Horror says, 'maybe the lag cut too'

Horror says, 'thats along time in a pk fight'

Horror says, '2 dispels'

Horror says, 'is'

Sandra says, 'and dispel isn't really considered a beneficial spell, as Huginn said. So, looking at it that way(which I do), I can't see a problem with the way it works other than that which I just mentioned'

Horror says, 'way too long really'

Huginn says, 'the lag on dispel is not that long right now'

Horror says, 'is in pk :P'

Cypri says, 'abck'


Huginn says to Horror, 'Oh btw did you bug your little invis/calm trick?'

Horror says, 'man you guys are real wrong here imho'

Huginn says to Horror, 'Or shall I just consider that abuse?'

Sandra says to Huginn, 'I think demandred bugged that.'

Horror says to Huginn, 'What trick?'

Sana says to Horror, 'you had a trick and you didn't tell me?'

Horror says, 'yeah'

Shemyaza says, 'er I still think it should be able to bypass your own sink'

Horror nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Cypri nods solemnly.

Horror says, 'if cause can create shoudl'

Cypri says, 'I think so as well'

Sandra says, 'I don't. that'd make it a cure-all, and it isn't meant to be one'

Horror says to Sandra, 'See!'

Shemyaza says, 'it's not a cure all'

Kae says, 'possibly make it dispel one random spell'

Sandra says, 'right, so why should it act as one?'

Kaige says, 'you have to make choices and tradeoffs somewhere'

Shemyaza says, 'it won't cure plague burns flamestrike elbow'

Shemyaza says, 'er bloodloss bleeding poison'

Cypri laughs.

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Shemyaza says, 'so'

Horror nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Sandra says, 'I haven't slain anyone yet'

Sana says, 'and you'd lose any other preps you had'

Horror pinches Sandra and you wonder what she will do back.

Shemyaza says, 'not that you're usually prepped as a create but...'

Horror panics, and attempts to flee.

Shemyaza chortles with amusement.

Cypri says, 'sounds fair'

Sandra says, 'yea, including sink ;)'

Cypri ducks to the ground.

Shemyaza says, 'well'

Shemyaza says, 'at the very least'

Sana says, 'well then'

Huginn says, 'creates preps are usually walking around'

Shemyaza says, 'it should negate sink AND everything else'

Sana says, 'how about making dispel kill everything in one short?'

Sana says, 'shot!'

Horror says, 'yes'

Horror says, 'i agree'

Shemyaza says, 'meaning you shouldn't have to double cast'

Shemyaza nods his agreement with Sana.

Sandra says, 'no'

Kae says to Huginn, 'Or picketing.'

Huginn laughs.

Horror says, 'making my cast it twice is wrong'

Sandra says, 'how's that!'

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Huginn says, 'not a chance'

Shemyaza says, 'then we all disagree and we'll leave it at that'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sandra nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'lets move on coz it's getting late'

Kaige says, '[email protected] it's only 7'

Kaige snickers softly.

You do a slow fade as Sandra whines at Kaige, hoping she won't get to you too.

Horror says, 'btw if i cast it twice im loosing 90 mana'

Horror says, 'that can be alot'

Shemyaza says, 'oh I had a question'

Huginn comforts Horror.

Shemyaza ponders his own existence - better keep an eye on him.

Cypri comforts Horror.

Horror smirks.

Sandra nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Horror says, 'anyway'

Sandra says to Shemyaza, 'And you were next.'

Horror says to Huginn, 'What did i do about that invis calm thing?'

Horror says to Huginn, 'I must of missed it.'

Shemyaza says, 'er is burns never ever fading a bug or a feature?'

Shemyaza says, 'I had someone stay burned forever'

Huginn says to Horror, 'That's what I asked.. what did you do?'

Horror says, 'i duuno'

Sandra says, 'that sounds buggish'

Shemyaza says, 'well until a kind god made the burns go away'

Horror says, 'i thought i was vis'

Shemyaza says, 'oh. good.'

Horror says, 'hell i was blind half the time'

Horror says, 'blind abuse is getting out of hand'

Sandra says to Shemyaza, 'Bug it to keep it on the list.'

Shemyaza says, 'er one more question queued at the back'

Cypri giggles.

Huginn believes theres a drug planned for burns

Sandra says, 'there's one out there already'

Kae's seen a few helpful herbs too.

Shemyaza says, 'well I know the druid alternative'

Kaige says, 'and curing burns any of the MANY in -game ways didn't remove it?'

Shemyaza says, 'and the cause mage one'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Shemyaza says, 'well it has no effect'

Kaige says, 'bug or no, no immortal should have had to remove it for anyone'

Shemyaza says, 'so I didn't remove it ;)'

Sandra shakes her head.

Sandra says, 'an imm didn't remove it'

Shemyaza says, 'oh'

Shemyaza says, 'well it went away'

Shemyaza peers around intently.

Shemyaza is confused now.

Shemyaza says, 'it was there for days and days. and I've never had that happen before'

Shemyaza flops about helplessly.

Sana says, 'they removed it before you got here to make you look crazy'

Shemyaza says, 'possibly'

Sana says, 'most probably!'

Sana says, 'they do shifty things like that'

Cypri giggles.

Sana says, 'you can see the evil coursing behind thier beady little eyes..'

Sana peers at Huginn, looking him up and down.

Shemyaza grins evilly at Sana.. wonder what he's thinking...

Huginn says, 'the evil is still behind my eyes?!?'

Shemyaza says, 'it occasionally leaks out your ears'

Sandra says, 'my evil is right out in front baby'

Huginn nods his agreement with Sandra.

Huginn aspires

Sandra says, 'I forgot who was next'

Sandra says, 'one sec'

Sandra says, 'eh hell, I dunno. who was next?'

Sana says, 'me!'

Sandra says, 'ok'

Sana says, 'I have another complaint'

Horror chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'about dispel magic!'

Shemyaza says, 'I was after sana I think'

Horror cheers for Sana - huzzah!

Sandra says, 'we don't take anymore complaints'

Shemyaza cowers in fear of Sana's wrath!

Cypri winces.

Horror giggles.

Sana says, 'I was fighting talia in the stag'

Sandra says, 'we stopped those at 9'

Sana says, 'or really, fortebraccio was and I was dispelling her every 2 rounds or so'

Horror chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'and even when I beat her re-sinking, which happened about 9 times'

Sana says, 'her ring of fire did not get dispelled'

Huginn says, 'that would be a bug'

Sana says, 'i've had the same wonderful problem on calatin'

Huginn says, 'did you report it?'

Sandra says, 'yea that sounds buggy'

Shemyaza says, 'well it sounds like it could be a feature'

Shemyaza says, 'to me anyway'

Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.

Cypri giggles.

Sana says, 'well, I figured i'd ask first because ring of fire is a special spell :p'

Shemyaza wouldn't have bugged it, just complained.

Huginn says, 'not a feature'

Shemyaza nods his agreement with Sana.

Sana nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Huginn says, 'magic fire.. should go away'

Cypri hangs her head.

Sana says, 'and I have another followup if I may'

Cheyla says, 'if you're going to complain about something, you may as well just go and bug it'

Huginn nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Cypri rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Shemyaza says, 'that's not true'

Shemyaza says, 'which we just agreed on with what we think on the lags for dispel and cutting through your own sink and the like...'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Shemyaza says, 'that's the reason why these things come to qna =)'

Sana says, 'unless i'm miscounting somewhere, a cause mage putting on all thier basic preps and detect illusion(out of pure fear of me no doubt) spends 125 mana...and to dispel them old school way, yanno, 3 times before I hit thier preps'

Sana says, 'I spend 135! so umm'

Sana says, 'why was dispel changed? they are still 10 mana ahead :p'

Sana says, 'I think bless cost needs to be upped instead'

Sana says, 'and armor'

Sana says, 'especially armor'

Sana says, 'lasts for ever, cheaper than hell and nets you soooo much free ac'

Cypri laughs.

Huginn says, 'ok.. in general, the attack and defense skills have either the same lag or defense has less'

Huginn says, 'that was a case where attack had less.. breaks the model'

Kae runs off too. Must pester boss.

Huginn says, 'it'd be like incite having less lag than calm'

Sana says, 'but really thats about the only thing creates have going for them'

Huginn laughs at Sana.

Huginn says, 'you are out of your mind'

Sana says, 'no way'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'all who say Sana is nuts, say aye'

Sana says, 'well actually'

Cypri peers around intently.

Cypri says, 'aye?'

Cypri giggles.

Cypri says, 'aye'

Shemyaza says, 'aye'

Sana says, 'aye'

Sana says, 'I suppose next time I fight somebody I *COULD* rainbow bridge them to death'

Huginn says, 'walls, charmies, lightning, ice and dispel'

Sandra giggles.

Sana says, 'that really puts me over the edge in the offense department'

Sana says, 'or maybe I could paralyze them with my mighty paralyze spell'

Huginn says, 'or you could order your army to kill them?'

Cypri nods her agreement with Huginn.

Sana says, 'I don't like armies'

Huginn says, 'like you normally do when you aren't messing around'

Huginn says, 'ah that makes them invalid for creates'

Sandra says, 'or you could use some of the fight spells y ou have'

Cypri says, 'k i have to go help someone'

Cypri thanks Sandra heartily.

Shemyaza says, 'I think sana is trying to say more of something she feels is a fair fight at the end of the day'

Cypri says, 'thanx all'

Sana says, 'well okay cause has dancing weapons and skeletons'

Shemyaza says, 'of course sana might just be babbling'

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Huginn says, 'didn't you say ow when you came back about lightning yourself?'

Cypri says, 'also, if when this is over, I do have a few strings I'd like to do'

Cypri nods to herself.

Cypri waves happily.

Sandra says, 'or you could use some of the fight spells y ou have(again)'

Sana says, 'if you wanted to you could use those in a fight, but you don't *HAVE* to use them you have other things!'

Sana says, 'creates have charmies and I have to use them, thats sucky!'

Sandra says, 'or you could use some of the fight spells y ou have(3rd time)'

Sana says, 'I have 2 fight spells'

Sana says, 'they are both limited'

Sandra says, 'you need to learn to count'

Huginn says to Sana, 'I'd like to see creates have other things besides charmies, but that's one of their main strs right now.'

Sana says, 'out doors and over water'

Sana says, 'fine I have 3, but the third is such a POS...'

Sandra says, 'you still need to learn to count'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Chocorua says, 'ok i gotta go this battery is about dead'

Sana says, 'i'll just learn to speak instead'

Chocorua waves happily.

Sana says, 'I have 2 useful spells'

Kaige waves to Chocorua.

Sana says, 'for attacking'

Sana says, 'and they are both limited'

Kaige says, 'and you're a create... or am I missing something?'

Kaige says, 'if you want to be an offensive spell-slinger... be cause'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Sandra says, 'dammit you made me type spellbook. Run and hide'

Shemyaza says, 'I still have a question, incidentally. hopefully a noninflammatory one.'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Cypri giggles.

Sana says, 'and after typing spellbook you agree don't you!'

Sandra says, 'yea lets move on coz i'm getting grumpy(er)'

Sana says, 'lightning and ice bolt!'

Sandra says, 'no, I still say you can't count!'

Shemyaza says, 'well I log my pkiller out, who is inconstantly on'

Shemyaza says, 'with full preps'

Shemyaza lurks around Sana ominously!

Shemyaza taunts Sana mercilessly.

Shemyaza says, 'when I log back in most of the time they're gone'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, 'very strange - what's this?'

Sandra says, 'they'll tick down'

Shemyaza says, 'oh but bad effects don't?'

Cypri says, 'while logged out?'

Sana nods her agreement with Shemyaza.

Sandra says, 'effects don't keep, they time out eventually, even while rented'

Shemyaza says, 'even poison?'

Sana says, 'I faded and rented and when I came back I had one tick of invis left'

Cypri looks up into the sky and ponders.

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza is curious.

Sandra says, 'and you'll even heal'

Shemyaza says, 'oh'

Cypri says, 'so poisoned or bleeding, you could rent out for days and be okay?'

Shemyaza says, 'AHAHAHAHAHAAAA'

Shemyaza nods his agreement with Cypri.

Cypri looks up into the sky and ponders.

Shemyaza says, 'I have enough alts to play fighters that way...'

Shemyaza gets them all to 1hp and rents out.

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Sana snickers at Shemyaza nastily.

Cypri won't prep before she logs out anymore

Shemyaza says, 'ahem yes thank you'

Sana says, 'oh'

Shemyaza says, 'ook'

Sana says, 'earthquake! big useful direct damage there!'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Shemyaza says, 'but timed gear doesn't tick down right?'

Sandra says, 'well, it'd be funny ifyou logged in with 1hp after renting with bloodlose'

Shemyaza gulps nervously.

Sandra says, 'not that I know of'

Shemyaza says, 'well doesn't that mean poison could kill you while you were rented?'

Shemyaza is confused now. Again.

Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.

Kaige says, 'you can't die while rented out'

Sandra says, 'just log in with 1hp'

Shemyaza says, 'Er but the poison can wear off eventually'

Sandra giggles.

Sana says, 'if you did die while rented'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, '?'

Shemyaza says, 'but when it wears off you should heal?'

Sana says, 'would you have to go to the main menu for cr?'

Kaige says, 'you can't die while rented out'

Shemyaza says, 'so why would you log in with 1hp?'

Sandra says, 'just an amusing example'

Shemyaza says, 'oh'

Shemyaza says, 'it's not nice to make my head ache with amusing examples'

Shemyaza sniffles quietly.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'anyother questions? It's getting kinda late so we need to wrap it up soonish'

Sandra points at Sana.

Sana says, 'wall of thorns is outdoor only eh?'

Sandra says, 'if it's about dispel, we reserve the right to slay you'

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Huginn believes so.

Sana says, 'I can see that, no access to growing vines through the floor'

Sana says, 'but what about ring of fire?'

Huginn says, 'what about it?'

Sana says, 'why can you cast dancing magic circling rings inside a house?'

Sandra says, 'can light a match indoors?'

Shemyaza says, 'hmm now I have one as well'

Shemyaza holds his head down and mourns the dead.

Sana says, 'you should burn the house down and take 2000 damage in the accident'

Sandra says, 'quit comparing apples and oranges'

Sana says, 'no way'

Sana says, 'dancing rings of flame!'

Sana says, 'richard should kill you for that!'

Shemyaza says, 'well I think the idea is'

Sana says, 'your burning his tables his floor his ceiling...'

Shemyaza says, 'you're like that chick in hellboy'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'the chick in hellboy'

Sana says, 'blew up many many buildings with her fire! :P'

Shemyaza says, 'yes, be glad ROF doesn't do that'

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Shemyaza says, 'although looking at some of YOURS it seems to...'

Shemyaza lurks around Sana ominously!

Sana mutters under her breath.

Sandra says, 'ok, it's late. There's just 2 of ya, so let me be my blunt, yet tired self.'

Shemyaza says, 'one last one =)'

Shemyaza says, 'it's about wall of winds'

Shemyaza says, 'the possibility of it kicking in and doing what it's supposed to do is so VERY low in addition to the fire suscept it gives'

Sana coughs loudly.

Sana nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, 'that could it either be upped a little (too much is overpowered, I know) or kept the same BUT'

Shemyaza says, 'made non illusory'

Kaige grumbles.

Huginn says, 'all walls should be non-illusionary'

Sana says, 'wow it's an illusion?'

Shemyaza says, 'the chance is so low'

Shemyaza says, 'yes it is'

Shemyaza says, 'it is sooo low'

Sandra says, 'wall of winds is illusion?'

Shemyaza says, 'yes'

Shemyaza flops about helplessly.

Shemyaza says, 'same as normal walls, if you have det illusion I assume you disregard its already tiny chance to work'

Sandra says, 'thought we fixed that'

Shemyaza says, 'well other than fire'

Shemyaza says, 'and the chance is very tiny'

Shemyaza chortles with amusement.

Shemyaza looks up into the sky and ponders.

Shemyaza says, 'well it's possible that you fixed it. the problem being'

Shemyaza says, 'that the chance itself is so low it's hard to test er...'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'well, I suspect the illusion thing, if it wasn't fixed, will be. And we'll look into the success thingie'

Shemyaza says, 'you don't know if it's not working becaue it's not working or because something has det illusion'

Huginn says, 'hmm'

Huginn says, 'wall of winds isn't a wall though'

Shemyaza says, 'I know'

Shemyaza says, 'it's something like ring of fire, but not'

Shemyaza says, 'hence what I was explaining er about the success and the difficulty testing'

Shemyaza says, 'if the chance is too high'

Shemyaza says, 'much too powerful'

Shemyaza says, 'but at the moment it's basically useless unless you're very bored, are in no danger, and have too much mana'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'we'll dig some on it and let you know'

Shemyaza nods solemnly.

Shemyaza thanks Sandra heartily.

Sandra says, 'I keep forgetting about that spell'

Sana says, 'I have a question but I need to check it first'

Adamar bows deeply.

Sandra says, 'i've been sitting still too long and it's getting painful. So he needs to make it snappy ;)'

Sandra smiles at Adamar.

Sana says, 'neeevermind'

Sandra giggles.

Shemyaza peers at Sana, looking her up and down.

Shemyaza says, 'where's my gun! which imm stole my gun!'

Sandra says, 'ok, then let's close things up since it's 930 and I'm a sore sandra'

Shemyaza ducks under Sana.

Sana says, 'so tho'

Sana says, 'I know it turned into a huge debate'

Sana says, 'but what was the end consensus on raising magic sink cost?'

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'congratulations, you almost outdid craven.'

Sandra says, 'no'

Sana says, '*give sana the finger*?'

Shemyaza says, 'er whoever's logging be nice and not include that comment eh?'

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Sandra giggles.

Kaige chuckles politely at Shemyaza's feeble witticism.

Shemyaza says, 'I think the consensus was - in our dreams'

Shemyaza chortles with amusement.

Sandra says, 'sink cost is fine as it is'

Shemyaza says, 'fortunately I don't dream of legend aymore'

Shemyaza says, 'anymore, even'

Sana says, 'I don't see why stone skin is 100...complete protection against daggers, with the cost of painful bloody movement'

Adamar peers at Sana, looking her up and down.

Sana says, 'and complete defense against magic is 35..'

Sandra says, 'complete defense agains tmagic is wrong though'

Sana says, 'well, it's not a complete defense I guess, but stoneskin doesnt lower all stabbey damage to 0 either so'

Huginn says to Sana, 'Its not even close to being complete protection vs magic.'

Sana says, 'and it's still 100 or whatever'

Sandra says, 'it's not complete, and it's not 100%.'

Shemyaza says, 'I 've found stoneskin is a lot more valuable than sink in the right context'

Sandra says, 'and I"m sureyou've found things the other way around in another context too'

Shemyaza says, 'so the mana disparity there seems justified'

Shemyaza blinks.

Shemyaza says, 'grumpy.'

Shemyaza pats Sandra on the head.

Sandra says, 'yea, I'm hurting and ya'll are making me replay this argument again'

Shemyaza says, 'shouldn't snap at people before you realise they're supporting a particular point of view of yours'

Shemyaza says, 'er I thought discussion was over'

Shemyaza peers around intently.

Sana says, 'well you and huginn go play a create and tell me what you think'

Sandra nudges Sana.

Sana says, 'play a create in pke'

Sana says, 'for more than 20 minutes'

Sandra says, 'um'

Sana says, 'and see how many fights you win without charmies...and see the low disgusting feeling you get when you use a charmie!'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Sandra says, 'I have'

Sandra says, 'in fact'

Sandra says, 'I have one of the very first con create mages in the game'

Sana says, 'not in the last month I bet!'

Sandra says, 'not only that'

Sandra says, 'but Sandra was a create mage'

Sana says, 'that was before I was even born!'

Huginn says, 'so was huginn'

Sandra says, 'and about 12 other of my chars were create mages'

Sandra says, 'and I've probably invented some of the junk you take for granted in your create mages'

Shemyaza says, 'let it go'

Sandra says, 'so lets not go there'

Shemyaza pats Sana on the head.

Sana says, 'yeah you have, that ice spell i never use at least'

Sana ducks to the ground.

Sandra slays Sana in cold blood!

You hear Sana's death cry.

Shemyaza winces.

Sana says, 'but thats neither here nor there!'

Shemyaza says, 'I think create needs that spell'

Sana says, 'old people always bring up things like gho tanking barney and 3 pkers'

Shemyaza beams at slay.

Sana says, 'who cares that was 10 years ago!'

Sana says, 'it's messed up noooowwwwww'

Shemyaza says, 'and not just for mobs!'

Shemyaza ducks to the ground.

Sana says, 'and if I dared huginn to play a create he'd slay me again!'

Sandra says, 'heh and would been cool if it actually happened'

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'shhhhh.'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Huginn says, 'actually not much for slaying you'

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'or at least. say qna is over for you.'

Shemyaza chortles with amusement.

Sana says, 'i'm going to give it a rest under advice from consul.'

Sana gets a tiny gold bee from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a silver bracelet from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a silver bracelet from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a token from the kangaroo spirit from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a tiny silver cobra from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a white long-sleeved shirt from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a glowing halo from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a red silk mask from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a static electricity sphere from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a neon glow-in-the-dark skull from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets an oddly wet smelly tickle me elmo doll from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets sealskin gloves decorated with beads from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a mystical rune-covered shield from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets sensible white shoes from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a pink tutu over pink leotards from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a dimensional rift from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a rusty old Mustang from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a silver arcane symbol on a blackened leather thong from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets DeMeNtIa, RaGe, AnD pArAnOiA from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a black Mercedes from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a belt-pouch from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets the scars of leadership from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a fine china teapot from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets 129 gold coins from the corpse of Sana.

Sana holds a fine china teapot in her hands.

Sana wears the scars of leadership on her face.

Sana begins using a belt-pouch.

Sana wears a black Mercedes on her left ring finger.

Sana wields DeMeNtIa, RaGe, AnD pArAnOiA.

Sana wears a silver arcane symbol on a blackened leather thong around her neck.

Sana wears a rusty old Mustang on her right ring finger.

Sana puts on her dimensional rift.

Sana puts on her pink tutu over pink leotards.

Sana puts on her sensible white shoes.

Sana wears a mystical rune-covered shield on her arm.

Sana wears sealskin gloves decorated with beads on her hands.

Sana puts on her an oddly wet smelly tickle me elmo doll.

Sana holds a neon glow-in-the-dark skull in her hands.

Sana begins using a red silk mask.

Sana wears a glowing halo on her head.

Sana puts on her white long-sleeved shirt.

Sana wears a tiny silver cobra on her left ear.

Sana wears a token from the kangaroo spirit on her arms.

Sana wears a silver bracelet around her left wrist.

Sana wears a silver bracelet around her right wrist.

Sana wears a tiny gold bee on her right ear.

Sandra says, 'good move'

Sana gets A string of pearls with one HUGE pearl from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a black satin top-hat from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets a small piece of paper from Sana from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets an ornate drinking horn from the corpse of Sana.

Sana gets Suger's chalice from the corpse of Sana.

Sana wears A string of pearls with one HUGE pearl around her neck.

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'i'll find a way to abuse rainbow bridge'

Sana says, 'and youll all be sorry'

Sana says, 'untill you change it'

Huginn congratulates Sana on a job well done.

Sana says, 'then ill be sorry!'

Sana stops using a fine china teapot.

Sana holds a static electricity sphere in her hands.

Sandra says, 'since there's only one other person on this game that has more chars than me, I think I know a fair bit about different types'

Shemyaza laughs.

Sana coughs loudly.

Shemyaza says, 'but you differ on views'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, 'but that person knows how to let things go'

Shemyaza bonks Sana on the head!

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Shemyaza says, 'I hope rainbow bridge can be fixed eventually though. it is the most annoying spell'

Sana says, 'I don't rp a kid because I am mature and full of forgiveness'

Sandra says, 'I see both views, but I still have to go for the balance'

Sana stomps around.

Sana stares at Sandra, fuming with rage - better stand back!

Shemyaza says, 'well it's more of a disagreement on where the balance is'

Shemyaza assumes this isn't logged. ;P

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'besides you can just make a new pkiller when you get bored and fed up.'

Huginn says, 'see the point is also you don't use charmies because you feel dirty doing it..'

Sana says, 'never'

Shemyaza says to Sana, 'just like everyone does!'

Shemyaza drools contentedly.

Huginn says, 'dirty why? because its too easy?'

Sana says, 'it's no fun for them or me'

Shemyaza says, 'seems cheap for player to player'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, 'mobkill - who cares?'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Sana says, 'dharma almost stopped talking to me last time she got charmied'

Shemyaza laughs.

Shemyaza says, 'dharma'

Sandra says, 'doesn't seem cheap to cause mages that do it'

Shemyaza says, 'has been teling people'

Shemyaza says, 'that ebiko can inspire ;P'

Shemyaza ponders a third circle mage inspiring now. Whee.

Sandra says, 'eh let 'em think it'

Huginn says to Sandra, 'Although 3c cause charmies suck in comaparison.'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'eh depends'

Sana says, 'I shoulda enabled sana in that 2 week period when wimpy was removed and inspire wasnt and taken out all my frustration, but noooo I had to be polite an wait for it to change before I enabled'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Shemyaza says, 'well it's more of you can get away from cause more easily'

Sandra says, '5 saebels hurt'

Sana says, 'well 5 saebels hurt but you never catch a cause mage un-lazy enough to do it'

Shemyaza says, 'er if you still haev inspire now you can't use it'

Sana says, 'because they don't need to to win..'

Shemyaza says, 'hmm I used to drag that'

Shemyaza says, '5 saebels'

Shemyaza says, 'before the change'

Huginn says, 'they do hurt but they're also easier to negate'

Shemyaza says, 'I think I killed the brahman in 3 rounds'

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Shemyaza says, 'on a player that's not good'

Shemyaza says, 'but now that they're changed they seem pretty reasonable'

Sana says, 'i've seen people snap up angels with two skills, thats not very funny'

Sana says, 'especially when that person had jumped me when I was resting in a house with exactly enough mana to make said angel and nothing more!'

Huginn says, 'should have locked your door I guess'

Shemyaza rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Shemyaza comforts Sana.

Shemyaza says, 'I think it's very funny'

Shemyaza hangs his head.

Sana says, 'they managed to sneak in under the door crack like some sort of cockroach'

Sana mutters under her breath.

Sandra giggles.

Shemyaza says, 'well considering charmies have no brain especially cause charmies, cause charmies are more vulnerable to...'

Shemyaza runs around like a streaker.

Shemyaza chuckles politely.

Shemyaza says, 'I think they're alright now'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Shemyaza says, 'and I was saying for years before the change that they were NOT ;)'

Shemyaza is pretty much happy with them now.

Shemyaza says, 'including undead.'

Sana says, 'hey that gives me a funny idea'

Sana says, 'and I realize QnA is over and all that'

Sana says, 'but you should make watchdog charmies!'

Shemyaza says, 'arf?'

Sana says, 'set them in a room and order them agg to a player'

Huginn says, 'hmm different can of worms'

Shemyaza says, 'nah'

Shemyaza says, 'don[t think so'

Sana says, 'that'd be cute'

Shemyaza says, 'what I want it something more along the lines of'

Shemyaza looks up into the sky and ponders.

Shemyaza says, 'there's this spell in some cfrpgs'

Shemyaza says, 'where you can set it as a watchdog, and it wakes you if a monster comes near'

Shemyaza says, 'so a watchdog that alerted you if something snuck in like poke some player is here'

Sana says, 'either or'

Shemyaza says, 'but you still need to det invis det hidden whatever to see whoever's sneakign in'

Shemyaza says, 'or wakes you if you're sleeping'

Shemyaza says, 'that might be interesting'

Shemyaza says, 'autoattack is too much probably'

Shemyaza says, 'for the same reasons why our charmies don't 'leap to our defence''

Shemyaza says, 'for auto attack'

Sana says, 'well outattack from a salamander wouldn't be that bad'

Shemyaza says, 'I'd just make rooma fter room'

Sana says, 'maybe limited to one per room too'

Shemyaza says, 'heh trust me'

Shemyaza would make a whole trail of rooms

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Sandra giggles.

Sana says, 'well yeah'

Shemyaza grins evilly at Sana.. wonder what he's thinking...

Sana says, 'but then people wouldn't complain about walls'

Shemyaza says, 'and you could keep making them...'

Shemyaza says, 'so every time a sniper flees they're delayed and you run after and whack them again'

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Shemyaza says, 'among other types'

Shemyaza says, 'there there, she's gone away now'

Shemyaza ducks under Sandra.

Shemyaza says, 'or not'

Sana says, 'okay that would be sad'

Sana says, 'because that would be like traps on LOW with is the lamest thing i've ever seen on a mud'

Sana says, 'but I had some loser sneak up on 5 charmies and kill them all seperately'

Shemyaza snickers softly.

Sana says, 'when I was off eating'

Shemyaza says, 'er that's not a loser'

Shemyaza says, 'that's funny'

Shemyaza hangs his head.

Sana says, 'well he is a loser because I found a leaking guts person by my charm corpses and stabbed him'

Shemyaza rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Shemyaza says, 'yes wel he should have run away faster'

Sana says to Shemyaza, 'i wonder if the favored child of rome is gonna show up before the update.'

Sana snickers softly.

Sana sniffles quietly.

Kaige says, 'ok it's been fun but I have to go make Elena do her homework'

Kaige gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Kaige waves happily.

Sandra hugs Kaige.

Sana says, 'unless of course you used a class nobody uses in pk, then you'd just be screwed totally!'

Sana coughs loudly.


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