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May 6th, 2004

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Vendetta whines.

Ruby nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Vendetta nods his agreement with Ruby.

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'where ya been latly? alts?'

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'you bet.'

Ruby nods solemnly.

Ruby says, 'same'

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'got a backstab in to interfere in sardonyx's fight.'

Vendetta throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Ruby chuckles politely.

Ruby says, 'working on a new pkiller or just a stupid mobkiller?'

Vendetta says, 'fixing an alt I abandoned'

Ruby nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'like re-eq and stuff'

Vendetta says, 'I don't play non-Pkers but I like to have them fully eqed and stocked'

Ruby says, 'yeh I have a few that need that but I figure who cares. not like they are of any use'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'true'

Vendetta says, 'I only have like 6 total, so I don't mind it'

Ruby looks up into the sky and ponders.

Vendetta says, 'and now I just need to get a lot of xp for myself'

Vendetta says, 'so I can go PK a lot!'

Ruby says, 'I think I only have 2 that need reequip and blah blah'

Vendetta says, 'I have 6 chars total I mean :P'

Ruby chuckles politely.

Ruby says, 'not much point in having many more'

Vendetta says, 'and I equiped my last one'

Ruby nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'ya, no 3c causie... but I don't think I'm missing out on much'

Ruby says, 'aw'

Ruby says, 'I love cause for mobkill'

Vendetta says, 'i have a create'

Ruby says, 'well for lvl'n lowbie's anyway'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Kae waves hello to the world!

Vendetta says, 'i only miss being able to animate swords and shit'

Scathniamh waves a welcome to Kae. Hello!

Vendetta smiles at Kae.

Ruby says to Kae, 'make hell go in!'

Vendetta says, 'I just learned special from weapons stay when you animate'

Kae says, 'gonna be a small party today, I think I'm the only one who could make it so far :)'

Ruby laughs.

Vendetta says, 'that Iron dagger of Nebuchadnezar blinds when animated'

Ruby says, 'yell at huginn!'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'no LA?'

Vendetta pouts.

Kae says, 'so, who wants to embarrass me first by asking something I have no clue about?'

Vendetta says, 'she owes me stuff'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'lA is still in school i think.'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'She's out of town, so's Kaige, and Sandra is sick :/'

Vendetta says, 'Wtf happened to eq getting scrapped in like 2 rounds'

Ruby laughs.

Kae says, 'we're working on an array of material types'

Vendetta says, 'I mean it gets scrapped in 2 rounds'

Kae says, 'to make a larger spread and options'

Vendetta says, 'i rememeber cuch was kileld and the cloak scrapped'

Kae says, 'but it's still in the works so some of them may need tweaking pretty badly, you should report what it was and how quick it scrapped'

Vendetta says, 'I haven't seen that in like 5 years'

Kae says, 'if it's not intentional it should be fixed!'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Kae says, 'shoot!'

Vendetta says, 'I saw someone build a door to someone else's house'

Vendetta says, 'is that a bug?'

Kae blinks.

Ruby laughs.

Kae says, 'that sure as heck is a bug, yeah'

Ruby says, 'sweet'

Kae says, 'only house owners and gms should be able to do that'

Vendetta says, 'if a house has no door he said you can build it'

Kae says, 'that's rather scary'

Ruby says, 'personaly I think all houses should come with a door that auto closes after evey few ticks..'

Vendetta says, 'and the builder got a key for it too'

Vendetta laughs.

Kae says, 'yep, definitely a bug'

Kae giggles at Ruby.

Vendetta says, 'and a mob to guard it'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Boy, that's nasty, I can smell the potential abuse already.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'i built a really expensive door.'

Ruby says, 'naw I just want them to keep me from walking in someone's stupid spam filled house'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'the initial fee charged my account though.'

Kae says to Ruby, 'Not an Alejandro fan, eh?'

Scathniamh says, 'Oh god yes...'

Ruby nods his agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh says, 'Auto-close doors.'

Scathniamh falls to her knees and worships Ruby's existence.

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Yeah, but the maintenance rent won't be, and the idea of you have a key is nasty too.'

Vendetta says, 'or archive lock alejandro'

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Ruby says, 'huginn'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'but most pk houses have doors.'

Vendetta says, 'unless they're not very bright'

Kae says, 'otherwise they wouldn't be of much use, I figure'

Vendetta says, 'still its a funny ass bug'

Kae says, 'anyway, don't run and abuse it -- we'll just get upset about that, but for heaven's sake, slap in a bug report on it'

Scathniamh giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'So, let me get the tally up...'

Vendetta says, 'i think the guy did'

Vendetta says, 'after trying it a few more times'

Kae says, 'sweet'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'but 1st build doors to everyones house that doesn't have one!'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'stop the spam!'

Kae snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'so far, she's answered all of your questions with "bug it"'

Scathniamh says, 'er, report it'

Scathniamh giggles.

Kae says to Vendetta, 'You can keep the mike :)'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'is there a way to get the binocs without getting the damaged'

Vendetta says, 'its getting really annoying'

Scathniamh giggles.

Ruby snickers softly.

Vendetta says, 'he won't rush when you shoot'

Kae says, 'when they drop from the sky, you mean?'

Ruby nods his agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh laughs.

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'did you try flying him yet?'

Kae says, 'well, I take it you can't steal em or you would have'

Dolor says, 'Put a bunch of fluffy pillows on the ground underneath him?'

Vendetta says, 'you can't get the bastard to the ground'

Vendetta says, 'its a balooon'

Kae says, 'I can see how that's annoying'

Vendetta says, 'could juggle work?'

Vendetta says, 'I was hoping I could juggle and catch all his junk'

Kae says, 'it'd be nice if it did'

Ruby says, 'ow thats a good idea'

Ruby says, 'report it!'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'idea it'

Kae says, 'I know it's possible to code it so that on death, you'd get a chance of grabbing em if you had the skill'

Vendetta says, 'bug it'

Kae says to Ruby, 'Yessss!'

Vendetta says, 'ya, juggle goes off like 100% of the time anyway'

Kae says, 'shouldn't be hard to make it so that when he dies he checks whether you have the skill and hand em over if you do'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Oh, we'd have to cheat anyway, not actually use the skill, but you should obviously have it to get the chance.'

Ruby says, 'I could see that causing some over rent/over weight problems though'

Vendetta says, 'With his dying breath the observer, knowing you can juggle, hands you binoculars.'

Ruby snickers softly.

Kae says, 'you snatch the binocs from the corpse as it plummets past'

Kae giggles.

Ruby says, 'and everything else he has :P'

Vendetta grins evilly.

Kae giggles.

Vendetta says, 'the money gets damaged'

Ruby says, 'thus putting you over rent then the mud crashes'

Kae laughs.

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Ruby.

Vendetta says, 'a pile of coins. (slightly damaged)'

Kae says to Ruby, 'I'd probably settle for the binocs myself :)'

Kae says, 'okay, that's silly'

Kae giggles.

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'would you honestly want anything else from him?'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'it if auto goes off I don't see were you have a choise.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Ruby.

Kae says, 'you might if it was made to check for the skill and hand over that item'

Vendetta says, 'about LoPs'

Kae says, 'guess you need to bug Nestor, he's maintaining somme now'

Vendetta says, 'Morphine kicked me twice in one round'

Vendetta says, '...'

Kae says, 'ow'

Ruby throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Scathniamh cackles gleefully at Vendetta - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Vendetta says, 'like missed the first'

Vendetta says, 'so just kicked again'

Ruby says, 'morphine cheats. she did as a char and now as a LoP she does :P'

Kae says, 'I'm not Sandra, as you can obviously tell, but I'd definitely consider that a bug, they were mortals who obeyed the rules'

Ruby says, 'morphine never obeyed the rules'

Vendetta says, 'I mean they sometimes cheat in other ways'

Ruby says, 'she stole all the karma from the mud :P'

Kae says, 'imho skill lag should apply to her as well'

Kae says to Ruby, 'Well, there is that :p'

Vendetta says, 'ya'

Vendetta says, 'got me so mad'

Scathniamh hisses and looks particularly violent.

Ruby says to Kae, 'make huginn post changes!'

Scathniamh claps for Ruby approvingly.

You do a slow fade as Ruby whines at Kae, hoping he won't get to you too.

Scathniamh says, 'Finally!'

Kae says, 'I'd see about getting Sandra to make her obey skill lag, cos that's just weird'

Kae says to Ruby, 'He's afk! I asked!'

Scathniamh says, 'Bad Hugginn.'

Kae says to Ruby, 'Mkay, your turn.'

Scathniamh says, 'huginn, too'

Scathniamh says, 'I think that was his question.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Ruby looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kae says, 'oh'

Kae giggles.

Ruby says, 'I can think of anouther one quick like'

Ruby looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kae says, 'well, we'll just ignore that then'

Kae says to Ruby, 'Noyoucan'thavetwopkillersatonce.'

Vendetta laughs.

Ruby says, 'How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?'

Vendetta chuckles politely.

Kae snickers softly.

A small koala creeps quietly into the room, looking for peace and quiet.

Scathniamh says, 'as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood'

Kae says to the koala, 'No spamming.'

Scathniamh throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Vendetta pets the koala lovingly.

Kae says to Dolor, 'Hit us a good one, sword boy.'

Vendetta says, 'I sandra is sick, isn't that more reason to do this?'

Dolor says, 'I know I'm gonna piss somebody off with this, but at least you can't answer this with "bug it".'

Scathniamh says, 'Do...what?'

Kae raises her eyebrow at Vendetta.

Kae laughs.

Scathniamh cackles gleefully at Dolor - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Vendetta says, 'I mean, when you're sick you either watch tv or sit at the comp, no?'

Dolor says, 'It's now been over four years since a new, full area was put in. Will we *ever* see a new area popped in?'

Kae says, 'she has to lie down, her meds make her really wobbly'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Ruby nods his agreement with Huginn.

Kae says to Dolor, 'Mkay, piss me off :)'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'never, youth!'

Scathniamh says, 'it's a conspiracy!'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Ruby says, 'I think Kae has just been playing morts all this time and not realy building hell. it's all a big lie'

Huginn has created a postcard!

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Ruby.

Kae says, 'oh, I can tell you stories about carnage in Hell yesterday when we're done, just you wait'

Ruby says, 'ow tell em now'

Vendetta says, 'You can't steal from them!'

Ruby says, 'and hurry up those slow playtesters'

Jox scratches his head in puzzlement.

Kae says, 'naw, waiting for Dolor's attempt to make me mad'

Dolor says, 'Well, I hate to sound rude, but I don't want excuses. I want to see an area--ANY area--get finished and put in the system. Good lord, Alaska was put in four YEARS ago.'

Kae nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'and it's not that good'

Kae says, 'you'll be happy to know that Hell hits final review this or the next then'

Huginn posts a postcard from Huginn on the welcome board.

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Ruby throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Ruby throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Ruby throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Ruby cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Ruby cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Ruby cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Kae says, 'that makes the ETA roughly a month, maybe two, if I have my way'

Scathniamh says, 'Alaska sucks, man..'

Ruby says, 'YES!'

Ruby says, 'finaly!'

Ruby throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Ruby hugs Huginn.

Vendetta says, 'YES'

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'alt to a druid.'

Ruby jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Vendetta!

Huginn says, 'have to let me know if you find a problem'

Kae giggles.

Vendetta says, 'can we steal balm?'

Dolor says, 'Frankly, I'm not sure how much I look forward to Hell. I'm afraid it's going to turn into another SL--or worse, another KZ--that you can't really get into and play around in and explore without lots of friends and a lot of cajones.'

Kae says to Huginn, 'I think you just scored popularity points ;)'

Huginn says, 'one note about that'

Kae says to Dolor, 'That's definitely not been the aim at least.'

Scathniamh says to Dolor, 'she's lying.'

Huginn says, 'don't expect to be using them if they're made by your non-pk buddy and you're fighting'

Scathniamh says to Dolor, 'that's exactly their plan.'

Huginn says, 'not going to work'

Scathniamh says to Dolor, 'take over with immortal runs!'

Vendetta grins evilly.

Vendetta says, 'at least they can be stolen again'

Ruby nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Kae says, 'Hell has been deliberately targeted at people being able to run around solo OR in a huge group'

Huginn says, 'and used even'

Kae says, 'depending on what you want to do there'

Ruby says, 'I'v been saying it for 10 damn years "Make poultices stealable again" An't I been saying it'

Huginn says, 'you have'

Huginn says, 'and taken the slays every week for it'

Kae giggles.

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'I knew there was a reason i loved this mud'

Dolor says, 'Well, I know you aren't the imm in charge, but any idea on any non-Hell areas getting close to completion?'

Kae says, 'after Hell we're looking at ancient Carthage and a couple of updates to existing areas'

Kae says to Dolor, 'Did that answer that?'

Vendetta says, 'I'd just get glued when I said steal'

Huginn nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Dolor shrugs helplessly.

Vendetta says, 'I miss old hell'

Vendetta whines.

Ruby says, 'well daves home'

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Kae says, 'there's a bazillion works in progress but Carthage and some updates are next to be installed I believe'

Ruby says, 'gonna play fetch wit the dog and talk to him. afk'

Dolor says, 'It was an answer, but I don't think I was going to get the answer I want.'

A large bundle of grey fur grunts noisily, as though its sleep has been disturbed.

The koala growls.

Kae says to Dolor, 'Oh, I want 'we're getting 10 new areas next week' too.'

Vendetta says to Dolor, 'yes tomorrow.'

Dolor says, 'Well, when I look at an LT from 2000 that lists 15 different areas and updates either in progress or final testing, and of all of them we only have the Klein update, it's a bit disheartening.'

Kae says, 'it is'

Kae says, 'it is extremely disappointing, several cases of bad luck, bad real lives, bad what-have-you'

Dolor says, 'I understand &*@! happens, but damn, four years.'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Mkay, I guess we can move on from why I and my fellow builders suck :)'

Vendetta says, 'I asked this a long time ago, but I want to see if any opinions have changed, or any bounds were set about this issue...'

Huginn says, 'oh do coders next!'

Huginn waves The mighty spear Gungnir.

Vendetta says, 'This covers everything'

O'Bedlam says, 'It isn't going fast, but I really think we have gone over the hump for small world to decent sized world'

Vendetta says, 'Is there a feeling in the coder and builder community to make this mud more and more complex?'

Kae says, 'yeah, we just need to KEEP expanding'

O'Bedlam says, 'and it being all original really makes it better'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'I think I can safely sayyes to that, we seem to generally be working towards more content, more detail, more options.'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with O'Bedlam.

Vendetta says, 'Is there such a thing for you as too many skills... too many spells, too much of adding new stuff?'

Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.

Huginn says, 'no but..'

Kae says, 'I don't think so -- there is such a thing as too much new stuff at once'

Huginn says, 'I would say that sometimes we focus on improving old stuff vs just adding new'

Vendetta says, 'I mean skills and spells are what I'm worried about'

Huginn says, 'why?'

Kae says, 'we don't want to throw in a pile of stuff and end up creating hell on earth with balancing and gimping later'

Huginn says, 'what are you worried about ?'

Vendetta says, 'Well, most characters use their practices'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Scathniamh snorts derisively.

Vendetta says, 'and then you go and add like 30 skills which kick ass compared to old ones'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'It's generally a tradition that when we imp new skills we give people a chance to reimb some of the old ones.'

Scathniamh says, 'I have a level 50 with at least 10 practices left'

Huginn says to Dolor, 'You in front there.. how many pracs you have left?'

Dolor says, 'A lot'

Vendetta says, 'I got 0'

Dolor says, 'I have 11 practices left'

Huginn says to Vendetta, 'Most mages use their pracs.'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Huginn.

Kae says, 'none of my chars have any pracs, I'll personally eat anyone raw who votes against reimbing'

Vendetta says, 'I'm a thief I use every one of my skills'

Huginn says to Vendetta, 'You're an exception..'

Vendetta says, 'except 3'

Dolor says, 'Oh, and I learned arm wrestle, cooking, and fishing too'

Scathniamh says, '2c words shouldn't take so many practices!'

O'Bedlam says, 'it does kind of facilitate alt creation and people abandoning old characters.'

Scathniamh stomps around.

Dolor says, 'And tan!'

Vendetta says, 'I can't abandon an old character though, I have coupons and strings and since I can't remake or restart'

Kae says, 'tan has become quite useful'

Vendetta says, 'I don't want to have to have like 10 different chars'

O'Bedlam says, 'annoying useful for a quest.'

Huginn says, 'dress wound too'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'That's why we generally try to let people get a chance to re-choose skills out of a certain spread when new ones go in.'

Dolor says, 'Tan's useful?'

O'Bedlam says, 'dress wound is nice'

O'Bedlam smiles happily.

Vendetta says to Kae, 'well hopefully that would be fair.'

Dolor says, 'I only use it cause i'm too lazy to try finding leather pieces to mend my crap.'

Kae says to Dolor, 'Applied right, and I'm not gonna say how, tan and skin are xp trains.'

Huginn says to Dolor, 'That's useful.'

Dolor says, 'Yeah, but nobody knows how!'

Vendetta says, 'and could it be possible to maybe make learning skills a little more accident proof?'

Dolor says, 'Besides, I'm at the point I don't give a crap about XP anymore :P'

Kae says, 'according to our statistics equite a few people do ;)'

Scathniamh says, 'You should be able to unlearn skills, to a certain extent'

Vendetta says, 'my alt learned tailor because I was doing a quest, and they told me to find a guy to tailor an item for me'

Dolor says, 'How many of those people aren't imm alts? :P'

O'Bedlam snickers softly.

Scathniamh giggles at Dolor.

Scathniamh says, 'None of them.'

Kae says, 'we've had that debate often -- there is a general consent that we should probably work towards something like that, but no one agrees on HOW exactly at this point'

Kae says to Dolor, 'I seriously doubt we have that many imm alts.'

Scathniamh says, 'How to unlearn skills?'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'who was that to?'

Scathniamh says, 'Well...you'd just have to group them based on type.'

O'Bedlam says, 'it seems like the problem is when the skills first start getting used not after'

Scathniamh says, 'And say, like in reference to mages.'

O'Bedlam says, 'like disarm trap'

O'Bedlam says, 'it is all over now'

Scathniamh says, 'You could unlearn a 2c word only if you learn a different 2c word'

Kae says, 'the thing is that some feel that you should forget skills if you don't use them, others feel that your choices should have consequences'

Huginn says, 'ok.. the basic idea is that all skills should be useful'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Huginn.

Scathniamh says, 'I don't think you should forget them.'

Kae says, 'oh definitely'

Huginn says, 'there shouldn't be a "best set"'

Horris says, '' I really don't like the idea of being able to learn a skill for a quest, only to abandon it later'

Huginn says, 'so we'd rather aim towards that'

Vendetta says, 'except case'

Scathniamh says, 'I just think that you should be able to...repick from similar skills.'

Kae says, 'and disarm trap and boatbuilding really needs some help in that'

Vendetta says, 'and arm wrestling'

O'Bedlam says to Huginn, 'Or at least entertaining like arm wreastling.'

O'Bedlam snickers softly.

Dolor begins to armwrestle with Huginn.

Dolor rubs his arm after being crushed in armwrestling by Huginn!

Huginn laughs at Dolor.

Huginn says to Dolor, 'Go ahead try again.'

Kae says, 'armwrestling actually has at least one ic use but it could certainly use more'

Dolor says, 'No.'

Vendetta begins to armwrestle with Huginn.

Vendetta rubs his arm after being crushed in armwrestling by Huginn!

Dolor says, 'I remember that IC use.'

Huginn says, 'next!'

O'Bedlam says, 'it is funny though, having arm wrestling gets my little str druid killed by john all the time, just for winning'

Ruby says to Huginn, 'how about a fair challenge?'

Dolor says, 'That was hilarious, cause it wasn't sufficiently clear and I wrestled him.'

Dolor says, 'Guy died so fast :P'

Kae says to O'Bedlam, 'Oh you too...'

O'Bedlam nods his agreement with Kae.

Kae says, 'him picky'

Huginn says to Ruby, 'Ok.. you run, I'll try and shoot you?'

Ruby says, 'I was thinking more like'

Holding out his hand, open palm down, Ruby calls out, 'Paper!'

Kae says, 'that's not the ic use I meant though'

Huginn snickers softly.

Holding out two fingers and making a snipping motion, Huginn calls out, 'Scissors!'

Vendetta says to Huginn, 'let me snipe you?'

Ruby hangs his head.

Huginn says, 'I win!'

Holding out two fingers and making a snipping motion, Vendetta calls out, 'Scissors!'

Scathniamh nudges Kae.

Vendetta says to Huginn, 'play me.'

Holding out his hand, open palm down, Dolor calls out, 'Paper!'

Scathniamh says, 'Think it's possible?'

Kae says to Scathniamh, 'Trading in words for other words?'

Huginn says, 'ok.. next question?'

Scathniamh says, 'Not words, necessarily'

Huginn says, 'oh sorry missed that one'

Kae says to Scathniamh, 'I don't think anyone has ever WANTED to do that.'

Huginn says, 'no spell exchanges for mages'

Scathniamh says, 'But related skills.'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Scathniamh says, 'I do.'

Jox scratches his head in puzzlement.

Scathniamh giggles.

Huginn says, 'not even considering it'

Scathniamh says, 'That's not what I meant!'

Scathniamh says, 'It was an example.'

Kae says, 'I'm surprised that a mage would want to get rid of words :)'

Scathniamh says, 'Like, you could trade mend for repair'

Scathniamh says, 'I'm a little mage'

Ruby says, 'hell why not get rid of anna if your cause'

Scathniamh giggles.

Vendetta says, 'you'd be surprised how useless kala is for causies'

Kae says, 'oh yes'

O'Bedlam says, 'cause mage could shed kala without much worries'

O'Bedlam giggles.

O'Bedlam says, 'jinx'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'naw kala i actualy use.. anna never.'

Huginn says, 'my cause mages use it all the time'

Kae says, 'that comes down to that there thing with whether we should sometime allow skill reimbing or not'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'and that's not a topic we can answer tonight'

O'Bedlam says to Huginn, 'Just so you can make that statement?'

O'Bedlam chuckles politely.

Scathniamh says, 'I learned lak.'

Scathniamh says, 'Never use it.'

Dolor says, 'What about mrti with creates?'

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'as a cause mage?'

Scathniamh says, 'Like, one spell, I get with it.'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Ruby nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Huginn says, 'there are different schools of thought but right now the one is every skill should be useful.. no tradebacks'

Vendetta says to Ruby, 'you get 3 spells, and one of them remotely useful.'

Kae says, 'we reimburse when we install new skills, but a general allowing to reimburse is probably still going to be fought about alot among the gods before you hear anything'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'yeh but that one is realy usefull when getting some gear easy like.'

Scathniamh says, 'Well...mebbe you should have less quests that require skills. =('

Vendetta says, 'I think your policies on re-imburse are bad at best'

Ruby says to Vendetta, 'and sometimes in pk as well.'

Huginn says to Dolor, 'You don't have to quest those.'

Kae says, 'I don't supose I should forget to cough up the standard comment about we always wanting new ideas for uses of underused skills'

O'Bedlam smiles at Kae.

Scathniamh looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kae says to Scathniamh, 'Quests are a good way of actually using skills, though.'

Ruby says, 'how about more ideas for wrestling'

Ruby says, 'most worthless still other than inject!'

Vendetta says, 'my 3c mage still has incite...'

Scathniamh says, 'If you learn sustained breath, and meditate, can you actually meditate?'

Kae says, 'yes, just not while you're not breathing'

Scathniamh says, 'ah. sustained is toggleable.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Horris says, 'wha does wrestle do now?'

Scathniamh says, 'nadda!'

Scathniamh giggles.

Kae says, 'are we talking armwrestle or wrestle in combat?'

O'Bedlam says, 'even though there are meditation practices than involve not breathing'

Scathniamh says, 'except get you killed in a certain part of greece.'

O'Bedlam snickers softly.

Scathniamh giggles.

Horris says, 'could it p[rhaps be used like grapple is in DnD'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Vendetta says, 'grapple?'

Scathniamh says, 'I know!'

Scathniamh says, 'Make all dts give xp!'

Kae says to Horris, 'Do enlighten us :)'

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Kae says to Scathniamh, 'Some do.'

Huginn says, 'some can'

Scathniamh says, 'Make them allllll do it'

Huginn says, 'go find them'

Scathniamh says, 'I know some do.'

Scathniamh says, 'But make them alllll do it'

Scathniamh says, 'I've found some'

Scathniamh giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'Often considered hitting them continuesly after accidently dting'

Scathniamh throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Horris says, 'like, if a tank wrestles with a mob, then the mob attacks them only, and others get bonuses to hit, but the tank can't hit...'

Scathniamh says, 'Never actually done it.'

Scathniamh says, 'Too lazy'

Kae says to Horris, 'Interesting, you make it so that the mob can't turn on someone else, basically?'

Vendetta whispers quietly to Kae.

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Please tell me that your 3c create mage can't actually USE incite.'

Horris says, 'Yeah esactly'

Huginn has created a clear flask of ether!

Vendetta says to Kae, 'well by all means he should.'

Vendetta says, 'but he can't'

Vendetta says, 'and that's my point'

Huginn eats a clear flask of ether.

Vendetta says, 'why wasn't it auto-reimburse'

Kae says, 'yeah, sucks to miss the 3 month window we had for reimbursing -- at least there will be other chances in times to come'

Spanish-Flea says, 'when?'

Kae says to Huginn, 'Auto-reimb... I think that one's yours.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'but there is no reason not to re-imburse.'

Huginn says, 'skill trees!'

O'Bedlam snickers at Huginn nastily.

Horris says, 'Skill trees!'

Scathniamh says, 'Oh, bah humbug.'

Kae says to Huginn, 'I'm pretty confident you coder people had a reason not to auto-reimb incite in pfiles.'

Scathniamh bonks Huginn on the head!

O'Bedlam says, 'surely that's been turned into the toothpick factory by now'

Huginn says, 'next question?'

Vendetta says, 'does the third one to say it get slayed?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'say what?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'slay where?'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'no they didn't.'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'That sounds somewhat unlikely ;)'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'it got my glued for 30 mins, and I had to have a 'talk' with choc but they said, it "WOULD" have been better to auto-reimb.'

Kae says, 'ah'

Spanish-Flea says to Kae, 'no, I think he's right, choc said he basically didnt have a reason.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'but they still wouldn't reimb me.'

Kae says, 'well, then, I can't say a lot to that but damn, that's something we have to get right next time then'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'because there is something up the....'

Kae says, 'it's not Choc's choice whether we reimb now'

Scathniamh says, 'oh, woe. it would make so much more sense.'

Kae says, 'it's a depthead decision made at the time'

Huginn says, 'was there an actual question on the floor?'

Scathniamh says to Huginn, 'nope.'

O'Bedlam smiles at Chocorua.

Vendetta goes EEK! in distress.

O'Bedlam says, 'speak of the devil'

Vendetta panics, and attempts to flee.

O'Bedlam chuckles politely.

Chocorua says, 'i miss soemthing?'

O'Bedlam says to Chocorua, 'Were yours ears burning?'

Chocorua says, 'nope kaige said no too'

Scathniamh says, 'There's a lot in this mud that doesn't make much sense. But it'll probably get fixed some day. After everything else goes in.'

O'Bedlam says, 'your even'

Kae says, 'just me taking away from your godly power by reminding people that you can't make reimb decisions alone, it's a staff and depthead choice'

Spanish-Flea says, 'choc is god?'

Kae says, 'some people seem to credit him with the powers of one'

Scathniamh says, 'I don't trust bald men.'

Vendetta says, 'he's got nothing'

Vendetta nudges Chocorua.

Vendetta says, 'ah?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'he's got pent up anger?'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that story about the reimbs, I didn't know that -- it's certainly something that mustn't happen again.'

Spanish-Flea says, 'so ful of rage'

Scathniamh says, 'it mustn't!'

Chocorua says, 'yeah so much rage .. heh'

Kae says, 'let's hop to the next question if we have any stage volunteers'

O'Bedlam smiles at Cheyla.

Scathniamh tugs on Vendetta's sleeve imploringly.

Chocorua tries not to fall asleep hes so angry

Spanish-Flea asks Chocorua a question.

It sounded like 'teach' to you.

Scathniamh says to Vendetta, 'i saw her say it, if you get no reimbed again.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Kae peers around intently.

Kae says, 'no more qustions? are you people sick?'

Scathniamh is a witness!

Spanish-Flea says, 'no'

Spanish-Flea says, 'we're considerate :)'

Scathniamh says, 'Well, yes.'

Dolor says, 'Well, I asked my question'

Scathniamh says, 'Why do you ask?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'let you imms get an early night :P'

Kae says, 'you're just taking pity on me cos I'm driving, huh?'

Chocorua says, 'we let kae drive?'

Vendetta says, 'Legend won't do what legenddb says it should.'

Dolor says, 'Although admittedly, my question would have prolly been handled better by the head builder anyway, but I don't think I'll get much more from that well anyway'

Huginn thanks Vendetta heartily.

Kae says to Dolor, 'Well, you can ask it again, she's here now ;)'

O'Bedlam says, 'legenddb is so out of date that even jokes about it are old'

Kae says, 'it's not like I'll die if CHeyla can be more informative than me ;)'

Vendetta says to O'Bedlam, 'you're old.'

Vendetta pouts at O'Bedlam.

O'Bedlam says to Vendetta, '78 with a couple youth spells.'

O'Bedlam smiles happily.

Scathniamh tugs on Huginn's sleeve imploringly.

Vendetta grins evilly.

Cheyla patiently twiddles her thumbs.

Scathniamh says, 'Mara doesn't work!'

Vendetta says, 'I'm 36'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Dolor is basically looking for news about new areas.'

Vendetta says, 'how come mara isn't online?'

Chocorua says, 'sorry we were late traffic and then we needed gas .. plus well i stopped to look at new boots'

Huginn says to Scathniamh, 'We've noticed.'

Chocorua scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Scathniamh says, 'Fix him!'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'I told him Hell's ETA is 1-2 months now with a bit of reasonable luck, then we're looking at Carthage and some existing updates.'

Cheyla says to Kae, 'Ah, well, what'd you answer?'

Spanish-Flea says to Chocorua, 'to go with your chainsaw?'

Dolor says, 'Basically, we've been waiting for four years for a new area, and it's getting pretty disheartening.'

Scathniamh giggles at Matt_kW.

Chocorua says to Spanish-Flea, 'The harley.'

Jox scratches his head in puzzlement.

Scathniamh drools contentedly.

Spanish-Flea says to Chocorua, 'who's the biker babe on the back? kae?'

Scathniamh says, 'Haaaaarleeeeeyy..'

Cheyla says, 'well, when you've got the expectations hell has, it's going to take a while'

Scathniamh says, 'almost as good as exfoliating.'

Chocorua points at Cheyla.

Spanish-Flea says, 'ahh'

Spanish-Flea says, 'she needs to accesorize for the part'

Kae says, 'there definitely has been a testing bottleneck with Klein first and Hell second'

Dolor says, 'Well'

Scathniamh waves happily.

Scathniamh says, 'me gotta go.'

Cheyla says, 'as for new areas, you got the klein update and there have been a number of other updates the last few years to other areas'

Kae says, 'also, let's face it, for some time the building dept was very ver small -- we've taken on new people now but they need time to actually BUILD their areas'

Dolor says, 'Frankly, I don't care which area goes in, I just want to see an area.'

Dolor says, 'and the fact is that an update isn't a new area--it's an UPDATE.'

Scathniamh snorts in disbelief at Dolor's last comment.

Spanish-Flea says, 'the klein update kinda diminished klein coolness :('

Scathniamh says, 'You whined when Kae said Hell was coming in.'

Scathniamh grins evilly.

Spanish-Flea waves a 'Free Kae From Hell' tee.

O'Bedlam says to Spanish-Flea, 'How?'

Scathniamh waves happily.

Spanish-Flea says to O'Bedlam, 'less saebels :('

Kae plans to slap in a Canada update this summer.

Dolor says, 'Updates are like taking vacations to places you've already been to, deciding to check out a different part of the place. Fine and good, but not nearly the same as a NEW destination.'

O'Bedlam says to Spanish-Flea, 'It seems more popular to me with the harp around.'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Mkay, your mike unless Cheyla and Dolor have more to say?'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'This comment could be taken the wrong way... so I have 'ic and rs' pretyped, but here it goes.... (this is meant to be constructive)'

Kae giggles.

Cheyla says, 'it'd be nice if people would visit and play in more than 5 areas in the game, too.'

Kae has pfile access, yanno.

Dolor raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Cheyla pats Kae on the head.

O'Bedlam smiles at Kae.

Lorenzo says to Cheyla, 'Why? Alaska, Zanzibar, and Greece are all I need!'

Vendetta says, 'How come there has been a decrease in the general fun and involvement of the imms? I mean things like recall-tag all the way to things like imms riding mobs and you know screwing around a bit that really makes people enjoy it...'

Kae says, 'I'm going to publish some stats on under-visited mobs this summer, btw, keep an eye out for some shocking truths and be ready to submit your ideas'

Cheyla chuckles politely at Lorenzo's feeble witticism.

Lorenzo giggles.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Lorenzo's head.

Cheyla says, 'lots and lots of reasons'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'That's a very evil question...'

Cheyla says, 'first answer would be RL'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Spanish-Flea says, 'vendetta for head of PR!'

Cheyla says, 'so would the second answer, prolly :)'

Kae says, 'there are many reasons obviously -- but I also get the feeling sometimes that the PR dept feels a bit ... how do I put this, abused?'

Horris blinks.

Kae says, 'most players are really nice but there's always some trying to ruin the fun, it can be really discouraging'

Horris says, 'ahh'

Cheyla says, 'motivation would be a big one for everyone, i'd imagine...'

Vendetta says, 'But it seems like imms are more reluctant to screw around with mobs and cause small ruckuss'

Matt_kW gnaws on a plate of fish 'n' chips - what a Neanderthal.

Kae nods solemnly.

Spanish-Flea says, 'they dont even slay me as much'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'I can answer that one at least.'

Huginn says, 'actually I screw around with mob chatting etc'

Huginn says, 'enjoy myself immensely'

Kae says to Vendetta, 'The last five times I made a mob do something silly I got yelled at for spamming and to do someone's string :)'

Kae says, 'not gonna stop me but I can see how it'd annoy people with less asbestos skin'

Vendetta says, 'I would absolutely love it, if an imm possesed a body of a mob in SL while the run was going, and attacked the group...'

O'Bedlam snickers at Kae nastily.

Huginn says, 'err no'

Kae giggles.

Huginn says, 'that's illegal'

Cheyla says, 'that'd be bad'

Spanish-Flea says, 'boo'

Spanish-Flea says, 'that'd be so funny'

Lorenzo says, 'What the world needs is a little more civility!'

Matt_kW says, 'as long as didnt loose xp'

Cheyla says, 'the said imm would see some early retirement, likely'

Horris says, 'hmm. Obviously people don't understand whats really important... Stringing indeed...'

Lorenzo groans and hobbles back to his seat, tossing the walker to the side.

Huginn says, 'now if we all grouped up as mobs, that'd rock'

Kae says, 'I had a party the other day with someone in the viking warlord -- they can't actually DO anything but make noise though'

Vendetta says, 'But why?'

Huginn says, 'err'

Spanish-Flea says, 'just get a wussie mob to attack the run like the witche's serpent'

Kae says, 'we're not allowed to interfere with the game'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'just noise'

Kae says, 'fortunately, making lots of noise does not come into that'

O'Bedlam says, 'but could you do something fun like ghost into herne and run him around the mud and say first person to kill me gets whats in my f\corpse?'

O'Bedlam says, 'or first group rather'

Kae says to O'Bedlam, 'Technically, yes.'

Masha shrugs helplessly.

O'Bedlam says, 'it could be fun even if it was just a token'

Vendetta says, 'that'd be cool'

Kae says, 'I've had fun teasing people into coming to kill mobs on occasion'

Vendetta says, 'or RP as LoPs, ghost them'

Vendetta says, 'and see who kills you first'

Kae says, 'Lops I'd be careful with, people remember the players a tad too well, but yeah'

Spanish-Flea says, 'I still dont see the huge issue with game interference'

Huginn says, 'people do tend to come kill me'

Kae says to Spanish-Flea, 'Well.'

Spanish-Flea says, 'ride sana, and warcry her onto any of my chars any time :P'

Kae says to Spanish-Flea, 'I'm the evil admin, I'm out to get you.'

Kae says to Spanish-Flea, 'I kill you in a mob.'

Huginn says, 'can't ride players anymore'

Spanish-Flea says to Kae, 'it'd be like troy.'

Kae says to Spanish-Flea, 'There you go, lots of stuff to whine about, personal harassment, yada yada.'

Dolor says, 'That reminds me, I need to have a chat with Sandra some time'

Spanish-Flea says, 'we'd have imms taking sides'

Vendetta says, 'You know, I recently visited some other muds and on both the imms do whatever they please'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Vendetta.

Spanish-Flea says, 'bave'

Kae says, 'that's probably why I play on this mud'

Kae nods to herself.

Vendetta says, 'However they don't go around abusing people they don't like'

Vendetta says, 'but they'd screw around with people'

O'Bedlam says, 'at the same time on other muds you can see games being run ever hour'

Kae says, 'I hear horror stories from GenesisMUD all the time, my friends play there'

Spanish-Flea says, 'what vendetta is trying to say is you need to borrow some of the player's 'medicinal' supplies :P'

Masha shrugs in response to Spanish-Flea's words.

Kae says, 'yeah, I hear you, you basically request more entertainment, more games fun'

Vendetta says, 'I just loved it when imms did ride players'

Kae says, 'more silliness'

O'Bedlam says to Kae, 'We like a wack imm.'

O'Bedlam snickers softly.

Vendetta says, 'and when they actually fought players'

O'Bedlam says, 'wacky even'

Huginn says, 'problem was that it could get the player killed'

Kae shall be sure to pass the word to the PR staff which is unfortuantely not in the house tonight.

Matt_kW says, 'dragut lost link one time that was wierd'

Kae laughs.

Vendetta says to Huginn, 'put a warning in the MotD?'

O'Bedlam snickers at Matt_kW nastily.

Kae says to Matt_kW, 'That's cos I was in him to see what tactics you'd use, actually.'

Matt_kW grins evilly.

Matt_kW says, 'i just rushed him cause thought wouldnt fight back :P'

Vendetta says, 'But I don't mean more games like Mini skits'

Vendetta says, 'Those are not everyone's favourite although fun I'm sure, for some people'

Kae says, 'different games for different people'

Masha would say things, but they'd be considered 'hostile' or 'antagonistic'. Feh!

Kae says, 'I hate recalltag myself'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta says to Kae, 'really?'

Vendetta chuckles politely.

O'Bedlam says, 'the games aside, imm/mort interaction in a non-punative way has to be a good thing'

Vendetta says, 'I used to know HOL like the back of my hand'

Kae says, 'yeah, doesn't mean it's a bad game though'

Huginn still needs to make a king of the hill game

Kae nods her agreement with O'Bedlam.

Lorenzo says to Huginn, 'Ooh.'

Lorenzo says to Huginn, 'I'll be withya soon as I finish turning beer into water.'

Kae says, 'I hope to log more vis time myself when I get Hell off my desk at least'

Vendetta says, 'I mean Augustus killed me like 4 times'

Vendetta says, 'and he's a mob'

Cheyla says to O'Bedlam, 'Yeah... rus organized a mixer once and that was fun, but i think she got caught up in other stuff and there weren't any others.'

Vendetta says, 'and he jumped me'

Lorenzo knows, not that King of the Hill

Kae says to Cheyla, 'I think we did 3 mixers over the years, but it was a limited success too, people got kind of upset that nothing actually 'happened' but mixing.'

Vendetta says, 'mixers?'

Kae says, 'basically unformal q&as where we'd just sit around and chat with people'

Cheyla says, 'imms and morts just... mingling, hanging out'

Lorenzo says to Vendetta, 'Tea and crumpets.'

Kae says, 'get to know your neighborhood imm when they're not there to question your eq swapping'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Cheyla says, 'strange door prizes and stuff'

Vendetta says, 'ya that would be cool'

Vendetta says, 'straussy did a really cool thing'

O'Bedlam says, 'there is a little of "something is on events maybe I can get a couponout of it"'

Vendetta says, 'an emote game of limbo in ooc'

O'Bedlam chuckles politely.

Kae says to O'Bedlam, 'Yeah, we do have a bit of a problem with that.'

Vendetta says, 'that went amazing, and few people showed up and all got coupons, but he never promised coupons to start with'

Kae giggles.

Vendetta says, 'it was more about the funny little things people amoted.'

Kae says, 'that sounds like a pretty fun game, really'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Kae says, 'you guys could settle an extra q&a with LA and Sandra sometimes for new games, maybe?'

Kae says to Dolor, 'Your turn, sword boy.'

Vendetta falls on his back from the chair causing several people to laugh at his misfortune.

Vendetta rubs the back of his head.

Chocorua says, 'or come up with ideas for thema nd submit them via email to LA and sandra ... that way you can be involved int eh planning process some'

Kae says, 'that too, although a q&a dedicated to pointless fun might bring up some great things too, really, I could see the point of that for sure'

Dolor says, 'One more question, I suppose'

Masha snorts with amusement.

Vendetta says, 'but planned things are different from an imm who's bored doing something spontaneous'

Chocorua says, 'brainstorming session to use slightly older buzzwords'

Ruby peers around intently.

Kae says to Dolor, 'Let's hear it :)'

Dolor says, 'Would there be any way to code some sort of method by which a person could choose not to see the generic animals? When I'm a big beefy level 50 sword-boy, I'm not overly interested that there's three pheasants and a fox in the room w'

Cheyla says, 'no'

Chocorua says, 'no'

Kae says, 'I very much doubt that's gonna happen, no'

Masha says to Dolor, 'told you so.'

Horris says, 'Why not? m Pheasants rock.'

Kae says, 'you could gag them client-side maybe'

Dolor says, 'Gah. That gets spammier than hell.'

Chocorua says, 'game is for every level you don't get to ognore part of it because you outgrew the content'

Vendetta says, 'just kill them'

Masha says to Dolor, 'i told you I asked. And then was told i was being antagonistic.'

Dolor says, 'I don't know people who use that content at any level anyway'

Kae says, 'well'

Chocorua says to Dolor, 'You don't know everyone.'

Kae says, 'peasants and pheasants both rank very high in the mobkill logs so somebody must'

Masha says to Chocorua, 'neither do you.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'i do when I'm bored.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'especially peasants.'

Kae giggles.

Chocorua says to Masha, 'That would be what gets you told you are being antagonistic.'

Kae says, 'I was very surprised to see which mobs were popular and which aren't'

Masha shrugs in response to Chocorua's words.

Dolor says, 'And I won't even discuss how the time poured into making generic animals could have been spent on a real new area, too.'

Kae says, 'I'm gonna have a party subjecting you all to thatinfo this summer and hearing your comments on it'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'ooh give us some more fun facts.'

Masha says to Chocorua, 'i'm pointing out that you don't know everyone either, bad-grammar-boy.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'just a little preview?'

Kae says, 'who knows who aside, we log every kill'

Kae says, 'it's easy to see which mobs are used and which aren't'

Vendetta says, 'do you log everything people say?'

Cheyla says, 'no, we don't'

Vendetta looks suspicious.

Kae shakes her head.

Masha doesn't see the use for extra clutter. That's like saying eevry mob needs a belt.

Kae says, 'we log every mob killed and by what level so we can see where we need to balance things'

Lorenzo says, 'although if Mr Ashcroft told them to, they wouldn't be allowed to tell you'

Vendetta says, 'does it note whether it was a group that killed it'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Vendetta.

Kae says to Vendetta, 'Yep.'

Kae says, 'I can tell those of you who care that the new mana quest seriously changed the tables as far as birds are concerned'

Kae giggles.

Vendetta says, 'I loved being lvl 25 and thinking 2 level 25s add up to 50'

Masha shrugs helplessly.

Lorenzo says, 'logarithms!'

Ruby says, 'bah new mana quest'

Ruby says, 'I gota do that someday'

Masha says, 'You're going on the assumption that whoever knows about the mana quest is going to say anything about it. I have yet to hear anything other than it was put in.'

Lorenzo needs to go, no more tangential outbursts from my corner

Vendetta says, 'its so not a big difference though'

Kae says, 'no, I'm just saying it changed the mobkill tables'

Lorenzo waves happily.

Lorenzo lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Vendetta waves to Lorenzo.

Kae says, 'which means I'm saying it's there, not that everyone knows it and has done it'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Dolor says, 'Yes, hooray for the people who know how to do the quest. The lack of anything so much as a tiny hint as to how to even get started on it was a bit of a deterrent.'

Vendetta says, 'I don't get that'

Kae says, 'well, it'd be a good idea to suggest some places there should be hints, then?'

Vendetta says, 'why not give a hint'

Dolor says, 'Hard to suggest when I know literally NOTHING about the quest other than that it exists.'

Chocorua says to Dolor, 'A lot of people have asked about generics again, ig you see them piling up bug it or note teh location and talk to the area maintainer about it, the distribution can often me tweaked to lessen teh spam.'

Kae says, 'well, I assume you've been asking some mobs about it'

Kae says, 'if they had no response, perhaps you could suggest that they should give you a hint of whom you should have been talked to'

Dolor says, 'My definition of piling up is plowing through ten rooms, each with three or four. I doubt that's your definition.'

Vendetta says, 'what would you say?'

Vendetta says, 'mana?'

Vendetta says, 'mana quest?'

Spanish-Flea blinks.

Vendetta laughs.

Kae says, 'sure?'

Dolor says, 'Gotta say this, there's THOUSANDS of mobs. That can take a while.'

Kae says, 'let's say I decided the recluse would be the teacher'

Kae says, 'I could go ask him, get turned down, and suggest that maybe he could point me to at least the right part of the world'

Vendetta says, 'most quests have 1 word they respond to'

Kae says, 'definitely no harm done in suggesting more words for that either'

Vendetta says, 'so you wouldn't know if you're just too dumb to think of the right thing to ask'

Kae says, 'guys, it's not like we get mad when you give us feedback....'

Chocorua says to Dolor, 'Teh worlds gotta have inhabitants and there are a lot of little chars that do benefit from them, even mid level chars can once some of the bigger generics filter out there.'

Vendetta says, 'Like I tried quests without using LegendDB or player help'

Kae says, 'it's NICE as a builder to now what to tweak and where you've missed stuff'

Vendetta says, 'I did like 2 by myself'

Dolor says, 'Well, it gets kinda cluttered.'

Masha says to Chocorua, 'generic animals seem like a way to clutter an area to make it feel more 'authentic'. It's not authentic. It's a way of shoving something in to make filler.'

Kae says, 'and just because something is in area A it doesn't mean that you can't suggest a hint for it in area B'

Dolor says, 'There's a problem here, regarding the mana quest'

Masha says to Kae, 'the problem is that we don't know what are it is to start in to begin with.'

Dolor says, 'A lot of us don't know where area A *IS*.'

Horris says, 'i really like the animals.'

Kae says, 'exactly'

Chocorua says, 'go around to a lot of magic using mobs in areas and ask them i bet some will respond'

Kae says, 'so if you feel that a mob somewhere, anywhere, should at the very least point you in the right direction, let us know that'

Kae loves the generic animals but tastes will always vary.

Dolor says, 'I remember, once upon a time, when updates like that were put in, there'd be a tiny little cryptic hint thrown up with the update to point people to something vaguely in the right directions.'

Masha says to Dolor, 'you're assuming they give a damn now.'

Kae says, 'a lil cryptic hint only gets seen once, I prefer hints that stay in the game myself'

Vendetta says, 'I never read boards'

Chocorua says to Masha, 'Again with the reasons people accuse you of being antagonistic.'

Vendetta says, 'I don't think it should be a requirement'

Masha says to Chocorua, 'i'm ignoring you.'

Masha points at Chocorua.

Masha laughs at Chocorua.

Dolor says, 'Put it in the game somewhere too, fine and dandy, but something to start people down the right path when theres NO idea where to start when it first goes in is nice.'

Masha disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Kae says to Vendetta, 'That's why I prefer hints that stay IN the game.'

Vendetta says to Kae, 'make more mobs yell, like "FIND THAT PRISONER!"'

Kae says to Dolor, 'But that's exactly what I'm saying, suggest places where you feel you should have had a hint and didn't get one.'

Vendetta says, 'I think that is the best type of hint'

Dolor says, 'Local boards, for starters. They need some use anyway.'

Kae says, 'amen to that'

Vendetta yells, 'Dick! Fetch me my robe!'

Kae says, 'I'd love to see more use of local boards even if it means more work for me cos I'm the one that maintains them'

Dolor says, 'first thing I did when the Klein update went in was check the local board.'

Dolor says, 'NOTHING.'

Kae says, 'that's not very good, I'll certainly give you that'

Spanish-Flea says, 'not even a cheese post?'

Vendetta says, 'usually its people who claim they got there first'

Dolor says, 'Literally nothing.'

Kae wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Dolor says, 'Actually, I THINK LA had a post saying "Welcome to the update." No little quest hints from mobs or anything.'

Vendetta says, 'can we get coupons?'

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Vendetta says to Kae, 'i deserve one for that door one.'

Kae beeps Vendetta on the nose.

Vendetta says, 'the door bug'

Kae says, 'I think we can all agree that we need to look at more places for hints'

Kae says, 'let's leave it at that, then'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Vendetta waves happily.

Vendetta says, 'I'm out'

Kae says, 'any last minute questions before I fly to look for places to drop hints?'

Vendetta says, 'drop coupons?'

Spanish-Flea says, 'so did we resolve the issue of mandatory imm fun?'

Kae says, 'sort of, we agreed that there's not enough of it and that people need to mailbomb PR with ideas'

Spanish-Flea says, 'or will it be the same, with more Sandra/Kae slaying action'

Kae is not pr :)

Kae just slays.

Cheyla says, 'find a way to give me an extra 20 hours a week, i'll do it'

Kae says, 'I'll take some of those too'

Spanish-Flea says, 'got any kids that need killing? :P'

Cheyla says to Kae, 'No, my hours!'

Spanish-Flea says, 'slay! slay! slay!'

Kae is childless and still doesn't have enough hours in the day.

Kae says, 'oh yeah'

Kae gives the corpse of Kae to Cheyla.

Cheyla says to Kae, 'You forgot jobless.'

Spanish-Flea says, 'glue your boss to the floor'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Down girl, down.'

Cheyla eats the corpse of Kae.

Cheyla licks her lips and smiles.

Spanish-Flea says, 'or wait'

Spanish-Flea says to Cheyla, 'they're much better stewed.'

Cheyla says to Spanish-Flea, 'Nah, i like em raw.'

Kae giggles.

Kae says to Horris, 'Don't you forget to write up that idea now, I really liked it.'

Cheyla says, 'even a few days old isn't too bad'

Kae says, 'just two hours old'

Cheyla says, 'two hours, few days, long enough to get cold either way'

Kae giggles.

Kae says, 'sounds like we're about done here, then'

Spanish-Flea says, 'so thats why you made alaska'

Cheyla raises her eyebrow at Spanish-Flea.

Spanish-Flea says, 'cheyla's an inuit :P'

Cheyla says, 'nah'

Cheyla says, 'arabian'

Spanish-Flea says, 'raw seal meat? raw kae eat?'

Cheyla says, 'spent a long, long time in hell...'

Spanish-Flea says, 'c'mon, there's a connection!'

Cheyla says, 'years and years of my mortal life'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Yea, I remember being there when we finished rudh.'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kae.

Spanish-Flea says to Cheyla, 'so umm....is kae still your doormat?'

Kae says, 'yeahuh'

Cheyla says, 'of course'

Kae is so abused. Feel sorry for her now.

Spanish-Flea asks Kae a question.

It sounded like 'still taking cheyla's mounds of abuse in stride?' to you.

Percy points at Kae.

Percy laughs at Kae.

Kae grumbles to Percy.

Kae says to Percy, 'Go back to being afk!'

Cheyla stomps on Percy's toes.

Percy mutters under his breath.

Spanish-Flea says, 'is he ever not afk or running around tara doing who knows what?'

Kae says, 'yeah, he goes afk in my office sometimes'

Kae ducks to the ground.

Percy peers at himself myopically.

Spanish-Flea says, 'yeah, afk office dwellers scare me'

Kae tickles Percy.

Percy lurks around Spanish-Flea ominously!

Kae says, 'anyway, let's call it a night, then -- 4am, I've done my duty!'

Cheyla says, 'ok, i got some update prep stuff to do for tomorrow morning'

Spanish-Flea asks Kae a question.

It sounded like 'gae bolg' to you.

Cheyla waves happily.

Kae sinks her teeth into Spanish-Flea's flesh.

Spanish-Flea goes EEK! in distress.

Kae gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Spanish-Flea says, 'lock robar and firefly in a jar!'

Kae says, 'thanks for coming y'all, don't forget to spam idea so bad I'll regret ever mentioning it'


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