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July 22nd, 2004

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Sandra says, 'raise 'em if ya got 'em'

Nephiel lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Sandra says, 'no questions? Lots of stuff went in!'

Sandra points at Tah.

Agamemnon winces.

Tah says, 'bash does damage now?'

Sandra says, 'bash always did damage'

Kaige says, 'always has'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Tah looks up into the sky and ponders.

Agamemnon says, 'really, i never noticed'

Tah says, 'i've NEVER seen it kill someone.'

Agamemnon says, 'yeah me either'

Sandra says, 'yea the death thing is new'

Agamemnon says, 'oh ok'

Kaige says, 'because it never was able to until tomorrow'

Tah nods solemnly.

Agamemnon says, 'BTW whoever made corrosive death needs a pat on the back'

Agamemnon nods to himself.

Sandra thanks Agamemnon heartily.

Kaige points at Sandra.

Tah points at Sandra.

Agamemnon pats Sandra on the head.

Sandra giggles.

Agamemnon says to Sandra, 'Nice death message!'

Sandra says, 'thanks!'

Agamemnon grins evilly.

Nephiel looks up into the sky and ponders.

Tah says to Agamemnon, 'Remember, we gotta play with blindfighting later ;)'

Agamemnon nods his agreement with Tah.

Agamemnon says to Tah, 'Yeah np.'

Sandra says, 'any other questions?'

Agamemnon says, 'anything going to happen with entrance?'

Tah says, 'prompt changes going in next week?'

Tah snickers at Agamemnon nastily.

Sandra says, '2 weeks'

Agamemnon taunts Tah mercilessly.

Sandra says, 'yes'

Agamemnon says, 'yes as in nerfed?'

Sandra purges Shorts!

Agamemnon laughs.

Sandra says, 'not nerfed'

Agamemnon says, 'it needs it'

Tah says, 'it does not.'

Sandra says, 'I believe a lag increase though'

You do a slow fade as Tah whines at Sandra, hoping he won't get to you too.

Agamemnon says, 'i had a idea on it really'

Agamemnon says, 'check this out....'

Dogbert says, 'ohh'

Dogbert says, 'entrance?'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dogbert.

Tah nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Tah says to Sandra, '1.5 lag?'

Tah bats his eyelashes.

Dogbert says, '2'

Sandra says, 'I'm not sure, honestly'

Dogbert says, '2'

Agamemnon says, 'er anyway'

Agamemnon says, 'i had lots to drink tonight'

Sandra says, 'it's already coded, but I dunno how many rounds'

Dogbert says, '2'

Tah says to Agamemnon, 'Lush.'

Agamemnon nods his agreement with Tah.

Sandra says, 'probably'

Dogbert just says 2 a few more times until people can make the correlation.

Agamemnon says, 'only when im flying solo'

Sandra giggles.

Dogbert says, 'anywhoo'

Sandra says, 'any other questions?'

Agamemnon says, 'entrance really shouldn't be able to work while the entrancer is fighting'

Dogbert says, 'I gotta voice concern over how good it's gotta be then'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'Exactly.'

Agamemnon aims at Huma.

Dogbert says, 'it's gotta be as good, if not better than bash'

Huma squints at a distant target.

Agamemnon laughs.

Agamemnon pats Huma on the head.

Dogbert says, 'otherwise it wont be worth using'

Sandra says, 'entrance?'

Dogbert says, 'entrance'

Sandra says, 'oh no, bash is much better now :P'

Hell lurks around Huma ominously!

Sandra says, 'entrance is still nice'

Dogbert says, 'it's gotta do something to negate the dex skills'

Sandra says, 'bash be better'

Tah says to Sandra, 'If you land it.'

Dogbert says, 'the no acts is nice, the two damcaps from bash are better'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dogbert.

Huma says, 'well, if you think about it, if you fail a bash, you kind of bash yourself, when you fail entrance, at least you are still standing'

Agamemnon says, 'yeah entrance works alot more then bash does'

Agamemnon nods his agreement with Huma.

Tah says to Huma, 'And getting kicked.'

Dogbert says, 'you ever try keeping an entrancer at 100 prestige while healing someone?'

Sandra says, 'yup'

Huma nods his agreement with Tah.

Sandra says, 'I've already been through the liman char thing'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'ya'll are late'

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Pretty easy if you do it correctly, right?'

Dogbert says to Sandra, 'yet you were telling me battle surgeons arent overpowered.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Dogbert says, 'walk in, entrance a few rounds, incite, bash the snot out of the other person, kaboom'

Huma says, 'yeah, you wont ever hear me saying battle surgeons arent overpowered'

Dogbert laughs.

Sandra says, 'they weren't ;)'

Tah snickers at Huma nastily.

Dogbert says, 'they so were'

Tah says to Sandra, 'I agree, to an extent.'

Agamemnon says, 'let me ask this about entrance, does it affect the person entranceds hitting and damage?'

Tah says to Sandra, 'Hook/greaves make them overpowered.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Tah.

Huma says, 'I believe you hit less'

Huma says, 'I dunno though'

Dogbert says, 'old q n a logs'

Agamemnon says, 'i would think'

Dogbert says, 'craven asked'

Dogbert says, 'I think the response was you get hitroll from it'

Dogbert says, 'kinda like limning the target'

Tah says, 'i never knew that.'

Sandra says, 'I think. I'm not sure'

Dogbert says, 'it's in an old q n a log'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dogbert.

Huma says, 'being entranced is like being a 100 pound guy in prison, thats all I know'

Sandra says, 'any other questions?'

Dogbert says, 'anywhoo, it's gotta do something new with these changes'

Tah says to Huma, 'Actually, i fought someone who broke it within one round 4 out of 5 tries.'

Agamemnon says, 'i'd like to know how'

Tah says to Agamemnon, 'Prolly dex.'

Agamemnon says, 'it takes me forever too'

Dogbert says, 'like it's gotta negate ac and parry or something'

Agamemnon says, 'yeah like everything else good in the mud'

Agamemnon nods his agreement with Tah.

Huma says, 'well I have fought dogbert and he didnt land a single one and died without doing a special'

Tah nods his agreement with Huma.

Tah says to Huma, 'That happens, too.'

Dogbert says, 'yeah but to be fair, you were sitting on water with a cause mage :P'

Huma says, 'but that was the only time I've ever beat a entrancer'

Huma nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Tah says, 'so why is it changing? :p'

Tah says, 'i fail entrance lots.'

Dogbert says, 'get 100 prestige'

Dogbert says, 'you wont fail too many'

Dogbert says, 'you'll bet above 80% hit rate'

Tah says, 'actually.'

Dogbert says, 'better than bash on a tumbler'

Tah says, 'i had no idea prestige helped :p'

Agamemnon nods solemnly.

Tah says, 'so thanks!'

Dogbert says, 'yeah, you gotta grab 100 prestige or it's no good'

Nephiel nods solemnly.

Nephiel says, 'especially if the tumber has iron will'

Tah says, 'i hover around 90, usually.'

Dogbert says, 'get 100'

Dogbert says, 'the 100 is worth it'

Dogbert says, '100 you'll hit strings of 5-6 entrances'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'I'll go see mara promptly.'

Agamemnon laughs.

Sandra says, 'we done on the entrance stuff? ;)'

Dogbert says, 'no'

Dogbert says, 'I gotta rant :P'

Nephiel lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Sandra says, 'raise 'em and ask away'

Horror growls.

Tah tickles Horror.

Dogbert says, 'umm, bottom line 2 rounds fine, just gotta be a tad harder to wake from, hit more, and make it negate some dex skills or make the entracer hit somewhat like when the person is bashed'

Hell pets Horror lovingly.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'don't hold yer breath on that'

Sandra points at Dogbert.

Dogbert looks up into the sky and ponders.

Horror says, 'i still say no entrancing in combat'

Horror says, 'but hey :P'

Sandra says, 'did you idea that? I dunno if Huginn has considered it'

Tah says to Horror, 'Fine, then no casting.'

Horror says, 'i will now!'

Dogbert says, 'who, me or eeky?'

Sandra says, 'eeky'

Horror goes EEK! at herself in distress - what a klutz!

Dogbert says, 'no, it's cool if entrance cant hit during combat, just think about how insanely good it'd have to be then to make it a viable skill'

Dogbert says, 'ok'

Dogbert says, 'my question is about calming and inciting'

Dogbert says, 'the *other* white meat'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'It's still nice, just not what you an i are using it for.'

Horror giggles.

Dogbert says, 'now, I find it prohibitively hard to calm, but generally pretyt easy to incite'

Horror hugs Huginn.

Tah says to Dogbert, 'I find it completely opposite.'

Huginn waves hello to the world!

Tah tickles Huginn.

Horror says, 'i don't calm is really hard to land imho'

Nephiel smiles at Huginn.

Huginn nods solemnly.

Dogbert says, 'I know it's meant to be that way, I'm just asking if bearhug's given it some thought to raising calm's success against raging targets'

Horror says, 'tho i don't have incite :P'

Dogbert says, 'I mean, conditional calming, for example'

Tah says, 'i ararely hit my first incite.'

Huginn says, 'I haven't looked at it.. but I could'

Dogbert says, 'you dont roll to calm a room'

Tah says, 'but again, prestige ;)'

Dogbert says, 'you roll calm per person'

Nephiel looks up into the sky and ponders.

Dogbert says, 'that way the calmer could only calm themselves, calm both them and the inciter, or calm just the inciter'

Dogbert says, 'erm, from a strictly pk perspective'

Tah says, 'hmm, never tried calm self, it doesn't work?'

Dogbert says, 'but make it hit more'

Dogbert says, 'yes'

Dogbert says, 'but the thing thats hitting you is still agg :P'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'So? you can now flee :p'

Dogbert says, 'basically'

Nephiel nods his agreement with Tah.

Nephiel says, 'i like the idea of some sort of bonus to calming yourself'

Tah says, 'for the lag, there should be.'

Nephiel nods solemnly.

Nephiel says, 'and it would make sense, you don't have to convince yourself that you want to calm down, you just have to do it'

Tah says, 'there should be more 1.5 round skill lag skills though, imo. and those two are prime canidates.'

Nephiel looks up into the sky and ponders.

Huginn says, 'hmm ok so there do seem to be some issues with calm vs incite'

Horror giggles.

Huginn says, 'we'll look into it'

Dogbert says, 'yeah, dont get me wrong, without incite and entrance I'd just be a PKE fighter and that'd suck hardcore after you re-nerf fighters :p'

Nephiel says, 'perhaps a skill to escape rage? it might be a waste of a skill, but a lot of ragers can't calm'

Huginn laughs at Dogbert.

Dogbert says, 'but I just hate calm failing so much in general'

Dogbert says, 'and incite hitting great at 100 prestige'

Horror says, 'yeah a skill to unrage and flee for fighters would be nice'

Nephiel says, 'self control or something'

Dogbert says, 'umm'

Horror says, 'like retreat or something'

Tah nods his agreement with Horror.

Dogbert says, 'why would fighters wanna unrage against anything that can incite'

Horror says, 'some would'

Dogbert says, 'save maybe a mage on a lucky lucky warcry'

Dogbert says, 'even then, they'd have to have an army'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'A str druid would!'

Horror says, 'yeah thats another whine i have'

Dogbert says to Tah, 'you think they'd give the unraging skill to anyone with chant or augment?'

Horror says, 'ok!'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'No, i don't.'

Horror says, 'im good with that'

Horror nods to herself.

Horror says, 'maybe it could be everyone'

Nephiel says, 'well'

Dogbert says to Horror, 'you're only good at two things: dancing and dying.'

Horror says, 'hell anyone could retreat'

Huma says, 'if anything the smarter you are, the more likely you'd be to calm yourself down'

Huma says, 'if you think about it'

Nephiel says, 'generally those who can chant or augment generally have a calming ability of some sort'

Dogbert says, 'I'd room calm unless I knew self calm had a better chance'

Dogbert says, 'because I dont want the other dude raging for two rounds while I wait the lag to flee'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'True.'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'Maybe calm self could have better chances, tho.'

Huma says, 'just aimed calm in general could have better chances?'

Dogbert says, 'thats what I just said :p...kinda'

Dogbert says, 'nah aimed calm at yourself'

Horror nods her agreement with Tah.

Horror says, 'seems right'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'Well, you didn't say it quite as eloqeuntly. :p'

Dogbert says, 'aimed calm at others you get into the whole fear spell aspects etc etc'

Tah says, 'if i could spell that word!'

Kaige says, 'anyway.. that cover it for now? huginn's looking into it... who's next?'

Dogbert looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige says to Horror, 'Did we get you?'

Horror shakes her head.

Dogbert goes EEK! at Horror in distress - isn't Horror an awful person for teasing?

Kaige says, 'you're up then'

Horror says, 'ok..'

Horror says, 'i asked this on the disscussion board and really didn't get an answer. can we have a "WAY" to make charmies 3 agg with just one command? and i have an idea on that as well.....'

Horror says, 'really my idea is tahs'

Tah cheers for Horror - huzzah!

Tah says to Horror, 'That'd make sense.'

Horror says, 'he said by me going 3 agg and making a doppel it should be 3 agg as well'

Horror says, 'or better yet'

Kaige says, 'in general they have to work themselves up the same way you all do.. so no, one command isn't going to skip them around the wary/agg scale.'

Horror says, 'put wary/agg in charmies prompt and make it configed'

Horror says, 'i would love to see it in there reports'

Horror says, 'then :P'

Kaige says, 'but I kinda like the doppel being whatever yours was set at.'

Horror nods her agreement with Kaige.

Horror says to Kaige, 'I like that too.'

Tah says to Kaige, 'But, they're spitting images of what you are, when casted. hp etc.'

Kaige says, 'did you idea it?'

Horror says, 'will!'

Huma says, 'having wary/agg level in group reading would be kinda nifty'

Horror taunts Tah mercilessly.

Kaige smiles happily.

Kaige nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'not in prompt though'

Tah says to Huma, 'Hmm, that would.'

Huma says, 'for everyone, it'd be great to make sure everything is going correct on a SL run for instance'

Horror says, 'why now hugg?'

Horror nods her agreement with Huma.

Horror says, 'yes!'

Horror says, 'make it a config'

Horror says, 'for people who dont liek it'

Kaige says to Horror, 'Covered for ya?'

Horror says, 'i would love to config my doppels prompt specialy with all the prompt changes comming'

Horror says, 'remove mana per-say'

Horror says, 'like they need that!'

Kaige says, 'group/report... NOT prompt'

Tah says, 'you can't see a charmies prompt.'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'mobs don't have prompts'

Nephiel does like the idea of a custom charmie report, even if it doesn't include wary/agg.

Horror says, 'report is what im calling prompt sorry'

Horror says, 'ok ok report'

Horror nods her agreement with Nephiel.

Tah says to Horror, 'You'll be able to config group ;)'

Horror nods her agreement with Tah.

Hell looks up into the sky and ponders.

Horror says, 'with all the changes to prompt comming only seems right!'

Tah says to Horror, 'So check it instead of making him report, less typing!'

Kaige says, 'I'm not sure off the top of my head what all Ruf put into that... but we'll see it in action within a couple of weeks.'

Horror says, 'i can't wait for them myself'

Kaige points at Dogbert.

Horror thanks Kaige heartily.

Dogbert says, 'Just a quick review, which channel do I spam when I find an item on a mob that scraps in 3 hits that I think shouldnt?'

Horror throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Kaige says, 'bug'

Dogbert says, 'or when I find an item that needs ac, rather, I think needs ac?'

Dogbert says, 'ah'

Kaige says, 'idea'

Dogbert says, 'danke'

Kaige says, 'tho they pretty much all end up in the same place'

Horror says, 'afk a min stinky baby'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'What's ac?'

Horror wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Dogbert says to Tah, 'the reason that dexies block 4 SSS hits on me standing.'

Tah says to Dogbert, 'I gained 20 ac with tform last night, i was shocked ;)'

Dogbert says, 'I'd gain 3'

Dogbert cheers for himself since no one else has.

Dogbert says, 'if I went inciter, I'd gain another 30+ from the eq swap'

Kaige says, 'other questions, comments, etc... raises your hand to get in the queue'

Dogbert sinks his teeth into Dino's flesh.

Tah looks up into the sky and ponders.

Tah says, 'i'd like to whine about foul versus flavor again, but we've been there.'

Sandra giggles.

Tah says, 'foul really needs to have comparable bonuses.'

Tah shrugs helplessly.

Nephiel says to Tah, 'you can always hope they drink from that well.'

Sandra points at Spite.

Tah says to Nephiel, 'Because so many people don't use chalices?'

Nephiel was being sarcastic.

Dino says, 'I had a question but I forgot what it was'

Dino sighs at herself. What a sorry sight.

Tah says to Nephiel, 'I know..'

Spite says, 'its possibly already been covered but what exactly is the bonus when a mob has been bashed, and also the penalty when you are on your ass'

Huginn says, 'can't say exact numbers'

Spite says, 'is it a damage or hit rating bonus?'

Huginn says, 'but large and medium'

Huginn says, 'yes'

Nephiel giggles at Huginn.

Huginn says, 'its hit and damage for bash'

Sandra says, 'it's alot of ow'

Dogbert says, 'can/is the bonus to the intended bashee lowered by a failed bash?'

Spite says, 'if you land a bash it is :P'

Dogbert nods his agreement with Spite.

Huginn says, 'and hit penalty hitting from the ground.. althogh since you're resting you take more too'

Dogbert tries to bash 50 str joebob

Dogbert lands on his ass and gets decimated twice

Spite says, 'I went from 3 caps to barely slash after a failed bash'

Sandra nods her agreement with Spite.

Spite says, 'I never used to hit that badly before :P'

Tah says to Sandra, 'And if both parties are sitting, it washes, right?'

Sandra says, 'yea, it's alot of Ow'

Sandra says, 'oh I dunno, probably'

Huginn says, 'well hitting from the ground is now harder'

Tah thinks so.

Sandra says, 'it's probably alot of air then'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'wiff!'

Tah says to Huginn, 'Not if your opponent is on the ground, it's the same as both standing.'

Tah says, 'or seems to be.'

Spite says, 'its just from what I have been seeing, there really isnt much point to me bashing, I'll do more standard high end damage by just kicking'

Sandra says, 'well, you'd probalby both hit less, alot'

Tah says to Sandra, 'Not the case, though.'

Dogbert says, 'in PK it can be a problem heh'

Huginn says, 'you would both hit less.. and dodge/parry less'

Sandra says, 'I'm noticing that when I land a bash, I do some damage'

Dogbert says, 'in PK, what are the chances you'll both be on your butt :P'

Tah nods his agreement with Sandra.

Tah says to Sandra, 'Lots of it.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Tah.

Spite says, 'yeah but the failing thing swings completely the other end of the scale'

Sandra says, 'yea'

Spite says, 'I missed the other day!'

Spite says, 'I never miss!'

Sandra says, 'down side of being able to hit like a truck'

Sandra giggles.

Tah says to Spite, 'Bash with +hit/dam is erm, insane.'

Huginn says, 'sometimes you're the windshield..'

Sandra says, 'sometimes you're the bug!'

Horror laughs.

Huginn jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Sandra!

Sandra giggles.

Huginn says, 'ok was there still a question lurking?'

Dogbert says, 'grr damn forgetting my question'

Horror says, 'yeah'

Horror points proudly at herself.

Sandra says, 'Horror still had a Q'

Horror prances in circles around Sandra, smiling happily.

Sandra says to Horror, 'Go ahead.'

Horror says, 'ok can we look into makeing the guilt lyre worth having now that ac is raped'

Horror says, 'gilt whatever'

A gilt lyre thuds as Horror attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.

Horror says, 'it like NEVER goes off'

Horror says, 'i hit brillents all the time too'

Horror says, 'im spaming the hell out of it for 4 ticks is getting old'

Tah says, 'when it does go off, it lasts about half a tick!'

Sandra says, 'it lasts longer than that ;)'

Horror says, 'no it does not'

Spite says, 'its like the orb makin thing, it takes ages to get a light :P'

Tah says to Sandra, '4 max..'

Horror says, 'i timed it!'

Huginn says, 'you should break it if you spam it! or some mob should come and get pissed at you playing over and over and over and ..'

Horror bonks Sandra on the head with a gilt lyre.

Kaige says, 'I'll take a look see what can be done... especially if you idea it so I remember'

Horror nods her agreement with Huginn.

Sandra says to Horror, 'It lasts longer than half a tick :P'

Horror says, 'i said 4'

Horror says, ':P'

Sandra says, 'Tah said half'

Sandra giggles.

Tah says, 'i was being sarcastic.'

Horror says, 'make it work on every brillent'

Sandra says, 'anyhow. Does Kaige's response help ya?'

Spite says, 'hey I know things that last half a tick :P'

Horror says, 'very well im slaying the idea channel again'

Horror nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sandra giggles.

Kaige thanks Horror heartily.

Sandra points at Dogbert.

Dogbert says, 'ok I forgot my great question buttt...'

Dogbert says, 'I thought of a good question'

Dogbert says, 'how much is melee damage getting squished by'

Horror nudges Kaige.

Horror grins evilly.

Sandra says, 'oh for pk?'

Huginn says, 'not enough, expect it to increase a bit'

Dogbert says, 'am I gonna bash allegory, devastate, and see him take 35 damage from the block?'

Spite slaps Dogbert.

Tah says, 'well, this'll answer my question.'

Sandra says, 'we figured that 7 round fights were a little too short.'

Sandra giggles.

Huginn says, 'ah it won't be going back to whata it was'

Dogbert says, '7'

Dogbert says, 'weaking'

Spite says, 'never put those words in the same sentence again!'

Huginn says, 'if that's your question..'

Dogbert says, '6 is where it's at'

Sandra giggles.

Tah says, 'can we expect pk battles to last more than 4 to 5 rounds in the near future?'

Huginn says, 'think of it landing somewhere between there and here :-)'

Tah says, 'was my question :p'

Dogbert says, 'I actually 4 rounded someone before the changes'

Horror giggles at Tah.

Dogbert says to Huginn, 'much closer to 'here' I hope.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Tah.

Dogbert says to Huginn, 'especially with the ac changes.'

Sandra giggles.

Israfel sighs wistfully at the sight of Sandra.

Dogbert runs in circles around Israfel, squealing loudly.

Tah nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Dogbert leghumps israfel.

Horror says, 'i 4 rounded tah yesterday!'

Horror taunts Tah mercilessly.

Dogbert says, 'you didnt'

Israfel tilts Dogbert's chin up, kissing his parted lips. It's a long kiss. Leisurely, unhurried, and utterly sensual.

Dogbert says, 'your charmies did :P'

Horror says, 'i did!'

Tah says to Horror, 'Dance, bitch.'

Horror laughs.

Dogbert rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Israfel's silver eyes narrow in amusement.

Huginn says to Dogbert, 'Yeah we'll see.. should be ok.'

Nephiel softly nuzzles Israfel's neck.

Sandra points at Tah.

Huginn says to Israfel, 'Do I have to put you in your own room?'

Horror nods her agreement with Huginn.

Tah says, 'the blindfighting helpfile is misleading, in a way.'

Horror cheers for Huginn - huzzah!

Spite says, 'the way I see it, if you are frail and have no hp, some hard hitting badass should be able to kill you in a few rounds :P'

Horror nods her agreement with Tah.

Horror says, 'yeah i agree to that'

Israfel says lightly, 'I do protest, all I did was return the favour to Doggy there.'

Tah says, 'for example, must it occur in the room your opponent fled from?'

Dogbert says to Huginn, 'you touch him, I'll sacrifice enough blood to sandra she'll have to shoot you :P'

Kaige says, 'well they have to be in the same room you're standing in for you to be able to hit them'

Huginn touches Israfel.

Dogbert says to Sandra, 'blood for the Blood god.'

Tah says to Kaige, 'Then yeah, the helpfile is misleading ;)'

Horror nods her agreement with Tah.

Horror says, 'needs worded a bit better'

Horror shrugs philosophically.

Kaige points to the bug/idea channel

Israfel lazily runs his slim fingers down the nape of Huginn's neck.

Horror laughs.

Huginn says, 'the room.. your room'

Horror says to Kaige, 'Tah gets this one!'

Horror nudges Tah.

Tah says, 'ya know.'

Tah says, 'i've yet to hear anyone say anything about innate defense, good or bad.'

Sandra says, 'ok, so we'll work on that help file. That answer your question?'

Horror giggles.

Tah says, 'which tells me, no one has it.'

Tah nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'I have it ;P'

Horror snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'ok lets move on to spite'

Sandra points at Spite.

Tah says to Sandra, 'You don't count.'

Horror giggles.

Dogbert says to Tah, 'yeah she sucks at PK too much.'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra nods her agreement with Dogbert.

Tah says to Dogbert, 'She used to beat me senseless!'

Tah scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Dogbert gives Tah permission to leave.

Tah snickers at Dogbert nastily.

Dogbert says to Tah, 'that was sandra's pk body double.'

Spite says, 'is there any special reason that there seems to be absolutely no point coming from klien, since everyone can have the skills that would make coming from klien worthwhile'

Horror giggles.

Huginn says, 'there'll be a new klein skill'

Dogbert says, 'hey! bearhug said he'd change that!'

Sandra says, 'yea i don't do my own pk. Ihave a stunt double'

Israfel grimaces.

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Tah says, 'imo, klein should get skills with chant.'

Sandra says, 'klieners get a new toy soon'

Dogbert says, 'str/con hitters are gonna be klein kings :P'

Sandra says, 'and can get it with chant'

Dogbert says, 'bah'

Israfel nods his agreement with Tah.

Israfel says dryly, 'I agree but...'

Israfel's silver eyes narrow in amusement.

Israfel says blandly, '...some would say my agreement's hardly...objective.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Israfel's head.

Kaige says, 'I also want to look at the "klein" bonus and see if wee can expand it some more and possibly make it a bit more visible, but that's a bit longer term'

Sandra says, 'does the blindfighting helpfile look better?'

Spite says, 'still I dont agree with the fact that a str surgeon can hit as hard as I do, giving klieners all the fighting skills, including iron will and them would make it worthwhile :P'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Dogbert says, 'help blindfighting'

Israfel's silver eyes narrow in amusement.

Horror cheers for Sandra - huzzah!

Horror says to Sandra, 'You own!'

Tah says to Sandra, 'Much.'

Sandra smiles happily.

Horror says, 'all them big words hurt my head before'

Horror bonks herself on the head and looks sheepish.

Tah says to Horror, 'Lets go play with blindfight.'

Israfel says dryly, 'So may I hope that some time in the future it'll be - hopefully - a pleasure for me to fight again, as opposed to sit around and let Doggy hump my leg?'

You do a slow fade as Horror whines at Tah, hoping she won't get to you too.

Tah tugs on Horror's sleeve imploringly.

Sandra says to Spite, 'When the new skill goes in, give it a whirl and see what you think.'

Horror says, 'ok ok'

Dogbert says to Israfel, 'i'll do you right now and not use bash or incite :P'

Spite says to Sandra, 'i cant get much better than damcapping as a constant :P'

Sandra giggles.

Dogbert says, 'spite's just angry I can outhit his angry angry agg ass :p'

Dogbert pets Spite lovingly.

Sandra says, 'you'll like the skill'

Spite nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Sandra likes the skill.

Sandra says, 'it's a good skill!'

Sandra says, 'I mean, not every hometown gets to basketweave'

Sandra says, 'I could see Spite doing that'

Spite says, 'hah!'

Huginn says to Sandra, 'Those are baskets of DEATH!'

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Sandra says, 'weave 'em then fling them at people'

Huginn says, 'are we done?'

Israfel mutters, 'Damn basket case immortals.'

Sandra says to Spite, 'That answer your question?'

Sandra winks suggestively at Israfel.

Spite says to Sandra, 'not really, but Ive been to a few of these, I never expect my questions to get answered :P'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'well, it's the best we can do at the moment :/'

Sandra says, 'klien chars are on our minds, be sure!'

Spite says, 'bring on classes I say!'

Sandra points at Dogbert.

Dogbert says, 'ok, I had this kickass idea that might be a little defunct'

Dogbert says, 'gradual iron will'

Israfel says dryly, 'Ah well. I suppose I can wait another 4 years or so.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Israfel's head.

Dogbert says, 'like magic'

Dogbert says, 'umm'

Israfel says, 'Since it took that long to fix Lima,' in a musical, silver-edged voice.

Dogbert says, 'like magic goes agrabah-tara/klein-lima'

Dogbert says, 'why not make iron will go klein-lima-london'

Dogbert says, 'like kleiners all get courage'

Dogbert says, 'limans get valor'

Dogbert says, 'londoners get iron will'

Fuego says, 'I wanna kill someone with a bash, hah'

Dogbert says to Fuego, 'whats that? you want to see the new changes from a hitter who bashes with 47 damroll? :P'

Fuego says, 'Whats all the new changes?'

Sandra nudges the welcome board over a few inches.

Israfel says, his voice darkly musical, 'Hmm, I think it would be alright if London and Lima only for iron will, but I'm not quite sure.'

Israfel isn't very sure that iron will rooters should exist, although they are very nice.

Fuego says, 'Doesnt mention anything about blindfighting :)'

Kaige says, 'start with 29'

Kaige ruffles Fuego's hair playfully.

Fuego says, 'I been gone a while :)'

Fuego says, 'this is an old question then :)'

Fuego says, 'Ooh, thats a neat change'

Sandra says, 'we were still on Dogbert's question'

Sandra says to Huginn, 'Did you have anythign to add?'

Fuego says, 'Im just talking to myself, sorry :)'

Huginn says, 'sorry.. was discussing blindfighting with tah'

Dogbert says, 'forget my question'

Sandra giggles.

Dogbert says, 'your klein question ruined it'

Sandra says to Fuego, 'You're up.'

Dogbert throws down a gauntlet, challenging Fuego to combat.

Spite says to Dogbert, 'i just noticed your iron will suggestion!'

Fuego says, 'Whatcha been by hitroll is affected by AC?'

Spite bonks Dogbert on the head!

Dogbert says to Spite, 'what, you got repair and 2c magic too!'

Dogbert ducks to the ground.

Fuego says, 'Higher AC will make people miss more?'

Dogbert says, 'not my fault you're like the craven of fighters!'

Sandra nods her agreement with Fuego.

Huginn nods his agreement with Fuego.

Fuego says, 'As opposed to the old way, which was like a damage reduction?'

Spite says, 'scrap 2c from klien!'

Dogbert takes a swing at Huginn!

Kaige says, 'lower Ac (closer to -100) will be hit less'

Dogbert says, 'a lot less'

Fuego says, 'Neato'

Dogbert says, 'it's borderline ridiculous how much you can avoid getting hit on your feet at -100 ac'

Spite says, 'yeah, even my no ac ass doesnt get hit very often'

Fuego says, 'And I commend you guys on the minimum damage on heavy weapons change'

Fuego says, 'That is awesome'

Israfel says, his voice darkly musical, 'If you scrap 2c from klein, allow me to change my hometown.'

Israfel's silver eyes narrow in amusement.

Dogbert says to Spite, 'thats because the people hitting are on their butts.'

Israfel does rather want elemental words.

Spite chuckles politely at Israfel.

Dogbert says to Israfel, 'klein has elemental words?'

Israfel shakes his head in disagreement with Dogbert.

Israfel wants them.

Huginn says to Israfel, 'I'll make you a zip.'

Israfel says, mellifluously, 'I think I like my current form rather more than I'd like being a Zip. I appreciate your kindness, though.'

Israfel glances slyly at Huginn from under his long lashes - what _is_ he up to?

Sandra says, 'any other questions?'

Dogbert says to Huginn, 'wear the buttplug around him.'

Huginn cringes away from Dogbert in mortal terror.

Israfel says lightly, 'This from someone humping my leg!'

Dogbert glues himself to Israfel's leg.

Dogbert continues humping.

Israfel pets Dogbert lovingly.

Huginn says, 'ok that's a sign that we're done'

Dogbert says, 'not yet'

Dogbert starts moaning.

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Dogbert sighs loudly.

Dogbert says, 'ok, now we're done'

Sandra says, 'ok, we'll close up. See ya'll next week!'

Dogbert says, 'sandra bear!'

Dogbert knocks Sandra over and flops all over her.

Sandra squeezes Dogbert's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'

Dogbert beeps Sandra on the nose.

Dogbert says, 'hey'

Dogbert says, 'shoot huma while he'd LD?'

Huginn rips Dogbert's nose off and stuffs it in a jar. A smelly jar.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'nah'

Dogbert says, 'boo'

Dogbert says, 'you can tell him I did it'

Sandra giggles.

Israfel says, mellifluously, 'I still...'

Israfel's silver eyes narrow in amusement.

Dogbert says, 'still what'

Dogbert licks Israfel.

Israfel says, 'do you know that Rush tells me that PornFairy was an incredibly original name that most decidedly didn't deserve to be deleted?'

Dogbert rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Israfel's grin is distinctly wolfish.

Dogbert says, 'thats right out of American Pie 2 as well'

Huginn says, 'well everyone has their opinions'

Israfel's grin is distinctly wolfish.

Israfel says, 'Alas for poor Rush, hers are somewhat less...in question,' in a musical, silver-edged voice.

Horror says, 'afk a min brb'

Dogbert takes his nose out of Huginn's buttplug jar and sticks it in horror's crack while she's humping

Dogbert ducks to the ground.

Sandra ponders Dogbert's existence.

Dogbert says, 'what!'

Israfel shades his eyes with one slim hand.

Kaige says, 'well. I'm certainly not going to sit here and listen to this drivel.'

Sandra says, 'didn't I ask you some time ago to try and keep it pg-13?'

Dogbert says, 'like 3 months ago?'

Sandra nods her agreement with Dogbert.

Dogbert says, 'bah'

Dogbert says, 'fine'

Israfel laughs softly.

Israfel purrs silkily, 'I keep it 13...'


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