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August 19th, 2004

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LadyAce says to Torne, 'Give 'em time :)'

Torne giggles.

Hassan says, 'they have 4 minutes'

LadyAce pets a cart full of cabbages lovingly.

Torne says, 'I gotta think of a question, becuase I know I have some :)'

LadyAce says, 'Kaige already made the chair actually!'

LadyAce giggles at Torne.

Torne cheers wildly!

Hassan nods his agreement with Torne.

Hassan says, 'a cart full of cabbages! thats what im taking about'

Hassan pets a cart full of cabbages lovingly.

Hassan says, 'well a cart full of blood and guts would of been a little softer but...'

LadyAce wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Hassan says, 'or a cart full of marshmellow fluff!'

Hassan says, 'not only soft, but good eatting'

Hassan bows before Kae.

Hassan bows before Kaige.

Hassan bows before Cheyla.

Hassan bows before Chocorua.

Kae beeps Erik' on the nose.

Hassan bows before Erik'.

Erik' tips his hat gallantly.

Hassan peers around intently.

Chocorua says to Cheyla, 'Can't find ANY pictures of the tahoe (any model even close) in black.'

Axis is HERE!

YieXa waves hello to the world!

Kae this a cabbage quietly. .

Hassan says, 'where is the guy handing out coupons for this q and a?'

Torne flops about helplessly.

Torne laughs at Hassan.

Axis peers at Kae, looking her up and down.

Kaige points at Pete, the janitor.

Hassan asks Pete, the janitor a question.

It sounded like 'coupon' to you.

Kaige says, 'good luck tho.. he's kinda deaf'

Hassan says, 'ahh'

Hassan says, 'that must be it'

Erik' stomps on Chocorua's toes.

Hassan tickles Pete, the janitor.

Spite tips his hat gallantly.

LadyAce says, 'sooo, who has a question? Raise to be put in line.'

Spite looks up into the sky and ponders.

Torne says, 'I got a question'

Cheyla comforts Chocorua.

Torne says, 'Why is Spite always so grumpy'

Torne pouts at Spite.

Spite says, 'because I can be!'

Spite snarls angrily.

LadyAce points at Spite.

Spite says, 'ok Im wondering how skill sucess and failure is measured, Ive been noticing that I either fail bashes a lot at once, or I succeed them'

Kaige says, 'you usually roll against a random'

Spite says, 'its never say land, fail, fail, land'

Spite says, 'its always fail x5 then land one'

Hassan nods his agreement with Spite.

Hassan says, 'I have the same deal with Zeirath'

Spite says, 'its just doesnt seem all that random'

Chocorua says, 'rufus did some testing on the random engine and found it to be pretty random, but then i think he also fixed soemthing that was making it less random'

Kaige says, 'yeah. I think Ruf just found and squished a bug that will make the randoms more random again, not sure when that'll go in tho'

Kaige nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Spite nods solemnly.

Spite says, 'holy hell, a question I had actually got answered :)'

Chocorua says, 'basically we were re seeding it every game loop instead of just once, making it far less random, since a computer is incapable of true randomness'

Spite ducks to the ground.

Spite nods solemnly.

Torne says, 'So skills landing has nothing to do with stat vs stat, such as 100 str vs 100 str?'

Kaige says, 'didn't say that... that's what you roll against.'

Torne nods solemnly.

Chocorua says, 'some do'

LadyAce says, 'there's usually a stat type component and a level of randomness'

Chocorua says, 'most skills have some sorta check but there is an element of randomness in every skill'

LadyAce says to Torne, 'Your turn, I'm going by when you said you had a question before -- let me know if I should put you in line another time though.'

Torne says, 'Do all level 50 mobs generally have 100's in all stats, or is that a myth?'

Hassan blinks at LadyAce.

Chocorua says, 'a large percentage of them do'

Torne says, 'And if so, how do you ever plan on balancing out pk with mobkill, since mob stats screw skills and make them too powerful in pk'

Torne says, 'and if you condone the skills for pk, they are not powerful enough in mobkill'

Kaige says, 'players have brains and mobs don't too'

Torne says, 'Why not just make mob stats more like player stats?'

Torne says, 'Well, you can have a brain'

Chocorua says, 'mobs and pk won't ever be truely balanced unless we make all mobs off prototypes of real chars and give thema true ai'

Torne says, 'But if your skilsla ren't hitting, that negates the brain factor'

Spite says to Torne, 'sandra's mobs average 200 per stat :P'

LadyAce says, 'yea, we can't really make mobs as smart as players...players are just too darn smart'

LadyAce winks suggestively at Torne.

Spite laughs.

Torne laughs.

Hassan chuckles politely at LadyAce.

Chocorua says, 'you skills are hitting, the change to ac recently has made it apparent that somemobs are a bit over powered, we are working on it'

Torne nods solemnly.

Spite says to LadyAce, 'you dont listen to players much do you?'

Kaige says, 'the best thing to do is note individual mobs that you have problems with so the builders can take a look at them too'

Torne nods his agreement with Kaige.

Torne says, 'OK my real question was the 100's in all stats thing so thanks :)'

Hassan nods his agreement with Chocorua.

LadyAce smiles at Torne.

Kaige just went through and fixed the AC on most of her mobs... check areainfo to see which areas are mine

Spite says, 'HERNE, CUCH, I just cant solo them anymore :P'

Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

LadyAce points at Hassan.

Hassan says, 'Phoenix went from around -90ac to -28 after that nice ac deal'

Kae is still working on the ac on some of hers.

Hassan says, 'any ideas of when old eq is going to be taken out, and when it is taken out will it be replaced with at least a new verison of that item or reimburst some how?'

Kaige says to Spite, 'Umm.. good? I don't think either were intended to be solo.'

Spite holds his head down and mourns the Fate of Womankind.

Kaige says to Hassan, 'Ask that again, now that we have a coder here.'

Hassan says, 'any ideas of when old eq is going to be taken out, and when it is taken out will it be replaced with at least a new verison of that item or reimburst some how?'

Rufus says, 'when the code gets done to automatically update objects based on what the builder set =)'

Rufus says, 'gotta run afk, the code's a ways from being done.'

Spite says, 'one day Im gonna rent in and be 4k or so overrent, I can see it now'

Korgan laughs at Spite.

Kaige says, 'I don't have a time on when, but every item will be replaced with the new/current database copy whenever items are brought into the game'

Hassan says, 'ahh ok, i've just heard a lot of people talking about them taking the old eq out, and wondered what the deal was'

Cheyla says, 'switch out your old gear sooner rather than later to avoid that kind of surprize'

LadyAce hugs Sandra.

Kaige nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Hassan says, 'any clue what will be done with items that people currently have that are no long in the game?'

Chocorua says, 'poof'

Hassan throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Spite laughs.

Chocorua says, 'actually i don't know'

Kaige says, 'same thing as always... they change to a placeholder vnum and don't act like anything much more than a piile of zip.'

Chocorua says, 'i think our coders will likely have some sorta solution'

Hassan nods his agreement with Kaige.

Kaige says, 'like the old clods of dert and stuff.'

Spite says, 'I vote pwipe! make it easy on everyone! :P'

Hassan grins evilly at Spite... Wonder what he's thinking...

Hassan says, 'pwipe out would be great'

Sandra ponders restarting 45 chars.

Spite winks suggestively at Sandra.

Hassan nods his agreement with Sandra.

Kaige says, 'you'd rather get rid of EVERYTHING than have all your gear switch in place?'

Kaige is completely boggled.

Torne grins evilly at Sandra... Wonder what he's thinking...

Chocorua says to Sandra, 'Ya couldn't complain ya got to many 50's then.'

Hassan says, 'would be good for you!, give you a little something extra to do'

Sandra giggles.

Kaige thinks many people would be willing to lynch you if we did that.

Chocorua says to Kaige, 'We can just blame him now.'

YieXa says, 'heh'

Torne says, 'I think that a pwipe would be a waste'

Hassan says, 'yeah, i wouldnt really want pwipe'

Torne says, 'If you could just filter out as much eq as humnanly possible'

Torne says, 'That might be a better solution'

Torne says, 'old eq rather'

Hassan says, 'heck I just got zeirath his 100 mil'

Kaige says to Torne, 'It will ALL be filtered to match what's currently in the database... that's the point.'

Kae says, 'old eq goes poof, replaced by new, how is this a problem? :)'

Spite says, 'rent totals'

Kaige says, 'if an item changes in the future... it will again be filtered as each copy of it is brought into the game'

Spite hugs Herne's hunting horn.

Sandra says, 'start working on getting some extra rent free :P'

Kae says, 'but since you know this change is going to happen, replace some of the items now to avoid rent issues on the day it actually goes live?'

Torne nods his agreement with Kaige.

Torne says to Kaige, 'I can't see it happening for a long time :)'

Kaige says, 'it'll be within 6 months'

Chocorua says, 'before expies i am hoping'

Torne nods solemnly.

Hassan whispers quietly to Sandra.

Kaige says to Kae, 'Stop it... you're using LOGIC.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Hassan.

Kae hangs her head.

Hassan snickers at Kae nastily.

Kae should know better.

Kaige giggles.

LadyAce says, 'next up is Vanion'

LadyAce points at Vanion.

Vanion says, 'ok my question is mainly about weapon mastery and combat druids/mages'

Vanion says, 'well since the change it obvious those without the skill will not be able to do any amount of consistant damage, which is understandable its your mud you make the rules'

Chocorua says, 'umm'

Chocorua says, 'it's not THAT much of an advantage'

Vanion says, 'but if your goals are to basically filter out or restrict a certain class that is unbalanced could it be stated along with the changes'

Spite says, 'the hell you say, even with it I dont do consistent damage :P'

Axis comforts Spite.

Kaige says, 'then there's the advantage of being able to heal yourself instead'

Spite says, 'since learning it, my damage spread has got all out of whack'

Hassan nods his agreement with Kaige.

Hassan nods his agreement with Spite.

Sandra says, 'the goal was to bring straight fighters up to par with the rest of the world'

Korgan says, 'i still havent noticed a change'

Vanion says, 'right but if thats yer intentions to filter that out , and unbalanced type of char in the system could it then be known to us'

Hassan says to Spite, 'I would have to agree on that, Zeirath can attack and hit 5 times yet only noticably hit, then hit 4 out of 5 and damcap.'

Chocorua says, 'i don't see who was filtered out'

Spite says, 'Ive found I do more high end damage, not so much middle range damage and more low end damage'

Kaige says, 'people who konw chant and augment, as advertised.'

Vanion says, 'well right now its not worth the rent and stats to be a mage or druid'

LadyAce says, 'We didn't make changes to people who don't have the skill, just those who do, though'

Vanion says, 'and be able to hit'

Chocorua says, 'i mean it is an advantage but adding weapon mastery didn't remove anyone from being able to play their chars'

Vanion says, 'with 44hit/42dam and greaves i hit like a mage used to'

Sandra says, 'we aren't filtering out any 'class' There are and still will be battle druids and mages. But now they've got to contend with fighters, who were hosed for years'

Kaige says, 'remember AC is going to be playing a bigger role in hitting for everyone too'

Hassan says, 'with 53dam 46hit zeirath does some crappy hits, like his hits 5 out of 5 and only does noticably slash'

LadyAce says to Vanion, 'I think I'm not quite understanding your question :/'

Spite says, 'or missing :P'

Sandra says, 'I only miss if i'm on my butt'

Hassan nods his agreement with Spite.

Hassan says, 'im talking standing'

Vanion says, 'right but it just seems too overpowering against those without at the moment'

Chocorua says, 'for a long time ac wasn't a factor hadly at all, not is plays a BIG role'

Hassan says, 'ive hit 5 out of 5 on a bashed mob and did a noticably slash'

Sandra says, 'the target's ac factors in'

Spite says, '52hit 50dam when Im prepped and I can miss all 5 attacks while standing, I havent missed since I was like level 10'

Hassan says, 'then 3 damcaps in a row'

Vanion says, 'i guess only thing i would say is to take not'

Vanion says, 'er note'

Sandra says, 'I think that's because you are used to fighters sucking'

Vanion says, 'so part of the fix was to downplay other classes?'

Chocorua says, 'fighters got a boost noone got downplayed'

Sandra says, 'we didn't downplay any class'

Sandra nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Rufus says, 'actually, that's not true.'

Hassan grins evilly at Rufus... Wonder what he's thinking...

Rufus says, 'overall, the ability for everyone to hit went down across the board, including mobs.'

YieXa says, 'how well have snipers been doing?'

Vanion says, 'right'

Chocorua says, 'well yeas with the ac change, this was in regards to weapons mastery'

Vanion says, 'the whole hitting scale was altered then a skill offerd to revert back to where you were'

Vanion says, 'part of my inquiry was how it was implemented'

Sandra says, 'no, they aren't back to where tehy were'

Rufus says, 'then the pure fighter types got a small leg up. Overall effect is, some 'classes' of characters ended up bumped up in the realm of ability to hit.'

Hassan says, 'snipers suck really, i mean I permaed hassan because i was doing so crappy fighting, thats why im lvl 16 atm'

Chocorua says, 'weapons mastery isn't that much of a bonus'

Vanion says, 'well i know the status plays a larger role now as well'

Rufus says, 'heh, sorry to be contradictory today, but actually weapon mastery is a pretty big bonus in the overall scheme of how the combat system works.'

Spite says, 'yet liman str surgeons can still hit as hard as a klien str hitter'

Torne says to Hassan, 'It's not just snipers, it's everyone without str or dam basically.'

Hassan nods his agreement with Torne.

Hassan says, 'actually spite thats not true'

Hassan says, 'Klien people over all are god at hitting'

Spite says, 'so how does dogbert outhit me most runs?'

Rufus says, 'there's no other single factor that increases chance to hit (except perhaps positional changes or a massive disparity between the ac and the target ac) better than weapon mastery + all 3 weapon skills.'

Vanion says, 'was the status and mastery the only changes to the overall battlesystem in the past 3 months?'

Torne says to Spite, 'He's got a lot of damroll.'

Spite says, 'so do I'

Torne says to Spite, '40+ I believe.'

Spite says, 'I have more hit dam than he does'

Torne says, 'his spi helps him iron will more'

Spite says, 'im 52/50'

Kaige says to Vanion, 'No. there was also the AC change as well.'

Rufus says, 'no, there were a number of changes. The entire hitroll formula was essentially re-engineered from the ground up. It still has some bugs, and we've been working those out, we don't have a solid fix yet, though.'

Torne says, 'Iron will makes a bigger difference than lots of dam/hit I find'

Hassan says, 'Psylin is a great example, he has -100ac and like 40 hit 45dam and can destroy mobs without taking hardly any damage at all'

Vanion says, 'thats makes sense'

Hassan says, 'but if he runs all over and has low mv his ac is much lower then normal'

Hassan says, 'because im guessing battle train is based off of mv'

Spite says, 'wow it went eerily quiet :P'

YieXa says, 'yeah'

Hassan nods his agreement with Spite.

LadyAce says, 'next up is YieXa :)'

Kaige says to Hassan, 'I don't think it is like you're thinking. What it means in the helpfile by ability to move is if you can walk around or not.'

YieXa says, 'I have, I think, 3 questions.'

LadyAce says, 'well, let's get the first one, then let Axis go :)'

Rufus says, 'basically if you're not stunned/paralyzed/etc it can work. Sorry, back to yie.'

YieXa says, 'first how well will parry play into the combat system, and what did it depend on to succeed in the first place?'

Rufus says, 'parry is kinda complex. It depends on a number of factors... the skill you have in parry, what type of weapon you have, what type of weapon your opponent has, and what the weight and sizes those weapons are.'

YieXa says, 'so how does the type, size and weight work?'

Axis says, 'formulas!'

Axis lurks around Rufus ominously!

YieXa says, 'bigger parries better, makes parry harder?'

Rufus says, 'in general heavier weapons are harder to parry, as are very small and swift weapons. The average 'foil type' weapon (size and weight) are generally the best to parry with and easiest to parry against.'

Rufus says, 'I'm not going to go into exact formulas, but if I'm wielding heavy sword, and you're wielding a heavy club, chances are we're not going to parry one another very often.'

YieXa nods solemnly.

Spite slaps Burning Revenge.

Rufus says, 'if we're both using the same rapier type item, we're going to be parrying each other like there's no tomorrow =P (not that bad, actually)'

YieXa says, 'so let's say if I'm wielding a foil, and you're using a heavy sword?'

YieXa says, 'what happens? you'll simply break through my attempts to parry?'

Rufus says, 'I'd say the formula works pretty much how we desire it to work in terms of %'s of blocks actually parried =)'

YieXa nods solemnly.

Spite says, 'I have a question about parry, its seen as a fighter skill right, a skill that every warrior should master?'

Rush looks confused.

Rush peers around intently.

Hassan says, 'more of a fencing skill I would say'

Axis lurks around Rush ominously!

Rush giggles at Axis.

Rush peers around intently.

Spite says, 'yeah but a tool that every warrior type should master?'

Hassan says, 'yeah you can parry with a sword, but not like you could with like a fencing sword'

LadyAce says to Spite, 'Whole nother can of worms, let's pick it up in due course.'

LadyAce says to Axis, 'Your turn to ask.'

LadyAce now has Yiexa, Spite, Yiexa in line.

YieXa says, 'well, another thing is that fencing is a finess... may not be popular until lighter blades became mainstream'

Axis says, 'is something gonna be done about the insanely fast commands like get and put cause this SHouldnt be possible'

Axis gets a roll of gauze from a fraying white velvet duffel bag.

Axis carefully unrolls a strip of gauze from a roll of gauze.

Axis puts a roll of gauze in a fraying white velvet duffel bag.

Kaige says, 'like welcome 34?'

Axis says, 'also using the bandage in same post'

Axis says, 'pulse'

Axis says, 'shake'

Spite says, 'this fastcommand thing is just a config option right?'

Hassan nods his agreement with Spite.

Axis says, 'the changes I can tell are just working with commas not actually slowing it down'

Spite says, 'good, so if I dont have it on, it cant bone me'

Rufus says, 'they'll be fixed tomorrow. I verified on a testmud last night, it properly enqueues them into your command stack'

Rush doesn;t understand what the heck fastcommands is.

Hassan gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Hassan tips his hat gallantly.

LadyAce points at YieXa.

LadyAce says to YieXa, 'Question #2? :)'

LadyAce says to Spite, 'Let's go on to your question then.'

LadyAce says to Spite, 'The vision behind parry is what you were asking, yes?'

Spite says, 'yeah and wondering why if its such a warrior skill klieners dont get advanced or expert'

YieXa nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Axis says, 'which would suck if they did allow kleiners to get it cause I have no pracs left'

Axis ducks to the ground.

Rush says, 'demand a reminb!'

LadyAce says, 'balancewise, the hometowns that get it, get it because they don't have other things, it's their special thing for fighters'

YieXa says, 'well, I said before, Klein seems to be a strong blade-wielder... finesse of a small light weapon may not have come into popularity until later, when heavy armor was out of fashion.'

Spite says, 'hometowns are still pretty balanced now though'

YieXa nods his agreement with Spite.

LadyAce nods her agreement with YieXa.

YieXa says, 'Limans are actually a place people would go to...I remember when everyone said limans sucked'

Kae says, 'everyone except me'

Rufus says, 'which is why we're reluctant to change parry =) Right now it sits with the upper two 'civ' nations, which recognized fencing as one of the few martial arts that was still socially acceptable, over brute sword wielding'

Kae nods to herself.

Rufus says, 'civ hometowns even.'

LadyAce says to YieXa, 'Let's get your question #2 now? Then Rush, then your turn again.'

Spite says, 'that makes sense then'

Rush says, 'whee'

LadyAce smiles at Spite.

YieXa says, 'My second question is... do instruments that cast spells have a limited times they can work? If so, is there a way to find out if an instrument has any left?'

YieXa says, 'charges'

YieXa says, 'so one does not have to spam play forever and ever.'

Rufus says, 'heh, dumb coder question... we have instruments that can cast spells? =P'

YieXa laughs.

Kaige says to Rufus, 'You made 'em.'

Korgan nods his agreement with Rufus.

Sandra giggles.

Cheyla nods her agreement with Rufus.

Rufus says, 'ahh okay there they are.'

Rufus says, 'hrm, perhaps that's a good use for the identify spell, maybe? =)'

Cheyla says, 'yes, they can have a number of charges'

Sandra says, 'good idea'

YieXa peers at himself myopically.

When you cast your identify spell upon this object, you note that it could make about a billiards table worth of orbs yet...

Rufus says, 'just to maintain the vague nature of identify and all =P'

Sandra giggles.

YieXa snickers softly.

Kae silently mouths 'vague' with disbelief.

Rufus says, 'but cool, I didn't know I did that *grin*'

YieXa says, 'so I just have to run to a... create or cause mage for identify spell?'

YieXa says, 'or am I just going to hunt down the mob that has the instrument each time I log on? ;)'

LadyAce says, 'sure, keep 'em employed and out of trouble?'

LadyAce says to Rush, 'Your turn!'

Rufus says, 'there were identify scrolls in the game at one point'

YieXa says, 'do both of them have the spell?'

Rufus doesn't remember where they are or what happened to them.

LadyAce says to YieXa, 'I was referring to mages :) not mobbies.'

Rush says, 'ok so the fast commands thing means you can say something and not wait for like, a bash lag to wwear off'

YieXa says, 'ah'

Rush says, 'the say will go right through?'

Rufus says to Rush, 'Yep.'

Rush says, 'so which config is which'

Rush admits to being very tired and fuzzy brained.

Rufus says, ''config fastcommands''

Rush says, 'i know'

LadyAce says, 'if it's on, fast commands are available'

Rufus says, 'if it's on, you can say and stuff during skill lag, if it's off, all your commands will get queued up'

Rush says, 'but which one makes you wait'

Rush says, 'ok'

LadyAce says, 'if it's off, the fast commands feature is not available'

Rush says, 'thats where i was confused'

Rush says, 'thanky'

LadyAce points at YieXa.

YieXa says, 'ok, about fast commands, there was this trend happening...'

YieXa says, 'is it a bug where for example, where I kick the mob, the next pulse he dies, I type in immediately, "exa corpse" and nothing happens... I have to type it again before it'll do anything'

YieXa says, 'oh yeah, there's a question mark there somewhere...'

YieXa says, '?'

YieXa says, 'there.'

Rufus says, 'that should be fixed if not today, tomorrow.'

YieXa says, 'ah, ok'

LadyAce says, 'trust your bug instincts :)'

LadyAce points at Axis.

YieXa says, 'so 'get all corpse' will also be delayed until skill lag ends?'

Rufus says, 'tomorrow, yes.'

YieXa nods solemnly.

Spite says, 'if in doubt abuse it, if you get your ass kicked, it was a bug :P'

Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Axis says, 'Is appraise gonna be made any better or can I whine for a prac back until I get banned cause appraise is worthless!'

YieXa throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

YieXa says, 'oh that's a good one'

YieXa says, 'appraise isn't worthless. Korgan uses it all the time!'

LadyAce says, 'whining is usually not the route we recommend, no :P'

YieXa says, 'with the new materials, it's actually... useful.'

YieXa says, 'whine not, for the imms are shiny and has a big stun baton.'

Spite says, 'appraise tells you the material type?'

Korgan nods his agreement with Spite.

Kaige pokes YieXa with the Great Flaming Spork of Evil Death.

Spite says, 'nice'

Rufus says, 'if you have some ideas as to how it can be enhanced, do submit them via the idea channel.'

YieXa goes EEK! at Kaige in distress - isn't Kaige an awful person for teasing?

Korgan says, 'if its mend or repair it tells you the material'

Korgan says, 'very handy'

YieXa says, 'if not?'

Kaige says, 'more likely if it's ARMOR it tells you the material.'

Spite says, 'if its not mend or repair then its tform and the material doesnt matter :P'

Rufus says, 'items aren't completely aware of what they're made out of unless they're armor, unfortunately.'

LadyAce nods her agreement with Spite.

YieXa ponders repairing a black serpent dagger with a staff of Brahams

LadyAce says, 'who else has a question?'

LadyAce says, 'anything based on the code update or rumors in that dept? :)'

LadyAce says, 'while we have Rufus :)'

LadyAce points at YieXa.

YieXa says, 'what was the reason for allowing a reimburse of backstab?'

LadyAce says, 'we made substantial changes to how it worked'

Rufus says, 'we radically altered the formula for its calculation, rendering many who'd purchased the skill unable to use it even remotely effectively'

YieXa says, 'is there a hint on how it works?'

YieXa says, 'now?'

Rufus says, 'people very aware of their opponents are good candidates for effective use of the skill.'

Rufus says, 'if you know skatha's home phone number, you can backstab her all day long.'

Kae laughs.

LadyAce says, 'I believe there were also some changes to the role of position'

YieXa says, 'well, then I think if we know that number we should be able to insta-sniper her too...'

YieXa says, 'oh yeah, speaking of which...'

LadyAce says, 'aw, you're no fun'

YieXa laughs.

LadyAce says to Korgan, 'Your turn.'

Kaige says, 'you can always call her up and ask her about her weapon too'

YieXa snickers softly.

Rufus says, 'I permakilled myself on the testmud doing that the other day.'

Korgan says, 'i guess i really need to bug it next time this happens, but some times when i am woken from a stun, it says i stand up, yet im still resting'

Kae says, 'order take-out for her and backstab her while she's picking it up at the door'

Kaige nods her agreement with Korgan.

Kaige says, 'even now would be a good time to do that'

YieXa dials Skatha on the telephone, and asks Skatha Gae-Bolg. YieXa gets stabbed through the phone.

Spite snickers softly.

Sandra waves happily.

LadyAce hugs Sandra.

LadyAce waves to Sandra.

Rufus says, 'yeah, there's always been some funkiness with how the change position coming out of a stun works. sometimes you even wake up and stand up after you die, which, at its heart, is kinda disturbing.'

Sandra gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

YieXa waves to Sandra.

Sandra slowly fades into thin air.

Torne grins evilly at Rufus... Wonder what he's thinking...

Kae says to Rufus, 'That's when you run for the light at the end of the tunnel.'

Korgan laughs at Rufus.

Torne winces.

YieXa says, 'whoa'

YieXa says, 'what happened?'

Rufus says, 'that sucked.'

LadyAce says, 'everyone's connection froze :/'

Spite says, 'sandra broke it!'

Rufus says, 'mud machine fall off the net.'

Huginn nods solemnly.

YieXa says, 'is it everyone's? or is it the mud's? *dun dun DUUNNN!*'

LadyAce says to Korgan, 'Did we cover your question adequately?'

Rufus says, 'anyway, I have to be off. take care folks'

Rufus waves happily.

Korgan nods his agreement with LadyAce.

YieXa waves to Rufus.

Rufus slowly fades into thin air.

Korgan says, 'basically its fubared'

LadyAce points at YieXa.

Kaige grumbles.

YieXa says, 'will sniping be on the menu next for another renovation? I recall having a hard time w/ full aim to knock weapons out of hands... forget about insta-kills.'

Lorenzo lies down on a cart full of cabbages.

Huginn says, 'I'm looking at it'

YieXa says, 'some improvement, I hope?'

Spite says, 'come on, its an instant death special, it should be hard to do dammit :P'

Spite says, 'when cause mages can ID in pk then boost up sniping :P'

Spite nods to himself.

LadyAce says, 'hafta wait and see what he comes up with, sounds like :) tell us what you think if/when it goes in'

Huginn says, 'I'm not looking to make it worse'

LadyAce says, 'do other folks have questions?'

Huginn says, 'if that's any reassurance'

YieXa nods solemnly.

YieXa says, 'I'll wait and see'

LadyAce says to Huginn, 'I figure it's worth leaving in the possibility that you'll decide nothing needs changing, but you want to change X instead, and so on.'

Huginn thanks LadyAce heartily.

LadyAce giggles at Huginn.

LadyAce says, 'comments, concerns, feedback, etc.?'

Axis says, 'apraise sucks!'

Spite laughs at Axis.

LadyAce says, 'hm, must be an echo in here...'

LadyAce winks suggestively at Axis.

Spite says, 'right, time for me to take up my position in stag again'

Spite gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Axis nods his agreement with Spite.

Axis says, 'I shall join you!'

Vanion tips his hat gallantly.

Axis waves happily.

Lorenzo peers around intently.

Lorenzo says, 'and then there were three'

LadyAce says, 'well, sounds like we're all done, then :)'

LadyAce says, 'thanks for coming, folks!'

Kae crawls back into the fiery pits.

Kae slowly fades into thin air.

Cheyla waves happily.

Kaige waves happily.

Huginn reports: 30000/30000 hp 778/778 mana 792/792 mv.

Lorenzo giggles.

LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

LadyAce waves happily.

Lorenzo says, 'it's good to know that happens to everyone'

Kaige waves happily.

Lorenzo waves happily.

Rufus flops about helplessly.

Rufus says to Sandra, 'Bkiss should have been 'butkiss' and 'blkiss' should have been blow kiss =)'

Rufus says, 'er buttkiss'

Rufus kisses your arse.

Rufus giggles.

Purgatory smiles happily.

Rufus waves a welcome to Purgatory. Hello!

Purgatory waves a welcome to Rufus. Hello!

Hell runs around the room in circles, squealing loudly.

Rufus waves a welcome to Hell. Hello!

Hell waves hello to the world!

Sandra giggles at Rufus.

Purgatory grins evilly at Sandra... Wonder what he's thinking...

Bacchanal lurks around Sandra ominously!

Bacchanal lurks around Rufus ominously!

Sandra smiles happily.

Bacchanal lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Hell snickers at Purgatory nastily.

Hell nudges Purgatory.

Bacchanal says, 'I would like to state all of my questions in the form of rants'

Bacchanal grumbles.

Sandra says, 'Rants are taking e east of here. Bork Bork Bork.'

Sandra says, 'e=3'

Bacchanal says, 'Uuun de schucky doo!'

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'I have something to ask you after this!'

Sandra says, 'I wasn't anywhere near when it happened'

Bacchanal says, 'all right, there another blue screen of death is'

Bacchanal cheers for himself since no one else has.

Hell snickers at Sandra nastily.

Purgatory snickers softly.

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'Hopefully you will be!'

Bacchanal screams loudly!

Sandra giggles.

The Swedish Chef arrives from a puff of smoke.

Bacchanal cheers for the Swedish Chef - huzzah!

Rufus asks the Swedish Chef a question.

It sounded like 'sing' to you.

The Swedish Chef sings 'Uuun de schucky dooo, da dum, bork bork bork.'

Bacchanal asks the Swedish Chef a question.

It sounded like 'coconuts' to you.

Hell cheers for the Swedish Chef - huzzah!

Purgatory snickers softly.

Hell pouts.

Purgatory says, 'awwww'

Sandra says, 'raise 'em if ya got 'em'

Hell pinches Val and you wonder what he will do back.

Val giggles.

Purgatory looks up into the sky and ponders.

Val smiles at Hell.

Rufus can't stick around for long, but figured he'd be here or the beginning.

Sandra cheers for Rufus - huzzah!

Val says to Rufus, 'lOng time no see.'

Sandra says, 'no questions?'

Sandra says, 'this is gonna be a rocking short qna'

Rufus says, 'course if these questions come any faster, I'm not sure how we're gonna answer em all.'

Sandra says, 'yea, hope you're in a comfy chair'

Sandra points at Purgatory.

Purgatory says, 'any more clear timetable on eq templates?'

Val just comes to Q&A to watch, and maybe to provide the occasional commentary.

Rufus shakes his head.

Purgatory nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'We think about it alot. But then somebody gets a cool idea and then we forget it for a few days again'

Rufus says, 'I've got the base code for it done. What has to happen now is each item type has to be analyzed and figure out what values can be templated and which ones can't.'

Purgatory giggles at Sandra.

Val smiles at Chocorua.

Purgatory says, 'I have another question about it'

Sandra nods her agreement with Purgatory.

Purgatory says, 'what happens to items that no longer exist in the game, do they vanish altogether?'

Rufus says, 'the problem being is that there are values used throughout the code that aren't used by builders. We have to trace each one of those down and account for it.'

Rufus says, 'no, they'll stay as they always have.'

Purgatory says, 'so something that has merely changed stats will change, but something you can't get anymore will stay the same'

Chocorua says, 'bleargh .. brb gotta reboot to make my mouse work again......'

Rufus says, 'the only thing this does is check the current database versus what's saved in your pfile when you log in, if it finds a suitable match, it will draw your item from the template.'

Val hugs Cheyla.

Kaige says, 'stay the same meanign it gets converted to the default vnum that all no longer existing objects have always gotten turned into'

Purgatory says, 'ahhhh'

Rufus says, 'If, for instance, you have an old hell item, though, it won't be changed at all, it will still have the same stats, etc.'

Kaige says, 'old clods of dert and other hell souvenirs are good examples.'

Purgatory nods solemnly.

Purgatory says, 'what about HOL stuff vs. equivalent clone items?'

Rufus says, 'the downside is if someone revamps an area and reuses the vnums, your sword of massive killing +25 could become the bunny slippers of instant death.'

Sandra says, 'HoL stuff's already got that placeholder vnum'

Val giggles at Rufus.

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Kaige says, 'and old hol stuff'

Sandra says, 'hey, don't knock a good pair of bunny slippers'

Purgatory nods solemnly.

Val says, 'and here I just spent 500K on another cheap-rent brine =P'

Purgatory snickers at Val nastily.

Sandra says, 'sucker'

Val stares off into space.

Val giggles at Sandra.

Purgatory will be having a yard sale right before a lot of people find out about it.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Purgatory's head.

Sandra giggles.

Val says to Sandra, 'but but! Shrieve can carry 40 clips now! @[email protected]'

Rufus says, 'it's something that takes a bit of work on the builder side going forward... something we've never had to do before. If we change items drastically, it'll mean retaining the old ones in the database, even though it's not loaded any more'

Sandra says, 'hehe'

Val giggles.

Rufus says, 'hope that answers your question(s) =)'

Purgatory says to Rufus, 'Wait, so you're saying if an item changes, it won't change instantly for people who already have it?'

Kaige just only reuses item vnums that don't exist in pfiles or in housing.

Purgatory says, 'drastically that is'

Kaige says to Purgatory, 'It WILL.'

Kaige says, 'it will become whatever is in the database, that's the point.'

Rufus says, 'no, I'm saying it will, unless someone decides to shift vnums. if they switch the vnum of the sword of death +25 from 1000 to 1001, but don't change its stats, we'll have to keep 1000 floating around in the db so that things don't break'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Rufus.

Purgatory says, 'does that change usually accompany a drastic change in an item's stats?'

Rufus says, 'as much as I'm sure some people'd love to turn a horde of items into vicious clumps of leeks, we'd rather not do that =P'

Sandra giggles.

Purgatory giggles at Rufus.

Sandra says, 'sunflowers'

Purgatory says, 'I wouldn't mind a VICIOUS CLUMP OF LEEKS'

Rufus says, 'not necessarily. Sometimes we reorganize vnums, just to make the files a bit more sane to read.'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Rufus.

Rufus says, 'wow, excess comma in there.'

Rufus peers at himself myopically.

Sandra says, 'it's always good to have extra'

Purgatory says, 'okay I think that covers everything I was curious about'

Sandra smiles happily.

Hell says, 'they would make wicked soup'

Sandra points at Bacchanal.

Bacchanal says, 'any hints on the hush hush stuff?'

Rufus says, 'the hush hush stuff?'

Rufus looks up into the sky and ponders.

Purgatory giggles at Hell.

Bacchanal says, 'and is it going to be nearly as cool as fastcommands?'

Bacchanal peers at Rufus, looking him up and down.

Purgatory nods his agreement with Bacchanal.

Purgatory says to Bacchanal, 'Yeah.'

Purgatory says to Bacchanal, 'I hope so.'

Rufus says, 'yeah, the fastcommands stuff did sorta circumvent some of the anti-spam code that was there before, though it's not quite as easy as it used to be =P'

Sandra giggles.

Bacchanal says, 'I think fastcommands is seriously one of the coolest things we've seen in years :P'

Rufus says, 'hrm, not sure I can say much about the hush hush stuff, other than we have a really big text file describing it that I spend more time updating than I do coding =P'

Bacchanal says, 'ooooh.. is it help hushhush?'

Sandra says, 'it's friggin huge'

Cheyla says, 'rufus is spending more time documenting these days than i am'

Rufus says, 'but no, can't really say anything about it. It would invalidate my title, and I'm too lazy to change it.'

Purgatory says, 'is it something earth-shattering?'

Rufus says, 'well, except half my documentation makes cheyla update her documentation.'

Bacchanal sniffs sadly.

Bacchanal is gonna haveta put keystroke loggers on immie computers to find out anything.

Bacchanal pouts.

Purgatory says, 'something that will CHANGE the face of the mud as we know it?'

Sandra giggles.

Chocorua says, 'he said he wasn't gonna hint what it is so umm hes not gonna :)'

Val grins evilly at Chocorua... Wonder what he's thinking...

Rufus says, 'one thing I did do that was hush hush up until, erm, now, was pretty much rewrite a huge chunk of teh acts language. Should give the builders a lot more flexibility in designing acts and such.'

Kaige plots evil plots.

Rufus says, 'but I will give one hint: it has to do with families.'

Purgatory says to Chocorua, 'Hah!'

Hell gasps in astonishment.

Chocorua says to Purgatory, 'Yeah ruf makes a point in contradicting me in public.'

Rufus says, 'unfortunately, choc's right, that isn't really a hint.'

Purgatory snickers softly.

Val stifles a giggle.

Rufus scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Sandra points at Vendetta.

Rufus says, 'It's amazing what can be done while on a steady supply of vicodin, though.'

Sandra giggles.

Val smirks.

Sandra says, 'I only get alot of sleep on that stuff'

Purgatory says to Rufus, 'You should take iron.'

Scathniamh gives Sandra a great big smooch!

Chocorua gets a lot of time trying not to puke on vicodin

Sandra smiles happily.

Rufus says, 'I've been gnawing on my bicycle, does that help?'

Scathniamh says, 'anemia?'

Scathniamh blinks.

Rufus says, 'anyway, back to the real questions.'

Val nudges Vendetta.

Sandra says, 'do be do'

Rufus says to Sandra, 'NEXT.'

Scathniamh says to Val, 'what're we waiting on?'

Kae hugs Cheyla.

Sandra points at Dogbert.

Scathniamh shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Dogbert says, 'ok, AC's been nutted recently'

Scathniamh cringes in terror.

Dogbert says, 'is templating coming in soon? my question is two part'

Purgatory says to Dogbert, 'Already asked.'

Dogbert says, 'ah'

Val smirks at Dogbert.

Rufus says, 'when it gets finished, base code is there, just the details to flesh out.'

Rufus says, 'the tedious bits I don't like doing =P'

Dogbert says, 'ok, then, new items tend to have (way) less ac than their old eq counterpats'

Purgatory chuckles politely.

Kaige says, 'yes, some may'

Cheyla says, 'yep, some do'

Sandra says, 'some have more'

Cheyla says, 'and that wasn't part of the AC changes, that was materials. Some have also increased'

Scathniamh snorts derisively.

Dogbert says, 'some'

Kaige nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Dogbert says, 'none that count'

Scathniamh says, 'some, which i've never been able to find'

Scathniamh says, 'even an eq item who's only + stat is ac lost ac.'

Dogbert says, 'bottom line is, once templating goes in, is AC going to be boosted on a lot of items?'

Kaige says, 'no.'

Cheyla says, 'no'

Dogbert says, 'a lot of people with 'old' AC eq have more AC'

Purgatory says, 'my only problem with it is finding out my bracelet is made of hemp and running all over god's earth trying to find hemp materials'

Purgatory snickers softly.

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Kaige says, 'yeah.. so they might want to check out the new versions and get used to it'

Sandra says, 'hehe'

Scathniamh says to Purgatory, 'hemp rope!'

Cheyla says, 'they'll find themselves with less when templates come, then'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Purgatory says to Scathniamh, 'Surprisingly, hemp rope is NOT made of hemp, nor is the hemp bag.'

Boss says, 'what are templates?'

Scathniamh says, 'oh, cotton shirts aren't made of cotton, either.'

Cheyla says, 'if you can't find stuff to mend with, idea it.'

Kaige says to Purgatory, 'Did you bug that?'

Val hugs Heaven.

Hell runs in circles around Heaven, squealing loudly.

Boss says, 'short answer will do, if its alrdy been asked or something'

Sandra says to Scathniamh, 'Probably need to bug the ones you find.'

Heaven grins evilly at Hell... Wonder what she's thinking...

Purgatory says to Kaige, 'I will.'

Dogbert says to Boss, 'equating all eq.'

Scathniamh says, 'it wasn't an actual eq item'

Dogbert says to Boss, 'no more old eq.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Rufus says, 'right now only armor type items can have materials. Material for all items is something that's on our todo list... unfortunately it's kinda an invasive change.'

Boss says, 'when's the date on that?'

Scathniamh says, 'ew.'

Cheyla says, 'and the only items that will be hemp/cotton/etc are armor items... the rope for example, isn't'

Hell joins Purgatory's group.

Rufus says, 'so hemp bags are made of this mysterious 'mud stuff' of which all non-armor items are made.'

Sandra says to Boss, 'No eta right now.'

Heaven joins Hell's group.

Val pointedly ignores Hell. Bit chilly in here, eh what?

Hell pinches Val and you wonder what he will do back.

Val giggles.

Purgatory says, 'ah that makes sense'

Val joins Dogbert's group.

Purgatory joins Hell's group.

Val sticks his tongue out at Hell. =P

Scathniamh says, 'more questions!'

Scathniamh giggles.

Sandra says to Dogbert, 'That answer your question?'

Sandra points at Purgatory.

Purgatory says, 'I wanna lodge a formal protest against the change to the crashing rocks and to those couple other things that have changed in a way that foils speedwalking'

Purgatory giggles.

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Dogbert cries on Purgatory's shoulder.

Cheyla chuckles politely.

Dogbert nods solemnly.

Purgatory says, 'like the rivet trans'

Kaige says, 'rivet trans?'

Rufus says, 'sherwood->london'

Scathniamh says, 'the tunnel doesn't appear immediately'

Purgatory says, 'yeah you can't pretype the end part of it'

Kaige says, 'I mean I get the rocks, even if I don't agree with it.'

Kaige says, 'ahh..'

Kaige says to Rufus, 'I knew which one he meant.. but not WHY he had a problem with it.'

Purgatory says, 'why the change to those?'

Hell says, 'speed bumps'

Scathniamh says to Kaige, 'didn't you hear? instant gratification is what's hip now.'

Dogbert moans painfully to Scathniamh.

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'the rivet one hasn't actually changed in a long time which is also why I'm confused on that one.'

Purgatory says, 'well all I know is'

Rufus panics, and attempts to flee.

Purgatory says, 'you used to be able to pretype opening up the tunnel'

Huginn knocks Rufus over and flops all over him.

Purgatory says, 'now you can't'

Heaven snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'about time!'

Scathniamh ducks to the ground.

Kaige says, 'and in both cases, there were bugs reported with them that people were getting the messages at the wrong time.. so.. fixed.'

Sandra says, 'been that way for a while'

Dogbert kisses Huginn.

Purgatory says, 'oh!'

Purgatory says, 'the trans in north africa too'

Dogbert says, 'razen!'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Purgatory says, 'also has a speedbump that didn't used to be there'

Scathniamh says, 'yes. the stand thing'

Kaige says, 'that's you people not talking to the right person and being lazy about the keywords you use'

Scathniamh says, 'I've noticed that one.'

Boss says, 'kinda on the same topic... is the entrance room to beowulf supposed to hold you there until you spam a direction, veen after the dude clears you to pass'

Scathniamh says, 'no, no.'

Boss says, 'or is that a bug'

Dogbert nods his agreement with Boss.

Scathniamh says, 'after you say razen, you'd type stand, immediately'

Purgatory says, 'I'm talking to the right person'

Scathniamh says, 'but if you do it too quickly, it like, eats it.'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Purgatory says, 'well'

Purgatory says, 'there are like'

Kaige says, 'and you're suing fast commands?'

Scathniamh says, 'because there's this huge paragraph of text, then a pause, then you pass out'

Purgatory says, 'two acts after you say razen, where formerly there was one'

Purgatory shakes his head.

Scathniamh says, 'No. It's within the trans.'

Purgatory says, 'this started happening before fastcommands'

Dogbert says to Kaige, 'it's not fast commands.'

Huginn has created a postcard!

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'was afk doing laundry.'

Scathniamh says to Vendetta, 'house wife.'

Vendetta says to Scathniamh, 'shut up.'

Val whistles appreciatively.

Scathniamh sniffles quietly.

Vendetta says to Scathniamh, 'i bet you don't lift a finger around the house.'

Sandra says, 'hey, let's save teh bickering about non qna stuff for later'

Purgatory says, 'those are the three I know of'

Scathniamh giggles.

Val thanks Sandra heartily.

Scathniamh says to Sandra, 'i had meant it as a joke.'

Scathniamh pouts.

Boss says, 'what about the beowulf room, cuz it would be a 4th if intended'

Kaige says, 'north africa hasn't even changed since last February with the exception of AC on a few mobs...'

Purgatory says, 'it seems from your reaction like the rocks were intentional while the other two were not'

Scathniamh says, 'the rocks was a bug, that was fixed to what it is now.'

Kaige says, 'and I know nothing's changed with the beowulf room in the area file'

Huginn posts a postcard from Huginn on the welcome board.

Sandra notes that the north africa one has been that way for some time.

Val says, 'intentional and unintentional implies they even know what you mean'

Val giggles.

Rufus says, 'someone send me a log with the problem with the nafrica trans issue and I'll look into it. It might very well be a code thing.'

Boss says, 'run through there... the room holds you - like you can hit east or south and you wont go anywhere or get a message'

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'Doesn't mean I have to like it!'

Sandra giggles.

Purgatory giggles.

Boss says, 'but if you spam a direction you move'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Boss.

Purgatory says to Rufus, 'Will do.'

Scathniamh says to Rufus, 'would that require moving?'

Vendetta says to Boss, 'it happens a lot.'

Boss says, 'yeah just asking if its a bug or intended :P'

Purgatory says, 'so the rocks were always supposed to hang you and didn't?'

Boss says, 'this is after the guard or whatever tells you you can pass'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'it was supposed to be sort of an event. from what i can tell'

Kaige nods her agreement with Scathniamh.

Vendetta says to Boss, 'if you spam it will eat those commands.'

Scathniamh says, 'whereas before, you'd get the rocks message like 4 rooms later.'

Vendetta says to Boss, 'give it a sec after saying the keyword.'

Scathniamh says, 'i always found that amusing.'

Sandra says, 'actually, you didn't always. That was a recent problem'

Vendetta says to Boss, 'same thing if you pay at the Dun and then spam north too fast.'

Sandra says, 'up until a month ago, you got it right where youdo now'

Val smirks.

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Purgatory says, 'well it only bothers me because I have to speedrun through ancient in two parts, one to the rocks and one after :P'

Vendetta says, 'it eats the north command'

Scathniamh says to Sandra, 'how rude! didn't anyone ever tell you teenagers know everything?'

Scathniamh giggles at Purgatory.

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Purgatory.

Scathniamh says, 'mebbe the hang up could be shortened'

Dogbert says to Sandra, 'she's a teenager, she knows you're going to shoot her now.'

Sandra says, 'they only knew everything when I was one'

Scathniamh says, 'it seems like it takes forever to move.'

Dogbert waits patiently.

Purgatory says, 'well even shorter, it still eats all commands once you hit them'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Boss says, '100 mind mages should get a mass teleport spell :P'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Boss.

Scathniamh says, 'make it a cause spell!'

Scathniamh says, 'heck, i'd get 100 mind for that.'

Val patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Boss says, 'with a 5% random chance to kill the whole group'

Dogbert says, 'cause mages are already overpowered'

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Scathniamh says to Dogbert, 'you forget who you're talking to.'

Scathniamh says to Dogbert, 'the level 50 cause mage without mrti.'

Scathniamh laughs.

Purgatory says, 'so anyway'

Sandra says to Purgatory, 'I think we'll go with 'We'll check into that' :)'

Purgatory says, 'the rocks are something done intentionally, and the other two I should log and report because they may be issues?'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Sandra.

Boss says, 'and i get the big middle finger on the beowulf room'

Boss says, 'sounds good :P'

Scathniamh laughs.

Val giggles.

Scathniamh says to Boss, 'welcome to my world.'

Val cringes in terror.

Sandra says, 'no, that'd be included in the 'we'll look into that' one'

Scathniamh cuddles Boss.

Vendetta says to Boss, 'they're vikings what do you expect.'

Boss says, 'oh ok'

Scathniamh bursts into tears.

Scathniamh says, 'but i want him in my world!'

Boss pounces on Sandra, bowling her over.

Scathniamh shhs.

Sandra points at Val.

Val says, 'mmmph'

Val says, 'So, I had a question about an Idea you guys got from Drakkon'

Val says, 'or at least he better have idea'd it'

Sandra says, 'we get alot of ideas. You'll have to be more specific than that :)'

Val says, 'About the number of times a single item can be damaged per fight round'

Purgatory giggles at Hell.

Val chuckles politely.

Val says to Sandra, 'i was getting there! -_-.'

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'what about it?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'i think he wants a status report'

Edric_Wulf grumbles.

Val says, 'For instance, instead of one rounf with Barney -- your silk goes from (perfect condition) to (falling apart), it takes a round for each dmg level on your item to happen =P'

Scathniamh says, 'but i don't think often, so i could be wrong.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Val's head.

Val nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Val says, 'I was wondering if it had been taken into considerations'

Sandra says, 'if you find an item is getting crushed to pieces really quickly, bug it. It could be that the size is too small, causing it to not have enough 'HP'.'

Val nods solemnly.

Val says, 'silk'

Torne says, 'I could name a few right now'

Val pets a token from the wombat spirit lovingly.

Val giggles.

Purgatory says, 'any reduction in the amount of damage stuff takes right now is okay by me'

Purgatory chuckles politely.

Sandra giggles.

Val nods his agreement with Purgatory.

Val says, 'mmmkay, that's all she wrote'

Sandra says, 'I know I changed some objects of my areas to make them a little beefier in that dept. But like I said, bug it and we'll always check into it'

Scathniamh says to Sandra, 'beef the ac!'

Rufus says, 'with the changes to materials, it's something I know I've talked with people about, but it's not something that's priority on my radar at least, right now =)'

Sandra says, 'no :)'

Scathniamh sniffles quietly.

Scathniamh bursts into tears.

Scathniamh cries on Purgatory's shoulder.

Val cries on Rufus's shoulder.

Torne says, 'Just annoying when a totem is destroyed in one hit from minorly damaged'

Torne says, 'token rather'

Val nods his agreement with Torne.

Torne says, 'Esp since they are a pain to get at times :)'

Val says, 'It hurts a lot on strips of silk, seeing as they're ten times harder to get'

Dogbert fondly fondles a hook.

Val says, 'Those things should be indestructible =P'

Val chuckles politely.

Val shrugs helplessly.

Val waves happily.

Torne says, 'Yea, I steer clear of those myself'

Rufus says, 'thing is it might not be a problem with how much damage an item is taking... my guess is that the formula for determining maximum hit points on objects might need to be evaluated.'

Kaige says, 'another thing you have to consider is... when I'm going up against XXXX mob... am I really dressed appropraitely?'

Torne says, 'Or possibly damage being percentage based, rather than hp based'

Rufus says, 'there's a side effect that no one, thus far, has considered yet, though =) Mobs (and players) are doing considerable amount more damage than they used to.'

Kaige says, 'I mean would you walk up to a fire breathing dragon dressed in flimsy cotton? whoosh! up in flames.... what about in a tin can suit of armor! Ouch.. hot pants!'

Dogbert scraps stuff in two hits if it's made of something mendable

Cheyla giggles at Kaige.

Torne says, 'Yes, but would you shoot something 5 times and it still be alive?'

Torne says, 'Probably not'

Rufus says, 'the max hp on items code hasn't changed since we had a damcap of 30. So yeah, probably something that might be worth looking into, even if just to say we did, when we may find that the formula works for what it's doing.'

Torne says, 'Or rip it to shreds'

Dogbert empties an uzi clip into torne.

Torne says, 'I don't think "reality" is a valid argument ;)'

Rufus says to Torne, 'Depends... maybe all the mobs are jacked on PCP.'

Torne laughs.

Purgatory says to Kaige, 'The problem with that logic is, we don't usually get the luxury of choosing items based on their materials, but rather on what has the stats we need.'

Kaige says, 'Also.. if you're TRYING to get a particular item... think about what you use to hit the guy with.... do you really want to hit that fragile thingy of +10 goodies with somethign that will easily damage it?'

Torne says, 'PCP doesn't help you recover from gunshot wounds let me tell you :P'

Kaige says to Purgatory, 'So idea stuff too that you think would be cool and is missing.'

Rufus says, 'not, but it sure as hell lets you ignore them!'

Torne rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Dogbert says to Rufus, 'and you told that other dude a month ago you didnt do PCP to code :P'

Dogbert presses Rufus for some answers.

Torne chuckles politely at Dogbert.

Scathniamh says, 'next..?'

Scathniamh cowers in fear!

Purgatory says to Scathniamh, 'Let them run this thing!'

Dogbert says, 'didnt vendetta have questions?'

Rufus says, 'I don't use PCP to code, I use it to ignore gunshot wounds (though some of the code I've rewritten lately appears to have been done by people suffering from gunshot wounds, usually to the head)'

Scathniamh says, 'but i'm seeeeeepy! and i need to see it all!'

Sandra says, 'I was waiting to see if we were done with this one'

Dogbert knocks Sandra over and flops all over her.

Dogbert says, 'thats my sandra bear'

Sandra points at Vendetta.

Kaige says to Rufus, 'Hey.. that's MY husband you're talking about.'

Vendetta says, 'I have like 4 things to say'

Kaige says, 'and prolly me...'

Kaige sighs loudly.

Purgatory comforts Kaige.

Scathniamh says to Kaige, 'i'm sorry.'

Scathniamh comforts Kaige.

Dogbert says to Rufus, 'they're onto you, now is the time to seize powe.'

Rufus says, 'oh no, I think I've extracted most of his code before the code I was thinking about.'

Vendetta says, 'I'll start with one thing I guess'

Dogbert says, 'viva a rufusolution!!!'

Vendetta says, 'Are you supposed to fail retreating of who you are fighting is stunned, or paralyzed?'

Rufus says, 'bug that =) we'll put it on our todo list'

Vendetta says, 'because, I have failed about 30 retreats when my target is stunned or apralyzed, and maybe 6 when they are awake'

Vendetta says, 'In-fact never succesfully retreated from a stunned or paralyzed mob'

Purgatory says, 'well that makes as much sense as missing a stunned person with attacks'

Purgatory shrugs philosophically.

Rufus says, 'heh, bet I know what the problem is.'

Dogbert says, 'or missing a sleeping person with a backstab'

Vendetta says, 'Another thing'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Dogbert.

Huginn says, 'that's on the list'

Vendetta says, 'You loose xp when you flee, true'

Sandra says, 'Looks like we'll be checking retreat'

Vendetta says, 'Can you not lose xp when you flee from a paralyzed or stunned person?'

Chocorua says, 'no'

Bacchanal says, 'is it any less cowardly?'

Scathniamh says, 'but then you should lose more xp'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Bacchanal.

Chocorua says, 'fleeing from combat should cost soemthing'

Vendetta says, 'It's not cowardly'

Scathniamh says, 'not less.'

Purgatory says, 'yeah you're even more of a weenie for fleeing from a stunned person'

Scathniamh says, 'you're fleeing when the person is defenseless.'

Rufus says, 'well, we could open up a can of worms about what a 'miss' means... technically, a miss is a swing that does no damage. You could actually hit them (as far as the code's concerned) but because of their armor, you do no damage.'

Dogbert says, 'there is no spoon'

Scathniamh blinks.

Scathniamh says, 'so who did the dish run away with?'

Dogbert says, 'the spork'

Scathniamh says, 'Ooh.'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'sO when you go beat up paralyzed people, is it cowardly to run away?'

Rufus says, 'if you swing 11 times and hit 5, is that better than occassionally swinging and hitting 11 times but still getting the 'you miss' message? It's kinda a tradeoff of non-ideal situations as far as messages are concerned'

Dogbert says, 'two sides'

Dogbert says, 'oh look he refuses to fight a cripple'

Dogbert says, 'or ok look, he's scared of a cripple'

Vendetta says, 'I'm not the second one, I beat up on cripples'

Dogbert says, 'how about it shouldnt cost prestige stunned or paraluzed'

Scathniamh says, 'personally, i think you should only lose xp if you engage, and then flee.'

Chocorua says, 'fleeing from combat costs experience ...'

Scathniamh says, 'as opposed to being attacked, and fleeing from it.'

Purgatory says, 'I think prestige should just be taken out, it has next to no point anymore'

Sandra says, 'it costs less than it used to :P'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'it's not fleeing if you plan to come back and backstab.'

Sandra says, 'if you run away, it's fleeing'

Scathniamh says to Sandra, 'honestly, i never noticed it takes xp.'

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua says to Vendetta, 'It is.'

Sandra says, 'yea it's not really alot'

Snow-flake laughs.

Tweety yells, 'Heeewp! Heeewp! Gwanny!'

Chocorua says, 'unless you flee a LOT it'

Chocorua says, 'it's not that is'

Scathniamh says, 'wait..'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'it's a way of disengaging so you can re-engage.'

Scathniamh says, 'do you lose xp if you flee while not engaged?'

Rufus says to Scathniamh, 'It's a good thought, one that is ridiculously painful to code because 'starting a fight' is really hard to judge in code =)'

Rufus says to Scathniamh, 'No.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'i'm a builder, not a coder. i could never handle coding'

Scathniamh giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'I'm too much a perfectionist.'

Vendetta says, 'Ok, one more thing'

Vendetta pokes a pair of binoculars.

Chocorua says to Vendetta, 'Believe me, i know what you are trying to say, but from a pure numbers game you are removing yourself from hard to get an advantagem, that costs exp.'

Chocorua says, 'from harM'

Vendetta says, 'choc Because paralyzed people can cause harm.'

Dogbert gnaws Vendetta's ankles.

Vendetta says, 'Anyway, I wanted to ask, about non-repairable items'

Scathniamh says, 'they can if they don't have a bag over their head.'

Scathniamh ducks to the ground.

Vendetta says, 'They are non-repairable'

Vendetta says, 'That's a huge minus'

Vendetta says, 'But, a lot of them give no ac'

Edric_Wulf grumbles.

Cheyla says, 'they also get a rent discount for being no_repair'

Vendetta says, 'Could that be looked into?'

Chocorua says, 'they do provide a benefit or you wouldn't use them'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'no, they just have the right stats.'

Scathniamh says, 'which is a benefit.'

Chocorua says, 'stats last time i looekd were a benefit'

Vendetta says to Scathniamh, 'not really.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Purgatory says, 'I just want the hook to be repairable, add another k of rent I don't care'

Purgatory snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'if stats aren't a benefit, why do you wear eq?'

Kaige says, 'cause it looks kewl?'

Vendetta says to Scathniamh, 'stop being literal.'

Scathniamh bonks Kaige on the head!

Kaige poses attractively and models a headband.

Vendetta says, 'You know what I mean'

Sandra says, 'Not all items will have AC. Not all items will be the perfect end-all-be-all item you want. You have to make sacrifices. It happens.'

Chocorua says, 'it's your choice to sacrifice a slot for those stats compared to anotehr item that gives you different benefits'

Vendetta says, 'Ok... then can we look at some items, and re-evaluate'

Scathniamh says, 'i understand, vend. i whine and whine about the cloak of bane'

Scathniamh says, 'but I don't deny it's still useful.'

Vendetta says, 'for example'

Vendetta says, 'the plaster is -6ac'

Kaige says, 'sure.. idea them and the individual builders can.'

Vendetta says, 'WHY!!! it's a band-aid'

Kaige says, 'which sounds outrageous for a bandaid'

Scathniamh says, 'it's a clean bandaid!'

Rufus says, 'it's a magical bandaid.'

Rufus ducks to the ground.

Kaige says, 'and it really sticks on!'

Sandra says, 'it's that way because it was a replica of a HoL item'

Vendetta says, 'I put on a band-aid last night, and it fell off in like 6 hours'

Scathniamh says, 'ooh. the magic of hydrogen peroxide...'

Vendetta says, 'it's a surprise these band-aids stay on'

Dogbert says to Scathniamh, 'real patients use iodine.'

Vendetta says, 'for years on this mud'

Scathniamh says to Dogbert, 'patients don't use anything. nurses and doctors do.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Sandra says, 'we don't use iodine. We use glue'

Scathniamh goes EEK! in distress.

Sandra says, 'purple glue. it's neat. You're jealous'

Vendetta says, 'Or bracelets...'

Scathniamh panics, and attempts to flee.

Vendetta says, 'some give -6 ac and others give 0 for no real difference in item description'

Hell giggles.

Cheyla says, 'it's up to the builder'

Vendetta says, 'I mean, tarnished bracelet, and then a silver bracelet, sound the same, and yet the ac is drastically different'

Chocorua says, 'we aren't going to go around and give all items of like description teh same benefits'

Scathniamh says, 'who has Tara?'

Scathniamh bats her eyelashes.

Cheyla says, 'there is nothing in the guidelines that says every item they make JHAS to be THE BEST'

Vendetta says to Cheyla, 'i didn't say the best.'

Vendetta says to Cheyla, 'you're exagurrating.'

Cheyla says, 'they don't even have to be the same'

Sandra says, 'no she isn't'

Purgatory says, 'I think his plea is for consistency, not necessarily more quality'

Chocorua says, 'it's up to you to find what suits you best or make suggestions o the builders responsible'

Vendetta says, 'I am asking for a little commonality among similar items'

Sandra says, 'You expect all items to have AC, based on what you're saying. But it isn't gonna happen.'

Scathniamh says, 'kaige.'

Scathniamh begins flirting with Kaige outrageously.

Cheyla says, 'builders provide variety in items - it's up to you to make the choices, and in some cases, the sacrifices'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'this isn't just for Vendetta to be the best character.'

Scathniamh hugs a blue feather boa.

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'i have my -100 ac.'

Sandra says, 'I don't care who it's for :)'

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'clearly you think this is only for me.'

Scathniamh says, 'you can't have it alllll'

Dogbert says to Vendetta, 'relax, you can still beat her at PK.'

Sandra says, 'I do?'

Rufus says, 'each item type, based on location, material, and magical nature has a certain range of acceptable ac and stats. That's what they have in common. The range is big enough to provide builders a lot of room to customize items, though'

Scathniamh says, 'clearly, vend, you don't understand what they're saying'

Scathniamh says, 'each builder CHOOSES what they want the eq items from their area to be'

Scathniamh says, 'If you have a problem with a particular item, idea it, and they can look at it'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'or, as is seen commonly, some builders give their items great bonuses, that others don't think they can, or just don't know about.'

Scathniamh says, 'ye're gonna need more examples.'

Scathniamh says, 'you can't just expect them to look over every item in the mud'

Sandra says, 'all builders know about it, and know that they can or can't. It's their choice to do so or not'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'i know some builders just really didn't consider certain things, that other builders do.'

Scathniamh says, 'it'd be rediculous.'

Rufus says, 'I think pretty much every item is reasonably well thought out, taking in the difficulty it is to obtain, the frequency it comes into the game, what other items are in the game with similar stats, etc.'

Chocorua says, 'i'd say some builders load up their items beyond what is necessary'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'that's also true.'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'but that creates an imbalance.'

Chocorua says, 'in the end it's up to you to outfit your character from what is avaiable'

Vendetta says, 'So the perdurable warhammer with 5 con 30 hp -30 mana -15 ac was fair'

Rufus says, 'and if all the items were currently balanced, like supremely so, builders would have no room when they go to create new items.'

Chocorua says, 'and me to type slower and not watch cameron diaz fight on tv'

Sandra says, 'if it's in spec, it's fair'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'stats are up to them.'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'zorro?'

Scathniamh says, 'but any stats they give would unbalence it'

Rufus says, 'actually, the ac's been removed from the perdurable war hammer specifically because it was out of spec =)'

Chocorua says, 'charlies angels'

Rufus has created a perdurable war hammer!

Rufus eats a perdurable war hammer.

Purgatory says, 'cameron diaz wasn't in zorro'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'i got one with ac :P'

Rufus says, 'for now =P'

Scathniamh says, 'not for looooong'

Scathniamh laughs.

Rufus winks suggestively at Vendetta.

Cheyla says, 'expect that to go away with object templates'

Vendetta flips a perdurable war hammer.

Scathniamh jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Rufus!

Vendetta says, 'ooh, my mistake'

Scathniamh says, 'really, this template thing is saving my pocket book a bundle.'

Vendetta says, 'was thinking Catherine Z'

Scathniamh says, 'i don't have to buy old eq for ac.'

Sandra says, 'so can we move on to the next person in line?'

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Vendetta says to Cheyla, 'so you're saying, if I think something might have a case to be changed I should idea it?'

Cheyla says, 'of course'

Vendetta pokes a wooden bracelet.

Cheyla says, 'doesn't mean it will be changed, but you're welcome to suggest it be reviewed'

Vendetta says, 'its a clone, and its non-repairable'

Sandra says, 'it's not a clone'

Cheyla says, 'it's wood'

Sandra says, 'it's the original'

Scathniamh says, 'but easy to get'

Vendetta says, 'of a silver bracelet'

Vendetta says, 'but it could give ac... no?'

Sandra says, 'wooden bracelet was around way before SL'

Chocorua says, 'wooden bracelets been around since i was a newbie'

Chocorua says, 'well not this char ... but my first serious char'

Vendetta says to Chocorua, 'you're still a newbie though.'

Rufus says, 'actually the silver bracelet from SL does have ac, it's just not much =P'

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Sandra says, 'Idea it, and it will be put in the file.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Rufus.

Vendetta says, 'but wooden doesn't'

Cheyla says, 'so use the silver bracelet instead'

Cheyla says, 'it's a reasonable tradeoff that the wooden doesn't have it, since it's quite a bit easier to get'

Vendetta says, 'I will, when I run sl, or get someone else to grab it for me'

Purgatory says, 'and isn't repairable'

Rufus has created a wooden bracelet!

Rufus says, 'and it's significantly harder to get =P'

Rufus says, 'the silver that is'

Scathniamh says, 'that's like whining that faience needs more.'

Scathniamh says, 'they're soooooo easy to acquire.'

Vendetta says, 'Not as easy for me, rufus'

Rufus says, 'so you get repairable and a couple ac points. These things come into the game about 45x as often =)'

Rufus eats a wooden bracelet.

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'sL is a pushover.'

Purgatory says, 'you could always make the compradore as hard as the demon kings'

Purgatory ducks to the ground.

Chocorua says to Rufus, 'Sounds like you need to tripple everything damage in sl.'

Vendetta says, 'or just as hard as all of sl'

Scathniamh goes EEK! in distress.

Rufus says, 'yeah, but sl still takes 4-5 people minimum. The guy that drops the wooden bracelet is infiniately solable by many characters.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Purgatory says, 'I did it with a level 12 guy once'

Scathniamh says, 'he's eeeeeasy'

Rufus says, 'and you can generally walk up to him, it still takes at least 45 mins to an hour to finish shadowlands if you have a HUGE group.'

Vendetta says, 'I once killed compradore with an SL group'

Scathniamh says, 'why?'

Scathniamh says, 'what a waste.'

Sandra says, 'ok so anyway'

Vendetta says, 'I thought he might pop a silver bracelet'

Snow-flake nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Scathniamh says, 'I can kill him, and I have like no hit/dam'

Scathniamh laughs.

Sandra says, 'let's move on, shall we?'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Sandra points at Scathniamh.

Scathniamh says to Sandra, 'i was just wondering if you'd gotten a verdict on my corset.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Edric_Wulf says to Sandra, 'please add my name as I raised my hand 4 or so people ago :)'

Sandra says to Scathniamh, 'Yea, I'll talk to you about it after.'

Vendetta says, 'I was there'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Sandra says to Edric_Wulf, 'Sorry, I missed it =( GO ahead now.'

Edric_Wulf says, 'A long time ago in a galaxy far away there where discussions of the pure mage (spirit/mind) with talk about possible mana reductions or durations/damage increases, I wonder if this was kaboshed, sidetracked or thought impossible to do'

Huginn says, 'not on the table atm'

Edric_Wulf says, 'at the time there seemed genuine interest'

Huginn says, 'perhaps later'

Sandra says, 'yea I still think it's a neat idea. but there's alot of stuff going on atm'

Edric_Wulf says to Huginn, 'thats to bad, it was a very nice idea.'

Rufus says, 'it's been talked about but there's no immediate action. But huginn's right, it's not currently on the table.'

Bacchanal says, 'hah!'

Huginn says to Edric_Wulf, 'Still is.'

Bacchanal says, 'now we know that the hush hush thing isn't that!'

Scathniamh laughs.

Edric_Wulf says to Huginn, 'id settle for traps though, soonish :)'

Huginn whispers quietly to Bacchanal.

Bacchanal goes EEK! at Huginn in distress - isn't Huginn an awful person for teasing?

Hell gasps at Huginn.

Sandra says, 'nobody's in qeue. Raise your hand if you have a question =)'

Hell says to Bacchanal, 'Run.'

Scathniamh says, 'I think I miss a lot by not having the listen skill.'

Sandra points at Bacchanal.

Bacchanal says, 'what did you do with LadyAce? You didn't ritually sacrifice her, did you?'

Purgatory snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'she was on...yesterday?'

Sandra says, 'It's her day off =)'

Rufus says, 'she's tilling the field today, we have to pay for legend somehow'

Cheyla says, 'mmm... sacrifice'

Bacchanal says, 'phew'

Bacchanal jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Rufus!

Purgatory snickers at Rufus nastily.

Scathniamh laughs.

Sandra says, 'we alternate QnA days'

Purgatory says, 'it's her turn to run on the treadmill that keeps the mud machine powered'

Sandra nods her agreement with Purgatory.

Sandra says, 'next week it'll be my turn'

Sandra whimpers softly.

Bacchanal comforts Sandra.

Hell snickers softly.

Cheyla says, 'buy a couple gerbils'

Bacchanal says, 'I need to run a mud .. it's gotta work better than Atkins!'

Kaige says to Cheyla, 'Just don't put them in the same cage if they're not both girls.'

Sandra giggles at Kaige.

Rufus says, 'eat mud, probably works better than atkins. Parasites do wonders for weight loss.'

Sandra says, 'any other questions?'

Cheyla says to Kaige, 'But that'd make the machine run faster, wouldn't it?'

Sandra points at Purgatory.

Purgatory says to Cheyla, 'FastERcommands.'

Sandra nudges the welcome board over a few inches.

Sandra says, 'code update posted too'

Rufus says, 'heh, yeah we're working on a fastestcommands that allows you to do commands before you type them!'

Kaige says to Cheyla, 'Depends... if they're more interested in running from their offspring or making more... and from past experience with gerbils.... it's the latter.'

Purgatory says, 'okay a couple years ago Ea! was working on a new system of poisons, that from what he said seemed close to being complete, whatever happened to that?'

Rufus says, 'there's a joke in there, but it involves profanity.'

Sandra says, 'oh I remember that. Um, I dunno :)'

Kaige says, 'it hasn't gone any further than where he left off with it.'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Vendetta says to Purgatory, 'they talked about skill trees.'

Rufus says, 'recent changes have gone in to allow us a lot more control over affects (which is how poison functions). A bunch of people have worked on different aspects of the poison system, they might be a reality in the not-too-distant future'

Vendetta coughs loudly.

Rufus says, 'ea's stuff's still in there =)'

Vendetta says, 'skilltrees'

Vendetta coughs loudly.

Purgatory says, 'ah cool'

Nitor says, 'sorry to interrupt'

Bacchanal snickers at Vendetta nastily.

Sandra points at Vendetta.

Vendetta says, 'ok'

Vendetta says, 'I found, and it might have been fixed... but just making sure'

Kaige says, 'like this?'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'one sec.'

Vendetta says, 'When I turned fastcommands on'

Vendetta says, 'Spamming directions, they would overlap'

Vendetta says, 'and later directions would go through before the earlier ones'

Vendetta says, 'So if I spammed 6 east north 2 west'

Vendetta says, 'like it would go 3 east then 2 west and north and east some more'

Sandra says, 'Yea I believe that was just fixed'

Sandra says to Rufus, 'Right?'

Vendetta says, 'very annoying'

Rufus says, 'that *should* be fixed, I had a few people test that for me before it was pushed to the main mud, couldn't repeat it.'

Purgatory says, 'I haven't had that happen to me since the fastcommands fixes went in'

Vendetta says, 'Also, I wanted to add some fun to my backstabs, so i wanted to backstab and then say something'

Rufus says, 'basically what it does now is when it says 'hey I'm trying a fast command with something that shouldn't be, but I've got time to process it so I will' it now checks to see if you have anything else to process first. if it does...'

Vendetta says, 'but the say would always go in, before the backstab'

Rufus says, 'it dumps it on your queue.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Rufus.

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'i'll give fast commands another shot.'

Purgatory says, 'My name is Vendetta Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!'

Vendetta says to Purgatory, 'i want it to come after the abckstab.'

Edric_Wulf tips his hat gallantly.

Vendetta says, 'Like Backstab... (during the lag) say Ahahahahaha, Diiieeeee! (round lag ends)'

Rufus says, 'yeah, says it'll process right away, backstab it has to queue, so the say will go first.'

Gadreel laughs.

Vendetta says, 'bah'

Vendetta says, 'Ooh another idea/question'

Vendetta says, 'Can you please allow people who are paralyzed to speak?'

Rufus says, 'does your client have support for delayed commands? .25-.5 seconds should be sufficient'

Purgatory says, 'erm speaking involves moving :P'

Sandra says, 'that'd look weird'

Vendetta says, 'In real life, the spinal cord when hit, only disables down from the puncture point'

Sandra says, 'help I can't move. I'm completely paralyzed. Btw, how are you today?'

Vendetta says, 'and every paralyzed person can speak btw'

Purgatory giggles at Sandra.

Chocorua says, 'you could make your client trigger your say off your successful backstab and surround it with an iff'

Sandra says, 'no, they can't'

Vendetta says, 'in the world'

Sandra says, 'not every one'

Rufus says, 'paralysis in legend land is always complete. so complete in fact you can't even blink.'

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'most.'

Rufus says to Chocorua, 'That'd work too.'

Sandra shakes her head.

Vendetta says, 'SO don't give me the, it will look weird'

Rufus says, 'though blinking could be cool to be allowed. 'Blink twice if you want me to stop shooting you.' BLINKBLINKBLINKBLINKBLINKBLINKBLINKBLINK.'

Sandra says, 'most don't'

Cheyla giggles at Rufus.

Purgatory giggles at Rufus.

Scathniamh laughs.

Hell snickers at Rufus nastily.

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'most paralyzed people in the world are paralyzed higher than the neck?'

Sandra says, 'You're arguing with a nurse about a medical problem. You really just love to argue for the sake of it, don't ya?'

Rufus says to Vendetta, 'Everyone in legend is temporarily paralyzed from the scalp down.'

Scathniamh laughs.

Vendetta says, 'but they can group tell'

Kaige says, 'we can fix that'

Rufus says, 'group tell is magical.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

Vendetta says, 'like GT god damn, that's the second time her parad me'

Purgatory says, 'I'm often paralyzed from the brain stem up'

Sandra giggles at Purgatory.

Vendetta shrugs helplessly.

Rufus says to Purgatory, 'Night of heavy drinking?'

Vendetta says, 'I thought it would be innocent and quite funny to do'

Vendetta says, 'You could really have the people who are paralyzed vent their anger in words'

Vendetta says, 'or beg for mercy'

Purgatory says to Rufus, 'Just waking up in the morning causes it.'

Kaige says, 'basically "paralyzed" means... incapacitated, and about all you can do is watch in horror'

Vendetta says, 'but does it have to be that way?'

Vendetta says, 'we know what it is'

Sandra says, 'it's the way we want it to be, so yea, probably.'

Kaige says, 'since it's really hard to "see" that someone is in that position, yeah.. I think it's pretty necessary to make it a distinguishing affect of it'

Rufus says, 'because if we start messing with positional abilities the very fabric of the mud comes unravelled. It's like a Weezer hit in a rose grove.'

Purgatory says, 'I can't really see the imms dropping everything they're doing to allow people to have a gabfest while they're being raped with a dagger'

Vendetta rolls around laughing at Rufus's joke.

Vendetta says, 'It's not hard to see that you're apralyzed'

Vendetta is lying here, paralyzed.

Vendetta is lying here, paralyzed.

Purgatory says, 'anyway that's what the after-fight chat is for'

Vendetta says, 'is that hard to see'

Vendetta says to Purgatory, 'some of us can't chat.'

Vendetta says, 'I mean, are boycotting chat'

Purgatory says to Vendetta, 'Tells! says!'

Bacchanal says to Purgatory, 'lIES!'

Kaige says, 'if you take the time to look in the room... if the person is standing there talking to you... why would you think he wasn't able to do anything else'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'people aren't paralyzed all the time, I bet no one would notice/care about the change.'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'except for those people, who would notice it and comment on the thoughtfulness of those who coded it.'

Cheyla says, 'then why would a change need to be made?'

Scathniamh says, 'so why waste time doing it!?'

Kaige says, 'then why do we have to do it?'

Vendetta laughs at Cheyla.

Scathniamh laughs.

Vendetta laughs at Scathniamh.

Huginn says, 'let's move on'

Vendetta says, 'you didn't let me finish'

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Vendetta laughs at Kaige.

Sandra says, 'it's not something we're willing to do'

Rufus says, 'well, never said imms weren't occasionally on the same page... chuckle'

Sandra says, 'any other questions? How about those code updates?'

Sandra nudges the welcome board over a few inches.

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'you just have like 3 set responses.'

Rufus says, 'me? no, I have 5.'

Scathniamh says, 'nooooo. we need to be done. so i can go to bed.'

Scathniamh laughs.

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'explore, No, We'll look into it.'

Kaige says, 'trees, no, and soon?'

Kaige says, 'that's 4!'

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'Just different chant messages like the different bash messages etc?'

Vendetta says, 'are there new bash messages?'

Rufus doesn't use 'explore'.

Purgatory says, 'there are more than one'

Bacchanal says, 'that's about the only logical question from the code updates :P'

Sandra says, 'We have a handful of them right now, but I bet we'll have more eventually!'

Sandra says, 'they're neat'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'do you use a synonym?'

Purgatory nods his agreement with Bacchanal.

Huginn says to Rufus, 'You use grow as a person..'

Purgatory says, 'not really much else to ask about'

Kaige says, 'or experiment?'

Vendetta shudders.

Sandra says, 'I'lllet Huginn explain the chant thingie tho'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'i have nightmares about that word.'

Rufus says to Huginn, 'Generally I use shove it up your...'

Rufus peers around intently.

Rufus says, 'er, yeah, hat's what I use.'

Sandra says, 'coz my hands hurt and he coded it'

Purgatory says to Bacchanal, 'Well other than ALAS I can no longer use wrestle while riding a horse! Damn you immortals!'

Huginn says to Rufus, 'Its your caring side.'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'you just lagged, didn't you.'

Sandra giggles at Purgatory.

Rufus says, 'no, I typed all that in using the mud separator'

Huginn says, 'actually Ea coded.. I put it in place'

Sandra says, 'I used to use 'piss off' but now I'm a PR imm and I say 'Piss off, please''

Vendetta is really good at thinking question up on the spot!

Purgatory laughs.

Purgatory says to Vendetta, 'There are cute girls who need to go to sleep soon!'

Rufus says to Vendetta, 'Can we debate that qualifier?'

Rufus winks suggestively at Vendetta.

Vendetta says to Purgatory, 'and none of them are here.'

Purgatory says to Vendetta, 'I beg to differ.'

Sandra says to Huginn, 'Well you get to explain it anyway.'

Vendetta says to Rufus, 'that's over my head.'

Huginn says, 'so the chant message thing is a way of customizing the message you get when you use the chant skill.. amazing but true'

Gadreel whistles appreciatively.

Purgatory nods his agreement with Huginn.

Huginn says, 'there are set changes..'

Purgatory says, 'it's cool I guess'

Huginn says, 'Witch, christian god prayers etc'

Vendetta says, 'So instead of 'withdraws inward and begins chanting under his breath' its something else if you want it to be?'

Huginn says, 'I believe we'll be open to other suggestions as well from the players'

Huginn nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Hell says, 'ooooooooh'

Vendetta says, 'that's cool'

Vendetta jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Huginn!

Huginn says, 'you'd have to find the person to teach you the new way though'

Cheyla says, 'and nature, there's 3'

Purgatory says, 'is it random pre-chosen messages or can you do something of your own creation?'

Vendetta says, 'Now just stick to those, aesthetic changes'

Huginn says, 'its not customizeable in the same way as say warcry'

Vendetta ducks under Huginn.

Rufus says, 'yeah, my personal vote is: Rufus withdraws inwords, hoping he both has enough mana and he doesn't lack the will to empower it again *sigh*'

Purgatory nods solemnly.

Rufus says, 'inwards even'

Gadreel says, 'er'

Vendetta says, 'I liked inwords.'

Gadreel says, 'doesn't take pracs to learn does it?'

Sandra shakes her head.

Gadreel says, 'well other than the initial chant'

Cheyla says, 'no'

Gadreel drools contentedly.

Vendetta says, 'can I ask my question'

Sandra says, 'I think that there are 5 or 6 messages right now?'

Rufus says, 'it's free-as-in-beer, featura el grata...'

Vendetta says, 'With ride, since warcry is the only skill available now... perhaps ride could give you another skill... charge or soemthing? Kinda like with poison you get taint.'

Vendetta says, 'I gotta run'

Vendetta says, 'so please answer it and I will read up on it'

Vendetta waves happily.

Sandra says, 'ok so anyway'

Cheyla thinks the answer is... skilltrees.

Purgatory snickers softly.

Sandra giggles.

Rufus says, 'there's some support for the 'charge' skill, but it hasn't been finalized.'

Sandra says, 'any other questions? it's getting kinda late'

Purgatory says, 'you can put it in the same day ethereal mount goes in'

Purgatory ducks to the ground.

Bacchanal says, 'can we go home now?'

Gadreel says, 'can we use ride like an er'

Sandra says, 'sure, unless you're already home. Then um, have a seat'

Gadreel says, 'group vehicle? would that be a lot of trouble to code?'

Bacchanal chuckles politely.

Purgatory says, 'there already are group vehicles'

Rufus says, 'it'd suck if you were the horse.'

Gadreel says, 'you sling someone over your horse's rump and bounce them like a sack of potatos'

Sandra says, 'we have group vehicles'

Gadreel says, 'I know'

Gadreel says, 'I meant ride + horse for like a group vehicle'

Gadreel says, 'as in you, potato sack, you don't use mvs'

Purgatory says, 'yeah we can breed stretch horses'

Gadreel says, '(Okay, so I just want to play legolas and gimli with someone)'

Gadreel hangs his head.

Tigger appears as if from nowhere.

Tigger regards Gadreel suspiciously.

Tigger's nose twitches as she sniffs cautiously at Gadreel.

Sandra giggles.

Bacchanal comforts Gadreel.

Gadreel says, 'just though it would bea nice bonus to the ride skill'

Scathniamh says, 'tigger..'

Scathniamh shudders.

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Scathniamh says, 'she fears me!'

Hell frowns at Scathniamh.

Gadreel says, 'oh well. I shall continue to hold out hope for my potato sack'

Scathniamh says, 'feear the scat!'

Gadreel says, 'I think it would be nice!'

Rufus says to Scathniamh, 'I think I was on that website the other day.'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Hell says to Rufus, 'Ew.'

Scathniamh says to Rufus, 'quite an ugly thing, isn't she?'

Scathniamh has no one to comfort her but herself.

Sandra says, 'I think that it isn't something we're able to do with ride atm'

Gadreel nods solemnly.

Rufus says to Hell, 'What, a site devoted to bad vocal jazz soloists?'

Rufus says to Hell, 'Where's your head.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Hell's head.

Sandra says, 'ok, and with that, let's close up things for the evening. My cat won't get off of my hand.'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'i know how that goes.'

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'Can I ask you something before you disappear?'

Purgatory says to Sandra, 'After.'

Bacchanal says to Sandra, 'little furball?'

Sandra says to Purgatory, 'Yea, gimme a sec.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Bacchanal.

Scathniamh says, 'mine sits on the keyboard until i go to bed.'

Bacchanal comforts Sandra.

Rufus says, 'okay, I need to go home before I anger the wifeperson'

Rufus waves happily.

Purgatory waves happily.

Kaige waves happily.

Trousers lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Eresse smiles happily.

Trousers licks Cheyla.

Kae says, 'can I have a cup of tea, dad?'

Scathniamh blinks.

Scathniamh says, 'am i interrupting something..?'

Korgan mutters under his breath.

Chocorua says, 'noone in line yet'

Chocorua says, 'i'm going to be running things tonight'

Trousers pats Axis on the head.

Scathniamh says, 'Well. I'd ask a question, but Hamm isn't here to answer it'

Scathniamh sniffles quietly.

Axis says, 'SWEET I crashed zmud!'

Trousers says to Chocorua, 'Because LA is on vacation, roight?'

Wijf joins Axis's group.

Eresse joins Axis's group.

Scathniamh bonks Axis on the head!

Chocorua says to Trousers, 'Soemthing liek that.'

Scathniamh says, 'dogbert already got in trouble for that'

Trousers says to Chocorua, 'Roger that.'

Chocorua says, 'so anyone with a question hands up and be patient, i dont have triggers to catch them'

Scathniamh says, 'chirp chirp'

Chocorua says, 'gonna be a fast night'

Wijf peers around wondering if anyone has any questions...

Scathniamh says, 'we need haaaaaaamm!'

Scathniamh says to Chocorua, 'i love you. but my question refers to AT.'

Scathniamh giggles.

Cheyla shares her ham and beans with everyone. There, you got ham.

Scathniamh says, 'nooooo!'

Scathniamh says, 'hamm!'

Scathniamh says, 'mia hamm!'

Trousers squeezes Cheyla fondly.

Scathniamh looks cynical.

Scathniamh bursts into tears.

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'Then LA would be yer best resource yes.'

Trousers says to Scathniamh, 'No one gets it.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'they do so!'

Cheyla says, 'this is mostly who you're gonna get tonight with everyone's schedules.'

Scathniamh goes EEK! in distress.

Scathniamh looks shy.

Korgan says, 'to use a mundane coupon, you need the item your gonna use right?'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Cheyla.

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Korgan.

Cheyla nods her agreement with Korgan.

Korgan mutters under his breath.

Scathniamh says, 'or be with the mob who has it if it's an imm item or such'

Wijf gets a skimpy halter top from a belt-pouch.

Wijf poses attractively and models a skimpy halter top.

Korgan says, 'and no one is ever around when i have it..'

Wijf giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'so hold it'

Trousers says, 'Well, with the proper drinks, we could throw a wild party'

Wijf says, 'Now that's a mundane.'

Trousers winks suggestively.

Scathniamh says, 'I keep the items in my house'

Korgan says to Scathniamh, 'puts me over rent.'

Wijf puts a skimpy halter top in a belt-pouch.

Hell joins Korgan's group.

Trousers patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Axis asks Cheyla a question.

It sounded like 'What do I have to do to get scat glued!' to you.

Scathniamh says, 'chirp chirp..'

Scathniamh says, 'so...the sl group is now the qna group'

Cheyla says, 'i think the question should be what's scat gotta do to get herself glued'


Chocorua says, 'well if noone has any questions ... we don't need to sit around ...'

Trousers laughs.

Korgan snickers softly.

Kae says, 'not a single question? Man, this is gonna be easy'

Axis nudges Korgan.

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Scathniamh says, 'i dinna do nuffin'!'

Korgan peers at Axis, looking him up and down.

Scathniamh bursts into tears.

Trousers says to Cheyla, 'Can we make bets?'

Cheyla chuckles politely.

Scathniamh cries on Wijf's shoulder.

Wijf says, 'Okay, not a question... well, sort of not... Can a picture of the mudbox be put on the webpage somewhere - I'm curious...'

Chocorua points at Axis.

Wijf giggles.

Cheyla says to Trousers, 'If you want to, you're welcome to, sure... but i'm not gonna be the bookie.'

Axis says, 'we need an unjunk command :p'

Scathniamh says, 'with all the dents it has?'

Scathniamh says, 'pfft.'

Scathniamh says, 'Hamm wouldn't do that. It'd be self-incriminating'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'SHHH Im talking here.'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'I don't think thats likel y possible.'

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'i'm responding to the question that was asked BEFORE yours.'

Scathniamh bonks Axis on the head!

Chocorua says to Axis, 'We'd have to put soething in place to store junked items and where they were and keep you from using it as extra storage ...'

Kae says, 'oi evil'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'Best to just poke things to make sure its what ya wanna junk befor eyou junk it.'

Axis says, 'well make junk write a new thing to pfile'

Brock says, 'how about a confirm on junk'

Brock says, 'ie... are you sure you want to junk that? yes/no'

Axis says, 'and it only holds the last item junked'

Scathniamh says, 'poke doesn't always work.'

Kae says, 'You could certainly idea a config option that required a confirm before you junk stuff'

Axis says, 'and it only lasts like 2 ticks before being cleard'

Kae says, 'It'd have to be a config because some people would -hate- it :)'

Chocorua says, 'confirms are evil'

Wijf nods her agreement with Kae.

Korgan snickers softly.

Axis nods his agreement with Kae.

Korgan nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Axis nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Korgan says, 'i hate them'

Chocorua says, 'tehy require a seperate conection state'

Axis says, 'I hate being asked my player name'

Axis says, 'they should KNOW this by now'

Scathniamh says, 'like the time when someone junked old riding gloves...because he was trying to junk gloves, and he typed in the command at the same time someone handed him the gloves'

Scathniamh holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Cheyla chuckles politely.

Scathniamh says, 'that was a sad, sad AT run.'

Wijf says, 'Ouch...'

Axis says, 'Old Eq needs to be junked'

Kae shrugs and mumbles something about accidentally junking the bag with all her letters and a coupon in it.

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Kae.

Chocorua says, 'well it's gotta be karma being evened out at that point'

Axis nods his agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh laughs.

Cheyla says, 'i liked when people were junking elfgame strings when trying to junk their orbs because they didn't look at the long desc of the item'

Scathniamh says, 'but it was..'

Axis doesn't junk bags anymore

Korgan comforts Kae.

Scathniamh says, 'hobbit...who..'

Kae giggles at Cheyla.

Scathniamh says, 'h..'

Scathniamh says, 'bah. i can't think of it now'

Scathniamh says, 'samwise!'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'Quit thinking I can't breathe through all the smoke.'

Chocorua says, 'so did anyoneelse want to ask a question?'

Scathniamh pats Axis on the head.

Chocorua points at Trousers.

Korgan waves happily.

Scathniamh laughs.

Trousers says, 'Any thought to putting in a more in-depth banking system?'

Axis whaps korgan.

Trousers says, 'I mean, one where you could have a seperate a account for housing and etc...'

Scathniamh says, 'ew.'

Chocorua says to Trousers, 'It's been discussed several times, but no real good system has been thought up that wouldn't cause more work than benefit.'

Scathniamh says, 'then i'd lose my house'

Scathniamh says, 'i'd forget to move it into the account'

Trousers says, 'What about a config option, to split accounts?'

Kae wants separate banks with separate accounts and monetary systems for each area. She's been known to dream like that.

Axis says, 'I still think bank accounts shuold earn interest'

Scathniamh laughs.

Trousers says, 'That way, one account would be affected by housing'

Wijf says to Kae, 'That'd be cool....'

Chocorua says, 'money is to easy to get yer interest is out there running arund on mobs'

Chocorua says to Trousers, 'Idea if, thought i think its been done before.'

Trousers says, 'Tithes could be set to deposit like 5'

Kae says to Wijf, 'Yeah, more so of pure metal coins such as gold was worth their value in all areas but alloys such as modern coins sucked in ancient and the like.'

Trousers says, 'Tithes could be set to deposit like 5 percent into the account opposite the one you put the money into'

Scathniamh shudders.

Trousers slaps himself - that looks really strange!

Kae says, 'it's certainly something that's worth ideaing and possibly even brainstorming on the discussion board to let the coders know that it's an item of interest'

Trousers says, '"Deposit "'

Trousers nods his agreement with Kae.

Axis nods his agreement with Trousers.

Scathniamh says to Trousers, 'what exactly would be the benefit of that?'

Chocorua says, 'or if you know a good way to set it up email soemone on staff with the idea detailed'

Axis says, 'I would like to be able to deposit money into other peoples accounts if befriended of course'

Trousers says, 'Make one for housing, and one for that special string that your friend has that you've had your eye on'

Kae mumbles something about the coder-to-do being -THIS- big and coders needing to hear from players which items on it are most in demand and such.

Scathniamh says, 'so you lose your house because you're saving?'

Axis says to Kae, 'Your not even a coder :p'

Scathniamh says, 'and you don't get enough gold in a day?'

Trousers says, 'No, you just need to pay attention to both accounts'

Kae says to Axis, 'That doesn't mean I don't have access to the to-do or know how the system works.'

Chocorua says, 'kae's made more coder changes than some coders'

Scathniamh says, 'bah. so it'd be more work!'

Trousers says, 'that's why i said it could be a CONFIG option'

Kae says to Axis, 'It works exactly the same for builders, if 20 people report something in my area it gets more attention than 20 reports of 20 differentt hings.'

Kae says, 'for instance the infamous semitic runes'

Axis nods solemnly.

Trousers says to Chocorua, 'I idea'd it before, do you think I should maybe email a coder about it?'

Cheyla giggles at Kae.

Kae says, 'I know there is an issue with them because 15 people hae reported it'

Kae is waiting for a code level fix for it.

Axis says, 'I don't even know what the problem is with them'

Chocorua says to Trousers, 'It can't hurt especially if you have enough fo an idea of how to set it up to make it worth discussing.'

Wijf says, 'I still want to know what evil person wrote the Beowulf mob... Probably Ptah right?'

Kae says to Trousers, 'You could also write the idea in detail on the discussion board and get more player feedback on it too.'

Kae nods her agreement with Wijf.

Chocorua nods his agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh laughs.

Wijf mumbles something about Beowulf doing nasty things... but refuses to elaborate ingame info.

Scathniamh says, 'oh god...I killed him once..'

Scathniamh shudders.

Scathniamh says, 'I think it was Cypri, I, and one healer...I forget who'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh shudders.

Brock says, 'he is solo'able'

Brock shrugs helplessly.

Trousers nods his agreement with Brock.

Wijf says, 'Not for me he isn't.'

Scathniamh says, 'not for a jack of all trades like Cypri and I'

Chocorua says, 'i miss and hands?'

Kae says, 'almost everything is soloable with the right abilities and tactics and enough patience'

Trousers says to Wijf, 'But you have bad battle stats.'

Kae says, 'keyword being, the right abilities :)'

Brock nods his agreement with Kae.

Trousers makes a face at Wijf from behind intense, hot sunlight.

Scathniamh says, 'we're both cause hitters. except she has more hit, and I have more hp'

Scathniamh shrugs helplessly.

Trousers rolls around laughing at Scathniamh's joke.

Trousers says to Scathniamh, 'You, a cause HITTER?'

Chocorua says, 'questions?'

Scathniamh says, 'I hit fairly well.'

Trousers snorts derisively.

Wijf shrugs in response to Chocorua's words.

Axis says to Trousers, 'I know she is more of a cause trouble.'

Scathniamh peers at Axis, looking him up and down.

Trousers nods his agreement with Axis.

Chocorua pokes Kae in the ribs.

Scathniamh pointedly ignores Axis. Bit chilly in here, eh what?

Kae has a question, dangit.

Scathniamh says to Kae, 'i don't think you have to raise your hand.'

Trousers points at Kae.

Chocorua points at Kae.

Scathniamh giggles.

Trousers says to Chocorua, 'I beat you!'

Kae says, 'am I the only one who would LOVE a prompt option where there was no blank lines after the prompt?'

Axis shakes his head.

Kae wants to know if it's just her before she nags the coders.

Chocorua says, 'i bet it would be used'

Trousers nods his agreement with Kae.

Chocorua says, 'just don't make it a default!'

Wijf likes the blank lines... but can imagine how some people might not.

Axis says, 'I don't get a blank line after my prompt as it is'

Cheyla says, 'i wouldn't use it but i can see a use for it'

Scathniamh says, 'nooooo default'

Kae says, 'would be great for less scrolling during semi-afk sessions'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh says, 'drives me insane when i log'

Basara bows deeply.

Scathniamh laughs.

Kae nods solemnly.

Xena says, 'lord i can't ever remember what day it is'

Scathniamh says, 'but i love it otherwise'

Kae says, 'I'll nag 'em :)'

Scathniamh says, 'thursday!'

Scathniamh says, 'the...second, or third'

Chocorua points at Axis.

Korgan nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Basara tips his hat to Korgan.

Xena says to Scathniamh, 'Thanks :p'

Wijf says, 'errr... Friday the 3rd... here at least.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Axis says, 'Can we get a prompt option to show how much hp/ma etc we lost :p'

Scathniamh says, 'well, that's because your europeeeean'

Scathniamh taunts Wijf mercilessly.

Wijf says to Scathniamh, 'Am not!'

Kae says to Axis, 'Probably if you idea it :)'

Kae can't imagine that would be so hard.

Chocorua says to Axis, 'Umm i am not sure what you mean.'

Scathniamh says, 'he just wants to be difficult'

Chocorua says to Kae, 'Don't count on it.'

Korgan says, 'hp lost per round basically'

Kae giggles.

Axis says, 'if I get hit and lose 25hps it shows -25'

Scathniamh says, 'he's not even on much anymore, except when he's sitting on his arse in the stag'

Scathniamh winces.

Scathniamh says, 'that could be hard.'

Chocorua says, 'i think that might be better done as a function of your client...'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Axis says, 'right now thats what I use :p'

Trousers tips his hat gallantly.

Scathniamh says, 'so why complain!'

Scathniamh bonks Axis on the head!

Axis says, 'but I think a prompt option would be better1'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Chocorua says, 'the mud would have to track yer last prompts content and calculate the next ...'

Scathniamh says, 'last time i voided in QNA I got send to newbie hell'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'sent'

Cheyla says, 'you prolly got put in newbie hell before you voided'

Chocorua says, 'can't hurt to idea it though'

Scathniamh says, 'no! i was afk'

Scathniamh laughs.

Axis nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Scathniamh says, 'i hadn't said anything!'

Scathniamh laughs.

Xena says, 'newbie hell's fun'

Xena snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'actually...it wasn't fun'

Basara says, 'what's it like?'

Scathniamh says, 'because by the time i got back'

Chocorua says, 'anyoneelse have a question?'

Scathniamh says, 'the imm who put me there was offline'

Axis points at Kae.

Kae giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'and I had to beg sandra to let me out.'

Kae is the question monster today.

Scathniamh says, '"but i didn't put you there"'

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua says to Kae, 'Go ahead.'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'Shut up and let kae talk!'

Scathniamh says, 'i will when she talks'

Kae says, 'I want people to hop to http://www.prodigalstranger.dk/content.php?article.53 and tell me what they think'

Scathniamh giggles.

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'If you have a spammy void trigger you mighta got put there.'

Kae says, 'because we neeeeed more people!'

Kae nods to herself.

Xena snickers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'just a peer or something'

Erik' says to Kae, 'that's not a question, that's a statement.'

Scathniamh says, 'kae...i would, except for one problem'

Kae says, 'mkay, I had a statement, not a question'

Kae hangs her head.

Xena gives Kae a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in sympathy.

Basara comforts Kae.

Scathniamh says, 'because this mud doesn't let you say the width size of your screen..'

Chocorua says to Kae, 'Its ok ...'

Scathniamh says, 'that went on two lines'

Chocorua punches Kae in the face - better stand back!

Scathniamh says, 'which would mean i'd have to copy, paste, edit, recopy..'

Xena says to Kae, 'Dun hang that pretty little head of yours.'

Kae says to Scathniamh, 'Screenwidth works, you know.'

Scathniamh says, 'paste..'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Scathniamh says, 'we have one?'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Scathniamh says to Kae, 'i only found out that was possible when i was building on another mud. couldn't find a command on here for it.'

Korgan says to Kae, 'i like banner # 3.'

Kae smiles happily.

Scathniamh says, 'okay'

Scathniamh says, 'what's the url again?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Basara says, 'http://www.prodigalstranger.dk/content.php?article.53'

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Kae says, 'well, I was hoping for some banners from players and of course that people would use it on their sites to lure in nrew players'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Scathniamh says, 'it didn't work'

Scathniamh sniffles quietly.

Kae says, 'and if people have other ideas to net newbies, lemme know about it'

Chocorua whispers quietly to Kae.

Kae nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Axis says, 'hey no inner imm whispering'

Scathniamh says, 'well, it set. but the amount of chars per line is still the same.'

Kae's still in the draft phase though.

Scathniamh says, 'they're probably plotting my demise.'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'If you use a good client use screenwidth 0.'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'I don't plot that it will just happen spontaneously.'

Cheyla says, 'help file: Note: this is not used for room descriptions and many other parts of the mud.'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Xena says to Scathniamh, 'He's scary like that.'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Scathniamh shakes her head.

Scathniamh says, 'didn't work'

Kae says, 'most descriptions on legend are hard-coded to 79 or 80 characters, tha would be your problem with odd wraps'

Scathniamh says, 'not descriptions. just what people say.'

Wijf likes it at 80 characters... room for my MP3 player over the right then...

Chocorua says, 'descriptions are set width by the builders'

Scathniamh says, 'like if i type in 100 chars, i want them to fill up the screen, dag nabbit!'

Axis has an MP3 player plugin for zmud

Basara tips his hat gallantly.

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'SCREENWIDTH 0.'

Scathniamh says, 'I did'

Wijf wouldn't use zMUD if her life depended on it.

Axis says, 'for the tenth time'

Scathniamh says, 'It didn't work'

Scathniamh holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Kae says, 'anyways, lemme hear any other ideas or get banners from people :)'

Scathniamh says, 'I did when you first said it'

Scathniamh pats Axis on the head.

Axis says, 'then turn on autowrap in your client'

Chocorua says, 'any other questions?'

Scathniamh says, 'it's on.'

Xena says to Kae, 'For what?'

Kae cries on Xena's shoulder.

Scathniamh says, 'and now it's not.'

Cheyla bonks Xena on the head!

Scathniamh says, 'let's see.'

Xena says, 'i sorta zoned out a little :p'

Kae says to Xena, 'For my site to lure in new players.'

Scathniamh says, 'someone say something big'

Scathniamh laughs.

Kae says to Xena, 'At http://www.prodigalstranger.dk/content.php?article.53.'

Xena says to Kae, 'Yes dear.'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Scathniamh says, 'nope.'

Zildjan smiles at Cheyla.

Xena says to Kae, 'Don't worry, I'll give you a full report.'

Xena nods to herself.

Scathniamh says to Kae, 'what exactly is that website?'

Kae says, 'it's my personal site'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'thought so.'

Xena says, 'she has everything under the sun on that thing'

Kae says, 'if we get this newbie netting thing up and running it'll prolly move to the official mud server though'

Zildjan smiles at Scathniamh.

Zildjan smiles at Korgan.

Brock says, 'newbie netting?'

Scathniamh says to Kae, 'you're bp?'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Kae says, 'newbie catching, luring, fishing....'

Kae nods her agreement with Scathniamh.

Xena says to Cheyla, 'And thank you for bonking me on the head, it added to my nice headache i already have.'

Xena pets Cheyla lovingly.

Scathniamh says, 'Ooh. I have so many questions. ee. i should probably go to bed before i start spouting off.'

Cheyla says to Xena, 'You're welcome.'

Xena says to Cheyla, 'I always knew you cared!'

Chocorua says, 'ok .. nomore questions?'

Axis says, 'ok I raised my hand and now I forgot what I was gonna ask'

Xena says, 'lemme think!'

Axis says, 'oi!'

Axis goes ACK TTTHHHHHPPPPPTTTTT! all over Xena - what a mess!

Xena sticks her tongue out at Axis. =P

Chocorua points at Xena.

Xena says, 'what're this weeks updates?'

Chocorua says, 'i don't have them'

Xena snaps her fingers. ATTITUDE!

Kae peers around for Huginn. Good question.

Xena says to Chocorua, 'Thanks for your honesty.'

Xena says, 'i'm done!'

Xena snickers softly.

Chocorua says, 'well i am usually fairly straight forward'

Chocorua smiles happily.

Chocorua points at Axis.

Axis says, 'Are there any plans to have Legend use stuff like Msp Mxp etc'

Chocorua says, 'msp?'

Korgan says, 'click and kill legend!'

Xena says, 'what in the same hell is that?'

Kae says, 'mxp...'

Kae shudders.

Cheyla says, 'mud extention protocol'

Chocorua says, 'no plans'

Axis says, 'Msp is mud sound protocol'

Cheyla says, 'and mud sound protocol...'

Xena says, 'thanks'

Korgan says, 'could put in neat death sounds for major mobs'

Axis says, 'I think *some* mxp elements would be nice like web links'

Chocorua says, 'if we ever consider it i am sure huginn will tell ya all about it'

Kae says, 'admittedly'

Axis says, 'config options'

Xena says, 'that'd get odd'

Chocorua says, 'but off the top of my head i cna honestly say we haven't ever discussed it as a group'

Cheyla says, 'Your computer goes You just levelled!'

Korgan says, 'could make the mobs actually talk to you'

Kae says, 'although why clients aren't coded to just pick up html code such as links boggles the heck outta me'

Axis says, 'ohh I should start a discussion on it1'

Axis says to Kae, 'Some are.'

Korgan nods his agreement with Kae.

Xena nods her agreement with Kae.

Xena says, 'that'd be cool'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'You can but i don't knwo what kinda support it would get from imms.'

Axis says, 'thats the point of the discussion :P'

Kae says, 'I don't see sound support happening'

Xena says, 'afk!'

Axis nudges Chocorua.

Chocorua says, 'i honestly never thought about it and i cna think of ll kinds of nasty side effects'

Kae says, 'although I do know that some players in some places make their own sound libraries and use triggers to set them off'

Wijf grumbles.... gotta go to work on my day off...

Wijf waves happily.

Axis says, 'what kind of side effects would mxp bring'

Cheyla says to Kae, 'But hot tubs could not just bubble in text but you could hear it, too.'

Axis nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Ugh.'

Cheyla says, 'it'd be neat but i think some builders would go overboard with them and we'd have issues'

Kae wants her client to be quiet and not interfere with her music.

Axis says, 'config sound'

Korgan actually like to hear the tarasque death cry

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Axis jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Korgan!

Kae says, 'take your mike, scream arrrrgh into it, put it on a trigger'

Korgan laughs.

Chocorua says, 'compatability between clients jumps to mind because noone ever adheres to standards :)'

Kae nods solemnly.

Cheyla says to Kae, 'But, you could have a bird actually make noise, too - so instead of kweeeark, you'd hear what it actually sounded like.'

Kae says, 'also'

Axis says to Chocorua, 'The 2 main clients that support mxp adhere to it.'

Kae says, 'we'd need to make sure always to support telnet without all the fancy stuff at least or we drive away exploring people looking for a new mud to play'

Scathniamh says, 'and when godzilla attacks the peloponisian isles..'

Chocorua says, 'really i don't know anything about it'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'We could do animations too.'

Axis says to Kae, 'Thats the benifit of Mxp coded correctly telnet won't use it.'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'Oh wait, that's everquest, what am I thinking.'

Kae winks suggestively at Cheyla.

Cheyla says, 'i can think of TONS of places to add sound, and i can imagine what it could potentially mean for the machine and memory and all that'

Korgan says to Kae, 'would be neat to have quest mobs actually talk to you about the quest.'

Kae holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Scathniamh shudders.

Scathniamh says, 'more dents'

Chocorua says to Cheyla, 'Bandwidth.'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Kae holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Scathniamh giggles at Kae.

Axis says, 'sounds are stored on the user computer though'

Scathniamh says, 'HAAAAAAAAAAMM'

Chocorua says, 'after teh first tiem they hear it yes'

Cheyla says, 'i'd love to be able to link a bird call to the bird, or make bears actually growl or fire actually crackle'

Korgan says, 'its just the first time downloading..'

Kae says, 'Making user sound libraries for those who like it is a good idea though, if I were into it I'd set up a webpage with downloads'

Chocorua says, 'but ther eis also the code to trigger it being sent along with the rest of the normal text'

Duckon nods solemnly.

Cheyla says, 'think the game could be more immersive, but oi'

Axis says, ' Chocorua says, 'and depending on how much it was used .. ehh like i said it'

Scathniamh says, 'and teh folk who use clients with mxp, but don't have enough memory to not be lagged out by it?'

Kae says to Cheyla, 'It could be neat but it'd require a hella lotta work and machine power and that's enough to turn me down on it.'

Scathniamh says, 'and the people on dialup!'

Cheyla says, 'certainly worth posting on the discussion board, though'

Scathniamh shudders.

Axis nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kae.

Korgan says to Scathniamh, 'its easy to turn off.'

Chocorua says, 'i miss any hands?'

Kae says, 'player written sound libraries however do sound nice'

Scathniamh says, 'but you still receive the code'

Kae would accept links for those for her site.

Axis says, 'Im working on sounds and triggers for zmud'

Kae says, 'can use triggers'

Kae says, 'a son of calatin has arrived -- play GRORRRRARRR'

Chocorua says, 'questions?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Korgan laughs.

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Scathniamh says, 'or "meow"'

Axis says, 'You have new mail plays youve got mail'

Xena says, 'miss me?!'

Cheyla's favorite was Carlin's "There's a letter in your mailbox!"

Scathniamh says to Korgan, 'i never did find out who played Godzilla that day. were you there for it?'

Korgan shakes Scathniamh's hand.

Chocorua points at Axis.

Axis says, 'we need a player glue command that only accepts scathniamh as a valid target'

Huma waves hello to the world!

Chocorua pats Axis on the head.

Scathniamh cheers for Huma - huzzah!

Chocorua says, 'anyoneelse got a question?'

Axis says, 'Huma!'

Scathniamh says to Huma, 'immersed in your help files?'

Scathniamh giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'bad help files. bad.'

Huma says, 'immersed in area files :)'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'yayyy builders.'

Huma nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Cheyla cheers for Huma - huzzah!

Scathniamh says, 'we need a swat social'

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Scathniamh says, 'could show as..'

Huma says, 'idea it =P'

Huma says, 'someone might code it if its good'

Scathniamh says, '$n brings out a fly swatter and whacks $N upside the head with it!'

Chocorua says, 'ideas shold go on idea channel so they ar elogged'

Scathniamh giggles.

Axis nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Chocorua says, 'any other questions?'

Chocorua says, 'or can i go play diablo2?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua mutters something about Axis.

Kae snickers softly.

Axis says, 'wheres Hell'

Chocorua points at Axis.

Huma says to Chocorua, 'Dude that game rules.'

Scathniamh says, 'WC3 is better.'

Axis ducks to the ground.

Cheyla says, 'soooon'

Scathniamh taunts Chocorua mercilessly.

Huma says, 'I played my paladin for a good long while'

Axis cheers wildly!

Scathniamh says, 'i never had a pally'

Scathniamh says, 'sorcs and amazons, mainly'

Axis says, 'I go away for a few months and come back and theres still no hell'

Scathniamh says, 'back before zons were nerfed.'

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'nerf nerf nerf.'

Cheyla says, 'it's nearly ready, next thing is making sure the people that need to be here for the install will be around, just in case something goes wrong'

Chocorua says, 'so the question was where is hell?'

Axis nods solemnly.

Kae says, 'what Cheyla said'

Axis nods solemnly.

Chocorua says, 'there ya go'

Kae says, 'give cheyla and kaige a week off and ....'

Axis says, 'asked an answered'

Chocorua says, 'anyoneelse?'

Cheyla says to Kae, 'This week has been a week off?'

Axis says, 'Wheres Port of London :P'

Axis ducks to the ground.

Xena says to Cheyla, 'Do you ever get a week off?'

Cheyla chuckles politely.

Kae says, 'london port'

Xena snickers softly.

Axis says, 'thats really what Im waiting for is london expansion stuffs :p'

Huma says, 'Cheyla gets weeks off of lots of things, she takes a week off work builds on legend stops building on legend for a week, works'

Cheyla says, 'leila disappeared on us, so kaige has been poking at it here and there in between all the other stuff she takes care of'

Cheyla says to Huma, 'I wish!'

Chocorua says, 'ok looks liek we are gonna wrap up early tonight'

Kae is still digging through reports in the carnival. They go back to 2000.

Kae cries on Cheyla's shoulder.

Axis says to Chocorua, 'No where not!'

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'i should run for imm.'

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Cheyla says, 'if i had a week to work on legend stuff.... maybe i'd be caught up on documentation'

Huma says, 'well, what I think would be cool would be an addition to London around Sherlock Holmes but someone has to do it right'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'Well what else do you want to ask to keep me away from my assassin?'

Huma nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Axis says, 'If I wanted to do building would I have to have my own area proposal or could I just work on some of the dead projects around here'

Scathniamh says, 'ahh. that'd be so funny.'

Huma says to Axis, 'Own area prop I think.'

Kae says, 'you start with your own new area'

Cheyla says to Axis, 'We prefer that you do your own area.'

Kae says, 'then inherit some other old areas as punishment, I mean reward'

Cheyla says, 'what dead projects you referring to, tho?'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kae.

Huma says, 'only experienced builders are giving other projects, like major places such as port of london'

Chocorua says, 'recently we've started getting newbie imms to help with maintainance but ya gotta have a project to get in'

Cheyla says, 'starting an area from scratch is a really good learning process'

Scathniamh says, 'see, that's my only problem with being an imm.'

Scathniamh says, 'i don't like making whole areas and such'

Huma says, 'also a good way to kick yourself a lot'

Scathniamh says, 'I like fiddling with help files, and socials.'

Axis says, 'I think I had a decent Idea for an area but it was shot down'

Huma says to Scathniamh, 'Dont be a builder then =P'

Scathniamh says, 'all the crap no one wants to do'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'i am a builder, on other muds'

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'PR.'

Scathniamh says, 'which is probably why i don't like it.'

Scathniamh holds her head down and mourns the dead.

Huma says to Scathniamh, 'With your experience I think Admin would be great for you =P'

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma says, 'it'd be like prison to parole program'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'PR and ADMIN maintain those kinda things.'

Kae says, 'if you're already an imm elsewhere you might also want to consider how much one can do for two muds'

Scathniamh throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Kae says, 'better to do a good job on one mud than a half-assed job on two'

Scathniamh says, 'yes, but...they're not real muds yet'

Scathniamh shrugs helplessly.

Chocorua says to Kae, 'I can speak from experience there.'

Chocorua says, 'being an imp on one mud and n imm here didn't work out well'

Scathniamh giggles.

Huma says, 'but really applying is difficult you get shot down a lot'

Kae shudders.

Scathniamh says, 'imp is a lot hard.'

Scathniamh says, 'harder'

Kae nods her agreement with Huma.

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'i'd never make it'

Kae says, 'legend has high standards for areafiles'

Cheyla says, 'takes most people 2 tries to get in, at the least'

Huma says, 'I applied 47 times'

Scathniamh says, 'too many people hold grudges.'

Kae says, 'it shows when it comes to denying applications'

Cheyla giggles at Huma.

Scathniamh giggles.

Chocorua says, 'well part of the reasn it's so hard is we've had some serious problems before and we are wary of repeats'

Scathniamh says to Huma, 'i don't think i ever saw you until you suddenly popped up as an imm.'

Huma says, 'I applied three times before I got in, and that means I'm like a prodigy'

Kae says, 'if too many people hold grudges against someone, that someone might seriously want to consider if they have the personality and people skills for at least admin and pr'

Huma says to Scathniamh, 'This character was my first char when I played many years ago, I've had other char's which I'm sure you've heard of more recently.'

Scathniamh says, 'but you also have to consider the people who hold the grudges.'

Scathniamh says, 'for example, people who hold grudges for things you did as a newbie.'

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Kae says, 'yeah, they're the people who are per default right until proven wrong, i e the players you'd have to deal with'

Scathniamh giggles.

Huma says, 'if it helps, I actively tried to perma people, and succeeded on two occasions, and I still got in'

Huma says, 'only took me five years of seperation to do that'

Kae says, 'you can have an admin history but if there's a pattern that doesn't show any signs of letting up....'

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua says to Huma, 'Some people need to grow up some before getting in.'

Huma nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Xena says to Chocorua, 'Some?'

Scathniamh says, 'my main problem is my temper. but i've definately gotten better.'

Chocorua says to Xena, 'Relative.'

Xena says, 'that's the real reason i haven't applied yet!'

Scathniamh says, 'that, and there's times when i just talk..'

Scathniamh says, 'and talk..'

Scathniamh says, 'and talk..'

Scathniamh laughs.

Cheyla says, 'we've noticed'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'A temper is a BAD thing .. believe me.'

Kae says, 'we've ncertainly noticed'

Xena squeezes Cheyla's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'

Huma says, 'I guess the point is not the record in itself, its that being an imm takes a lot of... maturity? We like to pretend it does anyway, so its better to be sure I think'

Huma says, 'bad imms go REAL bad REAL quick'

Kae says to Huma, 'A hella lot of patience.'

Huma nods his agreement with Kae.

Xena says to Huma, 'You're mature?'

Xena squeezes Huma's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'

Huma smirks.

Huma says, 'point taken'

Cheyla says, 'brb'

Kae says, 'there's a lot of crap boring work in all areas and you have to do that too'

Xena snickers softly.

Huma nods his agreement with Kae.

Scathniamh says, 'i liiiike the boring work'

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma says, 'being a builder is like being the guy who shovels all day long'

Kae says, 'the fun parts don't always make up for the daily drab routine, you gotta be able to deal with that'

Scathniamh says, 'you should have seen my elf whore before axis deleted the server.'

Kae nods her agreement with Huma.

Scathniamh laughs.

Chocorua says, 'there are challenges for everyone .. be it maturity or patience or language'

Xena says, 'language is mine!'

Kae's worked on Hell for 3 1/2 years now, that hasn't been particularly exciting.

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'Its ok I still mount her occasionly.'

Xena says, 'just take a look at all of my old warnings :p'

Chocorua says to Xena, 'I wasn't talking about admin history .. heh.'

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Xena snaps her fingers. ATTITUDE!

Scathniamh says, 'you brought him back!?'

Scathniamh says, 'no, no.'

Scathniamh says, 'my elf'

Xena says to Chocorua, 'Well hell.'

Scathniamh says, 'the one you guys killed because you were jealous of it's sexiness.'

Xena tickles Chocorua.

Chocorua says to Xena, 'But admin history is also a challenge for some.'

Xena says to Chocorua, 'I can't help i have a mouth like a trucker!'

Chocorua says, 'a lot of people in the up and coming generation don't understand that their past actions carry consequences and get really angry about that one'

Scathniamh says, 'my problem is when my temper finally snaps, and it actually takes an awful lot. as we all know, it gets pretty mouthy'

Huma says, 'the language warnings arent to bad'

Kae says to Chocorua, 'Ooh, you're speaking of the sweeper kids.'

Chocorua says, 'a history of problems can be overcome'

Chocorua says, 'just look at Huma here'

Chocorua pokes Huma in the ribs.

Scathniamh says, 'but i dunno who huma was'

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma peers around intently.

Scathniamh says, 'so i dunno if he had problems'

Huma grins evilly.

Scathniamh giggles.

Chocorua says, 'it took awhile'

Huma says, 'well I was a Mercenary and I was like one of those people on the mud who everyone else tells to shutup'

Chocorua says, 'he stayed around long enough to NOT have those issues anymore'

Scathniamh says, 'like me!'

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma says, 'because i've spent the last 10 minutes carrying on on chat about how much better I am'

Scathniamh says, 'oh. not like that.'

Scathniamh says, 'well. it depends.'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'You need to learn to logout when you are angry and beatup a pillow or soemthing.'

Scathniamh says, 'i guess i seem kind of self-righteous when i'm discussing political issues and such.'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'Or beat up me.'

Xena says, 'a pillow? what the hell fun is that?'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'You can beat me up all you want.'

Scathniamh says, 'yeh, but i don't really get angry. there's a different'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'difference.'

Scathniamh says, 'elch. i don't know how to explain it.'

Huma also outlived all his detractors.

Huma says, 'if you live long enough everyone that hates you will die, thats what I say'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'Tehre isn't a difference to the mud community when you are dominating channels and won't shaddup when asked to.'

Axis nods his agreement with Huma.

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh whistles appreciatively.

Axis says to Chocorua, 'I agree.'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'You have to learn to pick your battles and battlegrounds.'

Axis says, 'Im gonna buy you a beer for that one'

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'i still say it was downright rude of you to ruin my ru.'

Chocorua says, 'ooo cheerleaders on tv'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Chocorua.

Chocorua gets distracted

Scathniamh says, 'and I'm getting there'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'I haven't spammed pray in awhile'

Scathniamh giggles.

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'I did not ruin your run thatnk you.'

Scathniamh nods her agreement with Axis.

Scathniamh says, 'you should diiiiid.'

Huma says, 'whats pray? I think I turned that off =P'

Chocorua says, 'learning and being seen as having learned soemthing are 2 things'

Scathniamh says, 'Oh, it was awhile.'

Scathniamh says, 'awhile ago'

Scathniamh says to Chocorua, 'people have noticed.'

Chocorua says to Scathniamh, 'How long have you played here?'

Axis says to Scathniamh, 'Pray Marauder is broken he won't give me my item back FIX him.'

Scathniamh says, 'well. people who know who i've been'

Scathniamh looks up into the sky and ponders.

Scathniamh says, 'i think it was..'

Scathniamh says, 'mebbe last september?'

Korgan looks up into the sky and ponders.

Chocorua says, 'a year isn't a lot of time'

Chocorua says, 'it may seem it to you but it really isn't'

Scathniamh says, 'It's not when you still have 14 years of college left'

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Scathniamh stomps around.

Chocorua says, 'most people take a considerable amount of tiem more than that to change their patterns'

Axis says, 'I think I have wasted I mean enjoyed 7 years here over various alts'

Chocorua says, 'i've been here long enough that i had hair when i started'

Cheyla giggles at Chocorua.

Axis cackles gleefully at Chocorua - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Xena laughs.

Korgan snickers softly.

Scathniamh comforts Chocorua.

Scathniamh says, 'Hey, it could be worse'

Huma says, 'and hes not talking about on his head folks'

Scathniamh says, 'I have an uncle who had a bald top by the time he graduated high school.'

Chocorua slays Huma in cold blood!

You hear Huma's death cry.

Chocorua picks up the corpse of Huma.

Korgan laughs.

Huma grins evilly.

Cheyla says, 'ooh, dinner!'

Xena rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Huma peers around intently.

Kae giggles.

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Huma says, 'where'd my corpse go'

Cheyla licks her lips and smiles.

Axis shrugs helplessly.

Korgan whistles innocently to himself.

Huma whimpers softly.

Scathniamh says, 'Cheyla ate it'

Chocorua pokes the corpse of Huma.

Korgan says, 'i wanna eat it'

Korgan tugs on Chocorua's sleeve imploringly.

Scathniamh laughs.

Korgan takes off his razor greaves.

Korgan wears a token from the wombat spirit on his arms.

Axis says to Korgan, 'Gimmie greaves!'

Chocorua gives the corpse of Huma to Huma.

Chocorua says, 'be smart and give that to cheyla when you empty it'

Scathniamh says, 'it's only like, his fourth pair'

Huma gets a Dragonlance from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets the Standard of the Knights of Solamnia from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets an Official Immortal Conspiracy Handbook from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets his Liberal Agenda from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a lightbulb from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a dark black trenchcoat from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a frilly pink dress from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a black satin top-hat from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a small piece of paper from Kaige from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets a small piece of paper from Ximinez from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets an intricately etched belt from the corpse of Huma.

Huma gets 576 gold coins from the corpse of Huma.

Huma puts on his intricately etched belt.

Huma holds a small piece of paper from Ximinez in his hands.

Huma holds a small piece of paper from Kaige in his hands.

Huma wears a black satin top-hat on his head.

Huma puts on his frilly pink dress.

Huma holds his Liberal Agenda in his hands.

Huma begins using the Standard of the Knights of Solamnia.

Cheyla bonks Huma on the head!

Cheyla says, 'sly him again'

Huma goes EEK! in distress.

Axis says, 'and I got him all 4 pairs soo :p'

Chocorua giggles.

Chocorua says, 'anyhow we got more questions'

Korgan says to Scathniamh, '3rd.'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'Yer ruining my diablo plans.'

Korgan says to Axis, 'herbie got me my first.'

Chocorua points at Axis.

Axis says, 'can we have a day where the KZ knight just wanders around paris for a while'

Huma peers around intently.

Kae says, 'given what that would do to lowbies I wouldn't get my hopes up'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'I doubt it.'

Korgan says, 'can you open a port so we can watch random mobs fight each other?'

Axis says, 'make him no agg for that day :P'

Axis nods his agreement with Korgan.

Axis says, 'that would be nice'

Chocorua shakes his head.

Huma says, 'can we have a day when I have the ability to shoot Axis at will'

Korgan mutters under his breath.

Axis nods his agreement with Huma.

Korgan says to Huma, 'do it anyway.'

Huma gives the corpse of Huma to Cheyla.

Chocorua says to Huma, 'Ummm .. whos stopping you?'

Axis goes EEK! at Chocorua in distress - isn't Chocorua an awful person for teasing?

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'you did not do that.'

Cheyla grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what she's thinking...

Korgan comforts Axis.

Huma says, 'I belive that nod from Axis was consent'

Scathniamh says to Axis, 'the last one archi god.'

Huma whimpers to Cheyla.

Axis nods his agreement with Huma.

Scathniamh says, 'got'

Kae quietly sprays salt on Huma's tail.

Huma goes EEK! at Kae in distress - isn't Kae an awful person for teasing?

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma says, 'ok I'm gonna have to shoot you now Axis'

Chocorua says, 'anymore questions NOT from axis?'

Scathniamh rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Korgan snickers softly.

Axis says, 'don't miss :P'

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Scathniamh gasps in astonishment.

Huma goes EEK! in distress.

Cheyla eats a portion of the corpse of Huma.

Scathniamh tugs on Cheyla's sleeve imploringly.

Huma snickers softly.

Cheyla grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what she's thinking...

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Xena laughs.

Korgan says to Cheyla, 'share?'

Cheyla gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Korgan.

Scathniamh says, 'I want a piece!'

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Korgan throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Scathniamh whimpers to Cheyla.

Cheyla gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Scathniamh.

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Xena bats her eyelashes at Cheyla.

Cheyla says, 'anyone else want a piece of Huma?'

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Huma says, 'I gave out portions of me for a game once'

Chocorua says, 'people abusing my portion code!'

Cheyla gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Xena.

Korgan says to Cheyla, 'can i mundane this?'

Cheyla shakes her head in disagreement with Korgan.

Korgan mutters under his breath.

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Cheyla gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Axis.

Korgan says, 'stomping on - a portion of the corpse of Huma.'

Kae will get her own complete one sometime.

Korgan nibbles on a portion of the corpse of Huma.

Xena raises a portion of the corpse of Huma high in the air above her head.

Korgan says, 'needs salt'

Axis says, 'I thought huma was gonna shoot me'

Chocorua says, 'any other questions?'

Cheyla has created a salt shaker!

Scathniamh says, 'well..'

Chocorua says to Axis, 'He can't here.'

Scathniamh says, 'can any of you make some strings?'

Scathniamh giggles.

Scathniamh says, 'not including huma'

Scathniamh flees.

Axis looks up into the sky and ponders.

Chocorua says, 'you don't want me stringing things'

Korgan snickers softly.

Cheyla gives a salt shaker to Korgan.

Kae is gonna babysit Hrath's 3 ferrets, she's so happy.

Korgan says, 'cheyla is good at it!'

Korgan hugs Cheyla.

Huma cheers for Kae - huzzah!

Korgan uses a salt shaker on a portion of the corpse of Huma.

Chocorua says, 'cheyla is writing area file changes'

Cheyla flops about helplessly.

Korgan says, 'oh.'

Huma says, 'cheyla is the best'

Korgan comforts Cheyla.

Cheyla says, 'how many strings?'

Axis eats a portion of the corpse of Huma.

Cheyla scowls darkly in Kae's direction.

Chocorua says to Kae, 'When?'

Cheyla says to Kae, 'More?'

Axis gets food poisoning.

Cheyla mutters under her breath.

Kae says, 'they come tomorrow and dump off stump and the two kids'

Kae says, 'my own two and the dog are going to get so excited'

Korgan comforts Kae.

Chocorua says, 'ok teh QnA is over ... we can just chat liek we have been heh'

Scathniamh says, 'sorry. duckon's bothering me about eq stuff'

Korgan snickers at Chocorua nastily.

Scathniamh says, 'two mundanes.'

Korgan says to Chocorua, 'any more questions?'

Cheyla says, 'got the items?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'i can go get 'em'

Scathniamh says, 'bloody things in melbourne'

Cheyla says, 'hurry, then'

Scathniamh sighs loudly.

Scathniamh says, 'out of tara'

Chocorua says to Korgan, 'You can ask if you want it was just so dead.'

Cheyla isn't gotta sit here all night.

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Korgan nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Korgan says, 'btw the newbie map of tara is incorrect'

Korgan says, 'but i bugged it.'

Korgan nods to himself.

Cheyla chuckles politely.

Chocorua says, 'it will get fixed then'

Cheyla says, 'kaige'll get to it, then'

Korgan says, 'unless the tanner has a secret entrance into the cottage for a lil love time..'

Kae laughs.

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Korgan's head.

Axis says to Korgan, 'I wanna look at the newbie map wheres it at :p'

Chocorua says, 'kaige wil fix soemthing like that i am sure'

Korgan says to Axis, 'was in box.'

Korgan says to Axis, 'in tara.'

Korgan shrugs helplessly.

Korgan says, 'i was bored and noticed stupid things'

Cheyla has created a map of Tara!

Axis rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Axis says, 'I wanna see a Tara expansion :p'

Korgan nods his agreement with Axis.

Cheyla eats a map of Tara.

Korgan says, 'that would be awesome'

Kae says, 'what, don't like the one we have?'

Scathniamh cheers wildly!

Scathniamh pants.

Scathniamh takes off her intricately etched belt.

Korgan says to Kae, 'i do, just smallish.'

Scathniamh gives an intricately etched belt to Cheyla.

Scathniamh gives a black lacey garter belt to Cheyla.

Scathniamh gives a mundane string coupon to Cheyla.

Axis says, 'Tara shuold be HUGE'

Cheyla gives a black lacey garter belt to Scathniamh.

Cheyla eats a mundane string coupon.

Scathniamh puts on her black lacey garter belt.

Scathniamh shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Axis sighs loudly.

Chocorua says, 'ok folks i gotta finish this food up and then cleanup'

Scathniamh gives a delicate silver-dipped oak leaf to Cheyla.

Chocorua waves happily.

Scathniamh stops using Arjuna's conch-shell horn.

Chocorua says, 'enjoy!'

Korgan waves to Chocorua.

Scathniamh gives Arjuna's conch-shell horn to Cheyla.

Huma waves to Chocorua.

Scathniamh gives a mundane string coupon to Cheyla.

Scathniamh waves to Chocorua.

Axis says, 'hes really gonna go play diablo2 :P'

Scathniamh laughs.

Korgan laughs.

Chocorua says to Axis, 'Likely.'

Cheyla says, 'leaf is already a string'

Chocorua says, 'though i gotta do somethings first'

Korgan says to Chocorua, 'doom3!'

Axis says, 'I should load up just to go kill him :P'

Scathniamh says, 'oh'

Scathniamh laughs.

Huma says, 'we cant be legend losers 100% of the time'

Cheyla gives a delicate silver-dipped oak leaf to Scathniamh.

Cheyla gives a mundane string coupon to Scathniamh.

Scathniamh says, 'can you string it to the horn?'

Chocorua says to Korgan, 'My systems wouldn't support doom3.'

Korgan comforts Chocorua.

Kae has a few issues or 2,000 to stomp in the carnival.

Scathniamh gives a delicate silver-dipped oak leaf to Cheyla.

Korgan raises his eyebrow at Kae.

Cheyla says, 'elfgame string from um... last fall'

Axis says to Kae, 'Whats wrong in the carnie.'

Scathniamh hoards more coupons.

Cheyla says, 'i already strung it to the horn before'

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Axis gets a non-color string coupon from the Bag of Winds.

Scathniamh says, 'ooh'

Scathniamh laughs.

Cheyla gives a delicate silver-dipped oak leaf to Scathniamh.

Kae says, 'lots of stuff that people idead over 4 years'

Huma winces in sympathy with Kae.

Scathniamh wears a delicate silver-dipped oak leaf around her neck.

Scathniamh says, 'silly me'

Kae says, 'which should like ... happen'

Scathniamh hugs Cheyla.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Axis puts a non-color string coupon in the Bag of Winds.

Korgan says to Kae, 'cool.'

Axis junks a map of Tara.

Axis junks a map of London.

Cheyla says to Huma, 'You got lucky with melbourne, really...'

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Huma says, 'yeah we try to actually do things that you guys idea'

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Huma nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Cheyla cleaned it up a ton, carni was next on her list.

Huma says to Cheyla, 'Since no one seems to notice it exists.'

Kae loves ideas.

Kae says, 'it just has to be done too :)'

Huma says, 'ohhh'

Huma nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Axis says, 'Im always in the carnival'

Scathniamh says, 'I live in Melbourne!'

Axis says, 'its just boring :p'

Scathniamh attempts to prod Huma but Huma isn't about to go anywhere.

Scathniamh says, 'you should have noticed'

Axis says, 'needs MSP'

Axis ducks to the ground.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats some of a portion of a magnificent feast.

Axis eats a portion of a magnificent feast.

Scathniamh says, 'and it can be a bloody pain when I need to run somewhere'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh says, 'but it's so pretty.'

Axis says, 'man you can eat alot in ooc'

Axis junks a leather waterskin.

Scathniamh says, 'you can eat indefinately, i believe'

Axis ducks to the ground.

Axis says, 'why does everyone keep changing room names on me'

Korgan says, 'you can eat dead things indefinately'

Scathniamh says, 'qna is over, bonehead'

Scathniamh bonks Axis on the head!

Axis says, 'soo Imma still ask questions and hope for an answer'

Scathniamh says, 'why doesn't your mapper give dirs to unsafe rooms?'

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Korgan says, 'why can i choke a blue whale?'

Korgan says, 'thats just messed up'

Cheyla giggles.

Axis says, 'why as why'

Korgan says, 'i mean come on'

Axis says to Cheyla, 'Tell axis path!'

Kae says, 'oi'

Korgan says, 'and why cant i carve blubber off it'

Huma says, 'Melbourne rules, just more people should go there is all'

Cheyla says, 'cuz we don't have all the size flags for mobs yet'

Kae says, 'I'd bug report that'

Korgan says to Cheyla, 'oh.'

Kae says, 'melbourne is great'

Cheyla says, 'got some of the flags but they don't do anything yet'

Korgan nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Korgan says to Cheyla, 'didnt know yall had things like that.'

Huma says, 'you cant carve blubber because maybe you arent a very good whaler =P'

Axis says to Korgan, 'I wanna see an imm use my pathfinder :p'

Kae says, 'it just needs connected to more areas which is a problem with all our outlying areas'

Korgan slaps Huma.

Huma frowns at Korgan.

Korgan snickers softly.

Huma says to Korgan, 'You want a piece? =P'

Korgan gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Huma.

Korgan hugs Huma.

Huma grins evilly.

Korgan says to Huma, 'i had a piece.'

Huma laughs.

Korgan says, 'was nasty'

Trousers says, 'Any huma's left?'

Trousers peers around intently.

Cheyla says, 'anyhow, would love to stick around but i got laundry and an area summary to finish'

Korgan says to Axis, 'do i needa kill you again?'

Cheyla carefully removes a portion of the corpse of Huma from the corpse of Huma.

Axis says, 'gave me food poisoning'

Cheyla gives a portion of the corpse of Huma to Trousers.

Korgan waves to Cheyla.

Trousers cheers wildly!

Trousers says, 'Can i have the whole thing?'

Trousers grovels in the dirt.

Cheyla shakes her head.

Cheyla hugs the corpse of Huma.

Kae's gonna go mug a greek play.

Cheyla says, 'mine!'

Korgan laughs.

Trousers sulks because Cheyla has hurt his feelings.

Cheyla eats the corpse of Huma.

Cheyla licks her lips and smiles.

Axis says, 'axis is gonna go to work'

Trousers bursts into tears.

Axis sighs loudly.

Cheyla says, 'anyhow, have a good night, all'

Cheyla waves happily.

Kae waves happily.

Korgan says to Axis, 'no axis is gonna stay and die.'

Trousers says, 'Night cheylas'

Korgan waves to Cheyla.

Axis says, 'no axis has to go to work'

Xena disappears in a mushroom cloud.

Axis lurks around Korgan ominously!

Korgan peers around intently.

Korgan says, 'xena go poof'

Axis says, 'lemme use your greaves and maybe Ill stay and fight you :p'

Korgan nudges a dead chicken over a few inches closer to Axis.

Korgan says, 'and it poisons, which is great'

Korgan nudges a dead chicken over a few inches closer to Huma.

Axis waves happily.

Huma says, 'look at this connection of mine'

You sit down in a puddle of goo.

Kaige can't decide if she wants to go to the bother of back-to-school night.

Sandra wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Kaige is thinking not.

Sandra giggles.

Kaige says, 'Elena wants to go, even tho all the kids aren't supposed to be there creating distractions.'

Kaige wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Sandra says, 'aw'

RoyMast says, ''lo'

Basara tips his hat gallantly.

Kaige thinks she should give up and take a nap

Kaige smiles at RoyMast.

Sandra smiles at RoyMast.

RoyMast kisses Kaige's hand. How charming!

Basara says, 'that tickless idea is wonderful!'

RoyMast kisses Sandra's hand. How charming!

Kaige blushes as she sees RoyMast here.

RoyMast licks LadyAce.

Val smiles happily.

Basara says, 'makes things seem more realistic!'

LadyAce says, 'soooo, who has a question?'

Eresse bounces onto Val's lap.

Eresse snuggles up to Val.

Val grins evilly at Eresse... Wonder what he's thinking...

Basara looks up into the sky and ponders.

Val says, 'I'm sure I have one'

Val says, 'but you see, I haven't had any coffee yet'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Val's head.

Basara says, 'when will the tickless idea implement again?'

LadyAce points at Basara.

Val smiles at Cheyla.

Kaige says, 'with tomorrow's update.'

Eresse bounces onto Val's lap.

Huginn nods solemnly.

Eresse snuggles up to Val.

Val giggles.

Basara says, 'neat'

Basara says, 'I'd love to see that.'

Val giggles at Basara.

Val smiles at Chocorua.

LadyAce points at Basara.

Basara says, 'how will that affect the alertness of the mobs, before you can, say, backstab them again? it's not on ticks anymore'

Sandra says, 'you'll just have to wait 90s to backstab again'

Basara nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'it will last the entire time, and not get cut short. But then so will all other affects, good & bad.'

Basara says, 'I can see it now, dexies w/ timer countdowns on their watches...'

Sandra giggles.

Val grins evilly at Basara... Wonder what he's thinking...

Val is getting one! ;)

Basara nods his agreement with Val.

LadyAce says, 'who else has a question?'

Val says, 'Roy'

LadyAce points at RoyMast.

RoyMast says, 'unrelated - Any plans to implement entrance w/ sing anytime soon?'

Basara shudders.

Kaige says, 'no'

Kaige says, 'not really'

RoyMast nods solemnly.

RoyMast says, 'code issue, or gameplay issue?'

LadyAce says, 'We might want to pull it from the helpfile, really'

Val suspects it's a priority issue.

Basara says to RoyMast, 'I fail enough singing with 72 spirit already, if you have to check for that before you can entrance... you'd fail a lot.'

RoyMast nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'i think gameplay issue more than anything. since all you have to have then is a few stats and aren't required to have anything in hand like so many of the other skills. kinda makes play pointless'

Kousenborg shakes his head in disagreement with Kaige.

Basara says, 'play isn't pointless'

Basara twirls a gilt lyre on the tip of his finger and expertly catches it in the air.

Basara says, 'the various instruments keep them interesting'

Kousenborg says, 'Sing is currently pointless...and it has the higher requirements'

Kaige says, 'and I still don't think you can really dance to someone singing a capella. I'd rather see two people together performing for increased power and only then would I think one of them be possible to enhance the performance with sing alone.'

Jeffrey waves hello to the world!

Basara says, 'it's for lullabye, but I haven't learned to use it to its full potential.'

Basara nods his agreement with Kaige.

Basara tips his hat to Jeffrey.

Kousenborg looks up into the sky and ponders.

Lorenzo says, 'yum'

Basara blinks.

RoyMast says, 'isl'

Basara pokes a puddle of goo.

Basara says, 'where did that come from?'

Basara pounces on a puddle of goo before you can even think of touching it.

Basara lies down in a puddle of goo.

Val says, 'that was my bad, sorry'

Val ducks to the ground.

Jeffrey says to Val, 'Bless you.'

Basara snickers softly.

Drakkon chuckles politely at Val.

LadyAce points at Val.

Val patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Val says, 'er'

LadyAce says to Val, 'No question?'

Val says, 'you pointed at me'

Val chortles with amusement.

Val says, 'sorry'

Basara points at Val.

Drakkon giggles at Val.

Drakkon says, 'Jeffrey raised his hand :)'

Val says, 'You keep saying 90 seconds'

Basara says, 'it's point at Val night.'

Val says, 'the helpfile for tick says it's 75 seconds'

LadyAce says, 'Val is before Jeff though'

Jeffrey nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'tomorrow it'll be 90'

Kaige says, 'that's what it is currently centered on.'

Huginn says, 'things are changing'

Val says, 'it also says that ticks vary in time, how is that dealt with?'

Sandra nudges the welcome board over a few inches.

Val nods solemnly.

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Huginn says, 'it'll be static now'

Psyco_man says, 'what was rong with the way it was?'

Val says, 'so no variance?'

Cheyla says, 'they'll always be 90 seconds now'

Sandra smiles happily.

Sandra nods her agreement with Val.

Val says, 'er'

Val says, 'is that even a word'

Huginn says, 'not for the tick'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Val's head.

Val nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'but for the affect'

Basara peers around intently.

Drakkon says, 'Why the static ticks now?'

Drakkon says, 'Stability?'

Val says, 'mmmkay then, so 90 seconds, not 75, and it's just that way, gotcha'

Sandra says to Psyco_man, 'Rufus' post on the welcome board answers that one really well.'

Huginn nods solemnly.

LadyAce says, 'before it was actually 75 + or - 15'

Kaige says, 'we were forcing the mud to do A LLOT of things at the end of and beginning of ticks... we're now able to spread a lot of those things out over the course of the tick... so hopefully we won't see much'

Kaige says, 'spikey-lags around ticks'

LadyAce says, 'so 90 is just the high end of what it used to be, not some new random number'

Drakkon nods his agreement with Kaige.

Basara nods solemnly.

Drakkon says to Kaige, 'i do notice that.'

Val says, 'thank god'

Drakkon says, 'Guess that means I'll have to run around for a minute and a half with my sniper now :P'

LadyAce says to Val, 'That answer it for ya?'

Val says to Drakkon, 'that isn't a bad thing, at least now you know.'

Val nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Val smiles happily.

LadyAce says to Jeffrey, 'Your turn.'

LadyAce points at Jeffrey.

Eresse smiles happily.

Val waves happily.

Basara snickers softly.

Basara says, 'I can just imagine all of us with a modified pentometer that dings on 90 seconds.'

Basara says, 'sitting right next to our desks'

LadyAce says to Jeffrey, 'No question anymore? :)'

Jeffrey says, 'it seems to me that, when you have very high dex, tumble doesn't really go off as often as it should. and iron will doesn't seem to make a huge difference...at least not compared to the difference it makes for str and con'

LadyAce says, 'ah ok'

LadyAce can't hear you typing :)

Scathniamh says, 'thank god.'

Jeffrey says, 'so my question is, would it be possible to evaluate the frequency with which tumble goes off for high dex people?'

Jeffrey says, 'especially with iron will'

Scathniamh says, 'dexies only get 9 more hitroll.'

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Jeffrey says, 'see'

Jeffrey says, 'if you fight a policeman in pittsburgh, they tumble a LOT'

Drakkon nods his agreement with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey says, 'even 100 dex chars don't tumble that much...and I think they should'

Huginn says, 'ok.. as far as the dex thing'

Drakkon says to Jeffrey, 'they also have 100 in all stats I would say.'

Jeffrey says, 'especially in light of the changes tomorrow'

Scathniamh whispers quietly to Drakkon.

Jeffrey says to Drakkon, 'But do those other stats affect tumble?'

Huginn says, 'I'm thinking about adding iron will into parry for dex folks'

Jeffrey nods solemnly.

Basara nods solemnly.

Basara says, 'that would be nice'

Jeffrey says, 'oh that'd be cool'

Drakkon nods solemnly.

RoyMast nods solemnly.

Kaige says to Huginn, 'You forgot your aura.'

Drakkon says, 'Would be cooler if you could parry more than 1 attack a round ;)'

Scathniamh giggles.

Huginn says, 'no plans to change the tumble frequency.. sometimes its constant, sometimes its not'

Huginn says, 'sorry'

Scathniamh hugs Kaige.

Huginn says, 'there's a dex change tomorrow that should help things'

Jeffrey says, 'just seems to me that tumble would become a dex fighter's primary defense against str fighters, with bash'

Huginn says, 'so we'll see how that goes first'

Jeffrey says, 'otherwise they're pretty much toast'

Jeffrey says, 'and it seems like tumble really should happen more often'

Huginn says, 'tumble can happen quite a bit'

Jeffrey says, 'can, but usually doesn't'

Huginn says, 'it can go in streaks, yes'

Jeffrey says, 'I'm not saying it should be all the time'

Hassan hides from the onslaught of spam.

Huginn says, 'well if we raise it much, especially with iron will, it would be'

Jeffrey says, 'just more, perhaps, particularly with less access to a well-timed double backstab'

Jeffrey says, 'after tomorrow'

Huginn says, 'I'm looking at something else for snipers'

Jeffrey says, 'can you be more specific? :)'

Kousenborg says to Huginn, 'Oh?'

Basara says, 'groin shot?'

RoyMast laughs.

Jeffrey winces in sympathy with Basara.

Huginn says, 'no not at this time'

Jeffrey nods his agreement with Huginn.

LadyAce says, 'does that cover the question?'

LadyAce says, 'my queue is now 7 people long, so I'm going to be speeding things up.'

Jeffrey says, 'well...as well as it's going to be covered :)'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

LadyAce points at Psyco_man.

Drakkon says, 'Er NM on my question'

LadyAce says to Psyco_man, 'In window? :)'

LadyAce points at Scathniamh.

Scathniamh says, 'okay, my question is about AT'

Scathniamh says, 'the healer there'

LadyAce nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'you had previously mentioned that the healer was supposed to be like any normal, well stocked druid'

Scathniamh says, 'which makes sense.'

LadyAce says, 'he used to stockpile herbs due to a bug, and he shouldn't anymore'

Scathniamh says, 'But now, it seems that he never has herbs'

Scathniamh says, 'he doesn't have any herbs.'

Scathniamh says, 'ever'

Scathniamh says, 'he carries absolutely nothing.'

Scathniamh says, 'is that a bug, or..?'

LadyAce says, 'he just has what he needs as he needs it. I'd like to give him a reward of herbs if you kill him but it's not in right now.'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Scathniamh says, 'okee.'

LadyAce says, 'that was easy :) idea it so I don't forget it. It's on my mental list but it always helps to have people poke me'

LadyAce points at Trousers.

Trousers says, 'I have a query about hitroll.'

LadyAce says, 'lets me know what peeps think is important'

Trousers says, 'It's supposed to be based on the main fight stat, no?'

Sandra says, 'wait your turn please =)'

Scathniamh says, 'it is his turn'

Scathniamh giggles.

Sandra says, 'oops, missed the point'

Trousers says, 'She pointed at me though..'

Sandra giggles.

LadyAce says, 'is my fault, talking over my point'

Trousers sulks because Sandra has hurt his feelings.

Basara giggles.

Hassan says, 'wow someone actually wants to know what peep thinks is important!'

Hassan cheers for himself since no one else has.

Huginn says, 'its based on either your primary or your dex, whichever is higher'

Trousers says, 'My primary is higher'

Trousers says, 'A lot higher'

Trousers says, 'But dex still takes over'

Trousers says, 'It's not cool.'

Kousenborg raises his eyebrow at Trousers.

Huginn says, 'what do you think you should get for your primary?'

Scathniamh says, 'we've been changing his eq. and noticed that if he removes a large amount of str eq, his hitroll stays constant'

Trousers nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Sandra says, 'his primary stat isn't much higher than his dex'

Huginn says, 'str is / 6'

Basara says, 'but strength has the damroll bonus'

Trousers says, 'It is when I'm wearing all my eq ;P'

Scathniamh says, 'but he removed like, 10 str. waiting for it to drop'

Scathniamh says, 'and and nothing happened to hit'

Trousers says, 'I have 66 dex, 92 str'

Trousers says, 'That's a wide margin, if you ask me'

Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.

Trousers looks up into the sky and ponders.

Huginn says, 'ok that's 10 hitroll from str'

Scathniamh says, 'what was the shake for..?'

Scathniamh nods solemnly.

Huginn says, 'and tht's 20 hitroll from dex'

Scathniamh says, 'okay, now i'm confused.'

Kousenborg blinks.

Hassan says to Trousers, 'Just perma and remake, if that dont work, just go con.'

Scathniamh says, 'what happened to 100 dex being 20 hit?'

Trousers says, 'I'm 2 agg with 28 hitroll, and I'm wearing +6 hit eq'

Huginn says, 'never was 20'

Sandra says, '100 dex was never 20 hit'

Scathniamh says, 'and hitroll being bassed on your weapon?'

Scathniamh says, 'When I asked Huginn about the max hitroll for stats, he said it was 11 for str/con, and 20 for dex, within a large discussion'

Huginn says, 'hitroll is based on your fight stat... unless your dex would give you more'

Sandra says, '23'

Huginn says, 'it used to be 23..'

Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.

Scathniamh says, 'so dex hasn't changed any?'

Huginn says, 'then it got a small boost to 26'

Scathniamh says, 'dex is still hitroll?'

Huginn nods solemnly.

Scathniamh mutters under her breath.

Trousers says, 'So if I dropped dex to say, 45...'

Scathniamh says, 'why did you confuse us so?'

Huginn says, 'but now you can get _some_ from your str or con'

Huginn says to Scathniamh, 'Its you..'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Huginn's head.

Scathniamh gasps at Huginn.

Scathniamh says, 'i'm sure i'm not the only one who thought it was now only the weapon stat'

Kousenborg says, 'Jesus, that's worse than figuring out who the #1 NCAA football team is'

Kousenborg ducks to the ground.

Scathniamh bonks Huginn on the head!

Huginn says, 'originally we had it just off the main fight stat'

Scathniamh says, 'so i wasn't completely confused'

Huginn says, 'but at that QA people said hey that's not fair'

Kaige says to Kousenborg, 'We like to make you work to reverse engineer formulas.'

Kousenborg nods his agreement with Kaige.

Kousenborg winks suggestively at Kaige.

Huginn says to Scathniamh, 'Not completely.'

Scathniamh giggles at Huginn.

Huginn says, 'and they were right..'

Huginn says, 'so we changed it to be the higher of the two'

Huginn says, 'since we've loving'

Scathniamh says, 'so dex is still important. so i have to redo everyone's eq lists'

Scathniamh laughs.

Scathniamh bonks Huginn on the head!

Trousers sighs loudly.

Hassan rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Huginn says, 'it'll be more important tomorrow'

Huginn shrugs helplessly.

Basara says, 'of course dex is important. armor!'

Trousers says, 'See, the crazy thing about that is'

Scathniamh says to Huginn, 'you're just like pants. he likes to make me have to redo my lists, too.'

Psyco_man says, 'why are u changing it?'

Trousers says, 'You have to have 40 some for weapon mastery'

Trousers is completely boggled.

Trousers begins to twitch nervously.

Huginn says, 'yeah that'll change at some point too'

Psyco_man shakes his head.

Hassan says, 'ohh well my tank is going to be damn near 100 100 100 so...'

Trousers says, 'Down or up?'

Scathniamh laughs.

Basara says, 'mind stun'

Scathniamh says, 'and nothing else.'

Scathniamh pats Hassan on the head.

Trousers laughs.

Trousers nods his agreement with Scathniamh.

Scathniamh says, 'that won't work'

Scathniamh says, 'You won't have fight stats'

Scathniamh says, 'But nice try'

Scathniamh hugs Hassan.

Hassan says, 'naww sure will'

Huginn says, 'it'll be bassed on your wielded stat'

Huginn says, 'not all of the physicals'

Trousers nods solemnly.

Trousers says, 'That's good'

LadyAce says, 'does that cover the question?'

Trousers says, 'Okay, that concludes my half hour question'

Trousers tips his hat gallantly.

LadyAce points at Basara.

LadyAce giggles.

Scathniamh giggles.

Basara laughs.

Basara says, 'on the note of tumble, how come it doesn't work for thieves that trip you?'

Huginn says, 'that's an act'

Huginn says, 'not a skill vs skill'

Basara says, 'so the act is guaranteed to work'

Huginn says, 'depends I suppose on how the act is built'

Basara nods solemnly.

Chocorua says, 'idea it that they should maybe take tumble into account ont he act'

Huginn says, 'or balance.. or both'

Hassan says, 'actually I use balance all the time with zeirath'

Chocorua says, 'it can be considered by the acts'

Hassan says, 'very useful skill i think'

LadyAce says to Basara, 'That cover it for ya?'

Basara nods his agreement with LadyAce.

LadyAce points at Hassan.

Hassan says, 'whats the outlook on the xp scale? any chances of it being raised a little?'

Cheyla shudders.

Huginn says, 'as in more exp?'

Hassan says, 'im talking like maybe 1 or 2 % more xp'

Hassan nods his agreement with Huginn.

Huginn says, 'not that I've heard'

Huginn says, 'its really not that bad'

Chocorua says, 'i thik it would be better to be lowered'

Kousenborg raises his eyebrow at Chocorua.

Hassan says, 'its not bad'

Hassan says, 'just seams like mobs are not even as far as xp goes'

Huginn says, 'idea those if you think they're not fair'

Cheyla says, 'there's a lot of xp to be had out there already... and people can level VERY quickly'

Kaige says, 'well, if you want individual mobs reconsidered, then use and abuse the idea channel on 'em.'

Cheyla nods her agreement with Kaige.

Hassan says, 'like I can kill the apprentices in quebec for like 15k but like if i were to kill the seamstress id only get 10k'

Hassan says, 'and i loose less hps on apprentices'

LadyAce says, 'I think we have to leave something constant, the xp scale seems like a good thing to leave alone for now'

LadyAce says, 'that's an individual mob thing not the whole scale'

Kaige nods her agreement with LadyAce.

Huginn says, 'also some mobs are easier to kill for certain char types'

Hassan says, 'so just idea for mobs like that?'

Huginn says, 'especially at low levels'

Kaige nods her agreement with Hassan.

Hassan says, 'ahh'

Hassan nods his agreement with Huginn.

Chocorua says, 'i think we'd see a lot more mobs visited for exp if some of the higher concentration area mobs were lowered'

Huginn says, 'so that factors into it at times'

Chocorua shrugs helplessly.

Hassan says, 'alright thanks :D answered my question :D'

Chocorua says, 'its also best to idea stuff like that AT the spot the mob would be so teh appropriate builder is more easily notified'

Hassan nods his agreement with Chocorua.

Kaige says, 'yes, much easier for me to put it into the right box instead of having to look up every seamstress and apprentice in the game and figure out where it might go'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Hassan chuckles politely.

Hassan nods his agreement with Kaige.

LadyAce says to Hassan, 'That cover it?'

Hassan nods his agreement with LadyAce.

LadyAce points at Kousenborg.

Kousenborg says, 'First of all, the code changes this week rock. So kudos on that. Now, I have a couple of sniper question/comments'

Kaige says, 'but a mention of "the ones in fiwar" is also helpful too'

Cheyla says, 'and if you've got a comparative mob, mention it... like seamstress in vs this apprentice'

Hassan nods his agreement with Cheyla.

Kousenborg says, 'First off all, I bugged and ideaed this awhile back..but currently a hiding sniper stops hiding when he aims...any chance this will be changed? Because, I mean, hiding and aiming snipers seem to go together'

Huginn says, 'it does?'

Jeffrey says, 'ugh'

Val grimaces.

Basara says, 'oof'

Huginn flops about helplessly.

Val says, 'ouch'

Hassan flops about helplessly.

Chocorua mutters under his breath.

Val says to LadyAce, 'what have I told you about router rugby???'

Val winks suggestively at LadyAce.

Hassan says, 'yeah ladyace spilled some water on the router, its good now'

Basara snickers softly.

Kaige says, 'aiming doesn't break hiding'

Kaige says, 'whee.. that was fun.'

Val giggles.

LadyAce says, 'ah, I guess we all froze :)'

Jeffrey nods his agreement with LadyAce.

Huginn nods his agreement with Kaige.

LadyAce says, 'bah, I'm not even at home :P'

Val chortles with amusement.

Val says, 'It's still your fault dear'

Val says, 'who else are we going to blame, Huginn just laughs and aims'


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