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December 9th, 2004

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Sandra says, 'anyone have questions?'
Horror says, 'just you today?'
Sandra says, 'otherwise we're just veggin'
Horror says, 'i got something'
Sandra nods her agreement with Horror.
Spite says, 'the rest are just hiding waiting for someone to say something
wrong :P'
Sandra says, 'there's no code update this week btw'
Horror says, 'anyway we can get homu's not to report there wary agg and i mean
JUST homu's'
Horror bonks herself on the head and looks sheepish.
Horror says, 'its annoying'
Sandra says, 'oh, probably'
Wren says, 'homus. alas for the brown men'
Horror says, 'since they cant fight now'
Wren says, 'forsooth, in years past, they were great indeed'
Dalia says, 'they cant fight?'
Horror says, 'no'
Horror says, 'resent change'
Dalia says, 'what happens? :P'
Wren says, 'alas, how the might(il)y numbered have fallen'
Wren says, 'well they just don't fight'
Wren says, 'but you can drag them through sidelan'
Dalia chuckles politely.
Horror says, 'they got sick of people buthering mob with them'
Wren says, 'to pick up loot'
Sandra says to Horror, 'Bug it? It seems like they shouldn't have that bit of
Dalia says, 'so they're like your little cheerleaders'
Wren says, 'cause they dun get attacked'
Wren bounces around.
Dalia says, 'neat'
Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.
Spite says, 'they disappear with your gear if you ditch em too'
Dalia raises her hand.
Spite says, 'they should drop it'
Wren says, 'er'
Sandra points at Dalia.
Wren says, 'angels disappear wif too'
Wren says, 'all of them do'
Wren says, 'the GREEDIES!!!'
Wren says, 'they should give them to meee!'
Wren says, 'well cept doppels cause you gotta squish those'
Dalia says, 'Not sure if the imms were *looking* to beef up dex at all, but if
they were I had a cool idea :P'
Wren says, 'yes! beef!'
Sandra says, 'whassat?'
Wren says, 'I need beef! I need serious beef'
Dalia says, 'When you tumble, you should be cleared of any skill lag :)'
Sandra says, 'Huginn and I talked about some ideas for dex last night at dave
and busters'
Spite laughs.
Wren says, 'dex needs beeeef'
Wren says, 'but if you have unagi thas even better'
Dalia says, 'I think that would be a cool change'
Dalia says, 'Not exactly overpowering'
Sandra says, 'I dunno. I have one word for you'
Sandra says, 'Malia'
Sandra giggles.
Dalia panics, and attempts to flee.
Dalia sighs loudly.
Horror laughs.
Fear says, 'didn't know this was going.'
Spite says, 'tumble the bash, flee come back in and backstab before their bash
lag is over'
Dalia says, 'so, she wont have to WAIT to wfw me :P'
Sandra nods her agreement with Dalia.
Horror says, 'its a huge game room place'
Wren goes EEK! in distress.
Fear raises her hand.
Dalia says, 'I still think it would be cool :)'
Dalia says, 'just throwing the idea out there'
Horror says, 'with arcade and pool and shuffleboard'
Sandra says, 'its an interesting idea :)'
Snoggle says, 'ohh'
Horror says, 'and bowling'
Horror says, 'and'
Horror says, 'pizza'
Horror says, 'and BEER!'
Sandra says, 'Huginn isn't back from travelling yet so I don't think he'llbe
Sandra says, 'and nachos'
Wren says, 'hugggggyyy'
Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.
Sandra points at Fear.
Fear says, 'are there any plans to bring con back into spec a bit? i've got a
few con chars, at the same hit/dam as str chars, they seem to average alot
less damage.'
Sandra says, 'they're supposed to average less damage ;)'
Dalia says, 'they should :P'
Horror says, 'id have to agree there'
Wren says, 'thas okay, dex with the same hit/dam as str chars is the same'
Fear says, 'at the same hit/dam?'
Wren ducks to the ground.
Dalia nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'yes'
Dalia says, 'Con gets hps'
Horror says, '100 cons hits worse then  my mutant 80 80 80'
Wren says, 'I have a dexer with 44hit 30dam and man she sucks... think 70str
Sandra says, 'hitroll's a bit different these days then it was'
Fear nods her agreement with Horror.
Horror says, 'and thats sad'
Fear says, 'that's my point.'
Wren says, 'well man she sucks compared to str'
Dalia says, 'whats strength get if con hits the same as str'
Wren says, 'she is good... for dex'
Wren snickers softly.
Wren says, 'boost the dex!'
Wren drools contentedly.
Wren says, 'give it quails to eat!'
Horror says, 'dex smex!'
Wren says, 'quails are tasty'
Horror says, 'hitroll!'
Fear says, '100 con, 60 dex has.. 15 hitroll.'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'yeah thats sort of low'
Horror says, 'imho'
Sandra says, 'hitroll's based on your primary stat'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Spite says, 'thats reminds me, dex still affects hitroll right?'
Horror says, 'i know'
Fear says, 'yet 100 dex 60 con is.. 35 hitroll?'
Sandra says, 'dex gets a better boost of hitroll'
Horror says, 'but it goes up with every point of dex you have too'
Fear says, 'well, obviously.'
Fear says, 'just thinking here.'
Fear says, 'str gets hit and dam.'
Horror says, 'con just hits so shitty'
Sandra says, 'You get like a total of 11 hitroll for the other 2 fight stats.
It's something like that'
Fear says, 'con should get more hit then dex :p'
Wren says, 'thinking is bad. thinking shrinks your brain'
Wren looks at Fear, boggled.
Sandra says, 'con gets hit and hp :P'
Wren says, 'why?'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Ok, lemme put it this way.'
Fear says to Sandra, 'My str char can solo higgy, 380 hp.'
Fear says, 'my con char, it takes 2500 ho for her to solo higgy.'
Fear says, 'hp.'
Horror laughs.
Fear says, 'i'm serious.'
Fear says, 'and that's 95 con/60 dex.'
Wren says, 'hrm'
Dalia says, 'higgie is anti-headbutt :)'
Wren says, 'my con character with 95con and 50dex'
Wren says, 'does higgy in 300hps or so'
Spite says, 'victim averages around decimates and hes got 800hp plus he can
parry worth a damn now, so im pretty happy with con as it is'
Fear says to Dalia, 'That's WITH a daze or two.'
Sandra says, 'your str char hits harder(damroll, heavy weapon, bash and rage)'
Fear says to Sandra, '2200 hit points heavier?'
Fear says, 'that's a pretty large swing.'
Fear says, 'that's my point ;)'
Fear says, 'anyway, i'm done whining!'
Fear giggles.
Sandra says, 'it's a big difference, yes. There's a lot to compare besides str
vs con'
Spite says, 'I think spirit is the stat that needs the boost!'
Sandra says, 'ac, damroll, weapon, skills used, etc'
Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Sandra giggles at Spite.
Fear says, 'well, my point is this.'
Fear says, '380 hp lasts alot longer than 600 hp.'
Dalia says, 'Wow, the bartender chick on the O.C, is hot'
Horror says to Sandra, 'Con does hit like poo.'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Dalia says, 'crap did i say that out loud?'
Wren says, 'I hit like poo too'
Horror chuckles politely.
Wren bounces around.
Wren says, 'a little birdpoo!'
Horror says, 'but i hit much better'
Horror says, 'with 80 80 80 stats'
Horror says, 'then i do with 100 con'
Wren says, 'you hit better than me! die!'
Wren stomps on Horror with her Wren-feet! Horror giggles uncontrollably.
Fear says, 'i'm lucky to oblit at 20 hit/dam'
Horror says, 'same dex'
Fear says, 'with con'
Horror says, 'never changed dex at all'
Fear says, 'with str, that rips.'
Horror says, 'he's right sandra'
Sandra says, 'yea, I know'
Horror says, 'she sorry'
Horror ducks to the ground.
Sandra says, 'I'm gonna go with 'as intended' :)'
Horror snickers softly.
Fear says, 'not trying to whine, really. just think it's an issue.'
Spite says, 'the way I figure it we are supposed to go either one or the
Horror says, 'still tho'
Spite says, 'either go con with an assload of hp or str with no hp and hit
like a tank'
Horror says, 'i was told i would hit much better the more of the fight stat i
Fear says, 'with con, the str doesn't seem to pay off at all. to me.'
Horror says, 'i hit like a sissy'
Wren says, 'and whatever you do don't go dex/con without some other kind of
Spite says, 'we aint supposed to try ingenuity'
Sandra says, 'con shouldn't hit like str, who shouldn't hit like dex.'
Fear says, 'but, neither does the dex..'
Wren says, 'at least go condex!'
Horror says, 'i could average descimate with 80 8080'
Sandra says, 'con can outlast str, but str can tear up the stuff'
Wren says, 'oh. are we talking about the 95 95 people?'
Wren is confused.
Fear says to Sandra, 'Dex doesn't hit at all :p'
Dalia returns to being In Character.
Horror says, 'now it ravage'
Wren says, 'what do we mean when we say con/dex?'
Horror says, 'with 100 con'
Wren says, 'or str/con or whatever'
Sandra says, 'well yea, dex has issues that we're working on :)'
Wren says, 'do we mean 90+ in both stats?'
Wren says, 'I'm so confused'
Horror says, 'ok heres what im saying'
Sandra says, 'brb'
Fear says, 'i have a 95 con mage with 75 str, that hits no better than my 95
con, 60 dex druid.'
Wren says, 'OoOooh I hve a question I have a question'
Wren boings up and down and raises her hand.
Wren says, 'oh'
Horror says, 'i average decimate with 80con 80 str magey types then i switched
to 100 con 60 sstr mage and now i average ravage'
Wren says, 'thas weird though'
Spite says, '100con 95dex 60str 800hp works well enough for me'
Wren says, 'my 95con 60str con mage definitely hits better than my 95con 60dex
Horror says, 'seems wronfd'
Horror says, 'er wrong'
Wren looks up into the sky and ponders.
Spite says, 'and I average decimates'
Wren says, 'er 70str'
Wren says, 'not 60str'
Wren says, 'the druid is only um'
Horror says, 'only thing is'
Fear says to Wren, 'Mine really doesn't.'
Wren scritches her head. '40str though.'
Wren says, 'so the druid hits kinda soft anyway'
Wren giggles.
Fear says, 'same for mine :p'
Wren says, 'the mage still rips a bit'
Wren says, 'druid is wussy! but not as wussy as me. I am the wussiest!'
Wren hugs herself in front of everyone - what a narcissist!
Fear says, 'my mage is lucky to decimate.'
Wren says, 'that's strange!'
Wren giggles.
Horror says, 'its funny too'
Fear shrugs helplessly.
Spite says, 'my con mage decimates, on a stunned naked doppel!'
Horror says, 'i was all worried about not having my full attacks because i was
Spite flexes his bulging, impressive muscles.
Fear says, 'i'm gonna take her 90 mind so i can at least abuse gust of wind.'
Horror says, 'i did more damage with 80 then 2 rounds of 1000'
Horror says, 'er 100'
Horror giggles.
Wren says, 'oo thas silly'
Wren giggles.
Fear says to Sandra, 'Sorry, didn't mean to get off on a tangent.'
Horror cheers for Fear - huzzah!
Spite says, 'from what I can gather, the whole combat system needs revamped
Horror says, 'tangents fun!'
Horror prances in circles around Fear, smiling happily.
Wren says, 'ooh if we revamp it can we have um'
Fear nods her agreement with Horror.
Wren says, '---=====ANNIHILATE=====----?'
Wren jumps up and down.
Fear snickers at Wren nastily.
Spite goes EEK! at Wren in distress - isn't Wren an awful person for teasing?
Fear says to Wren, 'In color!'
Wren whines.
Wren says, 'yeah!'
Wren says, 'I like those'
Wren drools contentedly.
Wren says, 'they make me feel big and strong'
Sandra says, 'ok who was next? I lost it in spam :)'
Horror chuckles politely.
Wren says, 'even though in some systems annihilate is what...35dam'
Fear says to Wren, 'I color that stuff anyway ;)'
Wren sulks in the corner.
Wren says, 'I had colour!!! er a question'
Horror says to Sandra, 'So lemme ask you this.'
Wren had a question. But dunno if she was next.
Horror says to Sandra, 'You think its normal that a 80 con str mind mage hits
100 times better then 100 con 60 str ?'
Spite says, 'I dont so much have questions as opinions :P'
Horror blinks.
Horror says, '80 didnt even get full attacks'
Fear says to Horror, 'It's truuuuuuue.'
Wren says, 'are you sure though?'
Horror says, 'positive'
Horror pokes a small piece of paper from Horror marked 'Battle Graph9'.
Wren looks up into the sky and ponders.
Wren says, 'whas your hit dam?'
Sandra says, 'was this after the code update friday?'
Horror says, 'i graph mine'
Wren nods solemnly.
Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.
Horror says, 'yea'
Horror says, 'i switched to con after the update'
Horror says, 'i still hit better with 80'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Horror says, 'and did WAY more dam'
Wren says, 'well switch back if it's really borken??'
Wren says, 'then whenh it swings you can fix it again'
Wren giggles.
Sandra says, 'sounds like it's a weapons prof thing. like it isn't checking or
Wren says, 'I was an idiot!'
Sandra says, 'I'll check with huginn'
Wren says, 'I restrung my two brines'
Horror says, 'k'
Horror says, 'just wondering'
Sandra says, 'I don't think that the 80s should hit better'
Wren says, 'and went doh... 11 to 3 dam with 40str'
Wren says, 'really makes a diff!'
Horror says, 'because im hitting like a big old sissy now'
Wren grumbles under her breath.
Sandra says, 'but I don't think that the 100s should be beefed up ;)'
Horror says, 'when i shouldnt'
Fear says to Sandra, 'There really isn't a great staff for 60 - 70 str,
Sandra says, 'actually, as a mage, you should'
Spite says, 'hammer'
Wren says, 'there is actually'
Wren says, 'but it's nonstat'
Fear says, 'well, go to sl and get me a hammer.'
Horror says, 'at 80s without full attacks with hammer i rocked'
Wren says, 'nono'
Wren says, 'not that one'
Wren says, 'it's on an easy mob'
Fear says, 'i've been trying.'
Horror says, 'thats sad i can outhit a 100 con mage'
Wren says, 'but is nonstat so mebbe not such a good candidate'
Fear shrugs helplessly.
Spite says, 'kitty!'
Spite flexes his bulging, impressive muscles.
Fear says, 'at this point, i'd sacrifice 5 stats.'
Horror says, 'i was told i would notice a big improvment with the more fight
stat i had'
Horror says, 'im not noticing that at all'
Sandra says, 'ok, without Huginn here to dig thru code, I can't really answer
it more than what i have :/'
Horror says, 'ok im done'
Horror says, 'sorry :P'
Horror lurks around Sandra ominously!
Sandra says, 'it's ok :)'
Horror giggles.
Wren says, 'mebbe is'
Sandra says, 'I just don't want you to ramble to dead air is all'
Wren says, 'you had 80str before?'
Sandra giggles.
Wren says, '60now?'
Horror nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'yes'
Wren says, 'mebbe is not the CON that is doing it'
Wren says, 'is the str'
Horror says, 'yeah but'
Wren says, 'i.e. your str tradeoff is not worth your con'
Wren says, '(which is disturbing)'
Horror says, 'i was told i should hit more with 100 con'
Horror says, 'i dont'
Horror says, 'not even close'
Horror says, 'i hit WAY better with 80 str'
Horror says, 'HIT im saying not dam'
Konsekai sneezes.
Spite says, 'I remember something about stats conflicting or something'
Horror chuckles politely.
Horror nods her agreement with Spite.
Snoggle waves happily.
Horror says, 'problly'
Snoggle returns to being In Character.
Fear says, 'it's like, a char can't hit without having a ton of renty hit/dam
gear and not be str.'
Horror says, 'anyway next!'
Wren says, 'me got questions! me! me!'
Sandra says, 'it's a funky mess, lemme tell ya. But we're making tweaks slowly
to get it right. So y ou won't see big changes like we had done originally'
Sandra nods her agreement with Wren.
Wren giggles.
Horror says, 'personaly i think whatever changed huggy made need looked at
Wren says, 'can we have a new singy type chant message for musician type
Wren jumps up and down.
Horror says, 'but thats just me'
Sandra says, 'idea the message sure'
Spite says, 'that should be the way though, str hit/dam gear is renty so we
should be the only ones able to hit like trucks'
Wren says, 'yaaaay'
Wren says, 'can we have a new pokemon type chant message for me?'
Horror says to Spite, 'I agree.'
Wren bats her eyelashes.
Wren bats her eyelashes.
Wren bats her eyelashes.
Fear says, 'oh, how many teaches are there for chant messages?'
Sandra says to Wren, 'No :P'
You do a slow fade as Wren whines at Sandra, hoping she won't get to you too.
Sandra looks up into the sky and ponders.
Spite says, 'we have to lug around this renty crap, and if anyone could hit as
well whats the point?'
Horror says to Spite, 'Im not asking to hit like you.'
Sandra says, '5, I think'
Fear says, 'wow'
Fear says, 'who are they?'
Fear ducks to the ground.
Sandra says, 'but each one teaches different ones'
Fear nods her agreement with Sandra.
Fear says, 'i've seen three.'
Wren says, 'ooh more questions about the chant thing'
Sandra nods her agreement with Wren.
Horror says, 'theres netural evil good create and cause i think'
Wren says, 'is it too much trouble to have them set it back to your previous
chant choice if you accidentally ask one to change it?'
Spite says, 'hang on, what chant messages???'
Wren says, 'cause you think you're doing a quest but you're not'
Sandra says, 'some of them do'
Wren says, 'because rght now it dumps you back to default chant'
Wren says, 'oh'
Sandra says, 'oh'
Sandra says, 'they can't really tell what your previous one was'
Wren says, 'the two I met made me default chant again and I was too lazy to
find my teacher of choice'
Wren nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'I think'
Sandra looks up into the sky and ponders.
Wren says, 'ya hokie, jjust more walkinks'
Sandra says to Kaige, 'Can they?'
Wren giggles.
Sandra says, 'I'll look into it'
Sandra says, 'they might'
Wren beams delightedly.
Sandra says, 'right now there are, lemme look'
Wren says, 'yay!'
Spite says, 'why not just make it a chant option rather than the way they are'
Wren says, 'they want us to walk and mebbe hit dts thas why'
Sandra says, 'Witch, Magician, Demonic, Reality, Nature'
Wren bursts into tears.
Wren says, 'ahem!'
Fear says to Spite, 'Some of them are kinda cool.'
Sandra says, 'the others that aren't in yet but you may see on mobs'
Wren says, 'um'
Sandra says, 'Christian, Will and word, and Polytheistic'
Wren says, 'can we get custom ones, set by immortals - is that possible in the
future  - like descs?'
Wren says, 'or would it be just not worth it?'
Sandra says, 'not really worth it'
Wren sniffs sadly.
Sandra says, 'its easier to just suggest them and we'll put in what we can'
Wren says, 'no calling upon the POWER OF THE JELLYDONUT for me'
Horror says, 'i'd like to see more really'
Wren mopes around, depressed.
Horror says, 'but there hard to think of'
Fear nods her agreement with Horror.
Wren says, 'yah but I want a jellydonut one'
Wren giggles.
Sandra says to Wren, 'You wouldn't get that one in either case :Pp.'
Fear says, 'yaeh, that was a cool change to chant ;)'
Wren says, 'booo'
Wren sniffles quietly.
Wren says, 'yah is fun!'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra nods her agreement with Fear.
Horror chuckles politely.
Sandra says, 'i bugged Ea and Huginn for that one'
Fear cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Sandra says, 'anyway, there's 7 total now, but 5 are in for you all'
Fear says, 'didn't know ea was still even here.'
Sandra says, 'the other 2 will be in soon, I"m sure. And as always, idea more
Horror says, '6 if you cound the original'
Sandra says, 'well, before he went inactive'
Horror says, 'er count'
Sandra says, 'yea'
Fear says, 'oh.'
Fear says, 'so he isn't here :p'
Sandra shakes her head.
Sandra says, 'any other questions?'
Horror says, 'what about my idea with sense life spell?'
Fear looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'oh I dunno what it was'
Wren says, 'I sense life!... there!'
Wren peers at Horror, looking her up and down.
Horror says, 'make it maybe census an area'
Wren says to Horror, 'that can't be right!'
Horror says, 'ro invis'
Spite says, 'no more spells, its annoying enough to find spellbooks as it is'
Horror says, 'then maybe'
Sandra says, 'did you put it on the channel?'
Fear says, 'oh'
Fear raises her hand.
Horror says, 'yeah along time ago'
Horror says, 'i talked to huggy and he liked the idea'
Fear says, 'i haven't asked this in 6 months, so i will!'
Horror says, 'its not a new spell'
Sandra says, 'ok, it's probably something that's being considered. The to do
list is kinda big :)'
Horror says, 'its an old one to make it better'
Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.
Sandra points at Fear.
Horror says, 'it was a good idea i thought'
Sandra nods her agreement with Horror.
Wren says, 'todoooodooodoooo'
Fear says, 'will there ever be an advantage to having an evil aligned druid?'
Horror laughs.
Wren says, 'oh. I had one for a while'
Sandra says, 'I don't know of any in the works. So I can't really say for
Horror says, 'low rent mind eq?!?'
Wren says, 'for a treedent!'
Wren says, 'well there IS low rent mind eq for that...'
Wren says, '... I was usink it!'
Wren giggles.
Horror chuckles politely.
Horror nods solemnly.
Fear giggles.
Sandra giggles.
Spite says, 'yeah because druid gear is sooooo renty as it is :P'
Fear says, 'i had to ask, ya know.'
Horror says, 'not having flavor with evil align is silly tho'
Wren says, 'yeah!'
Wren says, 'oh she was cause'
Wren says, 'so I didn't care'
Wren giggles.
Fear says to Spite, 'Consider flavor vs. foul..'
Spite says, 'you can foul neutral right?'
Horror says, 'no'
Fear looks up into the sky and ponders.
Horror says, 'evil'
Wren says, 'yah'
Fear says, 'don't think so.'
Wren says, 'can'
Wren says, 'I can foul'
Wren can!
Horror says, 'really?'
Wren can pee in stuff.
Wren nods solemnly.
Wren says, 'nongood'
Horror says, 'well maybe thats new'
Fear says to Wren, 'The allskills are funky with align stuff.'
Wren says, 'not =)'
Horror says, 'flavor shouldn't be aligned'
Fear says to Wren, 'Actually do it ;)'
Horror says, 'imho'
Wren says, 'flavor is non evil'
Horror says, 'stilly'
Horror says, 'silly too'
Spite says, 'so there is no point in being evil then'
Wren pees on Fear! How foul!
Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Fear says to Spite, 'That's my point ;)'
Wren says, 'I pee in a certain dragon's spring a bit'
Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Fear says to Wren, 'Yeah.'
Spite says, 'oh wait I know the reason to be evil'
Fear says to Wren, 'There's one or two things that aren't worth the ten free
stats lasting twice as long.'
Spite says, 'dual mana hits!'
Wren giggles.
Wren says, 'well I liked the treedent'
Spite says, '*hug shroud of the master*'
Wren says, 'but I went back to non evil after that I think'
Wren forgetses.
Wren says, 'I like evil cause then I dun hav eto watch my align mostly'
Wren scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Fear says to Wren, 'And quite honestly, flavoring a chalice is godlike.'
Wren says, 'yay'
Fear says, 'willowbark in a chalice when dehydrated is nasty.'
Horror says, 'can i cut in realy quick?'
Horror says, 'i need to jet'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'are we having an elf hunt this xmas?'
Horror ducks to the ground.
Sandra says, 'no idea'
Sandra giggles.
Horror says, 'lies lies!'
Horror lurks around Sandra ominously!
Spite says, 'please god, give the elves a break from the slaughter'
Sandra giggles.
Fear says, 'do imms still give out random coupons on xmas?'
Sandra says, 'maybe'
Horror laughs.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Fear snickers at Sandra nastily.
Horror says, 'your soooo mean!'
Sandra says, 'I may just kill people'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Kill meeeeeee!'
Horror says to Sandra, 'You can kill me anytime!'
Horror gives Sandra a great big smooch!
Sandra giggles.
Horror says, 'ok im outy'
Wren says, 'bibi nightmare!'
Horror says, 'peace and love'
Wren says, 'ooh'
Sandra waves to Horror.
Fear waves to Horror.
Wren says, 'she has an outy'
Horror says, 'oh wait wrong alt'
Wren says, 'not an inny!'
Horror says, 'die die die'
Fear says to Horror, 'Beat my nephew.'
Horror says, 'nooo'
Fear snickers softly.
Horror says, 'he's sleeping'
Horror says, 'so cute...'
Horror waves happily.
Horror returns to being In Character.
Sandra says, 'ok, any other questions?'
Fear looks up into the sky and ponders.
Spite says, 'so whens str getting another boost, its crap :P'
Fear says, 'yes, but not aloud!'
Spite ducks to the ground.
Sandra giggles.
Spite says, 'actually I do have one'
Sandra says, 'okie'
Spite says, 'exactly how are skill successes worked out?'
Sandra says, 'most are stat vs stat, stat+stat vs stat+stat, etc'
Sandra says, 'with an rng thrown in'
Sandra says, 'confused yet?'
Sandra giggles.
Spite says, 'so its the rng thats bung'
Wren says, 'nope!'
Wren says, 'I miss when I could calculate the exact hps of my greater
Wren says, '...s'
Wren pouts.
Spite says, 'that explains the 100str failing bashes on mice and stuff'
Sandra says, 'the rng is funky, but it isn't individual. That's the part
that's hard to remember'
Wren says, 'even though they were basically useless cept as cannon fodder!'
Wren giggles.
Sandra giggles.
Spite says, 'thats why I prefer a %skill table'
Fear was already playing, and has reconnected.

Fear wrinkles her nose with distaste.
Spite has lost link.

Wren says, 'ooh look I din lose link'
Wren flexes her bulging, impressive muscles.
Konsekai says, 'me either'
Konsekai bounces around.
Sandra says, 'oy'
Wren giggles.
Fear says, 'whos idea was the scan thing?'
Sandra says, 'Huginn, I think'
Fear says, 'nicenice.'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Fear says, 'haven't tried it, but nice.'
Konsekai snores loudly.
Spite has reconnected.

Konsekai says, 'I petition that we give wren special powers to slay people
with her wren feet'
Sandra giggles.
Wren says, 'ooh'
Wren says, 'slay slay!!!!'
Spite says, 'no way, she'll get all hopped up on donuts and kill everyone!'
Wren jumps up and down.
Wren says, 'will not!'
Fear says, 'Dalia tells you, 'hah, beat higgie losing only 150 hps :P''
Wren snickers softly.
Sandra giggles.
Fear says, 'seriously, 2500 hp for my druid to kill him at 95/60'
Konsekai says, 'which thingy?'
Fear says, 'huh?'
Konsekai says, 'er'
Konsekai says, 'higgie?'
Spite says, 'the only mob I know that damn near anyone can kill and is worth a
crapload of xp'
Fear nods solemnly.
Konsekai says, 'Well'
Wren says, 'boo stop talking about me'
Wren bursts into tears.
Konsekai says, 'richard the lion hearted is fun to kill'
Konsekai says, 'and he's worth around 140k'
Wren says, 'so I'm an anyone can kill'
Konsekai shrugs helplessly.
Wren says, 'no need to rub it in!'
Wren bursts into tears.
Sandra says, 'ok any other questions?'
Konsekai says, 'Can wren have instakill wrenfeet?'
Sandra says, 'probably not no'
Sandra giggles.
Wren giggles at Konsekai.
Konsekai stomps around.
Spite laughs.
Spite says, 'only probably?'
Wren says, 'she said I can't even have my jellydonut chant'
Wren mopes around, depressed.
Konsekai says, 'everyone notice she said probably'
Sandra says, 'that's just my politeness'
Spite laughs.
Wren says, 'hah'
Sandra says, 'what I really mean is hell no :)'
Wren says to Sandra, 'can I have instakill wren feet?'
Wren bets her answer is less polite now fleeee!
Wren giggles.
Sandra says, 'probably not, no :P'
Wren says, 'boo'
Wren says, 'you did that on purposes'
Spite pets Sandra lovingly.
Wren mopes around, depressed.
Sandra giggles.
Konsekai returns to being In Character.
Wren yawns.
Sandra says, 'ok last call, coz I have laundry to do'
Wren says, 'me go away  now!'
Wren runs around the room in circles, squealing loudly.
Wren returns to being In Character.
Spite says, 'me too, I might actually go kill something'
Sandra says, 'ok, thanks for coming :)'

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