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December 23rd, 2004

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Xuvenia says, 'i never knew there was a level bonus for ac'
Xuvenia peers around intently.
Isam says, 'i do more to players though'
Isam snickers softly.
Mavado says to Isam, 'Mobs have like -500 ac!'
Xuvenia giggles.
Kaige says to Xuvenia, 'I forget when that got added in.'
Isam says to Mavado, 'i thought they had a cap like us.'
Mavado shrugs helplessly.
Mavado was kidding.
Kaige says, 'but it sure made tracking reports of objects having bad AC values down hard'
Kaige says to Mavado, 'Actually the lowest I've seen is like -176 or somehting scary like that.'
Mavado says to Kaige, 'Do they, have a  cap?'
Kaige says, 'well, they do... everything it pretty much capped at -100 and +100, but if a mob has say... -120, using weakon armor on it isn't going to do much to it... just like weaken, clumsy, etc aren't going to have much effect on someone with 10'
Kaige says, '100+ in a stat'
Isam says, 'i see'
Isam nods solemnly.
Mavado nods solemnly.
Isam says, 'smack them builders'
Mavado says, 'makes sense.'
Kaige says, 'builders can't give mobs stats > 100... but dressing up mobs in various armor does give them an AC bonus just like players'
Isam says, 'can they give mobs less?'
Mavado says to Isam, 'Of course.'
Kaige says, 'which is why there was a lot of "AC adjusted on many mobs" where they were coming out with AC MUCH better than they should have for their level because what they were wearing wasn't taken into account'
Kaige nods her agreement with Isam.
Drow says, 'does 50+ damroll effect hitting?'
Kaige shakes Drow's hand.
Drow says, 'aight'
Kaige says, 'damroll only affects how much damage is being done when they hit'
Drow says, 'I noticed it goes higher now'
Drow says, 'I mean does over 50 effect damage'
Drow says, 'sorry bad wording'
Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.
Drow says, 'had like 58 on Drakk'
Drow chuckles politely.
Kaige says, 'I'm not sure with out looking into the code itself. I know something changed recently with the limits on what you can get from what sources (stats vs items) but couldn't tell you the'
Kaige says, 'exact results of that off the top of my head'
Kaige hangs her head.
Drow nods solemnly.
Drow says, 'Where's huginn when ya need him eh! :P'
Kaige says, 'exchangin' gifts with the wife!'
Drow says, 'ahh'
Drow nods solemnly.
Drow giggles.
Isam says, 'all i know is the cap in score is gone, and it didnt effect damage before'
Mavado snickers softly.
Isam says, 'years ago'
Mavado has a two part question.
Drow says, 'years ago ppl had 70+ (martyr) and it did effect his hitting'
X'z says, 'it was messiah!'
Isam says, 'I could hit 70+'
Isam chuckles politely.
Drow says, 'oh yea martyr was the con one'
X'z nods her agreement with Drow.
Drow throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Drow says, 'he was cool shit'
Drow laughs.
Drow says, 'pardon my french :P'
Kaige chuckles politely.
Kaige says, 'Il est le merde?'
Kaige says, 'la merde?'
Drow laughs.
Drow says, 'I think le :P'
Kaige shrugs philosophically.
Kaige says, 'been a while'
Drow giggles.
Drow nods solemnly.
Drow says, 'same'
Drow says, 'who even knows, I don't evne think french ppl know'
Drow says, 'Do you know anything about upcoming code update?'
Kaige says, 'Nestor prolly would.'
Drow says, 'yea'
Kaige looks at the welcome board.
Drow says, 'guess so, since he lives in paris hehehe'
Kaige reads message #34 on the welcome board.
Drow looks at the welcome board.
Drow says, 'oh'
Drow reads message #34 on the welcome board.
Kaige says, 'what about it?'
Kaige giggles.
Drow says, 'durn'
Mavado looks at the welcome board.
Drow says, 'was hoping he was fixing shoot head shooting wpns out :P'
Mavado reads message #34 on the welcome board.
Drow grumbles about a |12l


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