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December 30th, 2004

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Kaige says, 'bleah. figured out what it is... I'm the only one who ever compiles with object acts turned on'
Kaige giggles at herself.
Kaige says, 'and not all that stuff gets updated as a result'
Kaige sighs loudly.
Sandra says, 'oh hehe'
Sandra says, 'don't you hate when it's something that easy?'
Kaige says, 'yeah. but means mor work for some day when I have more patience'
DoC has arrived from the east.
DoC lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Jade has arrived from the east.
Jade knocks Sandra over and flops all over her.
DoC slaps Jade.
DoC knocks Sandra over and flops all over her.
Sandra squeezes Jade's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'
Sandra squeezes DoC's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'
Jade pouts at Sandra.
Sandra says to Jade, 'Just so you know.'
Jade raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Sandra says, 'pittsburgh
 is gonna kick everyone's ass'
Jade blinks.
Jade says, 'when?'
DoC says, 'hmm?'
DoC says, 'doesnt it already'
Jade says, 'oh, playoffs?'
Sandra nods her agreement with Jade.
DoC says, 'every time i go there i have 3 agg mobsters chasing my ass'
DoC says, 'oh that'
Sandra snickers at DoC nastily.
Jade says to Sandra, 'Colts, baby.'
DoC throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
DoC says, 'colts all the way!'
DoC jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Jade!
Beverly has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Sandra says, 'we'll see!'
Jade says to Sandra, 'Thought you were talking about your area for a sec :p'
DoC says, 'ok afk for 5 chicken adobo is done'
Sandra giggles.
Beverly tickles Sandra.
Kaige says, 'buncha losers who slipped out of town in the dead of night.'
Kaige sniffs sadly.
Jade says to Kaige, 'Yeah, but they have Mr. Manning.'
Sandra says, 'we have to finish by 9 coz Medium is on and that show is awesome'
Kaige says, 'yeah. but they're still sell-outs in my book.'
Sandra says, 'the colts?'
Katahdin bows deeply.
Kaige says, 'oh crap that's right. and here I sit with no DVR'
Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.
Sandra says, 'me too'
Sandra says, 'but!'
Sandra says, 'i'm totally free of timewarner!'
Kaige glares at Time Warner for sending th guy out to replace on with NONE on his truck until after the 12th.
Sandra stands on her tip-toes and does a Snoopy-like dance of joy!
Beverly looks at the news board.
Beverly looks at the welcome board.
Beverly returns to being In Character.
Blackmojo returns to being In Character.
Kaige says, 'yeah. but I don't think we remember how to hook up the VCR to actually tape anything any more'
Kaige snickers softly.
Axis has arrived from the east.
Axis leaves east.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Axis has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'yea, I'm having that problem myself ;P'
Jade says, 'Tiiiiiivo'
Kaige says, 'yay! compiling much happier now'
Axis nudges Kaige.
Axis nudges a handsome handmade wreath over a few inches.
Sandra says, 'I can get a tivo directTV thingie for 4 bucks a month tho'
Axis says, 'tis NOT the season'
Sandra says, 'oh hm, qna time'
Katahdin says, 'compiling is overated'
Kaige didn't hang it there.
Jade says, 'Tivo is godlike.'
Sandra says, 'questions?'
Jade raises her hand.
Sandra points at Jade.
Jade says, 'is there a really large code change in the works, or is the dept just being a bit inactive?'
Axis looks at the welcome board.
Axis reads message #37 on the welcome board.
Sandra says, 'a lot of the code stuff this week was behind the scene stuff'
Jade says, 'ahh, okies.'
Sandra says, 'buncha bug fixes, some new builder toys, etc.'
Jade nods her agreement with Axis.
Jade raises her hand.
Beverly has arrived from the east.
Sandra points at Jade.
Kaige says, 'be very scared... some new tools for builders to wreak havoc and chaos with'
Sandra grins evilly at Kaige... Wonder what she's thinking...
Axis says, 'tools what tools!'
Jade says, 'have limans been gimped in some way, recently? *couch entrance and calm*'
Sandra shakes her head.
Kaige says, 'or at least make it so people stop complaining about mobs "seeing" through their disguises and giving them away maybe'
DoC says, 'londons also'
DoC says, 'seriously'
Sandra says, 'we would have posted the changes. We're not that mean :)'
Beverly raises her hand.
Kaige says, 'yeah. i don't recall anything code wise like that'
Jade says to Sandra, 'Maybe it was behind the scenes? :p'
Sandra shakes her head.
Kaige shakes her head.
Jade nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'no, that's a player change. We'd post that :)'
DoC says, 'i seriously fail enough calms for it to not be coincidence:P'
DoC says, 'hehe'
Jade was kidding ;)
DoC nods his agreement with Sandra.
Sandra says, 'well, I see why you fail 'em'
Sandra says, 'fix your problem and you'll do better :)'
DoC says, 'its usually full tho sandra'
DoC nods solemnly.
DoC says, 'but k'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra points at Beverly.
DoC flops about helplessly.
Beverly says, 'two questions'
Beverly says, 'one relating to Jades.  How closely is calm/entrance related to prestige'
Axis raises his hand.
Axis says, 'wait nm'
Kaige says, 'well, who are you going to trust? someone with a reputation or some no-name?'
Sandra says, 'i can't say how close, coz I don't know. But they are kinda important.'
Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.
Kaige says, 'best thing you can do is try it out at different levels and see how it works'
Beverly chuckles politely.
Kaige says, 'oh wait.. that was dangerously close to an 'E' word.'
Kaige scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Sandra giggles at Kaige.
Beverly says, 'okay.  and - I gave a bunny with disguise on, and it would not follow me.'
Sandra says, 'yea that'll be fixed friday'
Beverly nods solemnly.
Kaige says, 'that's a code issue and should be fixed'
Katahdin says, 'what is an 'E' word <------- NEWBIE?'
Sandra says, 'explore :)'
DoC snickers softly.
Kaige whispers quietly to Katahdin.
Jade gasps at Sandra.
Axis faints.
Sandra giggles.
DoC says, 'newbie...ohhh thats what they call jade'
Sandra says, 'other questions?'
Jade says to Sandra, 'I still can't find my way through matla or alaska.'
Jade raises her hand.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Sandra points at Jade.
DoC says, 'thats cause your lazy:P'
Axis says, 'Alaska is fun!'
Jade says, 'for god's sake, when do we get sl 2? :p'
Sandra says, 'when it's done! ;)'
Katahdin says, 'can i ask a question about a difficulty i'm having in a certain area in the game?'
You do a slow fade as Jade whines at Sandra, hoping she won't get to you too.
Jade says to Sandra, 'I've got two chars with the damn whois now!'
Sandra says, 'I don't have an eta on that, sorry. It's in testing. THough we haven't gotten to test it in over a month due to various stuff'
Sandra says to Katahdin, 'Sure.'
Huginn has arrived from the east.
Jade tickles Huginn.
Katahdin says, 'i'm stuck in casablanca with no boat and i no longer have my hourglass that i used to get there from arabia.  I figured i needed the hourglass to give to the old man? how do i get out of there?'
Huginn slowly fades into thin air.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Huginn?
DoC licks Huginn.
Kaige says, 'you can do a quest to get a ticket'
Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.
Katahdin says, 'i'm only level 4.  Is that high enuf for the quest?'
Beverly lies down in a giant bowl of alphabet soup.
Sandra says, 'there's a boat ride out of there. And there is another way that maybe somebody could give you hints on :)'
Sandra says, 'ooh soup'
Axis says to Katahdin, 'Or you don't explore and you beg on whine on chat for 4 hours until you decide to quit :P'
Kaige says, 'definitely. it's a very simple find/fetch and carry'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Axis's head.
DoC snickers softly.
Axis waits for his lashing.
DoC raises his hand.
Sandra says, 'people like to give hints. If y ou ask, I bet that someone will :)'
Katahdin says, 'ok. I'll try to figure it out then.  Perhpas i'll just have to watch a lot of Bogie movies.'
Sandra giggles.
Jade says to Sandra, 'Not much there is alive when i'm around ;)'
Sandra says, 'well, help the poor newbie with a boat then!'
DoC snickers softly.
Jade says to Sandra, 'I'll go fly him ;)'
DoC says, 'cause your too wussy for salem'
Sandra smiles happily.
DoC cackles gleefully at Jade - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
Sandra giggles.
Katahdin says, 'the plane shows up once a day?'
Jade says to DoC, 'Salem is scary.'
DoC nods his agreement with Jade.
DoC says, 'anything sandra makes is scary'
Kaige shakes her head.
Sandra tries.
DoC says, 'appears cute and kind but bites'
Jade says, 'speaking of sandra areas.'
Jade pokes Sandra in the ribs.
Jade says to Sandra, 'Plans for any others??'
DoC says, 'yeah make some more areas'
Kaige says, 'the area was built before we really had the ability to make planes.. so you're looking for a boat ride out of town'
Sandra says, 'Medieval France. When I get time to read up on it some again'
DoC cheers wildly!
Jade says to Sandra, 'Can it use gold, please?'
Jade bats her eyelashes at Sandra.
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'LA and i are also supposed to be doing the silk road, but we really havent' done much with it'
Katahdin says, 'guess i gotta find me some papers :)'
DoC says, 'but dollars look so good next to this string'
DoC pokes a mountain of |15white, fluffy snow9.
Sandra says, 'believe me, I won't be messing with currency again :P'
Jade cackles gleefully at Sandra - whatever she's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
DoC raises his hand.
Jade says to Sandra, 'I'm stupid, that's a given. but i can't even eat in pittsburgh.'
Sandra says, 'it's fun, but the acts were so hard. Betweent hat and the ballgame, we had to add a bunch of code'
Wren has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'oh not all of the shops use dollars'
Wren jumps up and down.
DoC bounces onto Wren's lap.
Kaige keeps bouncing around between three in progress areas when she has the time to look at them.
Jade tickles Wren.
Axis licks Wren.
Sandra says, 'yea, Kaige's is busting out new area stuff'
Kaige says, 'I really should work on them instead of finding stuff to add to places like sherwood and lima like I did this week.'
Katahdin says, 'a Civil War area would be cool.'
Jade says, 'oooooooh'
Jade raises her hand.
DoC says, 'ooooo'
DoC says, 'great idea'
DoC says, 'wait your turn jade:P'
Sandra says, 'the problem with a civil war area is that it's a rather huge span'
Sandra points at DoC.
DoC says, 'is there a quest to get rid of this godawful post-title yet?'
DoC whines.
Kaige says, 'could be cool. would be a pain in the butt to coordinate and pull off in acts... and notice how well received our other two big war areas are'
Jade cackles gleefully at DoC - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
DoC nods his agreement with Jade.
Sandra says, 'um, which post title? I have that
 stuff turned off'
DoC says, 'people abhor me'
Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.
DoC says, 'because of it'
DoC says, 'demon slayer'
Jade says to Sandra, 'You can turn post titles off?'
Sandra says, 'bah, people abhor you anyway ;)'
DoC nods his agreement with Sandra.
Kaige says, 'there has been for quite some time... actually even before the area went in'
DoC says, 'but EVEN more now:P'
Sandra says, 'I turn descs off, so I can see everyone's names. IT also turns off post and pre titles'
DoC says, 'oooo'
DoC says, 'nice'
Jade says to Sandra, 'Uh, how?'
Sandra says, 'I do believe that LA said there was a quest'
Sandra says, 'immort ;)'
DoC says, 'any tips:P?'
Jade says to Sandra, 'Blah.'
Sandra says, 'I'm afraid I don't know it'
DoC says, 'even a vague one'
Sandra says, 'you'd have to ask her :/'
DoC nods solemnly.
Beverly says, 'I was about to say that's the coolest config ever.  But it's immort only'
Sandra points at Jade.
Beverly smirks.
Sandra nods her agreement with Beverly.
DoC cackles gleefully at Beverly - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
DoC says, 'i think config idiot would be even better'
Sandra says, 'it makes it easy for us to do immy stuff'
Jade says, 'uh, lemme go next. i need to alt so i can read a help file and not look stupid.'
Jade returns to being In Character.
Wren goes EEK! in distress.
Kaige says, 'the one I'm thinking of isn't in her area'
Wren says, 'bad wooork'
DoC snickers softly.
Wren says, 'I have a question!'
Wren waves her hand around.
Sandra points at Wren.
Fear has arrived from the east.
Fear nods solemnly.
Axis goes EEK! at Fear in distress - isn't Fear an awful person for teasing?
Wren says, 'oh'
Wren says, 'sorry bad work again'
Fear tickles Axis.
Sandra giggles.
Wren says, 'why is seoni so nutsoid'
Sandra raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Wren raises one finger (not middle wun)!
Wren says, 'first'
DoC rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Wren says, 'to get to bengal now you gotta pass agg sharks'
Wren says, 'they're not AUTO turbo agg'
Wren says, 'but if you are a newbie mage hunting there'
Kaige says to Wren, 'Afraid you'll have to explain what you mean by "nutsoid" a bit more.'
Wren says, 'to get your word!'
Wren says, 'they will be agg to you because you will be moving SLOW'
Wren says, 'experienced player won't hit that'
Wren says, 'that's nutsoid the first'
Wren says, 'nutsoid the second'
Fear says to Wren, 'I thought those sharks just didn't like blood.'
Kaige says, 'that's also not seoni'
Wren says, 'agg mobs all over the place in there'
Wren says, 'fine'
Wren says, 'nutsoid the second is IN seoni'
DoC says, 'but its on the way to seoni'
DoC chuckles politely.
Wren says, 'agg mobs all over the place on the way to purun bhagat'
Kaige says, ''fraid those have always been there'
Wren says, 'wolves and stuff, fine they're tiny'
DoC says, 'BZZZZZZ'
Wren says, 'have not'
Wren says, 'have not always been there'
Axis nods his agreement with DoC.
Fear says, 'i've played for a long time, i've NEVER bothered learning seoni.'
Wren says, 'I wrote down the path'
DoC says, 'i like seoni'
Wren says, 'to go to purun so I wouldn't have to remember it'
Wren says, 'I could spam it there before without ever hitting those mobs'
Wren says, 'now I hit those mobs if I try it worse'
Wren says, 'I didn't KNOW'
Wren says, 'I told a newbie mage the path and HE hit them, he had a staff of light'
Kaige says, 'then perhaps I'm not thinking of the same mobs that you are -- but then I'm not very good at mind reading.'
Wren says, 'and I think basic arms'
Wren says, 'wolves'
Wren says, 'many many wolves they have moved'
Wren says, 'they didn't used to be on that path'
Wren says, 'they are now'
Wren says, 'so he ran and ran and he kept hitting MORE agg mobs cause he was running'
Wren says, 'so he was lost and geez thas really a crappy thing'
Kaige says, 'wow. first I've heard of that.'
Wren says, 'that's nutsoid the first or second'
Kaige says, 'and I see the bug lists every week'
Wren says, 'suggest you go in there with a low level then.'
Wren says, 'have a look yourself'
Wren says, 'nutsoid the third'
Fear giggles at Wren.
Wren says, 'if you are puny and new and you run that gauntlet'
Kaige says, 'I know they were doing some weird stuff with cliiming in the canopy, but hadn't heard about that one.'
DoC nods his agreement with Axis.
Wren says, 'you get to the cavern where you have to drop the boat?'
Wren says, 'next room to it does the damage special'
Wren says, 'WHY?'
Kaige suggests that weird stuff that's suddenly out of hte ordinary like that get bugged.
Wren says, 'you're in such bad shape already, reality be damned'
Wren says, 'that's nutsoid the third'
Wren says, 'and now'
Wren says, 'we move away from newbies'
Wren says, 'to nutsoid the fourth'
Wren says, '(I've got a whole collection)'
Wren says, 'had someone who was spamming disarm trap to er'
Wren says, 'do the seoni quest'
Wren says, '(friend, not me)'
Wren says, 'she was in spam gear gond jumped out and squished her immediately'
Wren says, 'okay sadfor'
Wren says, 'messy'
DoC chuckles politely.
Wren says, 'nevermind! go back get seeds do again'
Wren says, 'only the flag on her is permanent, the ankus flag...'
Wren says, 'so she can't do the quest anymore'
Fear chortles with amusement.
Wren says, 'and that is nutsoid'
Wren says, 'okay I'm done with the seoni list for now'
Wren says, 'and I think I've been pretty clear on the issues'
Kaige thinks these are MUCH better dealt with in the bug file so they can be addressed.
Axis says to Wren, 'Did you forget your pills.'
Wren says, 'if not feel free to make me elaborate'
Wren says, 'thing is I have noticed a trend recently'
Wren says, 'as inconvenience being perceived as fun'
Wren says, 'so I didn't know if I should bug them'
Wren says, 'hence bringing them here. I'll bug em now'
Wren says, 'but ARE those bugs?'
Wren says, ';)'
Axis says, 'They don't have to be bugs they just have to be what *COULD* be bugs :P'
Kaige says, 'the damage thing has been in there since Ptah built the area... it finally happening is probably a result of a bug being fixed at some point, I would imagine'
Axis licks Wren.
Kaige nods her agreement with Axis.
Wren says, 'well'
Wren says, 'I consider the crashing rocks a bug'
Wren says, 'which I have bugged but obviously that's pointless ;)'
Wren says, 'but okay I'll bug the whole lot now'
Wren says, 'should I go to seoni to bug it?'
Wren says, '(easier?)'
DoC says, 'i bug everything:P'
Kaige says, 'or just note that it's for seoni..'
Kaige nods her agreement with DoC.
Wren says, 'hokie'
Kaige ruffles DoC's hair playfully.
Sandra says, 'speaking as a general builder, bug it all :)'
DoC cackles gleefully at Kaige - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
Katahdin says, 'I can't get the belly dancer in Arabia to go out with me. Is that a bug?'
DoC says, 'cool then im not bugging too much hehe'
Wren giggles at Katahdin.
Kaige says, 'better to bug it and have it be seen at some point and noted in a file than to have it go past on chat, or even here at Q&A and not be remembered'
Sandra says to Katahdin, 'You don't want to date her. Dancers are just not good date material.'
DoC nods solemnly.
Kaige says to DoC, 'Nope... definitely gets you more chances for tokens too.'
DoC says, 'yeah strippers are just pure trouble'
DoC nods his agreement with Kaige.
Axis nods his agreement with DoC.
Fear says to Katahdin, 'Just get a lap dance and be done.'
Katahdin sighs loudly.
Wren says, 'okay where should the bug for the sharks go?'
Wren says, 'the agg sharks on the way to bengal'
Wren says, 'since that's not seoni'
DoC says, 'bengal?'
Axis says, 'just ask the guy at my Anger managament classes :p'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Axis's head.
DoC says, 'hehe'
Wren says, 'er no really?'
Kaige says, 'medseas is the most likely place'
DoC says, 'lol axis'
Wren wants to label it.
Wren says, 'okie'
Kaige says, 'or whereever it is you've encountered them'
Wren says, 'heh'
Wren says, 'no comment'
Sandra says, 'was on the way to bengal from london?'
Wren nods her agreement with Sandra.
Wren says, 'very near bengal'
Kaige notes the seoni doesn't start until the dirt road traisping off through the jungle
Fear says, 'they're when you turn north into the bengal docks.'
Sandra says, 'just put it in the bug channel like that. Can figure out from there where it'll need to be in the file'
Kaige says, 'hmm.. sounds like they're wandering a bit afield from where they start too'
Fear says, 'and they aren't agg :p'
Wren says, 'hokie'
Wren says, 'they are'
Wren says, 'if you go really slow'
Wren says, 'they're like the sharks in malta'
Fear says to Wren, 'Really?'
Wren says, 'hang around there a while'
Wren nods solemnly.
Wren says, 'they will bonk you with their noses'
Wren says, 'then attack'
Fear says to Wren, 'I've sat next to them for hours ;)'
Wren says, 'put that with hunt lag'
DoC nods solemnly.
Wren shakes her head.
Wren has gotten them attack her many times.
DoC says, 'ive been attacked a bunch'
Wren says, 'specifically they run at you and bonk you wif their heads'
Wren says, 'then attack'
Fear says to DoC, 'While bleeding from said.'
Wren shrugs helplessly.
DoC says, 'no'
Wren says, 'I've seen it he's seen it'
Wren says, 'mebbe you stink like a grendel'
DoC says, 'they attack when not bleeding'
Wren ducks to the ground.
DoC says, 'but yeah'
DoC rolls around laughing at Fear's joke.
DoC says, 'we xp all day dude:P'
Kaige says, 'there was just a fix where they were confusing poisoned with bleeding...'
Wren says, 'not poisoned'
Wren says, 'not bleeding'
Fear says, 'maybe i'm wrong ;)'
Fear shrugs helplessly.
Wren says, 'bleah forget it I'll just bug it and let all the imms think I'm delusional'
Fear raises her hand.
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'ok, toss 'em all up there and we'll move on'
Sandra points at Fear.
Fear says to Kaige, 'This is kinda aimed at you, since
 your listed as co-maintainer, and Rufus seems dead lately.. ;)'
Fear says to Kaige, 'Tara treehouses, i don't get why you can't root in them.'
Sandra says, 'coz you'rein a tree'
Fear says, 'it's a *tree*'
DoC says, 'because they have roofs'
Kaige says, 'cause it's up in the air?'
DoC says, 'or DO they'
DoC rolls around on the ground with laughter.
DoC says, 'but'
Fear says to Kaige, 'There's balcony's on houses you can root on.'
DoC says, 'why can i root in my cave?'
Fear says, 'but not sandra's!'
Kaige says, 'maybe they have lots of nice potted plants?'
DoC shrugs helplessly.
Fear says to Kaige, 'A tree is a plant, that's my point ;)'
Kaige says, 'I dunno..'
Fear says to Kaige, 'At least in the second room..'
Kaige says, 'btw; I think they wolves have mutated into dholes.'
Fear says, 'it's an atrium?'
Fear is completely boggled.
Fear shrugs helplessly.
Fear says, 'next.'
Kaige says to Fear, 'Was referring to the presence of soil more than anything... but i dunno.. but if it's indoors, that'd be why.'
Fear says to Kaige, 'It's indoors. but i'n thinking that should be kinda changed. that's the thing.'
Sandra says, 'rooting should be on the ground'
Sandra says, 'not on a tree branch'
Sandra says, 'not on a balcony :P'
Fear says to Kaige, 'They're expensive. they're in the druid capital of the world.'
Sandra says, 'not on a roof'
Sandra says, 'you're melding with the earth'
Beverly raises her hand.
DoC says, 'true'
Fear nods her agreement with Sandra.
Fear says to Sandra, 'Agreed. but inside a tree..'
Fear says, 'is pretty realistic.'
Wren says, 'melding!'
Sandra says, 'I dunno, a treehouse is kinda up off of the ground'
Fear says, 'Allows expert herbalists to draw sustenance from the earth in a manner akin to plants.'
Wren says, 'is not!'
Wren says, 'if I stand on the floor of a treehouse I'm on the er'
DoC whistles appreciatively.
Wren says, 'ground!'
Santa-Claus has arrived from the east.
Wren says, 'well I'm on the floor I guess'
Wren giggles.
Wren looks about accusingly.
Sandra giggles.
Wren runs in circles around Santa-Claus, squealing loudly.
Sandra nods her agreement with Wren.
Sandra says, 'ok let's move on'
Fear says to Wren, 'It's an earthly type thing, in my mind.'
Santa-Claus pets Wren lovingly.
Fear shrugs helplessly.
Sandra points at Beverly.
Wren says, 'earthly tree!'
Wren giggles.
Fear says, 'for 315k, i should be able to root :p'
DoC says, 'get a dank cave like me:P'
Sandra says, 'get a house with a garden ;)'
DoC says, '250k and smells like the chronic'
Fear says to Sandra, 'In an area that has nothing to DO with herbalism.'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Find me a house in tara that you can root in.'
Beverly says, 'in my entire life playing legend, i've picked the grendel door once, and for the past month or two, I haven't been able to pick a single door that a pker is hiding behind, that is a lot of pick attempts..I don't think places for pkers'
Sandra says, 'just because it's tara, doesn't mean it has everything to do with herbalism'
Beverly says, 'to vegitate is a good promoter for pk'
DoC says, 'the grendel door Pwns'
Santa-Claus kneels in a giant bowl of alphabet soup.
DoC snickers softly.
Tempus has arrived from the east.
Fear says to Sandra, 'True, but you'd think housing would cater to the kinda people who live there.'
Sandra says, 'the grendel's door is an old one, if I remember right'
Beverly says, 'Even so I've still picked that once.'
Beverly says, 'in my lifetime.'
Fear nods her agreement with Beverly.
Felice has arrived from the east.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Ea!?
Sandra says, 'it's a bad one to judge by'
Huginn waves a welcome to Ea!. Hello!
Fear gasps at Ea!.
Axis goes EEK! at Ea! in distress - isn't Ea! an awful person for teasing?
Ea! says, ''lo'
DoC throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
DoC tips his hat to Ea!.
Wren says, 'ooh ea!'
Wren runs in circles around Ea!, squealing loudly.
Beverly says, 'Okay, then, I haven't picked a single other door in a lot of attempts'
Sandra says, 'but I do agree that they're kinda hard to pick'
DoC says, 'thats tru maybe pk clan doors should be easier to pick?'
Beverly says, 'hard, or impossible?  I still haven't suceeded'
Xuvenia has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'maybe it's something we can look at'
Fear licks Xuvenia.
Sandra says, 'idea it for us?'
DoC hugs Xuvenia.
Beverly nods solemnly.
Xuvenia tickles Fear.
Xuvenia nudges DoC.
Sandra goes EEK! at Tempus in distress - isn't Tempus an awful person for teasing?
Tempus chuckles politely.
DoC snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'any other questions?'
Wren pants.
Wren says, 'nope I'm all chilli'd out.'
Sandra giggles.
Wren is a chilli wren!
DoC discreetly sniffs the air around Wren.
Katahdin pats Wren on the head.
Felice raises her hand.
Sandra points at Felice.
Felice says, 'are we ever goona get this silly message about not existing fixed when I try and log on?'
Sandra says, 'huh?'
Kaige says, 'what client are you using?'
Axis jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Felice!
Sandra says, 'are you a zmud user?'
Kaige says, 'does it support mccp?  and do you often do the vow social when you enter the game?'
Xuvenia says, 'yeah, my client messes up my name and password all the time'
Kaige has that probalem a lot with just telnet and tf too tho
Felice says, 'vov social? umm never'
Xuvenia makes a solemn vow.
Sandra says, 'I've never seen it before'
Jeffrey has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'neat'
Felice says, 'and yes zmud user'
Fear says, 'my client cuts off half the welcome screen at times.'
Tempus joins Jeffrey's group.
Jeffrey returns to being In Character.
Felice says, 'it seems to always happen evry day or so'
Xuvenia joins DoC's group.
Sandra says, 'zmud has done funky stuff to login pws at times. I've heard of that. but never the vow thingie'
Axis says, 'prolly mccp related'
Fear says, 'it's my chalice trigger that always screws up my logins ;)'
Kaige says, 'the vow stuff is way old'
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Felice says, 'Hrmmm  dunno why only does it on my fist log on attepmt, doesnt happen if I switch chars even after fully logging out'
Ea! says to Sandra, 'I remember the vow thing.'
Xuvenia gasps in astonishment.
Xuvenia pokes Ea! in the ribs.
Xuvenia says, 'wow'
Sandra says, 'really? hehe'
Ea! nods solemnly.
Ea! says, 'couldn't figure it out.'
Sandra says, 'how odd.'
Xuvenia looks at the news board.
Xuvenia looks at the welcome board.
Ea! says, 'i wonder if it has something to do with telnet ga's.'
Xuvenia reads message #37 on the welcome board.
Sandra says to Felice, 'I think that we'll go with the 'We know about it, but don't know where the problem is specifically'.'
Felice nods solemnly.
Axis says, 'I can make it happen if someone wants me too'
Ea! says, 'or maybe something with the connection protocol. dunno.'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Axis's head.
Felice says, 'its a minor annoyance but still somewhat agravating'
Sandra nods her agreement with Felice.
Beverly raises her hand.
Sandra points at Beverly.
Ea! says, 'a little funny, too.'
Sandra nods her agreement with Ea!.
Sandra giggles.
Beverly says, 'not a question'
Beverly says, 'well it is, but not about legend'
Wren says, 'okie I'm done being chilli, must work'
Wren gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Wren returns to being In Character.
Felice says, 'first time it hapopen I just about had a heart attack'
Fear says, 'legend does really nasty stuff to my unix accounting telnet system at work, gotta restart everytime i log in here.'
Beverly says, 'has anyone logged into Aardwolf before?  400 players on at any given time!'
Beverly says, 'We need to keep voting!'
Fear says, 'well, legend or zmud.'
Beverly says, 'for legend!'
Kaige nods her agreement with Beverly.
Santa-Claus says to Beverly, 'i play aardwolf.'
Felice says, 'and aardwolf sucks so bad'
Felice shudders.
Beverly says to Santa-Claus, 'Really?'
Sandra says, 'that's an old one isn't it? I think I logged in there once'
Santa-Claus thinks they're primarily at the top because they bribe their players to vote.
Santa-Claus says to Beverly, 'yep.'
Beverly says, 'it's 8 years old'
Sandra nods her agreement with Santa-Claus.
Santa-Claus says to Beverly, 'i'm over level 700 =p'
Beverly chuckles politely at Santa-Claus.
Beverly says, 'You aren't a superhero yet?!?!'
Beverly giggles.
Axis says, 'all muds that are not legendmud suck'
DoC says, 'oh god chicken Adobo is good'
Fear says to Sandra, 'It's got like a 2000 player base, and it's like, completely stock.'
Santa-Claus says to Beverly, 'i just keep remorting.'
Beverly nods her agreement with Santa-Claus.
Sandra says, 'yea'
Sandra says, 'if I want cheese,I'll order pizza'
Santa-Claus would vote for legend if he was bribed. but he'll settle for not voting for either =p
Kaige needs to do that....
Sandra giggles.
DoC says, 'ive never played another computer game let alone another mud'
Kaige calls papa johns
Fear says to Sandra, 'I tried it when i was banned here, hatehatehated it.'
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Beverly says, 'I'm not saying bribe our playerbase to vote, but an incentive couldn't hurt.'
Kaige says, 'oh wait.. goes to their website'
Axis cackles gleefully at DoC - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
Tempus leaves east.
DoC says, 'i learned how to use a computer from learning legendmud'
DoC snickers softly.
Beverly says, 'I played a mud where you quested to imbue your gear, and you got a few extra Quest points if you voted.'
Beverly says, 'It worked'
Sandra says, 'I'll give incentives if you donte to the red cross!'
Axis says to Beverly, 'It sucks.'
Beverly says, 'I have'
DoC says, 'hell yea'
Xuvenia says, 'what's this voting babble all about'
Beverly says, 'well, my work is, we're donating paycheck'
Kaige says, 'sounds like exactly the type of things that both the sites say they'll yank you for.'
Santa-Claus already donated $500.
DoC says, 'my
 family is donating'
Fear says, 'can't we code the mud to vote for legend everytime someone logs in or something? :p'
Axis says, 'I Hate muds that give advantages like that'
DoC says, 'all sorts of good surf spots and wonderful people got ruined:('
Sandra nods her agreement with DoC.
Beverly reads message #24 on the welcome board.
DoC says, 'maldives has some of the best surf in the world'
Beverly reads message #34 on the welcome board.
Santa-Claus is glad he didn't go to Phi Phi for Xmas this year
Sandra says, 'the number willincrease to 300k by next week'
DoC says, 'along with indo'
Fear nods her agreement with Sandra.
DoC says, 'thats great'
DoC says, 'oh bad i mean'
DoC snickers softly.
Fear says to Sandra, 'Supporting the red cross annoys me, though.'
Sandra pokes DoC in the ribs.
Sandra says, 'oh donate to any of the agencies. I posted a list on welcome'
DoC says, 'hmm?'
Sandra says, 'just donate, if you can :)'
Santa-Claus looks at the welcome board.
DoC says, 'oh my family is gonna'
Santa-Claus reads message #28 on the welcome board.
Beverly says, 'Donate through car dealerships, some match your donation.'
Fear says to Sandra, 'I did ;)'
Tempus has arrived from the east.
Sandra says, 'yay!'
DoC says, 'cause my dad surfs and has been to indonesia'
Kaige knocks Tempus over and flops all over him.
Kaige says, 'afk a couple'
Tempus smiles at Kaige.
Sandra says, 'ok, back to qna'
Sandra says, 'any questions?'
Felice nods solemnly.
DoC says, 'ok i think dinner is finally done im afk'
Felice grins evilly.
Sandra says, 'Medium starts in 30 min'
Felice raises her hand.
Sandra points at Felice.
Santa-Claus is glad that he saw Phi Phi and Phuket before it got wiped out.
Beverly says, 'What is medium?'
Fear says, 'medium?'
Sandra says, 'new tv show'
Felice says, 'how come I'm failing fishing so much lately?'
Tempus says to Santa-Claus, 'Same here :P'
Sandra says, 'it's cool in a freaky sorta way'
Sandra says, 'fishing is broken :) It will be fixed either this or next friday'
Fear says, 'Committed was hilarious.'
Sandra nods her agreement with Fear.
Xuvenia throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Felice nods solemnly.
DoC says, 'but the shits been cooking forever'
Xuvenia says, 'yay fishing'
Beverly nods her agreement with DoC.
DoC ducks to the ground.
Felice says, 'bout time, 80 fails in a row was somewhat annoying'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Just watched that. really liked it.'
Sandra says, 'I made it to 128'
Sandra bounces around.
Kaige says, 'it was only in areas that didn't have custom fishing'
Beverly says, 'on a side note, anyone seen wet hot american summer and really like it?'
Xuvenia says to Kaige, 'That's what i thought :P'
Felice pokes Kaige in the ribs.
Felice says to Kaige, 'then the red sea by agrabah needs custom fish.'
Santa-Claus raises his hand.
Felice giggles.
Sandra purges Amowyn!
Xuvenia says to Felice, 'Nah, i catch fish there all the time.'
Beverly shrugs helplessly.
Xuvenia says to Felice, 'It's only near the northern part that you can't catch any.'
Xuvenia giggles at herself.
Felice sulks in the corner.
Sandra says, 'other questions? ;)'
Santa-Claus raises his hand.
Tempus raises his hand.
Sandra points at Santa-Claus.
Santa-Claus says, 'why aren't !'s allowed in character names anymore?'
Santa-Claus nudges Ea!.
Felice says to Xuvenia, 'i tried every room from the desert to dreamtime 6 times per room, 0 fish.'
Sandra says, 'coz it makes Ea! special'
Xuvenia says to Felice, 'Weird.'
Felice nods her agreement with Xuvenia.
Santa-Claus says, 'that's not really an answer =p'
Sandra says, 'well, but it's a cool response'
Sandra giggles.
Santa-Claus says, 'well =p'
Santa-Claus also remembers, uh...
Sandra says, 'I can'tremember why we pulled them. I just remember that we did!'
Santa-Claus says, '#&&# or whatever his name was'
Sandra says, 'hehe yea'
Xuvenia tickles Felice.
Sandra says, 'that's probably why we pulled them'
Fear snickers softly.
Xuvenia says, 'you can't censor it just because you can't pronounce it :P'
Kaige says, 'actually, we can'
Tempus winks suggestively at Xuvenia.
Xuvenia says, 'yeah, true'
Santa-Claus says, 'well, i'm gonna recommend that ! be reimped as long as your name has at least two alphanumerics at the beginning of it =p'
Ea! nods his agreement with Sandra.
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'toss it up on idea :)'
Sandra giggles at Santa-Claus.
Sandra points at Tempus.
Tempus smiles happily.
Tempus says, 'if the cooking fires in the carnival could be made to cook food without the skill'
Fear says, 'speaking of fires.'
Kaige says, 'then they'd always burn 'em?'
Fear raises her hand.
Kaige ducks to the ground.
Tempus laughs.
Tempus says, 'I take that as no :P'
Sandra says, 'they would have a limited number of charges if they were allowed without the skill'
Xuvenia says to Kaige, 'Hell, you should only allow people to cook if they have an open fire :P'
Tempus nods solemnly.
Santa-Claus raises his hand.
Xuvenia says, 'it seems rather silly to just cook up filets out of thin air'
Fear says, 'what's with the fires in crusades, in the caves, having charges?'
Felice says, 'whats wrong with raw pies?'
Felice grins evilly.
Xuvenia says to Kaige, 'And uh, you should have to have a needle and thread to mend anything.'
Sandra says, 'see tempus' question and my answer, Fear :)'
Tempus giggles.
Tempus squeezes Fear fondly.
Kaige says to Xuvenia, 'We do have sewing kit tools.'
Santa-Claus says, 'actually, this is just a supplemental question that goes along with tempus', but i havn't gotten cooking in forever? can it actually fail? is there even a point to having a tool for it, for which you already need the skill?'
Katahdin says, 'and all animals should be able to be carved into food - dogs, cats, etc..'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Hmm, really?'
Fear says to Sandra, 'Odd ;)'
Sandra says, 'it should fail. We should burn things! that'd be cool'
Tempus nods his agreement with Sandra.
Kaige blames Ptah for coding it.
Santa-Claus chortles with amusement.
Tempus giggles at Kaige.
Kaige says, 'but that'd be confusing "inconvenience with fun!"'
Beverly says to Santa-Claus, 'Tick timer? :)'
Katahdin raises his hand.
Sandra points at Katahdin.
Katahdin says, 'Can cannibalism be implemented in the game, whereby when we kill a person we can carve the corpse and eat it?'
Sandra shudders.
Beverly chuckles politely at Katahdin.
Fear snickers softly.
Tempus chuckles politely.
Kaige says, 'it'd have to be limited to a very small portion of rooms... so probably not worth it in the long run'
Santa-Claus says, 'caucasians! the other white meat!'
Sandra giggles.
Felice says, 'taste like chicken anyways'
Felice smirks.
Kaige says, 'more like pork I hear'
Beverly takes off her buffalo hide.
Felice nods her agreement with Kaige.
Beverly returns to being In Character.
Kaige assumes there's a reason it was called "long pork"
Santa-Claus says, 'Actually, the story goes that spam is so popular in the south pacific because it's the closest 'meat' to the taste of human flesh'
Felice chuckles politely.
Kaige says, 'that'd be like Dubya... send $350 million worth of spam'
Santa-Claus snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Sandra says, 'any other questions?'
Felice looks up into the sky and ponders.
Felice raises her hand.
Felice chuckles politely.
Sandra points at Felice.
Felice says, 'not sure if its been covered already but... IW bonuses for dex still suck horribly and we need osmething better'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Fear returns to being In Character.
Sandra says, 'yea, it's something that we're aware of and are working on :)'
Felice nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'planning on adding something'
Xuvenia says, 'ooh'
Felice says, 'good my str/dex fighter may as well go con for all bonuses that dex give atm'
DoC returns to being In Character.
Xuvenia returns to being In Character.
Huginn says, 'actually that's not true'
Huginn says, 'the hittable shift from dex is pretty good'
Santa-Claus tips his hat gallantly.
Santa-Claus returns to being In Character.
Felice says, 'well I still have eaxtly the same HR i had before the chage as I do now'
Felice chuckles politely.
Felice says, 'so cant say i noticed any difference there'
Felice chuckles politely.
Huginn says, 'well it's actually there :-)'
Felice says, 'sure it is but he's at 27 either way'
Felice says, 'which I foudn somewaht amusing'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Tempus makes cricket noises...
Sandra says, 'ok! Let's move on'
Sandra giggles.
Tempus chuckles politely.
Rusalka gasps at Tempus.
Tempus peers around intently.
Sandra says, 'any other questions? We're gonna wrap thisu p'
ElGuapo has arrived from the east.
Felice says, 'I could ask more but I'm in no desperate need atm for answers'
Felice laughs.
Sandra giggles.
ElGuapo returns to being In Character.
Sandra says, 'ok, then let's go ahead and wrap it up so I can go make popcorn and watch Medium!'
Sandra says, 'and before you go'
Kaige hugs Rusalka.
Felice says, 'other than the horribel rents on some of the new material items'
Rusalka gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Felice rolls her eyes at the horns of a goat.
Tempus pounces on Rusalka, bowling her over.
Rusalka giggles.
Sandra says, 'lemme remind youto donate if you can to the red cross or any other organization helping in Tsunami relief!'
Sandra is Legend's official tsunami relief effort commercial.
Sandra says, 'ok, thanks for coming everyone =)'
Kaige waves happily.
Rusalka giggles.
Katahdin says, 'Thank you'
Sandra smiles happily.
Katahdin waves happily.
Sandra waves happily.
Katahdin leaves east.
Felice returns to being In Character.
Rasputin has arrived from the east.
Rasputin returns to being In Character.
Thorvald has arrived from the east.
Thorvald lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Thorvald licks Axis.
Thorvald has lost link.

Tempus cringes in terror.
Kaige peers at Tempus, looking him up and down.
Rusalka giggles.
Rusalka says to Tempus, 'I like d.c.'
 says, 'its just spooky, you guys just standing there'
Rusalka laughs.
Tempus laughs.
Rusalka says to Tempus, 'But i fear the summer.'
Kaige says, 'oh. we're just talking over your head.'
Kaige scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Thorvald has reconnected.

Tempus says to Rusalka, 'It can be that bad.'
Kaige comforts Thorvald.
Tempus chuckles politely.
Thorvald smiles happily.
Tempus says to Kaige, 'I figure as much :P'
Kaige is just waiting for pizza and Ptah to get here.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Thorvald giggles at Kaige.
Tempus says to Rusalka, 'I was so tempted to move to D.C. too.'
Kaige shudders.
Rusalka says to Kaige, 'The guy that i'm alledgly seeing a movie with tomorrow is going to austin on business.'
Kaige grew up about an hour nw of dc
Rusalka got asked for a Best Sites List
Rusalka got all misty eyed 'bout ausitn
Tempus giggles at Kaige.
Rusalka says to Tempus, 'It's pretty nigo.'
Kaige nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Tempus nods solemnly.
Kaige misses all sorts of stuff about Austin.
Rusalka thought a lot about the cinnomon chocolate shakes
Rusalka says, 'and Guitar Stores'
Tempus says, 'i never been to austin but heard good stuff'
Rusalka says, 'sea kayaks on town lake'
Rusalka sniffs sadly.
Kaige misses the feeling that other people around you are at least real.
Tempus comforts Rusalka.
Kaige stares off into space.
Tempus giggles at Kaige.
Rusalka says, 'they an't in san diego?'
Kaige snorts derisively.
Kaige says, 'no.. but they're not as bad as LA either'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Rusalka liked Little Italy
Rusalka says, 'that felt real'
Tempus says, 'you need to come to NY then :P'
Kaige says, 'yeah.. that's not up here in the Manschewietz retirement community from hell tho'
Tempus laughs.
Rusalka says, 'ooooh'
Rusalka has never been to nyc
Tempus gasps at Rusalka.
Rusalka feels a frank sinatra tune
Kaige doesn't golf, isn't retired military or even active military....
Kaige looks up into the sky and ponders.
Tempus comforts Kaige.
Kaige isn't blonde of any sort.
Tempus laughs.
Rusalka says, 'almost everyone works for the government here'
Tempus says to Kaige, 'It can't be that bad!'
Kaige LIKES the rain and missed it when it didn't for 6 months
Kaige nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Rusalka says, 'in a wierd way, it's like being in the tri citiews'
Kaige says to Tempus, 'The weather is generally nice.'
Rusalka says, 'i like rain too'
Kaige says, 'it sucks this week tho... it's been rainy...'
Rusalka says, 'my office thinks i'm silly'
Tempus nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'i love this week...it's raining'
Tempus says, 'at least its not snowing1'
Kaige says, 'yeah but you don't have to sit outside in a lunch room with only 2 walls'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'i just hate humid heat'
Rusalka says, 'that was the part that i dind't like about austin'
Kaige nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Tempus says, 'its not dry?'
Kaige says, 'yeah can't complain about that here'
Rusalka shakes her head.
Tempus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Kaige says, 'not in DC or austin'
Tempus nods solemnly.
Kaige says, 'austin's not like the rest of texas at all...'
Tempus says, 'hmmm, i got to go visit sometime'
Kaige says, 'it's very green... on the edge of a large lake system... the lower colorado river runs right through downtown....'
Rusalka sighs loudly.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Kaige says, 'it's VERY liberal -- not like the rest of the state'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Tempus says, 'now my curiousity is stired!'
Kaige says, 'when I say green. I mean both in grass/trees and energy'
Tempus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Tempus says, 'I would never imagine'
Kaige says, 'if you like live music (any kind) definitely worth a visit just to experience it in some strange places'
Tempus says, 'in Texas too'
Rusalka says, 'green green green'
Kaige nods her agreement with Tempus.
Rusalka sighs loudly.
Rusalka says, 'i dind't do as much live music as i ought have'
Rusalka says, 'ever been to bourbon street?'
Rusalka says, 'in new orleans?'
Kaige says, 'not me'
Rusalka says, 'sixth street is kinda like that, but with better music'
Kaige says, 'comparable to 6th street?'
Kaige giggles.
Rusalka says, 'and fewer tacky tourist stores'
Tempus laughs.
Kaige says, 'depends on how much you like Jazz i'd think'
Rusalka says, 'this is true'
Rusalka giggles.
Tempus nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'i wanna go to kerrville again'
Rusalka says, 'i wanna learn bar chords'
Kaige says, 'tho Mardi Gras on 6th street keeps trying to rival Bourbon Street'
Kaige nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Rusalka says, 'i wanna finish some of the songs that i start writing on the metro'
Rusalka says, 'and i need a band'
Rusalka giggles.
Tempus laughs.
Kaige says, 'I'd like to go again... but the heat in both June and Sept suck'
Kaige says to Rusalka, 'I know Raph wants to go.'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'the heat is pretty awful'
Rusalka says, 'but man'
Kaige says, 'course last night he asked when wwe were going to Europe again'
Kaige rolls her eyes heavenward.
Kaige giggles.
Rusalka says, 'it was amazing'
Rusalka giggles at Kaige.
Rusalka says, 'i wanna do that too'
Kaige says, 'yeah.. and that was the LITTLE kerrville'
Rusalka says, 'who's the not a pretty girl person'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Kaige.
Kaige says, 'it's BIGGEr in may/june'
Rusalka says, 'uhmmm'
Kaige says, 'Ani DiFranco'
Kaige says, 'she was playing here recently...'
Rusalka says, 'i've been listning to one of her cds solid for two weeks'
Rusalka sniffs sadly at Kaige.
Rusalka says, 'she's amazing'
Rusalka says, 'i can't believe the stuff she does'
Kaige says, 'her live is scary....'
Kaige says, 'not for her... but her fans... at least they were about 10 years ago'
Kaige says, 'throwing duct tape, underwear'
Rusalka giggles.
Tempus chuckles politely.
Rusalka laughs.
Rusalka says, 'does she still duct tape guitar picks to her fingers?'
Tempus says, 'okiee, bedtime for me :P'
Kaige says, 'probably'
Kaige hugs Tempus.
Tempus hugs Kaige.
Kaige says, 'ha!'
Tempus laughs.
Rusalka hugs Tempus.
Rusalka waves happily.
Tempus hugs Rusalka.
Kaige says, 'papa john's beat Ptah here!'
Rusalka rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Tempus jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Kaige!
Tempus says to Kaige, 'Don't save him any :P'
Rusalka says to Kaige, 'Like that is so susprising.'
Tempus waves happily.
Tempus returns to being In Character.
Kaige giggles at Rusalka.
Kaige says, 'true'
Thorvald says, 'ohh papa johns'
Thorvald says, 'good pizza'
Kaige says, 'but they're actually here 15 minutes sooner than they claimed'
Thorvald cheers for Kaige - huzzah!
Thorvald says, 'now that is very suprizing'
Kaige says, 'they're doing an anniversary special... regular specialty pizza with one 1 topping same price'
Rusalka says, 'sweet'
Thorvald says, 'nice'
Rusalka looks at the welcome board.
Rusalka looks at the news board.
Kaige says, 'the manschewietz's don't eat much pizza'
Rusalka reads message #26 on the news board.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.
Rusalka giggles.
Thorvald giggles.
Kaige says, 'there were surprisingly few christmas trees out on the curb for recycling this week...'
Rusalka raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Ea! looks up into the sky and ponders.
Rusalka says, 'maybe they celebrate mardi gras?'
Ea! says, 'i should ditch our tree.'
Kaige says, 'I can't decided if it was because they all use fake ones, or the other'
Thorvald giggles at Rusalka.
Rusalka says, 'in new orleans, they decorate the trees with purple and gold in january'
Kaige says, 'if we didn't put ours out this week, it'd be another two weeks before they'd take 'em'
Kaige says, 'it was just weird living this close to mexico and not having a real option for keeping it up until Jan 6th'
Thorvald says, 'we have a fake tree at my dads, and sisters just because they are a lot safer, less chance of a fire'
Ea! says, 'the park district takes trees and shreds 'em. they'll give you the chips if you want.'
Thorvald says, 'whooo'
Thorvald says, 'Ea!'
Thorvald says, 'havent seen you in ages'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Thorvald.
Rusalka says to Ea!, 'Good to see you.'
Thorvald nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Ea! looks up into the sky and ponders.
Ea! says, 'need to get the tree taken down by saturday to give it to the city.'
Kaige wishes Ea! good luck!
Rusalka giggles.
Thorvald nods his agreement with Ea!.
Ea! says, 'need to find the closest park, too'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Rusalka says to Ea!, 'Hower you in general?'
Ea! says to Rusalka, 'Doing pretty good, all things told.'
Ea! says, 'a little tired.'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Ea! says, 'okay, found two close by parks. cool.'
Kaige cheers for Ea! - huzzah!
Kaige says, 'wheee! Ptah's home!'
Huginn waves to Kaige.
Kaige gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Kaige waves happily.
Rusalka says, '[email protected]!'
Rusalka says, 'hi ptha'
Thorvald says, 'well think im going to head to bed'
Thorvald says, 'godda get up at 5:15 tomarrow'
Thorvald wrinkles his nose with distaste.
Rusalka comforts Thorvald.

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