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April 28th, 2004

Q & A Index

Somar says, 'ok, Q & A time!  w00t!'
Somar says, 'Huma was unable to make it unfortunately, so he asked me to take over'
Somar says, 'so who brought some questions here?'
Jade raises her hand.
Somar points at Jade and then a piece of kryptonite.
Shrieve says, 'I came because I need to wipe the damn dust off. =P'
Jade says to Somar, 'Why wasn't *I* invited?'
Jade stomps on Somar's toes.
Beth says, 'no imms?'
Somar says to Jade, 'I wish I knew.. I'll let you know if I figure it out.'
Lassie says, 'one, but he doesnt count'
Somar is the immie here!
Lassie pokes Somar in the ribs.
Somar says, 'who has a question not related to my partying in Las Vegas?'
Jade snickers at Somar nastily.
Beth says, 'huginn coming?'
Jade goes EEK! at Beth in distress - isn't Beth an awful person for teasing?
Jade says to Beth, 'That's MY line.'
Beth says, 'well my question was for him'
Beth scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Lassie says, 'your title got worse'
Lassie says, 'my god'
Lassie says, 'i hate those stupid statements'
Lassie puts her hands around Somar's throat, attempting to strangle him. Maybe you should just stay back.
Somar says, 'he should be here later on, I'd imagine ..'
Somar says, 'any other questions?'
Somar bats his eyelashes.
Shrieve says, 'yeah'
Lassie looks up into the sky and ponders.
Somar says, 'raise your hand, there's no waiting on aisle one!'
Shrieve says, 'when are we going to run away together like you promised?'
Shrieve bats her eyelashes at Somar.
Lassie says to Shrieve, 'dont dangle candy in front of a kid.'
Somar says, 'I don't recall making any sort of promise quite like that...'
Shrieve grins evilly at Lassie... Wonder what she's thinking...
Lassie throws his hand in the aiyah.
Shrieve says to Somar, 'you did--!'
Lassie raises her hand.
Somar points at Lassie.
Jade says to Shrieve, 'He just wanted to slap your ass.'
Shrieve nods to herself.
Shrieve grins evilly at Jade... Wonder what she's thinking...
Jade winks suggestively at Shrieve.
Lassie says, 'texas holdem or 5 card draw?'
Meffrid raises his hand.
Somar says, '5 card draw in room here'
Somar points at Meffrid.
Meffrid says, 'will the may events calendar be visible before may or only on may 1st?'
Meffrid apologies for being slow, he forgot to type 'say', and is still not totally used to mushclient.
Somar says, 'it'll be up as soon as Huma can get it there.. it should be in the LT, if you're interesting in getting a jump on it'
Somar says to Meffrid, 'It's all good.'
Meffrid smiles at Somar.
Somar says to Meffrid, 'You're not exactly holding up a line today!'
Meffrid raises his hand.
Somar points at Meffrid.
Meffrid giggles.
Somar attempts to prod Meffrid with a piece of kryptonite.
Meffrid says, 'Um, what is like, ettiquite (sp!) for mortal-run games in Legend, specifically regarding May as Newbie Month?'
Meffrid says, 'games or other things, really.'
Somar says, 'well, if you've got an idea for a game, bring it up to Huma - he can discuss it with you, possibly give you some billing in the events calendar, that would be the best way to progress'
Meffrid says to Somar, 'Ok, thanks. :)'
Somar nods his agreement with Meffrid.
Meffrid says, 'To be honest, I probably won't be doing ANYTHING before Tuesday anyway, that being last official class day and research paper due. But after that.'
Somar says, 'who else has a question out there?'
Somar nods his agreement with Meffrid.
Somar cheers for Meffrid - huzzah!
Meffrid scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Beth raises her hand.
Somar points at Beth.
Somar cheers for Beth - huzzah!
Beth says, 'ill ask even though I wanted to hear huginn's thoughts on it, all the changes to perc, have they been seen as working or are the changes deemed negative and we can expect more changes to perc fighting?'
Somar says, 'it's certainly something that's being looked at .. it was put in and the impact on fighting will be looked at, there's always assorted tweaking going on, so your input will, of course, be appreciated'
Jade pokes Beth in the eye with a red pendant! What'd she do THAT for??
Beth says, 'kinda a politician answer'
Beth winks suggestively at Somar.
Somar says, 'to a degree, but the same applies to all changes.. we really can't predict EVERY possible ramification of changes before they're put in'
Beth says, 'but they have been in for almost a week'
Somar says, 'so we're looking at how it affects the game, and if some further tweaking is necessary, it will be adjusted, for sure'
Jade says, 'people find ways to abuse changes. it's the LegendMUD way.'
Beth shrugs helplessly.
Somar says, 'either of you have any other questions?'
Somar bats his eyelashes at Jade.
Somar bats his eyelashes at Meffrid.
Meffrid says, 'I had another one, but I forgot. Oh yeah.'
Meffrid raises his hand.
Somar shakes his head in disagreement with Jade.
Somar says, 'sorry, can't empathize'
Jade says to Somar, 'Oh cheer up. you're the fun imm.'
Somar salutes Jade briskly. Why don't people obey YOU like that?
Jade says to Somar, 'You and lenore.'
Meffrid says, 'How come sometimes strings have 'default' as the er, slot?'
Somar says, 'that just means that there's no slot strung for the item..  often enough, prize strings have that to start with'
Jade lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Somar says, 'when you get them restrung, you can string the slot.. otherwise, it'll be whatever slot the item is actually worn in, about body, on body, etc'
Jade says, 'some items have prestrung slot strings.'
Somar nods his agreement with Jade.
Jade says, 'like the uhh, at thing.'
Meffrid says, 'An alt of mine had a string put on an item (I guess you call that a restring), but she didn't realize she needed to specify the slot, and so now it says default.'
Meffrid says, 'I think that's kindof dorky. But that's just my opinion.'
Jade snickers softly.
Meffrid says, 'Now I'll have to get her another of that item to have it re-strung.'
Jade says to Meffrid, 'Who did the string?'
Jade bets snapper!
Meffrid says to Jade, 'Rusalka.'
Jade says, 'oh, wow.'
Jade says to Meffrid, 'I'd ask her to change it, she'll see her mistake and prolly do so.'
Somar says, 'you can still get the slot changed if you need to, if that's the case.. ask a PR or someone with the ability to do this'
Meffrid says, 'But she might've been in a hurry. And I feel bad about not specifying slot, but.. I need to reread the help files for strings, coz I don't know if it talks about the fact that you -really- NEEEEEED to specify slot.'
Somar says, 'I'd be able to handle it if you need to .. most full imms can do it, otherwise, any PR'
Meffrid nods solemnly.
Meffrid thanks Somar heartily.
Jade says to Somar, 'I make snapper do all of mine. :p'
Meffrid says, 'Ok, I'm all out of questions for now.'
Jade won't tell why.
Jade says, 'really, it has nothing to do with keywords.'
Jade says to Somar, 'No code update?'
Somar says, 'anyone else have a question for now?'
Somar says, 'it's not up as of yet'
Elemental shakes her head.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Huginn?
Somar cheers for Huginn - huzzah!
Huginn starts writing on a postcard from Huginn.
Jade goes EEK! at Huginn in distress - isn't Huginn an awful person for teasing?
Somar says, 'will hold for a bit here :)'
Huginn finishes writing on a postcard from Huginn.
Huginn reads a postcard from Huginn.
Jade says to Somar, 'Big changes?'
Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.
Jade says to Huginn, 'Erm, not to beat a dead horse, but i have a question for ya.'
Beth raises her hand.
Huginn says, 'yes?'
Jade says to Huginn, 'Well, more of a statement observation type thing.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'I've been doing a little study on hitroll and damroll.'
Somar says to Beth, 'Will get to you in just a sec, jade is interrogating huginn right this sec.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'High hitroll doesn't hit any MORE Than low hitroll.'
Huginn says to Jade, 'It does actually.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'And i thought that was it's point.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'I'mm bring data next week.' 
Jade says, 'errr, i'll.'
Huginn says to Jade, 'Although against very high ac the impact is much lower.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'I'm talking mobkill, really.'
Huginn says, 'that would be very high ac then' 
Jade says, 'so, hitroll in nonpk = useless?'
Huginn says, 'no, not at all' 
Jade says, 'i mean, the dex makes them miss more, but my hittin percentage isn't much more.'
Huginn says, 'but ac impacts effectiveness of hitroll'
Jade says, 'and like i said, i'll bring raw data next week.'
Huginn says, 'ok'
Jade says to Huginn, '1000 rounds of each enough?'
Huginn says, 'that's moderate'
Jade nods solemnly.
Jade says, 'oh, MT's open.'
Jade waves happily.
Somar attempts to prod Beth with a piece of kryptonite.
Beth says, 'I just wanted to see if since the changes to perc have been in for a bit if they are working out in your eyes or if perc is still considered a high problem area and the changes have not really solved the problem as hoped?'
Somar nods his agreement with Beth.
Somar says, 'and if you raised hand after Beth, please re-raise, may have missed it while Link-Dying'
Huginn says, 'still waiting to see' 
Huginn says, 'thinking about having another discussion on wednesday'
Beth says, 'really? is there more that im missing?'
Beth says, 'well, I can comment that mob kill has gone kinda worse'
Beth says, 'its is much harder to mob kill now as a perc fighter'
Beth says, 'but then again, maybe thats what you want'
Beth says, 'a lot of mobs seem to be unbackstable either because they are alert or have high perc for some reason'
Lassie says, 'stuns used to be godsends'
Huginn says, 'mob killing needs some looking at if we keep this change'
Lassie says, 'now it's just come in and kick the mob, i'd rather see guns do something other than stun if these changes come in because stuns *are* useless for damage'
Beth says, 'well, a fighting stun is ok'
Beth says, 'you do more damage off a stun shot'
Lassie blinks. 
Somar pets Jade lovingly.
Lassie says, 'sitting in the room and stunning? are you nuts?'
Beth says, 'at least ive found that I do more damage off a stun shot'
Jade says, 'god damn guardian not popping shards.'
Beth says, 'well, its not ideal for perc but..'
Lassie says, 'a sniper either doesnt have the HP or the damroll to sit in a room and hope for inround stunshots'
Lassie says, 'like, more disorients or something'
Beth nods solemnly.
Beth says, 'which is a good point' 
Huginn nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'noted'
Beth says, 'anyway, if your still gathering data, Ill leave it at that'
Somar nods solemnly.
Beth says, 'was just hoping there would be some decision about whats going to happen'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Lassie says, 'he's not gonna get much data, most snipers just dont log on :P'
Somar says, 'ok, any more questions for Somskies or the Huginn-meister for now?'
Beth says, 'so I can either perma my pke and make a new one or keep them'
Huginn says, 'so any of you free on wednesday? :-)'
Krista nods solemnly.
Krista says, 'yep me'
Krista smiles happily.
Beth says, 'from 7:30 mud time on yes'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Jade laughs at Huginn.
Lassie says, 'yeah'
Beth says, 'after 7:30 mud time, it gets a little late for me'
Huginn looks at Jade questioningly.
Meffrid says, 'Er, maybe.'
Lassie says, 'i got an entire week of before my sumer job!'
Jade says to Huginn, '4 weeks running?'
Huginn says to Jade, 'We skipped this week.'
Jade says to Huginn, 'Oh, we did.'
Lassie says, 'also, just to make PKE code more worth your while, you might wanna put in a few 'pke for a day days' in your newbie players month'
Lassie says, 'days where death xp is zero from PK'
Huginn says, 'not a bad idea'
Lassie says, 'and no looting'
Jade says, 'actually.'
Beth says, 'is looting an issue?'
Lassie says, 'why make it one'
Beth says, 'very true'
Jade says, 'why not make pke death minimal for a while?'
Lassie says, 'just give them a few days of totally consequences free death'
Meffrid says, 'People wouldn't be forced to be pk would they?'
Beth nods her agreement with Lassie.
Jade says, 'seriously.'
Krista giggles.
Lassie says, 'dunno'
Jade says, 'not losing xp would interest people in pkill.'
Lassie says, 'forcing people PK might let people realize that it's pretty friendly'
Lassie says, 'it might also be a real outlet for a wad of crossplay heh'
Jade says, 'well, it would interest those newbie type.'
Meffrid says, 'does pke mean you don't have to let anybody kill you?'
Jade says, 'if they don't suffer for losing.'
Meffrid says, 'There was this April Fools day thing one year.'
Somar nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'that's be a decision for the PR dept'
Meffrid says, 'Where everybody was supposed to be saved beforehand, so no consequences, ya?'
Lassie says, 'it's the idea meffrid'
Meffrid says, 'It totally sucked.'
Jade says, 'pk xp is PR?'
Meffrid says, 'I hate hate hate it.'
Meffrid says, 'It's part of why I left for awhile.'
Somar says, 'lots of ideas out there, and being that all this is logged, it's certainly something that can be looked at'
Lassie says, 'just the idea that you can go aa, and not worry about losing eq or xp'
Beth says, 'I think that making player death 0 xp loss would be sufficient, forcing pk on non pkok/pke sounds kinda harsh'
Meffrid says, 'Because it was so horrible.'
Lassie says, 'and just try PK'
Meffrid says, 'The problem is that not everybody's char got saved.'
Huginn says, 'forcing everyone to pk won't happen'
Huginn says, 'the free thing could'
Beth nods solemnly.
Somar nods solemnly.
Meffrid says, 'And how fun is it to get killed 20 times in a row as soon as you login so that you can't even loot your own damn corpse?'
Jade says, 'don't force. offer the option up for two months, of no xp loss. see what happens.'
Meffrid growls. 
Huginn says, 'although it'd be easier to do on a testmud for a couple days'
Meffrid says, 'I HATE PK.'
Somar says, 'PR would really be the one to decide on something like this, and I can mention the idea to Huma later for them to discuss'
Huginn nods solemnly. 
Beth says, 'yes, a testmud is good'
Beth says, 'but'
Lassie says to Meffrid, 'you'd be amazed how fun it is once you get past the learning curve.'
Beth says, 'if people can see what is happening on this mud, they are more inclined to take a look'
Huginn comforts Somar. 
Lassie says, 'a testmud isnt the MUD'
Somar says, 'in case this was missed while I was losing link ...'
Beth nods her agreement with Lassie.
Jade says to Somar, 'Blame fatale.'
Lassie says, 'i doubt that new playesr would walk over to a testmud for a day'
Somar says, 'PR would really be the one to decide on something like this, and I can mention the idea to Huma later for them to discuss'
Lassie says, 'literally meffrid if i saw somebody smacking you 20 times, i'd probably come help you'
Lassie says, 'it's not like we're indifferent to this stuff'
Jade says, 'i'd be all for code disallowing multi, and 0 xp on deaths.'
Somar says, 'ok, that was a fierce batch of link-loss.. and I thought it was just the wireless inet connection here' 
Somar says, 'so, with connection issues aside.. the ideas about encouraging pk will be brought up to Huma, the PR department can discuss'
Somar says, 'beyond that, were there moer questions for us here?'
Meffrid says, 'Er, apologies if I was supposed to reply to something and missed it. Was saying that although players got reimbursed that year that didn't get saved, it was still traumatic, and I don't play on April 1st anymore because of it. Me no q'
Somar says, 'if you've already raised, please do so again, because there's always a chance it was missed with a link loss'
Meffrid says, 'er, No questions here, that is.'
Lassie says, 'yes, i'll see your 10 and raise you another 10?'
Somar says to Lassie, 'No string betting.'
Somar sticks his tongue out at Lassie. =P
Krista raises her hand.
Somar points at Krista.
Krista says, 'Um I have just been wondering'
Krista says, 'Is Sandras contest still going on?'
Krista says, 'I have seen no records of it on the boards'
Huginn says, 'that's a good question'
Somar says, 'the post said it goes for one month'
Krista says, 'and just wondered'
Somar says, 'and it started on april 11'
Huginn nods his agreement with Somar.
Krista says, 'Yes, I just thought one of you might know?'
Somar says, 'so it should still be happening :)'
Krista nods solemnly.
Lassie says, 'quagmire: 30, everyone else: still catching up'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Lassie's head.
Krista says, 'no records though'
Lassie bounces onto Beth's lap.
Somar says, 'ok, anyone else have a question?  gonna get things wrapped up fairly soon if there's no more!'
Krista smiles happily.
Krista says, 'Not me'
Huginn says, 'thanks for coming'