Lecture Series Index

May 5th, 2005

Q & A Index

Huma says, 'welcome one and all to Q&A'
Joel says to Chaykin, 'All of em?'
Chaykin says to Joel, 'First season.'
Huma says, 'Rusalka is my 2nd in command tonight so all complaints about me are to be directer towards her'
Rusalka giggles.
Chaykin raises his hand.
Joel says to Chaykin, 'The wife's going to hate me for that one too.'
Joel chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'yes Chaykin'
Chaykin says, 'where do I go to complain about rusalka?'
Jesus says to Rusalka, 'Can you make him quit with the lime thing?'
Huma says, 'Chaykin'
Joel says to Rusalka, 'I have complaints!'
Chaykin looks up into the sky and ponders.
Chaykin quietly talks to himself.
Huma says, 'ok raise your hand if you have a question'
Jesus comforts Huma.
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'maybe I should do some improv?'
Chaykin says, 'I think you and I should come up with a vaudeville act'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Relive Oandlig's boat game.'
Huma nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Huma says, 'I already did the filet game'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Bah.'
Chaykin says, 'Say, Mr. Huma, did you hear what happened to old Farn Weatherby the other day? *twirl cane*'
Cieran votes for more recalltag.
Huma says, 'filet game rules and you know it'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Actually, that game was fun, and i normally hate games.'
Huma says, 'why no Mr Chaykin what ever has he done?  *flip hat once... twice... thrice*'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Huma says, 'more recalltag'
Huma says, 'ok more recalltag'
Joel says, 'you two are crazy'
Huma says, 'how about a recalltag tournament'
Jesus says, 'anyway, on to the questions you get to not answer!'
Huma says, 'like.. the trivia thing LadyAce does'
Chaykin says, '*twirl mustache* Why sir, he took his wife out to the track...and she came in last!'
Rusalka giggles at Jesus.
Jesus raises his hand.
Cieran says, 'I dunno.'
Chaykin says, '*rimshot*'
Huma grins evilly at Chaykin... Wonder what he's thinking...
Huma pokes Jesus with |4Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'whatsup Jesus'
Joel says to Chaykin, 'Goofball.'
Chaykin snickers softly.
Jesus says, 'when is something going to be done to improve the interest in pkill?'
Huma says, 'got any bright idea'rs?'
Cieran covers her eyes with her hands.
Dr-Nick says, 'yeah, remove apex and x'z and force everyone else PKE'
Huma says, 'answer a queswtion with a question!'
Jesus says to Huma, 'You don't wanna hear them, but yes. and posted to the forum.'
Straussy tips his hat gallantly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'well, Huginn is trying to ever tweak the code issues'
Rusalka says, 'didn't realize there was a lack of interest'
Huma says, 'and Sandra is running the PK game'
Huma says, 'and er... I'm running a PK tournament soon'
Jesus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Rusalka says to Huma, 'Brave soul.'
Rusalka giggles.
Huma grins evilly.
Jesus nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Chaykin says, 'also, it seems to me rufus is thinking about that on a wider, long term basis'
Huma says, 'thing is, Code wise you have to step very slowly'
Jesus nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Jesus says, 'so no real plan yet?'
Huma says, 'and yeah Rufus is at this point reaiming the long term goals right'
Huma says, 'well the goal is to have PK be more active'
Huma says, 'but really the thing isi we have some ideas and they will show up, but overall we cant make people do it'
Chaykin says to Huma, 'May I?'
Elemental nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'yeah sure'
Joel says to Huma, 'Why not? you have the force command.'
Joel ducks to the ground.
Chaykin says, 'I haven't been an imm long but from what I've seen so far there are two things we can have happen'
Huma says, 'yeah in theory I could force them'
Jesus says to Huma, 'More reason to remove pkill's drawbacks. :p'
Cieran hates pk and is not interested in a mud that would force its players to be pk.
Chaykin says, 'in the short term we have some activities we're doing, and more we're thinking about, to try to drum up some interest in pk...I'll be a part of that and I know others will'
Jesus nods his agreement with Cieran.
Chaykin says, 'and we're hoping we get some genuine interest and participation and not just "why try, pk is dead" from everybody :)'
Blackmojo raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Elemental thinks that pk is ok, but forcing would be very bad.
Chaykin says, 'long term, there are the beginnings of stuff being thought of, but it's in the very beginning stages, and a lot of what it seems to me rufus and sandra are thinking of are really major'
Chaykin says, 'and therefore will require a lot of time and planning to execute'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Joel says to Chaykin, 'You're long winded.'
Chaykin says, 'and being new leaders of the mud, they've really only just now gotten the opportunity to start using that to bring the changes they want'
Jesus snickers at Joel nastily.
Chaykin says, 'so yeah'
Elemental says, 'how muct time / how big of changes?'
Joel winks suggestively at Chaykin.
Huma says, 'and heres the thing with PK penalties'
Chaykin says, 'stuff is happening'
Rusalka says, 'i'd say the next year or so'
Huma says, 'HUGE changes, probably awhile' 
Elemental nods solemnly.
Elemental looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'yeah, not like turning the mud green huge'
Huma says, 'but altering some stuff for sure'
Huma says, 'but heres my thoughts on PK problems being removed'
Huma says, 'ok we already have voluntary PKill, its called PKOK'
Chaykin says, 'really the gist of rufus' post seems to me like he's not even sure how to fix the problem yet, it was more about identifying the problem'
Huma says, 'its used percentage wise even less then PKE'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'and PK xp loss is really not a lot'
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'I think he identified a few problems.'
Rusalka says, 'it's a first step'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Jesus.
Jesus says to Huma, 'No, not to me or you.'
Joel says to Huma, 'My thoughts on PKOK is that it's more or less used for RP purposes.'
Huma says, 'plus there has to be SOME potential loss in PKill, otherwise its nothing, its not even important right'
Huma says, 'people need to risk something otherwise they risk nothing and when nothing is risked no fun is had' 
Huma says, 'or am I wrong'
Jesus says to Huma, 'And we're not talking one death for 250k xp. we're talking lots of them to some active newbie type.'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus. 
Jesus says, 'erm, 350k'
Huma says, 'well some people wanna lower XP loss'
Huma says to Joel, 'Yeah I think PKOK is mainly for RP too.'
Jesus says, 'face it, a newbie pk'er ISN'T going to do well in the beginning.'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Rusalka says to Joel, 'Or some kinds of rp...pke gives another kind.'
Beauxb nods his agreement with Jesus.
Elemental nods her agreement with Jesus.
Joel nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Huma says, 'another problem I have is people seem to think RP and PK are disconnected' 
Rusalka nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'which hopefully isnt the case to much'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Huma.
Chaykin nods his agreement with Huma.
Chaykin nods his agreement with Huma.
Rusalka says, 'pk can actually be a very powerful tool for rp'
Jesus says, 'with knowing they won't do well, and risking millions of xp simply to learn, what positive IS there?'
Straussy says, 'players are disconnected with PK'
Jesus nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Straussy says, 'doesnt have to be so'
Beauxb nods his agreement with Jesus.
Huma says, 'fun hopefully is the positive'
Rusalka says, 'it introduces a certain brutal reality'
Joel says to Rusalka, 'Yeah, i felt that personally about a year or two ago.'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Dying every fight isn't fun.'
Huma says, 'but how do you remove XP loss without removing the fun of the fight'
Huma says, 'dying every fight isnt fun'
Rusalka says, 'well, pkok is one way that newbies could learn to fight'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'I have a long and storied history of dying every fight :)'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Huma.
Rusalka feels like Sitting Duck.
Huma says, 'well, I think the HP thing is huge'
Jesus says to Rusalka, 'Pkok doesn't even compare to the experience of pke.'
Joel says to Rusalka, 'That's cause you don't pk :p'
Elemental says, 'a pke ring... without xp loss/gain.... and a repop with 3/4 hp and ma....'
Huma says, 'Russy was a old hand at it'
Chaykin nods solemnly.
Huma says to Elemental, 'Doesn that just become a duel system then?'
Rusalka says to Huma, 'For me, it's not the hp loss so much as getting worked up to do it.'
Rusalka says to Joel, 'Have too.'
Elemental says, 'some what... have to limit the use....'
Rusalka says to Joel, '...before pkok.'
Joel nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Huma says, 'well I think the current PKill system... like the fundamental PKOK PKAA PKE could use some modification'
Huma shrugs helplessly.
Joel says to Rusalka, 'I know :p'
Huma says, 'ok anyone have a question that isnt this question?'
Jesus says to Huma, 'And honestly, no offense intended to you, but i have a hard time taking the opinion of any imm that pke's with cause.'
Rusalka says, 'cause what?'
Huma giggles at Jesus.
Huma says, 'cause mage'
Rusalka says, 'oh'
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'You and I talked about pk a couple of months ago, and my opinions from back then still hold.'
Cieran raises her hand.
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'I know, and i agree. rp is big for you.'
Xuvenia knocks Rusalka over and flops all over her.
Huma pokes Cieran with |4Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go Cieran'
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'It isn't even just that.'
Jesus nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Cieran says, 'Can we change the subject please? :) Also, can PK have it's own Q&A? Like, uh, separate from this one? :)'
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'For pk to be exciting people need something to rally behind, even if it's something lame like the dark lord or whatever.'
Huma says, 'we do have them no one comes :)'
Jesus says, 'pke's purpose has become a contest to see who can make the best fotm chartype.'
Huma says, 'isnt that funny'
Elemental nods her agreement with Huma.
Jesus nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Xuvenia says, 'they just wanna be treated equally!'
Huma says, 'Huginn has twice tried to host PK Forums'
Rusalka says, 'well, at least it's a way to test game balance'
Huma says, 'but no luck'
Jesus says to Huma, 'I showed up for both.'
Jesus shrugs helplessly.
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Huma says, 'any other Questions?'
Cieran says, 'I'm mostly just hear to listen, but I don't really care about PK. CSI is coming on in 13 mins.'
Elemental raises her hand.
TheWatcher raises her hand.
Cieran says, 's/hear/here'
Chaykin says, 'it can be a god or a code or an ideal, but it has to be something, if you have a clan whose purpose is "blah, kill" that isn't going to interest many people outside the core pk players'
Huma pokes Elemental in the ribs.
Abhorsen sits down on the ground.
Huma says, 'go Elemental'
Abhorsen sits down in an old armchair.
Blackmojo says, 'why would anyone want to make anything put the best pkiler they can make?'
Chaykin says, 'err'
Abhorsen waves to Elemental. 
Chaykin zips his lips.
Abhorsen says, 'hi elemental'
Elemental says, 'at one point an update for london port was in the works... anything happen with it?'
Huma says, 'well Leila was doin it'
TheWatcher pokes Abhorsen in the ribs. 
Xuvenia chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'and shes been not here for awhile'
Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.
Elemental nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'didn't she move or something?'
Abhorsen pokes TheWatcher in the ribs.
Huma says, 'but lemme say that London is something we definately want to address'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Abhorsen says, 'afk'
Huma says, 'you guys know me and newbies and hometowns'
Huma says, 'maybe you dont but I do and I love'em'
Elemental says, 'how big of an update was the plan...'
Huma says, 'like 200 rooms'
Elemental goes EEK! in distress.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'something gawd awful huge'
Cieran whistles appreciatively.
Rusalka says, 'and what i've seen of it is beautiful'
Huma nods his agreement with Rusalka. 
Huma says, 'hopefully she'll come back'
Jesus says, 'i thought kaige was doing that expansion.'
Huma says, 'if not someone will hopefully take up the mantle'
Elemental says, 'if she completed part, could that part be stuck in soonish?'
Huma says, 'like LA did with Klein'
Rusalka shakes her head.
Rusalka says, 'i don't think she's worked on it in years'
Huma says, 'well it'd have to be updated'
Huma says, 'and depending... I mean hey you can write to LadyAce'
Elemental nods solemnly.
Chaykin says, 'I think'
Huma says, 'shes trying to put her ducks in order a bit still'
Elemental nods solemnly.
Chaykin says, 'LA posted a list of areas in progress on the forum'
Elemental says, 'i was just curious'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'no its a good question'
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'Yeah, nice of her :)'
Rusalka says, 'it's a good quesiton'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'I'd love to take a crack at London'
Elemental nods her agreement with Jesus.
Huma says, 'but they have me shackled to Tombstone still'
Chaykin says, 'oh great, a city full of chickens'
Chaykin ducks to the ground.
Huma says, 'so I am not allowed to be to much of a spaz'
Huma says, 'I have to finish first'
Beauxb raises his hand.
Huma says, 'and yes Tombstone has 60 chickens in it'
Rusalka giggles at Huma.
Huma pokes TheWatcher with |4Kryptonite.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Yeah, get that done so people remember there another side to indust.'
Korgan snickers softly.
Huma says, 'go The Watcher'
Chaykin giggles.
Rusalka says, 'me too'
Rusalka sighs loudly.
Rusalka peers at her Unfinished Project List
Elemental nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Huma attempts to whine at a shopping list from LadyAce marked 'Tombstone To Do!|U99', as if it cared.
Rusalka says, 'sad'
Rusalka giggles.
Rusalka says, 'we all love sot start things'
Huma says to TheWatcher, 'Did you have a question?'
TheWatcher nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'the kryptonite poke  means ask :)'
Huma conjures |4Kryptonite out of midair and throws it at TheWatcher!
Chaykin says, 'maybe they're confused because it's supposed to be green'
TheWatcher says, 'just wondering if there was any plans for more align quests :) *evil grin*'
Beauxb chuckles politely at Chaykin.
Jesus can't even read that color. 
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Cieran says, 'The dark blue is hard for me to read, personally.'
Huma says, 'none that I know of'
TheWatcher grumbles.
Huma stops using |4Kryptonite.
Rusalka says, 'hm'
Rusalka says, 'not a bad idea'
Rusalka says, 'in fact'
TheWatcher says, 'its a great idea'
Huma holds Kryptonite in his hands.
Rusalka says, 'i could easily add that to an existing quest of mine'
TheWatcher smiles happily.
Cieran cheers for Huma - huzzah!
Jesus cheers for Huma - huzzah!
Huma says, 'its to normal green'
TheWatcher says, 'there are like 3 total, once of which you can only do once..'
Huma stops using Kryptonite.
TheWatcher says, '2nd of which is always dead'
Huma says, 'well we dont want people to just be switching aligns at complete will'
Huma says, 'got to have some control'
Rusalka says, 'well, it's a big quest'
TheWatcher says, 'but there are quests that change align.  would be nice to undo that once quest is done'
Rusalka giggles. 
Huma says, 'we have to balance gameability with ease'
Huma holds |10Kryptonite in his hands.
Huma pokes Beauxb with |10Kryptonite.
Jesus says, 'yeah, making a mob have a chalice AND an align quest, AND a wpellword isn't a great idea. especially being ID'able.'
Huma says, 'go ahead Beaux'
Beauxb says, 'this is a quick one...are you supposed to not get xp for a mob you started to kill but died to then finished off?'
Rusalka says, 'be nice to have more mobs that add to good too'
Jesus says, 'oh, AND 15k gold.'
TheWatcher nods her agreement with Rusalka.
Huma says, 'well you should get XP for that'
Huma says, 'if you dont its a bug'
Rusalka says, 'nope'
Rusalka says, 'once you die'
Huma says, 'well'
Rusalka says, 'it resets'
Huma says, 'it does reset'
Huma says, 'but maybe it shouldnt =P'
Cieran says, 'I hate that. That whole, once you die, there's no point to finishing off the mob thing.'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Naw, it was a bug that you ever got xp. you don't now.'
Huma says, 'oh was it?'
Huma says, 'ok then I stand corrected'
Rusalka says, 'there is if you want their stuff'
Huma says, 'then no, you arent supposed to get XP'
Jesus says, 'according to rufus and huginn.'
Rusalka says, 'and the agg rests too'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'ok then I am an uninformed liar obviously'
Cieran says, 'But not if all you're after is xp.'
Beauxb says, 'why shouldnt you get xp if you can heal yourself up in time to fisnish them off?'
Jesus whined about that a few months ago.
Jesus says, 'actually, an alt has a disc board post on it :)'
TheWatcher says, 'you.. whine?!? nevah'
Jesus snickers at TheWatcher nastily.
Huma says, 'well I dunno why really'
You do a slow fade as Jesus whines at TheWatcher, hoping he won't get to you too.
Huma says, 'but once you lose the whole thing resets'
Rusalka says, 'cause you died'
Rusalka says, 'you aint the same person'
TheWatcher shudders.
Huma says, 'yeah dying is not to be rewarded I guess :)'
Rusalka says, 'everything resets'
Beauxb looks up into the sky and ponders.
Xuvenia says, 'you can get xp if they heal up past halfway'
Rusalka says, 'the mob's aggression'
Jesus nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Cieran says to Xuvenia, 'oh? Well, that's not so bad then, I guess.'
Huma nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Cieran.
Jesus says, 'you only have to kill any mob 51% to dead to get xp.'
TheWatcher cheers wildly!
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Jesus says, 'if that makes sense.'
Huma says, 'alright then I stand corrected'
Xuvenia beeps Huma on the nose.
TheWatcher says, 'jesus furguson won the first round of the head up poker tourney'
Huma says, 'other question?'
Blackmojo raises his hand.
Huma pokes Blackmojo with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Sir'
Blackmojo says, 'what changes did you want to make to pke'
Jesus snickers at Blackmojo nastily.
Huma says, 'me personally?'
Blackmojo nods solemnly.
Horror goes EEK! in distress.
Huma says, 'uh I dunno, my opinion isnt that important =P'
Horror goes EEK! in distress.
Jesus tickles Horror.
Xuvenia cackles gleefully at Horror - whatever she's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
Huma says, 'I am kind of a radical'
Horror rolls her eyes, exasperated with Xuvenia.
Xuvenia bounces onto Horror's lap.
Xuvenia joins Horror's group.
Huma says, 'so my thoughts do not in any way conform to anyone :)'
Huma waves a welcome to Horror. Hello!
Horror says, 'im not really here!'
Lelldorin says, 'so who's the pencil-pushing, conformist types around here'
Jesus says to Horror, 'Go play wow.'
Huma says, 'and Rufus in general is looking at ways to make fights last longer'
Xuvenia nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'because one of the big problems is... they dont right now'
Horror says, 'bah' 
Horror says, 'yeah'
Huma says, 'hrrrm'
Horror nods to herself.
Huma says, 'so thats what hes lookin at and if you have any bright ideas hit us up :)'
Huma says, 'because its not an easy question to answer'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Huma, 'I've not seen rufus visible in months.'
Rusalka says, 'he's around' 
Huma says, 'anyone have any questions on the code update or anything?'
Rusalka says, 'and you can send him mud mail'
Huma says, 'yeah Rufus is the behind the scenes madman and you mudmail him'
Jesus makes a face at Rusalka.
Horror says, 'kind of a weak code update'
Xuvenia says, 'ruf's  kinda busylike'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Cieran raises her hand. 
Huma pokes |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'please go ahead Cieran'
Cieran says, 'Who is in charge of Roman Britain atm?'
Jesus says to Cieran, 'Type area :)'
Huma says, 'what the areainfo say'
Huma says, 'the Kaige is'
Rusalka says, 'and she still is' 
Cieran says, 'Ok, just checking.'
Xuvenia says, 'is she still working on the mud?'
Xuvenia giggles.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'yeah'
Cieran sorta had a bug question, but will mudmail it.
Huma says, 'we get our weekly Kaige spam of updates'
Huma says, 'every week'
Rusalka giggles at Huma.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Xuvenia says, 'spiffy'
Jesus says, 'oh, she's in charge of london. that's what made me think she was doing the expansion.' 
Huma says, 'she maintains a ton of areas'
Huma says, 'probably a dozen?'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'helps keep the mud goin'
Huma says, 'so other questions? :)'
Cieran waves happily.
Jesus says to Huma, '17, apparently.'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'thats a lot of areas my man'
Jesus nods solemnly.
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma knocks Lorenzo over and flops all over him.
Rusalka smiles at Lorenzo.
Lorenzo waves hello to the world!
Xuvenia says, 'hi someone'
Huma says, 'Lorenzo on the other hand maintains 0 areas'
Jesus peers around intently.
Joel peers around intently.
Jesus laughs.
Lorenzo grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what he's thinking...
Huma says, 'and hes a big sissyface too'
Xuvenia says, 'i guess that's lorenzo hiding'
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Lorenzo?
Rusalka giggles.
Jesus waves a welcome to Lorenzo. Hello!
Joel nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Lorenzo says, 'sorry, I thought I put that aura on'
Huma says, 'and one time I caught him eating Rusalkas cheesecake out of the employee refrigerator'
Joel squeezes Lorenzo's nose and says, 'HONK HONK.'
Huma says, 'oh'
Rusalka goes EEK! in distress.
Huma says, 'I mean... hey Lorenzo whatsup'
Lorenzo says, 'maybe I took it off'
Rusalka says, 'so that's where it went'
Rusalka says to Huma, 'Okay, then who ate my two bags of carrot sticks then?'
Lorenzo giggles.
Lorenzo hearts cheesecake!
Huma says, 'it wasnt not Sasha'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Lorenzo's head.
Jesus says to Rusalka, 'That sounds like something haley'd eat.'
Huma says, 'actually Lorenzo is an absolute coding madman from the 3rd century'
Huma says, '33rd century even'
Xuvenia says, 'ohh, did he introduce any neat bugs yet?'
Huma says, 'come back in time to create computorial bliss'
Lorenzo says to Huma, 'aww, you flatter me.'
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Xuvenia cheers for Lorenzo - huzzah!
Huma says, 'yes he did'
Lorenzo says, 'it was a really neat bug'
Xuvenia says, 'oooh, tell us the story'
Xuvenia grins evilly.
Huma says, 'I cant remember all the specifics but I think he screwed up bad =P'
Lorenzo says, 'but only two people got to see it'
Huma says, 'not BAD but not great'
Huma says, 'do tell Lorenzo'
Lorenzo says, 'well, plus all the people who got to enjoy a reboot out of it'
Xuvenia says, 'hard reboot or lazy area reload?'
Lorenzo says, 'hard!'
Lorenzo says, 'I recoded some of the stuff that tracks ownership'
Joel claps for Lorenzo approvingly.
Jesus whistles at Lorenzo appreciatively.
Once upon a time, there was a bug named Charles....
Rusalka cheers for Lorenzo - huzzah!
Xuvenia grins evilly.
Xuvenia says, 'oops huh?'
Huma says, 'Lorenzo is a dynamo though'
Huma says, 'dont believe his lies'
Huma says, 'anyway'
Huma says, 'anyone else?'
Lorenzo says, 'and it had this sly, sly bug, so that some people with 3-letter names, when the moon was inthe right phase and the planets aligned, and the lawn needed mowing, would not quite be themselves for some purposes.'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Rusalka giggles.
Xuvenia says, 'interesting'
Jesus laughs. 
Huma says, 'oh yeah that one'
Huma says, 'I remember that'
Lorenzo giggles.
Lorenzo says, 'I got it fixed later that day but we rebooted to make sure it caused no more trouble'
Jesus says to Lorenzo, 'Wow, i didn't see it with my three letter name :)'
Lorenzo grins evilly at Jesus... Wonder what he's thinking...
Jesus stomps on Lorenzo's toes.
Lorenzo says to Jesus, 'could have bene you!'
Huma says, 'it was a unique one'
Huma says, 'yeah I blamed Jesus entirely'
Huma says, 'but no other questions?'
Rusalka says, 'uniiiique'
Jesus thanks Huma heartily.
Lorenzo giggles at Rusalka.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Finally, some respect.'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Rusalka says to Lorenzo, '..coder bugs are so much more interesting than builder ones.'
Lorenzo chuckles politely.
Kalise says, 'Okay'
Lorenzo says to Rusalka, 'can be... though I've seen some intereting builder bugs too :)'
Kalise says, 'question'
Joel says, 'especially if they make the mud crash and reboot a dozen times'
Kalise says, 'this was probaly covered...'
Lorenzo snickers softly.
Huma says, 'I tried to census all dogs in OOC once and it returned null and crashed the mud'
Huma says to Kalise, 'Sure whatsup.'
Rusalka rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Kalise says, 'but what are we doing about mud crashes/lag times?'
Jesus says to Joel, 'You referring to nestor? :p'
Lorenzo says to Huma, 'oy.'
Rusalka says to Huma, 'Love it.'
Kalise says, 'such as the one thats gonna hit in 20 minutes'
Joel says to Jesus, 'Just making a general comment :)'
Huma says, 'the lags that come along once every other day about now?'
Lorenzo says, 'well, my bug didn't crash, and I've fixed a few crashing bugs, so my net karma is still good'
Lorenzo flips head over heels.
Joel chuckles politely at Lorenzo.
Kalise says, 'Lag times hit almost EVERY day at almost the EXACT same time'
Huma says, 'well that... no one has anyway idea what is it'
Rusalka says, 'i thought that was out of our control?'
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Lorenzo says, 'it's something about the ISP, we think'
Rusalka says, 'it's probably something in the network'
Huma says, 'its something on the way into the mud'
Huma nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Kalise says, 'Maybe the ISP sends out a surge at the exact same time every day?'
Rusalka says, 'could be'
Kalise says, 'the surge kills the muds for about 30 seconds'
Abhorsen has returned from the void.
Rusalka says, 'maybe some accounts office updates all their client files at the same time'
Kalise pokes Abhorsen in the ribs.
Abhorsen says, 'srry'
Kalise says, 'oh'
Abhorsen says, 'afk for gain'
Kalise says, 'will we ever have pipeweed?'
Kalise says, 'for pipes and stuff'
Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'uh'
Huma says, 'we have tobacco'
Kalise says, 'does that get you stoned?'
Huma says, 'but I dont think you're ever gonna have pipeweed =P'
Kalise says, '^^'
Huma says, 'I dont think so no'
Kalise says, 'I want to be stoned like I am with beer'
Rusalka says, 'i say we implement lung cancer'
Rusalka ducks to the ground.
Huma snickers softly.
Jesus says to Kalise, 'There are drugs on the mud. :p'
Lorenzo giggles at Rusalka.
Joel says to Rusalka, 'Weirdo.'
Kalise says, 'okay, what about lifting the cursing ban thingies?'
Huma says, 'what do you mean cursing ban thingies'
Rusalka says, 'nope'
Kalise says, 'I mean, the youngest person I ever saw on here, was 15 years old...'
Kalise says, 'and on TMC, it does display the mud as adult'
Joel says to Kalise, 'We're a family mud!'
Rusalka says, 'be happy that we allow it on clan channels now'
Huma says, 'theres like a 12 year old that plays'
Lorenzo says to Kalise, 'oh, just wait!'
Huma says, 'but still yeah no swearing on channels'
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'sorry buddy'
Joel says to Rusalka, 'We do?!'
Rusalka nods her agreement with Joel.
Kalise says, 'okay'
Rusalka says to Joel, 'That went in last month.'
Kalise says, 'umm' 
Huma says, 'and yeah you can swear like the dicks on clanchannel'
Joel says to Rusalka, 'Well how come I wasn't informed!'
Kalise says, 'how about easier tokens to get?'
Huma says, 'dickens...'
Rusalka says to Joel, 'You were.'
Lorenzo giggles at Huma.
Jesus snickers at Huma nastily.
Huma says, 'easier tokens?  Like prize tokens?'
Kalise says, 'the pink tokens'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Mine doesn't swear.'
Xuvenia grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what she's thinking...
Kalise says, 'the tokens I used to get this'
Huma says, 'uh we can run games'
Kalise waves a |14crocheted bikini|U99.
Joel says to Rusalka, 'I don't remember that, but then again I've fixed my swearing problem on this mud a long time ago.'
Joel chuckles politely.
Lorenzo whistles at Kalise appreciatively.
Kalise says, 'how about like a...daily ran game thats automated?'
Huma says, 'we run several games :)'
Abhorsen says, 'back' 
Rusalka says to Kalise, 'Could trade or sell it.'
Jesus nods his agreement with Joel.
Joel snickers softly.
Kalise says, 'OR' 
Kalise says, 'a casino'
Huma says, 'why... Chaykin ran a flag hunt yesterday and a trivia today'
Kalise says, 'we need a casino, with blackjack that can be betted with gold'
Joel says to Jesus, 'I remember my other self had channels gone almost every other week.'
Huma says, 'last week we have a token rain, a flag hunt and a recalltag'
Joel says to Huma, 'Always when i'm not here!'
Kalise says, 'the recalltag was bugged'
Huma comforts Joel.
Abhorsen says, 'lol make houses cheaper :P'
Huma says, 'sorry man'
Jesus says to Joel, 'I'm sure i was banned for swearing on channels once or five times, at some point.'
Joel says to Huma, 'It's a conspiracy!'
Kalise says, 'I mean, I joined in, and it just went all freaky'
Huma says, 'well I hate to say it but we have a TON of gold in the game right now'
Lorenzo says, 'a casino could be neat, but I think it should be just money-based... handing out the good stuff automatedly is a lot of abuse potential'
Kalise says, 'no, I mean, just gold in the casino'
Lorenzo nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'hm'
Huma says, 'we might have a gambling game someday'
Kalise says, 'and BLACKJACK AND POKER!'
Rusalka says, 'only if it's rigged so that the house tends to win'
Huma says, 'because the house will always be favored so :)'
Lorenzo says, 'usually there are lots of prize tokens and coupons in player hands, you just gotta give them the right incentive :)'
Kalise says, 'heh'
Huma says, 'we DO need more ways to bleed money out of the game'
Abhorsen sighs loudly.
Kalise says, 'the one dude in london, the one that cheats'
Kalise says, 'I didnt lose a single game to him'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'thats not good'
Kalise says, 'but I never got any real gold to do it with, just those chips'
Kalise says, 'Im just good at blackjack man'
Lorenzo grins evilly at Kalise... Wonder what he's thinking...
Joel says to Huma, 'So when do i get my token for submitting an article?'
Huma nods his agreement with Kalise.
Lorenzo says, 'I want a craps table'
Joel grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what he's thinking...
Abhorsen sits down in an old armchair.
Huma says to Joel, 'When I publish this weekend.'
Abhorsen rests in an old armchair.
Huma licks Joel.
Kalise says, 'oh'
Joel sinks his teeth into Huma's flesh.
Kalise says, 'make house rent cheaper, or or'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Ooh, you're a publisher now?'
Huma nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Huma pokes the wizlist.
Joel says to Huma, 'I have to see what she put in the machine.'
Kalise says, 'make the houses in romania cheaper, very few people go there and stuff...'
Joel pokes Rusalka in the ribs.
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Figured you'd delegate.'
Xuvenia grins evilly.
Huma shakes his head.
Huma says, 'that one I kept for myself'
Kalise says, 'or, just hand me alot of gold, ^^'
Huma says, 'I deligate other responsibilities'
Huma says, 'like game thinking up'
Rusalka giggles.
Abhorsen says, 'lol and me'
Huma pokes Chaykin in the ribs.
Joel says to Rusalka, 'And i better get the jackpot and a bunch tokens or i'm coming after you!'
Huma says, 'and token machine'
Huma pokes Rusalka in the ribs.
Rusalka giggles.
Kalise says, 'or or'
Abhorsen says, 'the possiblities'
Lorenzo says, 'yeah, the LT is probably the best way to get tokens all in all'
Joel nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Kalise says, 'make a ingame machine, that for 10K gold, you could get a token or a variety of other items....'
Kalise says, 'LT?'
Huma says, 'just submit me an article'
Joel says to Lorenzo, 'But you have to say that cause you're an imm.'
Huma says, 'I'll get you a token like woah'
Lorenzo giggles at Joel.
Joel says, 'and the LT's been pretty dead lately'
Jesus panics, and attempts to flee.
Abhorsen says, 'l;t?' 
Abhorsen says, 'lt?'
Lorenzo says, 'legendary times'
Huma says, 'well I try to spruce it up'
Huma says, 'what would you like to see' 
Abhorsen nods solemnly. 
Lorenzo says, 'the newsletter :)'
Huma says, 'what undeads it' 
Joel says to Abhorsen, 'It's the newspaper type thing.'
Kalise says, 'Well, I could submit a few articles for the newspaper that might spruce it up'
Joel says to Huma, 'That's a good question.'
Lorenzo says, 'there are links in websites'
Huma nods his agreement with Kalise.
Huma says, 'go ahead'
Lorenzo says, 'the websites command'
Huma says, 'yeah help legendary times'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Be sure to rehash old LT articles from time to time.'
Abhorsen opens a rough sack.
Joel says to Kalise, 'For some reason that's scary to me.'
Abhorsen gets a gold-embossed photo album from a rough sack.
Lorenzo says, 'ah...' 
Abhorsen closes a rough sack. 
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Huma.
Abhorsen opens a gold-embossed photo album.
Kalise says, 'oh oh oh'
Kalise says, 'and err'
Huma says to Xuvenia, 'K.'
Kalise says, 'well, thats about it' 
Lorenzo says, 'I didn't know about that'
Joel says to Huma, 'Tell her it has to be "G" rated!'
Huma says, 'if its not I'll edit it to G rating'
Huma says, 'or RUsalka will'
Huma says, 'cuz shes an editing goddess'
Huma says, 'like the patron saint of editing is Rusalka'
Rusalka giggles.
Lorenzo cheers for Rusalka - huzzah!
Xuvenia says, 'more like the patron saint of addlebrains and typoes'
Xuvenia grins evilly at Rusalka... Wonder what she's thinking...
Huma grins evilly.
Huma grins evilly.
Joel says to Rusalka, 'Don't think I'll worship you or anything now that you've been called a goddess.'
Huma says, 'so other questions?'
Rusalka giggles at Xuvenia.
Lorenzo raises his hand.
Joel says to Huma, 'Yeah, well more like a comment.'
Huma pokes Lorenzo with |10Kryptonite.
Lorenzo says, 'what's our TMC rating now?'
Huma says, 'whatsup Lorry'
Lorenzo bounces around.
Huma says to Joel, 'Wait for Lorenzo.'
Joel nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'its like er 8th or 7th'
Huma says, 'which is... awesome'
Lorenzo says, 'superlative!'
Huma says, 'but we need exactly ONE more person per day to vote and we'd get to 6th'
Lorenzo says, 'and it's working!'
Lorenzo says, 'newbies galore!'
Huma says, 'and if TWO more people voted everyday we'd be in the top 5'
Lorenzo whistles appreciatively.
Rusalka says, 'newbie hose'
Rusalka chuckles politely.
Lorenzo giggles.
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Rusalka says, 'well, more like newbie pipette'
Huma says to Joel, 'Please Sir, what would you like to say.'
Joel says to Huma, 'Don't give your underling imms too much work to do, they have to have time to play with their friends!'
Lorenzo laughs.
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'me underlings dont do crap!'
Huma ducks to the ground.
Rusalka laughs.
Lorenzo says to Rusalka, 'very nice :)'
Joel says to Huma, 'That's not true, a certain one today said they were busy doing imm stuff.'
Huma says, 'actually no one is so overwhelmed with PR work that they couldnt play'
Joel says, 'the nerve!'
Huma says, 'well at any one specific time someone might be busy'
Rusalka says, 'i like imm work'
Huma says, 'but no one is so swamped that they cant play a lot if they want to :)'
Rusalka says to Huma, '...unless we like to sleep.'
Rusalka giggles.
Huma goes EEK! at Rusalka in distress - isn't Rusalka an awful person for teasing?
Huma says, 'well not with PR work anyway'
Huma says, 'everyones got a job but, if they have no time to play its not PR works fault'
Joel was just joking of course!
Huma nods his agreement with Joel.
Joel says, 'jeeeees'
Huma says, 'no its fine I figured you were'
Joel tickles Huma.
Huma was just saying that his underlings only have like... 1 or 2 jobs, not a LOT of work
Joel says, 'but i'm serious!'
Huma says, 'so anyone else'
Xuvenia says, 'i guess that's the lazy department'
Xuvenia grins evilly.
Lorenzo says to Xuvenia, 'that's me, the lazy dept!'
Lorenzo lies down in an old armchair.
Huma says, 'alright then' 
Rusalka says to Huma, 'Well, ther'es also sitting around making smart remarks on chat.'
Joel says to Lorenzo, 'I thought you were in the break things department.'
Xuvenia says to Lorenzo, 'You're a coder, not an pr!'
Rusalka says to Huma, '...that can be incredibly time consuming.'
Lorenzo says to Joel, 'i'm multifaceted.'
Huma says, 'ok I will close Q&A if no one else has questions'
Huma nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Joel says to Lorenzo, 'Lies!'
Lorenzo says, 'the statement on the other site of my head is false.'
Lorenzo turns around.
Joel snickers softly.
Huma says, 'ok...'
Huma peers around intently.
Huma says, 'anyone anyone'
Huma says, 'once... twice'
Huma says, 'SOLD!'