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May 19th, 2005

Q & A Index

Huma says, 'ok BEGIN!'
Huma waves |10Kryptonite.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Sandra?
Dogbert says to Jesus, 'why must you turn this into a house of lies.'
Jesus says to Dogbert, 'I said it's a plus to snipers.'
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'and you!, you're just the dumbest person i've ever seen.'
Lucias says, 'well these changes are somewhat frightening'
Huma says, 'IT HAS BEGUN!'
Yelena smiles at Sandra.
Huma says, 'raise your hand to be heard'
Sandra pats Dogbert on the head.
Beth raises her hand.
Huma says, 'extra points for flawless questions'
Huma pokes Beth with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Beth'
Jesus raises his hand.
Lucias raises his hand.
Dogbert raises his hand.
Sana grins evilly.
Jesus licks Sana.
Huma smiles at Sana.
Huma has created an icpali chair!
Beth says, 'my question is in regards to the status window, why is it that you do not have a tick time remaining on items such as the str spell and bless and armor, some of the non essential spells that people use to prep? I personally would love'
Jesus sits down on a black leather couch.
Beth says, 'to see it changed but I figured id ask in case there was a valid reason'
Huma says, 'I dont know how hard it would be to code that'
Beth says, 'its allready in the base mud eh?'
Beth says, 'unmodified'
Jesus says, 'could be a percent of time left. would be nice.'
Huma says, 'I have no idea =P'
Beth says, 'im pretty sure it is'
Chaykin waves a welcome to Lorenzo. Hello!
Somar lurks around Lorenzo ominously!
Lorenzo rhelloes
Huma says, 'if it is, I think it would be cool to have in the game'
Huginn says, 'more in the spirit thing.. that's sort of breaking the mood if you see numbers next to all your affects'
Huma nods his agreement with Huginn.
Herbert says, 'make it a config option'
Yelena nods her agreement with Herbert.
Lucias says, 'i see numbers, str 35'
Beth says, 'well, not all effects, but just a few preps would be nice'
Herbert says, 'so us calculator addicts can see it, but RPers dont have to'
Lucias says, 'why not number for saffects'
Huma says, 'yeah I recall Ptah once saying that the less numbers the better =P'
LadyAce has created a postcard!
LadyAce starts writing on a postcard from LadyAce.
Huma says, 'so it was probably set up that way'
Beth says, 'armor/str/bless for sure'
Beth says, 'the standard 3'
Jesus says, 'sink.'
Huma says, 'we're trying to keep some sense of the fantasy of the game'
Beth says, 'detect hidden, detect illusion'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Beth nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'Legend isnt supposed to be a calculator, its supposed to be at least semi-immersive'
Beth says, 'well, I understand that, but if you make it a config, you keep that'
LadyAce finishes writing on a postcard from LadyAce.
LadyAce reads a postcard from LadyAce.
Beth says, 'for those people who are not here to rp, they turn it on'
LadyAce posts a postcard from LadyAce on the welcome board.
Beth says, 'those who want to keep that aspect intact, keep it off'
Lucias says, 'i don't see it as non immersive at all'
Lucias says, 'its just convenient'
Huginn says, 'if we were going to do that I think the most we'd do would be a few "levels" like strong, medium weak'
Huginn says, 'to tell you its fading'
Beth says, 'well, even that is good'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'idea that'
Huma says, 'well, I think having it as a toggleable option would make it just a thing instead of a spell'
Huma says, 'idea it'
Rusalka giggles.
Dogbert says, 'phoosh!'
Chaykin congratulates Rusalka on a job well done.
Huma says, 'ok then'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
Sana waves a welcome to Rusalka. Hello!
Huma says, 'go ahead Jesus'
Rusalka waves hello to the world!
Jesus says, 'erm, dogbert reminded me this, and i may be stealing his question, but he's a weenie and i don't care.'
Jesus says, 'is it possible that a fighter can be lagged arouund after you wake from a dazing headbutt, so you don't wake to instabash?'
Dogbert blinks.
Dogbert says, 'that wont help'
Sana says, 'yeah like wfwcrap!'
MysteryMan knocks Somar over and flops all over him.
Lucias says, 'insta daze is fun'
Dogbert says, 'you can still get instabashed/instaskilled'
Dogbert says, 'but dont tell sandra! she might be wrong and she's never wrong! rah!'
Huginn says, 'you already get more rounds off headbutt though, if you daze'
Huma says, 'so you want people who wake up from headbutts be lagged?'
Lucias says, 'other way around.'
Lucias says, 'right?'
MysteryMan beeps Huma on the nose.
Sana says, 'yeah what i thought'
Dogbert says, 'i dont wanna wake yp from a wfw and get stunned for another round'
Sana says, 'the headbutter to be lagged'
Jesus says, 'no, the headbutter not being able to either stack a headbutt or bash as soon as the headbutee wakes.'
Huma says, 'or you want people who hit dazers to have lag'
Dogbert says, 'but no! wfw's arent overpowered!'
Huma smirks at Dogbert.
Huma says to Dogbert, 'They arent.' 
Dogbert says to Huma, 'if i went to huginn with one log he'd as for more.'
Lucias says, 'all stunning effects are. ;)' 
Dogbert says, 'hint hint'
Somar drops a suede shag rug. 
Yelena says, 'wfw is nasty..'
Sana says, 'ebiko just reamed the hell out of someone with about 100 cheap wfws yesterday'
Dogbert gasps in astonishment.
Dogbert sits on a suede shag rug.
Huginn says, 'ah ok.  I think the answer to that is no.. no plans to add additional lag to daazing headbutts' 
Beth says, 'I got taken down for 200 damage on a wfw then when I woke up, took a lightning bolt in the butt, it was not nice'
Dogbert says, 'phooshrug!'
Jesus says to Huginn, 'Typical thing, daze headbut, damcap, damcap, wake, bashed.'
Sana chortles with amusement.
Sana points at Beth.
Sandra says to Sana, 'In between 2 dazing headbutts.'
Sana laughs at Beth.
Beth pokes Sana in the ribs.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Sana's head.
Huma says, 'well hopefully the headbutt change will change that Jesus'
Huginn nods his agreement with Huma.
Jesus says, 'no, it won't.'
Dogbert says, 'no sana! wfw doesnt need changing! ask sandra! she knows everything!'
Jesus says, 'that's one round versus half round stuff.'
Dogbert says, 'she knows more about wfwing than anyone! she pk's so much!'
Sana says, 'I trust in sandra, she does know everything' 
Beth says, 'one round lag after a dazing headbutt or wfw would be ok'
Dogbert nods his agreement with Sana.
Herbert says, 'afk a few'
Sandra says to Dogbert, 'Yanno, your idiotic remarks, while still amusing, aren't doing anything but reminding us all that you are still an idiot.'
MysteryMan snickers softly.
Somar winces in sympathy with Dogbert. 
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'i must be an idiot because you're always right!'
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'you wrong about something? never!'
Huma says, 'well I dontknow if they affect stunning headbutts'
Yelena says, 'my comments on wfw and headbutt would be better stated at a pk discussion....'
Huma says, 'gotta kick that to Huginn'
Lucias says, 'well that is ...hrm.'
Huma says, 'ok he says no'
Sandra says, 'I've admitted when I'm wrong. Not afraid to admit it either. But you're still an idiot.'
Huma says, 'but that doesnt mean that heavy hitting on stunning Hb's shouldnt affect it'
Chaykin snickers softly.
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders. 
Huma says, 'you can idea it, because it doesnt sound fun'
Sana pokes Craven in the ribs.
Sandra goes EEK! at Craven in distress - isn't Craven an awful person for teasing?
Chaykin knocks Craven over and flops all over him.
Huma waves a welcome to Craven. Hello!
Craven winces.
Jesus pokes Craven in the eye!
Somar jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Craven!
Beth says, 'it is kinda powerful though, I got nailed by a mob, dazed at 60 con by the way, took 5 rounds of daze including at least 2 rips, then when I woke up, he headbutted before I did'
Sana says, 'washed up pker reunion'
Dogbert says, 'thats not the real craven'
Sana pokes Somar in the ribs.
Craven says, 'I'm not the real craven, he gave up his name'
Dogbert says, 'just so you know'
Dogbert says, 'roomslap social....now'
Huma says, 'well, I mean on mobs'
Huma says, 'thats just bad luck' 
Chaykin says to Craven, 'And his levels and title too.'
Beth nods solemnly.
Dogbert says to Craven, 'if you wanted to seem real you'd need to hate on choc and slap huginn calling him 'bitch' intermittently.'
Huma says, 'it doesnt happen all the time I hope'
Lucias says, 'I thought giving away chars wasn't .. allowed. heh.'
Beth says, 'still died'
Huma says, 'if it does happen all the time'
Beth shudders.
Huma says, 'thats bad'
Beth says, 'well, its just a senario'
Craven chuckles politely at Dogbert.
Huma says, 'yeah for sure'
Beth says, 'and that can happen in pk to'
Beth says, 'if your smart'
Yelena says to Huma, 'headbutt and wfw stuns daze happen way more often than ppl want to believe.'
Huma says, 'I mean mobs can kill :)'
Beth says, 'you land a daze, rip rip/ they wake, headbutt'
Beth says, 'at least 3 rounds of damage to them'
Yelena says to Huma, 'you should see me fight trousers...'
Lucias says, 'daze, daze, headbutt for 5 stunned rounds happens to low con people often.'
Yelena sighs loudly.
Dogbert says, 'quiet! quiet! you might prove sandra wrong! that would mean the end of existence!'
Jesus says, 'i ripped today on a wfw with 4 damroll, against someone ten levels higher.'
Jesus shrugs helplessly.
Beth says, 'not sure with headbutt damage changes'
Herbert gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Herbert says, 'back to work for me'
Huma says, 'well I think Huginn will take a look at lowering daze length in comparison to dmg done'
Huma says, 'but Jesus you should idea it :)'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Yelena says to Lucias, 'i have 50 con.. which isnt as low as most.. and wfw and daze hit me like a fly on a windshield.'
Huginn says, 'that's fair'
Huginn says, '50 con is pretty low'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Sana says, 'I have 80 con and um'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Naw. i never win those things.'
Sana zones out.
Yelena says to Huginn, 'so is my 70 dex tumble but still..'
MysteryMan says to Huma, '?? "WFW"?'
Beth says, 'I have 60 con, and got dazed a little more then I thougt I would'
Trousers lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Dogbert says, 'i have 80 con and i get dazed all the time'
Trousers thumps Dogbert on the back.
Huma says to Jesus, 'It'll keep it fresh in his skull if you make it reappear into his weekly idea logs :)'
Jesus says to Beth, 'I get dazed at 90 con.'
Huginn says to Dogbert, 'You have an empty head thogh.'
LadyAce says to MysteryMan, 'wFW = worse for wear, i.e. a stun that sticks for a longer period.'
Yelena says to Huma, 'when i had a con sniper.. 86 con.. he got hit just as bad honestly..'
Dogbert says to Huginn, 'rah! of course! sandra said so and she must be right!'
MysteryMan nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Huma nods his agreement with Yelena.
Dogbert suddenly is hurled to the ground in a puddle of glue by Sandra.
Yelena cringes in terror.
Chaykin snickers softly.
Huma smirks.
Beth says, 'hmm, you would think there is more of a chance on daze for con vs con eh?'
Sandra says, 'you can stay that way'
Trousers snickers softly.
Yelena says to Huma, 'but again.. i rather discuss that at a pk discussion :D'
Huma nods his agreement with Yelena.
Beth says, '100 con against 30 con, should daze lots'
Yelena would be here all night is why...
Huma says, 'ok did we kind of answer your q?'
Huginn says, 'ok moving on..'
Beth says, '100 con vs 80 con, should hardly daze at all'
Chaykin says to Sandra, 'Now you've put him in a sticky situation.'
Yelena raises her hand.
Sandra makes a really ugly face in Chaykin's direction.
Lera says, 'giving a longer lag on dazing headbutts means the same as giving longer lag on paralizing backstabs'
Jesus says, 'on a positive note, i got para warcried for one whole round.'
Huma says, 'well we arent gonna add lag to dazing hb's I think'
Huma pokes Lucias with |10Kryptonite.
Lera nods her agreement with Huma.
Lera says, 'good'
Huma says, 'go ahead Lucias'
MysteryMan says, 'or stuuning warc's and elbows...'
Yelena says to Jesus, 'remember the old para warcries? ;)'
Lucias says, 'alright' 
Huginn says, 'sshhh'
Jesus says to Yelena, 'Heh.'
Lucias says, 'i haven't noticed this until I started playing this character, but what is up with parry. I have gone 12+ rounds with someone and had 2-5 attacks parried every single last round'
Nephiel smiles at Bridy.
Huma says, 'every last round of combat, or every single round?'
Sana raises her hand.
MysteryMan says, 'parry + dex = parry%?'
Jesus raises his hand.
Lucias says, 'my damage vs someone with expert parry is hugely different than fighters, I actually can fight a klein guy better than a london sniper'
Huginn says, 'sorry what's the question?'
Lucias says, 'ok'
Huma nods solemnly.
Lucias says, 'why is parry happening so much more than it used to'
Huginn says, 'ah'
Huginn says, 'ok'
Beth says, 'parry is sweet right now'
Jesus says, 'parry is lying right now. :p'
MysteryMan says, 'likes the current parry'
Huginn says, 'parry chances were increased.. iron will also adds to the chance'
Huginn says, 'and most importantly'
Huma nods his agreement with Huginn.
Nephiel says, 'if you change it, please be sure to change it so it's even for pk, but not useless for mobkill!'
Nephiel scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Huma giggles at Nephiel.
Huginn says, 'it used to be that when you parried it only showed you blocking one shot regardless of how many were actually parried'
Craven comforts Nephiel.
Huma says, 'defensive skills arent useless for mobkill usually I've found'
Huginn says, 'now it shows the real # blocked'
Nephiel doens't want her peacefull sniper to be useless again.
Huma says, 'ahhh there ya go' 
Nephiel says, 'peaceful, bah'
Lucias says, 'Have you looked at how much it changed fighting? I literally do half as much damage to a sniper as a klein guy'
Huma says, 'that was Somars work I recall'
MysteryMan pats Nephiel on the head.
Craven sighs wistfully at the sight of Huma.
Nephiel cuddles Somar.
Somar shakes his head in disagreement with Huma.
Bridy sits down on a black leather couch.
Huginn says, 'dex people are supposed to be able to parry'
Huma blinks at Craven.
Lera says, 'i think parry should be toned just  bit down, parrying 3 of 5 attacks is a bit much'
Somar says, 'can't take credit for that one ..'
Huma nods solemnly.
Beth says, 'with block/parry/dodge and high dex/iron will, I tank well'
Lucias says, '5 out of 8, i can't imagine what its like to only have 5'
Yelena says to Lera, 'with the ac changes it is hard for a london sniper to get good ac.. parry is a nice help to them.'
Huginn says, 'can't see how you are doing it though .. different character?'
Huma says, 'well its certainly been altered to be more effective recently'
Craven says to Huma, 'Its just not cool that you an imm, let alone head.'
Craven says to Huma, 'Not that you don't deserve it, but damn.'
Craven says to Huma, 'I used to multi you, its wrong.'
Huma sniffs sadly at Craven.
Lucias says, 'oh yeah, and how come i can attack 8, hit 3, parry 3, and still do damage....oops lots of questions'
Huma says, 'I'm trying to be cool'
Sana snickers at Craven nastily.
Huma giggles.
Chaykin says, 'he's hip! he's cool!'
Huma says, 'well we can have someone look at parry rates'
Yelena looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'maybe it is over the top'
Lucias says, 'hmm'
Beth says, 'hold on, every single person can parry because of most dex requirements for lots of skills'
Huma says, 'but Huginn sounds happy with them....'
Jesus says, 'what's with parry messages echoing to dex?'
Beth says, 'and even basic parry works ok for low dex'
Jesus says, 'err, actually, IW messages.'
Yelena nods her agreement with Beth.
Beth says, 'now you want to take one more thing away from the allready kinda sucking dex stat?'
Beth says, 'yes, I know dex once ruled, but not anymore'
Huginn says, 'yeah I have to look at iron will messages'
Craven says, 'everyones overpowered, give them a bar of soap and a pound of bacon and lets see how they fare'
Lucias says, 'yeah, the iron will code for parry is a little strange'
Jesus says to Beth, 'Dex rocks.'
Nephiel says, 'it would be nice'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'ok one person at a time'
Jesus says to Beth, 'Really, dex is fun now.'
Huma says, 'raise your hands to ask questions =P'
Beth says, 'its ok, but straight dex?'
Lucias says, 'dex does not suck :? I don't think so. And i'm not sure it iso verpowered, i just thought it odd'
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'whats the req for iron will, anyways?'
Sana raises her hand.
Jesus says to Beth, 'Just gotta find the hps.'
Huma says to Sandra, 'You already have one in que.'
Beth says, 'ahhhh'
Sandra peers around intently.
Beth says, 'there you go, you have to have the hp'
Nephiel nods his agreement with Beth.
Sandra says, 'wrong san'
Yelena had raised her hand..
Nephiel giggles at Sandra. 
Huma says to Yelena, 'You're on deck but not up.'
Huginn says, 'parry is based on dex'
The glue around Dogbert dissolves.
Sana says, 'sandra follow me around while I fight ok?'
Huma says to Dogbert, 'You there and want to ask your questions?'
Huginn says, 'the base amount of dex needed for parry won't give you much'
Sandra grins evilly at Sana... Wonder what she's thinking...
Huma pokes Dogbert with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'its your turn'
Trousers says, 'he's been glued'
Lucias says, 'hmm can blind people still parry? :P'
Huma says, 'hes unglued now =P'
Chaykin says, 'he's also been unglued'
Trousers says, 'ah.'
Huginn says, 'good question.. don'
Huma says, 'but maybe he went afk'
Huginn says, 'good question.. don't recall'
Huma says, 'so we'll move on'
Huma pokes Yelena with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says to Yelena, 'Go ahead.'
Sana says, 'greatest swordsman in history was blind, you tell me'
Yelena says, 'quick question before my main one..'
Yelena says, 'ac..'
Huginn laughs.
Sana says, 'ac is a quick question?' 
Huma claps for Sandra approvingly.
Craven pokes everyone in the room with a pointed stick.
Lucias whispers quietly to Sana.
Yelena says, 'i really havent seen even a dex character with good ac.. is it that hard now?'
Sana peers at Lucias, looking him up and down.
Sandra shakes her head. 
Huginn says, 'no its not that hard'
Sana whispers quietly to Lucias.
Huma says, 'not really'
Yelena says, 'must be the eq we wear =p'
Huma says, 'just gotta build for AC'
Huginn says, 'you do have to make choices though'
Huma claps for Sana approvingly. 
Lera says, 'im a dex from klein, im going to have good ac'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Chaykin says, 'I have 2 or 3 chars with well over -100 ac, it can't be that hard'
Chaykin says, 'and not all from klein either'
Lucias says, 'my dexxies have full AC, but only with +ac skills'
Sana says, 'all just have old junk'
Yelena says, 'backstab change.. this now means you can backstab on just para or on any stun?'
Huma says, 'well -100 ac should in theory I imagine be attainable but difficult right'
Huginn says, 'para only'
Yelena nods her agreement with Huma.
Yelena snorts derisively.
Sandra says, 'I have a couple of new ones with high ac. But then again, it's me, so Dogbert probably thinks I don't know what I'm talking about'
Huma says, 'so we managed to do the seond part'
Huma says, 'yeah just on other paras'
Huma says, 'ok that answer your Q?'
Yelena says, 'ok.. last one quick one..'
Lucias says, '-100 AC is not possible for some people'
Huma says, 'ok =P'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Mebbe.'
Lucias says, 'with my target stats, the eq does not exist to get me to -100'
Lucias says, 'i'm already wearing almost every slot as best ac'
Huma says, 'well, sometimes you cant haveit all, which isnt necessarily a bad thing'
Yelena says, 'is it me or is it hard to make a evil aligned character with eq without going overrent?'
Huginn nods his agreement with Huma.
Lucias says, 'unless someone starts making net4 eq with extra -20 AC'
Lucias grins evilly.
Huma nods his agreement with Lucias.
Sandra says, 'it depends on the eq?'
Yelena says, 'well evil aligned eq..'
Yelena says, 'most of them are really high rent'
Lucias says, 'most evil eqi s upsurdly high rent, but i can only think of two things'
Lucias says, 'so thats not a good sample'
Huma says, 'well EQ rent is based on certain factors'
MysteryMan says, 'like lion shield?'
Lucias says, 'lion shield isn't'
Lucias coughs loudly.
Huma says, 'and making items evil only if anything should help alleviate that problem'
Sandra says, 'if it's evil only, it's generally the same rent as good only'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Yelena looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'if it's higher rent, then it probably isn't evil only'
Huma says, 'limiting an item doesnt make the rent go up :)'
Sandra says, 'or there is something else raising the rent'
Lucias says, 'I blame the builders, who make the evil only eq have crazy things like no_damage ;)'
Huma says, 'maybe its just super awesome'
Sandra giggles.
Huma says, 'and thats why its so high rent'
Sandra says to Lucias, 'Yea that'll raise it.'
Huma says, 'evil eq is just the shizzle'
Huma says, 'and you cant handle it =P'
Huma says, 'no I'm jokin'
Jesus says, 'arms make evil eq difficult.'
Beth nods solemnly.
MysteryMan says, 'the sss is 8000 rent...'
Lucias says, 'ribbons....'
Yelena says, 'thats prolly the reason then.. most evil eq i like.. has extra things to it or quarks.. which up the rent..'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Huma nods his agreement with Yelena.
Huma says, 'all cool stuff adds rent'
Huma says, 'so if you have all the cool stuff on the planet'
Huma says, 'rents gonna be planetsized'
Lucias says, 'well the evil only weapon seems to be very high rent compared to say...the sastram' 
Yelena says, 'no incentive to go evil if you cant rent it all =p'
Lucias says, 'the sastram is probably better and significantly lower rent'
Huma says to Yelena, 'You cant rent some!'
Yelena says, 'oh another question!'
Beth says, 'Id like to see a different evil only weapon for str, something off the wall'
Bridy says, 'Well everyone, I'm just a newbie so most of this stuff is over my head. It's been nice to listen and learn from you all for a while, and I'm sure I'll get used to everything in time.'
Yelena says, 'weapon mastery...'
Sandra says, 'You need to be more picky.'
Chaykin smiles at Bridy.
Sandra smiles at Bridy.
Huma says to Yelena, 'Gonna have to kick you back to the end of the line if you keep this up =P'
Yelena says, 'i know you wont give details or any specifics'
Sandra says to Bridy, 'Welcome :)'
Beth says, 'like a 10k rent dopple making sword :P'
Bridy smiles happily.
Beth says, 'or 12k rent' 
Yelena says, 'but i honestly dont see any improvements in my hitting with 20+ hitroll and 26-30 damroll'
Huma says to Yelena, 'You gotta wait for next time around.'
Chaykin says to Bridy, 'Keep in mind that you can ask questions anytime too if you need help, this is just an open forum :)'
Yelena says, 'bah!'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'weapon mastery has a significant effect'
Huma says to Bridy, 'Please raise your hand and we'll put you in the question asking queue :)'
Huma says, 'and the next questions is for'
Yelena says to Huginn, 'the only thing i can think of.. is it looks pretty on skill list =p'
Huma pokes Sandra with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'er' 
Sandra says, 'quit poking me!'
Huma grumbles to Sandra.
Sandra giggles. 
Chaykin snickers softly.
Jesus comforts Huma.
Yelena laughs.
Bridy raises her hand.
Huma pokes Sana with |10Kryptonite.
Sana says, 'glue him!'
Huginn says to Yelena, 'Trust me then :-)'
Huma says, 'go ahead Sana'
Sandra says, 'him, I shoot'
Jesus snickers at Sana nastily.
Yelena will bug you later
Yelena winks suggestively at Huginn.
Huma says, 'the kryptonite has spoken'
Sana says, 'why'd you pick such a shoddy day for the doubles'
Sana pokes Huma in the ribs.
Lera nods her agreement with Sana.
Huma says, 'I dunno'
Lera says, 'crappy weekend!'
Sana says, 'how about sunday'
Huma says, 'I tried to pick the most random time of day'
Lucias says, 'good day for lucias.'
Huma says, 'when no one is busy'
Sana says, 'college kids with crappy jobs work saturdays!'
Huma says, 'its saturday afternoon'
Huma says, 'honestly'
Huma says, 'what do people do on saturday afternoon!'
Lera says, 'work!'
Sandra says, 'sleep'
Lucias says, 'never mind'
Rusalka says, 'doze'
Beth says, 'I work out on saturdays'
Lucias says, 'i'm not going ot be here'
Huma says, 'well we did it cuz I had to do things on sunday'
Sana says, 'work!'
Somar says, 'I pkill on saturdays!'
Rusalka giggles at Somar.
Lucias says, 'change to tuesday night! :P'
Sana says, 'nobody works on sundays, make it sunday!'
Sandra says, 'I sleep because I work saturday night!'
Lera nods her agreement with Lucias.
Chaykin says, 'not me, dude. I do all my killin' before breakfast'
Beth says, 'sundays suck'
Lucias says, 'I work saturday and sunday'
Huma says, 'but tuesday then everyones like oh I gotta work tomorrow why is this tournament taking 7 hours'
Lucias says, 'and monday'
Beth says, 'no day is perfect, saturday is just as good as any day'
Sana says, 'sunday is better'
Lucias says, 'agree'
Huma says, 'I picked saturday afternoon cuz I wanted to make it as not bad as possible'
Sana says, 'and by that i mean better for me'
Chaykin says, 'I have CTS on sunday'
Beth says, 'lots of people have family day on sunday'
Sana says, 'and since im the greatest person ever that should be your main concern'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Huma giggles at Sana.
Dogbert peers around intently.
Beth snickers softly.
Sana says to Chaykin, 'you don't pk anyways.'
Jesus says to Sana, 'And you do? :p'
Chaykin says to Sandra, 'That's news to me.'
Yelena says to Sana, 'neither do you.'
Yelena snickers softly.
Chaykin grumbles.
Huma says, 'ok to answer your question I did it because I thought it was a good idea, but since it ME who came up with the idea, I should have known it waws a mistake'
Chaykin says to Sana, 'That.'
LadyAce says, 'it's a good time for me, I can't really do sundays :)'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
Huginn says to Huma, 'Ignore sana, she never shows anyway.'
Huma says, 'Jesus, your question Sir'
Jesus says, 'uhhh.'
Huma giggles at Huginn. 
Sana stomps on Huginn's toes. 
Jesus passes because he forgot.
Sana says, 'you people keep disqualifying me!'
Huma says, 'we cant all be Trey and Duckon :('
Somar rolls around laughing at Huma's joke.
Huma pokes Bridy with |10Kryptonite.
Lucias says, 'what about them'
Lucias is completely boggled.
Huma says, 'go ahead Bridy, ask your question now :)'
Sana slaps Lucias.
Sana says, 'none of YOUR business!'
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'ok, first off, that was smart of you! you know everything! second of all, what do you mean i *think* you dont know what you're talking about, you know everything, remember?'
Lucias says to Sana, 'I'll break your face!'
Lucias punches Sana in the face - better stand back!
Huma says to Lucias, 'Take it outside =P'
Yelena raises her eyebrow at Dogbert.
Lucias says, 'Dogbert has 25 minute lag.'
Dogbert says to Chaykin, 'third of all, if you were any more of a drone we could make sandra the borg queen and subjugate your free will.'
Sana chortles with amusement.
Sandra says to Dogbert, 'Get over yourself. You will be much happier in life.'
Huma says to Dogbert, 'Chill out.'
Dogbert says to Chaykin, 'grow an opinion that didnt sprout on sandra's ass.'
Chaykin says to Dogbert, 'Dude, you don't know anything about me.'
Bridy says, 'Well, I guess I have a couple of questions. First of all, when I ask a MOB about teaching a skill, and it says it doesn't seem to understand me, does that mean it doesn't have a skill to teach, ordo I need to ask it different? I'm usi'
Chaykin says to Dogbert, 'Pretend you do all you want, though. it amuses me.'
Huma says to Bridy, 'The mob doesnt teach anything if it says that.'
Bridy says, 'Oops. Differently*'
Sandra says to Bridy, 'That usually means it doesn't have anything for you.'
Yelena if allowed would be near sandra's hind quarters.... ;)
Bridy says, 'Ah, thank you very much.'
Lucias raises his hand.
Huma smiles at Bridy.
Jesus says to Bridy, 'Ask mob teach, will generally list what the mob teaches, if anything.'
Huma says, 'for questions like that you can ask almost anyone anytime :)'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Dogbert raises his hand.
Huma says, 'if the mob gives a canned answer that means it wont teach'
Huma pokes Lucias with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'your turn again Lucias'
Lucias says, 'uh i had a question inspired by question about teaching'
Lucias says, 'uhmmmm'
Lucias says, 'oh'
Lucias says, 'yes'
Sana says, 'thats something he don't hear from girls as cute as you a lot, huma'
Lucias says, 'huginn question'
Huma laughs.
Chaykin snickers softly.
Huginn sits up.
Lucias says, 'can you make the string length for input longer? I hate it when says and emotes get cut off'
Huginn cringes in terror.
Jesus snickers softly.
Lucias says, 'c'mon'
Sandra giggles at Huginn.
Lucias bats his eyelashes at Huginn.
Huginn says, 'no.. its pretty long as it is..'
Huma says, 'you just gave him a early heart attack'
Jesus raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'we don't want nine line long emotes really.'
Lucias says, 'I do'
Bridy says, 'Also, and i'm sorry if I'm asking something I shouldn't, after I lost my stuff to a deathtrap, I need to find a weapon. Is there anywhere in London where I can get a decent one?'
Yelena rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Lucias says, 'I have alot to say sometimes'
Lucias chuckles politely.
Jesus says to Lucias, 'Command delimeter!'
Sandra says to Bridy, 'If you ask on chat, I bet somebody would be glad to help you.'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'But how do I KNOW!'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Bridy nods solemnly.
Lucias says to Jesus, 'No way i can know before i hit enter.'
Chaykin says, 'if you happen to use zmud, it has a bell command that plays a sound when you've typed too many chars'
Sandra says, 'we generally have a pretty helpful bunch here'
LadyAce smiles at Bridy.
Beth says, 'just say on chat, ohh, dt victim looking for a weapon, people will help'
Sandra nods her agreement with Beth.
Huma nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Lucias, 'Know what?'
Lucias says, 'Ok I don't know how to do that in zmud'
Bridy says, 'Thanks. I'd turned Chat off because it was getting a bit spammy, but I'll try that.' 
Huma says, 'DT's are no fun people like to be helpful'
Jesus says, 'do what?'
Lucias says, 'make it count my input length'
Chaykin says to Lucias, 'Prefs/general/command line.'
Huma says, 'ok cool next question then'
Huma pokes Dogbert with |10Kryptonite.
Jesus says, 'i didn't know you could. :p'
ArchAngel peers around intently.
Chaykin says to Lucias, 'Enter an amount for bell thingy.'
Dogbert laughs.
Huma says to Dogbert, 'Your turn to ask a question if you'd like.'
Lucias says, 'so how long is the buffer here'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Ooc is up, not down!'
Dogbert says, 'alright, now you can respond and show me the light sandra'
ArchAngel says, 'the entertainment is here already so why do you need more?'
Lorenzo says to Lucias, '240 characters -- 3 80-column lines.'
Huma says to Jesus, 'Only in your mind!'
KamiMiaKu sits down on a black leather couch.
Dogbert says, 'now, dont get me wrong, i appreciate the effort into backstab being taken, and shoot too'
Jesus peers at Huma, looking him up and down.
Lucias says, 'awesome, thanks'
Huma winks suggestively at Jesus.
Dogbert says, 'i just wanna know if you've gone completely nuts'
Dogbert says, 'i'm sorry, i'm just floored it was changed to begin with'
Huginn says, 'err no?'
ArchAngel says, 'ohhh whos invis?'
KamiMiaKu cheers for Dogbert - huzzah!
Lucias says, 'why are things turning green!'
Sandra says, 'not lately.'
Lucias raises his hand.
Somar says, 'that'd be Fionn there'
Somar points at Lorenzo.
Dogbert says to Trousers, 'hey trousers, what was my record against you when headshots still did stupid damage?'
Lucias says, 'another question :D'
Chaykin snickers softly.
ArchAngel laughs.
Lorenzo snickers at Somar nastily.
Huginn says, 'why do you think I've gone nuts?' 
Dogbert says to Trousers, 'i coulda sworn it was largely negative.'
Sandra says, 'see, here's the thing'
Beth raises her hand.
ArchAngel says to Huginn, 'you've been nuts forever my man.'
Huginn says to ArchAngel, 'But WHY?!?'
ArchAngel says to Huginn, 'the evil has great power over you.'
Trousers looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'I brought up the idea that was brought up by at least 2 players at these here qnas, which was the backstab thing. I didn't twist Huginn's arm to put them in. He was even going to let you all test it.'
Huma says, 'fear of loss is a path to the darkside'
Trousers says to Dogbert, 'Not much.'
KamiMiaKu grumbles.
Dogbert says, 'yeah, then we had real life, i'm sorry i couldnt attend a game over life'
Chaykin says, 'well, when someone pops into a room via a murder of ravens and dark shadows, something tells me he's not exactly the prince of light'
Dogbert punches himself in the face - what a freak!
KamiMiaKu says, 'wrong character for this conversation'
Trousers says to Dogbert, 'Headshots dont seem to do any more damage to me than normal shots.'
Sandra says, 'so, you can feel free to blame me for it all you want. But you can't tell me that it wasn't a problem. Because then it's you that are nuts'
Lucias says to Trousers, 'They used to do alot.'
ArchAngel says to Huginn, 'fear has overcome you darkness needs to vanish and sanity will return and the light may enter your body.'
Huginn says, 'ok do other people see this as a Large Problem (tm)?'
Dogbert says, 'no sandra dearie, i was living it, you werent'
Trousers says to Lucias, '... back when dex owned all.'
Yelena says, 'yes'
Lucias says, 'What problem'
Lucias says, 'i must have missed it'
Huginn says, 'what's the issue?'
Yelena says, 'but for many reasons...'
Huginn says, 'someone state the problem'
Bridy says, 'Well everyone, I'm going to leave you now. Have fun, and thanks for your help!'
Dogbert says, 'and I take *great* pride in saying i probably had a losing record against pkers who knew what they were doing'
Huginn will wait.
Huma waves to Bridy.
Huginn waves to Bridy.
Jesus says to Huginn, 'I thought backstab on stuns was crazy. i think they need something more now, tho. but i've not played mine at all, during either time.'
Sandra says to Bridy, 'Have fun!'
Chaykin waves to Bridy.
Lorenzo waves to Bridy.
Bridy waves happily.
Lorenzo smiles at Bridy.
Yelena says, 'backstab was fine before.. the problem is the change to it..'
ArchAngel says to Huginn, 'their complaining about the changes in fighting attacks.'
Dogbert nods his agreement with Yelena.
TheWatcher nods solemnly.
Lucias says, 'issue is new backstab changes? I don't know i haven't tried'
TheWatcher says, 'backstab was fine the way it was.. the changes.. blow :)'
Dogbert says to Yelena, 'dont tell sandra that, backstab on stuns is bad, rah!'
Beth shakes her head.
Huginn says, 'backstab was not fine'
Sandra says to Yelena, 'Was it? Think of yourself as the victim of the headshot/backstab thing. Now tell me that it was still not a problem.'
Huginn says, 'apparently'
Yelena says, 'when compared realistically to dazing headbutts landing more often and wfw landing more ofter.. para backstabs were not as a big lander as those'
TheWatcher says, 'backstab was fine, until people whined about it'
Yelena says, 'the stun shots needed toned down yes'
Dogbert says, 'who were you listening to, gho and phoenix?'
Beth says, 'if you had taken bs off stun head shot, I still think it would of solved the pk sniper dominance'
Sandra says, 'nope'
Yelena says, 'but not the ability to backstab off a stun or para'
Lucias says, 'Honestly I think the 3bs per tick made backstab scarier, more consistant and less luck based. but i don't backstab...'
Sandra says, 'actually, 2 of them were snipers' 
Dogbert says to Beth, 'i got news...they did! in fact, all stuns!'
Beth says, 'I mean just that'
Dogbert says, 'unless it's vendetta i wouldnt give weight to any sniper opinion'
Yelena says, 'the 3 backstabs was retarded as well.. and i still find 2 per tick is too much'
Dogbert says, 'and i know he wasnt there' 
TheWatcher says, '3 bs a tick sucks in pk, unless you plan on running alot'
Beth says, 'this 2 backsatb a tick thing and stuff, still seems over powered'
ArchAngel says, 'the paras on stun from head and backstab were way to strong.. a 200 hp player could take a 900 hp lpayer down with a bs on the old system'
Dogbert peers at Beth, looking her up and down.
Huginn says, 'because?'
Dogbert says to Beth, 'i'm sorry, are you complaining about snipers?'
Dogbert says to Beth, 'as a $#@)#$$# inciter?'
Beth shakes her head.
Beth says, 'wow'
Huginn says, 'so you think 2 backstabs are going to be overpowered?'
Yelena says to ArchAngel, 'out of all the years i have played a sniper.. its like this with backstab..' 
Beth says, 'you don't have a good way of going about getting your points accross dogbert'
Lucias says, 'Hey I got out-tanked by a sniper.  I blame parry. :)'
Yelena says, 'you either para a lot.. or you dont para at all during a fight'
Dogbert says, 'i think uncoupling shoot from backstab is a bad bad idea'
Yelena says, 'now with headbutt and wfw..'
Dogbert says, 'it just cripples snipers'
TheWatcher nods her agreement with Dogbert.
Dogbert says to Yelena, 'yeah, it's pretty constant.'
Yelena says, 'headbutt you either daze.. or get a free round.. wfw is even tastier'
Lucias says to Dogbert, 'But it opens the door for someday having sword snipers!'
Furian reads a thank-you card from Meffrid.
Sandra says to Yelena, 'It wasn't backstab alone. It was the stun shot + backstab that was the problem.'
Furian junks a thank-you card from Meffrid. 
Dogbert says to Lucias, 'there already were sword snipers.' 
Jesus says to Dogbert, 'When you start at 600 hp, and you get one round of fighting in before you die, it's a fucking problem. get over it, you got nerfed.'
Dogbert pokes Yelena in the ribs.
Huginn says, 'so the argument is that currently snipers are crippled?'
TheWatcher says, 'oh that realistic'
Yelena nods her agreement with Sandra.
Yelena says to Sandra, 'thats what needed toned was the stunning shot.. not backstab.'
Dogbert says to Jesus, 'really, i'm gonna take great pleasure in taking you apart at the seams and seeing more complaining.'
TheWatcher says, 'the argument is that it is not a level playing fiel'
Sandra shakes her head in disagreement with Yelena.
Lucias says to Huginn, 'A couple of people think they are just hte opposite.'
Beth says, 'you can't seriously say that after headshot changes, snipers didn't need to be toned down'
TheWatcher says, 'as the changes were suppose to make it'
Yelena says, 'before the shoot stuns.. it was fine'
Dogbert says, 'what, the no insane headshot damage was fine'
Furian joins Sana's group.
Jesus says to Dogbert, 'You prolly will, i don't mind losing. i mind losing every single fight. feel free to attack me now. i don't really care.'
Sandra says, 'not all snipers are dex, and as such, not all snipers backstab. If we toned down shoot, then we hurt those snipers'
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'bahahahaha.'
Huginn says, 'the shoot changes were put in because snipers were getting creamed'
Yelena says, 'you hurt this type of sniper with the backstab changes..'
Beth nods her agreement with Huginn.
Yelena says, 'im a str fighter/perc shooter'
Yelena says, 'i rely on stuns and backstabs off of stun/para'
Beth says, 'but that does not mean that it didn't make snipers to powerful'
TheWatcher nods her agreement with Yelena.
Yelena says, 'i cant now..'
Yelena says, 'now if i was a 100 dex/perc 60+ str sniper...'
Huginn says to Yelena, 'But you got more chances to backstab normally.'
Dogbert says, 'i really find that the new shoot slot commands are only useful for stunning'
Yelena says, 'like say... vendetta..'
Lucias says, 'I don't thinking relying on something that completely random is such a good idea? I'd think that the new backstabs would make you better'
Yelena says, 'these changes i would wet myself over'
Lucias says, '3 times as many backstabs, is 3 times as many paras'
Yelena nods her agreement with Lucias.
TheWatcher says, 'only if you plan on running alot.. and waiting alot.. which most pkers.. dont like :)'
Beth says, 'hand shot is good for mobkill'
Huginn says, 'actually the leg one should sprawl a bit'
Huma says, 'I dont see how the new changed made backstab worse they basically made them a lot better'
Dogbert says, 'sprawl for how long'
Jesus says, 'maybe you all shouldn't base a char entirely on a quirk in the code.'
Dogbert says, 'is there lag on it?'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Dogbert says, 'i mean, hand and leg, i never ever saw the leg critical, neither did vendeta'
ArchAngel says, 'ahh the issuses of snipers.. carries on all the time.. I say if players keep fighting about the issue destroy bows and guns from the game'
Huginn says, 'yes there's a lag on sprawl'
Yelena says to Huma, 'it has ups and downs.. backstab a tick is fine.. 2-3 is not..'
TheWatcher says, 'all snipers are asking is for an even play ground'
Lucias says to ArchAngel, 'Ranged combat is one of those great conundrums for a text based game ;)'
Beth says, 'don't destroy, alter and adapt until it fits'
Dogbert says, 'well if you're actually going to listen to ms. all knowing over there, which i'd advise against, uncouple guns from stuns'
TheWatcher says, 'rather than being pimp slapped all the time' 
Yelena says to Huma, 'stun shots are fine.. stunning almost every shot is not..'
Dogbert says, 'because otherwise it does kill dex snipers'
Sandra pats Dogbert on the head. 
Dogbert says, 'when i heard snipers changes i thought 'oh, no more stunning 33% of my shots''
TheWatcher says, 'I have 90 dex 90 perc, and I dont stun even close to every shot'
Huma says, 'yeah I agree Yelena'
Yelena says to Huma, 'backstab off stun/para was fine.. another para off that or not being able to backstab off stun/para is not fine.'
Beth says, 'as it is right now, Its not working great'
Huma nods his agreement with Yelena.
TheWatcher says, 'maybe 1 out of 4 or 5'
Dogbert says, 'not 'oh, you had the gall to listen to someone who with their words shows every day they dont PK''
ArchAngel says to Lucias, 'but where it gets devision on the mud because of the issue? take it out I say.'
Huma says, 'well yeah Yelena, I think 2 backstabs a tick is like scary =P'
Lucias says to TheWatcher, 'Try 100.'
Yelena says, 'i can see changes to backstab that would have been really well..'
Huma says, 'but I am not in the majority I think'
Jesus says to Yelena, 'People figured the cycle out. that was the problem.'
Yelena says, 'like no para off of another para..'
Huginn says, 'there is no para off a para'
Yelena says, 'no stun shot being so powerful.. aka landing so often.'
Yelena says to Huginn, 'ive done that before.'
Yelena says to Huginn, 'before all these changes im saying.'
Furian says, 'hm well there's the spinal cord twist'
Furian says, 'I can't remember if I've seen a new para message off the para'
Jesus says, 'i'd be ALL for making backstab stun the way it was, if autorush went back to the way IT was.'
Furian says, 'but the twist I do remember'
Yelena nods her agreement with Jesus.
TheWatcher nods her agreement with Jesus. 
Dogbert peers at Jesus, looking him up and down.
Huginn says, 'ok look..'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'Instead of working maybe 1/20 times? thatd be nice.'
Jesus nods his agreement with Lucias.
Huginn says, 'let's try this weeks changes and see how they go'
TheWatcher laughs.
Lucias says, 'Or not, I'm not letting people backstab me anymore.'
TheWatcher says, 'we have been hearing that since the changes started going into effect' 
Jesus hears it's... spirit based. 
Lucias nods to himself.
Huma says, 'yeah seems to be a lot of people talking about lots of stuff that kind of has to do with backstabs'
ArchAngel says to Huginn, 'just delete distant weapons from the game that'd get rid of your headaches.'
TheWatcher says, 'and they have just gotten worse'
Lucias says, 'i still have a question btw'
Sandra says, 'lemme say it again: You were all asked to go test, TWICE. Nobody showed. You get to test the changes here.'
Huma says, 'the best option is to test the crap out of it'
Lucias says, 'if huma wants to move this along'
Jesus peers at Sandra, looking her up and down.
Sana says, 'you snipers are whiny brats! My 3 years ago sniper would kill for all this crap!'
Yelena says to Sandra, 'sorry i had finals..'
Yelena sighs loudly.
Sana nods to herself.
Chaykin says to TheWatcher, 'This stuff is an ongoing process, you have to see what doesn't work before you can find what does.'
Sandra says, 'ok, Jesus showed'
Huma says, 'just play snipers a lot and figure out how they do and let Huginn know'
Sana says, '5 years ago'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'I was bitching about stun/BS, i showed.'
Dogbert says, 'lemme say this again you thick headed imm: LISTEN, we all had REAL LIFE ISSUES'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Both times.'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'So don't say none of us :p'
Huginn says, 'ok that doesn't hold up'
Lucias says, 'i didnt know there was a testing going on'
Huma says, 'guys relax'
TheWatcher nods solemnly.
Sandra says to Dogbert, 'So you get to test it here.'
Huginn says, 'ok?'
Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.
Lucias says, 'my ears.'
Lucias bursts into tears.
Huma says, 'chill out, we are trying to make it better ok'
Huginn says, 'so don't keep playing that card'
Yelena says to Sandra, 'im taking the summer off.. and plan on being on a lot more these months i will be contacting any results inqueries i assure you :D'
MysteryMan snores loudly.
Huma says, 'if you honestly think this change is no good'
Huma says, 'just test the new perc changes'
Yelena says, 'cursing and throwing a fit solves nothing.. lets give them results, facts.. not opinions'
Chaykin says, 'sheesh'
Sandra nods her agreement with Huma.
Lucias tugs on Huma's sleeve imploringly.
Yelena nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'if they are really all THAT bad let Huginn know'
Huma says, 'and we'll try to fix it'
TheWatcher laughs.
MysteryMan yawns.
Huma says, 'we are a game in progress'
Sandra says, 'and you have to TEST it'
TheWatcher shakes her head.
Chaykin says, 'for the record, yelling and foaming at the mouth is probably not a good way to get people to listen to you'
ArchAngel says, 'just delte them and let the people complain when they cant bs or shoot'
Yelena says, 'mind if i restate what i think would be perfectly balanced for it after the qna?'
Sandra says, 'not sit in your house and then come to qna complaining how it doesn't work'
Chaykin says, 'but what do I know, I'm a sandra groupie'
Chaykin snickers softly.
Jesus says, 'i find talking one on one to a coder is alot more priductive. when there's less spam.'
Furian says to Yelena, 'can you restate it now? I want to hear.'
Yelena nods her agreement with Jesus.
Sandra nods her agreement with Jesus.
Jesus nudges Huginn.
Yelena says to Furian, 'sure.'
Furian thanks Yelena heartily.
Huginn props Lorenzo up as the coder ready to take your orders.
Huma says, 'ok we are moving on'
Yelena says, 'this is my opinion.. based on what ive played'
Lorenzo snickers softly.
Yelena says, 'or not =p'
Sana says, 'I find talking to a coder one on one gets you lots of sass and pomp'
Lorenzo says, 'what's the topic?'
Sana pokes Huginn in the ribs.
Furian sniffs sadly.
Huma says, 'let me get to some other questions Yelena'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'we'll come back to this'
Furian grumbles.
Lorenzo says, 'Sorry, I've been in north africa.  there's been a hot wind blowing.'
Huginn sasses Sana.
TheWatcher says, 'I find this conversation to be a waste of time.  nothing will be accomplished.'
Huma says, 'Dogbert was definately overboard, sorry folks I guess I should keep a better hold on him'
Huma says, 'but anyway its Jesus turn'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
ArchAngel snickers softly.
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'Put a choke chain on him.'
Lucias says, 'pkers should have a nice debate some time, and have a speaking stick. if you expect people to even be heard that is'
Jesus says, 'god damnit, now i forget again. and i'd just remembered it when i raised.'
Lucias says, 'can't hear anything if everyone is spamming say'
Chaykin comforts Jesus.
Huma giggles at Jesus.
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'Senility.'
Sandra giggles.
Huma says to Jesus, 'We'll come back to ya.' 
Lucias says to Jesus, 'I put my question in copy-paste.'
Huma pokes Lucias with |10Kryptonite.
Jesus nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'go Luciaschu!' 
Lucias says to Jesus, 'So i would not forget.'
Lucias says, 'Ok'
Lucias says, 'simple question'
Huma says, 'use Question-ask attack!'
Chaykin says to Huma, 'Hadouken!'
Sandra says, 'We'll always listen. And we dig like crazy to find a problem, if you present it logically and not like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum.'
Lucias says, 'can you change RAGE going ooc? It only affects the users of one weapon, and serves no practical purpose. Nobody else raged will ever go ooc, they'll be in combat'
Sandra says, 'just remove your weapon :)'
Lucias says, 'My con being below 5'
Lucias says, 'err' 
Furian says, 'or use an in game way to remove it'
Lucias says, 'losing 5'
Lucias says, 'because i forget' 
Furian says, 'the effect' 
Lucias says, 'is very very annoying'
Huma says, 'that weapon is meant to be a blessing/curse'
MysteryMan says, 'note to self: make big PK'r and kill dogbert every chance i get...'
MysteryMan snickers softly.
Lucias says, 'Its a needless hassle'
Huma says, 'this is just another one of those annoying latter types'
Sandra giggles at MysteryMan.
Lucias says, 'rage has disadvantages, big ones, in game'
Lucias says, 'going ooc is a OOC issue'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'well you can idea it'
Lucias says, 'and we shouldn't be inconvenienced ooc by our weapon choices'
MysteryMan says, 'rage against big mobs is death on wheels' 
Huma nods solemnly.
Lucias says to MysteryMan, 'It adds spice to life :P'
Sandra says, 'really, just rem it, go ooc and wield it again. We can't check for the difference. Rage is rage in the code'
Huma says, 'well I guess the real inconvienence isnt going OOC so much as it's forgetting when you come out of ooc =P'
ArchAngel says, 'all items have a thing thats limits you so why should rage be any different?'
Lucias says, 'nope'
MysteryMan grumbles.
Huma says, 'no it was all of us'
Sandra says, 'oh that's the nightly lag'
Lucias says, 'ladyace kick the router?'
ArchAngel says to Lucias, 'all items have a thing thats limits you so why should rage be any different?'
Beth says, 'is it a server thing or machine thing?'
MysteryMan says, 'somar farted on it'
Huma says, 'naw some provider near LA that we rout through has a nightly crap'
Lera says to Sandra, 'whats up with the lag at the same time every night?'
Lucias says to ArchAngel, 'Rage has plenty.'
ArchAngel says, 'thats most likely a lag on the router'
Beth nods solemnly.
Lucias says to ArchAngel, 'Without inconvience of not being ooc while wearing my weapon.'
ArchAngel says to Lucias, 'so does align items :)'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Well the thing with that is, while I was LD and staring at a blank screen is thusly.'
Lucias says to ArchAngel, 'You can go ooc with a trident on can't you.'
Beth says, 'really though, what harm would there be in allowing a person with a raging weapon to go ooc?'
Huma says to Lucias, 'You could say the same thing about fly, or infravision.'
Huma says, 'neither of those affect anything and are just an annoyance'
Lucias says, 'but people can have those from spells'
Lucias says, 'wrong'
Beth says, 'no, those are spells with possible pk applications'
Lucias says, 'they have a timer'
Lucias says, 'i don't have a timer'
Lucias says, 'it is always on'
Huma says, 'but I THINK to allow that kind of thing would be to break the invisible fourth wall'
Lucias says, 'i'm not preserving a timer by going ooc'
Sandra says, 'ok, I commented the rage check out'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Not if you take off the weapon.'
Lucias says, 'and str/bless/armor are allowed'
Huma says, 'well obviously I've been overruled =P'
Jesus says to Lucias, 'And sink.'
Chaykin snickers softly.
Huma says, 'so there ya go, its better'
Beth cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Lucias says to Sandra, 'Ok, i won't idea this then.'
Lucias thanks Sandra heartily.
Furian says, 'you can remove the affect in game'
Furian says, 'you can remove the weapon'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Idea for credit! :)'
Furian says, 'I don't really see the problem' 
Furian flops about helplessly.
Lucias says, 'very well' 
MysteryMan says, 'only way ive found to stop raging in-fight, is to stun myself, via headbutt...'
Furian says, 'there are other ways'
Sana says, 'I idea'd it for credit first'
Lucias says, 'oops'
Furian says, 'to stop autoraging'
Lucias says, 'haha'
Chaykin says, 'funny how much better the results are when you're civil'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'ok Jesus did you figure yoru question out?'
Sandra says to Chaykin, 'Shhh.'
LadyAce says, 'it's not like the person is really walking around in a rage all the time, they're just autoraging in combat. more a convenience of how we coded it than anything else if you ask me' 
Jesus says to Lucias, '#alias ooc {rem whatever;oo;wear whatever}.'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'Then i have to make it make sure i'm on a character wielding anger.'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Hell no.'
Huma giggles.
Lucias says to Jesus, 'And it won't work when i'm on telnet.'
Beth says, 'anyway'
Huma says, 'ok out of the queue'd questions then'
Jesus says to Lucias, 'Nah, remove anger won't remove an anger that isn't there.'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'The game shouldn't force me to use my client, imho, but thats another discussion.'
Huma says, 'we have some really great queue'rs'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Game doesnt, game offers options.'
Jesus says to Lucias, 'The game can only so so much :)'
ArchAngel raises his hand.
Lucias says to Huma, 'Like removing my weapon, I know.'
Sandra says, 'it will go in next week, btw. Not tomorrow'
Huma says, 'if you want to make those options moot, thats what clients are for'
Jesus says to Lucias, 'My aliases have aliases!'
Lucias nods his agreement with Sandra.
Lucias says, 'ok'
Huma pokes ArchAngel with |10Kryptonite. 
Huma says, 'go ahead Archangel'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'I have over 200 aliases, is that a good thing?'
ArchAngel nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Lucias, 'In my opinion, yes.'
Beth says, 'all spells and most skills are aliased'
Beth nods to herself.
Jesus says to Lucias, 'I'm all high and mighty on variables now, though.'
ArchAngel says, 'I was curious about some of the current changes that are in the future for the mud that we can look foward to'
Lucias says to Jesus, 'Use a couple of those too.'
Huma says, 'sure whatsup'
MysteryMan says, 'one of mine is krb (mobname) Kill, Rage, Bash'
Jesus says to Lucias, 'I prolly have 200 of those.'
ArchAngel says, 'whats the plans thats what I wanna know about :)'
Huma says, 'oh'
Lucias says, 'alias a incite @inspire'
Lucias ducks to the ground.
Huma says, 'well we have like an entire treatise on it'
Sandra says, 'well, I stupidly erased teh post that Rufus posted on the welcome board'
ArchAngel been away 2 years done know whats going on
Huma winces in sympathy with Sandra.
ArchAngel says, 'dont*'
Huma says, 'oh dude I so totally put it in a LT'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Wasn't it on the forum?'
ArchAngel says, 'I dotn get the lr'
ArchAngel says, 'lt*'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Jesus.
Lucias says, 'lt is on the webpage.'
Huma says, 'I think its on the webpage'
Lucias says, 'well , it probably is'
Sandra sighs at herself. What a sorry sight.
Sandra says, 'but it's on the forum pages!'
Huma says, 'read the LT with the Upcoming Changes in the table of contents'
Jesus giggles at Sandra.
Huma says, 'or read the forum'
Sandra says, 'whee lagged a min'
Chaykin says, 'honestly I'm a little surprised rufus' posts on the discussion and the one on the forum haven't gotten a lot more comments, that's some heavy duty stuff'
Lucias says, 'btw that webpage could use a facelift out of the 17th century of technology.'
Lucias ducks to the ground.
Jesus says to Sandra, 'And the lt, i think!'
Sandra nods her agreement with Jesus.
Sandra raises her eyebrow at Lucias.
MysteryMan yawns.
MysteryMan says, 'nap time...'
Sandra says, 'the forum?'
Jesus says, 'the main website, i hate.'
Lucias says, 'i've raised it before, the webpage is outdate and impossible to navigate. imms say it isn't.'
Chaykin waves to MysteryMan.
Rusalka smiles at MysteryMan.
MysteryMan waves happily.
Lucias says, 'forum is fine, if strange'
Rusalka says, 'it's on the list of things to do'
Sandra says, 'yea, the main site is getting an overhaul'
Lucias says, 'oh ok'
Sandra says, 'Haley is going to be working on it'
Lucias smiles happily.
Chaykin says, 'hey now, the legend website was state of the art in 1997'
Jesus says, 'oh, cool.'
Sandra says, 'I know. I did it :P'
Huma says, 'hrrrm'
Lucias says, 'as i said, 17th century.'
Huma says, 'well I havnt posted it on the LT website yet'
Sandra says, 'afk a few'
Huma says, 'I'll do that tomorrow'
Huma says, 'but its in the forums too'
Huma says, 'ok who else has a question'
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'Yahoo me if anything interesting pops up, k?'
Huma brandishes |10Kryptonite menacingly. 
Sana raises her hand. 
Huma nods his agreement with MysteryMan.
Lucias says, '8 years in pc time is what, about 300 real years? :)'
Huma pokes Sana with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'do it Sana'
Sana says, 'whatever happened to that chubby con mage flee change thing'
Huginn cringes in terror.
Furian says, 'btw'
Huginn says, 'its in'
Lucias says to Sana, 'Try fleeing with 25 dex lately?'
Huma giggles.
Furian says, 'I know that 1 dex can flee from 1exit rooms'
Sana says, 'nope' 
Lucias says to Sana, 'It is not pretty.'
Huginn says, 'you got a chubby con mage to test with?'
Furian says, 'and live after trying to tank hm'
Furian says, 'aeneas'
Furian chortles with amusement.
Huma says, 'got a chubby head coder to check with?'
Huma ducks to the ground.
Lucias says to Furian, 'If he spams, alot, and you let him.'
Huginn snickers at Huma nastily.
Sana says, 'oh snap, you on the couch tonight now'
Furian chortles with amusement.
Furian says, 'and is chubby!'
Huma says, 'Huginn is not chubby by the by'
Huma says, 'hes lithe and athletic'
Lucias says to Furian, 'I've seen flee fail in that situation 50 times or more.'
Rusalka nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'yeah flee sucks for those who are sans dex'
Huma says, 'who else has a question?'
Sana says, 'i've seen him doing on finger pushops off his keyboard'
Sana peers around intently.
Furian says, 'make a 1 dex'
ArchAngel says, 'fle sucks period' 
Sana raises her hand.
Huma says, 'yes Sana'
Jesus says, 'ask lenore about flee.'
Jesus says, 'she still can't flee as an imm.'
Sana says, 'Walls suck, whats the deal there?' 
Huma says, '1 dex chars will be affected by recent code changes'
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'She fled from me today actually, I was so proud.'
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'what sucks about them'
Lucias says, 'ooh idea for walls'
Jesus giggles at Chaykin.
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'In one attempt even.'
Lucias says, 'make them like ROM walls of force, killable and only 1 per room.'
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'She prolly had someone up her dex. :p'
Huma says to Lucias, 'Idea it!  Although I bet create mages will hate you for that =P'
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'It's already 100, she can't get any better :P'
Jesus laughs.
Yelena says, 'whoa that hurt..'
Lucias says to Huma, 'Better than everyone climbing over them willynilly.'
Huma nods his agreement with Lucias.
Sana says, 'yeah, climb is sad for walls'
Huma says, 'why can 1 dex char climb walls eh'
Huma says, 'actually I dont know if they can'
Sana says, 'how about mind=wall height'
Huma giggles at Sana.
Sana says, 'and 80mind+ cant be climbed'
Rusalka chuckles politely.
Sana says, 'must fly'
Sana says, 'or jetpack'
Huma says, 'you are mad because people can climb walls?'
Sana says, 'no'
Jesus says, 'the wall change hurts create, i agree.'
Lucias says, 'afk a bit'
Lucias waves happily.
ArchAngel says, 'matter of opinion'
Sana says, 'oh I have a real question'
Huma says, 'well we dont want walls to be an immediate win for a create if he can plop them down correctly'
Sana raises her hand.
Huma says, 'sure whatsup Sana'
Sana says, 'did anyone read my WONDERFUL idea on the disc board?'
Furian raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'read it'
Furian chortles with amusement.
Huginn says, 'and no'
Sana says to Huginn, 'and wants to talk about it.'
Furian sniffs sadly at Huginn.
Furian says, 'I don't know, I like it if it has a timer on it of say a tick or so'
Huginn says, 'the point is that you have to keep the druid from healing'
Furian says, 'nothing too long, definitely not until death'
Furian says, 'well yes... and that's a variant?'
Furian chuckles politely.
Huginn says, 'you leave them run and wait for them to come back, yes they're going to be healed'
Huma says, 'shifty Poulticers'
Huginn says, 'it is their strength..'
Huginn shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'make it so they are to stupid to run =P'
Jesus says to Huginn, 'Hard to stop anyone from running nowdays.'
Huma pokes Furian with |10Kryptonite.
Huginn says, 'chase them.. steal their poultices for yourself'
Huma says to Furian, 'Your question turn.'
Huma says, 'it is'
Furian says, 'I had no question' 
Jesus says to Huginn, 'Tho, hunt code does help a ton.'
Furian says, 'I wanted to hear hers'
Huma says, 'ohok'
Furian snickers softly.
Furian points at Yelena.
Sana says, 'what about cause, cant steal cure crit' 
Huginn says, 'the mana ratio on that is a lot higher'
Huma says to Yelena, 'You had a question?'
Yelena says to Sana, 'like if it was sunk/stolen?'
Lera says, 'what about my choke idea? crit choke makes casting harder/'
Yelena says to Huma, 'erm prolly.'
Yelena nods her agreement with Furian.
Huginn says, 'sort of like the dex version of elbow?'
Lera nods her agreement with Huginn.
Huma says, 'but just for spells not for movement and such'
Huginn says, 'hmm possible.  Idea it?'
Lera says, 'i have' 
Lera says, 'on like korgan i believe'
Huginn says, 'well if you're too out of breath to cast, you probably are too out of breath to run'
Jesus says to Lera, 'Oh, so that's who you are!'
Huma says, 'I think thats kind of a cool idea'
Huginn shrugs helplessly.
Lera winks suggestively at Jesus.
Huma nods his agreement with Huginn.
Huma says, 'well instead of leading you to random rooms maybe it could increase movement cost'
Yelena cringes in terror.
Yelena says to Huma, 'lets not double major poison weapon with skills =p'
Jesus says, 'OH!'
Huginn says, 'the thing is I'm not convinced cause mages are that overpowered atm'
Jesus raises his hand.
Huma says, 'not like anyone uses choke =P'
Lera says, 'i do!'
Lera peers around intently. 
Huma says, 'go ahead Jesus'
Jesus says, 'sustained breath.. the spell lasts forever.. can we PLEASE Go ooc with it?'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite. 
Furian says, 'I think they're more overpowered than creates now that this dies here, this dies there, this falls apart when it rains, this...'
Furian chortles with amusement.
Huma says to Jesus, 'Well dont ask me =P  I obviously am to conservative of an OOC mind for this crowd :)'
Huginn says, 'creates are pretty powerful if you come with an army'
Furian says, 'this dies here this dies there this...'
Furian grins evilly at Huginn... Wonder what he's thinking...
Jesus says, 'i've waited days to take a 100 mind cause ooc.'
Huginn nods his agreement with Furian.
Furian says, 'but we shall civilisedly agree to disagree since we shall disagree'
Yelena says to Huginn, 'almost impossible to prep and keep a fight in pk that way =p'
Huginn says, 'harder these days without inspire, yeah'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Yelena says to Huginn, 'most see it.. run and hide =p'
Huma says to Jesus, 'Well maybe the idea is sustained is something that you can go OOC and preserve on yourself thus giving you an advantage.'
Yelena says to Huma, 'make it dispelable.'
Yelena nods to herself.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Yeah, because we take sink ooc for shits and giggles! :p'
Furian says, 'it is'
Sana says, 'sustain only hurts'
Sana pokes Huma in the ribs.
Furian says, 'sustained is dispellable'
Furian peers around intently.
Jesus says, 'cause doesn't dispel.'
Huma laughs.
Furian says, 'bubblies?'
Huma says, 'well if you can go OOC with sink'
Jesus says, 'cause doesn't brew!'
Huma says, 'I have no idea why sustained breath isnt allowed OOC =P'
Huma says, 'idea it!'
Yelena says, 'mobs do =p'
Furian says, 'er carry potions?'
Jesus says to Huma, 'That's my point..'
Furian says, 'actually'
Huma says, 'hey man, I'm not arguin =P'
Yelena giggles.
Furian says, 'sink shouldn't be allowed ooc'
Huginn says, 'we'll talk about it'
Furian says, 'as opposed to sustained breath should be because sink is'
Huma says, 'maybe sink shouldnt be allowed OOC honestly'
Furian peers around intently.
Huma says, 'yeah'
Sana says, 'no preps should or all should'
Sandra says, 'back'
Jesus says, 'either all non offensive spells, or no spells, where's the cut off, i mean?'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Sana.
Huma says, 'yeah thats a good question'
Sana says, 'but more importantly when I wanna go ooc to write something and i cant because i have armor on'
Sana peers around intently.
Huma says, 'the line is obviously grey'
Sana says, 'which takes about 2 freaking weeks to wear off'
Jesus nods his agreement with Huma.
Chaykin nods his agreement with Sana.
Huma says, 'sustained seems VERY non-invasive'
Jesus nods his agreement with Huma.
Jesus says, 'as is fly..'
Sana says, 'I dont like having to log on a fighter to check boards'
Sana stomps around.
Yelena misses renting off spells... for that very reason alone..
Huma says, 'so I dont see the problem'
Jesus says, 'waterwalk.'
Huma says, 'yeah and fly =P'
Huma says, 'and infravision' 
Huma says, 'and all that stuff' 
Huma shrugs helplessly. 
Huma says, 'Idea it =P'
Sana raises her hand.
Huma says, 'whatsup Sana'
Huma pokes Sana with |10Kryptonite.
Sana says, 'I forget'
Huma smirks.
Huma says, 'ok anyone else remember?'
Yelena looks up into the sky and ponders.
Yelena raises her hand.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Done!'
Huma says, 'whatsup Yelena'
Huma claps for Jesus approvingly.
Yelena says, 'speaking of weapons that do specials....'
Huma nods solemnly.
Yelena says, 'i stilllllllll have a major problem with a weapon that major poisons and cuts my moves horribly.. and if blinded its worse ofcourse'
Huma nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Yelena, 'Hush, you'll ruin me.'
Huma says, 'weeeeel bug it?'
Yelena says, 'specially when said stuff is on a druid..'
Yelena says, 'and you cant catch them when the run off to heal.. because of those..'
Yelena says, 'i can kill 500 moves easy chasing someone while im major poisoned..'
Jesus says to Yelena, 'Carry a vial, in your words. :p'
Yelena says, '80% of the time i run out of moves and die because of it'
Chaykin chuckles politely.
Yelena says to Jesus, 'i do.. but it goes off every round.'
Huma says, 'well thats bad tactics right'
Yelena says to Jesus, 'nobody can carry 30 vials.'
Furian says, 'well'
Jesus nods his agreement with Yelena. 
Yelena nods her agreement with Furian.
Sana says, 'yeah whats up with spam blind?'
Sana says, 'speaking of nobody can carry 30 vials'
Dogbert says, 'wha?'
Rusalka looks up into the sky and ponders.
Dogbert says, 'spam blind isnt a problem, sandra already dismissed it'
MysteryMan has returned from the void.
Yelena says, 'blind and major poison.. yes there are ways around the moves.. via fly.. but if you fly.. then you dispel.. you are done'
Rusalka says, 'maybe they have a speical rack'
Jesus chortles with amusement.
Furian nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'so your bitch is that the affect that increease movement cost and major poison are painful in conjunction'
Huma says, 'someone has found the lotus/channel/fireball to your character'
Yelena says, 'it hurts any character non mage'
Furian nods solemnly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Furian says, 'cause can ignore it really'
Furian says, 'prep'
Furian says, 'poison won't take'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Damn, an mtg reference.'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Yelena says, 'cure blind cure poison with the 2 mages.. and fly'
Jesus LOVED that game.
Huma says, 'I am a nerd :)'
Huma nods solemnly.
Sana says, 'indeed'
Sandra says, 'y ou are a nerd'
Yelena is a ganerd..
Lera smirks.
Huma says, 'well bug it, someone can take a looksie'
Huma says to Sandra, 'So are you!'
Huma sniffs sadly.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Illusions of grandeur was so much finner.'
Yelena says to Huma, 'i bugged it when it was first made =p'
Jesus says, 'funner.'
Sana comforts Sandra.
Sandra says to Huma, 'Am not!'
Yelena says, 'how long ago was that anyway?'
Yelena says, '2 years?'
Huma says to Jesus, 'I like that card for sure.'
Yelena looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'I didn't go to see starwars at 12:01 last night!'
Huma goes EEK! in distress.
Sandra throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Jesus says to Huma, 'Yeah, lots of games won with that card :)'
Lera congratulates Sandra on a job well done.
Furian says, 'hm I've been told I'm wrong!'
Yelena says to Sandra, 'i wasnt there.. at 12:01.....'
Dogbert says to Sandra, 'that sounds like the RIGHT decision.'
Huma says, 'I've seen all 3 star wars, 2 matrix's and 2 lotr's at 12:01'
Sana says, 'Humanerd'
Furian withdraws the cause statement.
Furian chortles with amusement.
Huma says, 'I got Nerd cred'
Chaykin says, 'that's what's missing from the new star wars trilogy, they haven't used the phrase "delusions of grandeur" at least 40 times'
Huma says, 'you cant step'
Sandra snickers softly.
Sandra says to Huma, 'Nerd.'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Sana says, 'so back to spam blind'
Huma says, 'damn skippy'
Huma says, 'spam blind'
Yelena says, 'a ganerd! a geek/nerd :D'
Sana says, 'we agreed it was shiteful right?'
Sandra says, 'yea, sorry'
Lorenzo says, 'nothing in the new series has been as cool as the garbage compactor scene'
Chaykin says, 'no ganerd is good ganerd'
Huma says, 'oh, I mean its not nice but its not death in a hand basket'
Huginn says, 'against a non-mage its harder'
Huginn says, 'against say a create'
Huginn shrugs helplessly.
Jesus says, 'i STILL think blindfighting should negate the minuses of blind as a passive skill.'
Huginn says, 'dealable' 
Huma says to Lorenzo, 'Obi-wan v darth vader, that was awesome.'
Yelena says, 'blindfighting should cut the increase of moves!'
Yelena nods to herself.
Sana says, 'all 3 of you should log on morts so i can spamblind myself into a 3 man deathcamp thing'
Lera nods her agreement with Yelena. 
Lorenzo says to Huma, 'well, I haven't seen III yet.'
Lera says, 'id learn the skill if it did that'
Huma says, 'weeeel' 
Yelena says, 'but still leaves major poison as a thorn in my side of disapproval.. still =p'
Huma says, 'I dont think Blind is all that bad at the moment'
Dogbert says, 'here we go'
Lorenzo says to Huma, 'but yeah, I bet it is :)'
Yelena says to Huma, 'it isnt..'
Huma says, 'major poison kinda stinks'
Dogbert says, 'old imm stories about old blind blah blah'
Huma says, 'but its supposed to' 
Yelena says, 'just when combined with other things does it really become nasty'
Huma says to Dogbert, 'I am moving on from blind now.'
Sana says, 'I blinded quagmire through about 9 vials and still blinded him into nothingness easily'
Huma says to Yelena, 'Major poison leads to pain pain leads to suffering, suffering leads to the dark side.'
Sana says, 'I think I was also afk at the time'
Yelena says, 'all these years of pk I have found it easier for me to stand there blind and beat on someone then cure it =p'
Sana says, 'you most be one of those people who loses a lot'
Yelena says to Huma, 'it leads to fear.. fear leads to hate.. and hate leads to suicidal slayings of users.' 
Lera says to Yelena, 'specially if your major posioned at the time.'
Lera says, '2-3 damage every time you move, icky' 
Lera shudders.
Huma says to Yelena, 'Well we'll take a lot at it somewhat :)'
Yelena remembers when certain character types were so hated.. players permad them in packs.
Dogbert says, 'dont bother complaining, not like i havent asked about this before in a less kind manner and been rebuffed'
Yelena nods solemnly.
Yelena says, 'question!'
Yelena raises her hand.
Furian says to Craven, 'bah you suck. you're supposed to be noisy here.'
Furian pokes Craven in the ribs.
Huma says, 'whatsup Yelena'
Yelena says, 'i have to ask this because of my absence lately..'
Sana says, 'craven discovered E'
Yelena says, 'is stun shots toned down considerably already?'
Sana says, 'thats an understatement'
Yelena says, 'the last 5-6 fights.. i didnt stun anyone.. with 96 perc'
Yelena says, 'since then i have changed stats tho if you can see'
Sana says, 'was stunning like every 2 shots for a while, then it went to a buncha stuns and each stun does like 100 damage'
Yelena nods her agreement with Jesus.
Sana says, 'shootings been freaky for monthes'
Jesus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sana says, 'get it, Freaky?'
Sana chortles at her own joke.
Dogbert puts his hands around Sana's throat, attempting to strangle her. Maybe you should just stay back.
Furian winces in sympathy with Sana.
Furian peers around intently.
Furian winces in sympathy with Sana.
Yelena snickers softly.
Sana sulks in the corner.
Furian grumbles.
Yelena says, 'so that was a yes?'
Dogbert says to Sana, 'have you even had a PK fight in a few mon ths?'
Yelena peers around intently.
Sana says, 'I fought beth yesterday!'
Huginn says, 'headshot stuns were changed awhile ago'
Huginn says, 'nothing recently'
Yelena says, 'im trying to get feal of things before i state my opinions of how i think snipers could be very well off balance wise'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'fight a lot?'
Lera says to Yelena, 'wanna go fight?'
Yelena says to Huginn, 'not lately but.. when i have its been horrid.'
Sana says, 'make love, not war'
ArchAngel laughs.
Sana says, 'to huma'
ArchAngel nods his agreement with Sana.
Yelena says to Sana, 'im not that kinda gal.'
Sana says, 'while huginn watches'
Huma says, 'what did I do?'
Sana says, 'and cries'
Sana says, 'while doing pushups from his keyboard'
Huma says, 'I was peeing =P'
ArchAngel says to Huma, 'everything you did all the problems.'
Huma says, 'so do we have other questions'
ArchAngel says to Huma, 'close clos close!!!'
ArchAngel ducks to the ground.
Yelena says, 'only question i have left is the ability to steal huggy and sandra after this for like 5 mins'
Yelena grins evilly.
Huma says, 'well I cant make that call'
Huma says, 'ok any other questions if not I'm ending this'
ArchAngel snickers softly.
ArchAngel cheers for Huma - huzzah!
Huma peers around intently.
Sana raises her hand.
ArchAngel hangs his head.
Huma says, 'go sana!'
Sana says, 'why do the imms do bad things to good people?'
Huma says, 'we dont'
Huma says, 'that was easy' 
ArchAngel laughs.
Lera smirks at Huma.
Huma licks Sana. 
Yelena says to Sana, 'did they spank you?'
Huginn cheers for Huma - huzzah!
Sana says, 'if there are imms, why is my butt so large!'
Sana says, 'I don't believe in imms'
Huma says, 'because you eat to much chocolate while playing legend'
Sandra says to Sana, 'Too many chocolate bars.'
ArchAngel throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Huma says, 'you need to do your butt clenches at the desk'
Sandra nods her agreement with Huma.
Sana says, 'hah! been doing lots of exercise lately'
Yelena says to Sana, 'cagle?'
Huma says, 'oh man who let you get away with that one'
Yelena ducks to the ground.
ArchAngel says, '.....' 
Dogbert says, 'sandra must have'
Yelena says, 'i think i spelled that wrong tho..'
Huma says, 'anyway, any other questions'
Yelena looks up into the sky and ponders.
Dogbert says, 'omg'
Yelena nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'ok!'
|10Kryptonite thuds as Huma attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.
Huma says, 'meeting adjourned'