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May 26th, 2005

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Huma says, 'so whatsup guys whos got a question'
Rusalka smiles happily.
Tanzer raises his hand.
Huma pokes Tanzer with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Tanzer'
MysteryMan knocks Somar over and flops all over him.
Tanzer says, 'There's been a lot of visitors lately, some of which will stay.. do you have any intention of allowing people who learned augment to unlearn it so that we can get some of these gamebreaking new skills?'
Jesus sits down on a floral armchair.
Tanzer says, 'I understand there was a skill redeem, but augment was not included?'
Jin raises his hand.
Huma says, 'well the recent reimbursements have been geared towards helping fighters'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Nor were weap proficincies.'
Lachesis lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Somar waves a welcome to Lachesis. Hello!
Huma says, 'because there have been SO many different fighter skills added'
Huma says, 'but we didnt reimb augment, chant or the arms trainings because....'
Tanzer says, 'There's no better way to help fighters than to allow someone who used to spam augment to unlearn augment :)'
Huma says, 'listen Tanzer =P'
Tanzer nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'Because, we dont want people to be able to change their char types'
Huma says, 'we dont want to allow mages to be fighters, augmentors to be mages etc.'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Make a new one :p'
Huma says, 'whatever'
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'take my medical school exams for me.'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'No :)'
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'and pass.'
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'then make me a new character.'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'I'd give you a fighter, if it were ok to do that still.'
Jesus shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'so we didnt want to do that'
KamiMiaKu shudders.
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'you can't give away a character that isn't enabled once?'
Tanzer nods his agreement with Huma.
Tanzer pouts.
Huma says, 'if you wanna make a new pure fighter, despite arguments to the contrary its not THAT hard =P'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Can't give any char anymore.'
Negredo says to Huma, 'pretty easy actually :P'
Tanzer says to Huma, 'it's time consuming, which I don't have much of.. trying to make this character up a bit.'
Huma says, 'not three days easy but its not break your back hard :)'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'can always take that augmenting fighter and turn him into a battle druid etc.'
Jesus says, 'i don't get the whole rush to 50 thing.'
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'yes you do.'
Huma says, 'anyway, other questions?'
Huma says, 'we're taking raised hands all night'
Chaykin says, 'er that was meant to be in room'
Blackdeath raises his hand.
Blackdeath raises his hand.
Rusalka smiles at Chaykin.
Huma pokes Blackdeath in the ribs.
Jesus snickers at Chaykin nastily.
Huma says, 'go ahead BD'
Tanzer says, 'Jin raised his hand'
Huma says, 'oh did he'
Rusalka props her stocking feet on the arm of the couch.
Huma says, 'damn I missed it'
Huma says, 'anyone else?'
KamiMiaKu waves happily.
Tanzer says, 'No'
Tanzer says, 'Just Jin while we were chatting'
Huma nods solemnly.
Blackdeath says, 'any chance your gonna make headbutt not suck so much people are bitching about me only useing bash'
Huma says, 'jin will be next'
Tanzer says, 'headbutt is still god'
Jesus nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Chaykin says, 'headbutt sucks? that's news to me'
Huma says, 'actually most people think headbutt is gawd awesome'
Blackdeath nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'so much better with the damage change, tho.'
Blackdeath shakes his head.
Huma says, 'the way I hear it headbutt is the shizzle'
Negredo says to Blackdeath, 'not your fault people dont know how to tumble.'
MysteryMan says, 'except whe you either miss, or stun yerself 90% of the time...'
Chaykin says, 'headbutt is awesome if you have the stats to be consistent with it, but that's the key'
Tanzer says, 'headbutt has been my bread and butter since 1996'
Huma nods solemnly.
Blackdeath nods his agreement with MysteryMan.
Huma says, 'well 70 con headbutts might have some problems'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'I dont know what char you are using'
Huma says, 'or stats etc.'
Blackdeath says, 'i have 99 con and never stun'
Jesus says, 'depends on the headbuttee :)'
Huma nods solemnly.
Tanzer says, 'it shouldnt though.. too many mobs have 100 in their stats'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Jesus.
MysteryMan says, 'what stats other than con effect headbutts?'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, '98.'
Huma says, 'thats a statistical crapfest you are stuck in then :('
Huma says, 'I think HB is strictly con versus con'
Rufus says, 'too many mobs have 100 in their stats, but their death to player death ratio is about 50,000:1 , so I don't think they're hurting because of that =)'
Huma says, 'with tumble thrown in'
Quagmire says, 'hot con on con action'
Somar nods his agreement with Rufus.
Chaykin snickers softly.
MysteryMan snickers at Quagmire nastily.
Quagmire squeezes Freaky fondly.
Huma says, 'well, maybe you just have been extremely unlucky with headbutt'
Tanzer says to Rufus, 'only because they don't whine when they die.'
Freaky nods her agreement with Quagmire.
Huma says, 'or I dunno... if you are having real problems with it, and you have close to 100 con' 
Jesus raises his hand.
Huma says, 'keep track of some fights and talk to us again'
Huma says, 'cuz mostly, we hear it rocks'
Huma says, 'Jin left eh'
Norgoth has a 93 con alt that stuns himself as much or more than the mobs
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Huginn?
Chaykin waves a welcome to Huginn. Hello!
Jesus tickles Huginn. 
Tanzer raises his hand.
Somar cheers for Huginn - huzzah!
Huginn waves hello to the world!
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
Jin raises his hand.
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'next arena PK, make it headbutts the only special, find out for sure then.'
Rufus says, 'it's unfotunate, but because of the majority of the data being anecdotal, we tend to think a skill is balanced when somewhat equal numbers are complaining it sucks and that it's way too powerful.'
Jesus says, 'erm, granted i was fighting a pure fighter, but when did warcry start doing so much damage?'
Tanzer says to MysteryMan, 'then most of the fight would be spent on your butt.'
Chaykin says, 'I have a mage alt who solos way more stuff than he has any right doing, using headbutt'
Jin wields a small wooden club.
Tanzer notes Chaykin alt, mage that headbutts a lot.
MysteryMan says to Jin, 'sorry, just hadta pop that in while still on the headbutt subject.'
Chaykin grins evilly at Tanzer... Wonder what he's thinking...
Huma says, 'well, hrm'
Huma says, 'warcry?' 
Blackdeath laughs.
Jesus says, 'yea'
Jesus says, 'someone warcried me for 20 hp.'
Huma says, 'I dont know if it does a lot of dmg but I can timagine anyone thinking that its overpowered =P'
Blackdeath says, 'warcry is a joke too' 
Somar comforts Jesus.
Jesus says, 'i thought it was.. harsh.'
Huma says, 'well I think they added that a long time ago'
Huma says, 'pre-me'
Tanzer says, 'warcry is a good way to add more color'
Quagmire says, 'people severely underestimate how badly a warcry can screw you :P'
Jesus says, 'a 20 damage skill that doesn't fail, has a chance to para, and a chance to rage?'
MysteryMan snickers softly.
Huma says, 'warcry has been doin dmg for a few years I think'
Huma says, 'it doesnt always do 20'
Tanzer nods his agreement with Huma.
Jesus says, 'seems REAL harsh.'
Chaykin says, 'I find that warcry can be really nice especially with that certain passive fighter skill complementing it'
Huma says, 'or at least I dont think it does'
Blackdeath says, 'those chances are very low'
Norgoth says, 'me think warcry used to only do 5, always'
Jesus says, 'i'll test it out.'
Quagmire says to Jesus, 'prestige based still.'
Huma says, 'I think warcry only does 20 in rare instances'
MysteryMan says, 'i just like to snicker at all the humorous warcs around...noprgoth's is freakin hilarious!'
Huma says, 'when the planets align and such'
Jesus says to Huginn, 'Kudos on the headbutt damage thing, btw.'
Jesus says to Quagmire, 'Is it?'
Huginn says to Jesus, 'Working out?'
Huma pokes Tanzer with |10Kryptonite.
Quagmire nods his agreement with Jesus.
Huma says, 'ok you're up Tanzer'
Jesus says to Huginn, 'I like it so far, but i'm high con, so i dunno.'
Tanzer says, 'Two questions.. first, Huginn, are you gonna put the Raven back in? :)'
Norgoth screams, 'ME MAKE SMASH ON YOU AN' YOU GONNA DIE CAUSE ME BIG AN' YOU NOT BIG!!!' at the top of his lungs!
Rufus says, 'warcry does a range of damage, from 1 to about 22 or so'
MysteryMan rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Huginn says to Tanzer, 'I've never had a raven.'
Norgoth grins evilly at MysteryMan... Wonder what he's thinking...
Tanzer says, 'I thought the Raven was your bird'
Chaykin says, 'raven was croaker's wasn't it?'
Tanzer says, 'oh then shoot it'
Tanzer says, 'okay real question'
Norgoth misses the Raven
Somar says, 'Nevermore?'
Huginn shakes his head in disagreement with Tanzer.
Huma bonks Somar on the head with a |12blue lightsabre|U99.
Huginn nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Tanzer misses nothing that belonged to Croaker.
MysteryMan says, 'whos that rapping, tap tap tapping, upon my chamber door?'
Chaykin looks around for Quoth, the raven.
Tanzer says, 'Do you think these new skills, particularly battle mastery, are simply gamebreakingly powerful?  I was running before with someone who had a very similar chartype to my alternate.. but my alternate has all old eq and therefore max dam'
Tanzer says, 'but he has battle mastery and was damcapping 3-4x more than i was, with the same hit/dam, in fact i had more dam'
Negredo says, 'battle training, or weapon mastery?'
MysteryMan says, 'like expert swordsmanship, and such?'
Tanzer says, 'weapon mastery, i dont even know what battle training is'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Norgoth says, 'battle training me think is add to ac'
Tanzer says, 'he says he thinks it adds some obscene like +15 imaginary hitroll'
Negredo nods his agreement with Norgoth.
Huma nods solemnly.
Tanzer says, 'I'm comparing our hitting, I have more hit and dam than he does but he has weapon mastery and he damcaps 3-4x more, literally.'
Huma says, 'well the big problem that was trying to get solved of course was the whole fighters suck compared to mages'
Huma says, 'so it certainly made fighters better'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Stun is still the end all.'
Norgoth says, 'I havent noticed that yet, but then only level 29'
Quagmire says, 'everything sucks compared to mages'
Rufus says, 'weapon mastery doesn't actually add 'imaginary hitroll', it forces, based on the skills you have, a shift in the hit table. Very different than hitroll and not exactly easy to explain. The result it, they hit more frequently'
Huma nods solemnly.
Rusalka says, 'i like druids myself'
Freaky says, 'yeah, mages still rule, much more versitile'
MysteryMan says, 'a level playing field is a must in any game...or atleast the ability to controll the levelity of the field'
Quagmire makes the sign of the cross at Rusalka.
Lachesis jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Rusalka!
Huma says, 'well I think stunning is the end all not the stun spell'
Blackdeath nods solemnly.
Norgoth shakes MysteryMan's hand.
Quagmire peers at Huma, looking him up and down.
Somar prefers druidesses.
Somar ducks to the ground. 
Blackdeath says, 'a mage is not so easy to kill'
Jesus says to Huma, 'True. :)'
Lachesis winks suggestively at Somar. 
Huma says, 'someone who can headbutt you is just as bad as someone wfw stunning in my opinion'
MysteryMan peers at Somar, looking him up and down.
Huma says, 'stunning headbutts are ouchie'
MysteryMan says to Somar, 'a druish princess?'
Freaky says, 'you can not seriously sit here and compare headbutt vs wfw'
Huma says, 'but really, yeah Fighters dont hit as well without battle mastery'
Freaky says, 'so please don't try'
Rubedo lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Quagmire says, 'normally you're right, but the stun is like 2 dazes way more frequently than the headbutt is like 1 daze :P' 
KamiMiaKu sits down on a sea-green velvet couch covered in overstuffed cushions.
Huma says, 'if you were at the doubles pk tourney'
Blackdeath nods solemnly. 
Tanzer says, 'So battle mastery is to make fighters more on par with mages.. but a fighter without battle mastery is useless.. doesn't that make battle mastery an essential skill for all fighters?'
Huma says, 'you would have seen someone get absolutly dismantled byt headbutt'
Quagmire says, 'yes' 
Huma says, 'but also stun =P'
Negredo says to Tanzer, 'weapon mastery ;)'
Quagmire says, 'again, you know why that is?'
Tanzer says, 'its so gamebreaking that you simply cant content without it'
Quagmire says, 'first off, that's 2 on 2'
Huginn says, 'weapon mastery'
Tanzer says, 'yeah yeah weapon mastery'
Quagmire says, 'second off, it was a tiny arse zone'
Quagmire says, 'you cant flee and heal'
Huginn says, 'weapon mastery isn't essential'
Huginn says, 'but its good'
Jesus says, 'afk a few.'
Huginn shrugs helplessly.
Quagmire says, 'if it had been something like an entire era, you woulda seen healing start to come into play'
Freaky says, 'and the anti outdoor/magic rooms made some teams useless'
Rufus says, 'actually you can compete without it, when we did our initial data collection on it, it was about a 10% overall increase in damage over time.'
Quagmire nods his agreement with Freaky.
Tanzer says, 'How can you say it's not essential when I have higher hit/dam than my friend and he hits harder because of mastery?'
Norgoth says, 'headbutt stun the user 90% of the time that it stuns the target, in my experience'
Rufus says, 'so it's not groundbreaking, really.'
Rufus says to Tanzer, 'You didn't spend a practice to get your hit and damroll =)'
Tanzer is completely boggled.
Quagmire says, 'does your friend also have iron will?'
Tanzer says, 'I spent equipment slots which are more valuable than any practice'
Chaykin says to Norgoth, 'But not a sticking stun off hb.'
Rufus says, 'well, not in this case =)'
Jesus says to Quagmire, 'Good point :)'
Huma says, 'yeah do you have iron will as well?'
Norgoth nods solemnly.
Norgoth says, 'stun that lasts til the mob wakes'
Tanzer says, 'no, i cant learn iron will for the same reason i cant learn battle mastery, but we disregarded his iron will str attacks'
Tanzer says, 'weapon mastery damnit'
Negredo smirks.
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'listen.'
Chaykin says, 'they don't exist in a vacuum though, if he has both, they'll both play a role'
Huma nods solemnly.
MysteryMan says, 'weapon mastery should only effe3ct your hit roll, since, idealy, it increases your knowledge of said weapon to the point where you are familiar enough with it, to use it effectively'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'weapons mastery is 10% more damage overall, so that's....give a weapon, an extra....2 damroll?'
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'He's right actually, IW messages. it echos.'
Huma says, 'maybe you just hit an anomoly or somethin =P'
Quagmire says, 'hitting more often means you hit harder'
Norgoth does notice quite a lot of valor attacks, and laughs when they only slash hard
Quagmire says, 'it's a direct consequence'
Rufus says, 'er actually it's about equivelent to 10 damroll (ish)'
Tanzer says, 'okay so thats outright ridiculous'
Quagmire says to Rufus, '10% per round?'
Tanzer says, '10 damroll that probably applies AFTER the cap'
Rufus says, 'it averaged out to that. over a really long time.'
Jesus raises his hand.
Rufus says, 'nothing applies after the cap. The cap is the last function before applying damage'
Quagmire says, 'well, ok, if damroll's applied to the total after all 5 hits are calculated then yes'
Tanzer says, 'hrmph'
Blackdeath says, 'do away with the cap'
Quagmire says, 'all hits rather'
Blackdeath throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
MysteryMan says, 'hence the name, dam cap...like salary cap...'
Tanzer says, 'dam cap is different than capped damroll'
Somar says, 'can I use the MLE to go over the damcap?' 
Norgoth says to MysteryMan, 'like baseball cap?'
Quagmire says to Somar, 'you can use weapons specials.'
Rufus says, 'damroll is currently capped at 200. No one's hit that much yet.'
Negredo nods his agreement with Norgoth.
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'There is no capped damroll :)' 
Jesus says, 'or, what rufus saiud.'
Tanzer says, 'I thought damroll was capped at 50'
Rufus shakes his head.
Tanzer says, 'thought wrong then'
Huma says, 'Rufus is the man that knows =P'
Somar says, 'there is no keyser soze!'
Freaky raises her hand.
Huma has 63 damroll atm.
Somar has 23. 
Chaykin nods his agreement with Somar. 
MysteryMan says, 'on your ATT chart, the list stops at 50, right?'
Freaky says, 'I got 6'
Freaky flexes her bulging, impressive muscles.
Huginn falls to his knees and worships Somar's existence.
Norgoth has never had an alt go over 40
Rufus says, 'anyway, there's realy no point in removing the damroll, the number of attacks that actually exceed it are in the 1-2/10,000 range.'
Somar says, 'but ph34r my hps!' 
Somar reports: |U1630360/30360 hp |U16688/688 mana |U16710/710 mv.
But mine goes to 11!
Norgoth says, 'and thats with 100str +dam eq' 
Huma says, 'ok next question?'
MysteryMan bonks Somar on the head!
MysteryMan says, 'showoff'
Quagmire says, 'shoot smart' 
Tanzer says to Somar, 'two neck guards? :)'
Huma says, 'yeah lets go to the next question'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'ok Jesus you're up again'
Norgoth raises his hand. 
Jesus says, 'since we're on hitroll and damroll.'
Jesus says, 'just an observation.'
Jesus says, 'low hitroll and high damroll hits really hard, even on non-sitting.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'it does doesnt it'
Norgoth says, 'not really'
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'with or without IW/WM? :)'
Jesus says, 'the opposite, doesn't even compare, and that kinda makes dex anything suck, unless anything = str.'
Jesus says, 'without.'
Jesus says, 'in my observation.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huginn says, 'on -100ac ?'
Tanzer says, 'nah my character is without iw/wm and with low hit and high dam you just cant connect'
Jesus says to Huginn, 'Just in general.'
Norgoth nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Tanzer says, 'on a weapon thats 5/4/4, you hit 4/4/3 attacks you dont do crap'
Jesus says, 'right.'
Huginn says, 'ok so we have both sides represented'
Huma nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'i'm lucky to pulverize, but decimate on stun.'
Huma says, 'well they are lookin at some of that stuff =P'
MysteryMan says, 'west coast represent!'
Jesus says, 'even ripped on a stun.'
Huma says, 'stun is the name of the game atm :)'
Jesus says, 'it's the non-stuns that hurt.'
Jesus says, '4 damroll, btw.'
Tanzer says to Huma, 'always has, always will.'
Jesus says, 'ripping on a stun.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'end of note :)'
Huginn says, 'ripping on a stun I can see.. sometimes'
Huma says, 'anyway, theres thought being put in to damroll and dex and stuff'
Quagmire says to Jesus, 'shhh! if sandra were here you'd get glued for 15 minutes for being too right.'
Tanzer says to Huma, 'until you require to cause a stun you have less than 12 kg of weight *eyeroll* :P'
Rufus says, 'you also have to keep in mind we did overlap the messages quite a bit. Some pulvs exceed quite a few decimates.'
Huma chuckles politely at Tanzer.
Jesus says to Rufus, 'Huh?'
Rufus says, 'the messages overlap.'
Huma says, 'ohhh theres a wrench in the works'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Chaykin grins evilly.
Jesus says, 'so in essence, we have no idea how much damage we do? :p'
Negredo nods his agreement with Jesus.
Rufus says, 'so let's say message A ranges from 1-10, message B ranges from 5-15.'
Huginn says, 'sometimes'
Rufus says, 'you can get a general feeling, but that's the idea.'
Huginn has mentioned that before.
Huma says, 'you have a general idea =P'
Jesus says, 'oh, interesting.'
Tanzer says, 'please dont tie essential stuff to another stat without raising the stat total above 349' 
Huma says, 'legenddb has been lying =P'
Chaykin says, 'they made it that way at the same time they added stuff like outman/evis, right?'
Rubedo says, 'legenddb has always lied'
Rubedo chortles with amusement.
Huginn nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Huma, 'I don't follow legenddb.'
Huma says, 'good!'
Huma says, 'ok next question then'
Huma pokes Freaky with |10Kryptonite.
Huginn says, 'legenddb is a fair weather friend really'
Huma says, 'go ahead Freaky'
Tanzer cheers for Freaky - huzzah!
Norgoth uses db as a general guide but not as fact
Tanzer says to Huginn, 'its a good list of skill teachers :)'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Just know the order of the messages, not sure what represents what damage.'
Rubedo says, 'Its good if you need to know like, the basics for a quest or somethin'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Freaky says, 'question for rufus, in regards to the note I sent you about cuchie's shield'
Rubedo says, 'elsewise I dont waste time on it'
Tanzer raises his hand.
Rufus says, 'refresh my memory'
Freaky says, 'and why it is the way it is, just wondering if you can enlighten me'
Freaky says, 'why the thing is near 5k rent and is basically a 5 stat item but with less ac then most other shields'
Freaky says, 'trying to figure out the basis for the rent'
Jesus says to Freaky, 'Don't forget the insanely high rent!'
Tanzer says, 'its easily damaged too'
Freaky says, 'I did'
Jesus says, 'oh, you did.'
Norgoth says, 'you're paying for the name!'
Norgoth chortles with amusement.
Freaky snickers softly.
Tanzer says, 'it's the Gucci shield'
Jesus hugs Pulunhoya's shield.
Freaky says, 'its a tommy shield'
Freaky snickers softly.
Huma chuckles politely. 
Negredo smirks.
Norgoth nods his agreement with Tanzer.
MysteryMan says, 'varsace shield'
Quagmire waves a Ltd. Ed. |9Tommy |9Ha|9le|9y C|9ul|9t Ro|9be.
Norgoth says, 'aberchrobie and fich shield'
Chaykin says, 'forget cuch's shield, I want a crimson shield'
Tanzer nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Somar nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Huginn laughs.
Tanzer says to Chaykin, 'i once got one out of SL :)'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Rufus says, 'I brought it inline with the most recent version of the materials spec. It's pretty durable, so you end up paying for that.'
Tanzer says, 'ahh good times'
Somar snarls at Tanzer.
Huma says to Tanzer, 'And helped to get it removed from the game :)'
Huma claps for Tanzer approvingly.
Rufus says, 'HOWEVER...'
Somar nods his agreement with Huma.
Rufus says, 'the materials spec is currently being analyzed and revised, so expect the rent values to change again, and in about 90% of the cases, the rent will be lower'
Tanzer says, '1000 hp tanks, what you need the shield for?'
Quagmire says, 'hold the presses'
MysteryMan says, 'the silver serrated sword is 8k rent, but it hits like a mack truck'
Jesus says to Rufus, 'Yay for that.'
Tanzer nods his agreement with Quagmire.
Quagmire says, 'imms....LOWERING...rent?'
Quagmire says to Rufus, 'stop messing with me!'
Tanzer says to Rufus, 'repeat please?'
Rufus says, 'the materials spec is currently being analyzed and revised, so expect the rent values to change again, and in about 90% of the cases, the rent will be lower'
Tanzer cheers wildly!
Quagmire faints at the sight of Somar.
Jesus raises his hand.
Huma says, 'so thats a happy answer'
Freaky says, 'that would be cool, could you look at bring the shields ac in spec to? maybe 2 or 3 more points would bring it around other shields that have much lower rent and are much easier to use'
Rufus says, 'if it's 2 or 3 points down below the maximum, it's in spec =)'
Quagmire picks up a floral armchair and shakes it vigorously.
Freaky says, 'its more then that'
Negredo joins Rubedo's group.
Quagmire licks a steaming pile of turds.
Quagmire rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Norgoth rolls around on the ground with laughter.
MysteryMan peers at Quagmire, looking him up and down.
Quagmire spits in Somar's face - better stand back!
Quagmire says, 'that tasted SO bad'
Freaky says, 'just take a look at it please? check it againt the red wyrm, shield of burning hellfire and mystical rune-covered, you will see what I mean'
Huma says, 'I have been told not to bother using cuchs shield in stat sets anymore'
Huma says, 'by my eq list meister'
Huma pokes Somar in the ribs.
Tanzer nods solemnly.
Rufus says, 'that's very strange, it's -12 ac (normal) and -5 magical, which is the absolute limit of the spec.'
Norgoth cant find it, steaming, pile, turds not kw
Huma ponders Somar's existence.
Rufus has created Cuchullain's shield!
Quagmire points at Somar.
Jesus takes off his Pulunhoya's shield. 
An aura of heavenly light appears above Quagmire's head.
Freaky says, 'other shields give more, I know they do'
Jesus wears Pulunhoya's shield on his arm.
Jesus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma picks up a steaming pile of turds.
Rufus says, 'find me a shield that does =)'
Huma junks a steaming pile of turds.
Rufus eats Cuchullain's shield.
MysteryMan waves the Lion Shield.
Quagmire says to Huma, 'boo.'
Tanzer takes off his shield of burning Hellfire.
Tanzer wears a shield of burning Hellfire on his arm. 
Tanzer says, 'this is -18'
Tanzer says, 'so -17 on cuch'
Rufus says, 'well, consider that this is *raw* ac, it gets modifid.'
MysteryMan takes off his Lion Shield.
MysteryMan wears the Lion Shield on his arm.
Rufus has created Cuchullain's shield!
Huma smirks.
Rufus almost fumbles Cuchullain's shield as it zaps him.
Huginn has created a mystical rune-covered shield!
Tanzer cheers wildly!
Rubedo laughs.
Negredo laughs.
Quagmire taunts Rufus mercilessly.
MysteryMan rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Jesus snickers at Rufus nastily.
Rufus almost fumbles Cuchullain's shield as it zaps him.
Huginn gives a mystical rune-covered shield to Rufus.
Rufus says, 'heh' 
Freaky says, 'to funny'
Rufus wears a mystical rune-covered shield on his arm.
Rufus says, 'yeah, I get 18 ac out of a cuch shield.'
MysteryMan says, 'lions only -11'
Rufus takes off his mystical rune-covered shield.
Freaky takes off her Cuchullain's shield. 
Freaky says, '17' 
Jesus hugs Pulunhoya's shield. 
Freaky wears Cuchullain's shield on her arm. 
Rufus says, 'you might be on the cusp of a stat change.'
MysteryMan licks Smiley.
Freaky says, 'so as I go up in levels or stats, the eq gets better ac?'
Rufus says, 'so where my ac is, the modifiers end up giving me an extra point (it's C's wonderful ability to completely drop remainders)'
Huginn says to Freaky, 'Not anymore.'
MysteryMan says, 'i thought you got bonuses to ac when you lvl...'
Rubedo says, 'that was back when, -1 AC per level'
Rufus says to Quagmire, 'With as often as we deal with integer math... no thanks.'
Rubedo says, 'or maybe 2'
Huma says, 'maybe the real issue is not the AC of the cuch shield but the rent?'
Rubedo says, 'but thats been a while'
Huginn says, 'you get a bonus for level'
Freaky says, 'I think both are the issue really'
Huginn says, 'but not for equip/level'
Freaky says, 'well, if the rent was halfed, the shield would be much nicer sure'
Rufus says, 'there's a couple spec things for the rent that are changing. Items will change as a natural result. We're re-evaluating it.'
MysteryMan says to Huginn, 'equip lvl?'
Freaky says, 'even down to reasonable'
Freaky nods solemnly.
Norgoth says, 'woohoo! 8 more minutes til I get rid of lag'
Rufus says to Huginn, 'You didn't add the regen thing into the update.'
Quagmire says to Norgoth, 'pr0n dl done in 8 minutes?'
Huginn says, 'the update message.. yup forgot.  one sec'
Tanzer raises his hand.
Huma says, 'ok is that Q done'
Huginn starts writing on a postcard from Huginn.
Huma says, 'ok'
Freaky nods solemnly.
Rufus says, 'for those here, we're increasing hp and mana regen a bit... 16% or thereabouts.'
Huma pokes MysteryMan with |10Kryptonite.
Jesus raises his hand.
MysteryMan says to Norgoth, 'thats bs, i got cable internet, and i still lag.'
Tanzer says, 'kick ass'
Huma says, 'go ahead MM'
Rubedo says, 'ahhh, nice'
MysteryMan says, 'with what?'
Huma says, 'you raised your hand earlier =P'
Jesus says to Rufus, 'Wow.'
MysteryMan says, 'i did?'
Norgoth says to Quagmire, 'yahoo store docs, trying to make my store realize that you can order more than 1 item, and that at certain levels you get a discount.'
Huma says, 'I thought so maybe not'
Huginn finishes writing on a postcard from Huginn.
Huma says, 'ok neeeeext'
Jesus raises his hand.
MysteryMan says, 'somar musta raised it for me...'
Huma pokes Tanzer with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Tanzer'
Huginn erases message #31 from the welcome board.
Huginn posts a postcard from Huginn on the welcome board.
MysteryMan pokes Somar in the ribs.
MysteryMan tickles Somar.
Tanzer says, 'I knwo you guys play, so you're aware of the massive inflation causing problems with stats, i.e., higher rent items, fewer items that are +5 overall and far far far more requirements being consistently added'
Tanzer says, 'to keep skills... are there any plans to combat this inflation problem?'
Huma says, 'inflation problem?'
Tanzer says, 'You don't feel it?  Maybe it's just my rough adjustment.'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'the central imm bank will raise the key prime interest rate 25 basis points.'
Huma says, 'ok well heres the dealie I think'
Tanzer says, 'But I feel squeezed.'
Rufus says, 'yes, actually we're looking into reducing some of the requirements on skills. It's in its infancy right now, and requires a massive code change with some nasty side effects if its not done properly, but it's being looked at.'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'You will, as str.'
Huma says, 'well, let me be honest'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'I'm fully eq'd at 40k.'
Negredo says, 'be more specialized instead of 13 diff char types'
Tanzer says, 'I was last here and there were certain things you could ignore statwise, now everything is essential.'
Huma says, 'there are in fact MORE +5 items then ever before in the entire game'
MysteryMan says, 'what makes a game fun, is it gets progressively harder the more you play...'
Huma says, 'there are more items today in the game that are MORE then then +5'
Huma says, 'you can now have any stat set you want in the entire game'
Jesus nods his agreement with Huma.
Rufus says, 'basically there are a lot of stats that we have 10's or 15's or something that you have to have a base level. This was to combat those folks who dropped a stat to negative. Once it was below 1, you got no penalty for it at all'
Huma says, 'and you can have all your stats with low rent'
Jesus says, 'and the end all stats are expensive :)'
Rufus says, 'so you could discard it.'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Jesus coughs loudly.
Huma says, 'at the end of the day the new stuff IS high rent'
Jesus says, 'damroll is EXPENSIVE.'
Rufus says, 'essentially ending up with the bonuses of MORE than 349 or whatever stat points.'
Huma says, 'but its because they're REALLY good'
Huma says, 'items that are more then +5 total stat are gonna be high rent'
Lachesis gets a |1RED SOX banner from a |8m|0a|8g|0i|8c|0k|8a|0l|8 c|0a|8s|0t|8 i|0r|8o|0n|8 c|0a|8u|0l|8d|0r|8o|0n. 
Huma says, '+damroll is gonna be high rent'
Tanzer says, 'But with 349 total points and now if you want new skills you have to give 50 points to spir/perc as a pure fighter..'
Rufus says, 'so, we're looking at ways to combat that, and give you a little more wiggle room and removing some of those 10 and 15 stat and lower stat reqs.'
Lachesis puts a |1RED SOX banner in a |8m|0a|8g|0i|8c|0k|8a|0l|8 c|0a|8s|0t|8 i|0r|8o|0n|8 c|0a|8u|0l|8d|0r|8o|0n.
Tanzer nods his agreement with Rufus.
Quagmire peers at Tanzer, looking him up and down.
Tanzer says, 'awesome'
Tanzer says, 'as long as you're aware.'
Huma says, 'but at the end of the day Tanzer'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, '25.'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, '20 perc and 30 spir.'
Huma says, 'your buddy who had to spend allt hose points to get those new skills is according to you hitting the damcap 3 to 4 times more then you'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, '30 spirit? who needs iron will as a pure fighter.'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'try 5.'
Huma says, 'stat sets for fighters have changes, but they have gotten a LOT more powerful'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, 'my buddy who hits the damcap 3-4x more than i do.'
Rufus says, 'okay, I'm sorry but I gotta buz =) wife getting angry. Catch y'all later.'
Norgoth shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Rufus waves happily.
Huma waves to Rufus.
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'your buddy doesnt need it, that's 25 stats that could go to beefing him up 125 hp.'
Norgoth says, 'lag be gone!'
MysteryMan says, 'iron will goooooood...'
Norgoth shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Huma says, 'honestly though'
Tanzer says, 'iron will is great for str fighters'
Huma says, 'sure now fighters have to have 30 spirit to have iron will'
Jesus says, 'i like the way fighters are now.'
Huma says, 'but so what?'
Freaky says, 'iron will is great period'
Huma says, 'so you cant have 100 100 100 anymore =P'
Tanzer says, 'thats 30 points that should go to con or dex'
Rubedo says, 'well, a while back'
Huma says, 'a 100 100 100 from back then would go down to a 100 100 70 30 spirit guy now'
Rubedo says, 'I had a no iron will fighter'
Rubedo says, '50 hit/dam'
Tanzer says, 'or to nothing so you can boost hit/dam'
Rubedo says, 'that DESTROYED iron will fighters'
Jesus says to Huma, 'Yet, fighters now without 100 100 100 are better than the old 100 100 100 fighters :)'
Negredo says, 'iron will rocks'
Quagmire nods his agreement with Rubedo.
Rubedo says, 'with hook/greaves as well'
Huma nods his agreement with Jesus.
Rubedo says, 'so its NOT a requirement'
Norgoth never have iron will
Huma says, 'really Tanzer, I guess I can see your point'
Jesus says, 'and THAT is a good thing.'
Huma says, 'but at the same time'
Quagmire says, 'iron will is more of a mobkill thing, i've seen 5 spirit hitters before'
Huma says, 'the characters are so much better'
Tanzer says, 'i know its not a requirement all of my characters are without iron will'
Huma says, 'I just dont see the problem'
Rubedo says, 'well, he didnt PK, he mobkilled'
Freaky says, 'never said it was a requirement, I just said iron will does rock'
Rubedo says, 'and he did fine, for having 326 HP'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'I highly suggest you just make a new fighter.'
Rubedo says, 'Ill never PK with a cheeser :P'
Negredo says, 'and you cant deny iron will healing ;)'
Quagmire says, 'thats because you enjoy t3h backstab'
Norgoth says, 'I play mages so much I know zilch about the new skills'
Rubedo grins evilly at Quagmire... Wonder what he's thinking...
Tanzer says to Jesus, 'can you not get it through your skull that im not going to? my entire basis of returning here was being given my characters back so ic ould play leisurely and even so most of them just weren't found.'
Rubedo says, 'This one doesnt backstab'
Rubedo says, 'I enjoy variety'
Huma says, 'and in all honesty I dont see a problem using rent to force players to choose some things and not others'
MysteryMan says, 'actually, if you want a devestating str fighter, iron will is a must'
Rubedo says, 'And cheesers dont give it'
Quagmire faints at the sight of Rubedo.
Quagmire says to Rubedo, 'liar.'
Rubedo says, 'Ok, I enjoy DEX variety :P'
Quagmire peers at MysteryMan, looking him up and down.
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Well, there's a reason you don't see old fighters around.'
Norgoth says, 'dex blows'
Tanzer says, 'snipers have a difficult predicament if they want to choose iw'
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'i thought that was the whole point of rent...'
Rubedo laughs at Norgoth.
Huma nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'They're out of date, more than anything else.'
Rubedo says to Norgoth, 'you are sooooooo wrong.'
Norgoth shakes his head.
Huma says, 'really, I just dont see what your saying as a problem Tanzer' 
Quagmire says, 'that all his old chars are junk?'
Freaky says, 'off to level'
Freaky waves happily.
Tanzer says, 'the requirements are becoming choking'
Rubedo says, 'Anyone that knows me can assure you, I make dex work'
Tanzer says, 'druids need dex, hitters need perc and spir'
Norgoth says, 'run like girls'
Huma says, 'well i guess the only problem I could see is that we are shoe horning people into stat sets'
Rubedo says, 'You just dont know anyone trying hard enough'
Huma says, 'but at the same time, we always have been'
Huma says, 'its just the stat sets are different then old ones'
Quagmire says, 'he could usually make dex work, under this new system dex is gonna assrape him without cause magic :)'
MysteryMan says, 'hittwers only need 30 pspir'
Rubedo grins evilly at Quagmire... Wonder what he's thinking... 
Rubedo says to Quagmire, 'if I could PKE two alts, Id so make you eat those words :P'
MysteryMan jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Krista!
Nadia waves to Krista.
Quagmire says to Rubedo, 'why try, just pkok one and accept me :p'
Rubedo laughs.
Rubedo says, 'Id have to LEVEL another one'
Rubedo stomps around. 
Quagmire gives Rubedo permission to leave.
Krista smiles at MysteryMan.
Krista smiles at Nadia.
Tanzer says, '30 spir and 20 perc is a LOT to invest when you need to boost your tertiary stat as high as possible and put in all of that poor stat hit/dam gear'
Rubedo says, 'That is, unless I get my old alts back someday'
Rubedo chortles with amusement.
Rubedo says, 'Ive a slew of snipers laying in archive'
Huma says to Tanzer, 'At the end of the day, just because a fighters stats dont necessarily resemble a old fighters stats doesnt mean its a problem I guess.'
Huma says, 'thats the best was I can say it'
Rubedo pets Krista lovingly.
Negredo says, 'next?'
Jesus says, 'can we move on? :p'
Krista smiles at Rubedo.
Huma says, 'yeah'
Tanzer nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'next is Jesus'
Huma pokes Jesus with |10Kryptonite.
Jesus says, 'what ever happened to templates?'
Somar waves happily.
Somar gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Rusalka hugs Somar.
Jesus presses Huma for some answers.
Huma says, 'templates?'
Huma says, 'well they are still happening'
Huma says, 'someday'
Tanzer says, 'Isn't every player in this game on a template right now?'
Jesus says, 'if old pk'ers return, it's going to be everywhere again.'
Huma says, 'like.. maybe star trek days'
Huma says, 'but it'll be here'
MysteryMan says, '*sings* take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling...'
Jesus shrugs helplessly.
Tanzer says, 'or am i mistaking template for build?'
Jesus says, 'okies'
Tanzer says, 'whats a template'
Huma says, 'template would remove all old gear from the game'
Huginn says, 'obj templates'
Tanzer says, 'dont do that'
Tanzer laughs.
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Eq templates, making the game not have ANY old eq.'
Huma says, 'thats the dream'
Huginn comforts Tanzer.
Huma says, 'and if I could put it in tomorrow I would =P'
Rusalka says, 'would level out stuff'
Huma says, 'but I cant :)'
Huginn nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Norgoth says, 'more like nightmare'
Rusalka says, 'less disaprity between oldsters'
Jesus nods his agreement with Huma.
Tanzer says, 'if you do that my only level 50 character would be stuck with augment and no old damroll gear to compensate for not having the uber skilzors'
Rusalka says, 'personally, i think it's daft to depend on old gear'
Huma says to Tanzer, 'Make him a battledruid :)'
Rusalka says, 'i've seen friends do it, and then lose their gear'
Tanzer says to Huma, 'i haaaaaaaaaate healing.'
Tanzer says to Huma, 'even healing myself!'
Huma says, 'old gear is cool for the person who  has it'
Huma says to Tanzer, 'Sorry :('
Rusalka says, 'until they lose it'
Huma says, 'but its just silly and doesnt fit the game or game balance'
Jesus nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Tanzer says, 'thats why templates arent necessary?'
Tanzer says, 'because active players are going to lose it'
Quagmire shakes his head.
Tanzer says, 'and inactive players dont use it'
Rusalka shakes her head.
Quagmire says, 'nah, there are even a few PKE ones in recent history who had too much'
Quagmire says, 'galactus for one'
Huma says, 'templates are necessary because we wont have to worry about changing stats on items anymore for instance'
Rusalka says, 'i've not dted in agaes'
Jesus says to Tanzer, 'Actually, all pfiles would lose it with templates, as i understand it.'
Rusalka knocks on wood.
Quagmire says, 'greaves hook 600 hp and 50/50 i think'
Norgoth says, 'old gear is like an incentive to stay for so long'
Rubedo says, 'well, galactus has connections'
Rubedo smirks.
Rusalka says, 'uhm' 
Rubedo says, 'Not like that rus'
Rusalka says, 'you have plenty of other incentives'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, 'so why didnt you rob him blind?' 
Rubedo chortles with amusement.
Norgoth says, 'without old gear thetres no reason to stay'
Rusalka says, 'think of how much you know'
MysteryMan says, 'i think it makes the game tons more fun, when i find something ive never seen before, piece of eq, weapon, etc...'
Rusalka says, 'and how much easier it is for you than a Real Newbie'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'because that'd be dumb, and hes a pretty cool guy.'
Rusalka says, 'even your newbies are better off'
Huma says, 'well everytime we 'take away' something fun we plan on adding something cool'
Huginn says, 'its also much harder to balance things with old stuff skewing things'
Tanzer says, 'what ever happened to looting?'
Rubedo laughs.
Jesus says to Norgoth, 'Then go :)'
Rusalka says, 'we don't need to "reward" you for staying that way'
Rusalka says, 'or rather' 
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'very few people can loot in PK and not have whats left of the community kick the crap out of them.'
Rubedo says, 'I think a total newbie str fighter would level faster than my newbie druid :P'
Huma says to MysteryMan, 'We're talking about overpowered gear from years ago, not new stuff :)'
Rusalka says, 'if old gear's what it takes, that's not so good'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Quagmire.
Rubedo says, 'Pkers gone soft'
Rubedo pouts.
Huma says, 'to many people did it and to many people complained so it got hard to do :)'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, 'so i guess junking people's strings is out of fashion too? :)'
Huma says, 'ok more questions?'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'cant junk em.'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'can DT them.'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, 'drop em in the agrabah dump.'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'but that costs you extra XP'
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'still, i like findin crap i never knew existed...like this spiffy leafmail shirt i got.'
Huma nods his agreement with MysteryMan.
Rusalka nods her agreement with MysteryMan.
Huma says to MysteryMan, 'Lots of stuff in the game to go for serious :)'
Norgoth found 1 new thing
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'you dont say that out loud!'
Quagmire whaps Tanzer across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Huma says, 'the kind of old gear we are talking about, cant find it anymore'
Rusalka says to MysteryMan, 'Oh hey, lots of stuff out there :) we rarely remove items.'
Quagmire says to Tanzer, 'now they'll fix it! :P'
Rusalka says, 'or rather'
Rusalka says, 'the item is there'
Tanzer says to Quagmire, 'bah they know.'
Rusalka says, 'but not the old stats'
Huma nods his agreement with Rusalka.
MysteryMan nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'ok any more questions?'
Quagmire raises his hand.
Tanzer raises his hand.
Norgoth raises his hand.
Tanzer says, 'Skilltrees?'
Rubedo laughs.
Tanzer panics, and attempts to flee.
Huma pokes Quagmire with |10Kryptonite.
Zaba says, 'oh hey, its QnA'
Huma says, 'rufus is working on them to answer you :)'
Norgoth patiently twiddles his thumbs.
Quagmire says, 'in lieu of my performance over the past week, is wfw being looked at yet? :P'
Zaba raises his hand.
Jesus goes EEK! at Quagmire in distress - isn't Quagmire an awful person for teasing?
Huma says, 'not atm :('
Jesus says to Quagmire, 'Hush, this entire char is based on stun :p'
Rubedo laughs at Jesus.
Zaba snickers softly.
Quagmire says to Jesus, 'and i owe you swift death for killing pants at half health, dont come ic while i'm on.'
Huginn gets out the violin.
Jesus says to Quagmire, 'Come get me then, now.'
Chaykin giggles.
Quagmire shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'but wfw is off the shelf atm'
Tanzer cheers wildly!
Quagmire says, 'brb in a sec'
Huma says, 'I think'
Huma says, 'ok Tanzer raised his hand next'
Zaba says, 'Im not sure what his quarrel is with it'
Huma pokes Tanzer with |10Kryptonite.
Rubedo says, 'it hits too much'
Rubedo says, 'shivan WFW's him 3 times per fight at least'
Tanzer says, 'Just wanted to ask about skilltrees, is it officially null and void?'
Krista blinks.
Norgoth hasn't seen a wfw problem other than it dont happen enough
Huma says, 'I dont know whats up with skilltrees :('
Huma says, 'they dont consult me on such things'
Norgoth does 
Rusalka says, 'it's been ten years'
Huma says, 'I am merely a protocol droid'
Negredo says, 'i would consider it null and void..' 
Krista blinks.
Rusalka says, 'i'd not worry about them unless you see an lt item' 
Norgoth knows 
Rusalka says, 'dunno about void'
Krista blinks.
Norgoth grins evilly.
Rusalka says, 'just'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Rusalka.
Rusalka says, 'don't worry about them'
Negredo laughs.
MysteryMan says to Huma, 'fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.'
Chaykin says, 'I frankly am not really thinking we NEED skilltrees'
Rusalka says, 'when rusalka was level 20'
Huma nods his agreement with MysteryMan.
Huginn says, 'wfw hits a lot if you have a large disparity in mind'
Rusalka says, 'i worried about losing headbut'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Huginn.
Rusalka says, 'hasn't happened yet'
Rubedo says, 'I know, but still'
Rubedo says, '3 times for 9 rounds per fight'
Zaba says, 'I havent noticed that... but i havent played with it too much' 
Rubedo says, 'seems a bit much'
Chaykin giggles at Rusalka. 
Norgoth says, 'from what I have seen, skilltrees are going in in pieces'
Rubedo says, 'especially with shivan using that lance'
Huma says, 'ok'
Tanzer says, 'I kinda worry, my characters were archived for a bit and i came back and lost everything'
Huginn says, 'not if you have 25 mind'
Rubedo says, 'with gust not waking from stun, its offset'
Huginn says, 'and he has 100' 
Tanzer says, 'I couldn't evne kick'
Huma pokes Norgoth with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Norgoth'
Norgoth nods his agreement with Huma.
Zaba says, 'am I on the list que? :)'
Huma says to Zaba, 'You're next.'
Norgoth says, 'just wondering, I have an alt with 100str + dam eq, but cant get over 40damroll'
Norgoth says, 'how the hell does damroll work?'
Huma says, 'well there are ways to do it'
Huma says, 'certainly a lot of people have 100 str and over 40 damroll'
Huma says, 'you get a certain amount of dam for str'
Norgoth says, 'got a mage with less than 90str and 40 damroll'
MysteryMan says, 'doesnt dex come into it too?'
Huginn says, 'for damroll?'
Huginn says, 'no'
Huma says, 'naw'
Huginn says, 'hitroll, yes'
MysteryMan says, 'weapon then'
Huginn shakes his head in disagreement.
Huma says, 'you can totally do it though Norg :)'
Huginn says, 'not unless that particular weapon has a damroll modifier'
Zaba nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma pokes Zaba with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Zaba'
MysteryMan nods his agreement with Huginn.
Norgoth is just confused that the difference between to alts with 16str difference have same damroll
Zaba says, 'well, its about stun.  So might be long :)'
Huma says, 'oy'
Zaba says, 'Firstly, I have a problem with the new shoot code'
Huma says, 'go ahead :)'
Huma says, 'what kidna problem'
Zaba says, 'I fought quag the other day, and it seems out of whack that he has the ability to stun me about 40% of the time, for 2-3 rounds, with a 1 round skill lag'
Rubedo blinks.
Zaba says, 'He actually stunned me more than 40%, I was just being lenient :)'
Krista nods solemnly.
Rubedo says, 'wow, wish my snipers did that'
Zaba says, 'Well, I've seen that be the case.'
Tanzer says, 'Oh I have a great question'
Huma says, 'so... you think stun shooting is to powerful?'
Tanzer says, 'Oh I have a great question'
Tanzer raises his hand.
Rubedo says, 'I dont DOUBT you, just, Ive never seen it happen'
Rubedo says, 'Sometimes ive been lucky and done well'
Dogbert says, 'seen what happen'
Rubedo says, 'but wow, thats REAL lucky'
Zaba says, 'yes, sort of.  I actually think the position stun is too powerful and needs to be looked at'
Dogbert says, 'i just had 2 strings of 4 straight stun shots on jesus'
Negredo says to Zaba, 'i think it also has to do with being able to aim for a shot location.'
Zaba nods his agreement with Dogbert.
Dogbert says, 'or amybe it was just 2 with an extra shot stunned'
Zaba says, 'But I have a suggestion about it'
Tanzer says, 'aim shot is not working as intended I think, that's my question'
Zaba says, 'I feel like stun should be a create mage spell, only.... I think that would help balance things out between create and cause' 
Tanzer rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Tanzer says, 'craig i love you'
Huma says, 'thats not the worst idea ever but =P'
Huma says, 'I dont see it happening'
Zaba says, 'I dont think stun should really be that common in legendmud'
MysteryMan looks wild.

Huginn says, 'ok the stuns you get from shoot are like most sniper things.. unreliable'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Huginn.
Rubedo says, 'Tell me about it :P'
MysteryMan says, 'almost like throw skill?'
Zaba says, 'headbutt should be a status of dazed where they are unable to hit you'
Zaba says, 'same like the new paralyze skill'
Zaba says, 'but other than that...'
Zaba says, 'paralyze code*'
Hakkim stops using the Spear of Longines.
Huginn says, 'there's no current plans to remove stun from the game'
Gho slaps Dogbert.
Hakkim wields the Spear of Longines.
Huginn says, 'or to restrict it to create mages'
Zaba says, 'Im just making the suggestion :)'
MysteryMan claps for Huginn approvingly.
Huginn nods solemnly.
Gho says to Huginn, 'I'd like to bitch about autorush.'
Gho snickers softly. 
Huginn says to Gho, 'Hush a minute :-)'
Zaba says, 'I thought I'd throw it out there, maybe next time I'll have a better plan of action'
Tanzer says to Gho, 'turn autorush off?'
Rubedo laughs. 
Rubedo nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Gho says to Tanzer, 'I want it to WORK.'
Huginn says, 'we will look at stun in the scope of all the other damage/hp things'
Huginn says, 'as rufus pointed out, people are dying quickly'
Zaba says, 'Stun has a lot to do with it' 
Huginn says, 'is stun part of the reason?  maybe..'
Tanzer says to Huginn, 'at the hands of str weapons mostly?'
MysteryMan says, 'so what?'
Gho says, 'actually, that fight lasted a while.'
Gho shrugs helplessly.
Tanzer sticks a dagger into somebody and it breaks.
Huginn says, 'people are counting on wfws and paras.. not sure they should need to'
Hakkim peers at himself myopically.
Zaba says, 'Ok, im out... have a good night everyone'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Huginn. 
Zaba nods his agreement with Huginn.
Huginn waves to Zaba.
Zaba says, 'theres so much else out there'
Rubedo says, 'I did with serrik, but a con sniper shouldnt count on para's'
Huma says, 'the stun determines the match'
Huginn nods his agreement with Zaba.
Huma says, 'which isnt necessarily good right'
Gho says to Huginn, 'Positional combat is TOO important.'
Tanzer says to Gho, 'it always has been though.'
Huginn says, 'positions in combat you men'
Hakkim stops using a white cloak with a red cross.
Hakkim takes off his |3b|11r|3i|11g|3h|11t |3s|11t|3a|11r in the |12e|8a|12s|8t|12e|8r|12n |8s|12k|8y.
Hakkim takes off his sapphire ring.
Huginn says, 'mean'
Gho says, 'yeah'
Hakkim takes off his broad leather sash inlaid with midnight blue threads.
Gho says, 'not standing.'
Chaykin says, 'I recently had a single wfw completely turn the tables on me in a fight, I'd say it's pretty significant'
Hakkim stops using his equipment.
Rubedo nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Hakkim holds a white cloak with a red cross in his hands.
Gho says, 'which is why gust and stun and bach and headbutt are what people use.'
Huma says, 'wfw is strong no doubt =P'
Hakkim wears a sapphire ring on his left ring finger.
Hakkim wears a |3b|11r|3i|11g|3h|11t |3s|11t|3a|11r in the |12e|8a|12s|8t|12e|8r|12n |8s|12k|8y on his right ring finger.
Tanzer says, 'how many pkill tourneys do you remember seeing wfw and just wincing'
Hakkim puts on his broad leather sash inlaid with midnight blue threads.
Rubedo says, 'Like I said, shivan runs that lance, hits as hard as a str sniper off a stun, and he WFW's consistently'
MysteryMan says, 'bash is the shizzy'
Rubedo says, 'then throw in his gust damage from the whole thing, +his spell for the round'
Rubedo says, 'tad ridiculous for a dex mage'
Rubedo scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
MysteryMan says, 'speaking as a slash'n'bash char'
Gho says to MysteryMan, 'Do the math on bash, it sucks for percentage landed.'
Huma says, 'oh its tough stuff I agree'
Tanzer says, 'Can I ask on guns while it was mentioned before?'
Gho says to MysteryMan, 'Worst percentage in the game.'
Huma says, 'we do some much dmg so quickly 1 wfw or 1 stunner or 1 whatever really changes the game'
MysteryMan shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'sure Tanzer whats your question'
Huginn shakes his head in disagreement with Gho.
MysteryMan says to Gho, 'i hit more regularly with bash than i do headbutt.'
Rubedo says, 'actually, I think headbutt might be the worst'
Gho says to Huginn, 'It's gotta be close.'
Tanzer says, 'I've been playing with the aim arguments a lot lately.. is headshot the only one that is working as intended, err working at all?'
Huma says, 'headbutt is scary'
Rubedo says, 'I warcry over headbutt'
Huginn says, 'headbutt hits a little bit more than bash.. like 2%'
Huma says, 'headshot is the only one people use =P'
Tanzer says, 'headbutt always lands or it always misses, it just depends on the matchup'
Tanzer says, 'ive tried them all'
Rubedo says, 'headshot? I go for the hand and a rage :P'
Tanzer says, 'headshot is great and seems to work as intended'
MysteryMan says, 'kick and choke work the worst for me'
Tanzer says, 'hand causes rage? I didnt even know that'
Rubedo says, 'no no no'
Rubedo says, 'I shoot weapon and hope they rage'
Tanzer says, 'it causes disarm'
Huginn think warcry might be the worst percentagewise
Tanzer says, 'ive never seen it work once'
Rubedo says, 'It works alot in mobkill'
Rubedo says, 'Its hard in PK'
Gho says to Huginn, 'Warcry doesn't fail.'
Tanzer says, 'I only mobkill and I've never seen it work in mobkill..'
Rubedo says, 'cause it misses alot without aims'
MysteryMan says, 'how could you fail a warcry?'
Rubedo says, 'I did it to guy with magic bone ALL the time'
Rubedo says, 'made it possible for me to actually kill mobs'
Huginn says to Gho, 'Warcry does some damage yes.. but it doesn't do the specials as often.'
Rubedo says, 'but like I said, you need to aim'
Rubedo says, 'just fleeing and popping off a shot at hand rarely works'
Gho says to Huginn, 'It's never a "wasted" skill tho, like failing a bash.'
Gho says, 'or headbutt.'
Huma says, 'warcry?'
Gho says, 'or missing a kick.'
Tanzer says, 'okay can we discuss the guns please?'
Huma says, 'warcrys a pretty waste =P'
Tanzer says, 'warcry is good for large group mobkill'
Tanzer says, 'or if you're fuct.'
Rubedo says, 'I use warcry to flee mobs'
Rubedo shrugs helplessly.
Tanzer says, 'Is the aim arguments working correctly?'
Rubedo says, 'Works fairly consistently for me'
Huma says, 'well most peopledont use anything but headshot'
Rubedo says, 'and allows me to do more damage while taking less'
Huma says, 'and some use hand shot'
Gho says to Tanzer, 'You're wrong, warcry can be pretty useful in pk.'
Tanzer says, 'But that doesn't answer my question, does body, hand and foot work?'
Huma says, 'but leg doesnt seem to be popular'
Huma says, 'they work =P'
Rubedo says, 'I know hand works'
Rubedo says, 'I dont know wth body and foot do'
Tanzer says, 'At the correct percentage they work?'
Rubedo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huginn says, 'leg hand body all work'
MysteryMan says, 'should be a code for crotch shot....too funny, though...you could laugh yerself all the way to the info page...'
Tanzer says, 'Leg is for sprawls, body is for sprawls and head is extra damage?'
Tanzer says, 'err body is for stuns?'
Negredo says, 'head for stuns'
Huginn says, 'head for more stuns..'
Negredo says, 'hand to knock weap out'
Gho says, 'body does the most damage, methinks.'
Tanzer says, 'i thought so but it seems head was doing extra damage'
Huginn says, 'body can sprawl and stun.. and some extra damage there'
Tanzer says, 'okay so head for stuns, body for damage'
Gho says, 'leg for sprawl and -mv.'
Huginn says, 'there's less of a chance to completely miss when not aiming at the head'
Tanzer says, 'so its not counterstrike style headshot extra damage'
Gho says, 'hand to rem weapon.'
Huginn has never played counterstrike
Rubedo raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'so no'
MysteryMan says, 'on the aiming string...'
Gho says to Huginn, 'CS Rocks.'
Huma pokes Rubedo with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Rubedo'
Huginn says, 'I've heard'
Rubedo says, 'I have one thats kinda related to PK mostly'
Gho says to Tanzer, 'However, none of those will snipe :)'
Huginn nods his agreement with Gho.
Rubedo says, 'Ive seen alot of healers lately, running around with katars'
Rubedo says, 'To negate chase for heal'
Tanzer says, 'Okay so snipe must have no argument'
Rubedo says, 'Which essentially ISNT a problem'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Gho nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Rubedo says, 'but what it does'
Rubedo says, 'Is creates whats close to a sure fire win for them'
Rubedo says, 'because even if I heal it'
Rubedo says, 'next engage its RIGHT back'
Huginn nods solemnly.
Rubedo says, 'and I cant heal it that many times'
Rubedo says, 'so I was wondering'
Rubedo says, 'is it possible to lower the % chance on it going off?'
Negredo says, 'would be nice..'
Huginn says, 'for major poison?'
Rubedo nods his agreement with Huginn.
Huginn looks up into the sky and ponders.
Rubedo says, 'not remove'
Tanzer says, 'or put the rent to clear spells back in!'
Gho says, 'that thing is awfully renty..'
Huma says, 'second time I've heard it'
Rubedo says, 'just lower to make it a tad more fair in those cases'
Negredo says, 'it goes off a LOT'
Huma says, 'I can so how it would be painful'
Gho says, 'huge rent for a dagger..'
Rubedo says, 'I mean'
Rubedo says, 'with serrik'
Rubedo says, 'I had 400 HP'
Rubedo says, 'so I was COMPLETELY destroyed by it'
Gho says, 'so if you reduce it, reduce the rent as well :p'
Rubedo says, 'couldnt fight anyone running it'
Tanzer nods solemnly.
Tanzer says, 'rent is obscene on that thing' 
Krista nods solemnly.
Gho nods his agreement with Tanzer.
Rufus says, 'allo again'
Huma says, 'no way the rent is comin down'
Rubedo tips his hat to Rufus.
Gho says, 'it's almost 10k rent.'
Chaykin giggles at Rufus.
Huma says, 'get that thought out of your noggin'
Huginn says, 'well rent is extremely high..'
Tanzer says, 'hiya rufus'
Tanzer says, 'if the rent isnt coming down then it should fire as often as the skullstaff and sastram do'
MysteryMan says, 'thats the price you pay for a kickass weapon'
Huma says, 'rent is high for a reason'
Rubedo says, 'like I said, I dont MIND it poisoning, I just think it shouldnt go off every round if yer not already poisoned'
Huma says, 'but what we're discussion is if its to powerful even for that'
Huma says, 'not lowering rent' 
Rubedo says, 'because as has been discussed'
Rubedo says, 'damage is big in PK'
Huma says, 'if it gets changed it will not include lowering rent'
Negredo says to Tanzer, 'those other 2 weapons dont leave quite the lasting effect tho.'
Rubedo says, 'you die too fast'
Huma nods solemnly.
Gho says, 'don't chase :)'
Rubedo says, 'I didnt'
Huma says, 'ok well Kaige is the imp of that area'
Rubedo says, 'and I lost because he healed to full 3 times'
Tanzer says to Negredo, 'they do outright a lot more damage and they go off every few rounds.'
Rubedo says, 'from dying'
Negredo says to Gho, 'so they heal and come back and repeat?'
Huma says, 'so you can bug it on the bug channel'
Gho shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'or maybe email her about it?'
Gho says, 'there's housing, safe rooms.'
Huma says, 'or mudmail?' 
Rubedo coughs loudly. 
Rubedo says, 'Im so not emailing kaige for a long long time :P'
Gho says, 'don't fight them. it's not hard to get away nowdays.'
Huginn says, 'you can also keep them from running away sometimes'
Huma says, 'well bug it' 
Huma nods his agreement with Huginn.
Gho says, 'it's a cheese tactic :)'
Rubedo says, 'well, I bashed'
Huma says, 'yeah there are ways to slow people down'
Rubedo says, 'and I COULD have pulled the coin trick'
Rubedo says, 'or the roll trick to stop his unrolling'
Rubedo says, 'but I wasnt expecting the fight'
Rubedo says, 'and by the time I thought of it'
Tanzer was just talking about how much he loves teh coin trick.
Rubedo says, 'I was already poisoned for the third times'
Rubedo says, 'time rather'
Huma says, 'ok other questions?'
Gho raises his hand.
MysteryMan says, 'quick one'
Huma says, 'go ahead Gho'
MysteryMan looks insane.

Huma says, 'one sec MM'
MysteryMan nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma pokes Gho with |10Kryptonite.
Gho says, 'after that fight with quagmire, i see the same old sniper cycle, in a different way, with continued shots as soon as i wake from a stun, only to another stun.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Gho says, 'but i won't bitch.'
Gho shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'well snipers are based on luck'
Huma says, 'maybe he just got real lucky'
Gho says, 'half my hp lucky?'
Negredo says, 'do we need a luck stat?'
Gho nods his agreement with Negredo.
Huma says, 'luck is the dex/percs life'
Huma says, 'always has been'
Gho says, 'well, a wfw didn't compensate for it.'
Gho shrugs helplessly.
Gho says, 'anyway, moving on.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'funny though isnt it'
Gho says, 'what'
Huma says, 'people who arent snipers complain about stun shot and snipers complain about wfw =P'
Gho chortles with amusement.
Huma says, 'its funny the viewpoints'
Rubedo chortles with amusement.
Huma pokes MysteryMan with |10Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Mysterym'
MysteryMan says, 'with the throw skill, is there anyway y'all could see fit to add a type of aim skill to augment throw?'
Gho says, 'i'll give him the seven levels and chalk it up to that.'
Dogbert says, 'everyone complains about stuns :P'
Huma says, 'throw augments?'
Negredo says, 'throw a vial at someone eyes?'
MysteryMan shrugs helplessly.
Negredo says to Huma, 'augment = improve.'
Negredo says, 'or make better'
MysteryMan says, 'maybe...i just thought id throw (pun intended) that out there for discussion'
Huma says, 'could idea that'
Huma says, 'perc affects throw though'
Huma says, 'and lots of char types dont do the perc thing'
Huginn says, 'are we talking against mobs?'
MysteryMan says, 'i think its better to discuss these things in an open forum'
Huma says, 'talkin about throwing'
MysteryMan says, 'yeah, could put a mob limit on it'
Huginn says, 'no I mean are you throwing at mobs or people?'
Huma says, 'I think mobs'
MysteryMan says, 'would level the playing field a bit for non-snipers'
Negredo says to MysteryMan, 'i think there saying you need higher perc to throw better.'
MysteryMan says, 'you could make it for tourney only...aim/throw'
Negredo says to MysteryMan, 'plus juggle skill has a part to do with it.'
Huma says, 'could we add aim to throw?'
Huma says, 'hrrrm'
Huma says, 'I dunno gotta idea that one'
Rubedo says, 'that'd be interesting'
MysteryMan says, 'i just mean, aim to up the percentage of hit ratio'
Rubedo says, 'Your perfectly thrown dart hits the Brahman in the left eye, sinking through into brain tissue! The Brahman is DEAD!!'
Rubedo coughs loudly.
Negredo says to MysteryMan, 'would probably have a perc req which would exclude most fighters anyway :P'
Huma says, 'well anyway I think thats not a terrible idea'
MysteryMan says, 'something akin to that, maybe...though, that might be too high powered...would hafta up the rent on daggers'
Huma says, 'I would like to see somethin change with that maybe'
Huma says, 'throw is pretty hard to overpower right? :)'
Rubedo laughs.
Rubedo says, 'I was just kidding on the snipe throw :P'
Rubedo says, 'Neg and I were jokin about it the other day'
MysteryMan says, 'robin catches yer daggers sometimes...'
Rubedo says, 'I was makin cracks about my snipers'
Huma says, 'ok who else?'
Huma says, 'its ok for robin hood to catch daggers'
Huma says, 'hes kind of a badass =P'
Huma says, 'being.. robin hood and all'
MysteryMan says, 'was just sasyin...:P'
MysteryMan says, 'sayin, even...'
Huma says, 'ok anyone else?'
Huma waves |10Kryptonite.
Rubedo looks up into the sky and ponders. 
Rubedo says, 'I had a question a few days ago, im trying to remember'
Rubedo grumbles.
Rubedo says, 'Silly memory' 
Huma says, 'ok'
Huma says, 'anyone else?'
Huma says, 'we have lik no morts left'
Rubedo laughs.
Chaykin snickers softly.
Rubedo nods his agreement with MysteryMan.
Rubedo says, 'I know what you mean'
Huma says, 'ok I am gonna have to shut this badboy down'
Rubedo says, 'I like to help new players'
Chaykin waves happily.
Rubedo says, 'but sometimes it feels like no one else does'
MysteryMan says, 'i like helpin him too, its just an every few minutes thing some days...'
Rubedo nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'ok'
|10Kryptonite thuds as Huma attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.
Huma says, 'game over man thats it'