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June 16th, 2005

Q & A Index

Sandra says, 'ok, who has questions?'
Sana raises her hand.
Sandra points at Sana.
Sana says, 'wth 3 of us'
Blade licks LadyAce.
Trousers lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.
Trousers flops about helplessly.
Nadia stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Sandra attempts to prod Sana but Sana isn't about to go anywhere.
Trousers says, 'where's this week's spiffy chair?'
LadyAce says, 'sorry about that, silly pet care lady'
Trousers stomps around.
Sana says, 'why are mercs pussaholics?'
LadyAce says, 'perky perky perky!'
LadyAce says, 'we going?'
Sandra says, 'you'd ahve to ask them probably'
LadyAce says, 'who's got questions!'
Sandra says to LadyAce, 'Just started, no qeue.'
Trousers says, 'Sana, don't say stuff like htat when you haven't been active for a year :P'
LadyAce says, 'I'm going to make up stories!'
Huginn has created a wooden platform!
Blade takes LadyAce's measure with a keen eye.
Huginn sits down on a wooden platform.
Blade shudders.
Nadia rests on a wooden platform.
Blade sits down on the ground.
LadyAce says to Huginn, 'perch! perch! don't sit!'
Huginn giggles at LadyAce.
Huginn perches.
Spanish-Flea says, 'sandra cant PK'
Nadia pets Spanish-Flea lovingly.
Sana pokes Spanish-Flea in the ribs.
Gho laughs.
Spanish-Flea launches himself across the room and tackles Nadia to the ground!
Spanish-Flea says, 'gummy!'
Nadia grins evilly at Spanish-Flea... Wonder what she's thinking...
Spanish-Flea says, 'sana baby, whassup'
Sana says, 'you know how hard it is to come up with questions when i dont know whats been going on lately?'
Spanish-Flea squeezes Huginn fondly.
Spanish-Flea says to Sana, 'just complain about stun, blind and steal.'
Sana says, 'i've asked about steal 22 times already today'
Spanish-Flea raises his hand.
LadyAce says, 'soooo, no questions about these cool area and code changes??'
Spanish-Flea says, 'is steal fixed yet?'
LadyAce says, 'ooh!'
LadyAce says, 'oh'
Trousers says, 'Oh oh oh'
Trousers says, 'i have something to bitch abou- er, a question'
Trousers raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'steal was never broken'
Huginn says, 'ever'
LadyAce says, 'I don't think anyone is assigned to work on steal right now'
Sana says, 'steals been broken forever'
Spanish-Flea raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'lies!'
Sana says, 'i guess huginn forgets that part where we couldnt steal from anyone for like 3 years!'
Huginn says, 'by design!'
LadyAce says, 'this is one of those questions that never goes anywhere so I'm'n'a move on to trousers'
Gho nods his agreement with Sana.
Spanish-Flea says, 'why is rufus working on india! we demand SL 2! i blame you all for giving him free time!'
Huginn says, 'to force you to be better people!'
Spanish-Flea glares at nothing in particular.
Trousers says, 'They call that a "transition" phase, sana'
LadyAce points at Trousers.
Nadia comforts Spanish-Flea.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Lorenzo?
Spanish-Flea sniffs sadly at Lorenzo.
Spanish-Flea faints.
Gho pokes Lorenzo in the ribs.
Lorenzo lurks around Spanish-Flea ominously!
Trousers says, 'Ooer, well, I just wanna know why a cause mage can Limn weaken clumsy idiocy curse and bind me and still remain invis'
Spanish-Flea massages Nadia's shoulders.
Lorenzo says, 'goto gho'
Gho says to Lorenzo, 'It's the promptinator himself.'
Lorenzo flourishes grandly before Gho.
Nadia bounces onto Spanish-Flea's lap.
Huginn says, 'because those don't initiate combat'
Lorenzo beams delightedly.
Huginn says, 'so you don't become visible'
Trousers says, 'Seems a bit odd that I wouldn't figure out where someone who's giving me negative effects is, though'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'shhh, clearly druids are wose and thus cause mages need no tweaking...but apparently neither do druids.'
Huginn says, 'although bind, that one should'
Gho says to Lorenzo, '#alias ghoto {goto}.'
Lorenzo snickers softly.
Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.
Trousers says, 'Bind does, yeah, but that's the order they usually do it in'
Huginn says, 'actually'
Trousers says, 'So it doesn't really matter... At that point they blind me and flee and kill my partner, or something'
Trousers shrugs helplessly.
Huginn says, 'pondering making invis reveal less not more'
Trousers grumbles.
Huginn says, 'so get an obj that will help you?'
Huginn says, 'vial glasses, whatever'
Lorenzo says, 'x-ray vision'
Huginn says, 'hell rent a leaf, do something'
Trousers laughs. 
Trousers says, 'rent a leaf'
Trousers says, 'RIGHT'
Huginn giggles.
Gho says, 'leafs rock.'
Trousers says, 'They rock for surgeons'
Huginn says, 'my point is that there are ways around it'
Trousers says, 'not for hitters'
Gho says, 'my hitter has a leaf :p'
Gho says, 'or at least, rent for one.'
Trousers says, 'Does he have 100 str 100 con?'
Spanish-Flea jumps over Xuvenia.
Trousers mutters something about Gho.
Sandra says, 'my pkiller used to have one! But that was when her sanc ring poofed and she had 10k rent free anyhow'
Huginn says, 'the people doing that are probably wondering, crap why does Trousers hit me so hard?!'
Gho says to Trousers, 'Naw, hat has rent room for it tho.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'yeah, he hits hard, he has no rent for anything'
Blade chuckles politely at Huginn.
Trousers says, 'not once I'm limned clumsied idiocied and weakened'
Huginn says, 'every class has strong and weak pts'
Spanish-Flea says, 'we're slowly slipping back into old-fighterville where they cant do anything'
Trousers says, 'And blinded, for that matter'
Huginn says, 'well that's your fault'
Huginn says, 'no offense meant'
Gho raises his hand.
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'hey now, you beat quag with sniper disorient weaken idiocy and clumsy :P' 
LadyAce says, 'I'd say invest in some see invis'
Huginn says, 'if you were prepared, they'd get off one prep and you'd be quaffing and bashing'
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'That's different :P'
LadyAce says, 'even if it's spam on/spam off or quaffing'
Trousers says, 'Cept they're invis, huggy'
Huginn says, 'quaff a see invis and bash them'
Spanish-Flea says, 'you cant save 2k rent?'
Blade says, 'what if we made the quaff vials a timed thing where you cant be blinded for say 30 seconds' 
Trousers says, 'Yes, I can, I have two of them on me right now'
Spanish-Flea says, 'ditch a horn for a rod'
Blade says, 'as well as cure blind'
Trousers says, 'But they are only useable once'
Blade nods his agreement with Trousers.
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'shh, spam blind needs no fixing!'
LadyAce says, 'there's items too'
Blade says, 'can only use them once every while'
Trousers says, 'What prevents said mage from tossing a bubbly in my face and doing it again?'
Spanish-Flea says, 'nothing, sana does it to me whenever i see invis her'
Spanish-Flea slaps Sana.
Trousers nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Spanish-Flea says, 'running weenie'
Trousers says, 'Smart mages do it'
Trousers shrugs helplessly.
Blade laughs at Spanish-Flea.
Spanish-Flea says, 'sana...smart?'
Sana says, 'i only do it if im teasing someone'
Huginn says, 'ok then drop enough rent for a perm see invis'
Trousers laughs.
Sana says, 'if im fighting seriously i dont care if they see invis because im nto ivnis'
Spanish-Flea says, 'yeah huginn, if he were a mage nad had 15k spare rent'
Spanish-Flea says, 'he's a fighter'
Spanish-Flea says, 'no damroll = no winning, just 700 hp of mush'
Trousers says, 'Yes, I'll sacrifice what good fight stats i DO have just to see invis'
Trousers says, 'That works greatly'
Blade chuckles politely.
Sana says, 'get a vial'
Huginn says, 'seriously.. if you're concerned about getting deprepped, then don't max out with every single +dam obj'
Sana says, 'get many vials'
Sana says, 'drop them in your hall'
Trousers laughs.
Gondar lies down on a wooden platform.
Spanish-Flea says to Sana, 'thats the grendel way.'
Sana says, 'note to self: trousers cant see invis'
Trousers says, 'As I said before, I have two of them'
LadyAce giggles at Sana.
Trousers gets a glass vial containing an orange liquid from a dark sleeve.
Huginn laughs at Sana.
Bridy sits down on a chair.
Trousers waves a glass vial containing an orange liquid.
Trousers puts a glass vial containing an orange liquid in a dark sleeve.
Gho says to Sana, 'Or rent more than two cblind vials.'
Gho nudges Trousers.
Blade says, 'I still think timed cure blind vials would be kewl..'
Trousers gets a vial containing a clear liquid from a dark sleeve.
Trousers peers intently at a vial containing a clear liquid.
Trousers puts a vial containing a clear liquid in a dark sleeve.
LadyAce says, 'I think items are our best solution for you right now'
Huginn says, 'or rent some bubblies so that when they've cast 3 spells on you, you quaff and they have to start over'
Trousers says, 'Yeah see problem with THAT is'
LadyAce says, 'probably time to just go ahead and move on to other questions, call this horse dead and deep fried'
Trousers says, 'They just sink me'
Sana says, 'or better yet don't be a fighter'
Gho snickers softly.
Trousers says, 'and watch me dispell that :P'
Sana says, 'be a create!'
Spanish-Flea says to LadyAce, 'can we eat it before we ocntinue?'
LadyAce licks her lips and smiles.
Spanish-Flea licks Sana.
Gondar carves a filet of a deep-fried horse.
Spanish-Flea says, 'this isnt a dead eep fried horse!'
Spanish-Flea says, 'it tastes like 12 year old!'
Spanish-Flea goes EEK! at Sana in distress - isn't Sana an awful person for teasing?
Trousers says, 'And given that I can only grab about 5 horehounds, that makes getting yellowyellow's a pain'
Blade says, 'yeah go str create and use a flaming sword.. you'll do well trust me.. lol'
Nadia coughs loudly.
Spanish-Flea massages Nadia's shoulders.
Spanish-Flea says, 'gummycough!' 
LadyAce says, 'Let's go ahead on to Spanish-Flea'
Nadia tries patiently to untangle Spanish-Flea's hair.
Spanish-Flea goes EEK! at Nadia in distress - isn't Nadia an awful person for teasing?
Trousers says, 'Whatever, it's obvious nothing is gonna change because of my bitching, so carry on'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'thats the spirit.'
Trousers nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Gho says to Trousers, 'Make them pull cure crit, don't bitch bout dispel :p'
Spanish-Flea says, 'ok, my question is about weapon spells, mainly how i'm supposed to deal with them without a sink' 
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'We'll just make snide comments in the background like we usually do.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'no spells, no potions, cant hide indoors from most, certainly cant dispel the affects from all of them'
Spanish-Flea says, 'and in some cases, i'd say 40 damage from them'
Huginn says, 'not the ones that are damage, no'
Huginn says, 'hmm that's high'
Spanish-Flea says to LadyAce, 'that bloody lightning bolt on your new staff is evil :P'
LadyAce bites her tongue.
Huginn says, 'although hey haven't looked at the staff'
Gondar says, 'need a sink wand or potion =P'
Gho says to Huginn, 'Gust's damage plus extra damage from sitting, it's prolly low.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'i hear 15 from gust but i think the lance might be higher, immolate is 30'
Huginn says to Gho, 'Not talking about position.'
Trousers says, 'That sastram seriously rapes some people, especially if it kicks off all the time (like it does)' 
Spanish-Flea says to Gho, 'hehe, huginn said 'positions'.' 
Gho says to Huginn, 'Spell causes position, tho.'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'let's not forget the curse.'
LadyAce says, 'well, I wasn't trying to create the must-have weapon with the anger, just an option'
Trousers nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Wisdom peers around intently.
LadyAce says, 'so if it's way over the top maybe there's something to look at there'
Trousers says, 'It's another fun negative effect on me!'
Blade says, 'don bung up the sastram I complained for years to get it upgraded..'
Blade whines.
Gho says to Blackmojo, 'I convinced rufus, i now regret that. :p'
Gho whines.
Trousers grumbles.
Huginn says, 'a lot of this will be changed with future code updates where a pkill modifier will applied to all player vs player damage'
Bridy raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Huginn says, 'including spells both player cast and weapon cast'
Huginn says, 'in the mean time if you think a particular weapon is out of spec, then bug it and send a note to the maintaining builder and ladyaace'
Nadia swears loudly: @*&^%@*&!
LadyAce says, 'welllll....there we go. I was wondering when you'd all be back'
Spanish-Flea says, 'i blame sandra!'
Nadia pets Spanish-Flea lovingly.
Gondar says, 'its *all* sandsa fault'
Sana raises her hand.
Sana bounces around.
Spanish-Flea nods solemnly.
Sana raises her hand.
Sana points proudly at herself.
Spanish-Flea massages Nadia's shoulders.
Sana says, 'meeeee!'
Sandra nods her agreement with Gondar.
Gondar says, 'er sandra'
Gondar nods solemnly.
Spanish-Flea says to Nadia, 'gummypet!'
Nadia thanks Spanish-Flea heartily.
Nadia grins evilly.
LadyAce says, 'the weapon spec doesn't have any criteria about how powerful the spell can be, it just costs rent for the level of the spell'
Spanish-Flea cringes in terror.
Huginn says, 'a lot of this will be changed with future code updates where a pkill modifier will applied to all player vs player damage'
Huginn says, 'including spells both player cast and weapon cast'
Huginn says, 'in the mean time if you think a particular weapon is out of spec, then bug it and send a note to the maintaining builder and ladyaace'
Spanish-Flea laughs.
LadyAce says, 'so it's also possible we should look at code there? unless we want to set a lot of bp and rent maxes to each spell individually'
Spanish-Flea says, 'oh my god'
Gondar has a weapon design all ready. . . just needs to get lopt :)
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'you're nerfing cause damage? i need to tell the world.'
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'Time for snide comments in the background, eh?'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'holy crap, they're actually screwing cause mages, this is massive.'
Huginn says to Spanish-Flea, 'Being consistent with pk damage.'
Trousers gasps in astonishment.
Nadia blinks.
Blackmojo raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Sandra says to Spanish-Flea, 'More like nerfing the pk community in general :P'
Gho says to Gondar, 'Good luck with that.'
Huginn says to Spanish-Flea, 'It'll affect backstab too :-)'
Blackmojo says, 'thats about all i can do is damage'
Blackmojo peers around intently.
Gondar nods his agreement with Gho.
Blade laughs.
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'so, what was your first clue something was wrong, the 110 hp watery deaths or the 80 hp laval flows?'
Huginn says to Blackmojo, 'It's already applied to melee damage.'
Gho says to Gondar, 'No one has gotten it in what, over a year?'
Trousers laughs.
Blackmojo nods solemnly.
Trousers says, 'That explains why I can't kill anything'
Huginn says to Spanish-Flea, 'You really need to get into some therapy.'
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'what.'
Gondar says, 'something like that'
Blackmojo giggles.
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'the 100 hp backstab is less damaging than that stupid watery death :P'
LadyAce says, 'we've been doing a lot of thinking about this problem and getting a lot of feedback from you guys. Don't abuse us when we try to make changes to reflect that feedback :P'
Huginn says, 'anyway' 
Spanish-Flea says, 'i'm not abusing'
Spanish-Flea says, 'i'm in awe'
Trousers says, 'Because you've been blowing us off for months'
Spanish-Flea says, 'if i were any less immature, i'd swear out of happiness'
Huginn says, 'if you have specific weapon examples.. bug them and we'll look'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'only months?'
Trousers says, 'Fine, years :P'
Huginn says, 'right, no changes made for years' 
Spanish-Flea shrugs helplessly.
Sandra says, 'heh'
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'not to the PK classes that kept reaming everything else consistently.'
Huginn says, 'like when snipers were getting bent over, we changed nothing'
Sandra says, 'lemme go get my bullshit-wading boots'
Gho winks suggestively at Huginn. 
Blade laughs at Sandra.
Trousers chuckles politely. 
Huginn says, 'oh then we did go a little too far with head shots, but we didn't change it'
Spanish-Flea says, 'sorry sandra, i still cant hear you over 'battle surgeons need no fixing''
LadyAce says, 'how the problems show up in the game is not the same as knowing the right fix to make, guys.'
Huginn says, 'now I know its close to working because all of you are bitching about it'
Spanish-Flea says, 'no this is just massive'
Gondar rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Huginn says, 'snipers and targets'
Korgan raises his hand.
Trousers says, 'K, well, fighters are getting bent over now... So next year when you fix that, I'll shut up'
Spanish-Flea says, 'like, cause mages getting screwd is HUGE'
Nadia sniffles quietly.
Huginn says, 'why are there so many klein fighters out there then?'
LadyAce says, 'it shouldn't be a surprise though, cuz Rufus posted his big post about all his thoughts about damage'
Gondar says, 'nrefin causes *again*'
Gho says to Trousers, 'Figters do fine again non cure critting types.'
Sandra says, 'cause mages got screwed when we changed stun ;P'
Blackmojo raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Spanish-Flea says, 'cuz they're mage killers?'
Blackmojo says, 'who'
Huginn says, 'which btw we added nothing for.. *cough battletraining*'
Sandra nods her agreement with LadyAce.
Spanish-Flea says, 'yeah, you also took away ac from everything'
Trousers says, 'Yeah, well, I don't feel like remaking my character just for battletraining'
Sandra says, 'lemme correct something'
Spanish-Flea says, 'oh you corrected lots'
Sandra says, 'OTHERs took AC away from everything'
Gondar says, 'really. . . went from 70 to -36 really fast. . .'
Sandra says, 'WE are putting it back'
Spanish-Flea says, 'dont get me wrong, this is just massive, like i've never seen a direct fix that screws cause mages'
Xuvenia thanks Sandra heartily.
LadyAce giggles at Sandra.
Spanish-Flea says, 'that druid augment thing is debatable but i love you guts'
Gondar says, 'I have seen more than 1'
Trousers says, 'Oo, yeah, my massive -48 agrees with you gondar'
Nadia massages Spanish-Flea's shoulders.
Spanish-Flea says to Nadia, 'hold me!'
Blade says, 'only -52 here'
Spanish-Flea says to Nadia, 'erm, gummyholdme!'
LadyAce says, 'we're putting the finishing touches on some fixes to the materials changes which caused a lot of you to get screwed over'
Spanish-Flea says, '-60 ac raw!'
Gho says, 'they're fixing ac.'
Spanish-Flea sticks his tongue out at Trousers. =P
Sandra says, 'we keep working to fix things, and you all keep giving us shit. We got left with a big mess guys. GIve us time'
Trousers reports: |U16725/725 hp |U16277/277 mana |U17585/611 mv.
Gho says, 'what more do you want?'
Xuvenia says, '-98'
Bridy looks seductive.

Xuvenia blushes bright red.
Huginn says, 'and frankly any effort to meet with the pkill community is ignored'
Trousers says, 'Hard to be a tank with -48 ac'
Nadia looks romantic.

Blackmojo says, 'tr'
Huginn says, 'so hard to get decent feedback'
Nadia chortles with amusement.
Gho pokes Huginn in the ribs.
LadyAce says, 'and fixing materials helps us fix AC, so that'll be soon'
Gondar nods his agreement with Trousers.
Spanish-Flea says, 'look huggies, we couldnt make it! we're sorry' 
Huginn says, 'except from Gho'
Gho snickers softly. 
Gho cheers for Huginn - huzzah!
Spanish-Flea says, 'that was in the middle of exams!' 
LadyAce says, 'we should move on to Gho's question though'
Sandra nods her agreement with LadyAce.
Gondar raises his hand.
Gho says to LadyAce, 'I forgot it in all the yapping.'
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'They actually let us bitch about cause mages for a long time tonight!'
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'so after this are you gonna declare PK fixed and move on to king of the hill?'
LadyAce says to Gho, 'lemme know if you remember then!'
Trousers faints.
Blade chuckles politely at Trousers.
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'yeah, usually sandra glues me, which is a mixed kinky blessing.'
Nadia snorts derisively.
LadyAce points at Sana.
Sandra giggles. 
Gho says, 'oh, now i remember.'
Sana says, 'how much does it cost to pay sandra to follow me while she afks'
Huginn says to Spanish-Flea, 'I'm never truely going to declare pkill fixed I think.'
Gho laughs.
Sana says, 'so i become invincible'
Bridy looks pitiful.

Huginn laughs.
Trousers says, 'Cuz someone is always gonna bitch about it'
Trousers growls.
Sandra says to Sana, 'You can send a check or money order for $499.99 ...'
Huginn says to Sandra, 'Running a special I see.'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'not like it matters, remember when even with those amazing shoot head changes you killed quagmire? think about it now.'
Gho begins to twitch nervously.
Spanish-Flea cringes away from Trousers in mortal terror.
Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.
LadyAce says, 'ok let's go on to Korgan :)'
LadyAce points at Korgan.
Korgan says, 'alrighty my question is about status'
Gho nudges LadyAce.
Gho remembers. 
Korgan says, 'ya know str bless idoicy and all that shows up in there'
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'Yes, well... Um... I blame sandra.'
Trousers ducks under Sandra.
Sandra giggles.
Korgan says, 'why not hide and disguise? is there a reason for it?'
Sana says, 'I'd pay 500 bucks to be literally unkillable instead of just Sanably unkillable'
Sana nods to herself.
Sandra says, 'korgan has the floor guys'
Huginn says, 'those aren't affects'
Korgan says, 'well they affect me from going ooc'
Korgan says, 'sneak shows up on there'
Huginn says, 'true.. but the reason they don't show is that area only lists affects'
Korgan says, 'hows that different from hide?'
Huginn says, 'sneak is an affect that can be triggered wth a skill'
Korgan says, 'so is hide tho'
Spanish-Flea sneezes on Korgan - you hastily back away from him.
Huginn says, 'hide could show up there'
Korgan slaps Spanish-Flea.
Nadia faints.
Spanish-Flea says to Korgan, 'since when you do hide and disguise!'
Spanish-Flea peers at Korgan, looking him up and down.
Spanish-Flea goes EEK! at Nadia in distress - isn't Nadia an awful person for teasing?
Xuvenia says, 'isn't disguise also an affect?'
Sandra shakes her head.
Korgan says to Spanish-Flea, 'shush.'
Xuvenia says, 'er, effect'
Huginn says, 'no'
Huginn says, 'disguise isn't'
Gho says, 'spells and effects going ooc is just, kinda retarded. there's no line whatsoever. there's no sense to it at all in what you can and can't go ooc with.'
Huginn says, 'bug the hide one.. we'll change it'
Korgan nods solemnly.
Korgan says, 'i already did both'
Korgan says, 'wasnt sure on them'
LadyAce says, 'ok, that covers that! We'll look at it, and thanks for the pointer Mr. Korgan!'
LadyAce says, 'let's get Gho in here next since his Alzheimers is fading'
LadyAce winks suggestively at Gho.
Gho peers at LadyAce, looking her up and down.
Gho says, 'how much does operate and entrance effect iron will str, i mean like, percentage wise. since there's no real way of figuring it out.'
LadyAce says, 'then we'll do Gondar'
Nadia stretches out on a wooden platform, purring as she makes herself comfy.
Spanish-Flea gives Nadia a long, firm backrub - if you ask nicely, maybe you'd be next.
Gho nudges Huginn.
Nadia smiles at Spanish-Flea.
Huginn says, 'about half the chance if you know operate'
Korgan raises his hand.
Gondar spanks Nadia playfully.
Nadia goes EEK! at Gondar in distress - isn't Gondar an awful person for teasing?
Huginn says, 'that's for str hitting'
Gho says, 'what if your stat falls down?'
Huginn says, 'no, it checks if you have the skill'
Bridy comforts a chair.
Huginn says, 'not if you have it enabled as far as stats go'
Gho says, 'that's pretty harsh, but ok.'
Huginn says, 'definately a choice'
Huginn says, 'but it doesn't impact dex or con bonuses'
Gho says, 'no wonder there are no more limans.'
Gho snickers softly. 
Huginn says, 'only cheese hitters'
Gho says to Huginn, 'Cheese hitters.' 
Huginn nods his agreement with Gho.
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'rubedo wants you to know he loves you for your cause mage changes, and in general.'
Trousers says, 'yaay, more hitter negatives'
Huginn says, 'don't love me, love The Rufus'
Trousers grumbles.
Gho says to Huginn, 'Cheese hitters are the only fun non-mage str chars to play.'
Gondar says, 'cheese hitters?'
Blackmojo says, 'what the hell'
Trousers says, 'cheese hitters being what I used to be'
Blade says, 'extra attack hitters'
Spanish-Flea says, 'battle newbies are fun to play!'
Gondar looks around for some cheese to hit
Blackmojo nods solemnly.
Nadia chuckles politely.
Trousers says, '50/50 with hook/greaves/talons/sss and such'
Trousers stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with Nadia.
LadyAce says, 'yum, cheese' 
Sana says, 'talons blow hard'
Gho says to Trousers, 'We're talking 50 spirit iron will liman str chars. :p'
Bridy lies down on a chair.
LadyAce says, 'wellll, shall we go ahead and get Gondar's question then?'
Sandra says, 'afk a min'
Trousers chuckles politely at Gho.
LadyAce points at Gondar.
Gho nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Trousers says to Gho, 'That's what you've been up to.'
Gondar grins evilly.
Nadia purrs contentedly in Spanish-Flea's lap.
Gho says to Trousers, 'Huh?'
Spanish-Flea fidgets impatiently.
Trousers says, 'nooothing'
Nadia giggles.
Gondar says, 'so. . . when you gonna yank pk, so we can do away with all the whining and run jumps and other such nonsense?'
Trousers says, 'Never mind :P'
Trousers stomps on Gho's toes.
Huginn says, 'no such plans'
Gho bonks Trousers on the head!
Trousers says, 'Or just add a pk channel'
Spanish-Flea says to Gondar, 'still bitter me and shivan reamed that sl? :P'
Gondar nods solemnly.
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'You two got it back just as hard :P'
Gondar says, 'got some eq changes to make and then perma time'
Spanish-Flea says to Trousers, 'i got it back voluntarily for defending you!'
Trousers says to Spanish-Flea, 'I love you Spanish!'
Spanish-Flea says to Gondar, 'you got a potty mouth when your run gets jumped btw :P'
Trousers ducks under Spanish-Flea.
Gondar nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Trousers says, 'given that I was the one DOING something about it...'
Gondar says, 'and I was being nice than night'
Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with Gondar.
Spanish-Flea says, 'the filth spewing from his mouth, i think i logged it and was like 'my god, if i showed this to an imm they'd faint''
Huginn says, 'next question?'
Trousers says, 'Rowane kinda helped, until he got killed by skatha's'
Gho says, 'really, there's an rp based channel that i might see someone use once a day. no one is going to use a pk channel for the same reason no one uses that.'
LadyAce says, 'anyone else have a question we didn't cover so far?'
Huginn says, 'pkillers have so much more to say to each other though!'
Korgan raises his hand.
Trousers says, 'Well then tell people who don't pk to stop bitching about us using chat'
Huginn nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Blackmojo nods solemnly.
Trousers says, 'Cause it's annoying :P'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Huginn.
LadyAce points at Korgan.
Korgan says, 'ok im too lazy to test this so im just going to ask here'
Korgan says, 'if you taint with a mixed potion, does the order you mix the potions affect which effect going off first?'
Spanish-Flea says to Huginn, 'gondar gives lessons to early 20th century sailors on swearing, he's a king at it, the things he said.'
Huginn says, 'taint uses the first spell on the vial'
Trousers snickers at Spanish-Flea nastily.
Korgan says, 'how do you tell which is the first?'
Gondar raises his hand.
Huginn says, 'so whatever that is, that's what you get.'
Korgan says, 'does it matter if you mix potion 1 before potion 2?'
Korgan says, 'then if you did 2 then 1'
Huginn says, 'that I don't know.. I would guess so'
Korgan says, 'or does it come up the same'
Huginn says, 'but haven't checked'
Korgan nods solemnly.
Huginn says to Sana, 'Does it?'
Gho says to Korgan, 'I'm fairly sure potion 1 is the first effect.'
Korgan nods his agreement with Gho.
Huginn says to Sana, 'You know you've done a lot of mixing..'
Gho says to Korgan, 'But it's been years.'
Huginn nods his agreement with Gho.
Korgan says, 'im just too lazy to test, and i cant mix or taint'
Sana says, 'im oow, whats up'
Sana says, 'oh it matters'
Korgan says, 'ok those are my 2 questions for the year'
Gho raises his hand.
Sana says, 'i forget in which order it matters, i think its backwords'
Huginn says, 'sana is mix master sana in certain situations *cough tourney*'
LadyAce points at Gho.
LadyAce says, 'sorry, my mouse is freaking out'
Sana says, 'first effect=second potion mixed?'
Gho will ask since no one is talking. :p
Gho says, 'can we please, please, please make the winged cap repairable. i mean jesus, it's not some crazy out of spec item. even the lions scalp is repairable nowdays.'
Sana raises her hand. 
Gondar raises his hand. 
LadyAce says, 'Lorenzo needs to build me a DNS server, then we can move the machine with only teensy downtime'
LadyAce bats her eyelashes at Lorenzo.
Huginn says, 'it is?  that's a bug.. no more lion scalp!'
Lorenzo sighs loudly.
Lorenzo nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'build fast!'
Huginn has created a leather whip!
Lorenzo snickers softly.
Huginn says, 'err wait'
Nadia goes EEK! in distress.
Huginn gives a leather whip to LadyAce.
Huginn says to LadyAce, 'You do it.'
Sana raises her hand.
Gho says, 'well, tform. whatever.'
Lorenzo bats his eyelashes at Huginn.
Nadia stretches out on a wooden platform, purring as she makes herself comfy.
Gondar spanks Nadia playfully.
Nadia raises her eyebrow at Gondar.
Gondar grins evilly.
LadyAce says, 'who else has a question?'
Gho says, 'and it's no easier to get than alot of quest items that are fixable.'
Blackmojo giggles.
Nadia chortles with amusement. 
Gondar raises his hand.
Lorenzo says, 'I was working on the DNS server, and then they started vacuuming in the office next door'
Sana says, 'someone just said your doing something to angels'
Gho rolls his eyes heavenward.
Sana says, 'are you?'
Blackmojo raises his hand. 
Lorenzo says, 'and all my equipment tripped over onto UPS' 
Huginn says, 'no'
Blackmojo laughs.
Sana says, 'ok'
Blackmojo pokes Sana in the ribs.
Sana says, 'I should know better than to trust weenies'
Blackmojo throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Gho says to Sana, 'They're lying, angels are gonna be illusions soon.'
Gho ducks to the ground.
Blackmojo pulls on sana's leg
Huginn whispers quietly to Gho.
Huginn winks suggestively at Gho.
Sana says to Gho, 'your a bad liar, they have been for years.'
Sana says to Huginn, 'you know I have listening right?'
Huginn says to Sana, 'Really??!?'
Gho says, 'ok, so i don't play silly creates.'
Huginn says, 'next question?'
Blackmojo raises his hand.
LadyAce points at Blackmojo.
Gondar peers at himself myopically.
Gondar raises his hand.
LadyAce says to Blackmojo, 'your turn to ask :)'
Blackmojo says, 'i am sick of hearing people bich all i do is bash and headbutt do you plant to make any of the other fighter skill  not suck so much so i can use them in pkill'
Blackmojo raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Blackmojo says, 'what am i gonna use elbow and wrestle lol'
Gho says, 'elbow rocks.'
Blackmojo laughs at Gho.
Gho says, 'it prolly does more damage than kick.'
Blackmojo says, 'ya you come kill me with elbow'
Gho says to Blackmojo, 'I've given up on playing a str char.'
Gondar says, 'plus elbow can disorient. . .'
Gho nods his agreement with Gondar.
Blackmojo says, 'can'
Gondar wobbles around unsteadily - better sniff his breath!
Gho says, 'disorient in pkill = good.'
Molath says, 'gho in pkill = good'
Blackmojo says, 'its not like as often as  a bacstab para or shot stun'
Gho says to Molath, 'Gho is retired!'
Huginn says, 'no plans to change most fight skills although the wfw wrestling mode is broken and is on the list to be fixed'
Gho says, 'wfw wrestleing?'
Gho says, 'wwf!'
Blackmojo says, 'it kinda suck all i have worth useing is 2 skill'
Nadia chuckles politely at Gho.
Sandra says, 'yea you can knock 'em out. but it doesn't quite knock 'em out like it hsould'
Huginn says to Blackmojo, 'Actually warcrying someone can be pretty effective depending on the situation.'
Blackmojo says, 'ya if you para and that never happenes'
Blackmojo says, 'i stoped trying that long ago'
Blackmojo giggles.
Gho says, 'all i know, is if you don't tumble a bash, you lose alot of hp, same for headbutt. i wouldn't whine too damn much. :p'
Huginn wasn't talking about para warcries
Lorenzo says, 'my halitosis skill proposal will remedy all your concerns'
Sandra snickers at Lorenzo nastily.
Gho pets Dalia lovingly.
Negredo raises his hand.
LadyAce points at Negredo.
Gondar peers at himself myopically.
Negredo says, 'plague spell, should only be castable on others if your pkok or pke'
Huginn says, 'yeah I think that's on the list'
Negredo says, 'i was plagued for like 4 days'
Sandra nods her agreement with Huginn.
Blackmojo laughs.
Huginn says, 'try burns!'
Huginn says, 'MONTHS!'
Gho nods his agreement with Huginn.
Negredo nods his agreement with Huginn. 
Sandra says, 'about 12 times. We really do get it the first time. No need to repeat'
Sandra giggles. 
Negredo says, 'but burns dont do crap to you'
Gho says, 'do those actually do anything?'
Negredo says, 'oh'
Dalia says, 'no'
Negredo says, 'didnt know someone said something about it'
Huginn says, 'well they will'
Sandra says to Negredo, 'I think you were one of 'em! ;)'
Bridy raises her hand.
Huginn says, 'did I mention MONTHS?!'
Negredo shakes his head in disagreement with Sandra.
Gho says, 'fun, more power to cause!'
Nexela drools contentedly.
Gho ducks to the ground. 
Sandra giggles.
Negredo says, 'havent said anything yet'
Nexela raises his hand.
Negredo says, 'on me or korgan'
Sandra says, 'more power to cause what?'
Blackmojo laughs.
Dalia says, 'burns?'
Blackmojo shakes his head.
Gondar says, 'more power to cause problems'
Gho says to Sandra, 'Burns doing something.'
Sandra says, 'um'
Gondar grins evilly.
Negredo says, 'burns should make it so you cant lie down..'
Negredo says, 'cause it hurts'
Gondar says, 'burned should keep you from healing like bleeding does'
Gho says, 'it makes sense that a burned person is more succetible to heat and all.'
Negredo says, 'and whats with spells on weapons doing massive damage to eq..'
Sandra says, 'I don't see how that helps cause mages'
Negredo says, 'like damaging 1-2-3 pieces at a time'
Huginn says, 'since when?'
Huginn says, 'that's most likely not the spell'
Huginn says, 'that's more likely you getting tagged for a fair amount of damage'
Gondar hasnt seen weapon spells damage a single thing. . . but. . .
Dalia raises her hand.
Negredo says to Huginn, 'i get my eq damaged more by people that have spells on weapons than anyone else.'
Gho says to Sandra, 'If burns make you succeptable to heat, they'd make you succeptable to fire. wherefor rof/immolate/firestorm would do more damage, in theory.'
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Negredo.
Sandra says to Gho, 'And firestorm, lightning bolt, flaming arrows, the trident... ?'
Negredo says, 'i mean i drop an avg of 10 ac fighting someone with a trident'
Huginn says, 'actually I was thinking burns could add some movement costs'
Gho nods his agreement with Sandra.
Nexela nods his agreement with Huginn.
Negredo nods his agreement with Huginn.
Negredo says to Huginn, 'i was gonna idea it.'
Sandra says, 'flaming shroud'
Sandra drools contentedly.
LadyAce says, 'I like the slower heal thing'
Dalia says, 'I dont :P'
Dalia snickers softly.
LadyAce says, 'since we have so many other heal rate tweaks going in this'd be a nice addon'
Gondar says, 'also burns should prevent you from *sleeping*'
Nexela says, 'burns should just slow regen rate and increase movement nothing more :p'
Huginn says, 'there's already a lot of other stuff that slows healing'
Gho says to Sandra, 'Yeah, but mainly cause because of rof/lava flow/immolate/firestorm (causes big spells) :p'
Negredo says, 'but make them a lil easier to heal :P'
LadyAce says to Huginn, 'that's true.'
Nadia sits down on a wooden platform.
Lorenzo says to Gondar, 'nah, when you're all burned sleep is necessary.  but they could keep you fro mmeditating!'
Molath sits down on a wooden platform.
Molath stretches out beside Nadia - nothing like subtlety...NOT!
Huginn nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Nadia giggles.
Gho says, 'so, let's add 20% to 80 damage lava flows!'
Huginn says, 'that's another good thing'
Gho giggles.
Gho hushes!
LadyAce says, 'could cut your heal rate but boost your thirst rate :P'
Gondar says to Lorenzo, 'i burned myself pretty bad when I was a kid. . . and believe me, sleep doesnt come easy.'
Nexela says, 'well in that case you shouldnt be able to meditate when bleeding :p'
Lorenzo says, 'ooh'
Dalia says to LadyAce, 'I'd start immolating myself :P'
Huginn says to Nexela, 'You're just seeping at that point.'
LadyAce nods her agreement with Dalia.
Gho says to Nexela, 'Bleeding forces you out of meditate.'
Lorenzo says to Nexela, 'maybe, depending how much you're bleeding.'
Nexela says, 'I dunno I dont use meditate :p'
Nexela says, 'I have a chalice :p'
Gondar says, 'bleeding forces you out of sleep too'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Nexela's head. 
Gho nods his agreement with Gondar.
LadyAce says, 'wellllll, let's go on to Bridy's question maybe?' 
Sandra says, 'being burned would slow healing and actually if bad enough you'd be kinda numb. Ifyou wanna throw some realism into the mix'
LadyAce says, 'put in all your burned ideas on idea and stuff'
Gho says, 'as does poison, methinks.'
Gondar has a chalice, and meditates like mad. . .
Nexela says, 'yeah so we can get to my flame :p'
LadyAce doesn't wanna make the peeps wait more
Bridy smiles at LadyAce.
LadyAce nudges everyone. Idea this stuff! Please!
LadyAce points at Bridy.
Bridy says, 'May I ask my question now?'
Huginn nods solemnly. 
Lorenzo says, 'and halitosis could prevent you from sleeping in a room with other people'
Bridy says, 'Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm still a relative newbie yet. Is there any benefit to playerkilling, and if a person dies, doesn't he/she lose XP and stats as if killed by a mob?'
Gho says to Lorenzo, 'Are you being mean, or really working on that?'
Huginn says, 'not equivalent xp lose'
LadyAce smiles at Bridy.
Huginn says, 'about half the xp if you die to a player' 
Lorenzo says to Gho, 'i just like the idea :)'
Dalia says, 'There should be some sort of minute reward... but the imms hate pkill here :P'
Gho nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Dalia ducks to the ground.
Gondar hates pkill here too 
Nexela says, 'LIES'
Bridy says, 'I see. And do you lose stats if you die to a player too?'
Nexela says, 'sandra loves pkill'
Molath says, 'she cjust cant do it' 
Dalia says, 'No, you never lose stats here'
Huginn says, 'you don't lose stats from dying'
Bridy says, 'Ah. Skills then?'
Gondar says to Bridy, 'only stat loss when you die is from lack of eq.'
Lorenzo says, 'you don't lose stats, but you stil have the gradual recovery from temporary eq loss'
Huginn says, 'your stats temporarily drop until you regain your equipment'
LadyAce says, 'if it takes a long time for you to get to your body and reclaim your eq, your stats might drop'
Bridy says, 'I see.'
Blackmojo laughs.
Dalia says, 'theres no penalty for death, aside from an xp loss'
Nexela bonks Huginn on the head!
Gondar says, 'idea pk death should be permanent'
Nexela says, 'thanks for changing my exits message on me :p'
Huginn looks at Nexela questioningly.
Lorenzo says, 'no skill loss either, except that if you lose stats you can lose access to a skill'
Lorenzo says, 'but that's over when you get the stats back'
Bridy says, 'But why is it then that I've lost skills, even after recovering equipment, after having been killed by a mob?'
Lorenzo giggles.
Dalia says, 'Give it a few minutes and you will recover them'
Nexela says, 'and exits with doors should have [] around them! :p'
LadyAce says, 'it's possible that you need to wait for your stats to rise back up, or that you lost a spell that was helping you qualify for the skill, too'
Bridy nods solemnly.
Gho says to Bridy, 'Stats are gradual. when you wear something that's say, +5 mind, it takes several ticks for you to gain that +5 mind.'
Bridy says, 'I see.'
Bridy says, 'Thanks. I was just a bit confused on that matter.'
Gho says to Bridy, 'They put in gradual stats to piss us all off.'
Bridy giggles at Gho.
Dalia says to Gho, 'You really are bitter tonight :P'
Gho nods his agreement with Dalia.
Molath says to Dalia, 'it comes from his love of 'the dark side' aka dubya.'
Gho says to Dalia, 'Hey, i was being nice in the first statement!'
LadyAce says, 'it's part of our secret mission...we do all this work to fool you into thinking this is a fun place, then we make you suffer for it'
Molath makes the sign of the cross at LadyAce.
Gondar nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Molath says, 'i knew it! I quit!'
LadyAce says, 'pretty sneaky!'
Molath says, 'and blame sandra!'
Nadia chuckles politely.
Gondar says, 'i knew it. . . now I have proof!'
Gho says to LadyAce, 'Amen.'
LadyAce says to Bridy, 'any other questions we can answer for ya?'
Nadia stretches out on a chair, purring as she makes herself comfy.
Gondar pets Nadia lovingly.
Gondar grins evilly.
Nadia rolls her eyes heavenward.
Nadia rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Bridy says, 'I think that's it, thanks.'
LadyAce points at Nexela.
Gondar peers at himself myopically.
Dalia raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Nexela says, 'So when I go to all the trouble to idea this, is there any chance we can get the ouput from allspells/spellbook to line up correctly'
Nexela says, 'some of the longer named spells push the formatting out of whack'
Gondar says, 'that has to do with the font/size you use in your client'
Nexela shakes his head.
Gondar says, 'mine all lined up til I changed fonts'
LadyAce says, 'yea, it lines up for me'
Dalia says, 'same here'
Nadia bites her nails as she fidgets nervously.
Nexela says, 'hmmmm'
Bridy peers at herself myopically.
Nexela says, 'Im using a fixed width font'
Dalia says, 'Type screenwidth 0'
Dalia shrugs helplessly.
Nexela bonks Dalia on the head!
Nexela says, 'always is :p'
LadyAce says, 'yea, could be your width'
Dalia says, 'just makin sure :P'
Gondar forgets which font worked. . . 
Huginn says, 'idea it'
Nexela says, 'so Is it an actual bug then :p'
Gho says, 'screenwidth 0 rocks. more code should allow for it.'
Nexela says, 'well ideaish kinda bug' 
Gondar looks up into the sky and ponders.
Bridy raises her eyebrow at Gondar.
Gondar says, 'never tried screenwidth 0 before, always use screenwidth 100'
Nexela says, 'screen 0 rawks :p'
Gondar says, 'always use screen 0' 
Dalia says, 'I wonder what screenwidth 1 looks like :P'
Gho says to Gondar, 'If you use zmud, use screenwi 0 and wordwrap.'
Gondar says, 'but not screenwidth'
LadyAce says, 'alright, that seems covered'
LadyAce giggles.
LadyAce says, 'let's go for Dalia' 
LadyAce points at Dalia.
Dalia says, 'Reciting a scroll, and using a wand both have a short lag, right?'
Gondar says to Gho, 'autowrap or a certain number?'
Gho says to Gondar, 'Autowrap, no indent, is what i do.'
Huginn nods his agreement with Dalia.
Dalia says, 'Then why doesn't quaff?'
Gho says, 'or taint.'
Dalia was waiting for you guys to answer for dramatic effect :P
Huginn says, 'different type of obj'
Nexela pokes Huginn in the ribs.
Nexela says, 'you gonna be able to decipher that idea later :p'
Huginn says to Nexela, 'Sure.'
Sandra says, 'quaff used to require you held the vial'
Dalia says, 'Different type of object is such a copout answer :P'
Huginn says, 'well thank you'
Nexela nods his agreement with Dalia.
Nexela ducks to the ground.
Gondar says to Sandra, 'still should.'
Dalia says, 'Holding the vial is overkill'
Huginn says, 'how about this.. wands you use on others..'
Huginn says, 'you force anyone to quaff recently?'
Nadia sits down on the ground.
Nexela says, 'well in the basis of realism it does take me a second or two to quaff my shot of JD'
Dalia says, 'But wands can be used on yourself'
Dalia says, 'same with scrolls'
Huginn says, 'not changing it on calls of realism..'
Dalia nods solemnly.
Dalia says, 'I didnt ask for it to be :P'
Huginn says, 'a lot of wands are offensive spells'
Dalia says, 'a lot of wands are also fluffer spells'
Dalia says, 'flight, and uhh (man I wish Nothing were around)'
Huginn says, 'what specifically is the problem?'
Huginn says, 'so someone is spamming flight? :-)'
Dalia says, 'Well, the ability to quaff a vial, for no lag, which can have a multitude of effects, is a little absurd'
Dalia says, 'at the very least, you should have to flee in order to quaff'
Gondar nods solemnly.
Gondar says, 'ever try to drink a cup of coffee while jogging?'
Gondar grins evilly.
Huginn says, 'so someone who can't use spells should have to flee to use a vial?'
Dalia says to Gondar, 'Please tell me you havent.'
Dalia says to Huginn, 'Yes.'
Huginn says, 'no'
Dalia says, 'err'
Gondar tried once. . . bad idea
Dalia says, 'I mean, you shouldnt be able to quaff in battle'
Gho says to Gondar, 'Hey, i can drink coffee, drive, shift, talk on the cell, and read a map at the same time.'
Huginn says, 'if you can't quaff in combat that would seriously screw over non-mages'
Gondar says to Gho, 'nobody can drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time.'
Sandra says, 'i'm reminded of that daily in austin'
Dalia says, 'but then there should be a real short lag to it...'
Lorenzo says, 'chicago is outlawing it!'
Lorenzo bounces around.
Gho says to Lorenzo, 'It should be. most other countries already do.'
Dalia says, 'But to quaff, and IMMEDIATELY get off a skill, doesnt seem appropriate'
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Gho.
Gondar says, 'should have at least 1 round lag. . .'
Dalia says, 'I wouldnt even ask for that much'
Gho says to Lorenzo, 'I saw lotsa people in japan get arrested for it.'
Dalia says, 'a half-round lag would be a little more appropriate'
Gondar says, 'quaff, fight, skill. . .'
Gondar nods solemnly.
Gho says to Dalia, 'That would just round up to one round, i think.'
Lorenzo says to Gho, 'and I thought the japanese were all so orderly!'
Dalia says, 'not necessarily'
Gondar says, 'talk oin a cell, lose your license :)'
Dalia says, 'theres a few extra pulses during some rounds'
Gho says to Lorenzo, 'Mostly american military that were getting busted.'
Lorenzo says, 'ah, hehe'
Gondar says, 'cell phones are a bigger danger when driving than alcohol'
Gho says, 'backstab is 1.5 round lag. the equates to sometimes 1, sometimes 2.'
Dalia says, 'see? :P'
Gondar says, 'screw it. . . make quaff a "once per mud day" thing and move on'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Gondar's head.
Sana pokes Dalia in the ribs.
Huginn says, 'bug it, we'll see'
Dalia says, 'K,'
Gho says to Dalia, 'So .5 would be sometimes 0, sometimes 1.'
Dalia says to Sana, 'I can teach you the sacred art of being a wiseass.'
Gondar says to Dalia, 'i dont remember teaching you that.'
Sana says, 'i have no inclination to that'
LadyAce says, 'okie, anyone else have a question?' 
Sana raises her hand.
LadyAce points at Sana.
Dalia says, 'Didnt we ban sana yet?'
Dalia peers around intently. 
Sana says, 'what did i miss while I was oow'
Sana says, 'in detail please'
Lorenzo says to Sana, 'backscroll.'
Sana says, 'better yet word for word'
Gondar raises his hand.
Lorenzo has been reading backscroll code lately :P 
LadyAce points at Gondar. 
Sana raises her hand.
Sana says, 'ooo i have a real one'
Sana says, 'a real one!'
Dalia says to Sana, 'Sorry, you already cried wolf.'
LadyAce says to Gondar, 'still have a question?'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Ea!'s head.
Gondar nods solemnly.
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Ea!?
LadyAce says, 'do ask!'
Gho faints at the sight of Ea!. 
Ea! says, 'sheesh. I couldn't even remember the command to do that.'
Ea! sighs at himself. What a sorry sight.
Sandra giggles.
Gondar says, 'just wondering, I think balance should be automatic once learned, rather than turned on and off. . . any thoughts?' 
Huginn says, 'we've talked about it'
LadyAce says, 'sometimes people may not want to balance or lose their balance though'
Gondar has Ea! and Sandra accepted =p
Nexela says, 'why wouldnt I want to loose my balance though :p'
Gho says, 'balance has lag, too.'
Gondar says, 'seems to me that once you learn to balance, you would always do it, unconsciously. . . like riding a bicycle'
Ea! says, 'we might want to have a quest where falling is an important step... for example.'
Dalia nods solemnly.
Gho says, 'and being bashed/headbutted makes you lose it.'
LadyAce says, 'so you need a way to turn it back on once it's off, et'
LadyAce says, '+c'
LadyAce says, 'soooo, other questions?' 
LadyAce says, 'oh wait, Sana'
LadyAce giggles.
Gondar waves happily.
LadyAce says, 'otherwise, it's 9pm, time to close up the old answer box'
Sandra waves happily.
Huginn waves happily.
Ea! says, 'i show up, everyone quiets up.'
Ea! giggles.
Huginn gives Ea! a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in sympathy.
Ea! says, 'mwah-ahahaha.'
LadyAce says, 'thanks for coming, all'
LadyAce waves happily.