Lecture Series Index

December 7th, 2005

Q & A Index

Somar says, 'people with questions?  Raise your hand!  Then you get to ask a question!  Then we get to answer it!'
Spanish-Flea sinks his teeth into Nadia's flesh.
Huma says, 'so if you had questions'
Lorenzo eats a mundane string coupon.
Huma says, 'ya know nows the time!'
Somar cheers for Haley - huzzah!
Haley wiggles her bottom.
Fancy cheers for Haley - huzzah!
Spanish-Flea says, 'if it's haley of course it's a heavenly aura!'
Spanish-Flea sinks his teeth into Fancy's flesh.
Somar tugs on Haley's sleeve imploringly.
Spanish-Flea projects an aura of heavenly light above Haley's head.
Fancy says, 'Purple beanbag!!!!!'
Fancy cheers wildly!
Huma waves a welcome to Horror. Hello!
Gondar pulls a feather pillow out of thin air and throws it at Nadia - pillow fight!
Fancy sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Somar pouts.
Krista smiles at Blackdeath.
Somar says, 'furniture competition!'
Fancy giggles.
Horror sits down on Haley's purple bean bag.
Horror taunts Somar mercilessly.
Sandra says, 'this is gonna be a short qna if all we're gonna do is play on furniture =P'
Gondar jumps on top of an icpali chair.
Huma nods solemnly.
Spanish-Flea says, 'sandra claus cant PK!'
Somar says, 'q & a necessarily requires Q's'
Krista smiles happily.
Horror raises her hand.
Huma says, 'well you give'em 10 minutes they usually figure something out'
Haley says, 'hehe'
Sandra nods her agreement with Somar.
Somar cheers for Horror - huzzah!
Horror giggles.
Spanish-Flea raises his hand.
Huma says, 'Somars callin the questions right now'
Somar points at Horror.
Somar says, 'ask away, Horror!'
Horror says, 'not that this matters.. but.. can we change the god damn dates back to normal or im i stuck in july until you figure out whats going on?'
Haley says, 'oh events?'
Haley giggles.
Sandra giggles.
Haley says to Horror, 'We're all dreaming of summer!'
Haley winks suggestively at Horror.
Sandra says, 'we just like the confusion!'
Huma giggles.
Gondar says, 'california dreamin. . .'
Huma says, 'I've been told not to change any files'
Horror says, 'yeah events please'
Huma says, 'so'
Haley nods solemnly.
Horror nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'once i get the OK to affect files'
Horror says, 'figured as much'
Huma says, 'that'll be the first one I'll do'
Horror says, 'ok moving on..'
Lorenzo says to Gondar, 'so we started singin', on such a winter's day.....'
Somar says, 'span-flea!'
Somar points at Spanish-Flea.
Horror says, 'i just wanted to know whats up for xmas myself'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Fancy nods her agreement with Horror.
Spanish-Flea says, 'wee! me!'
Spanish-Flea says, 'ok'
Spanish-Flea says, 'so when, if ever, can we expect to know about the HD'
Spanish-Flea says, 'hasnt it been like 15 business days?'
Huma says, 'pretty soon'
Horror says, 'torture tactics i say!'
Huma says, 'we should know any day now, try to be patient sorry :('
Huma nods his agreement with Horror.
Fancy chuckles politely.
Spanish-Flea says, 'not for me'
Huma says, 'we're gonna dispatch lorenzo with a 9 iron'
Spanish-Flea laughs.
Fancy throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Spanish-Flea says, 'he's old though'
Somar says, 'unfortunately, he's used to using a 3 iron'
Jesus says, 'lorenzo can't golf.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'the only thing lorenzo can do with a 9 iron is hit 50 over par'
Lorenzo says, 'it's been tal span experienced'
Haley says to Spanish-Flea, 'Careful!'
Haley threatens Spanish-Flea.
Lorenzo says, 'bleh'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Ba dum chu.'
Gondar faints at the sight of Jesus.
Jesus pets Gondar lovingly.
Somar says to Spanish-Flea, 'Haley just pwned you, n00b.'
Spanish-Flea says to Haley, 'what, you're not old, you're just big?'
Horror chuckles politely at Somar.
Spanish-Flea says to Somar, 'i countered.'
Haley stomps on Spanish-Flea's toes.
Nadia can't believe that just happened. *facepalm*
Somar says to Spanish-Flea, 'Trust me .. this isn't one you'll win.'
Haley snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'gotta go and remove a cat from the christmas tree'
Nadia laughs.
Somar cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Horror laughs.
Fancy chuckles politely.
Nadia comforts Sandra.
Somar says, 'so who else has questions?'
Haley snickers at Sandra nastily.
Somar says, 'we need Q's so there can be A's!'
Huma says, 'questions!'
Spanish-Flea says to Somar, 'nice A.'
Horror says, 'satan claus has a xmas tree?'
Somar beams at Spanish-Flea delightedly.
Gondar wonders why he chatted that
Sandra says, 'back'
Horror says, 'im shocked'
Somar says to Sandra, 'That was quick.'
Sandra says, 'small cat'
Somar says to Sandra, 'Thrown object?'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'nah it's just a few feet away!'
Gondar raises his hand.
Horror says, 'i thought it would be like a ode to scrooge shrine'
Somar nods his agreement with Sandra.
Somar points at Gondar.
Somar says, 'fire away, Gondar'
Gondar says, 'can I have my pretitle back?'
Gondar ducks to the ground.
Horror giggles.
Horror raises her hand.
Horror says, 'speaking of that..\'
Sandra says, 'when we know what is going to happen with the disk, sure ;)'
Krista sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Somar points at Horror.
Fancy hugs Haley's purple bean bag.
Haley giggles.
Fancy giggles.
Horror says, 'any chance of getting new pretitles WHEN ever we get this shit HD shit figured out?'
Haley says to Horror, 'Idea them :)'
Sandra says, 'new ones in the list, you mean?'
Sandra nods her agreement with Haley.
Somar says, 'like new ones added to the list?'
Horror says, 'i have before'
Horror says, 'and yes'
Somar says, 'throw the ideas out there.. usually around expies time, we update the list ..'
Horror nods solemnly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Haley says to Horror, 'We normally like to do them for the birthday :)'
Somar says, 'and that's not all that distant!'
Sandra says, 'if you have in the past 4 months, probably idea them again, just in case'
Huma says, 'dump some ones no ones ever used'
Horror says, 'ive put a few up'
Horror says, 'and never seen them'
Spanish-Flea raises his hand.
Nissus raises her hand.
Haley says, 'do it again - i've only seen like 3 in the past 6 months or so'
Horror says, 'i havent played in 4 months :P'
Haley says, 'idea'd that is'
Somar says to Horror, 'We figured Crack Addict was not worth it for a family mud.'
Somar points at Spanish-Flea.
Spanish-Flea says, 'so does the crash automatically win the best bug xp?'
Horror laughs at Spanish-Flea.
Nadia snorts derisively.
Spanish-Flea massages Nadia's shoulders.
Sandra giggles.
Nadia beams at Spanish-Flea delightedly.
Huma says, 'we could just retire the award couldnt we'
Somar says to Spanish-Flea, 'Unless I manage to work up a better one by then.'
Blackdeath returns to being In Character.
Huma says, 'or rename it'
Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with Huma.
Somar points at Nissus.
Gondar says to Somar, 'how about just plain ol' Crackhead?'
Spanish-Flea says to Somar, 'malicious DOS attack?'
Spanish-Flea ducks under Somar.
Somar says to Spanish-Flea, 'DDOS.'
Nissus says, 'Oh, er sorry. I found the answer in a helpfile.'
Nissus blushes bright red.
Nissus scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Somar says, 'no shame in that!'
Spanish-Flea says to Somar, 'what is it with you and double D's.'
Somar cheers for Nissus - huzzah!
Huma laughs.
Huma says, 'thats awesome that why they are there'
Lorenzo says, 'look out!  it's the attack of the 50 foot C:\!'
Somar says to Spanish-Flea, 'I just can't stay away from em.'
Sandra says, 'another cat'
Sandra sighs loudly.
Chaykin smiles happily.
Fancy waves a welcome to Chaykin. Hello!
Nissus says, 'Cats are cool.'
Nissus peers around intently.
Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Horror raises her hand.
Sandra says, 'yes, but not in my tree'
Nadia peers at Somar, looking him up and down.
Krista comforts Sandra.
Somar points at Horror.
Nissus giggles.
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'it's wielding a knife and fork()!'
Somar snickers at Spanish-Flea nastily.
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'if dos had fork() it would sove a few problems.'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'you said attack of the 50 foot C :P'
Horror says, 'any chance we can get the newer renewal spells for create mana cost lowered if were only casting on yourself?'
Sandra shakes her head.
Horror says, 'there kind of expensive for a soloer'
Horror shrugs philosophically.
Sandra says, 'the create ones cast 2 whereas the cause ones cast only 1. Even still, the create ones cost less compared to that'
Sandra says, 'and they last forever and a week'
Sandra giggles.
Horror says, 'true'
Horror says, 'ok on create spells'
Horror says, 'what about spectral guardian?'
Gondar says, 'my create the little one cost 140 instead of 95 that it says in helpfile'
Horror says, 'how close are we to having this, after the HD is fixed'
Sandra says, 'Can't really say. It's almost finished, but we'll have other things to deal with first with the disk stuff'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Horror nods her agreement with Sandra.
Huma says, 'the disk stuff tossed us all in a tizzy'
Krista nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'im sure..'
Horror says, 'immortal anarchy is funny tho'
Somar says, 'but we may soon sacrifice a chicken to Jobu, thus solving all of the problems'
Sandra says, 'we've been rebuilding things just in case, so we've kinda kept ourselves a but busy'
Somar says, 'who else has a question for the magic eight ball?'
Sandra says, 'with some rum'
Somar cheers for Sandra - huzzah!
Somar nods his agreement with Sandra.
Sandra says, 'Jobu likes the rum'
Gondar smells a billowing cloud of green-tinged smoke, inhaling deeply.
Blackdeath grins evilly.
Spanish-Flea bonks Sandra on the head!
Gondar says, 'rum and Dr Pepper. . .'
Gondar grins evilly.
Spanish-Flea says to Sandra, 'jobu cant PK!'
Nadia begins to twitch nervously.
Blackdeath licks his lips and smiles.
Nadia looks at Gondar and drools.
Sandra says, 'but Jobu doesn't have to!'
Somar says, 'any more questions?  We've got plenty more A's left.'
Horror says, 'dont get me wrong here'
Spanish-Flea says, 'gho colts!'
Krista shudders.
Blackdeath raises his hand.
Horror says, 'but really you dont know whats going to happen yet so this is a HD Q&WDK?'
Jesus says, 'gho bengals'
Jesus coughs loudly to himself trying to get Sandra's attention.
Horror pats Jesus on the head.
Haley says, 'what's WDK?'
Nadia licks Anadreva.
Horror says, 'we dont know!'
Gondar says, 'we dont know'
Haley says, 'oh!'
Sandra says, 'we just let them win because we felt sorry for their pathetic asses'
Spanish-Flea licks Anadreva.
Spanish-Flea says, 'let who win'
Spanish-Flea says, 'dallas?'
Sandra says, 'bengals!'
Nissus smiles at Anadreva.
Horror rolls her eyes heavenward.
Jesus pats Sandra on the head.
Ewan hugs Anadreva.
Horror says, 'indy is gonna melt faces'
Horror says, 'get over it'
Spanish-Flea nods his agreement with Horror.
Spanish-Flea says, 'here's indy'
Somar says, 'conflagrate ftw'
Spanish-Flea points at the man-doll.
Horror cheers for Somar - huzzah!
Spanish-Flea says, 'heres the rest of the NFL'
Spanish-Flea points at the bent over girl doll
Spanish-Flea says, 'and here's whats gonna happen....'
Horror says to Somar, 'We finally killed mar'li!'
Haley says, 'omg all these acronyms are making me dizzy!'
Chaykin comforts Haley.
Horror says to Somar, 'We got stuck on that bitch for 4 weeks.'
Horror whines.
Somar says to Horror, 'Is that BWL?'
Horror shakes her head.
Somar says to Horror, 'ZG?'
Horror says, 'ZG'
Horror nods solemnly.
Somar says, 'ah'
Horror says, 'spider aspec'
Somar says, 'we just took down Sulfuron'
Fancy chuckles politely.
Horror giggles.
Horror says, 'kewl'
Haley sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Somar says, 'more questions out there?'
Horror says, 'better get like 150 fire resist for rag!'
Horror says, 'anyway...'
Anadreva nods to himself.
Anadreva says, 'magical amulet of fiery protection'
Horror giggles at Anadreva.
Anadreva says, 'world of warhammer ripoff'
Anadreva ducks to the ground.
Anadreva panics, and attempts to flee.
Huma giggles.
Krista sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Horror laughs.
Anadreva rocks the house tabletop style.
Anadreva says, 'actually, no. just pen and paper'
Anadreva bursts into tears.
Haley giggles at Anadreva.
Horror says, 'i had another question now i forgot about it'
Horror sighs loudly.
Anadreva says, 'i don't have 30000 spare dollars to play tabletop games'
Somar says to Horror, 'I sentence you to life in prison without possibility of parole.'
Somar says, 'any more questions out there?'
Horror says, 'ewww'
Lorenzo says, 'gots to flee'
Lorenzo waves happily.
Gondar rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Ewan says, 'I'm afraid Horror was right on one point...'
Horror says, 'i was right?!'
Krista gasps in astonishment.
Krista giggles.
Haley gasps in astonishment.
Haley says, 'impossible!'
Jesus says, 'horror had a point?'
Ewan says, 'As long as the answer will always be "we don't know yet", asking questions is a bit pointless'
Krista says, 'and it was right?'
Krista giggles.
Anadreva says, 'that's not true!'
Sandra says, 'well, if you all ask the same question, we really only have the same answer *poke welcome board*. But we can surely answer other game questions, as usual'
Anadreva says, 'there are plenty of questions that can be answered'
Krista nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'like, erm'
Anadreva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Anadreva says to Huma, 'what's your favourite colour?'
Krista giggles.
Jesus raises his hand.
Nissus says to Anadreva, 'Ooh, I like that question. Tis one of my favorites.'
Somar points at Jesus.
Jesus says, 'really, it's not pfile related.'
Anadreva giggles.
Spanish-Flea returns to being In Character.
Jesus says, 'why doesn't blindside and suckerpunch get the same not affected message as backstab?'
Sandra says, 'I think that was on the list. I remember it being discussed before'
Krista raises her hand.
Jesus nods solemnly.
Somar points at Krista.
Huma says, 'why do they get the same message?  Probably cut and paste coding?'
Krista says, 'how come blnidfighting merans chant and augment can't be learned?'
Huma says, 'I dunno'
Krista says, 'oops bad typing sorry'
Krista blushes bright red.
Jesus says to Huma, 'Nono.'
Fancy sits down on Haley's purple bean bag.
Jesus says to Huma, 'They don't get the less alert message.'
Sandra says, 'we specifically made some skills for non mages THat was one of them'
Krista says, 'But I don't understand it'
Huma says, 'because its one of those new warrior only skills we made'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Krista says, 'oh drats'
Krista nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'blindfighting sucks imho'
Krista says, 'okay'
Gondar raises his hand.
Sandra says, 'it was to help boost up fighters'
Jesus says to Horror, 'Blindside rocks.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Ewan nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Horror says, 'you should not get a -ac if you have blindfighting'
Somar points at Gondar.
Gondar says, 'you ever gonna make a few skills for only casters?'
Horror says, 'whatever blindfighting is ok with high per'
Horror says, 'but with low per is sucks ass'
Anadreva says, 'they did'
Anadreva says, 'they're called seplls'
Jesus says, 'calm > blindfighting.'
Anadreva says, 'there are also spells'
Gondar whaps Anadreva across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Haley giggles.
Sandra says, 'we were discussing a change to blindfighting prior to the disk problem. I believe that it will be changed somewhat'
Horror says, 'much better to have a vial then it is to use blindfight'
Horror says, 'ok'
Jesus raises his hand.
Horror slaps Jesus.
Somar points at Jesus.
Jesus says, 'are the iron will healing rates identical for iron will, valor, and courage?'
Sandra says, 'as in how much they'llh eal or how often?'
Jesus notes no difference at 60 spirit.
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Both.'
Sandra says, 'I'm gonna have to look. one sec'
Jesus shrugs helplessly.
Jesus says, 'don't dig too deep, just curious.'
Jesus says, 'seems buggy.'
Jesus says, 'not on iron will, but courage and valor.'
Jesus says, 'at 60 spirit, not at 30.'
Nissus says, 'what's your spirit have to do with it? I thought it just was based on what your con was, as long as you had at least 30 spi?'
Nissus looks curious.
Jesus says to Nissus, 'Spirit makes it go off more.'
Horror says, 'ie freaky'
Nissus says to Jesus, 'Oh, neat. :)'
Jesus nods his agreement with Nissus.
Jesus says to Nissus, 'IW spam at 60 spirit is nasty spam.'
Nissus giggles.
Jesus says, 'like, 300 messages.'
Jesus says, 'while healing 500 hos.'
Jesus says, 'hps.'
Jesus says, 'even tho that math is flawed. :p'
Gondar still thinks the regan spells are placebos
Sandra says, 'it looks like it goes off more, but the rate of hp is fixed'
Jesus says, 'cause that's be 900 hps.'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'You're kidding me.'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Well make the spam toggle off?'
Sandra says, 'idea it?'
Jesus has.
Sandra says, 'well then =)'
Gondar raises his hand.
Jesus says, 'make it a part of config showregen!'
Horror nods her agreement with Jesus.
Krista nods her agreement with Jesus.
Horror says, 'speaking of regen'
Horror says, 'can i make a comment'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'And the h side?'
Jesus says, 'err, hp'
Sandra says, 'what?'
Jesus says, 'does it vary between courage valor and iw?'
Jesus says, 'or is it set?'
Sandra says, 'it is more for each level of the skill set'
Jesus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Jesus says, 'per message, or per tick?'
Sandra says, 'per message'
Jesus is completely boggled.
Jesus says to Sandra, 'You're sure of that?'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'okies.'
Nadia yawns.
Somar hugs Nadia.
Sandra says, 'who be next?'
Nadia hugs Somar.
Chaykin smiles at Nadia.
Nadia returns to being In Character.
Jesus points at Horror.
Gondar raises his hand.
Horror says, 'not really me i just wanted ot make a comment on regening'
Horror says, 'but i can wait'
Somar points at Gondar.
Somar says, 'missed that one in there!'
Gondar says, 'seriously, are the regen spells just placebos? they sure seem like it to me. . .'
Sandra shakes her head.
Sandra says, 'they work, quiet well'
Somar says, 'config showregen if you want to see them work'
Sandra says, 'stack 'em'
Sandra nods her agreement with Somar.
Gondar says, 'as near as I can tell theres no difference'
Jesus says to Gondar, 'They're worth using stacked.'
Horror says, 'i think there too low but thats just me'
Anadreva says, 'the mv ones are great to cast on a lowbie, i think'
Sandra says, 'if you stack them, they work better. And if you get a create to hit you with theirs, it's just disgusting :P'
Gondar chuckles politely.
Somar says, 'it's about a small advantage over a long period of time.. and if you've got em stacked, you're all hooked up'
Jesus says, '1 = 1%'
Jesus says, 'making you heal 1% faster.'
Gondar says, 'i use them 2 at a time, depending on what I wanna regen, but they really do seem to be useless'
Gondar shrugs philosophically.
Horror says, 'ok nows a good time for my comment'
Horror says, 'look #1 reason i pretty much have become inactive is regening with my warrior type sucks'
Horror says, 'i get bored pking then sitting for 40 mins regening'
Anadreva says, 'oh, oh, oh!'
Anadreva says, 'can i bring up a point!'
Horror says, 'please do'
Anadreva says, 'okay, well'
Sandra says, 'we've a) sped up regenning, b) added spells for regenning, c) added eq with regenning spells'
Jesus looks at Horror, boggled.
Anadreva says, 'regen stuffsies'
Anadreva says, 'it's like'
Jesus says to Horror, 'Rest = sleep now :)'
Anadreva says, 'supposed to be a pain'
Tank'o'Matic slaps Jesus.
Sandra nods her agreement with Jesus.
Horror says, 'regen here sucks always has always will i guess'
Tank'o'Matic snickers softly.
Anadreva says, 'so that people play healers, right?'
Chaykin says, 'yeah regenning is way, way easier than it's ever been, now'
Horror says, 'i do jesus'
Jesus says to Tank'o'Matic, 'Sorry, i got irritated.'
Tank'o'Matic nods solemnly.
Gondar says, 'theres regen eq?'
Horror says, 'regen 800 hps from 0'
Anadreva says, 'regen and all of that is meant to encourage group dynamics, at least as i understand rpgs in general'
Gondar is completely boggled.
Horror says, 'with no spells or anything'
Anadreva says, 'yanno?'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'I just ran and killed hiram, though I lost the group'
Horror says, 'tell me how long it takes'
Chaykin says, 'with a visit to a 3c cause mage? 10 mins'
Horror says, 'ok again alone'
Horror says, 'dont give a shit about spells'
Anadreva says, 'waitwaitwait!'
Anadreva says, 'chaykin is reinforcing my poooint!'
Horror says, 'my warrior pk dies then 45 mins to regen sleeping'
Krista sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Horror says, 'its too damn long'
Sandra says, 'well, resting=sleeping. And it is now less than 45 minutes'
Gondar says to Horror, 'no IW?'
Anadreva says, 'look at d&d...people like to not have to rest for the day after every fight'
Chaykin says, 'it's way less than that'
Horror says, 'yes iw'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'healing should be a little faster, just natural sitting around healing'
Anadreva says, 'so they bring along a druid or a cleric'
Horror says, 'but low spirit'
Anadreva says, 'to heal them'
Krista nods solemnly.
Horror says, 'so it sucks'
Sandra says, '45 minutes with iw? you're joking'
Horror says, 'no im not'
Gondar says, 'my fighter heals like a crackhead with IW'
Horror says, 'my spirit is low as can be'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'even 30 spirit IW heals faster then 30 mins bro'
Krista nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'making the group weork well with each other and all...and making there be a point to being anything other than a sorcerer or a fighter'
Sandra says, 'maybe if you're starved, dehydrated and bleeding'
Horror says, 'not my 800 hps'
Horror says, 'is doesnt'
Sandra nods her agreement with Tank'o'Matic.
Anadreva says, 'but..never mind'
Gondar says, 'and he has the bare minimum spirit'
Jesus says, 'i heal 600 hos with IW in ten minutes easy.'
Gondar says, 'maybe 30'
Sandra says, 'well, you just must be cursed then.'
Chaykin says, 'I've got chars with close to 800 hp...with a little effort it takes nowhere near that long'
Krista nods her agreement with Sandra.
Somar says to Sandra, 'Should I stat her to find the karma stat?'
Chaykin says, 'like not even close'
Sandra nods her agreement with Somar.
Jesus says, 'usually healing = one game of online heckers. :p'
Horror says, 'slayer regens so god damn slow its not fun to play her anymore'
Jesus says, 'checkers.'
Sandra says, 'I can heal 700hp in 20 minutes, easy'
Krista nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'with iW'
Horror rolls her eyes heavenward.
Tank'o'Matic says, 'I do 800 hp in 10 to 15 mins normally'
Sandra says, 'apparently so can everyone else here, so don't roll your eyes :P'
Krista nods solemnly.
Jesus nods his agreement with Tank'o'Matic.
Tank'o'Matic says, 'and freaky healed her 760 hp in like 7 minutes'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'maybe 5'
Krista nods solemnly.
Jesus says, '60 spirit IW is insane. :p'
Tank'o'Matic nods her agreement with Jesus.
Sandra says, 'you yourself said that you haven't played in 4 months. Maybe you should'
Horror says, 'like i said LOW spirit'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'yes'
Sandra says, '30 spirit is the min for iw'
Horror says, 'and test it sometime'
Horror says, 'please'
Sandra says, 'and that's what most ifghters have'
Jesus says to Horror, 'Dea with the fact that you have a sucky pk fighter and move on. :p'
Sandra's fighter does.
Anadreva says, 'can i bring up my point now?'
Horror giggles.
Tank'o'Matic chuckles politely.
Krista says, 'I only have 30 and heal really quick with iw'
Chaykin says, 'none of my fighters have one speck of spi over 30 :/'
Horror returns to being In Character.
Gondar says, 'yeah my 30 (or maybe as high as 32) spir fighter heals like mad with IW, I thought something was broken'
Jesus says to Chaykin, 'You should try it, you'd be amazed :)'
Sandra says, 'IW healing rocks'
Krista nods solemnly.
Chaykin says to Jesus, 'Maybe, I make up for it in other areas tho.'
Anadreva says, 'my healing is better'
Tank'o'Matic nods her agreement with Sandra.
Sandra says, 'IW healing with the regen spells is just sickening :P'
Anadreva cuddles a rune-covered bag.
Tank'o'Matic says, 'yup'
Sandra says, 'you blink and you're healed'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'IW healing with regain eq is made crazy'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'I really hope I get freaky back :)'
Jesus says, 'dex/con liman is my new fav chartype. :p'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'nah, I still say expert parry matters'
Jesus says to Tank'o'Matic, 'You use battlegraph?'
Somar says to Anadreva, 'I believe you had something to bring up?'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'not recently'
Anadreva nods his agreement with Somar.
Somar points at Anadreva.
Anadreva says, 'okay'
Anadreva says, 'so, like'
Jesus says to Tank'o'Matic, 'Start, i wanna compare.'
Anadreva says, 'you know how healing, preps, and all of that are supposed to encourage group dynamics?'
Gondar says, 'where ya get battlegraph?'
Jesus says to Tank'o'Matic, 'See if it's worth free 10 str.'
Anadreva says, 'like, look at a run per example'
Tank'o'Matic nods her agreement with Jesus.
Jesus says to Gondar, 'Sintal.no-ip.org.'
Gondar says to Jesus, 'the only one I can find, the notice says obsolete.'
Anadreva says, 'they bring along a prepper or two, some healers, people who hit hard, people who shoot...all sorts of the mud character aspects augmenting each other'
Jesus says to Gondar, 'Legendtoys.'
Gondar nods his agreement with Jesus.
Anadreva says, 'and, you know...these things are useful all over'
Anadreva says, 'but, hrm'
Anadreva says, 'although i admit know very little of the topic'
Jesus says to Gondar, 'I'll post mine at dmffl.org later.'
Anadreva says, 'the whole thing seems to..erm..breakdown when it comes to pk'
Anadreva says, 'so mebbe it's sommat we should take into consideration when, i don't know, comparing pk healing to everything elses'
Anadreva says, 'or'
Jesus says, 'pk isn't useful?'
Gondar says to Jesus, 'bug list v4.0 is all thats listed there.'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'no, i was referring to sommat different.'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'I think they mean pk grouping'
Anadreva says, 'sort of'
Anadreva says, 'basically'
Jesus looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'I pretty much have no idea what you're talking about'
Sandra giggles.
Krista comforts Anadreva.
Anadreva says, 'pk grouping is mostly it'
Sandra says, 'ok what about it?'
Rowane sits down and rests.
Anadreva says, 'like...most rpgs are meant to encourage group dynamics'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'I think they are trying to say that the effects of mob group are not the same as pk grouping when dealing with healing?'
Gondar knocks Rowane over and flops all over him.
Rowane smiles at Gondar.
Jesus says, 'pk is one players ability, not a groups.'
Jesus says, 'imo :)'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'thats a legend thing'
Anadreva says, 'yes, that's how it turns out, i agree'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Jesus nods his agreement with Tank'o'Matic.
Anadreva says, 'but i don't know if it should be'
Anadreva says, 'is what i'm saying'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'group pk is much harder'
Anadreva says, 'from what i've seen i agree'
Anadreva says, 'but'
Anadreva says, 'ooh!'
Anadreva says, 'now i remember my point'
Jesus says, 'much much much harder.'
Anadreva says, 'okay'
Anadreva says, 'so'
Anadreva says, 'part of the reason group pk seems to be hard'
Gondar says, 'meh, pk. . .'
Anadreva says, 'from my purely theoretical, but therefore at least...unusual perspective'
Anadreva says, 'is that'
Anadreva says, 'when's the last time you saw a pure healer or somesuch in pk?'
Anadreva says, 'things like that are necessary for a group'
Anadreva says, 'characters that can't do much on their own'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'pure healer get smooshed'
Jesus says, 'no such thing.'
Anadreva says, 'buuut'
Sandra says, 'there are some aspects of the game that some char types aren't suited for'
Anadreva says, 'augment everything else'
Anadreva says, 'perhaps'
Anadreva says, 'but i'm saying'
Anadreva says, 'like...group pk...it seems like it would add a lot'
Tank'o'Matic returns to being In Character.
Jesus says, 'it's like pkilling with a 2c create - useless.'
Huma says, 'group PK?'
Gondar has a simple fix. . . pull pk
Anadreva says, 'and while i don't, i'd be more likely to do it if it wasn't just always the solo smacking'
Huma says, 'we allow it =P'
Sandra says, 'group pk or the lack of, is a choice of the pkillers'
Huma nods his agreement with Sandra.
Krista nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'I agree group PK is great'
Anadreva says, 'i agree, it probably is'
Huma says, 'and I wish more of it would happen'
Haley gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Anadreva says, 'but i think that it would be'
Anadreva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Somar hugs Haley.
Haley says, 'night folks'
Anadreva says, 'groups require support characters'
Sandra hugs Haley.
The aura around Haley slowly fades and she is gone.
Anadreva says, 'there aren't all that many groups you'll see, at least successful ones, without some sort of support character'
Anadreva says, 'but naturally'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Most good pk'ers have some sort of self healing.'
Anadreva says, 'nobody is going to pkenable their pure healer'
Sandra nods her agreement with Jesus.
Somar says to Anadreva, 'I have, before ;)'
Sandra says, 'I think that you are comparing two very different aspects of the game'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'merely because they have no other choice, since they're not gonna get healing from anyone else, since it's a one on one thing.'
Jesus says, 'druid, first aid, cure crit, balm, something.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'that's where your mistake is'
Anadreva says, 'i suppose i am'
Anadreva says, 'i'm just saying'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Well, i agree to an extent.'
Anadreva says, 'that...if people want the group dynamic in pk to change'
Sandra says, 'You can't compare group fighting vs mobs and group pk vs pk'
Anadreva says, 'look'
Anadreva says, 'that's the thing'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'But the harsh realty is, we don't have enough pk'ers to support group pk.'
Anadreva says, 'this is not the natural world'
Tank'o'Matic says, 'sorry'
Anadreva says, 'this is a mutable world'
Anadreva shrugs helplessly.
Anadreva says, 'we probably don't'
Anadreva says, 'but...we might if things were to change'
Anadreva says, 'a lot of people don't like solo one on one fights'
Anadreva says, 'look'
Anadreva says, 'i've heard a lot of pk'ers saying that they would like new blood in the pool'
Chaykin says, 'we can only really design things around the way the game is, not the way we hope it will be IF something out of our control happens, like more people pk'
Krista nods solemnly.
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Huma nods solemnly.
Anadreva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Anadreva says, 'no'
Anadreva says, 'but'
Huma says, 'PK is one of those things like 'what can we do?'
Anadreva says, 'you can do things to encourage more people to do so'
Anadreva says, 'just, you know'
Anadreva says, 'eensy little nudges'
Anadreva says, 'see if it does what you intend'
Anadreva says, 'like'
Sandra says, 'we can't really encourage group pk other than games that we run.'
Gondar says, 'jyustpull it, end the whining for good'
Gondar grumbles.
Anadreva says, 'when you made warrior types stronger'
Anadreva says, 'people played klein chars more'
Anadreva says, 'and warrior types more...cause they were better then!'
Anadreva says, 'so, you know'
Anadreva scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Anadreva says, 'i dunno'
Anadreva says, 'i just had an idea'
Huma says, 'well yes they did'
Huma says, 'but I mean....'
Huma says, 'we want you all to PK'
Huma says, 'please PK'
Huma says, 'go PK right now!'
Anadreva says, 'yes, i know'
Krista nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'i don't pk'
Anadreva says, 'because'
Nissus says to Huma, 'I hate pk.'
Huma says, 'I dont know what to say'
Anadreva says, 'having seen pk issues all the bloody time'
Anadreva says, 'i do not like what pk is now'
Anadreva says, 'so'
Anadreva says, 'i believe that...erm..'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'I see pk as more of one players abality to make a char compared to anothers, and each players ability to use said char. it's more an ooc thing, to me.'
Sandra says, 'what pk is now is there is no pk :P'
Rowane coughs loudly.
Huma says, 'we've done our best to make it a friendly atmosphere and good code'
Sandra says to Rowane, 'Get busy making more pk!'
Anadreva says, 'most people who don't pk is because they have enough of a rough idea of what pk is to know that it's not the sort of thing they would do'
Anadreva says, 'yes!'
Tank'o'Matic returns to being In Character.
Anadreva says, 'it's a friendly atmosphere!'
Rowane says, 'I can only do so much!'
Chaykin says, 'frankly I think pk being looked at as an ooc thing is one reason why more people don't do it'
Anadreva says, 'all the pk'ers offer to teach newlings how to do it all the time!'
Anadreva says, 'and the code, i think is good'
Anadreva says, 'but'
Sandra nods her agreement with Chaykin.
Anadreva says, 'i know'
Sandra says, 'pkill is NOT ooc'
Sandra says, 'who said that?'
Sandra peers around intently.
Jesus says, 'i'd like to say wipe xp loss, but this hd crash proves that people simply don't want to, it's no the xp loss.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'er, not.'
Rowane nods his agreement with Jesus.
Anadreva says, 'yes'
Anadreva says, 'look'
Chaykin says, 'you have a certain group of people who care about the technical side of things and like pk as a comparison tool'
Jesus nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Chaykin says, 'then you have the rest of the players who really don't see that as much of an incentive'
Anadreva says, 'i'm one of the only people in the room who *doesn't* pk, and never really has'
Jesus says, 'what chay said.'
Rowane says, 'that actually suprised me, I thought the same thing but people still have issues'
Gondar dont pk for a few reasons, the least of which is the general level of immaturity of the pk community
Jesus nods his agreement with Rowane.
Chaykin says, 'so if pk doesn't provide something that somehow has anything to do with their actual char, they see no reason to participate'
Anadreva says, 'i'm one of the only people who actually *knows* why people don't pk'
Sandra says, 'I think that everyone should at least try pk'
Anadreva says, 'at least i know why i don't...and since of most of my friends are also dedicated mobkillers...'
Anadreva shrugs helplessly.
Krista nods her agreement with Sandra.
Chaykin says, 'definitely'
Jesus says to Rowane, 'People don't believe in junk chars anymore. chars they don't care about.'
Anadreva says, 'but'
Anadreva says, 'we could do the same thing we always do'
Anadreva says, 'and have pk enthusiasts assume they know why people don't pk'
Chaykin says, 'honestly, in my experience both with this mud and others, pk tends to be a lot more exciting on muds where people have fewer chars'
Jesus nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Jesus says, 'true.'
Anadreva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Chaykin says, 'because the conflict and the drama mean more to them, because the characters mean more'
Missy bounds into the room chasing an imaginary mouse.
Anadreva says, 'i think that most pk players are the equivalent of powerusers'
Krista pets Missy lovingly.
Sandra says, 'well, I have all of you and then some, and I still like pk :P'
Missy cowers away from Krista.
Anadreva pets Missy lovingly.
Missy cowers away from Anadreva.
Gondar shakes Anadreva's hand.
Chaykin says to Sandra, 'I'm just making a generalization.'
Sandra giggles.
Sandra nods solemnly.
Gondar says, 'most are the equivalent of preschoolers'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Bu how often do you pk?'
Rowane says, 'that makes sense, but we have a limit on pke, what more can be done. We can't go back to the old pkill system, everyone remembers what happend then'
Sandra says, 'usually my pkillers are the ones that I get into playing more'
Sandra says, 'latetly, i haven't :/'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'No one has.'
Sandra says, 'I've been neck deep in silk road'
Anadreva says to Gondar, 'most of them know more about the mechanics of the game and the comparative power of various gear and skills than anybody who didn't code them.'
Nissus says to Rowane, 'What happened then?'
Gondar says to Anadreva, 'ahh.'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Sadly, a large portion of the active pk community were imm alts that aren't pk'ing much now.'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Imo :)'
Anadreva says, 'erm'
Sandra says, 'actually'
Rowane says to Nissus, 'I think it went, too many people complained about pkill abuse, imms introduced pkok, then pke, and here we are. I think this is the best system we've had.'
Anadreva says, 'doesn't that mean'
Anadreva says, 'that if nobody pk's'
Anadreva says, 'then maybe'
Sandra says, 'there aren't that many of us that pk'
Anadreva says, 'just maybe'
Anadreva says, 'it's not bad pr'
Anadreva says, 'or bad mechanics'
Anadreva says, 'but something with the very premise'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'There aren't that many pk'ers :)'
Anadreva says, 'that keeps people from doing it?'
Anadreva says, 'and that'
Chaykin says, 'even if that were true, you can't sit around waiting for another group of people to make pk exciting, if that's what you want'
Anadreva says, 'if you wanted people to pk'
Anadreva says, 'the reality would have to change? not just the situation?'
Anadreva scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'So what keeps you from doing it?'
Sandra says, 'we can't make people change. We gave you the instruments to do with what you will'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'well, as i was about to say.'
Sandra says, 'it's up to you all to change it'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'most pk'ers are powerusers. highly skilled, highly informed players of the game on the technical aspect.'
Anadreva says, 'fast, aggressive, and with good instincts'
Chaykin uses this opportunity to give a shameless plug to voting, since new people are easier to make excited about pk and other things.
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'That won't change, there'll always be those.'
Gondar says, 'or immature, inconsiderate and with something to prove'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Because they excel at pk.'
Anadreva nods his agreement with Jesus.
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'don't get me wrong.'
Sandra says, 'Not all of them are that way'
Chaykin says to Gondar, 'In a very small minority of cases, maybe...not in most.'
Krista pokes Anadreva in the ribs.
Sandra says, 'and not all of them are immature'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Lemme give an example.'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'we're gonna have those even if we get rid of pk straight out.'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'but.'
Krista says, 'Yeah not al lof them are like that'
Gondar says, 'better than 1/2 thats for sure'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'what i'm saying.'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Do you pk at all?'
Anadreva shakes his head.
Sandra says to Gondar, 'Not even.'
Chaykin says to Gondar, 'That's patently untrue.'
Gondar nods solemnly.
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Answer this for me, then.'
Gondar says, 'seen it too many times'
Anadreva says, 'i have a pkok character that's currently napping till the restore'
Sandra says, 'probably the same 2 people'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Exactly what does blindness do?'
Gondar says, '3-4 with a little respect, the rest. . .'
Gondar spits on the ground.
Chaykin says, 'that means you are failing to take notice of the positive additions to our playerbase'
Anadreva says, 'keeps you from seeing things, subtracts from hitroll(-9?) and subtracts from ac'
Rowane says, 'there are bad apples in every bunch but with pkok, at least you can avoid them'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'By how much?'
Anadreva says, 'no idea'
Anadreva says, 'like i saids'
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Gondar says to Rowane, 'not really. . . look what happens on runs.'
Chaykin says, 'besides'
Sandra says, 'there are immature little pains in the ass that don't pk =P'
Anadreva says, 'erm, said. you guys are the power users'
Anadreva says, 'not me'
Anadreva says, 'i have nothing against you knowing more about it than me'
Krista nods her agreement with Sandra.
Chaykin says, 'let's say you were right, and half the newbies we bring in were losers'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Because we knw what matters and don't care about the rest?'
Anadreva says, 'i only know that blindness does more than make you not see because of something that quaggie i think said some time'
Sandra says, 'so you can't really say that they're pkillers. They are part of the playerbase in general.'
Rowane says to Sandra, 'But at least they're ignorable.'
Chaykin says, 'if we bring in 20 newbies, 10 non-losers is still more than we get if we bring in 0 newbies :P'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'i thought what mattered was having fun.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'yea, but you can always kill the pk ones ;)'
Rowane nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'that was a bit too strong'
Anadreva says, 'but you get the idea...what matters and what doesn't is subjective'
Sandra says to Anadreva, 'That is what matters. Not all of the pkillers have their nose to the eq program 10 hours a day.'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'My point is, why would mobkillers not want to use a spell that negates hitroll AND ac, and makes the opponent not see? simply because they don't know. pk makes for better mobkillers, honestly.'
Anadreva says, 'again, that's true'
Anadreva says, 'if i want advice on how to make a character more possible, i ask a friend who pks'
Anadreva says, 'but'
Anadreva says, 'what i'm saying is'
Anadreva says, 'i don't want the pure power of the matter to be the main concern'
Sandra says, 'why?'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Eq making is pretty important, tho.'
Anadreva says to Sandra, 'well, if you have a question about what's most powerful, why not ask the person most likely to know?'
Chaykin says, 'I still think too much focus on the technical aspects of pk is what keeps a lot of players from trying it'
Jesus says, 'list making.'
Anadreva says, 'and by possible, i mean powerful'
Anadreva nods his agreement with Chaykin.
Sandra says, 'sure. But it isn't the end all of your character to get that 1 point of spirit over to strength'
Chaykin says, 'for many players, tech stuff just isn't fun'
Anadreva says, 'that's true'
Anadreva says, 'and'
Gondar says to Chaykin, 'thats just part of it.'
Anadreva says, 'it's not just the tech stuff thing'
Anadreva says, 'it really isn't'
Gondar says, 'thats a small part I think'
Anadreva says, 'it's the reason everyone looks into the tech stuff'
Nissus says, 'Personally, I just don't like dying.'
Anadreva says, 'the fact that...power is the main concern, in the end'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'No, not at all. you just wanna be efficient.'
Anadreva says, 'some people make the occasional experimental character, sure'
Chaykin says to Gondar, 'There are many factors, of which that is most definitely one.'
Sandra says, 'You should try just having fun'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Sandra.
Anadreva says, 'but...yanno'
Jesus says, 'dying is underrated, who cares, it's a game.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'i don't want to just make the strongest character i can and bash it up against someone else's attempt to make the strongest character'
Chaykin says, 'I think sometimes that people are getting too immersed in the nitty gritty of the code and forgetting to just enjoy playing for the game's sake'
Sandra says, 'the most fun I had in pk was making a char for the explicit purpose of dying alot'
Nissus says, 'I have lots of fun without dying.'
Krista nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'I had a blast'
Anadreva says, 'i would rather have groups in pk...i would rather have clan wars that are more like clan wars than, say, hatfield's and mccoy's. it'd be a pain in the arse to find things to encourage that...'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'So make a lesser type, it's that much more gratifying to win with a chartype that shouldn't win.'
Sandra says, 'baby steps'
Gondar says, 'most fun I had in pk was finding a place where [people just dont go and sitting alone'
Anadreva says, 'oh! right!'
Anadreva says, 'one more thing'
Sandra says, 'You need pkillers before you can have group pk'
Nissus says, 'Dying != fun.'
Rowane says, 'it's not always as easy as that, people can get invested in the game. What you have to do though is remember that it is a game'
Krista nods her agreement with Sandra.
Sandra says, 'dying = lots of fun!'
Anadreva says, 'and you need a chicken to lay an egg and an egg to hatch  the chicken'
Nissus says, 'Not to me.'
Nissus shrugs helplessly.
Chaykin nods his agreement with Rowane.
Jesus says, 'i usually talk strategy with whoever killed me.'
Nissus says, 'And so I boycot the mud on April Fools day, too. ;p ;)'
Sandra says, 'and dying in pk doesn't cost much xp'
Jesus says, 'it's shocking how many will tell you how you could have won.'
Anadreva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'yea, lots of pkillers will teach'
Sandra says, 'they love to'
Jesus nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'i just think that the current...let us say goals, and ideals of pk'
Sandra says, 'take the risk. Don't be afraid of it'
Anadreva says, 'are what drive people away from it'
Anadreva says, 'not fear of dying'
Anadreva says, 'having xp loss turned off proved *that*'
Jesus says, 'perfect time to dive in head first :)'
Gondar knows how it works, if I can keep gettin WFW I win, if they keep me bashed they win. . . woo. . .
Anadreva says, 'we don't even ahve to retrieve our gear anymore'
Anadreva says, 'and it's not the climate'
Sandra says to Gondar, 'It's a little different now with the damage reduction.'
Jesus nods his agreement with Sandra.
Anadreva says, 'lots of pk'ers are actually nice to most people, even if they may have a nemesis or two that they're vicious to'
Gondar shakes his head in disagreement with Sandra.
Krista nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'part of the current problem is that people are used to NOT pkilling'
Anadreva says, 'and they're always...full of encouragement, let us say, to new people'
Gondar says, 'I been pkin more now than ever and thats what every fight has come to'
Rowane says, 'I'd say it's some of the more vocal members of the pkill community who can act immature that tend to drive people away. They only need to blow up once or twice on chat to scar a newbie for life'
Jesus says to Sandra, 'Shoot head really needs evaluated at some point, tho.'
Sandra says, 'we're aware'
Rowane says, 'woop, sorry for the white'
Krista nods solemnly.
Jesus says, 'in the new system.'
Anadreva says to Rowane, 'naw.'
Gondar says, 'not some, or evenmost, but all'
Somar gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Anadreva says to Rowane, 'i used to be like that, hating pk'ers because of all the fights that came around because of it on chat.'
Jesus snickers softly.
Anadreva says, 'i outgrew it'
Somar says, 'outtie for the night, later y'all!'
Rowane waves to Somar.
Anadreva waves to Somar.
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'Pk can be emotional.'
Sandra says, 'it used to be that some of the best rp was on chat with pkillers taunting each other'
Chaykin nods his agreement with Sandra.
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'yes, but it's also a relief. there are a number of times i *wished* i was pk just so i could backstab someone who had pissed me off.'
Krista throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Chaykin says, 'when pk was actually less seperate from the rest of the game is when it was most enjoyable'
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Jesus nods his agreement with Anadreva.
Sandra says, 'and in all honesty, and this will probably piss off someone'
Krista says, 'yeah maybe a pke area would solve everything'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'buuut...other than the occasional saying-shut-up-with-a-backstab, there's really little else in there that attracts me, and other mobkillers.'
Jesus raises his hand.
Sandra says, 'it isn't the pkillers' fault that the game has become separate as far as pk and rp'
Anadreva says to Nissus, 'you're also dedicated mobkill, why don't you pk?'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'How would you know :)'
Anadreva giggles.
Rowane says, 'yeah, but not everyone can think of it as Rp or does think of it in those terms. I can remember Craven taunting Ganymede or maybe Rictor into fighting over chat for what must have been a good 15 minutes. Back then I didn't want any pa'
Nissus says to Anadreva, 'There was this one time on April Fools day..'
Anadreva says to Jesus, 'because i see what you guys do! it's hard to miss!'
Rowane says, 'didn't want any part of that rather. But nowadays, sure, maybe'
Sandra nods solemnly.
Anadreva says, 'look...on a side note'
Anadreva says, 'i think that this is what we need to do'
Sandra says, 'Abigail and Crowe used to throw insults on chat all the time'
Anadreva says, 'and i mean, like, exactly this'
Anadreva says, 'like'
Anadreva says, 'right now'
Jesus says to Anadreva, 'So test the waters in pkok. fight someone you trust.'
Anadreva says, 'we're talking about pk'
Chaykin says, 'the fights between Craven and the Knights were most definitely rp :)'
Sandra says, 'and Malia and well, everyone'
Anadreva says, 'and not trying to kill each other or flaming to no end'
Anadreva says, 'pk'ers are listening to what mobkillers say, and mobkillers aren't just blaming everything on pk'ers'
Rowane says, 'hehe, well, maybe rp from the side of the Knights :P'
Anadreva says, 'it's what it usually degenerates to'
Chaykin says to Rowane, 'Nah on both sides, though not in the same way, maybe.'
Anadreva says, 'the problem is a lot of mobkillers are less involved in the game, so they won't answer on a board, or respond to a post on a forum'
Nissus says to Anadreva, 'And the mud was changed so that everybody was pk..'
Anadreva comforts Nissus.