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December 28th, 2005

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Sandra says, 'ok, lets get the show on the road. We'll be barbequing Huma later'
Sandra says, 'raise 'em if ya got 'em'
Ephiny snickers softly.
Sandra says, 'or we'll have a short qna ;)'
Ephiny raises her hand.
Negredo raises his hand.
Sandra points at Ephiny.
Sassafrass grins evilly at Ephiny... Wonder what she's thinking...
Ephiny says, 'why's rolls of gauze so damned heavy?'
Sassafrass giggles.
BigGrib shrugs helplessly.
Sandra says, 'I thought that Rufus lightened the load. But I'll have to find out what happened there'
Ephiny says, 'its bad when you can't carry anything other then a roll'
Sandra nods her agreement with Ephiny.
Sandra giggles.
Sandra says, 'we'll be looking into it for sure'
Sassafrass says, 'maybe it's a BIG roll'
A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Haley?
Haley wiggles her bottom.
Sandra points at Negredo.
Ephiny says, 'like 5 times the size it should be'
Sandra pets Haley lovingly.
Negredo says, 'is there any certain reason why some mobs dont give snipe xp?'
Sassafrass says, 'like a double toilet paper role'
Negredo swoons into Haley's arms.
Haley cuddles Sandra.
Ephiny snickers at Sassafrass nastily.
BigGrib cheers for Haley - huzzah!
Sassafrass grins evilly at Haley... Wonder what she's thinking...
Sandra says, 'some were specifically built that way'
Negredo mutters under his breath.
Negredo says, 'stupid lawson'
Sandra giggles.
Ephiny tickles Haley.
Sassafrass whispers quietly to Ephiny.
Sandra says, 'any other questions?'
Ephiny claps for Sassafrass approvingly.
Negredo raises his hand.
Sassafrass says, 'is there food here?'
Sassafrass peers around intently.
Sandra points at Negredo.
Haley has created Haley's purple bean bag!
Haley sits down and rests on Haley's purple bean bag.
Negredo says, 'how often if warcry supposed to make the oppenent rage, seems to happen quite often'
Ephiny pounces on Haley, bowling her over.
Negredo says, 'happened a lot today'
Ephiny sits down on Haley's purple bean bag.
Sandra says, 'hm, it's got a lot of factors actually. But since warcry has 4 choices to go thru, I'd say about 20-25%'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Negredo says, '3 times on the first warcry hurts'
Sandra says, 'yea that's ouchy'
Negredo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Negredo raises his hand.
Sandra nods her agreement with Negredo.
BigGrib says, 'why do DT's suck so much'
Negredo says, 'does hide have a timer, of is it indefinate till you do something'
Sandra says, 'no timer on hide.'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Negredo raises his hand.
Sandra giggles.
Sandra nods her agreement with Negredo.
Negredo says, 'if your sneaking, and someone is hunting you, shouldnt you have a chance of them still not telling you entered the room'
Negredo says, 'still says your target has arrived if there sneaking'
Sandra says, 'right now, hunt isn't tracked by room. It is something that we want to do though.'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Negredo says, 'kinda makes sneak worthless if your hunted'
Negredo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'well, only for high perc, I believe'
Sandra says, 'it only says that they arrived if you can see hidden'
Negredo says, 'your hidden when you enter the room?'
Sandra says, 'sneaking'
Negredo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Negredo says, 'ill check that out then'
Sandra says, 'detect hidden shows sneaking as well.'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'and snipers have detect hidden'
Negredo says, 'yea i hate the detect hidden spell with a passion'
Sandra says, 'so you'll always see your sneaking opponent enter your room if you're hunting'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Ephiny says, 'dh is great'
Ephiny sticks her tongue out at Negredo. =P
Sandra giggles.
BigGrib raises his hand.
Negredo says, 'personally think it should be self castable only..'
BigGrib says, 'why is it that we can drink and do opium but we cant smoke??'
Ephiny says, 'that's silly, how's anyone gonna run anything, especially with a low perc shooter'
Sandra says, 'that'd make it hard to do some quests for sure'
Sandra says to BigGrib, 'We don't have a 'smoke' command.'
Sandra says, 'but you can emote it'
Negredo says, 'well its not so much fun in pk when its cast on your oppenent by someone else'
Sandra says, 'if the person wasn't pk, get 'em'
BigGrib says, 'yeah but that sucks having to type man it just takes too long ;)'
Negredo says, 'i guess thats it from me.'
Negredo says to Sandra, 'just report them?'
Sandra says to BigGrib, 'Make an alias ;)'
Sandra nods her agreement with Negredo.
Negredo nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'nonpk people aren't allowed to buff pkillers for pk'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Ephiny says, 'it's interferance'
Ephiny says, 'and stuff'
Negredo says, 'are making orbs and balls of lights for pk people considered interference?'
Negredo says, 'just wanting to be clear on it'
Haley shakes her head.
Negredo says, 'alrighty'
Sandra says, 'well, that's a bit touchy. We let that go.'
Negredo nods solemnly.
Haley nods solemnly.
Negredo says, 'im glad its not :P'
Negredo says, 'id be screwed'
Sandra says, 'it'd be funny if it was ;)'
Ephiny says, 'lights are one thing, buffs are another'
Haley says, 'but if there is interference going on, i wanna know about it.'
Negredo nods his agreement with Haley.
Negredo says, 'will do'
Ephiny says, 'haley's on a warpath today'
Negredo gives Haley a great big smooch!
Haley smirks at Ephiny.
Ephiny claps for Haley approvingly.
Sandra giggles.
Negredo says to Ephiny, 'thats why i like her.'
BigGrib takes a huge rip off his pipe.
Haley says, 'eh i just dont put up with dumb crap'
Negredo nods his agreement with Haley.
Sandra nods her agreement with Haley.
Negredo says, 'oh'
Ephiny says, 'whats dumb crap?'
Ephiny peers around intently.
BigGrib says, 'there should be a stoned mood'
Negredo says, 'and a certain healer in mid, she used to heal every time, now hardly ever heals...'
Negredo says, 'and i know i meet certain conditions and havent used her in forever and still cant'
Sandra says, 'if it's the one I am thinking of, it was a bug that she healed all the time ;)'
Sandra says, 'bug got fixed'
Negredo nods his agreement with Sandra.
Haley says, 'hehe'
Negredo says to Sandra, 'but i think it was over fixed.'
Sandra says, 'it's the same as the other one'
Negredo says, 'i understand why she was changed'
Sandra says, 'in fact, it's teh exact same acts, so I know it's the same ;)'
Negredo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Negredo says, 'i guess im just retarded'
Sandra giggles.
BigGrib nods his agreement with Negredo.
Negredo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Sandra says, 'other questions?'
Negredo says, 'anyone else got questions?'
Negredo peers around intently.
BigGrib says, 'yeah if there is a drunk mood why isn't there a stoned mood?'
Haley bonks BigGrib on the head!
Sandra says, 'drunk fits into Legend's theme'
Negredo says to BigGrib, 'beer isnt a drug.'
Sandra says, 'stoned doesn't'
Haley says, 'coz pot is illegal :p'
BigGrib says, 'but opium is illegal yet i can buy it and do it here'
Negredo grins evilly at BigGrib... Wonder what he's thinking...
Sandra says, 'opium wasn't illegal where you can buy it here :)'
Haley says, 'it fits into the theme of an area'
Ephiny nods her agreement with Sandra.
Haley nods her agreement with Sandra.
Negredo says to BigGrib, 'then your using the dazed mood.'
BigGrib says, 'im just screwing with you two'
Sandra giggles.
BigGrib says, 'it's what i do'
BigGrib looks dazed.

Sandra says, 'I shoot people'
Negredo says to Sandra, 'no you dont.'
BigGrib rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Negredo says to Sandra, 'you refuse.'
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Ephiny says, 'she's a very nice shot'
Sandra says, 'I only refuse one person ;)'
Negredo grumbles to Sandra.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Negredo's head.
Sandra winks suggestively at Negredo.
BigGrib says, 'ooh baby'
Negredo says, 'no idea what your talking about'
Sandra says, 'other questions?'
Sandra says, 'hehe'
Negredo says, 'anyway i could get a restore cause im too lazy to heal?'
Negredo ducks to the ground.
Sandra says, 'probably not! ;)'
Negredo sighs loudly.
Negredo says, 'hadda try..'
Sandra giggles.
Ephiny snickers softly.
Negredo stands up.
Negredo tips his hat gallantly.
Negredo thanks Sandra heartily.
Negredo hugs Haley.
Sandra waves to Negredo.
BigGrib says, 'i got a question, sa i buy Sandra a drink.'
Sandra says, 'probably?'
Haley laughs.
BigGrib says, 'alright! woohooo!!'
Sandra giggles.
Ephiny pets Haley lovingly.
Haley pets Ephiny lovingly.
Ephiny pets Sandra lovingly.
Ephiny says, 'i missed you two freaks'
Haley laughs.
Sandra giggles.
Haley says, 'we are freaks!'
Haley beams delightedly.
BigGrib says, 'ok well my time is here, i got to get back IC, thanks for the T&A, i mean Q&A'
Sandra nods her agreement with Haley.
Haley snuggles up to Sandra.
Sandra waves to BigGrib.
Sandra pets Haley lovingly.
Ephiny says, 'uhm now i'm out numbered by freaks'
Ephiny peers around intently.
Sandra snickers softly.
Ephiny shudders.
Ephiny says, 'whats the new updates?'
Ephiny peers around intently.
Sandra says, 'none really this week'
Sandra says, 'Rufus has been busy with the new little girl in his life =)'
Haley giggles.
Ephiny nods solemnly.
Sandra says, 'and she's a cutie too'
Sandra met her!
Haley beams delightedly.
Ephiny says, 'aw'
Haley says, 'the pics of her are adorable :)'
Sandra says, 'she's a tiny little thing that hates having her hands bundled up'
Sandra giggles.
Haley giggles.
Sandra says, 'short qna'
Sandra giggles.
Ephiny says, 'where are the picks?'
Ephiny nods solemnly.
Haley says, 'uhm on his site'
Sandra says, 'toddmickimmey.com/?p=5'
Haley says, 'hehe yeah that'
Sandra says, 'er toddmckimmey.com'
Sandra says, 'can't spell today'
Ephiny says, 'holy whats /?p=5'
Ephiny snickers softly.
Sandra giggles.
Ephiny says, 'aww she's cute'
Sandra nods her agreement with Ephiny.
Sandra says, 'ok, gonna close up qna I suppose'