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April 19th, 2006

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Quimby says, 'he speaks mcdougish so damn much, he forgot english'
Huma says, 'you there McD :)'
Blackmojo laughs.
Huma giggles. 
Nadia snickers at Quimby nastily.
Nadia hesitates a moment.
McDougan says, '...There's some verra odd things I found, Like parry not workin' with swords or con-weapons'
Lew says to Quimby, 'thats 'engrish'.'
Nadia says, 'Engrish.com!'
Nadia zips her lips.
Huma says, 'help file says that not all weapons are able to parry'
Huma says, 'so maybe the one you're using is one of those'
McDougan says, '...Now, I know there's Iron will, but  that's not for casters. So, if ye happen to be a caster, what on earth do ye get from Con or Strength fighting to benefit ye?'
Xuvenia says, 'um yes, some of them have no parry flags....'
Masha says, 'Your preps, mainly.' 
Blackmojo says, 'lots of ho and hitting hard ?'
Blackmojo peers around intently.
Huma says, 'well yeah you get all your spells'
McDougan says, 'I asked. Evidently only ones that grant a bonus work with them if they're not dex wepons, and there's no way to tell.'
Quimby says, 'thats cause they were made before the parry flags were put in'
McDougan says, 'YEah. It costs something like 26 practices for those spells'
Huma says, 'the whole idea behind iron will was that non-spell users I think we can all agree on, were very undermanned'
Huma nods solemnly.
Masha says, 'They did get the shaft on it.'
Huma says, 'certainly the skill situation is in favor of the warrior'
McDougan says, 'Aye, but it disnae fix the Con/Dex/Str problem always degrading to "dex rules"'
Xuvenia says, 'not really since mages can already cast regen spells on themselves anyway, as far as con goes'
Huma says, 'well'
Quimby says, 'now they miss every bash, kick headbutt choke they attempt and still get their ass kicked'
Huma says, 'nowadays, the whole point of con is to have HP and strength is to do a lot of damage'
Huma says, 'a straight dex fighter will get incinerated by both other types'
Lew says, 'isnt that what blind/wfw is for?'
Huma says, 'I would say this game is far from dex mud'
Huma says, 'as far as its ever been'
Wrym hates joining in the middle of a conversation!
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'the lack of the ability to parry for con or strength is... paltry'
Sana says, 'dexmud'
Lew says to Wrym, 'then learn to show up on time :P'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lew.
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Sana.
Huma says, 'the bonuses of dex nowadays are hitroll, dodge, parry'
Huma says, 'and kick'
McDougan says, 'And yet it's a skill ye could well end uup buying unknowing'
Quimby says, 'she's a woman and will always be late!'
Huma says, 'I would say thats a small benefit'
Quimby sticks his tongue out at Wrym. =P
Wrym cries on Quimby's shoulder.
Huma says, 'what skill, parry?'
Quimby ducks under Masha.
Lew snickers softly.
Huma says, 'well, we've made all help files available to everyone, so hopefully they would read the help file before they got the skill'
McDougan says, 'In other words,DEx handles every single aspect of not having damage done to you. Dodge, Parry, bonus to AC, etc.'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Xuvenia says, 'mages were never supposed to be as good at skills as barbarian sorts anyway... so iron will just solved a problem in that regard'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'dex handles damage mitigation'
Wrym nods her agreement with Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'and it doesnt do it all that well =P'
Xuvenia says, 'instead of focusing on getting imms to change how hard you hit, get them to change some mana rules so you can just go crazy with damage spells'
Wrym snickers at Huma nastily.
McDougan says, 'But if ye're second circle, the benefirs for magery aren't as great as for third circle, but ye're treated the same'
Blackmojo raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Nadia smirks.
Huma nods his agreement with McDougan.
Huma says, 'but the stat requirement are less as well'
McDougan says, 'WHATY damage spells? I'm 2c Cause!'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
Quimby says, 'wither dougie'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Huma.
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Huma says, 'so thats the tradeoff you make there'
Huma says, 'certainly 2c circle mages are no longer the 'sweet spot' as far as making a character are concerned'
Xuvenia says, 'maybe dougie has a point there about 2nd cir'
Wrym fails to see the trade off!
Quimby says, 'it sucks'
Quimby says, 'worse for a create mage'
Huma says, 'well, I would make the argument that prior to the iron will changes 2c was overpowered :)'
Xuvenia says, 'maybe as soon as you learn any 3rd circle word you can't learn iron will?'
Xuvenia snickers softly.
Quimby whaps Huma across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Huma. 
Wrym says, 'as just a side note.... there are almost 4 circles of words... not 3...... shrug....'
Lew says, 'IW, expert parry, dodge, and high 90's dex is awesome'
Huma says, 'do YOU wanna see a WFW stunning, blinding, cure lighting iron will machine?'
McDougan says, 'Eh... Still. 2c Cause dinnae get as much benefit as I thought. IT all comes down to strength - which ye can get from brew anyway, a couple verra weak regeneration spells, one of which, lucidity, probbly costs more mana than it gives,'
Wrym grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what she's thinking...
Blackmojo laughs.
Quimby says, 'few things are stunnable anymore'
Huma says, 'the regen spell was set up to give you more then you spend overall'
Masha says, 'I'm pretty useful as a 2c create on runs.  :P'
Lew says to Masha, 'what about solo stuff?' 
Huma says, 'and certainly the benefits of being a 2nd circle mage arent what they used to be'
Wrym nods her agreement with Masha.
Yossarian says to Masha, 'we love you.'
Masha says to Lew, 'i don't have a weapon, honey.'
McDougan says, 'EVERYTHING has 100 mind at high levels'
Huma says, 'however as I said, I am of the mind that 2nd circle was quite insanely overpowered prior to now =P' 
McDougan says, 'Literally. Even ANIMALS'
Quimby says, 'just your tongue :P'
Masha beams at Yossarian delightedly.
Huma says, 'however I don't control these things'
Huma says, 'if you have a well reasoned and thought you argument'
Huma says, 'I very much encourage you to go to forum.legendmud.org'
McDougan says, '... If ye can be out-thought by a bloody animal....'
Huma says, 'and post it in the general forum'
Huma says, 'Rufus controls all of that, and reads that thing'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'Rufus controls the game balance and reads the forums'
Huma says, 'so if you can make a sound argument to him he'll certainly respong with his reasons why/why not'
Quimby says, 'though im surprised at some of the things i can wfw now that i couldn't wfw before even with idiocy'
Kurgan disappears into the void.
Kurgan has returned from the void.
Xuvenia ponders Quimby's existence.
Huma says, 'we've been going through many many many MANY changes in the past 2 years'
McDougan says, 'I have another question, but I c'n wait.'
Huma says, 'and game balance is something we're very interested in'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'hrm did anyone else raise their hand?'
Quimby says, 'we need a skill wipe'
Nadia points at Lew.
Huma says, 'we dont need a skill wipe =P'
Wrym goes EEK! at Quimby in distress - isn't Quimby an awful person for teasing?
Quimby says, 'yes we do'
Huma says, 'Lew did you have a question?'
Wrym says, 'you mean skill redeem?....'
Lew says, 'i just wanted to know why theres an assload of cars parked in front of my house, with guys standing outside BS'n...'
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Nadia blinks.
Huma says, 'mafia'
Nadia snorts derisively.
Wrym cackles gleefully at Huma - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
Sana raises her hand.
Huma says, 'organized crime and/or FBI'
McDougan raises his hand.
Quimby says, 'then change all the teachers and let everyone run around trying to find out who teaches what :P'
Huma says, 'which is americas organized crime'
Huma says, 'go ahead Sana'
Huma pokes Sana with Kryptonite.
Sana says, 'what color is huma's moms hair'
Sana says, 'and are QnAs still logged'
Huma smirks.
Huma says, 'they are'
Sana says, 'nice'
Huma says, 'and grey by now I am sure'
Sana says, 'ok so out with it'
Lethe peers around intently.
Sana says, 'why dont you know!'
Lew grins evilly at Lethe... Wonder what he's thinking...
Huma says, 'I dunno she lives in california'
Huma says, 'I havent seen her in quite awhile'
Lethe raises his hand.
Quimby says, 'he never sees his mother'
Huma says, 'go ahead Mcdougan had the next question'
Huma pokes McDougan with Kryptonite.
Masha raises her hand.
McDougan says, 'They keep her int he atick wi' Mrs. Rochester'
Quimby says, 'do we have that much time :P'
Sana says, 'huma is a naughty son'
Wrym raises her hand.
McDougan says, 'What's Warcry based on, anyway?'
McDougan says, 'Con or?'
Lethe says, 'con'
Lew says, 'bet he dodges her calls all the time...'
Lethe snickers softly.
Wrym says, 'is it strictly con?....'
Sana nods her agreement with Lew.
Huma says, 'con'
Masha says, 'And prestige'
Huma says, 'although I think strength may be SLIGHTLY involved'
McDougan says, '...So why, with 100 con, do I still have no benefit most of the time, and rage them far more than stun?'
Huma says, 'prestige is involved'
Huma says, 'rage happens more then stun'
McDougan says, 'and 100 prestige'
Huma says, 'fear happens more then stun'
Yossarian bonks Quimby on the head!
Huma says, 'and warcry just... it just doesnt stun all that often'
McDougan says, 'But Rage is a negative effect'
Lethe says, 'paralyze doesn't happen a lot to mobs'
Huma says, 'its just the nature of the beast'
Wrym snickers at Huma nastily.
McDougan says, 'SO I'm more liekly with warcry to hurt myself?'
Lethe nods his agreement with McDougan.
Lew says, 'para does in peekay though...'
Lew grumbles.
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
Huma says, 'well it does damage'
Lethe says, 'about 7 points :P'
Huma says, 'and it has a chance to fear or stun'
Yossarian says, 'The Warcry itself does damage?'
Lew says, 'and initiates combat'
Lethe nods his agreement with Yossarian.
Huma says, 'yeah it does damage'
Wrym nods her agreement with Yossarian.
Huma says, 'weird eh'
McDougan says, 'Aye, but the stun never lasts more than a round or two'
Huma says, 'but whatev =P'
Lethe says, 'i still prefer topple'
Huma says, 'you scream at someone it cuts their skin'
Lethe shrugs helplessly. 
Huma nods solemnly.
Xuvenia says, 'yeah, stun needs to last longer since it happens so rarely anyway'
Xuvenia grumbles.
McDougan says, 'Any chance of an upgrade?'
Lethe says, 'bah dougan, i've had 4 round paras when someone like blackmojo or freaky warcries me'
Huma says, 'the idea channel is the place to mention the stun lasting longer'
Yossarian says, 'so which does more damage, kick, warcry, headbutt, elbow or a shot in the head?'
Lethe says, 'god NO it does not need an upgrade'
McDougan says, 'Through Era experience, or whitever?'
Huma says, 'warcry does little damage'
Wrym says, 'i personaly have very very good luck with para... more often than fear/rage and several round para's....'
Huma says, 'less then 10'
Quimby says, 'actually on a mob im thinking of, and he surprised me when i did it, i got him stunned for  quite a few rounds, then got lucky and wfw'd him twice more'
Lethe says, '100 con warcry is round 7 in my experience..'
Lew says, 'id say headbutt does more damage'
Huma says, 'ok I submitted the idea about a longer stun for warcry'
Lethe says, 'kick and shoot body will do the most damage out of any skills, blindside too'
Huma says, 'a longer minimum'
Quimby says, 'i don't even bother with warcry anymore, tired of it doing nothing, and i almost always have 100 prestige as well as 100 con'
Yossarian nods his agreement with Quimby.
McDougan says, '...I just find it odd that I seem to have beeter effect with that bizzare entangle skill at 50 spirit than the only skill centred around my fighting stat'
Yossarian thanks Lethe heartily.
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'well headbutt is con based'
Lethe says, 'it's not the only skill centered around your fighting stat :P'
Huma says, 'so... could try that'
Wrym ponders McDougan's existence.
Masha says, 'I entangle like a fiend.  Go 103 spirit!'
McDougan says, 'HEadbutt's help file does not say that'
Lew says to Huma, 'make sure it wont apply to peekay, though...'
Quimby says, 'yeah headbutt is great for stunning yourself'
Wrym cheers for Masha - huzzah!
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
Huma says, 'yes it does'
Huma says, 'right at the end of help headbutt'
Huma says, 'success is based on a comparison of your constitution to your target's constitution'
McDougan says, '... I have the headbutt skill????'
Wrym nods solemnly.
McDougan says, '...Damn, I hate long abscences'
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
Huma nods his agreement with McDougan.
Huma says, 'headbutt was moved to con based... years ago'
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Huma says, 'like years and year'
Quimby nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'like maybe 5 years ago' 
Wrym says, 'what was it before?....'
Lethe says, 'Don't use headbutt on mobs though, it doesn't work very well'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Blackmojo says, 'what was it ?'
Huma says, 'dex versus dex before'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Yossarian says, 'anyone have a clue as to what the min spir req is for Entangle?'
Blackmojo peers around intently.
Blackmojo nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'most mobs have superstats to compete with our eq bonuses' 
Wrym nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'so you're usually headbutting something that has 100+ con :P'
Huma says, 'so try headbutt out!'
Masha says to Yossarian, 'have to have enough spirit to herblore, obviously.'
Huma says, 'its the primary stat'
Wrym grumbles to Lethe.
McDougan says, 'Aye. But I still find it odd that at high levels, everything seems to have straight 100s'
Huma lets you in on a little secret... mobs dont have 100+ :)
McDougan says, 'removes a LOT of strategy'
Yossarian nods his agreement with Masha.
Huma says, 'mobs mostly have just 100's'
Quimby says, 'no its 200+'
Lethe says, 'whatever :P' 
Huma says, 'well you guys are so damn good, if they didnt have 100'
Huma says, 'you'd mow them over'
Huma says, 'like woah'
Lethe says, 'we still do that'
Wrym says, 'is that a problem?' 
Lethe snickers softly.
Huma says, 'big mobs are hard because they're supposed to be hard =P'
Yossarian jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Lethe!
Wrym pokes Huma in the ribs.
Lethe says, 'move on to next question already'
McDougan says, 'Still, it starts to 100's very early, and sometimes on things that don't make sense. Surely animals shouldn't havev 100s!'
Lethe grumbles.
Quimby says, 'they cheat cause sandra makes em to cheat'
Huma says, 'I will'
McDougan says, 'in mind!'
Huma says, 'a animal with 5 mind whos meant to be hard'
McDougan says, 'sorry.'
Huma says, 'will become VERY easy'
Huma says, 'and then the game is no challenge'
McDougan says, 'wsay 50 or 70 might work'
McDougan says, 'for some.'
Huma says, 'could idea it!'
Lew snickers at Huma nastily.
Huma says, 'if you see animals that need a mind adjustment idea it'
Huma says, 'must appeal directly to the builder of the area'
Quimby says, 'give all the fish 100 minds'
Huma says, 'and the way to do it is the idea command'
Huma says, 'OK next question'
Huma says, 'its Lethe'
Huma says, 'go Lethe'
Huma cheers for Lethe - huzzah!
Lethe says, 'ah right'
Huma says to Lethe, 'Gogogogogogogogogogogo.'
Huma nudges Lethe.
Huma pokes Lethe in the ribs.
Huma says, 'pressure!'
Lew says to Lethe, 'do it!'
Lew says to Lethe, 'do it!'
Lew says to Lethe, 'do it!'
Wrym ponders Lethe's existence.
Quimby says, 'c'mon mclethe'
Lethe says, 'I'm wondering about snapper, since he's head coder, is he gonna be forced to talk to people now?'
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'nope!'
Huma says, 'well... Rufus and Sandra he has to tal kto'
Huma says, 'but thats it'
McDougan raises his hand.
Lethe says, 'cause he still doesn't post the code updates like huggy did'
Huma says, 'in time, all in good time'
Lethe says, 'nor does he come answer codey questions at qna'
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Blackmojo raises his hand.
Huma says, 'the transfer of Coding oeprations is still going'
Huma says, 'ok next question'
Lethe says, 'so in other words, no? :P'
Huma says, 'Masha'
Huma says to Lethe, 'Whenever Rufus and Snapper get around to it is the answer =P'
Masha says to Huma, 'are we going to see more of the various foods actually have the 'raw food' flag on them so we can fiddle around with the cooking skill more?  So many out there that you can eat, but not cook.'
Huma says to Lethe, 'Which as you can tell, in no way involves me =P'
Masha likes using useless skills sometimes.
Huma says, 'if you ever find a piece of food that should be raw/would be cool to be raw'
Lethe says to Huma, 'Any phrase with "code" in it doesn't involve you :P'
Huma says, 'idea it!'
Wrym grins evilly at Masha... Wonder what she's thinking...
Masha says to Huma, 'i have.  Many, many times.'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'if its not happening, it just hasnt been gotten to yet, or someone didnt agree'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'I dont see a movement towards a department wide goal of making more things raw though'
Lew raises his hand.
Blackmojo laughs.
Huma says, 'ok next is Wrym'
Huma pokes Wrym with Kryptonite.
Wrym says, 'speaking of lots of idea/bug things..... any update on the lotto... seems to be somewhat.... absent lately....'
Yossarian says to Huma, 'i seem to recall that if you eat a portion of a raw food, you cannot cook the remainder.'
Huma says, 'Sandras been busy with the real life'
Wrym coughs loudly. 
Xuvenia says, 'yeah same with code updates :P'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'just gonna have to be patient with her'
Huma says, 'we'll have a code update soon enough'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'ok the thing is'
Xuvenia says, 'i wanna know how portioning is even useful'
Lethe reads message #47 on the news board.
Huma says, 'Rufus Sandra and LadyAce all got busy like at the same exact time'
Huma says, 'and that time was now'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Xuvenia says, 'is snapper busy? :P'
Lew says to Xuvenia, 'flavoring.'
Lethe says, 'woah, does that mean you're in charge?'
Huma says, 'so it's just slowed down temporarily'
Lethe looks at Huma and shudders.
Wrym goes EEK! at Huma in distress - isn't Huma an awful person for teasing?
Huma says, 'yeah I'm in charge'
Quimby says, 'oh never mind, bites tongue'
Huma says, 'not really =P'
Xuvenia says, 'you should make him come answer questions then'
Huma says, 'Sandra will show up soon enough and beat us all into submission'
Huma says, 'who, snapper?'
Xuvenia says, 'yea'
Wrym bursts into tears.
Huma says, 'you guys really want snapper here?'
Lethe says, 'yes!'
Xuvenia says, 'yes, he rocks'
Huma says, 'hes not online =P'
Huma says, 'hah!'
Xuvenia stomps on Huma's toes.
Xuvenia says, 'tease'
Lethe says, 'call him then :P'
Huma says, 'ok next question is McDougan'
Lew says, 'more herbie too'
McDougan says, 'Aye, aye, sorry, just... are old quests having their rewards looked at? Because there's a few very hard quests - beowulf (sword became two-handed wi' nae corresponding stat boost), or Phantom, say, that give items with either very lit'
Huma says, 'I dont have his number'
Huma says, 'I only have LA's number so I can call her and stalk'
McDougan says, 'little AC, or non-full stats, despite being the most difficult quests in the game.'
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'well the beowulf sword they tried to boost'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
Masha says to McDougan, 'i've been working on updating my DB of all that sort of stuff as of late.  Still working on it.'
Masha scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Lethe says, 'that sword suxors anyway'
McDougan says, 'Weel, question's really more general'
Huma says, 'and you're right Phantom rewards could use a boost with the new AC rewards... just gonna have to idea it though :('
Huma says, 'we don't have an official crew that goes around and pumps up items as we make code changes'
Quimby says, 'you need more clone items for some of the harder quests, im not really looking forward to a full pd run to replace something'
Quimby grumbles.
Huma snickers softly.
McDougan says, 'Weirdest is when the quest reward has a duplicate that's better'
Huma says, 'if it were me I'd tear all the clone items out'
McDougan says, 'which applies to some.'
Huma says, 'they're complete shortcuts =P'
Quimby says, 'thn make the quests repeatable'
McDougan says, 'lion-skin cloak, say.'
Lethe says, 'yeah, but i need two of the same item from sl2, and that makes things difficult'
McDougan says, 'where AC gets ye.'
Lethe says, 'i'll spend months getting them if i'm lucky'
Quimby says, 'or do it so you don't get the xp boost you did the first time'
Lew says to Huma, 'what about if someone DT's?'
Masha says, 'Poor Tartarus needs EQ update.  It's EQ, while fun, is left by the wayside for SL2 stuff.' 
McDougan says, 'Tartarus has verra little equipment tae start with'
Huma says, 'I'd prefer repeatable quests with no XP rewards, just the EQ again'
Lethe says, 'tartersauce isn't worth it compared to other runs'
Lew nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'thats my preference though'
Huma says, 'not sure thats everyones idea'
Huma says, 'its... actually I know its not =P'
McDougan says, 'NONE in the whole pre-erebus section except Coeus, which is before ye enter Tartarus properly'
Lethe snickers softly.
Huma says, 'hrm, send nestor a letter about not enough EQ'
Quimby says, 'exactly, its less likely to be abused if the part of the original reward is not there'
Huma says, 'and I'll be sure to tell rufus to make SL2 harder =P'
Lethe says, 'inferno too needs a big update'
Lethe says, 'no eq there eitehr'
Lethe says, 'tell rufus to make sl2 repop more'
Lethe snickers softly.
Quimby says, 'so im not the only one that calls it tartersauce, i spent al day monday in there with mcdougan'
McDougan says, 'also Coeus should really be moved past the no return point'
Quimby says, 'never been to inferno'
Huma says, 'Inferno might be awhile before it gets a update, it just got one after it went int'
McDougan says, 'Oly bondable equipment in tartarus, unless there's bits in Thanatos or onquests I havenae found....'
Lethe says, 'inferno was a joke when it first went in :P'
Quimby says, 'isn't he a guardian?'
Lethe says, 'coeus is a titan that is escaping'
Huma says, 'Inferno was unplayable when it went in'
Quimby says, 'ah'
Huma says, 'Coeus yeah, hes trying to get out... if he gets out its bad'
Xuvenia staggers around the room, bumping into walls.
Huma says, 'so we cant let him get out =P'
Quimby says, 'oh let him the world needs a little shaking up'
McDougan says, 'People have a tendency to run as far as him, then leave'
Wrym grumbles to Huma. 
Huma says, 'the story doesnt work if hes beyond the point of no return'
Yossarian taunts Lethe mercilessly with a "First to Exit the Inferno" t-shirt.
Huma nods his agreement with McDougan.
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe says, 'because people go for his manacles'
Quimby says, 'it might be made so you have to do certain things internally before you can kill him'
Nadia says to Yossarian, 'you get lots of t-shirts, dont you?'
Lethe says to Yossarian, 'I was first to get stuck in the inferno :P'
Huma says, 'maybe I can talk to Nestor about making it so you have to run the whole area to start a chain of events that makes coeus killable'
McDougan says, 'aye, but putting the best piece of equipment in tartarus in such a place as you needn't actually enter tartarus?'
Lethe says, 'no no no no'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Yossarian nods his agreement with Nadia.
Huma says, 'yeah I understand, its questionable area design no doubt'
Wrym says, 'i'ts hard enought to get a manacles as is....'
McDougan says, 'Could have him climbing out the other side'
Lethe says, 'i don't want to run an entire tartarus just to ge that piece of eq'
Quimby says, 'oh hell lets go kill him twice before huma starts pestering nestor'
Lethe says, 'he's hard enough to take without an entire run before him'
Wrym nods her agreement with Quimby.
Huma says, 'honestly'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Huma says, 'I'm on the side of 'make it harder''
Huma giggles.
Wrym snickers at Huma nastily.
Huma says, 'you guys are to good@'
Huma says, 'to proficient at this game'
Quimby says, 'you always are'
McDougan says, 'weel, what about putting an easier titan deep in tartarus'
Quimby whaps Huma across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Lethe says, 'that's because we've all been here for years, perfecting it'
Huma says, 'we must put more crap in front of you to slow you down'
McDougan says, 'Or a quest involving the aloads?'
Lethe says, 'see huma the problem is'
McDougan says, 'that gave a similar reward?'
Lethe says, 'that there are SO many people who are itching to get those manacles'
Wrym likes the idea of a SECOND titan inside tatarsus...
Wrym grins evilly.
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Lethe.
Lethe says, 'and you have 5 people rolling every time you kill coeus'
Huma says, 'I'll mention this to Nestor OK'
Huma says, 'and he can make a decision'
Huma says, 'but I agree he should move it around maybe'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Lethe says, 'so if you throw an entire run in front of it, it makes it take so much longer'
Wrym says, 'or more...'
Huma says, 'its pretty much exploitable right now'
Quimby says, 'so give him 2 so we have less people asking all the time :P' 
Blackmojo says, 'ive been on about 6 runs and havent got a pair yet'
McDougan says, 'it'd make sense to have a second titan, or more, inside of tartarus.'
Huma says, 'theres a titan DT'
Huma says, 'more then one titan is death to all!'
McDougan says, 'Exactly'
Huma cringes in terror.
McDougan says, 'There's clearly titans down there'
Huma says, 'yeah'
Wrym says, 'really.. i don't think that running throu most of tatartsus is that bad... if you have a titan group... the rest will... be fairly easy...'
Quimby says, 'its what i hated about sl in the beginning, everyone wanted the same things, only one person could get it'
Huma says, 'all except one of them hang out in their own little titan villa'
McDougan says, 'if you want to be REALLY clever, put the titan in the DT room , so you have to shoot him out'
Lew says, 'especialy since he's un-calmable now' 
Huma says, 'ok'
Lethe says, 'i've never gone all the way through tartersauce because it was that annoying :P'
Huma says, 'anyone'
Huma says, 'on the titan, I'll talk to Nestor thats all I can say right now'
Huma says, 'I'm going to move onto Blackmojos question now'
Wrym snickers at Lethe nastily.
McDougan says, 'and you could always go straight to Maegara and recall if he's in the first section'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'I'll talk to nestor I swear I will' 
Blackmojo says, 'who thought it would  be funny to bring back the backstab on a stun ? its way out of hand way over powered'
Wrym grumbles. 
McDougan nods solemnly.
Lethe smirks.
Wrym snickers at Blackmojo nastily. 
Lethe says, 'blackmojo is sad because he doesn't para warcry 3 times in a fight anymore :P'
Huma says, 'we put backstab back in after stun because uh... it was a silly change in the first place'
Lew says to Blackmojo, 'your just mad cuz salvatore burned you earlier :P'
Quimby says, 'ok i have some errands to do'
McDougan raises his hand.
Lew says, 'yeah, if yer stunned, how can you be too alert?'
Huma says, 'sorry, no real reason'
Huma says, 'it wasnt just to screw Blackmojo over though'
Lew says to Huma, 'lies!'
Huma says, 'if its seriously overpowered do some tests and report on the forum'
Huma says, 'maybe we ... hes gone'
Huma says, 'ok then'
Huma says, 'mud hung'
Blackmojo peers around intently.
Lethe says to Lew, 'Salva burns everyone, he's got a pk value of like 18.'
Huma says, 'anyway BM'
Lethe says to Lew, 'Actually i think it's 20 now.'
Huma says, 'if its really overpowered, do some study on it and see what you can see'
Huma says, 'then put some info on the forums'
Huma says, 'you have to convince Rufus/Sandra that its overpowered'
Huma says, 'until you can do that it wont change'
Blackmojo looks up into the sky and ponders.
Lew says to Lethe, 'i asked him earlier, he said he's worth like 130k or sommat.'
Huma says, 'ok I'm going to move onto the next question which was Lew'
Huma says, 'go ahead Lew'
Blackmojo says, 'great screw the fighter for a few more yours'
Blackmojo says, 'years'
Lew says, 'err...i forgot it'
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
Huma giggles.
Lethe says, 'welcome back to dexmud'
Huma says, 'we dont want to screw the fighters'
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Lethe.
Huma says, 'its not dexmud either =P'
Huma says, 'anyway!'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe says, 'kastina and flinx solo the first floor of AT'
Huma says, 'its sniper mud'
Huma says, 'big difference'
Lew nonchalantly flips a C96 "Broomhandle" Mauser.
Blackmojo shakes his head.
Lethe says, 'dexies reign supreme in pk'
McDougan says, 'Then ye probably shouldn't make ONLY the dex skill have Era skillpoints'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
Blackmojo says, 'dex con is top dog'
Huma says, 'McD you're up again'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
McDougan says, 'But up the Str and Con fighters through ERa XP too'
McDougan says, 'Weel, a more minor one, but...'
Lethe says, 'era points have nothin to do with pk though, any of the actual skill boosts don't effect pke players'
Huma says, 'I just got an email today about further fighter bonuses to era skill'
Huma says, 'for surgeons and fighters'
McDougan says, '...There's certain skills that have incrediably few uses.'
Huma says, 'so we are looking at that'
McDougan says, 'Sing, I think, it champion among them'
Lethe says, 'case'
Lethe snickers softly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'sing can put people to sleep'
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
McDougan says, 'VEry high prerequisites, used in one quest, and...'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Lew says, 'swim is horrible'
Huma says, 'yeah isnt it a prereq for lullaby'
Lethe says, 'swim is helpful'
Lew shakes his head.
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Huma says, 'ok heres my rule on all skills though'
Lew says, 'doesnt work on the sea'
Huma says, 'first a disclaimer'
Lethe says, 'it works in more shallow water'
Huma says, 'We have been slowly but surely tackling one stupid skill at a time'
Huma says, 'so it IS something we are aware of'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Lethe goes EEK! at LadyAce in distress - isn't LadyAce an awful person for teasing?
Lew says, 'where you wouldnt drown anyway? real helpful...'
Huma says, 'however, if you have ANY ideas for how to improve a skillplease idea it'
Lethe shrugs in response to Lew's words.
McDougan nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'you can move when your boat eats it'
Huma says, 'because we run into mental road blocks' 
Huma knocks LadyAce over and flops all over her.
Huma says, 'actually its LA's thing'
Huma says, 'useless skill hatred'
Huma says, 'its like one of her pet peeves'
LadyAce giggles.
Lethe says, 'mm, juggling..'
Wrym grins evilly.
McDougan says, 'It might make sense for some skills to cost less than one practice point, though'
Lethe says, 'i need to get that..'
McDougan says, 'Or to group up.'
Wrym says, 'juggling ain't bad...' 
Huma says, 'well we cant overhaul the practive system'
LadyAce says, 'yes, I go on rampages and insist we start making them free or useful, one or the other'
Lew gets a glass vial containing a pungent clear liquid from a black satin top-hat.
Lew gets a vial containing a filmy liquid from a black satin top-hat.
McDougan says, 'Make Amulet, say, could come automatically with brew'
Huma says, 'so whats gonna happen is we're gonna either improve some of rip others out'
Lethe says, 'i can't see case as being helpful, or haggle'
Huma says, 'OR make them free skills'
Lew says to Lethe, 'i caught these two vials todes threw at me the other day.'
McDougan says, 'Any news about make amulet, by the way?'
Lethe says to Lew, 'I wasn't saying juggling was bad, i was saying i need it.'
Lew nods his agreement with Lethe.
Lethe says, 'make amulet is a great thing to have in pk'
LadyAce says, 'I put in some new stuff for make amulet not long ago!'
Lew says to Lethe, 'i know.'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Lethe says, 'that one resist stun amulet is awesome to have against mages'
Lew puts a vial containing a filmy liquid in a black satin top-hat.
Lew puts a glass vial containing a pungent clear liquid in a black satin top-hat.
LadyAce says, 'tho I might need to keep making it better'
McDougan says, 'well, I haven't been able to find it on herblore'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
McDougan says, '...Mind ye, HErblore seems to be missing some plants.'
Huma says, 'first thing we have been doing is not halfway useful skills though'
LadyAce says, 'first people have to use it and complain it's overpowered or underpowered or etc.'
Huma says, 'its ABSOLUTLY USELESS skills'
McDougan says, 'Peppermint, for instance'
Huma says, 'that we're been looking at first =P'
LadyAce says, 'yea, altho the crafting skills, Rufus has plans for those'
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Huma says, 'rufus has lots of plans'
LadyAce says, 'it's the armwrestles of the world that really get me worked up :)'
Huma says, 'hes the man with a plan'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Huma says, 'yeah'
Lethe begins to armwrestle with Huma.
Lethe rubs his arm after being crushed in armwrestling by Huma!
Huma says, 'we're starting with skills of NO VALUE at all'
McDougan says, '...Moight be good if Herblore gave a list of herbs you could peruse too'
Lethe laughs.
Huma winks suggestively at Lethe.
McDougan says, '...Or would that be broken?'
Huma says, 'ya know what WOULD be cool'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
McDougan says, 'You mean like shipbuilding?'
Holding out his fist, Lethe calls out, 'Rock!'
Huma says, 'after you herblore something you get to look at your herb book'
Huma says, 'or something'
Huma says, 'like we do with quest log'
Huma says, 'except we could make a herb log'
Lew begins to armwrestle with Lethe.
Lew quickly defeats Lethe.
Lethe laughs at Lew.
Wrym nods solemnly. 
Lew snickers softly.
LadyAce says, 'herblore has long been considered a skill that we want to re-write'
Huma says, 'or like spellbook'
Lethe says, 'strength: 41'
LadyAce nods her agreement with Huma.
McDougan says, 'Quest log?'
LadyAce says, 'that'd be cool, particularly if it sorted'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Lew says, '54 here'
Huma says, 'you look type herbbook garlic'
Huma says, 'and it would say if its brewed it does X if its an amulet it does Y'
Huma says, 'just a big list' 
LadyAce says, 'like herblore brew 'cure light' -- all the herbs that brew a cure light'
Huma drools contentedly.
LadyAce giggles.
LadyAce says, 'ok let's idea that one :)'
LadyAce giggles.
Huma says, 'sort by affect or herb'
McDougan nods solemnly.
LadyAce says, 'sorry, here I go hijacking your Q&A, mortal peeps :)'
LadyAce says, 'me and my big mouth!'
Lethe raises his hand.
McDougan says, 'I should point out peppermint'
Lew cackles gleefully at LadyAce - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!
McDougan says, 'Isn't in herblore'
Wrym says, 'um.. cross refferenced.. so i type cure poison.. and it give me a list of herbs and ... method... brew/poultice.. amulet.. ect...'
LadyAce says, 'probly it's a food not a herb atm'
Masha disappears into the void.
Masha has returned from the void.
McDougan says, 'But ye can entangle with it'
McDougan says, '...Can you entangle with food?'
Lew says, 'taffy'
LadyAce says, 'oh, then it probly doesn't have any abilities in herblore is why'
Huma strings his ideas.
Huma into multiple ideas.
McDougan says, '... Mean the skill'
LadyAce giggles.
LadyAce says, 'yea has to be a herb for entangle to work'
McDougan nods solemnly.
LadyAce says, 'altho entangle with food would be fun'
LadyAce has created a bowl of spaghetti!
Huma says, 'but the hook would have to be you'd had to have attempted it'
LadyAce brandishes a bowl of spaghetti menacingly.
Huma cringes away from LadyAce in mortal terror.
Lew says, 'entangles with a double-beef cheeseburger'
LadyAce has created a handful of peppermint!
Wrym grins evilly.
Blacktiger rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Lethe says to LadyAce, 'String-cheese?'
Blacktiger raises his hand.
Lew says, 'string beans'
Wrym raises her hand.
Huma says, 'ok next question is Blacktiger'
Huma says, 'go ahead BT'
Lethe says, 'wtf'
Lethe raised his hand a while ago!
Huma says, 'oh did I miss you lethe?'
Blacktiger says, 'who won the egg game'
Huma says, 'ok sorry'
Lethe stomps around.
Lew rolls around laughing at Lethe's joke.
Huma says, 'lethe you go ahead'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Lew says to Lethe, 'you got burnt!'
Huma says, 'read welcome 57'
Lethe says, 'What new areas are in the works?'
Huma says, 'uh'
Lew pokes Huma in the ribs.
Lethe says, 'Anything we can expect soon?'
Huma says, 'same old'
Huma says, 'nothing =P'
Lew says, 'tombstone?'
Blacktiger says, 'god dang that is alot of eggs'
Huma says, 'hrrrm'
Huma says, 'ok whats lurking around'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'I'd really love to see an ancient rome area and an ancient japan area, and an industrial ww2 run would be cool'
Blacktiger waves happily.
Huma says, 'is japan, hawaii, tombstone'
Huma says, 'japan is out there'
Huma says, 'I dont remember if its medieval or ancient though'
LadyAce says, 'silk road 2, black forest, mongols, pyramid'
Huma says, 'but its still in the offing'
Huma says, 'but its still in the offing'
McDougan says, 'funny. Thought vincenza said she had a dozen or sae.'
LadyAce says, 'don't forget'
Huma says, 'oh industrial pyramid'
Lew says, 'ooh! pyramid gonna have mummies?'
LadyAce says, 'and pitts2'
Lethe says, 'what about rome?  that's one of the most prominent ancient cultures'
Huma says, 'industrial pyramid, I poked around it'
Huma says, 'you guys are gonna like it'
Lethe says, 'is it an indus run?'
Wrym grins evilly.
LadyAce says, 'no body is doing rome atm'
McDougan says to Lethe, 'there is a WWII run.'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
McDougan says to Lethe, 'it jusht sucks.'
Masha says to Lethe, 'too many wags would scream about inaccuracies in Rome.'
Huma says, 'Rome has come and gone many times'
Huma says, 'its currently gone'
Wrym raises her eyebrow at McDougan.
Lethe says to McDougan, 'There's an area, not a run.'
LadyAce says, 'a few folks have expressed interest in it though, so it will probably come back again'
McDougan says, 'ah, run'
LadyAce says, 'and Matrix said we can use all his work on Rome if we want to'
Wrym says, 'what was the run?....'
McDougan nods solemnly. 
LadyAce says, 'so that's a nice start'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Masha says to Lethe, 'i know Dolor would throw a hissy if he found something inaccurate about the Roman area.  Three years of Latin class will do that.'
Lew says, 'i for one would like to be able to be thrown into the pit in the roman collusseum and fight lions'
Huma says, 'Rome is so freakin overwhelming though'
Lew says, 'or gladiators'
Huma says, 'therse like 0984098 different ways to do it'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Nadia smirks at Huma.
Huma says, 'you could go 8 million ways with it'
Huma says, 'seriously'
Masha says to Huma, 'maybe just settle on Brundisium.'
Lethe says, 'I want to see the declining era mostly'
Huma says, 'from Caesar (obviously) all the way to the founding'
McDougan says, 'Weel, People said that about greece for years, then Croaker came up with two big areas.'
Lethe says, 'the area around the disollusionment of the senate'
Masha says to Huma, 'we need it to start from Tarquiinius Superbus.'
Huma says, 'thats to late =P'
LadyAce says, 'well, same with anything really...a million ways to do hell/inferno, a million ways to do the crusades....etc.'
Lethe says, 'or even nero's reign, there could be a quest that involved the fires'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Huma says, 'well the cool thing is'
LadyAce says, 'I'd say, we need to do it however someone will finish doing it once they begin :)'
Lew says, 'caligula'
Masha is a geek.  No one knows who that is.
McDougan spends a moment grumbling about Amphytrion, King of Thebes. HE was a king in Exile living under CREON king of Thebes
Huma says, 'we could in theory have the shakespearian caesar along with a different interpritation'
Huma says, 'I dunno'
McDougan says, 'Could always add on extra areas, like India does'
Lethe says, 'Or base one off of shakespeare's play era'
LadyAce points you to Nestor's door :)
Huma nods solemnly.
McDougan says, 'You know, sleep and go off to Arjuna?'
LadyAce winks suggestively at McDougan.
Huma says, 'what about the aeneid founding of rome story'
Lethe says, 'do quests about participating in the murder of caesar as one of the conspirators'
Huma says, 'could do that'
Lethe nods his agreement with Huma.
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
Lethe says, 'remus and romulus'
McDougan says, 'You could send people off to different periods through, say, going to the theatre, or reading books'
Masha says, 'Tarquiinius would be the first Roman King--prelude into the Roman Republic in another couple hundred years.'
Lew says to Lethe, 'helping brutus?'
Huma says, 'could team with the praetorian guard to kill caligula =P'
Lethe nods his agreement with Lew.
LadyAce says, 'well, we already have some of that with Carthage'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
LadyAce says, 'at least the initial bits'
Lethe says, 'Could be pre-caesar and you could chose to assist pompey or casesar'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Lew says, 'or solo assassinate caligula'
Huma says, 'but what about Crassus'
LadyAce says, 'I think it can be useful to have little dreamworlds for things like India or Shakespeare plays, but I wouldn't want us to use it all the time'
Huma says, 'cant forget that bastard'
Masha says, 'No one remembers rich old Crassus'
Lethe snickers softly.
Masha sticks her tongue out at Huma. =P
LadyAce says, 'areas that connect with other areas mean traffic and people running across one another'
McDougan says, 'Wouldn't have to be dreamworlds'
Lethe says, 'My point is that it would be really awesome to see that stuff happen' 
LadyAce says, 'gazillions of islands would be yucky'
Huma says, 'I dunno, when someone does it and finishes it they'll win the interpritation battle'
McDougan says, 'Could do it as sort of... oh... trans quests'
Lethe says, 'I'd spend all my time in rome too, would be great'
Wrym nods her agreement with LadyAce.
McDougan says, 'So there'd effectively be a fourth era'
Masha says to LadyAce, 'i really want to see the Kingdom of Aksum!'
Huma says, 'I dont know that we're ready to go there yet'
You do a slow fade as Masha whines at LadyAce, hoping she won't get to you too.
McDougan says, 'Mythic foundings'
Huma says, 'ok I gotta get to the next question by Wrym here'
McDougan says, 'IT's just it didn't connect up much.'
Huma says, 'we've taken up more then enough time here'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'Wrym I'm sorry what was your question?'
Lew says to Lethe, 'id turn into heidonismbot, and have a room in the vomitorium..'
Wrym says, 'umm any reason why there isn't neg regen gear....'
Wrym says, 'for better other stats/lower rent....'
Huma says, 'because builders havent been that thoughtful yet =P'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'that would take a lot of coding work too' 
Huma says, 'I dont think we even have a spec for it'
LadyAce says, 'it's coded...just not in use'
LadyAce says, 'do too'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
LadyAce sticks her tongue out at Huma. =P
Wrym raises her eyebrow at Lethe.
Huma says, 'oh we do?'
Huma says, 'for negative regen?'
Huma says, 'really?'
McDougan says, 'Wuid have to be careful, or ye'd end up with 0 of something and nae way to get it back' 
Huma says, 'yeah its just no ones done it yet =P'
Lethe says, 'adding to the set regen rate isn't that hard, but altering the amount of hp/mp you gaine every tick is a lot harder' 
McDougan says, 'equipment that permanently sapped health, say'
LadyAce says, 'ooh, no, I'm totally lying'
LadyAce says, 'spank me Huma!'
Huma grins evilly at LadyAce... Wonder what he's thinking...
McDougan says, '...Mindye, health-sapping equipment could be questy.'
Huma spanks LadyAce playfully.
LadyAce says, 'looks like it's not coded!'
Lethe says, 'the items now just add x amount of hp every so often'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan.
Lew says, 'wouldnt that be classified as a curse?'
Wrym says, 'but a little negative ma or mv regen for a fighter... wouldn't be bad....'
Huma says, 'weeeeeeellll'
McDougan says, 'Zactly'
Lethe says, 'but you can't make it remove x amount of hp every so often, because people woudl die... you'd have to code it so wearing it averages in 1 less hp every tick'
Huma says, 'we cant because its not coded yet =P'
Huma says, 'i change my response'
Lethe says, 'which is hard :p'
Lew snickers softly.
Wrym shrugs helplessly.
LadyAce giggles.
Lethe says, 'and i'm pretty sure if you gave the idea to rufus he'd cry'
Lethe snickers softly.
McDougan says, 'Something like, say... I know this isn't something legend would ever code'
Wrym says, 'i'm not sure how fast mv/ma regen....'
LadyAce says, 'probly not hard, just sorta...ooky maybe'
McDougan says, 'but the One Ring could sap 1 a and 1 HP'
Wrym says, 'but i think it's faster than say... 4-5 regen points....'
McDougan says, 'but offer bg benefits whilst worn'
Huma nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'ahahaha the one ring'
Huma says, 'see it'd have to be a tool item'
Huma says, 'it couldnt be normal stat gear'
LadyAce says, 'like ooky because it'd be bad for people's fun really'
Huma says, 'because if it actually did damage that way'
McDougan says, 'Negative regeneration would make sense'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Lethe says, 'i agree with ya'll, but something like that is a bitch to code'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
LadyAce says, 'ooer, no tolkien please'
Wrym shrugs in response to Lethe's words.
Wrym says, 'thats not umm.. our problem'
Huma giggles.
Wrym ducks to the ground.
LadyAce says to Lethe, 'But the positive one is already in place, is what I'm sayin....'
McDougan says, 'And other soul-damaging things could be similar, say, a held opium hookah'
Huma says, 'we dont deal with tolkien here'
Lethe says, 'it's called negative regeneration, so you are still regenerating, just at a slower rate than average'
Huma says, 'that bastards persona non grata'
McDougan says, 'Aye, aye. Just a convenient idea'
Wrym nods solemnly. 
Huma says, 'other thing is you'd have to program in diminishing returns'
Huma says, 'so it'd be abuseable'
LadyAce says to Lethe, 'So probly not that hard. there's a regen rate already, based on food levels, whether you're standing or fighting, etc.'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'because you could max your neg. regen to 0'
McDougan says, 'Well, then, a familiar spirit that's sucking your blood, then. -1 HP regeneration, +2 Mana regeneration'
Huma says, 'it'd be like the old -perc monsters'
Huma says, 'or -spirit monsters'
Lethe says to LadyAce, 'So you have to code it that wearing every piece of eq slows down that rate, which is a fixed value.'
Masha raises her hand.
Huma says, 'we could do it I guess'
Huma says, 'just not coded in'
Lethe says to LadyAce, 'Could be tricky.'
LadyAce says to Lethe, 'There's code that ups it every time you wear eq tho.'
McDougan says, 'the familiar spirit COULD appear in Salem, I guess'
Wrym says, 'no... an actuall neg regen... you regen 5 hp. lose 2 mv... ect...'
Lethe says, 'that's different, because you're getting stats, and in the case of regen, you're getting 5 hp every tick'
LadyAce says to Lethe, 'So, up it by a negative value -- same code, just add a check to prevent going below 0 regen.'
Lethe says, 'or whatever'
McDougan says, 'You might want regen to be negative in some cases, though'
Wrym nods her agreement with McDougan. 
McDougan says, 'cursed equipment, as part of a quest'
Huma nods solemnly. 
Huma says, 'could idea it =P'
Huma says, 'see where it gets ya'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'so who else has questions'
Masha raises her hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Masha'
LadyAce says, 'for cases like that I'd probly use builder tools, same way the warg is done now'
Masha says to Huma, 'you know, as a funny thought, would it be possible for the whole druid animal companion?  Like casting the doppelganger spell on a fur pelt?  The usual only 1 per person like a doppie?'
Wrym grins evilly at Masha... Wonder what she's thinking...
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
LadyAce says, 'that'd be a cute way to get familiars'
Lew says, 'like warcrack hunter pets, masha?'
Huma says, 'I dunno... it would be cool'
Wrym nods solemnly.
LadyAce says, 'I do think we have other familiars in the pipeline for the spell'
Lethe says, 'No, like AD&D animal companions'
Huma says, 'Druids could use some help'
Wrym says, 'yeah.. that would...'
Huma nods his agreement with LadyAce.
Masha nods her agreement with Lethe.
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe says, 'druid class can call an animal with a certain HD to them and such'
Static says, 'bear form masha > doppel pet'
Lethe says, 'can talk to the animal and eventually get certain abilities through the animal'
LadyAce says, 'maybe an herblore type skill for making golems'
Wrym nods her agreement with Masha.
LadyAce says, 'alchemy'
LadyAce says, 'yum'
Huma says, 'how could we seperate create mages from druids though'
Masha nods her agreement with LadyAce.
Lew says, 'wonder druid powers, activate!'
LadyAce just finished reading Foucault's Pendulum.
Lethe says, 'well my idea would be that druids pick from a series of basic pets'
Wrym says, 'like a cross between a greater... and an imp....'
Huma says, 'summoning bears to tank or wolfs to do damage'
Masha says to LadyAce, 'that was kinda related in that animal companion thing.'
Huma says, 'it'd be pretty sweet'
Lethe says, 'and get a boost because of their link with that pet'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lethe.
Lethe says, 'so if they have a wolf, they get a str/dam boost'
LadyAce says to Masha, 'Yea I was just adding my  to your idea :)'
Lethe says, 'a bear gives them a con/hp boost'
Lethe says, 'etc'
Masha beams at LadyAce delightedly.
LadyAce says, 'er that was $.02'
McDougan says, 'A bit Dungeons and Dragons'
Lew says, 'eagle would be perc/dex'
Masha says to LadyAce, 'i just felt it'd be a nifty custom thing.'
Huma says, 'heres my question though =P'
Huma says, 'wouldnt this be redundant slightly with a create mage druid?'
Wrym says, 'naa... a charmie.....'
Huma says, 'how do you fix that'
Lethe says, 'tiger would be per/dex actually, birds would be weird :P'
LadyAce says, 'proper golems would be nicely historical tho'
Lethe says, 'create mage druids are only 2c hummer'
Masha says to Huma, 'disallow the summoning of the doppie if they have the companion up.'
Wrym says, 'not stats...'
Lethe says, 'so they get dops and homies? :P'
Kurgan disappears into the void.
Kurgan has returned from the void.
Lew says, 'okay, eagles could be dex/hitroll'
Huma giggles.
Wrym nods her agreement with Masha.
LadyAce says, 'I hafta run to fedex before they close'
LadyAce says, 'nice to see you all again'
Masha says to Huma, 'i did think this one out before mentioning it.  :P'
Wrym waves happily.
LadyAce gives a big hug to everyone in the room.
Huma says, 'why not just let people pick out their own mob from the indian stat quest =P'
Huma waves to LadyAce.
Lethe says, 'anyway, that's my idea for a druid upgrade'
LadyAce says to Masha, 'Forum it!'
Masha nods her agreement with LadyAce.
LadyAce waves happily.
McDougan says, 'actually, I've thought that adding a few more spirit animals might be a good idea'
Lethe says, 'a way to make them different than a create though'
Masha says, 'As a create druid, I'd be happy to give up my doppie'
McDougan says, 'A few more combinations to choose from'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says to Masha, 'Definately toss it into the forums.'
Huma says, 'its good times'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe says, 'would make it so that if their pet dies, they have to spend x amount of time before they can call another'
Masha nods her agreement with Lethe.
Lethe says, 'or if they decide to change pets or whatever, it can't be done at the drop of a hat'
Huma says, 'or if the pet dies'
Huma says, 'you take half your life in damage'
Lew says, 'like not a cause or create...a different mage/druid class'
Huma says, 'because you are connected'
McDougan says, 'Of course, having a pet in salem should count as evidence of witchcraft'
Huma says, 'through the mother earth'
Huma says, 'or somethin'
Lethe says, 'i wouldn't say something that drastic' 
Lethe says, 'because that's an easy way to nuke a pk druid :P'
Huma says, 'maybe a quest where you pick your pet'
Huma says, 'and thats the only one you get'
Lew says, 'or, draw mana/hp regen from the familiar'
Huma says, 'or something'
Huma says, 'and then you have to keep bringing it back to life'
McDougan says, 'I don't know, the pet idea sounds good, but I keep thinking of Dungeons and Dragons, not any mythology' 
Lethe says, 'you pick your pet, like longhouse only bigger?'
McDougan says, 'IT's not exxactly LEGENDARY is it?'
Lethe says, 'yes :P'
McDougan says, 'IT's more new age druids.'
Huma says, 'no idea'
Lethe says, 'druids are druids because they have a special connection with nature'
Lethe says, 'the animals are nature'
Masha pokes a fuzzy black lop-eared bunny.
Huma says, 'maybe we do golems'
Lew says, 'well, magic users, 'historicaly' use familiars and such'
Huma says, 'who knows'
Huma shrugs helplessly.
McDougan says, 'yes... but not wolves'
Lethe says, 'We don't play on that connection wiht nature with anything more than plants'
McDougan says, 'Black dogs, cats..'
Huma says, 'so someone have more questions?'
McDougan says, 'snakes'
Lethe says, 'wolves are nature'
Lew says, 'rats'
McDougan says, 'Wolves are not mentioned as a familiar in any myth I can think of'
Masha says, 'Personally, I just wanted to see some sort of reaction on it as yes, druids get the whole plant thing, but they were in tune with -all- of nature, including animals.'
McDougan says, 'Indeed, most major myths portray wolves as evil'
Lew says, 'celtic druid companions'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'right, and a lot of this mud is fictional'
Lethe says, 'so just because there is no specific reference'
Huma says, 'well in theory its based on myth :)'
Lethe says, 'doesn't mean that it can't happen'
McDougan says, 'As long as it came out GENUINELY celtic, and not new age fluffy'
Huma says, 'so if there is no one specific myth =P'
Huma says, 'its probably not goin in'
Lew says, 'but alot of this mud has historical references too' 
McDougan says, 'Horses.'
Huma says, 'its history how it was thought =P'
Huma says, 'not history how we decide it was'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'like if they thought there was a dragon over yonder'
Huma says, 'we put a dragon over yonder'
McDougan says, 'Could pretty easily argue horses and dogs'
Lethe says, 'right but my point is that you don't need an exact reference to something to put it in'
Huma says, 'we dont just say they thought a dragon was over yonder =P'
McDougan says, 'They're BIG in celtic myths'
Masha says, 'It was just an idea.'
Masha scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Huma says, 'well its a good one'
McDougan says, 'and summoning hunting dogs and horse would fit in with certain Fenian/Cuchillain stories'
Masha says to Huma, 'which part should I post that one in?'
Huma says, 'hrm builder?'
Huma says, 'we need to have a section for game design =P'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
McDougan says, 'But I think a certain amount of care in what are the summons is needed'
Huma nods his agreement with McDougan.
McDougan says, 'IT has to tie back in with Lady Gregory and the like'
Huma says, 'whoever controls it will take that care you can be of no doubt'
Huma says, 'and that person is not me =P'
Masha says to McDougan, 'certainly, but you have to admit the druid gets kinda roasted in the 'nifty things' department.'
McDougan says to Masha, 'aye.'
Lethe says, 'druids are healers, they don't do much more'
Huma says, 'its cuz they rock in PK and they have huge heals and everyone loves them already'
Masha says, 'I have a doppie.  Whoo.  It does... nothing.'
Huma says, 'we ignore them'
Huma says, 'because people fawn over them =P'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Lethe says, 'druids don't rock in pk hummer'
Huma says, 'so why would they need an upgrade'
McDougan says to Masha, 'just trying to get the discussion back to myths.'
Masha says to Huma, 'they need something other than just being a very costly surgeon?'
Lethe says, '*loot herb bag* *curse herb bag* *taunt you as you bleed*'
McDougan says to Masha, 'because if we just go with connection to earth, it's not going to go in.'
Huma says to Masha, 'The appeal of burst healing that druids can do is... huge.'
Huma says to Masha, 'But I understand where you're coming from.'
Masha nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'thats why we're so open to it :)'
McDougan says, 'If we point up the summoned hunting dogs, horses, and the like in irish myths.... Ah, here we are then'
Lew says, 'you could make it where the phases of the moon affect how 'powerful' druids are...'
Lethe laughs.
Masha says to Huma, 'i love playing my druid and all, but I have just one role, and it gets old.  'unroll roll, get 2x herb basket, fastpoultice herb, use poultice person'.  Yeah, my life.'
Lethe says, 'no :P'
Huma comforts Masha.
Huma says, 'ok who else? :)'
Huma says, 'who else has questions!'
Huma peers around intently.
McDougan says, 'Would you hate me if I asked one more?'
Huma says, 'naw why not'
Huma says, 'go ahead'
Lew says, 'i would...' 
Lew snickers softly.
McDougan says, 'Just it's been three years since I've been about'
Huma says, 'understand that I control nothing =P'
Huma says, 'except uh... pk tournaments and games'
Huma licks himself - ICK!
McDougan says, '...Right. Can someone give me a brief summary of the really major changes of the last three years?'
Huma staggers around the room, bumping into walls.
Huma says, 'uh... I'm head of PR'
Huma says, 'thats the major event'
Huma nods to himself.
Lethe says, 'inferno goes in, pk damage is halved'
Lethe says, 'SR goes in, SL2 goes in' 
Masha says to Lethe, 'pK healing halved.'
Lethe nods his agreement with Masha. 
Huma says, 'pk damage got cut in half yeah, Silk Road, Carthage, Tartarus, Dartmoor'
Lethe says, 'forte relinquishes gmage of grendies? :P'
Huma says, 'grendels still exist, thats the same'
Lethe says, 'yeah but there's no forte!'
Huma says, 'uh, Rufus/Sandra are the Imps'
McDougan says, 'No mArcel, I note'
Huma shrugs in response to Lethe's words.
Lethe says, 'yeah, kaige retires'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'Marcel is no longer with us'
McDougan says, 'Ptah's with UO, aye?'
Huma says, 'naw'
Lethe says, 'swg'
Huma says, 'he went to star wars galaxies'
Huma says, 'and from all I've heard'
McDougan says, 'Ah.'
Huma says, 'is blamed for ruining the game'
McDougan says, '...That's bad.'
Huma says, 'hes pretty much one of the most hated individuals in MMO world =P'
McDougan says, '...Eh, people will always find a scapegoat'
Huma says, 'but hes cool!'
Lethe says, 'he was the lead designer for the game, but...'
Huma says, 'I am a big fan still'
Huma says, 'of Ptah'
Lethe says, 'that doesn't always mean that it's his fault'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'yeah he built SWG though'
Huma says, 'so thats something else'
Huma says, 'we have a good pedigree'
Lethe says, 'he wasn't the only one who did it'
Huma says, 'for this place'
McDougan nods solemnly.
Lethe says, 'ralph is awesome, because of what he did here'
Huma says, 'what else happened...'
McDougan says, 'Ralph?'
Lethe says, 'he had a vision for a game, and people didn't like it'
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'Raph Koster'
Huma says, 'is Ptah'
Lethe nods his agreement with Huma.
McDougan says, 'Ah, right'
Huma says, 'look him up, hes published all ove rthe place'
McDougan says, 'a Rafe or a Ralf?'
Huma says, 'Rufus still links to his articles'
Huma says, 'Raph is his name for some reason'
Huma says, 'no idea why'
Huma says, 'I dont know him that well =P'
Huma says, 'I spoke with him once'
McDougan says, 'Probably short for Raphael'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'I'd imagine'
Huma looks up into the sky and ponders.
Lethe says, 'He's roofies' brother, no?'
Huma says, 'what else has happened around here...'
Huma says, 'naw'
Huma says, 'they arent bros'
Lethe says, 'good friend then'
Lethe shrugs helplessly.
McDougan says, 'Well, I found out about San Fran today'
Huma nods his agreement with Lethe.
Masha says to McDougan, 'oh, as a note, Native American shamans believed wolves were the spirits of their brothers passed on from this life to the next.  So yes, wolves could be viable.'
Masha winks suggestively at McDougan.
Huma says, 'oh san frans a hometown'
Huma says, 'thats important' 
Huma says, 'iron will went in'
Huma says, 'you know about that though'
Lethe says, 'Ladyd's player died'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'that'
Lethe says, 'that was a sad day..'
McDougan says to Masha, 'not really. It'd be an awkward mix of myths to mix celtic druids with native americasn.'
Lethe says, 'FF called me that day, she was really bent out of shape'
McDougan says, 'Wait, what?'
Lethe says, 'Ladydagger's player died in RL'
Huma says, 'not ladyace =P'
Huma says, 'shes still alive'
Huma says, 'and cool' 
Lethe says, 'gondar's player's wife, fighterfrog's players mother'
Huma says, 'ok if no one has any more questions I'm gonna end 'official' Q&A'
Huma says, 'that good?'
McDougan says, '... Wait, swasn't Ladydagger's alt blacklace?'
Huma says, 'ok ending it'
Kryptonite thuds as Huma attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.
Lethe shrugs in response to McDougan's words.