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May 11th, 2006

Q & A Index

Huma says, 'ok lemme get my book here'
Huma says, 'so who has questions'
Huma says, 'coolio'
Xuvenia says, 'freaky is here somewhere'
Huma says, 'ok anyone have any questions'
Xuvenia attempts to prod Freaky but Freaky isn't about to go anywhere.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Salvatore's head.
Freaky says, 'Im here'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'anyone with any questions?'
Freaky says, 'whats up with legend lethargy lately?'
Huma says, 'oh the broken machine thing?'
Freaky says, 'half the imms go on vacation?'
Huma says, 'pretty much'
Freaky says, 'no, just rarely see anyone doing much right now'
Freaky says, 'this was a good year though so, but just seems baren'
Xuvenia says, 'uh i think they kind of deserve a vacation after the last year they've had'
Huma says, 'lots of people have had life change type stuff'
Freaky nods solemnly.
Xuvenia says, 'yeah, sandra moved, rufus had a baby'
Huma says, 'so ya know... slow down type activity'
Xuvenia says, 'haley's been going through a lot of shit too'
Xuvenia says, 'who else hmmmm'
Xuvenia says, 'i know somar has a social life suddenly :P'
Nub snickers softly.
Nub says, 'that's alwways bad for mudding'
Xuvenia says, 'something about ladyace'
Xuvenia says, 'something else about lorenzo'
Xuvenia says, 'and poof no imms'
Xuvenia says, 'but i see mert and huma and chaykin around a lot'
Xuvenia pokes Mertjai in the ribs.
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'I just changed jobs.'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'Working weird hours now.'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'yeah its strange stuff'
Xuvenia says to Mertjai, 'Oh did you?'
Xuvenia looks up into the sky and ponders.
Mertjai says, 'Tuesday was 7-4, Weds and today were 6-3, tomorow is 7-4'
Xuvenia says, 'is that 6pm or 6am?'
Mertjai says, 'all of that is am to pm'
Xuvenia says, 'ouch'
Mariachi winces.
Xuvenia says, 'i kind of liked having early hours.. get out of work earlier'
Xuvenia giggles.
Xuvenia says, 'enjoy the sun'
Huma says, 'right'
Huma says, 'positive on the sun negative on the good TV watchin'
Huma says, 'I'm a vampire though'
Huma says, 'so I'm all keep away from me you damn sun!'
Mertjai says, 'getting used to it is half the problem'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Too bad, you'd look cute with a tan :P'
Huma nods his agreement with Mertjai.
Xuvenia whistles innocently to herself.
Huma giggles at Xuvenia.
Mertjai says, 'but it's the first time in years I've been able to attend Q&A, yay!'
Huma says to Xuvenia, 'I'd love to see if I can tan.'
Huma says, 'I'm serious I havent tanned in 6 years'
Huma cheers for Mertjai - huzzah!
Xuvenia says to Mertjai, 'It helps if you don't stay up late watching adult swim.'
Xuvenia giggles.
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'I watch one hour of tv a week.'
Xuvenia goes EEK! at Mertjai in distress - isn't Mertjai an awful person for teasing?
Huma says to Mertjai, 'Lost?'
Mertjai shakes his head.
Mertjai says, '24.'
Huma says, 'oh ok'
Huma says, 'good man'
Huma says, '24 is also acceptable'
Mariachi chuckles politely.
Xuvenia says, 'i like house'
Mertjai says, 'still waiting for my voice actor to finish episode 5 of the parody'
Xuvenia says, 'that's my 'do not miss' show'
Huma giggles at Mertjai.
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'Cath likes house.'
Xuvenia giggles at Mertjai.
Xuvenia says to Mertjai, 'I approve of her taste.'
Huma says, 'House seems gimmicky to me =P'
Zierath says, 'hrmm no Sandra?'
Freaky says, 'blashmaphy'
Huma says, 'no Sandra'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Yeah a little but Hugh Laurie is so much fun to watch.'
Xuvenia nods to herself.
Mertjai says, 'of course... the guy who plays house is one of our favorite actors'
Freaky says, 'house is the end all of all TV shows, all bow down to the god known as HOUSE'
Xuvenia grins evilly at Mertjai... Wonder what she's thinking...
Mertjai says, 'from his previous comedic entries with the BBC'
Huma says, 'hes a doctor that plays by his own set of rules!'
Xuvenia laughs.
Huma says, 'I must watch'
Xuvenia says to Freaky, 'I wouldn't go quite that far with it :P'
Freaky snickers softly.
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'I'm watching Jeeves & Wooster right now.'
Xuvenia says to Mertjai, 'What else besides blackadder?'
Xuvenia says, 'ooooh'
Xuvenia says, 'i need to move that up then'
Freaky says, 'he reminds me of archie bunker'
Xuvenia says, 'it's in my netflix queue but it's way deep down in there' 
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'A bit of Fry & Laurie, Jeeves & Wooster, many others.'
Samule raises his hand. 
Huma says, 'go ahead Samule'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'Though honestly, I prefer Fry to Laurie, I still like them both.'
Huma pokes Samule with Kryptonite.
Rowane says, 'woop, sorry'
Xuvenia says, 'I'm not sure I know who Fry is'
Samule says, 'is there an archive of updates and new ares?'
Zierath says, 'no Sandra huh?'
Huma says, 'an archive uf updates and new areas'
Huma says, 'help updates'
Samule says, 'I played here about 6 years ago and a lot has changed'
Huma says, 'gives the big stuff'
Huma says, 'up to Nov 2005'
Samule nods solemnly.
Samule smiles happily.
Samule says, 'thank you'
Huma says, 'but since then we're had a lot of crizap happen'
Huma says, 'that might be harder to officially track down'
Samule nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'once I get all the LT's up on the ol' internet'
Samule says, 'mostly exploration'
Huma says, 'thats a good place to start'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so that is the story'
Huma says, 'so who else has questions'
Samule says, 'what about eq that has been added?'
Huma says, 'or we can keep talking about british comedians' 
Huma says, 'hrm, EQ?'
Xuvenia says, 'we moved that to tell'
Xuvenia snickers softly.
Huma says, 'help bond'
Mertjai nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'thats about it'
Huma says, 'as far as EQ changes'
Huma says, 'oh... AC got more important in the past 5 years'
Huma says, 'so thats interesting'
Xuvenia says, 'like way more important'
Xuvenia rolls her eyes heavenward.
Samule says, 'I noticed battle training, that wasn't here before'
Huma says, 'yeah'
Huma says, 'like TOO important =P'
Xuvenia says, 'um yes'
Samule says, 'tht i know of anyway'
Huma says, 'new skills we have many'
Huma says, 'iron will'
Huma says, 'help iron will'
Xuvenia says, 'it's a klein skill'
Xuvenia jumps up and down.
Huma says, 'uh... yeah parry, battle training'
Mertjai says, 'new hometown'
Huma says, 'San fran is a new hometown'
Samule says, 'oh yeah, I saw that, got to check that out'
Huma says, 'can dual wield guns'
Samule bounces around.
Huma says, 'john woo it up'
Huma says, 'thtas about all I can thin kof'
Samule nods solemnly.
Zierath raises his hand.
Huma says, 'whatsup Zier'
Zierath says, 'my question is, when is Sandra going to be around, and/or what is a good time to look for her on? :P'
Xuvenia says, 'i think san fran is getting a new skill soon'
Huma says, 'uh, send her mudmail'
Zierath says, 'dont want to :P'
Samule chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'then whine more =P'
Zierath chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'shes usually around in the evenings'
Huma says, 'but ya never know'
Huma says, 'sorry I cant be of more help'
Huma says, 'mudmail is the sure way to contact her'
Samule stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Huma says, 'so who else has questions!'
Samule raises his hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Sam'
Samule says, 'what's the new san fran skill?'
Huma says, 'double gun and... what else?'
Xuvenia says, 'fist fighting!'
Samule bounces around.
Xuvenia says, 'she did a testmud with it last week'
Xuvenia giggles.
Huma says, 'oh yes fist fighting'
Samule says, 'nice'
Huma says, 'thats not in yet though'
Xuvenia nods solemnly.
Blackmojo peers around intently.
Static says, 'how hard does it hit?'
Huma says, 'we'll find out'
Static says, 'xuv said it was on a testmud, so someone must know'
Xuvenia says, 'yea but it's going to get tweaked as it is'
Huma says, 'one can assume WAY to hard or not hard enough :)'
Xuvenia says, 'sandra said that i think'
Huma says, 'yeah its strange stuff'
Samule says, 'any more word on the medieval japan'
Huma says, 'what about it?'
Samule says, 'is it up and ready?'
Xuvenia says, 'didn't the building forum say something about that being in the works'
Nub snickers softly. 
Samule says, 'somewhere I read/saw it' 
Huma says, 'its in the works yeah...'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'theres not gonna be a up and in the ready area for another couple months'
Samule can't wait!
Huma says, 'sorry to say'
Huma says, 'the last bunch all came up together' 
Huma says, 'but it takes awhile'
Samule stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Xuvenia says, 'the way nestor's been cranking them out it might not be too long'
Huma says, 'hes been busy though'
Huma says, 'sorry =P'
Huma says, 'hes been workin on Japan though'
Mariachi says, 'if you read nestor's blog it doesn't look like it's close yet'
Huma says, 'yeah hes been busybusy' 
Huma says, 'hes got another project hes trying to get through too'
Huma says, 'thats a secret though =P'
Huma says, 'still in its early stages'
Huma says, 'earlier then Japan'
Mariachi says, 'heh Nestor thinks Japan is cursed :P'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so who else has questions'
Huma says, 'Nestor is my hero though'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so who else has questions'
Nub says, 'I just come for the whining, not too much this time'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'no, not to much'
Huma says, 'you cant whine I just did crazy multi color string for you'
Huma says, 'I should get a day off of whining for that'
Freaky says, 'whining? surely no one on this mud does any of that'
Samule whines.
Salvatore looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Salvatore tips his hat gallantly.
Nub licks a putrid appendage of turgid flesh.
Huma says, 'any of the new guys have questions'
Nub says, 'what the heck'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Woo woo abuse the underlings.'
Mertjai says, 'that was actually my first glue.'
Huma grins evilly.
Huma cheers for Mertjai - huzzah!
Huma says, 'glad I could be your first something'
Mertjai says, 'I mean in ernest anyway'
Salvatore laughs.
Mertjai says, 'well that way too'
The glue around Blackmojo dissolves.
Salvatore looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so questions?'
Xuvenia says, 'fiddy dolla say he starts swearing'
Salvatore says, 'not sure'
Salvatore nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Freaky says, 'thats a bad bet'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'I think that's tip...'
Xuvenia laughs at Blackmojo.
Xuvenia says, 'i'm not sure if that's more retarded than a trig or not'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'That's why I turn off autorepeat.'
Salvatore says to Xuvenia, 'it is mojo we are talking about...'
Xuvenia says, 'yeah when i use zmud i do that'
Xuvenia says, 'but i don't use zmud, i use pueblo'
Xuvenia nods to herself.
Salvatore looks up into the sky and ponders.
Freaky says, 'I love zmud'
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Freaky.
Samule stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'what can we do to give a shot to pk...'
Salvatore looks up into the sky and ponders.
Blackmojo says, 'i think im done with pk'
Huma says, 'woah'
Huma says, 'damn I thought I came back'
Huma slaps himself - that looks really strange!
Huma says, 'I'm talking to NOONE out there'
Freaky says, 'pk is dead'
Samule snickers softly.
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Freaky.
Salvatore whaps Freaky across the back of the head - your ears ring in sympathy.
Huma says, 'so what else is up'
Huma says, 'PK is dead recently thats true'
Salvatore says to Huma, 'lack of pk..'
Blackmojo says, 'you got dick head like serrik making people not want to pkill'
Huma nods solemnly.
Freaky says, 'Im not sure how to fix pK, I tried coming up with a big change, most people didn't like it'
Freaky says, 'I truely think pk needs a radical change'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'its tough'
Huma says, 'whats a radical change?'
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'it sure needs something..'
Freaky says, 'no idea, if I had that answer, Id be the king of PK'
Xuvenia says, 'kick pkok, don't let pkillers turn off anndeath'
Xuvenia says, 'cap on how many active pk clans there can be'
Xuvenia says, 'i have about a million others i could name if i wasn't a stoner'
Freaky says, 'not radical enough I don't think'
Huma chuckles politely.
Xuvenia says, 'but those are my big ones'
Salvatore says, 'ive been asking for pk clans to go back to what clans were before.. you had to get them approved etc'
Xuvenia says, 'doesn't need to be hugely radical, a few small tweaks could he.lp'
Huma says, 'well we already have the problem of professional killers, turning off anndeath will only encourage the professional killers'
Blackmojo says, 'im getting damn sick of serrik and his alt telling me and trying to perma me'
Xuvenia says, 'why is that?'
Freaky says, 'see, here is my problem, I have no goals in pk beyond death and the pure build'
Xuvenia says, 'i don't understand why that is a problem'
Salvatore says to Blackmojo, 'dont get me started.'
Huma says, 'professional killers scare away the dabblers'
Mertjai says, 'erm alt? eh?'
Huma says, 'its the truth'
Huma says, 'I'm sorry :)'
Huma says, 'and you have precious few professional killers anymore'
Salvatore raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Freaky says, 'I make the pure build, kick a little ass and then what? make another build and repeat process, even I run outta idea's on freaky builds :P'
Huma giggles.
Huma nods his agreement with Freaky.
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'i try to stick with something ive always played..'
Huma says, 'well you just do that because you dont have more people around to keep you interested'
Freaky says, 'if I win 80% of my fights on a build, I get disinterested'
Huma nods his agreement with Freaky.
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'its not that that bothers me.. its the fact jumpings dont happen.'
Freaky says, 'I want a war, a thunderous stick it up your arse, lets get the bloody bastards war'
Salvatore says, 'i wouldnt win 90% of my fights if players actually jumped me'
Mertjai ponders a ransom note from Mertjai's existence.
Huma says to Salvatore, 'Like I said, theres very very few professional PK'ers anymore.'
Huma says to Salvatore, 'All you have is dabblers now.'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Freaky nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'Freaky would jump Sal and vice versa'
Huma says, 'but lalalaI'manubcakePK'er'
Huma says, 'he wont'
Salvatore says, 'and the sad thing is.. you cant really make a clan without throwing in a lot of experienced players in'
Freaky nods his agreement with Salvatore.
Salvatore says, 'then that clan becomes pretty much the clan.. and nobody can compete with it'
Huma says, 'final fantasy 13 looks pretty sweet'
Mertjai sits down on a chair.
Freaky says, 'last jump I had fun with, I jumped sal in SL on the bridges, before that, it was a good 2 months before that'
Salvatore says, 'why i have stayed rogue now.. one of the many reasons....'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Mertjai .
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'we killed that whole sl group.'
Salvatore laughs.
Freaky throws his head back and cackles gleefully!
Salvatore says, 'neither of us died'
Salvatore laughs.
Salvatore jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Freaky!
Freaky says, 'see, funny'
Salvatore says, 'ferdia saved my ass =p'
Salvatore laughs.
Freaky says, 'damn blinding daggers'
An aura of heavenly light appears above Freaky's head.
Huma grins evilly.
Huma says, 'gotta love blinders'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Freaky says, 'anyway, personal fights aside'
Salvatore says, 'why i picked this weapon, its funny.. tho it does hurt my hitroll and ac'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Freaky says, 'I just can't figure out a fix'
Salvatore says, 'i want group wars!'
Xuvenia says, 'uh brb'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'I can make a group war game'
Salvatore says, 'i want to be jumped by a 4 man!'
Huma says, 'to drum up interest?'
Salvatore says, 'i want to jump sl more.. without ppl crying!'
Freaky says, 'not going to happen'
Huma says, 'naw that wont happen'
Salvatore says, 'i jumped kastina in my rp defense.. and ppl got upset =p'
Huma says, 'best I can do is offer a gang war tournament maybe'
Huma says, 'would that be OK be people?'
Salvatore says, 'it wont do anything.. we need more actives..'
Salvatore says, 'we need more ppl wanting to try out pk..'
Salvatore says, 'we need ppl to trust some of us to teach them..'
Freaky says, 'you know what would be the only true way to make a start on fixing pk on legend, and you wont like it but I truely think its the only way, is to seperate it completely from the regular mud'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'we arent gonna run two muds'
Huma says, 'thats not the point, it'll never happen'
Salvatore says, 'it wont happen..'
Huma says, 'its not even the point of why we're here' 
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Freaky says, 'I think trying to keep all your eggs in one basket is the biggest problems with legend'
Freaky says, 'I know, I just said that'
Blackmojo says, 'any pkiller now have been pkilling for 7+ years and anyone new is gonna get an ass kicking'
Freaky says, 'it won't happen so it will remain this way im afraid'
Salvatore says, 'what i miss, and im sorry but this should be in game and used... is zip strings looting'
Huma says, 'hey AFK one moment'
Salvatore says, 'problem is not everyone has steal..'
Samule waves happily.
Blackmojo nods his agreement with Salvatore.
Xuvenia says, 'why steal zips when you can steal their real eq :P'
Huma says, 'thats not the problem though =P'
Freaky says, 'no one steals :P'
Salvatore says to Xuvenia, 'i get flack for stealing vials =p'
Xuvenia points at Freaky.
Huma says, 'steal is not the cureall'
Xuvenia laughs at Freaky.
Salvatore says, 'think im going to steal an item??'
Salvatore says, 'thats suicide'
Mertjai ponders Salvatore's stolen wooden leg's existence.
Salvatore says, 'and these dumb ass grudges have to go..'
Salvatore peers at Blackmojo, looking him up and down.
Salvatore says, 'if someone makes an alt.. and you find out who they are.. then begin to multi them... i mean jesus..'
Blackmojo says, 'you think i start this shit ?'
Freaky says, 'well I think Ill go read a little before ultimate fighting comes on'
Salvatore grins evilly at Freaky... Wonder what he's thinking... 
Blackmojo says, 'i multy him cuz he wolf packed me'
Salvatore rolls his eyes heavenward.
Blackmojo says, 'i didnt know who he was tell well after that'
Salvatore says, 'you jumped a lowbie, who was grouped with another pke lowbie..'
Freaky says, 'you know what, I should log on here and just start multiing everyone, go nutzo'
Salvatore says, 'that is not wolf pack..'
Salvatore says, 'let me show you what a wolf pack is...'
Freaky says, 'start taking eq and freaking out completely'
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'grab about 3 friends and meet me and mojo outside.'
Salvatore says, 'we can then show him a true wolf pack'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'if you do that it'll be the end of PK'
Freaky says, 'I know'
Huma says, 'well PK is already kinda done atm'
Salvatore says, 'oh, we would need a waller also.. the old walls.. so he cant flee'
Freaky nods solemnly.
Freaky nods his agreement with Salvatore.
Salvatore rolls his eyes heavenward.
Huma says, 'but going on a multi parade'
Salvatore says, 'the new generation of pkers, and i dont mean to be rude to you mojo... are wussies'
Huma says, 'will make you the king of a lonely castle'
Blackmojo says, 'i havent been active for  2 weeks and dont plan  being active again'
Freaky nods his agreement with Huma.
Salvatore nods his agreement with Huma.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Salvatore says, 'pk today is now.. if you jump me low you are a thug ass..'
Freaky nods his agreement with Salvatore.
Huma says, 'heh theres no good way to jump anyone anymore'
Salvatore says, 'i want to be jumped low!'
Blackmojo says, 'new generation ?'
Salvatore says, 'i want to be jumped on runs!'
Salvatore says, 'i want to be packed!!'
Blackmojo says, 'ive been pkilling for 7 dam years'
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'any questions?'
Salvatore says to Blackmojo, 'then you should know better man...'
Huma says, 'or are we just gonna talk why PK is broken'
Freaky says, 'my first pk experience, I had been playing edric for maybe, 15 days on this mud, level 50 and Sandra and a bunch of old school pkillers were having it out, coven and anti paladins I think'
Salvatore says, 'we need a pk meeting =p'
Huma says, 'I'll give ya a couple minutes to ask a question then I'm pullin the plug'
Freaky says, 'and I walked in and jumped a coven!'
Huma says, 'I lied'
Huma says, 'any questions?'
Salvatore raises his hand.
Huma says, 'yes Sal?'
Freaky says, 'omg, the entire mud blew up, I had 6 sisters running after me all over the place and the anti paladins freaking out'
Salvatore says to Huma, 'pk meetings possible to start up sometime again?'
Salvatore nods his agreement with Freaky.
Huma says, 'as far as I know... this right now IS a pk meeting :)'
Huma laughs.
Blackmojo says, 'that clan wars kinda sparked it but it died off fast'
Salvatore says to Freaky, 'i remember when I jumped a merc the first time.. it wasnt pretty.'
Bananana sits down on a jeweled throne.
Huma says, 'ok this is over'
Freaky says, 'I acctually lived that day, but got my butt womped on later by ruby for interferance' 
Kryptonite thuds as Huma attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.