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May 18th, 2006

Q & A Index

Huma says, 'so guys questions comments?'
Huma says, 'concerns?'
Nub flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'I get a lot of the comment and concern things here'
Xuvenia says, 'i think we aired a bunch while you were puking'
Xuvenia says, 'or whatever you went to the bathroom for'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Nub.
Huma says, 'we did thats true'
Huma says, 'so hows everyone doing'
Huma says, 'I lost my glasses today'
Huma says, 'so theres one less piece of glass between you and I today'
Mariachi says, 'i lost my glasses and had to drink right from the bottle...'
Huma snickers softly.
Huma says, 'rimshot'
Goldmoon sits down on the ground.
Xuvenia raises her hand.
Mariachi says, 'ook'
Huma says, 'OK I lost link did anyone else?'
Mariachi says, 'almost'
Huma says, 'woah'
Huma says, 'normally I dont lost link'
Huma says, 'hehehe I'm not totally sober'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'I came back right beforeyou.'
Xuvenia raises her hand.
Huma says, 'so forgive the head of PR'
Huma pokes Xuvenia with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead!'
Xuvenia says, 'so what's mariachi's silly little building project anyway? nobody really gave us any details about that'
Xuvenia peers around intently.
Mariachi chuckles politely.
Huma points at Mariachi.
Huma says, 'Mari will answer'
Mariachi says, 'nobody asked before ;)'
Xuvenia says, 'that's what the q&a is for'
Huma nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Mariachi says, 'i'm going to be building St. Petersburg leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917'
Xuvenia says, 'nice nice, any particular influence?'
Nub wrinkles his nose with distaste.
Xuvenia bonks Nub on the head!
Mariachi says, 'it's going to be an all-levels area with some cool quests, including one huge one...'
Xuvenia says, 'i read a lot about the russian revolutions, and the gulags and their submarines and all so i find it fascinating'
Mariachi says, 'it's going to have Rasputin!'
Xuvenia says, 'wow'
Huma says, 'yeah... you better be awesome'
Huma says, 'with Rasputin'
Mariachi nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'when I went to code Doc Holliday I freaked out because I knew I had to make him perfect'
Huma says, 'and if I didnt people would murder me'
Xuvenia giggles at Huma.
Xuvenia says, 'did it all work out?'
Huma says, 'I passed and went onto easier things'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'I'm afraid to write him'
Mariachi grins evilly.
Xuvenia says, 'just as long as you're putting work in on it then :P'
Mariachi says, 'yeah, i've already had some suggestions on rasputin from people who'd asked about the area'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'thats cool'
Huma giggles at Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'Holliday is scary'
Huma says, 'hes gonna be big'
Huma says, 'and I am not sure if I want to have him be able to be killed'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Mariachi says, 'as long as he says 'I brought two guns, one for each of you''
Xuvenia says to Mariachi, 'Put in a small AT style gulag :P'
Xuvenia nods to herself.
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'hes gonna have ike 8 million act_says'
Mariachi says to Xuvenia, 'Russian Revolution expansion... ;)'
Huma says, 'hes going to respond to like every word in the english language'
Xuvenia jumps up and down.
Mariachi says, 'and latin too I hope?'
Mariachi grins evilly.
Huma grins evilly.
Huma says, 'definately'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Ick that would be spammy if he responds to everything :p'
Huma says, 'yeah'
Huma says, 'thats OK'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'Doc has a right to talk'
Huma says, 'and he will speak in latin'
Huma says, 'hes cooler then all of us'
Huma says, 'and hes got the TB'
Huma says, 'hes not long for this world'
Goldmoon says, 'i dont think he can do it'
Xuvenia chuckles politely.
Mariachi says, 'damn, now i'm gonna have to go watch Tombstone tonight'
Huma nods his agreement with Mariachi.
Huma says, 'I like both the movies'
Huma says, 'hey anyone have any questions?'
Huma says, 'I can talk about cowboys all night if not'
Xuvenia says, 'how about one for mert, what's your project!'
Xuvenia says, 'i don't actually know what mert's imm proposal project was'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'I'm killing all the morts one by one.'
Xuvenia says, 'it just occurred to me'
Huma says, 'merts project is like... keeping you dirty bums in line'
Mertjai says to Xuvenia, 'So far I have... 2.'
Xuvenia says, 'which are what!'
Nub says, 'so Mert plays with dirty bumms all day?'
Nub says, 'interesting'
Huma says, 'one of them is rubbing my feet'
Huma peers at Mertjai, looking him up and down.
Mertjai says, 'your feet is a dirty bumm? Wow.'
Xuvenia says, 'huh?!'
Mertjai says, 'weird anatomy.'
Xuvenia ponders Huma's existence.
Xuvenia says, 'wow you really are bombed'
Amara nods her agreement with Mertjai.
Huma says, 'what that wasnt funny?'
Huma mopes around, depressed.
Xuvenia says, 'it just came out kind of weird'
Xuvenia says, 'is someone rubbing your feet rl?'
Xuvenia peers around intently.
Huma says, 'no... that'd be cool though'
Amara giggles at Huma.
Huma stops using The Jangly Banjo of Red Death.
Huma holds Kryptonite in his hands.
Nadia stretches, you hear several loud snaps - maybe a massage would help?
Nadia blinks.
Nadia hugs a black leather couch.
Huma puts The Jangly Banjo of Red Death in a black satin top-hat.
Amara smiles at Nadia.
Huma gives a bottle of Haterade to Nadia.
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Oh well i just took the foot thing literally.'
Nadia smiles at Amara.
Nadia thanks Huma heartily.
Nadia says to Huma, 'i was wanting that back.'
Huma nods his agreement with Nadia.
Nadia puts a bottle of Haterade in a patterned teal velvet pouch.
Huma says, 'so anyone with questions?'
Nadia raises her hand.
Huma says, 'we were just talking about Mariachis area proposal'
Huma pokes Nadia with Kryptonite.
Nadia says, 'Where the flip is Somar. I havent been able to harass him lately.'
Xuvenia grins evilly.
Huma laughs.
Nadia pouts.
Goldmoon raises her hand.
Huma says, 'he sent word that I'm officially to take over all his friendships'
Huma says, 'hes off to bigger and better'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'You're a lousy friend!'
Nadia pouts.
Xuvenia pouts at Huma.
Nadia says to Huma, 'lies!'
Nadia sniffles quietly.
Huma cries on Xuvenia's shoulder.
Huma says, 'say it isnt so Xuve'
Huma pokes Goldmoon with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Goldm'
Goldmoon says, 'are we allowed to use the illusion spell? or...is that against the rules...'
Huma says, 'its legal'
Nadia bites her tongue.
Goldmoon says, 'hot damn'
Mertjai says, 'depending on what you use it for.'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Kind of depends on what they wanna use it for right?'
Huma says, 'if you're just blatently spammy I might pop it'
Huma says, 'right'
Xuvenia says to Mertjai, 'Psychic!'
Huma says, 'its OK in limited use'
Nub says, 'there are some rules for it'
Huma says, 'right'
Huma says, 'if you'rebeing a dumas about it'
Mertjai says, 'standard channel rules apply to illusions.'
Huma says, 'I'll knock you back into the stoneage'
Xuvenia says, 'i think help rules says something general and vague about it'
Goldmoon says, 'so....using an illusion for RPing is ok?'
Nub says to Xuvenia, 'Just like it was written by an imm, huh?'
Mertjai nods his agreement with Goldmoon.
Nub says, 'general and vague'
Mertjai says to Goldmoon, 'Encouraged even!'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Nub.
Xuvenia says, 'i think rufus's next job should be to go through all the help files and re-write them'
Xuvenia says, 'cuz he's so eloquent'
Huma says, 'welll'
Goldmoon says, 'how many would ya say was too many just curious ballpark'
Huma says, 'uh... well it depends'
Huma says, 'some people put a lot of work into a DT illusion for isntance'
Huma says, 'thats like 20 lines long'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'and I'll leave it'
Nadia laughs.
Xuvenia says, 'those are great'
Huma says, 'but if you put 20 lines of BS just for the sake of spam'
Goldmoon says, 'but thats not spamming and illegal?'
Huma says, 'well there are TWO, count'em TWO things you need for every crime'
Huma says, 'the action and the intent'
Huma says, 'the people with the DT's are spammy but they arent intending to be poopheads'
Mertjai says to Huma, 'My alt did a 130 line fake DT and won an expie for it.'
Huma says, 'if its obvious you're intending to be a idjit'
Huma says, 'I'll bust ya'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Just use common sense, ay?'
Huma says, 'if you put up something tasteful I'll leave it there'
Huma nods his agreement with Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'right'
Goldmoon says, 'but if your trying to be helpful thats against the rules right?'
Huma says, 'its likr eal life =P'
Huma says, 'how do you mean helpful'
Orchid says, 'was anyone ever actually punished for illusions here, or are we just being theoretical?'
Mertjai says, 'I believe there's been a warning or two'
Amara giggles at Orchid.
Goldmoon says, 'theoretical'
Goldmoon says, 'yea there has'
Goldmoon says, 'im not talking about obscene ones though'
Goldmoon says, 'just a couple lines of bright colors designed to convey a message'
Goldmoon says, 'just curiousity'
Xuvenia says, 'as long as it's not BOREDBOREDBOREDBORED'
Xuvenia says, 'in every color'
Huma says, 'right'
Nadia nods her agreement with Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'well.... again'
Huma says, 'it all depends on your intent'
Samule says, 'or: bored bored bored bored'
Huma says, 'ifyou're being an A-Hole'
Huma says, 'I'll knock you into next week'
Huma says, 'if you have some intent thats not being an A-hole'
Huma says, 'I'm OK with it'
Huma says, 'thats the rule with illusions IMHO'
Huma says, 'dont be an A-Hole and we've got no problem'
Huma says, 'so... other questions?'
Orchid says to Huma, 'That's a good rule.'
Huma says, 'thats actually my general mud rule =P'
Nadia looks up, biting her lower lip in thought.
Goldmoon says, 'but if the intention isnt to be an Ahole'
Xuvenia giggles.
Amara says, 'yeah the multicoloured im bored, is annoying'
Huma says, 'if you're an A-Hole I'll find a way to smack you into next week'
Goldmoon says, 'ok just wondered'
Goldmoon says, 'thanks'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'if its giving out game info'
Huma says, 'that might be a problem too'
Huma nods to himself.
Xuvenia hands Huma a different allegory.
Goldmoon says, 'thats assumed'
Orchid says, 'there are too many if's here'
Huma says, 'well... like'
Nadia raises her hand.
Huma says, 'I like to keep if's in the law'
Huma says, 'because ultimately its about the spirit not the letter'
Huma says, 'so I like to keep it ambiguous'
Xuvenia says, 'it's intentionally vague so you don't toe the line!'
Huma says, 'we give you a HUGE area to work in'
Orchid says, 'oh it should be vague'
Huma says, 'we barely enforce anything'
Orchid says, 'I agree'
Goldmoon says, 'some imms do anyway'
Xuvenia nods her agreement with Orchid.
Huma pokes Nadia with Kryptonite.
Xuvenia says, 'probably depended on what you were doing'
Orchid says, 'but until a player is actually punished for illusions, I don't see the point in whining about the vague possibility of it hapening'
Nadia says to Huma, 'have you gotten anything for the LT yet? And if so, do I still have space to send in something that I BS together at 3am one random night?'
Goldmoon says, 'was just a question no whining'
Xuvenia giggles.
Huma says, 'yeah I've got some stuff'
Huma says, 'MORE then enough for the next edition actually'
Huma says, '10 poems'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Are the poems going to take another 1 or 2 lt's.'
Huma says, '2 articles'
Nadia says, 'How about we have an uber big issue?'
Huma says, 'Imm announcements'
Nadia says, 'for the poems?'
Orchid comforts Huma.
Nadia says, 'they used to be really really long.'
Nadia shrugs half heartedly.
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'I idea'd this, but you should bring back "did you know"'
Huma says, 'I did for a bit'
Xuvenia whistles innocently to herself.
Xuvenia says, 'oh really'
Xuvenia says, 'i just recently started subscribing again'
Huma says, 'if anyone has a good idea for DYK lemme know'
Xuvenia scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Huma cries on Xuvenia's shoulder.
Huma says, 'but...'
Xuvenia says, 'score :P'
Nadia raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
Huma says, 'and you call me your friend'
Nadia raises her hand.
Huma bonks Xuvenia on the head!
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Bah i didn't know you were the editor guy.'
Huma says, 'I put minutes of work into compiling that thing on a bi-weekly basis'
Huma says, 'well'
Huma says, 'Nadia I like to spread out the content'
Huma says, 'because frankly I go through HUGE dry spells'
Nadia says, 'ahh'
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'Drink more then!'
Huma says, 'so its good to have something in the bank'
Nadia says, 'But of course.'
Huma peers at Xuvenia, looking her up and down.
Huma says, 'I am drinking!'
Nadia raises her hand.
Nadia bounces around.
Huma says, 'that doesnt help my dry spell or articles'
Huma pokes Nadia with Kryptonite.
Nadia says to Huma, 'wth is DYK? I dun remember that one from when I read through the old LTs.'
Huma says, 'go ahead Nadiabot'
Nadia giggles at Huma.
Huma says, 'Did You Know'
Orchid says to Huma, 'There's a new ots thingie coming up. gotta make room for more.'
Nadia says, 'well, I got that'
Nadia says, 'whats it about though'
Huma says, 'it was a section with a big ol ascii question mark where you explain some vague unknown part of the game mechanice'
Xuvenia says, 'try doing a search for it'
Huma says to Orchid, 'I love OTS.'
Nadia says, 'Oh! That thing.'
Xuvenia giggles.
Nadia says, 'Skimmed over those.'
Huma laughs.
Nadia shrugs helplessly.
Xuvenia says, 'shouldn't, it's pretty useful :P'
Huma says, 'well... ther eyou have it!'
Nadia says, 'Weel, I did'
Xuvenia says, 'i laugh at how many people think there's only one type of score disply'
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'its OK'
Huma says, 'I understand'
Huma says, 'I do DYK when imms ask for it'
Huma says, 'actually :)'
Xuvenia says, 'cool'
Huma says, 'they're like hey people dont know poop about this particular facet'
Huma says, 'and I'm like OK I'll do a DYK!'
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so whatsup hip cats'
Huma says, 'who else has questions for the me'
Nadia raises her hand.
Huma says, 'Nadia... please ask away'
Nadia says to Huma, 'what are you supposedly drinking, and is it yummy?'
Huma pokes Nadia in the ribs.
Huma says, 'its beer, its OK'
Huma says, 'its gettin me unsober'
Nadia says, 'Icky!'
Nadia pushes Huma away from her.
Nadia says, 'Beer=Nasty'
Samule raises his hand.
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'well'
Mariachi gasps at Nadia.
Huma says, 'I cant handle the constant rejection for Xuvenia'
Huma says, 'I have to drown my sorrows in the sauce'
Huma pokes Samule with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Samule'
Samule says, 'I got hear a bit late, I heard holiday, arizona, cowboy ...'
Xuvenia laughs at Huma.
Samule says, 'what's up with that?'
Xuvenia says, 'sorry i was afk'
Huma says, 'we were speaking on my area... Tombstone'
Huma says, 'thats in the process of being built'
Samule gasps in astonishment.
Samule says, 'nice'
Nadia cuddles a black leather couch.
Huma says to Xuvenia, 'You gotta be on the spot, I try to involve you in at least every 20th sentence.'
Huma says, 'thanks!'
Huma says, 'I liked it'
Nadia laughs.
Xuvenia says to Huma, 'And i'm not rejecting you, there's just this unfortunate side effect to having a significant other, it means you can't date other people.'
Xuvenia pouts at Huma.
Samule chuckles politely.
Nadia smirks.
Nadia says to Huma, 'i'll pay attention to you, so you dont have to drink icky beer?'
Huma says, 'all I hear are excuses people'
Huma ignores his significant other.
Samule waves happily.
Huma says to Nadia, 'You just want to know where Somar is =P'
Xuvenia giggles.
Huma says, 'so who else has questions'
Xuvenia can guess what he's up to right now :P
Nadia says to Huma, 'sorta. I havent told him I <3 him in like 3 or 4 days. Im going through withdrawal.'
Mertjai says to Huma, 'Why are you wearing two different color socks?'
Nadia hushes Xuvenia.
Orchid raises her hand.
Huma says to Mertjai, 'Its a fashion statement.'
Nadia blinks.
Huma says to Nadia, 'I'm sorry :(  He wouldnt see me either if we didnt work together.'
Nadia grins at herself. You must wonder what's in her mind.
Huma says, 'go ahead Orchid'
Nadia sniffles quietly.
Huma pokes Orchid with Kryptonite.
Orchid says to Huma, 'Do you have like 5 minutes when this is over for Nadia and me to talk to you about some pr things?'
Orchid smiles at Jiriki.
Jiriki waves hello to the world!
Huma says, 'I... do'
Nadia says, 'Success'
Huma knocks Jiriki over and flops all over him.
Huma says, 'whatsup Jiri'
Jiriki says, 'the sky?'
Jiriki says, 'ok, bad joke'
Jiriki scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Huma says, 'no... we're inside'
Huma bonks Jiriki on the head!
Huma says, 'the roof!'
Orchid groans at the sight of Jiriki.
Huma says, 'or... the imm offices'
Nadia pats Huma on the head.
Huma says, 'those are acceptable answers'
Jiriki says, 'interest rates?'
Huma says, 'there ya go'
Xuvenia bounces onto Mariachi's lap.
Huma says, 'Presidential dissatisfactions polls'
Nadia grins evilly.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so any questions Jiri the floor is open'
Huma says, 'or anyone'
Jiriki says, 'then I do have one'
Huma says, 'please do ask it'
Nadia only has stupid questions, so she's just goign to shush.
Huma pokes Jiriki with Kryptonite.
Jiriki says, 'any word on the whole citizenship quest thing?'
Huma says to Nadia, 'No stupid questions only stupid people.'
Huma says, 'citizenship quest is temporarily on hold until Rufus' work calms back down'
Jiriki snaps his fingers. ATTITUDE!
Nadia says to Huma, 'no, no, stupid questions.'
Huma says, 'right now hes got serious Office aggro'
Xuvenia says, 'what's this citizenship quest?'
Nadia says, 'IGI!'
Huma says, 'at some point in the future you will be able to change your hometown'
Nadia ducks to the ground.
Huma says, 'like... how cool is that?'
Jiriki says, 'very'
Jiriki definately made this character from the wrong hometown.
Jiriki peers at himself myopically.
Xuvenia says, 'afk, bf is home from work, going to have a cigarette'
Huma waves to Xuvenia.
Huma says, 'so whatsup guys'
Nadia says to Xuvenia, 'ciggs are BAD for you!'
Xuvenia says to Nadia, 'Duh!'
Huma says, 'Rufus has been busy so lots of his coding pets have gone on the down low for a bit'
Jiriki says, 'that depends...breathing the air in LA is probably worse'
Nadia yawns.
Huma says, 'I was in Anaheim once'
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Huma says, 'mom lives there'
Huma pokes Gadolinium with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead Gadol'
Gadolinium says, 'Word on the Street is there are going to be some AC changes'
Gadolinium says, 'how goes that and is it true?'
Huma says, 'word might be right'
Huma says, 'its being evaluated'
Huma says, 'specifically removing the -100 cap'
Huma says, 'but... its still being reviewed'
Huma says, 'nothing firm right now'
Gadolinium looks up into the sky and ponders.
Mariachi slowly fades into thin air.
Gadolinium says, 'sounds decent'
Huma nods solemnly.
Gadolinium says, 'how long does it take for something like that to be reviewed?'
Huma says, 'I'm on board with it myself'
Huma says, 'well what happened is... Rufus got real busybusy'
Huma says, 'so a lot of his projects are on the down low'
Huma says, 'that one of his projects'
Gadolinium says, 'Word'
Jiriki chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'he is the era points... AC... combat code... PK.... uh...'
Huma says, 'I thin kthats mostly his area =P'
Huma says, 'oh create spells too'
Huma says, 'so other questions?'
Nadia looks up into the sky and ponders.
Nadia says to Huma, 'so whats up with you.'
Nadia says, '?'
Huma says, 'hrrrm'
Huma says, 'work is very stressful right now'
Huma whimpers softly.
Huma says, 'its really hurtin me'
Nadia comforts Huma.
Nadia hugs Huma.
Huma says, 'in the brain'
Huma says, 'so thats sad'
Huma says, '2 big clouds hanging over my head'
Huma says, 'thats bad'
Nadia says to Huma, 'is it one of those things that comes in spurts, so it'll lull down again?'
Huma says, 'maybe 3 now'
Nadia frowns.
Huma says, 'well its more 3 things that are bad'
Huma says, 'and until they're done'
Huma says, 'I cannot rest'
Nadia says, 'Ooh, those sorts of things'
Nadia hugs Huma.
Gadolinium says, 'i found its relaxing to just go out and start good fire someplace'
Nadia chuckles politely.
Kurgan gives a firm poke in the ribs to everyone in the room.
Nadia winces.
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma whimpers softly.
Huma knocks Kurgan over and flops all over him.
Huma says, 'so other questions?'
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Huma says, 'whatsup Gaol'
Gadolinium says, 'any plans to make create mages not totally own the whole Mud?'
Huma pokes Gadolinium with Kryptonite.
Huma laughs.
Huma rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Nadia giggles.
Huma says, 'oh man usually its 'when will create mages not suck''
Huma says, 'thats a new on Gadol'
Huma says, 'I'm officially excited'
Gadolinium says, 'Creates are sick insane'
Zierath says, 'pretty sure I pwned a create mage in pk yesterday...'
Huma says, 'make a forum post!'
Gadolinium says, 'wtf people think they sucl?'
Gadolinium says, 'im pretty sure you beat em by like 20 hps zierath'
Huma says, 'yeah most people hate them'
Huma says, 'think they're horrible'
Zierath says, 'umm 34 hps :P'
Gadolinium says, 'ooooo 34hps'
Huma says, 'so put up a post on the forum with the WHY ok?'
Gadolinium says, 'they can solo anything on the game that isnt run'
Huma says, 'like why they are to powerful'
Gadolinium nods solemnly.
Gadolinium says, 'sure will'
Zierath says, 'with 4 jams and not fully eqed :P id say i pwned'
Huma cheers for Gadolinium - huzzah!
Gadolinium says, ':P'
Huma says, 'we're constantly evaluating balance'
Huma says, 'so other questions?'
Gadolinium says, 'im pretty sure i saw the create own a fighter hardcore though'
Gadolinium grins evilly.
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Zierath whispers quietly to Huma.
Huma says, 'she does'
Gadolinium says, 'what a lie'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'shes been busy'
Huma says, 'I'm sorry'
Huma says, 'send her a letter'
Huma says, 'a love letter'
Zierath says, 'i send her letters all the time :P'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'good!'
Huma says, 'ok other questions?'
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Gadol'
Gadolinium says, 'so the word on the street is legend code is gonna go up...'
Huma laughs.
Huma says, 'thats a false word'
Huma says, 'other questions?'
Gadolinium says, 'those liars'
Gadolinium swears loudly: @*&^%@*&!
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'I'm sorry'
Huma says, 'we arent gonna release our precious precious hack code to anyone'
Gadolinium says, 'what about Goblins?'
Gadolinium says, 'what if they want it?'
Huma says, 'what about'em?'
Huma says, 'well... who can stop a goblin'
Huma says, 'so other questions?'
Gadolinium says, 'true'
Zierath raises his hand.
Zierath says, 'i can stop a goblin'
Huma says, 'lies'
Zierath nonchalantly flips a serrated stone dagger, dripping with blood.
Gadolinium grins evilly.
Huma says, 'other questions!'
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Naeva raises her hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Gadol'
Zierath raises his hand.
Gadolinium says, 'any plans to make the create imps a bit less talkative or a way to turn it off?'
Huma says, 'not atm, we've already lowered there speech probability'
Huma says, 'go ahead Naeva'
Naeva says to Huma, 'If I am learn ze inject skill, can I use it on other players, even eef I am not PK Anyting enables?'
Gadolinium says, 'nice'
Huma pokes Naeva with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'you can use it, but not on PK people'
Huma says, 'and only the positive affects'
Gadolinium says, 'lol its funny do it'
Huma says, 'not the negative ones'
Naeva nods solemnly.
Gadolinium says, 'ahhh thats a downer'
Huma says, 'go ahead Zier'
Zierath says, 'when is the next pk tourney? any idea?'
Huma pokes Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'next month!'
Huma smiles happily.
Gadolinium raises his hand.
Naeva looks up into the sky and ponders.
Zierath beams delightedly.
Huma says, 'any other questions :)'
Naeva says, 'What time next month?'
Huma says, 'middle of the month'
Huma says, 'I have to check my calender'
Huma says, 'make sure I dont have any bowling tournaments'
Naeva needs to clear her calendar so people can pwn [alt].
Huma giggles.
Naeva nods solemnly.
Gadolinium says, 'why cant we have more games...they seem to be spaced really far apart'
Naeva says, 'Oh kay, thanks.'
Huma says, 'I apoligize I've been busy trying to get as many as I can in'
Huma mopes around, depressed.
Huma says, 'I'll get one in soon'
Gadolinium says, 'you should higher an imm just for games in my opinion....'
Huma says, 'we should =P'
Huma says, 'ok other questions?'
Naeva glowers darkly at Huma.
Huma peers around intently.
Gadolinium says, 'just sayin would bring alot to the mud'
Huma says to Naeva, 'Wha?'
Mertjai says, 'games? Eh?'
Naeva says, 'Oh, wait, wrong chara, never mind.'
Naeva snickers softly.
Huma goes EEK! in distress.
Mertjai says, 'I thought this was a game.'
Mertjai blinks.
Naeva says to Huma, 'If I remember, I'll glower at you later.'
Huma says, 'Merti could run a flag hunt or something'
Huma giggles at Naeva.
Huma says, 'ok'
Huma says, 'other questions?'
Huma says, 'I actually gotta run here'
Mertjai says to Huma, 'Erm, never done a flag hunt.'
Huma says, 'so if no other big questions I'm gonna end this'
Naeva says to Huma, 'Orchid and I needed to talk to you though.'
Naeva tugs on Orchid's sleeve imploringly.
Huma says to Mertjai, 'Its fun.'
Mertjai has created the flag of the Teutonic Order!
Huma says to Naeva, 'I will do so in like... 15 mins ok?'
Mertjai drops the flag of the Teutonic Order.
Naeva nods solemnly.
Orchid says to Naeva, 'Wha?'
Naeva says to Orchid, ''es going to talk to us in about 15 minutes.'
Huma says, 'ok guys I'm gonna run'
Orchid says, 'yes'
Huma says, 'have a good night!'