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August 3rd, 2006

Q & A Index

Huma says, 'so anyway'
Huma says, 'welcome one and welcome all to the Q&A'
Huma says, 'any questions =P'
Republican raises his hand.
Zillah raises his hand.
Huma pokes Republican with Kryptonite.
Huma says, 'go ahead dark agent of sith'
Republican says, 'ok so I've been outta it lately--what are the big code projects atm?'
Republican says, 'I could check qna logs but a certain PR imm doesnt post em :P'
Huma peers around intently.
Huma says, 'sorry'
Zillah says to Republican, '"help newbie"'
Huma says, 'uh'
Huma says, 'yeah help newbie'
Zillah snickers softly.
Huma says, 'did you read all the cod echanges on the board?'
Republican says, 'ooo, help pray!'
Huma says, 'groups have changes, coloring'
Republican says, 'yes, I meant upcoming!'
Republican says, 'upcoming dammit!'
Republican says, 'templating, skilltrees, ladder for PKE?'
Huma says, 'oh you want to know about upcoming code changes?'
Republican nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'templating is lurking now'
Huma says, 'the others arent'
Mertjai says to Republican, 'We shot skilltrees.'
Huma says, 'I buried them under a tree'
Republican says to Mertjai, 'Too bad they're immortal.'
Siddhartha says, 'shoot templates too'
Republican says, 'templatings the bomb'
Skull says, 'what is templates?'
Mertjai says to Republican, 'Immortals can die, I have a few times.'
Huma says, 'templating is making every single item of the same type the same'
Huma says, 'so no more oldhorns'
Skull says, 'ah good'
Republican says, 'templating means if the imms every wanna chuck something, like bondable eq or old eq--it's a simple change to that item that's distributed to all items!'
Huma says, 'or old anything'
Huma nods his agreement with Republican.
Huma says, 'so now when we screw up there will be even less evidence'
Zillah grins evilly at Huma... Wonder what he's thinking...
Republican says, 'problem from what I hear.../heard about years ago when it was first started was that there are a lot of items and you gotta standardize each one'
Zillah says to Huma, 'We still have the photographs.'
Huma says to Zillah, 'Where are they?  I'llt ake care of it.'
Skull says, 'So whats the status on that? is it just being discussed? or is it something that is definitely going in in the near future?'
Huma says, 'oh we have a working model in'
Skull nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'we havent employed it yet'
Huma says, 'so... just a matter of time'
Skull nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'before we start blowing your minds with it'
Huma says, 'we've worked around the fix'
Republican says, 'blow away bondable eq first!'
Huma says, 'we're going in and out'
Huma says, 'on bondable EQ'
Huma says, 'I think its fantastic'
Huma says, 'and hope it doesnt get removed'
Huma says, 'but thats still in the air'
Republican spits on the ground.
Zillah pats Republican on the head.
Republican says, 'really, so old, bondable eq isn't as bad as old eq?'
Huma says, 'with templating 'old eq' will no longer be an issue'
Republican says, 'and yet, people who killed mobs when they were bugged to get items--it doesn't erase that'
Republican says, 'nor does it stop the flood of it from destroying old characters'
Huma says, 'uh.... what?'
Huma says, 'the whole point of bondable EQ is that its not useable by others'
Huma says, 'so it wont ever flood any market'
Huma says, 'because its not useable'
Huma smiles happily.
Republican says, 'is if you didnt bond it in the first place'
Huma says, 'most people...'
Huma says, 'we might change how bonding works in the future'
Republican says, 'so that a ridiculous item like the manacles never destroys my sense of game fairness ever again?'
Huma says, 'but until then... who knows'
Huma says, 'yeah manacles were a huge mistake'
Huma says, 'I mean I'm not gonna lie'
Quimby gives a quick polish to heavy adamantine manacles. It now shines brightly.
Nadia begins to twitch nervously.
Skull says, 'why?'
Republican says, 'because they were retardedly easy to get'
Republican says, 'and flooded PK'
Huma says, 'they were extremely overpowered and easy to get'
Quimby says, 'not our fault'
Huma says, 'thats the problem WAY TO EASY to get'
Mertjai moves a cable from his eyes.
Huma smirks at Quimby.
Republican says, '5 con +3 dam -9 ac and what, 2.2k rent?'
Nadia blinks at Mertjai.
Huma says, 'yeah I blame the players complete'
Huma says, 'stupid players'
Huma says, 'no... its out fault'
Skull chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'and we're working to fix it'
Nadia smirks at Huma.
Zillah flips Huma over his shoulder - what a Neanderthal!
Republican says, 'hence the asking about templating'
Nadia whispers softly to Huma.
Republican says, 'get it done and boom! you can wipe over mistakes'
Skull says, 'thinking of which, did those sl2 changes go in yet?'
Huma says, 'templating will I'm positive be used as part of the fix'
Huma says, 'go to the builder forums and talk with Rufus about the SL2 changes they havent gone in yet'
Huma says, 'he still wants feedback'
Skull nods solemnly.
Mertjai says, 'I like mistakes. Once I accidentally drew a copy of the Mona Lisa on a piece of paper while doodling.. quite the mistake.'
Huma giggles at Mertjai.
Huma says, 'hey herbie I finally found your character in the call of cthulu stories'
Herbert cheers wildly!
Huma says, 'so anyway'
Huma says, 'Zillah was next right'
Nadia blinks.
Nadia puts a roll of bandages in a patterned teal velvet pouch.
Huma says, 'was it zillag?'
Zillah says, 'Kay so, I've been wondering for a long time and keep forgetting to ask at these things: what are the chances we could get some sort of reimb thing on era abilities we get and try out and decide we don't want?'
Zillah says, 'yeah think so'
Huma says, 'there wont be reimbs unless we somehow made a mistake'
Zillah peers around intently.
Zillah says, 'any reason, or?'
Zillah peers around intently.
Huma says, 'because thats how it works :)'
Huma says, 'we dont give out reimbs unless its an error on our part'
Huma says, 'its how reimbs work'
Quimby says, 'but it's always your fault!'
Huma giggles.
Nadia ponders Quimby's existence.
Huma says to Quimby, 'I thought it was always your part =P'
Zillah says, 'crappy. On a more personal note, furious rage is the most useless ability I've ever seen. =P'
Huma says, 'sorry man'
Zillah contemplates hanging himself, but gives up for lack of rope or a tree.
Zillah says, 'meh'
Skull says, 'heard it had a pretty long reuse timer too'
Zillah says, 'It's only 7mil, I whore that in a day. =P'
Zillah snickers softly.
Zillah says to Skull, 'The reuse timer is ridiculously long, it's why it's useless.'
Mertjai says, 'this one time in bandcamp...'
Skull nods solemnly.
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'so yeah'
Huma says, 'whatsup guys'
Huma says, 'wanna chitchat?'
Zillah says, 'Furious Rage expires in 1 hour, 59 mins and 54 seconds'
Spanish-Flea says, 'I got a dirty string that's gonna make nadia forced to kiss me!'
Zillah rolls his eyes heavenward.
Spanish-Flea prances about happily.
Huma comforts Zillah.
Herbert says to Zillah, 'you.... need another hobbie :p'
Quimby says, 'sheesh and i was gonna complain about fury'
Nadia blinks.
Herbert says to Zillah, 'ever thought about crochet?'
Zillah says to Herbert, 'Is that an offer?'
Herbert ducks to the ground.
Zillah winks suggestively at Herbert.
Herbert snuggles up to Zillah.
Quimby says, 'by the time i do it once fighting dimmesdale, the fight is already over before i can do it a second time'
Spanish-Flea says, 'complain about era xp in general, it's easy to get and a total imbalance to casual players'
Nadia peers at Spanish-Flea, looking him up and down.
Herbert says to Zillah, '7 mill a day is obscenity!'
Huma giggles.
Huma says, 'we didnt make it to appeal to casual players'
Zillah says to Herbert, 'Meh. I can't help it, I'm just good like that.'
Herbert says to Zillah, 'im too busy or i would too :('
Quimby says, 'actually i like it, i haven't gotten any real exp since i learned about it in january'
Spanish-Flea says, 'yeah, you guys whored WoW--great idea, I can pay $5 a month and now have legend with graphics'
Quimby says, 'of course i haven't played all that much'
Huma says, 'we... whored wow?'
Huma says, 'I just dont even know what that means'
Mertjai says, 'how so?'
Herbert says to Huma, 'me neither :('
Spanish-Flea says, 'this kind of thing turns legend from a fun experience into a piece of MMORPG crack'
Nadia raises her hand.
Huma says, 'we are appealing to what people want man'
Spanish-Flea says, 'where you directly reward people spending unhealthy swaths of time on here'
Huma says, 'if you dont want to use era Exp, please dont'
Quimby says, 'its an option you don't have to use'
Herbert says, 'it was already pretty crack like... now its just crack with some incentive *duck*'
Spanish-Flea says to Quimby, 'really? is it disabled for PKOK chars?'
Spanish-Flea says to Quimby, 'what about PK tournaments.'
Zillah grins evilly at Herbert... Wonder what he's thinking...
Huma says, 'it is disabled for PK tournaments yes'
Huma pats Spanish-Flea on the head.
Quimby says, 'and a lot of those skills don't even work for pkillers'
Huma says, 'yeah'
Skull says, 'I have to admit, I liked post era xp better'
Zillah says, 'the difference is that now when I'm logged on I actually run, whereas before I was still logged in the same amount, I just sat around and snarked a lot. =P'
Huma says, 'look, we had a lot of people ask for more ways to play the game as the same character'
Huma says, 'we provided it'
Huma says, 'I'm sorry if that upset you'
Spanish-Flea says, 'and if I'm competing for mobs in an area--who's now favoured the asshat who spent 4 months at 16 hours a day on here or the person who's spent 4 years at 1 hour a day on here?'
Nadia says to Zillah, 'yay snark!'
Herbert says to Zillah, 'you? snark? when was this :p'
Skull says, 'now i only have one era level and i feel useless unless i get like 50 era levels in each era like everyone else'
Herbert says, 'i have no era levels on any of my characters'
Herbert bursts into tears.
Zillah says to Herbert, 'I'm kidding. I don't really snark. Ever.'
Spanish-Flea says to Skull, 'better than me, I just stopped playing.'
Quimby says, 'when i feel well enough to sit at the keyboard, for the first time in months i actually do a little running around the game and kill things, some things i never could kill before'
Huma says, 'well I mean I dont know what to tell ya Spanish'
Huma says, 'we didnt make it to make your life terrible'
Spanish-Flea says, 'why do you think me and vendetta left'
Huma says, 'and I'm sorry if we've damned your playing experience'
Spanish-Flea says, 'in all honestly, this is disgusting'
Quimby says to Herbert, 'that's cause your lazy, and your characters suck :P'
Huma says, 'oh relax'
Wrym nods her agreement with Skull.
Nadia licks Lorenzo.
Skull tips his hat to Wrym.
Spanish-Flea says, 'all these changes do is screw players with experience in favour of people doing exactly what was frowned on for years and running looking for easy xp'
Zillah laughs at Quimby.
Huma says, 'Era Exp appeals to a lot of people, I'm sorry it doesnt to you or Vendetta'
Lorenzo waves hello to the world!
Lorenzo smiles happily.
Spanish-Flea says, 'it's a trend around here'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Quimby says, 'you get the same amount of exp if you killed it the regular way'
Spanish-Flea says, 'imms introduce some change and it scares off old players'
Quimby says, 'its no easier then it is the old way'
Huma says, 'our numbers are stable for months'
Zillah says to Lorenzo, 'OktofleeQ&A.'
Skull nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Lorenzo giggles at Zillah.
Huma says, 'so... I we are making it back somehow'
Spanish-Flea says, 'here you want easy that satisfies me? integrat era xp into normal xp'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Why would that have any difference?'
Wrym says, 'what you mean spanish-flea?'
Huma is completely boggled.
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Zillah says to Spanish-Flea, 'I dun get it.'
Huma says, 'look you hate era exp, I get it'
Huma says, 'sorry, we're not removing it'
Spanish-Flea says, 'i kill hibibns--I get 120k normal and 120k to an aggregate med level xp'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Why do you even care about normal Exp at this point?'
Mertjai says to Nadia, 'Did you have a question?'
Wrym says, 'thats 2x xp...'
Herbert says, 'its a simple choice, coupons or era levels...'
Quimby says, 'no you don't you get one or the other, or some combination there of'
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'because I can't retroactuvely transfer 200 million points of it to equalize with idiots who spend far more time than me.'
Nadia says to Mertjai, 'nah, got fixed as time passed.'
Zillah says to Spanish-Flea, 'You know what that would do? Make everything worth 50% of what it was. No thanks. =P'
Nadia smiles at Mertjai.
Mertjai says to Nadia, 'Cool.'
Nadia nods her agreement with Mertjai.
Wrym says, 'spanish-flee.. i was created on march 17... i now have 61 era lvls.. and 180 normal xp....'
Nadia begins to twitch nervously.
Wrym says, 'xping isn't hard...'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'I'm sorry your character isnt ultimately more uber then people you think you're better then and you KNEW we had a constantly evolving game here.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'some of us don't have the normal time for this'
Huma says, 'I can't do anything about it'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'that problem will never go away.  You're always going to be at a disadvantage in some way against people who spend five times as much time playing as you.  There's no way to remedy that, and I'm doubtful there's even anything wro.'
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'i've probably got a billion xp spread among chars--I either want a way to transfer that into an era xp slush fund or years of play the way that you now WANT people to play arent rewarded.'
Wrym says, 'i'm not putting in ungodly hours..'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'anything wrong with it.'
Wrym says, 'only 580 hours...'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'there's the easy way out of it by negating whores who play all the time.'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'dont put it in to begin with.'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'how is this different from anything else?  You put in time, you get something back.'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lorenzo.
Nadia beeps Mertjai on the nose.
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'i put in time--where are my era levels from refore?'
Huma says, 'right'
Zillah says to Spanish-Flea, 'You just mad that I'm whoring for XP instead of whoring for you.'
Huma says, 'at the time you didnt think that you were investing this Xp into anything'
Zillah sniffs sadly.
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'it's the same arguement imms hammered at us for years about skill redeems that eventually caved.'
Huma says, 'you grinded it for whatever reason'
Nadia smirks at Zillah.
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'same place as everyone else's.'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lorenzo.
Wrym says, 'in regular xp'
Nadia waves to Herbert.
Wrym cackles gleefully at Herbert - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'oh well'
Huma says, 'anyone else have a question'
Herbert hugs Nadia.
Nadia beams at Herbert delightedly.
Wrym says, 'not so much a question.. but a comment...'
Spanish-Flea says to Wrym, 'some of us come on here and do/dad the exploring so f***ing whores like you can sit on here in 580 hours optimizing xp intake, don't talk about hours vs xp--if you're never on but to run that's always the case.'
Lorenzo says, 'you know, I could ask where's all me retroactive cred for the 100 million+ xp I got before I immed and now I'm all gimped out with respect to people who can spend more time playing than I do... but hey, I like how I spend my time.'
Herbert grins evilly at Lorenzo... Wonder what he's thinking...
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'you spend it on strings--gimmie 10 era points for my 3 redeems I got sitting on spanish.'
Wrym says, 'i make as good xp soloing as grouped spanish'
Nadia raises her hand.
Nadia says to Mertjai, 'eew, my question didn't get worked out. How sad.'
Spanish-Flea says to Wrym, 'why? because you went around figuring out who was worth what?'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'You didnt have the option WHEN you grinded it, so why have the option now?'
Wrym says, 'spanish not only do i xp.. but i also  enjoy helping other ppl out..'
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'because it's a mud moving forward--isn't it?'
Huma says, 'you obviously did all your 'work' for a reason before'
Wrym says, 'what is wron with figuring out what is worth the xp.. that sounds like the difference in a good player and a bad player'
Huma says, 'anyway you're gonna be angry no matter what I say'
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'my 'work' was a result of helping people, doing re-eq's and exploring areas.'
Huma claps for Spanish-Flea approvingly.
Mertjai says to Spanish-Flea, 'You know, I never got era levels either.'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Thats your reward in itself.'
Herbert says, 'man people have been grinding, and optimizing and tweaking their runs, and standard kills for YEARS now... Era XP just gave em a reason to do it more efficiently hehe'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'har har--funny, if it was impemented 5 years ago I'd be swimming in era levels.'
Huma nods his agreement with Herbert.
Wrym shrugs helplessly.
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Congrats.'
Herbert says, 'i had a run that timed to exactly 3 hours and earned me 6 mill about 3 years back'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'maybe the clue that the era levels where a huge mistake was when kastina got what--10 in a week?'
Wrym snickers softly.
Wrym says, 'thats slow.. duck...'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'but it wasn't.  a lot of things weren't imped five years ago?  you want god to reimb all the time you spent retyping papers on a typewriter cause he hadn't invented computers yet, too?'
Spanish-Flea says, 'before the xp hike you incompetent loser'
Zillah says, 'Sorry, but Ranmaru just hit like 500mil or something gross like that in a really really short amount of time -- not everyone is grinding XP just for eralevels. Hell I only have a 50% split'
Spanish-Flea slaps Wrym.
Wrym says, 'spanish i've doe that...'
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'I wish they were a bit arder to get, but they're here and thats how it works.'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'we get reimbs for obsolete skills.'
Lorenzo says, 'it doesn't invalidate change'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'retroactive xp is hard?'
Wrym shrugs helplessly.
Huma says, 'anyway I'm going to move on'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'Spanish, you just want to complain'
Huma says, 'make a post on the forums if you're so upset'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Nadia beams at Mertjai delightedly.
Wrym says, 'can i make one comment about it...'
Lorenzo says, 'it's not that it's hard, it's that there's no equation that makes sense.  how can you retroactively figure out what someone would have done 5 years ago if they could have done then what they can do now?'
Mertjai smiles at Nadia.
Huma says, 'theres nothing I can do about this immediately'
Spanish-Flea says, 'man, if I wanted to complain I'd have vendetta on here arguing for me--we both know he's far more annoying'
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'I jsut need to get to other questions'
Zillah laughs.
Mertjai says to Spanish-Flea, 'But we're moving on :)'
Huma says, 'so die it down for a bit'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'i dunno about that, but you're cuter.'
Lorenzo gives Spanish-Flea a great big smooch!
Siddhartha has returned from the void.
Quimby says, 'the problem with that is, since ive gotten new eq, i can't do 5 years ago, what i can do now'
Huma says, 'when it gets slow we'll start up again'
Spanish-Flea shrugs helplessly.
Herbert stretches out beside Zillah - nothing like subtlety...NOT!
Huma says, 'Nadia you had a question?'
Quimby says, 'half the mobs i bother with now, killed me quite easily then'
Huma pokes Nadia with Kryptonite.
Nadia shakes her head.
Nadia says to Huma, 'had it answered.'
Spanish-Flea says, 'all I'm left to say is you f**k old players much more and PKE taken out is gonna look like the gold ol' days of activity'
Nadia giggles.
Huma bonks Nadia on the head!
Spanish-Flea waves happily.
Nadia says to Huma, 'sorry!'
Nadia hangs her head.
Nadia scuffles her feet around in the dirt.
Quimby says, 'good riddance'
Huma says, 'thats OK'
Huma says, 'good ol days of Q&A =P'
Nadia says to Huma, 'i still<3 you.'
Nadia giggles at Huma.
Lorenzo giggles at Huma.
Huma says, 'when people would show up and tear into me for 2 hours'
Wrym nods her agreement with Quimby.
Zillah mourns Huma's death!
Herbert softly nuzzles Huma's neck.
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Mertjai says to Huma, 'I wanted to glue somebody tonight.'
Wrym comforts Huma.
Nadia says to Huma, 'we love you, even if they dont.'
Huma goes EEK! at Herbert in distress - isn't Herbert an awful person for teasing?
Huma giggles.
Nadia snuggles up to Huma.
Huma says, 'so who else has a question'
Lorenzo says to Mertjai, 'you can glue me.'
Nadia looks up into the sky and ponders.
Zillah says, 'someone ask something interesting, before I go back to grinding my unfairadvantageeraXP'
Zillah ducks to the ground.
Huma says, 'besides my new question, about Herberts questionable advances on me'
Mertjai says to Lorenzo, 'You're higher level, I can't.'
Herbert rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Nadia grins evilly at Zillah... Wonder what she's thinking...
Lorenzo suddenly is hurled to the ground in a puddle of glue by Huma.
Wrym nods her agreement with Zillah.
Quimby says, 'he thinks your spite'
Herbert says, 'sorry thought ya were spite :p'
Huma pets Lorenzo lovingly.
Nadia says to Zillah, 'would you lug around my pke?'
The glue around Lorenzo dissolves.
Nadia ducks to the ground.
Nadia flees!
Wrym nods her agreement with Nadia.
Zillah says to Nadia, 'Only if it heals, otherwise I can't spare the XP'
Zillah snickers softly.
Nadia giggles at Lorenzo.
Nadia pouts at Zillah.
Nadia says to Zillah, 'she can bandage!'
Wrym winces.
Wrym ponders her own existence - better keep an eye on her.
Zillah says, 'schnap, can't say no to a cute girl'
Lorenzo flops about helplessly.
Zillah mopes around, depressed.
Lorenzo giggles.
Nadia beams at Zillah delightedly.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Huma says, 'so who else?'
Yellow text lurks around Nadia.
Huma says, 'any questions?'
Nadia goes EEK! in distress.
Nadia bursts into tears.
Nadia says, 'god that hurts my eyes'
Wrym says, 'not really'
Zillah points at Nadia.
Zillah laughs at Nadia.
Nadia whimpers to Zillah.
Cyan text lurks around Zillah.
Zillah says, 'cyan text is a wuss'
Huma giggles.
Zillah says, 'bring it, punk'
Nadia smirks at Zillah.
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Huma says, 'I'll hang around for like 10 more minutes'
Huma says, 'and if not we can end it'
Nadia looks up into the sky and ponders.
Mertjai looks up into the sky and ponders.
Nadia says, 'shnap, I had a question last night too.'
Zillah says, 'it's bmagenta that scares me.'
Nadia sighs loudly.
Wrym nods her agreement with Nadia.
Zillah says, 'pwns me every time'
Nadia nods her agreement with Zillah.
Zillah sighs loudly.
Huma chuckles politely.
Nadia says to Zillah, 'bmagenta and both yellows.'
Nadia says to Zillah, 'i have some difficulty with bblue too.'
Nadia mourns her own inadequacies - you feel sorry for her.
Zillah says to Nadia, 'Yellowtext is a closet case. Threaten to break a nail and it runs screaming.'
Nadia cheers wildly!
Zillah holds his hands to his head in a silent scream!
Wrym says, 'since nothing is realy bign asked... i wanna say one thing...'
Wrym snickers softly.
Skull asks Huma a question.
It sounded like 'Would it be possible to add the option to transfer normal gained xp to era xp? to offer some flexibility to the system?' to you.
Nadia whimpers softly.
Nadia bursts into tears.
Zillah goes EEK! in distress.
Wrym says, 'umm...'
Nadia says, 'it hurrrrrrts'
Zillah peers around intently.
Wrym had the funny text distract her!!
Herbert ducks under Zillah.
Huma says, 'we dontplan on offering that at any time'
Skull nods solemnly.
Huma flops about helplessly.
Wrym says, 'hmm oh.. this was really for spanish flea.. but....'
Huma says, 'any other questions?'
Huma says, 'heh oh?'
Wrym says, 'i kinda am torqued at these older players getting back into legend.. and just dinking around a little...'
Huma says, 'why?'
Herbert says, 'bright magenta eh... im going to have to code that into any targetted comms towards zillah'
Herbert ducks to the ground.
You do a slow fade as Zillah whines at Herbert, hoping he won't get to you too.
Wrym says, 'th'ere getting pissed that they can't get the same stuff that current big players can and are.... bondabe bear era lvls.. and xp...'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'well, I can't really stop that :('
Wrym says, '3 come to mind.. delandel shivan and spanish...'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Zillah says to Wrym, 'The ones that bitch about losing their old gear are the really funny ones.'
Zillah says to Wrym, 'Waaah wahh.'
Zillah rolls his eyes heavenward.
Wrym says, 'i'm just hoping that they're not getting catered to....'
Wrym nods her agreement with Zillah.
Quimby says, 'which is why i got rid of my old gear a long time ago'
Huma says, 'we try to have as much first amendment rights as possible'
Huma says, 'gonna have to ask Rufus about that'
Skull says, 'well being an older player trying to get back in the game, I mean, I DO sort of understand where they are coming from, but i also understand the countering points as well'
Quimby says, 'it should of been done a long time ago, but they kept it in'
Zillah says, 'Oh boohoo, I'm not overpowered and retardedly unbalanced, cry me a damn river'
Wrym says, 'i don't wanna see old ge go away.. but... *would like to have some*....'
Wrym says, 'why?...'
Huma says, 'I dont control what gets catered too'
Wrym says, 'i wan't the old stuff almost as much for the history as for some the cool thinks about it...'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Huma says, 'old gear is goind away eventually'
Wrym bursts into tears.
Huma says, 'just going to have to get used to that'
Skull says, 'im glad it is'
Skull says, 'it evens out the playing field'
Wrym raises her eyebrow at Skull.
Wrym says, 'so'
Herbert says, 'who DOES control the catering?'
Wrym says, 'nothing is even... and i doo fine without old gear...'
Quimby says, 'it was just as frustrating for a new player before, when you saw an older player with all this nifty gear, that they could never get'
Skull says, 'if someone has old gear it gives that player an unfair advantage, simply because they have gear that cant be obtained by legit means'
Wrym says, 'if they need old gear to keep up with me.. let em have it... i'll rub it in...'
Herbert tosses a cherry pie into the air followed by a cherry pie, and then a cherry pie goes spinning in the air after them.
Herbert passes a cherry pie behind his back, catches a cherry pie under his leg and snatches a cherry pie up quickly as it rolls down his arm.
With a flourish, Herbert plucks a cherry pie, a cherry pie, and a cherry pie easily from the air and gathers them in his arms.
Wrym nods her agreement with Skull.
Wrym says, 'that is.. can' be anyoing... but...'
Quimby says, 'or if you were an old player that had that same old gear, but lost it in one of the various ways one loses things around here'
Wrym says, 'i've gotten several older items.. even have one i got... when it was still in..'
Lorenzo says, 'Speaking just for myself, the bottom line is that we can't stop trying to improve the game, or at least shift the balance.'
Wrym nods her agreement with Quimby.
Wrym nods her agreement with Lorenzo.
Lorenzo says, 'It may make older players lose interest -- a sort of "not the same game" syndrome -- but even worse is to stagnate to where we're completely uninteresting to new players.'
Wrym says, 'i know it's going to happen... but...'
Lorenzo says, 'Old players will all leave, given enough time.'
Herbert nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Wrym says, 'i don't really thinkg that old gear affects new players that much...'
Lorenzo says, 'So we have to keep working for new ones.'
Huma says, 'sorry about that'
Quimby says, 'when i dt'd the second time this year, i was really close to calling it quits, cause i didn't want to run thru sl2, or all the other places all over again, it gets tiring'
Zillah says to Wrym, 'I disagree.'
Wrym says, 'how many active players have old gear atm..'
Herbert hasnt even been to SL2.
Herbert bursts into tears.
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Lorenzo comforts Herbert.
Quimby says, 'then the hassle i had to go thru to get the damn manacles, almost made me want to scrap em after i got em and  archive'
Lorenzo says to Herbert, 'that's the one area I have done since hell went in :/'
Huma nods solemnly.
Skull says, 'Its the simple fact that players are equiping gear that does not exist in the game anymore. so any newer characters cannot find a legit means to obtain that gear.'
Zillah says to Wrym, 'You try to make a new-gear hitter that can compete with one that has a couple old horns and an old SSS... tell me how that works out for ya.'
Wrym says, 'i know of 2 with enough old gear...'
 under a mass of networking cables.
Herbert says, 'oneday soon i will go, i have a bad schedule for timing it to have enough time tho'
Wrym shrugs helplessly.
Lorenzo nods his agreement with Herbert.
Wrym says, 'so what...'
Quimby says, 'ladydagger im sure still has all of shane's old gear, im sure she is archived,'
Huma chuckles politely.
Wrym says, 'what is wronge with someone with a little old gear being able to smaps a little extra crap out of some mobies...'
Huma says, 'well anyway all the old gear will slowly but surely be removed'
Huma says, 'its gonna happen someday'
Wrym says, 'i'll love to group with one.. love to hear sories...'
Wrym nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'so, dont worry about it'
Wrym says, 'ok... alonge thos lines...'
Wrym says, 'how will old gear be templated...'
Huma says, 'how?'
Wrym says, 'old horns have new horts stats... or..... what...'
Quimby says, 'the thing is i like the new gear better, sure i miss some of the old gear, but i never cared for the old sss, or the horns, i played mages, hence the worn riding gloves, or the old eye were more to my fancy'
Huma says, 'that'd be how it works yes'
Zillah says, 'yep'
Wrym says, 'just a swap oeration..'
Wrym nods her agreement with Quimby.
Zillah says, 'you wake up one fine day and your mystical old horn of doom is the same as the FNG's'
Salvatore peers around intently.
Wrym nods solemnly.
Salvatore says, 'fashionably late'
Wrym grumbles.
Zillah pets Salvatore lovingly.
Huma nods solemnly.
Wrym nods her agreement with Salvatore.
Huma says, 'so anyway, other questions'
Salvatore says to Zillah, 'its stooooorming here.'
Salvatore raises his hand.
Zillah says to Salvatore, 'We had a quake! I slept through it.'
Zillah scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Salvatore snickers softly.
Herbert says, 'I still want a mob to have an eleven foot pole... cos there are so many things i wouldnt touch with a ten foot pole....'
Zillah says, '3.8! *snore*'
Huma smirks at Herbert.
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Huma says, 'so you guys think I can end this?'
Salvatore says to Zillah, 'i would pee my pants.'
Wrym pokes Salvatore in the ribs.
Salvatore raises his hand.
Salvatore raises his hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Sal'
Zillah cheers for Salvatore - huzzah!
Salvatore says, 'has anyone talked of sl2 changes?'
Salvatore peers around intently.
Herbert says, 'zillah is t3h [email protected]'
Huma says, 'the forum on the board really is the issue'
Zillah beams at Herbert delightedly.
Huma says, 'I mean... what do you wanna talk about =P'
Salvatore says, 'oh.. nvm i already blasted it there'
Skull chuckles politely.
Huma nods his agreement with Salvatore.
Huma says, 'thats all I've got'
Salvatore says, 'um'
Salvatore says, 'how far off is cool housing items to be built?'
Huma says, 'really far'
Wrym pouts.
Salvatore says, 'i know it wouldnt take much to build some objects like garden bushes etc'
Salvatore snorts derisively.
Huma says, 'but... ultimately... I guess a week closer then last week'
Huma says, 'we're still in 'that would be cool' stage'
Wrym winces.
Salvatore says, 'well shove it to a "druids are too poor so it should happen" phase =p'
Salvatore ducks to the ground.
Spanish-Flea blinks.
Huma giggles.
Wrym nods her agreement with Salvatore.
Huma says, 'well someone talked about that'
Huma says, 'but... nope'
Salvatore says, 'seriously.. who pays their healers?'
Zillah says, 'yeah I got an herbgarden thing (which by the way was WAY overpriced) thinking it did something cool... it doesn't, just spams up my patio. =P'
Zillah mopes around, depressed.
Wrym says, 'go surgie salva... duck'
Salvatore says, 'besides me.. because I know how nasty it can get to get herbs =p'
Huma nods solemnly.
Huma says, 'I mean... we'll do it eventually yeah'
Wrym nods her agreement with Salvatore.
Huma says, 'but not soon'
Salvatore smirks.
Wrym grumbles.
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'if you're talking about being able to grow stuff, that's something we've talked about but it's not easy.'
Wrym comforts Salvatore.
Zillah herbruns for his druids. If your hitters don't, you should fire them and start working for Z. =P
Huma nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Zillah pets himself in full view of everybody!
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'sure it is.'
Huma says, 'its a lot of code stuff'
Salvatore is completely boggled.
Wrym goes EEK! at Zillah in distress - isn't Zillah an awful person for teasing?
Wrym grins evilly.
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'if you're just talking about nicer-looking items, then idea it :)'
Spanish-Flea says to Lorenzo, 'yeah, you imms are gonna raid the druid's house and take away his stash.'
Wrym is happy with surgies....
Zillah says, 'wait a second'
Salvatore says, 'build object make obj_act oload herb etc'
Huma nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Quimby says, 'i know that a lot of druids, find most of their herbs for free, lying around on the ground, try exploring :P'
Spanish-Flea blinks.
Huma says, 'I assumed you were talking about making house mobs or other cool things like that'
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'ok, it's yours.'
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'how hard is it to oload herbs to an object?'
Zillah says, 'wouldn't it be just as easy to make herbs repop in an item as it is to make them pop in a room???'
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'impossible hard.'
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'make me an imm ill do building :D'
Zillah is completely boggled.
Salvatore was a head builder...
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'you gotta apply first :P'
Lorenzo claps for Salvatore approvingly.
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'i have!'
Salvatore snickers softly.
Lorenzo coughs loudly.
Salvatore snickers softly.
Wrym cackles gleefully at Salvatore - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!
Huma flops about helplessly.
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'i know i know im working on being nicer in pk =p'
Huma says, 'so other questions'
Herbert says, 'pesky application process'
Herbert giggles.
Wrym comforts Salvatore.
Salvatore likes to take coins.. gooosh =p
Salvatore scuffles his feet around in the dirt.
Wrym snickers at Salvatore nastily.
Spanish-Flea says, 'make salvatore a coder and use his 1337 skills to fix skilltrees and ...god...what was that other thing craven always used to moan about?'
Quimby says, 'what te hell is mt?'
Wrym says, 'thats just the price of dieing.. right?...'
Wrym ducks to the ground.
Quimby says, 'besides herberts head'
Salvatore says to Spanish-Flea, 'oh good lord dont put me in with craven =p'
Quimby ducks under Herbert.
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'i'm not trying to abuse you, but it's really not a simple thing to do.  Object acts don't exist.'
Huma chuckles politely.
Spanish-Flea says to Salvatore, 'yeah, craven had class--you're right.'
Zillah points at Salvatore.
Zillah laughs at Salvatore.
Huma nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Huma says, 'we dont have object acts'
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'well true.. diff code base.'
Wrym looks up into the sky and ponders.
Salvatore says, 'but code cant be too hard!'
Zillah says, 'ohhhh'
Spanish-Flea blinks.
Salvatore would do it!
Salvatore nods to himself.
Huma chuckles politely.
Huma says, 'well, we have lots of very talented coders'
Spanish-Flea says, 'man, it took snapper months to recode the boards and that was snapper'
Huma says, 'one of them will do it someday'
Spanish-Flea says, 'the man's easily ten times the coder you'll ever be'
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'ok, but you know the answer to this.'
Wrym looks up into the sky and ponders.
Huma says, 'OR, they'll figure out another way to build mobs to do it =P'
Salvatore nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Salvatore says to Spanish-Flea, 'its because of old coders making messy code =p'
Salvatore ducks to the ground.
Spanish-Flea says to Salvatore, 'and snapper codes his own unix drivers--it took him a month to fix the board code.'
Salvatore says, 'ive heard rumors of how some code they dont even touch because well.. they honestly dont know what it does =p'
Lorenzo says, 'I *wish* I could make a living doing nothing but coding for legend.  that would be nice'
Lorenzo sighs loudly.
Zillah says, 'should template the c0drs, too'
Lorenzo says, 'but so far we're not a l33t mmpoororgpg'
Huma says, 'if everyone donates like 150 bucks we could employ Lorenzo =P'
Huma says, 'to work for us 40 hours a week'
Wrym nods her agreement with Lorenzo.
Salvatore snickers softly.
Lorenzo giggles at Huma.
Spanish-Flea says, 'wouldnt we need to donate 150 bucks each a week?'
Salvatore says to Huma, 'i got more than enough time!'
Salvatore says to Huma, 'you know that =p'
Salvatore says, 'i know i know. apply and try etc =p'
Huma says, 'no like every player and imm'
Huma says, 'anyway who else has questions'
Salvatore looks up into the sky and ponders.
Spanish-Flea raises his hand.
Spanish-Flea says, 'fix era xp!'
Huma says, 'builder forum'
Spanish-Flea says, 'I was gonna give up, but then that little vendetat voice popped into the back of my head and told me to just not shut up until sandra sitebanned me for swearing'
Zillah sighs wistfully at the sight of Spanish-Flea.
Wrym says, 'spanish it is fixed.. and fine...'
Zillah says to Spanish-Flea, 'Stop being a pain in the ass.'
Wrym nods her agreement with Zillah.
Spanish-Flea says to Zillah, 'it's what I'm good at.'
Zillah says to Spanish-Flea, '@[email protected] it.'
Wrym says, 'you shivan and delandel....'
Quimby nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Quimby giggles.
Salvatore raises his hand.
Huma says, 'if its a serious issue, which from everything you'd told me so far its not'
Zillah says to Huma, 'Just glue him already. =P'
Huma says, 'then if you approach it in a clear and concise statement on builder forum'
Zillah ducks to the ground.
Huma says, 'someone will respond and respond respectfully'
Huma says, 'go ahead Salvatore'
Huma pokes Salvatore with Kryptonite.
Spanish-Flea says to Huma, 'that's never anything close to a guarantee of anything less than a fallacious and unfair response.'
Spanish-Flea gives a small piece of paper from Spanish-Flea to Zillah.
Huma says to Spanish-Flea, 'Well, I have faith the someone will respond thoughtfully.'
Zillah reads a small piece of paper from Spanish-Flea.
Zillah laughs.
Salvatore says, 'are yall going to run that werewolf game on a regular basis like a certain time day every month week etc?'
Zillah applauds Spanish-Flea's quick thinking and good judgment.
Salvatore peers around intently.
Zillah gives a small piece of paper from Spanish-Flea to Spanish-Flea.
Zillah nods his agreement with Spanish-Flea.
Salvatore says, 'yes i like it =p'
Lorenzo says to Spanish-Flea, 'gig salv.'
Lorenzo says, 'uh'
Lorenzo bonks himself on the head and looks sheepish.
Spanish-Flea says, 'gig?'
Quagmire says, 'idy!'
Huma says, 'woah'
Salvatore says, 'and yes its more fun then recalltag.. though it has been years since ive played that..'
Huma says, 'anyway'
Lorenzo says, 'it was fun!'
Skull says, 'oh'
Skull says, 'recalltag'
Wrym throws her head back and cackles gleefully!
Skull says, 'totally forgot about that'
Salvatore says to Lorenzo, 'well.. it is.. until everyone dislikes you and just picks on you =p'
Quimby says, 'i hate that game'
Skull says, 'someone must host that in the near future, please..'
Quagmire says to Salvatore, 'that's me tardwad.'
Quagmire slaps Salvatore.
Lorenzo giggles.
Quagmire defends Lorenzo's honor.
Wrym grins evilly at Skull... Wonder what she's thinking...
Salvatore says to Quagmire, 'whats you?'
Salvatore peers around intently.
Salvatore says, 'disliking me?'
Salvatore says, 'what else is new? =p'
Salvatore snickers softly.
Natalia pets Quagmire lovingly.
Quagmire says, 'me!'
Quagmire slaps Salvatore.
Huma says, 'I enjoyed hosting werewolf'
Quagmire says, 'whrees my umm'
Huma says, 'until everyone started complaining at me =P'
Quimby peers at Quagmire, looking him up and down.
Huma says, 'but I will run it again'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Zillah says, 'okay, this is deteriorating fast enough without my presence. Bye kids!'
Zillah waves goodbye.
Huma giggles.
Salvatore says, 'hmm is sandra around? i gotta talk to her i think'
Huma says, 'anyway who else has a question sorry my link sucks'
Salvatore peers around intently.
Quagmire raises his hand.
Huma says, 'go ahead Quagmire'
Quagmire says, 'when's shoot gonna be fixed?'
Lorenzo says to Salvatore, 'probably not.  she always attends if she can.'
Huma says, 'no time table'
Salvatore nods his agreement with Lorenzo.
Huma says, 'they are aware its an issue though'
Salvatore says, 'its only an issue with remove weapon imho =p'
Quagmire nods solemnly.
Quagmire says, 'yeah thats prettyu annoying'
Quagmire says to Salvatore, 'it was more fun with the volume of idiots playing when we had a fisshhape.'
Salvatore says, 'granted.. its fun in mobkill.. but when meue runs around stun shooting me like mad.. it sucks =p'
Quagmire says, 'remove and shoot back'
Salvatore shakes his head.
Quagmire says, 'you've got a sure shot it turns into a gay crapshoot'
Salvatore says, 'ppl get mad at me already due to my weapon =p'
Quagmire blinks.
Quagmire says, 'what, bondable and gay or something?'
Salvatore says to Quagmire, 'merc's dagger.'
Quagmire blinks.
Quagmire says, 'I *totally* forget what that does'
Quagmire says, 'wormtooth?'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Quagmire rolls around on the ground with laughter.
Salvatore says to Quagmire, 'meue got mad and rented on me..'
Salvatore says, 'havent seen him since..'
Quagmire says, 'he always hates spam blind'
Salvatore says, 'because i killed him the day before =p'
Quagmire says, 'course if some  hadnt looted all my vials'
Quagmire coughs loudly.
Salvatore snickers softly.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Salvatore's head.
Salvatore raises his hand.
Salvatore says, 'oh pick me pick me!'
Salvatore peers around intently.
Trousers peers around intently.
Quagmire says to Salvatore, 'enjoy the reprieve from the lost manacles ;)'
Quagmire slaps Trousers.
Salvatore says, 'lost manacles?'
Trousers pets Quagmire lovingly.
Quagmire says to Salvatore, 'one minute they're there--the next they poof.'
Salvatore raises an eyebrow inquiringly.
An aura of heavenly light appears above Quagmire's head.
Salvatore says, 'oh yeah that sucked'
Trousers snickers softly.
Trousers says, 'that was funny'
Salvatore says, 'was funny tho'
Salvatore says, 'it was huma's fault =p'
Trousers says, 'dagger and manacles wasnt it sal?'
Huma peers around intently.
Huma says, 'my link sucks'
Salvatore nods solemnly.
Mertjai says to Huma, 'Salvatore.'
Salvatore says, 'huma loaded timed items on me which was hilarious'
Wrym looks up into the sky and ponders.
Salvatore says, 'your dagger poofs.. wtf?!'
Salvatore snickers softly.
Wrym grins evilly.
Huma smirks.
Huma says, 'no I figured it out'
Salvatore says, 'on sl run!'
Huma says, 'it wasnt me fault'
Trousers says, 'in sl no less'
Wrym cheers for Huma - huzzah!
Salvatore snickers softly.
Wrym winces.
Huma says, 'Somar and I tracked it down'
Salvatore says to Huma, 'suuuuure ;)'
Salvatore ducks to the ground.
Wrym nods her agreement with Salvatore.
Salvatore says to Huma, 'question ;)'
Wrym says, 'so what was it?'
Wrym ducks to the ground.
Salvatore says, 'pk question at that..'
Huma says, 'yes Sal?'
Salvatore says, 'with all the changes to new gear that is suddenly overpowered.. how about we take out the spirit skills that are truely the culprits of being overpowered?'
Quagmire blinks.
Trousers laughs.
Huma says, 'uh I dont see that happening'
Huma reads a hunk of sheepskin from Trousers.
Salvatore says, 'not to mention the 2 stat skill skills..'
Trousers says, 'entrance is always going to kill anything that cant sit in one room'
Huma says, 'why dont we take out everything and allow people only to use kill X'
Wrym snickers at Salvatore nastily.
Quagmire says to Trousers, 'it's actually pretty easy to get around.'
Trousers says to Quagmire, 'Ohh?'
Quagmire says to Trousers, 'max wimpy does the trick.'
Trousers says, 'i'll try that'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Salvatore says, 'if hp regen is going to make or break me in pk.. which btw it doesnt.. buuut.. being able to dodge parry like mad IW style from lima brew and aid myself... now come on..'
Wrym nods her agreement with Quagmire.
Huma says to Salvatore, 'Yeah... I kind of agree but...'
Huma says, 'I dont know'
Huma says, 'we'll see'
Salvatore says, 'not to mention lima can shoot bows and guns.. and do surgery'
Wrym says, 'what salva....'
Salvatore says, 'aaaand poultice..'
Wrym says, 'if you have the build....'
Salvatore says, 'i mean.. geeeesh =p'
Huma says, 'dude, I dunno =P'
Huma says, 'I wish I could help'
Wrym says, 'but limani's dont excell at anything..'
Huma says, 'but honestly, I have to run :('
Quagmire says to Salvatore, 'wait wait wait!'
Salvatore says, 'i have a liman build.. that was like freaky but str/dex aider brewer inciter..'
Trousers pokes Huma in the ribs.
Wrym says, 'jack of all trades master of none...'
Trousers says to Huma, 'I need a quick chat with you if you have time.'
Salvatore says, 'he retired pk.. because he does not die'
Wrym nods her agreement with Salvatore.
CZARS says, 'ok I archived my london surgeon! BUT THEY GET INJECT RAHHHHH!'
You do a slow fade as Munkie whines at CZARS, hoping she won't get to you too.
Salvatore says, 'he can solo all of crusades without a problem whatsoever'
Huma nods his agreement with Trousers.
Wrym grins evilly at Salvatore... Wonder what she's thinking...
Huma says, 'guys I gotta run'
Huma says, 'so I'm gonna shut it down for the evening'
Salvatore says, 'free stuff to turn to aid myself.. brew and poultice to prep..'
Salvatore snorts derisively.
Salvatore says, 'i want to rant!'
Wrym nods her agreement with Huma.
Trousers says, 'my sniper can destroy most xp mobs solo'
Huma says, 'seeya later guys, plus most of you are just griping anyway'
Salvatore says, 'spirit skills are the problem in pk.. =p'
CZARS says to Salvatore, 'they silenced my halfway through my 'era xp is ruining legend' rant.'
Wrym says, 'salva.. where do you thinkg i am...'
Wrym says, '*am from...'
Kryptonite thuds as Huma attempts to bounce it - what a klutz.
Huma says, 'this house is cleeeeeeear'