Table of Contents

Halloween 2002



"" told by Ptah
"" told by Herbert


Issabella sits down and rests around a blazing bonfire.

Issabella beams delightedly.

Steerpike sits down and rests on a log.

Steerpike hugs Ptah.

Steerpike says, 'this has always been my favorite part of LegendMUD Halloweens'

Issabella has been waiting all year for this!

Issabella nods her agreement with Steerpike.

Chaeska says, 'so we are just listening to it or we have to tell one?'

Herbert says, 'just listening till later..'

Herbert says, 'i think we get to tell them after ptah if we want to'

Kaige nods her agreement with Herbert.

Ptah says, 'The way it has worked in years past is that I start out telling one really long one, and then we take turns.'

Vampyrella sits down and rests on a log.

Chaeska says, 'i'll just listen'

Fury sits down on a log.

Herbert says, 'hell i might even do one this time round, havent told a story in forever'

Retribution says to Herbert, 'only scary story I know involves pictures on my mothers computer'

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Herbert nods his agreement with Retribution.

A grue has arrived fom the east.

Gavvius look around for some mashmallow.

Chaeska shrugs helplessly.

Retribution snuggles up to a heavy black cloak lined in silver - you've heard of strange bedfellows, but REALLY!

Gavvius give a sad frown, when he can't find any.

The grue looks around the room, feeling peckish.

The grue eats a log.

The grue picks up a campfire.

The grue shakes a campfire.

The grue takes a bite out of a campfire.

The grue drops a campfire.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

The grue picks up Gavvius.

The grue shakes Gavvius.

Kaige pokes the grue and threatens to send him off into a maze of twisty, little passages, all alike.

Retribution snickers softly.

Gavvius blinks.

Gavvius hugs Kaige.

The grue drops Gavvius.

The grue sighs.

Kaige says, 'wasn't me!'

Issabella turns off the lights, curls up with her popcorn and gets ready for the story.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

Gavvius wish he can conjure up some mashkmallow.

Gavvius ponders a blazing bonfire's existence.

Kaige has created a pink marshmallow chick!

Gavvius rolls around laughing at Kaige's joke.

Kaige says, 'oops.. wrong holiday'

Kaige giggles.

Issabella giggles at Kaige.

Kaige eats a pink marshmallow chick.

Retribution chuckles politely at Kaige's feeble witticism.

Issabella wants to make S'mores

Issabella bounces around.

Kaige says, 'and they seem to be out only marshmallows'

Kaige sniffs sadly.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

Issabella sniffs sadly at Kaige.

The grue returns to being in character.

Vampyrella giggles.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

Issabella chuckles politely.

Kaige has created a smidge of zip!

Retribution throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Gaisha smiles happily.

Gaisha pokes a blazing bonfire.

Gaisha goes EEK! in distress.

Gaisha sucks on her burnt finger.

Gavvius giggles at Gaisha.

Vampyrella beams at Jenna delightedly.

Ptah counts the pitifully small audience members.

Retribution gives Jenna a great big smooch!

Retribution comforts Ptah.

Kaige says to Ptah, 'this is a good size Q&A lately'

Gaisha says, 'id start telling jokes... but people in my line of work only hear the dyrty ones.'

Retribution says, 'Id make people come if I had channels to do it with :P'

Retribution ducks to the ground.

Jenna slides up to Vampyrella and tries to seduce her.

Ptah says, 'I shall nto perform for such a paltry few!'

Ptah huffs.

Ptah rolls his eyes heavenward.

Issabella says, 'people are to busy hunting teenagers and pumpkins'

Gaisha bats her eyelashes.

Issabella giggles.

Issabella pouts at Ptah.

Jenna pouts at Ptah.

Retribution says, 'kill the elf deamon :P'

Kaige gives a towering and twisted oak tree to Herbert.

Gaisha comforts Ptah.

Jenna says, 'i count for atleast 10 people!'

Vampyrella sniffs sadly.

Retribution says, 'that would make people come'

Jenna runs around the room in circles, squealing loudly.

Vampyrella says to Ptah, 'we're not enough for you?!'

Vampyrella cries on Jenna's shoulder.

Vampyrella waves a welcome to Aemilia. Hello!

Gaisha hugs Ptah.

Aemilia waves a welcome to Vampyrella. Hello!

Kaige slowly fades into existence.

Kaige slowly fades into thin air.

Gaisha beg ptah for a good story.

A heavenly aura appears in the room, is that Kaige?

Issabella says to Ptah, 'but..but..what about us loyal few who are here every year just to hear your story?'

Ptah chuckles politely.

Ptah says, 'I don't even recognize any names. :)'

Issabella sniffs sadly at Ptah.

Vampyrella giggles at Ptah.

Gaisha giggles.

Issabella says to Ptah, 'I bring a different one every year, cuz I make to many alts :P'

Ptah chuckles politely.

Retribution nods his agreement with Issabella.

Kaige says, 'Hmm.. Fionn, Sandra, Rufus, Israfel?'

Jenna says to Ptah, 'we're oldbies hiding in newbie bodies'

Jenna says, 'sec'

Ptah has a five year old hanging around his neck, which makes typing hard anyway.

Kaige says, 'heh'

Gaisha is a haloween virgin. you western people sure do have strange hollidays.

Kaige sports the matching 4 year old model.

Issabella giggles.

Teki meows cattily at Ptah.

Herbert cuddles Teki.

Teki purrs contentedly in Herbert's lap.

Herbert says, 'Tekis so much cuter than the mean old witch'

Mantix hiccups.

Herbert pets Teki lovingly.

Retribution says to Herbert, 'she is a mean old witch too'

Kaige rolls her eyes heavenward.

Teki says, 'ooh. don't let her know you said old'

Gaisha pushes a tiny girl with feline grace off Professor Herbert's lap. She lands with a Thwumph!

Teki hisses at Gaisha - glad you're not her!

Drakkon cuddles Vampyrella.

Herbert frowns at Gaisha.

Gaisha snarls at Teki.

Vampyrella snuggles up to Drakkon.

Teki sharpens her claws.

Gaisha sticks her tongue out at Herbert. =P

Gaisha twirls an oak walking stick on the tip of her finger and expertly catches it in the air.

Ptah says, 'Well, did we actually break the magical ten poeople barrier?'

Retribution says, 'I dont wanna be seeing no cat fight, these stories will be csary enough'

Issabella giggles at Retribution.

Gaisha giggles.

Ptah says, 'Curiously, I was pondering at ale involving cats... and catfights...'

Issabella says to Ptah, ' that better?'

Mantix hiccups.

Ptah says, 'er, a tale'

Issabella goes EEK! at Ptah in distress - isn't Ptah an awful person for teasing?

Teki says, '13! perfect'

Retribution chuckles politely.

Edric_Wulf says, 'brb'

Vampyrella beams at Larnoc delightedly.

Edric_Wulf says, 'honest'

Vampyrella launches herself across the room and tackles Larnoc to the ground!

Kaige says to Teki, 'if only it were FRIDAY!'

Herbert grins evilly at Larnoc.. wonder what he's thinking...

Vampyrella throws her arms around Larnoc and hugs him enthusiastically.

Retribution goes EEK! at Larnoc in distress - isn't Larnoc an awful person for teasing?

Issabella giggles at Kaige.

Herbert says, 'it IS Friday'

Gaisha says, 'where i am it is ;)'

Larnoc peers at Vampyrella, looking her up and down.

Issabella says to Kaige, 'give it another hour or two'

Kaige says to Herbert, 'for YOU maybe.'

Retribution pets Larnoc lovingly.

Kaige giggles.

Herbert grins evilly.

Drakkon bonks Larnoc on the head!

Larnoc waves hello to the world!

Drakkon says to Larnoc, 'whats up old man :P'

Ptah smiles at Mantix.

Larnoc says to Drakkon, 'not a lot, just made my fortune so I'm taking a quick break'

Larnoc snickers softly.

Gaisha says, 'now now mistress godness, we are just lucky.'

Drakkon says to Larnoc, 'yea me too hehe'

Mantix hiccups.

Ptah says to Mantix, 'Are you Mantix from the boards?'

Mantix hiccups.

Mantix hiccups.

Mantix smiles happily.

Drakkon says, 'copacabana is such a good song :P'

Gaisha flips head over heels.

Retribution grumbles under his breath.

Mantix says to Ptah, 'how do you talk'

Ptah says to Mantix, 'SAY '

Mantix says, 'wshew'

Kaige says to Mantix, 'just like that... or prefix with SAY or a single quote'

Mantix says, 'all i dcould do was smile and hiccup'

Drakkon says, 'i've never been to a storytelling i'm usually out on halloween throwing eggs and punking kids for their candy'

Ptah says to Mantix, 'or use the aopstrophe for say. (')'

Lilian smiles happily.

Vampyrella gives Lilian a great big smooch!

Retribution cackles gleefully at Drakkon - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Herbert gives Lilian a great big smooch!

Lilian sends Vampyrella a rose - How romantic!

Larnoc says to Herbert, 'how many trick or treaters did you get this time round ?'

Drakkon says to Retribution, 'only way to do it man'

Lilian gives Herbert a great big smooch!

Gaisha says, 'hello'

Gaisha giggles.

Retribution nods his agreement with Drakkon.

Mantix says, 'yes mantix, from the boards. you?'

Drakkon says to Retribution, 'otherwise you gotta like, go house to house'

Ptah says to Mantix, 'So are you the SWG Mantix? :)'

Drakkon says to Retribution, 'its such a pain'

Gaisha says, 'nifty'

Ptah is Holocron.

Mantix says, 'yes. hiya holo!'

Ptah chuckles politely.

Mertjai lies down on a log.

Kaige giggles.

Drakkon says, 'what is.... holocron?'

Ptah says, 'Everybody, Mantix is from a different land... he's one of the folks on the Star Wars Galaxies board that I invted to come visit.'

Herbert says, 'way to get new players here Ptah...'

Herbert ducks to the ground.

Gavvius claps for Edric_Wulf approvingly.

Mantix says, 'Greetings. Sorry for the hiccups.'

Retribution says to Drakkon, 'too much effort when its easier to roll a couple of kids :)'

Ptah says, 'You can try to persuade him that text muds are far superios to graphics, and all that. :)'

Vampyrella slides up to Larnoc and tries to seduce him.

Gaisha giggles at Mantix.

Issabella says to Mantix, 'welcome'

Larnoc hugs Vampyrella.

Herbert says, 'excellent, because they so totally are'

Mertjai shakes Mantix's hand.

Retribution smirks.

Vampyrella hugs Larnoc.

Mantix says, 'Better freamerate too'

Gavvius says to Herbert, 'I bet you be at SWG when it come out'

Calista says to Mantix, 'Can you do this in a graphical mud?'

Retribution pets Vampyrella lovingly.

Calista bats her eyelashes at Mantix.

Vampyrella bounces, almost knocking Larnoc over.

Chaeska reads a small piece of paper from Wiggle.

Teki yawns and shows a fine set of very sharp-looking teeth.

Ptah says, 'Which the batting eyelashes or the storytelling? :)'

Herbert says, 'played NeoCron, played EverCrack, played Asherons Call, played Anarchy Online.. so why am I still here?... cos I get to use my imagination'

Calista says, 'The batting eyelashes'

Calista beams at Ptah delightedly.

Ptah says, 'In SWG, you can. :)'

Retribution jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Herbert!

Calista says to Ptah, 'Shhhhhhh'

Drakkon says, 'whats swg?'

Larnoc says to Vampyrella, 'be a good girl and go get me a coffee will you ?'

Larnoc pats Vampyrella on the head.

Gavvius says, 'If they can't do social like that, the,,, there is nothing else to say'

Calista says to Ptah, 'Let's not plug Sony here'

Ptah says to Chetley, 'And you're fromn the SWG boards too, right?'

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'I can't'

Lilian growls at Larnoc. Better leave before the fighting starts!

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'I'm a slack cow remember?'

Larnoc snaps his fingers. ATTITUDE!

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'slack cows don't get coffee for anyone'

Ptah says to Calista, 'it's the other way around. I am using Sony to plug Legend. :)'

Calista cheers for Ptah - huzzah!

Teki says to Vampyrella, 'milk please!'

Mantix says, 'Is this going to be spookyy?'

Gavvius rolls around laughing at Ptah's joke.

Vampyrella giggles at Teki.

Larnoc says to Vampyrella, 'yeah but you could make the effort yanno.. start down a better path ?'

Herbert looks up into the sky and ponders.

Larnoc says, 'two coffees two sugars by the way'

Retribution says to Vampyrella, 'isnt it the truth, trying to get coffee in this house is impossible'

Mantix hiccups.

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'who want's to go down a better path?'

Retribution nudges Herbert.

Lilian snickers at Vampyrella nastily.

Vampyrella giggles at Retribution.

Drakkon says, 'omg'

Gaisha says to Retribution, 'just get gee to make it!'

Retribution says to Herbert, 'whaddaya say?'

Riven peers around intently.

Chetley says, 'Yeh I'm JB72 from the SW boards 'Yup ''

Ptah picks up a grue.

Ptah shakes a grue.

Ptah eats a grue.

Mantix says, 'careful with that grue'

Retribution says to Gaisha, 'I got him to make one already, its dwights turn'

Herbert says, 'its not impossible.. just rare.. Wixen just came and gave me one like ten mins ago'

Kaige turns off the lights and eats the grue.

Larnoc says to Vampyrella, 'well I'll just have to go and get my own coffee than I guess'

Larnoc sniffs sadly.

Chaeska pokes a blazing bonfire.

Ptah smiles at Chetley.

Chaeska licks a blazing bonfire.

Chaeska grins evilly.

Ptah says to Chetley, 'Is this your first text mud experience?'

Gaisha says to Retribution, 'ahhh i see the ancient art of delegation.'

Retribution nods his agreement with Gaisha.

Chaeska pokes himself in the eye with a blazing bonfire. Idiot.

Kaige knocks Krynn over and flops all over him.

ShardZ says, 'test'

Kaige smiles at ShardZ.

Ptah smiles at ShardZ.

Retribution pets Krynn lovingly.

ShardZ says, 'Woohoo!! Figured out how to talk!'

Mantix says, 'typing hi makes you hiccup too'

Calista giggles.

Calista cheers for ShardZ - huzzah!

Gaisha claps for ShardZ approvingly.

Chetley hiccups.

Ptah says to ShardZ, 'was it easier than type to talk?'

Mertjai says to ShardZ, 'did you? Cool!'

Calista says to ShardZ, 'Hiya!'

Krynn says to Kaige, 'been workin' at a friends haunted house all night, about to fall over asleep'

Ptah winks suggestively at ShardZ.

Teki snickers softly.

ShardZ says, 'Ptah, I ALWAYS pulled for type to talk :p'

Ptah chuckles politely.

Mantix says, 'me too'

Kaige says, 'yeah unfortunately you aren't assumed to be talking by just typing here... you have to preface it with SAY or ' for it to work'

Gavvius says, 'Where was this thing posted at SWG site?'

Gaisha says, 'this ones still working on the whole talking thing'

Kaige nods her agreement with Krynn.

ShardZ says, 'well, I kept on trying to do apostrophe'

Ptah is so used to it now that he's liable to miss some sentences he types. :P

Gaisha pats Chetley on the head.

ShardZ says, 'wasn't working :p'

Mertjai says to Kaige, 'that's what autosay in your client is for.'

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'am I your girlfriend?'

Vampyrella giggles at Larnoc.

Kaige says to Krynn, 'fun! We took the kids around the neighborhood earlier'

Vampyrella points at Herbert.

Kaige nods her agreement with Mertjai.

Vampyrella says to Larnoc, 'he thinks I am!'

ShardZ says, 'Uh.. so.. who's who? :)'

Calista says to ShardZ, 'Sometimes clients do weird things with commands'

Herbert says, 'pssht, forget i ever asked then :p'

Mantix hands out candy

Ptah says, 'Aopostrphe works, just youy need a space after it'

ShardZ grins evilly.

Herbert frowns at Vampyrella.

Mertjai says to ShardZ, 'Hi, I'm Mertjai.'

Kaige says to Mertjai, 'but I try to use ' in any instant messager these days'

Kaige scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Vampyrella launches herself across the room and tackles Herbert to the ground!

Vampyrella gives Herbert a great big smooch!

Mantix hands out MORE candy

Retribution says, 'I take it halloween is still big in the states?'

Larnoc throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Rashomon says to Kaige, 'I wonder if we live around eachother if you brought em to my house *Laugh* =p'

Larnoc says to Vampyrella, 'why would he think that ?'

Larnoc bats his eyelashes at Vampyrella.

Mantix says, 'uh oh'

Vampyrella kisses Larnoc passionately.

An aura of heavenly light appears above Vampyrella's head.

Kaige says to Rashomon, 'North Austin'

Mantix says, 'its the wicked witch of th e east'

Herbert says, 'cos she whipped you into coming here :p'

Rashomon says to Kaige, 'Me too =p'

Gaisha wonders if the sniper has been caught yet.

Larnoc says, 'well I'll be back momentarily after I go boil my lips'

Rashomon says to Kaige, 'Well, real north'

Larnoc shudders.

Kaige says to Rashomon, 'and we only went about a half mile or so down our street'

Mariachi nods his agreement with Gaisha.

Rashomon says, 'heh'

Vampyrella comforts Larnoc.

Mertjai joins Aemilia's group.

Larnoc says, 'may as well get a coffee also'

Larnoc pats Vampyrella on the head.

Larnoc says, 'brb'

Rashomon says to Kaige, 'Prolly not then, but oh well =p'

Mantix pours a bucket of candy into everyone's mouth

Kaige says to Rashomon, 'We live up near the Fry's -- dangerous store'

Teki's stomach rumbles and seems to say 'Fish!'.

Herbert beams delightedly.

Mantix says, 'sorry, i have lots to give away before midniught'

Gaisha gags on an mm.

Issabella shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Teki's tail twitches.

ShardZ says, 'wha.. just said I'll be eaten if I don't type ooc, w, w, and I already did :p'

Teki says, 'are grue tasty?'

Rashomon says to Kaige, '*Nod* I live a little further down parmer, in Cedar Park actually'

Vertexon says, 'Goodevening, everyone.'

Ptah smiles at ShardZ.

ShardZ says, 'Confusing me.. sniffle'

Herbert feeds Teki a tiny little fish snack.

ShardZ says, 'yo Vert'

Calista says to ShardZ, 'and, if you want to get a little crazy, typing "talk enternamehere" and then your message actually directs your say to someone in particular. Notice this is directed at you'

Mertjai pats ShardZ on the head.

Ptah says to ShardZ, 'it's to persuade more players to show up'

Issabella says to ShardZ, 'means you dont have to worry about it'

Teki beams at Herbert delightedly.

Kaige says to ShardZ, 'global message, you're safe'

ShardZ says to Calista, 'okay'

Calista beams at ShardZ delightedly.

Calista nods solemnly.

Mariachi says, 'you can also do stuff other than say stuff'

Gaisha nods solemnly.

Ptah pats a grue on the head.

Issabella chuckles politely.

Mariachi says, 'like whimper it and stutter it'

Drakkon says to Ptah, 'i like your eq'

Calista giggles.

Gaisha offers the grue some candy

Calista says, 'or mutter it'

Issabella says, 'just let looks the vorpal squirrels again on everyone not OOC'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Issabella's head.

ShardZ says, 'Did I miss Raph's storytelling? lol'

Mantix says, 'oh'

Mariachi nods his agreement with Issabella.

Mariachi knocks Alejandro over and flops all over him.

Mertjai cuddles Alejandro.

Retribution says, 'a wandering tarasque would be funnier'

Mantix says, 'i like to mutter'

Alejandro waves hello to the world!

Aemilia hugs Alejandro.

Teki goes EEK! at Retribution in distress - isn't Retribution an awful person for teasing?

Gaisha cheers for the vorporal squirrel's.

Mertjai says, 'mutter'

Calista looks at Retribution and shudders.

ShardZ says, 'mantix Who doesn't?'

Issabella giggles.

Calista giggles at Mertjai.

Ptah conjures up a tiny wandering tarrasque. It fits in the palm of his hand.

ShardZ says to Mantix, 'oh, that didn't work..'

Issabella claps for Ptah approvingly.

Alejandro joins Aemilia's group.

Issabella says to Ptah, 'he's so cute!'

Retribution cheers for Ptah - huzzah!

ShardZ says, 'Hey Amadeous'

A tiny wandering tarrasque runs around the campfire, bellowing 'Meep! Meep!'

Teki giggles at Ptah.

Mantix says, 'hi'

Gavvius chuckles politely.

Issabella giggles.

Rashomon says, 'And even small, he prolly damcaps =p'

Issabella smiles at Mantix.

Issabella nods her agreement with Rashomon.

Mantix smiles happily.

Calista nods her agreement with Rashomon.

Vertexon says, 'Hello, Mantix.'

Chetley smiles happily.

A tiny wandering tarrasque nibbles at Ptah's feet.

Mantix says, 'Hello, Vertexon. Check out this framerate!'

Ptah kicks a tiny wandering tarrasque into the fire.

Vertexon grins evilly.

Calista says, 'Let's see, I'll need two healers, a tank, a cause, and three hitters for the baby tarasque'

Chetley laughs.

Retribution says, 'I need to get a zip of a wind-up tarasque, like my wind up vorpal squirrel one'


Kaige laughs.

Kaige says, 'heheh.'

Gaisha feeds Professor Herbert to a tiny wandering tarrasque.

ShardZ says to Mantix, 'No kidding, the buildings don't slow it down a bit!'

Issabella says, 'fried tarasque!'

ShardZ smiles happily.

Rashomon says, 'Maybe some back ups too =p'

Calista nods her agreement with Rashomon.

Mariachi says, 'i'll tank a tarasque!'

Gavvius says, 'only 24 here?'

ShardZ smiles at Calista.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

Issabella says to Mariachi, 'you'd make a tasty toothpick'

Calista beams at ShardZ delightedly.

Retribution says to Mariachi, 'I wont, hes a nutter'

Mantix says, 'spooky'

ShardZ says, 'didn't work the way I expected.. hehe'

Mariachi will tank everything once.

Amadeous raises an eyebrow questioningly.

The campfire flickers as the wind rises. It's suddenly very cold.

Issabella shivers uncomfortably.

You hear the squeaking of gates left long to rust.

And a small 'meep' from the campfire ashes.

Teki tucks her tail around her paws and settles close to the fire.

Aemilia flops herself down and gets comfortable.

Rashomon says, 'Wow, the ooc who list, looks like a regular who list =p'

Mariachi nods his agreement with Rashomon.

Ptah says, 'If I might be able to ask for silence for a moment?'

Ptah raises his hands...

Ptah peers.

Ptah peers some more.

Calista hushes up and watches Ptah.

Ptah says, 'Good. We have some newbies here, visiting probably for the first time.'

Ptah says, 'And we have some folks here who claim to have been at the first one of these, in 1994.'

ShardZ says, 'Ooh, Ptah gonna play us a song?'

ShardZ smiles happily.

Calista says to Ptah, 'Does August of 95 count?'

Ptah says, 'In Internet years, that makes you only slightly younger than Barbara Bush.'

Gaisha giggles.

Issabella sticks her tongue out at Ptah. =P

Mantix chuckles

Chetley laughs.

Mariachi says, 'March of 98 makes me a midlife crisis-bie'

Calista laughs.

Calista nods her agreement with Mariachi.

Issabella chuckles politely at Mariachi's feeble witticism.

Amadeous sneezes.

Retribution says, 'Im only slightly newer than SL, so not that old'

Ptah says, 'For those not familiar with this little event, let me explain the ground rules.'

Elawyn looks for her punch card deck and her Vt-100 terminal

Vampyrella nudges Larnoc.

Teki says, 'a week before legend's first berfday'

Ptah says, 'Basically, this is "stunt writing."'

Ptah says, 'When the storytelling starts, I am going to write a short story, a sentence at a time, in front of you.'

Ptah says, 'No take-backs, no editing.'

Issabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

Ptah says, 'And it'll be a story suitable for an eerie night like this, around a campfire.'

Mariachi shudders.

Issabella claps for Ptah approvingly.

Obligingly, the campfire whooshes to the air, sparks scattering like tiny stars.

ShardZ says, 'Well, I'll have to turn the lights off then.'

Drakkon giggles.

Drakkon says, 'scary'

ShardZ looks scared.

Ptah says, 'Some years the stories are silly. SOme years, they are wistful. Some years they are spooky.'

Retribution says, 'time for mood music, maybe some black sabbath'

Mertjai looks shocked.

Ptah says, 'One year, we took suggestions from the audience, and incorporated the objects they mentioned into the story.'

ShardZ says, 'Are they always good?'

Ptah says, 'Just to make the stunt tougher, you see.,'

ShardZ grins evilly.

Issabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

Ptah says, 'Uh, you'll have to ask the oldbies that, ShardZ. :)'

Issabella says, 'that was funny'

ShardZ wipes his face clear of any expression.

Mariachi nods his agreement with ShardZ.

Kaige says, 'he can read how they came out,... but not as good as the experience.'

Mertjai looks coy.

Issabella nods her agreement with Kaige.

Kaige says, ' has the old ones if anyone's curious tho'

ShardZ says, 'Ah, logs.. that's not as much fun.'

Ptah says, 'Now, I do ask the following'

Ptah says, 'Feel free to react. Eeps and oohs and ahhs and whatnot actually help me as I go'

Ptah says, 'Please don't interrupt with talking, though'

Issabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

Chetley nods solemnly.

Elawyn eeps and ahhs accordingly

Gaisha nods solemnly.

Mariachi looks quiet.

Mertjai coughs loudly.

Ptah says, 'For those of you new to Legend...'

Ptah says, 'You will want to type a command in every five minutes or so, or else the game may think you are idle and start trying to log you out.'

Vertexon nods his agreement with Ptah.

Issabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

Elawyn thinks Ptah is just luring us all in

Amadeous nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'nah.. it'll send you to the void first.. just type any command to come back, just hitting return is good'

Drakkon nods his agreement with Kaige.

Mertjai says, 'try to avoid the void though, it interupts the story'

Issabella says, 'or gr, less spamage'

ShardZ says, 'Actually, I think I checked out some of those logs a while back.'

Retribution nods his agreement with Kaige.

Kaige nods her agreement with Mertjai.

ShardZ says, 'thank ya, though.'

ShardZ looks happy.

Mertjai says, 'time is a favorite command of mine. though return will do just as well.'

Ptah says, 'This storytelling series has been going on since 1994, so it's great to have such a large, if blackmailed, audience attending.'

Kaige says, 'and you guys are welcome to come back anytime you like too.'

Herbert grins evilly.

Issabella giggles at Ptah.

Gavvius chuckles politely.

A grue sitting in the back cheers and claps enthusiastically.

Larnoc says, 'I was more bullied than blackmailed'

Vampyrella purrs contentedly in Larnoc's lap.

Elawyn thinks if Ptah sends her a disc 2, it will be sufficient pament

KStarfire says, 'thanks for having us'

Ptah says to Kaige, 'Who let the grue back in?'

Kaige says, 'not me.'

Ptah sighs loudly.

Ptah pokes a grue.

Ptah says, 'OK, to repeat the rules... no talking, but oohs, aahhhs, eeps, and emotes are OK.'

Vertexon says, 'Is there a way to turn off the [INFO] messages?'

Mertjai says, 'for you new persons, you can also use tell instead of say to talk amongst yourselves.'

Ptah says, 'After the main story, we usually go round robin if people want to keep going'

Mariachi says to Vertexon, 'type info with no argument'

Vertexon thanks Teki heartily.

Kaige says, 'ahh yes.. for newbies to limit the spam.. type CHAT, INFO, and AUCTION each on a line by themselves'

Vertexon thanks Kaige heartily.

KStarfire says, 'thanks.'

Ptah says, 'OK, we had better start before it gets too late.'

Krynn waves happily.

Ptah tosses a handful of some glittery powder on the fire, which whooshes up in green and gold.

The gate outside the graveyard clangs shut.

Vertexon oos at the fire.

Issabella curls up and pays close attention.

As the fire dies down, so does the wind. You can hear each leaf falling from the creaking trees. You can see stars twinkling in the clear sky above.

As the night grows colder, you huddle next to the fire for warmth... it's time for the Eighth Annual Halloween Storytelling.

Ptah says, '"They're late," Mindy said.'

Ptah says, '"They're always late," said Harold. "Late to parties, late to dinner, late to work even. Almost got him fired once."'

Ptah says, '"Well, I don't like it when they're late. How are we supposed to go trick or treating if they're late? All the candy will be gone."'

Ptah says, '"Give me a break, Mindy. You're nineteen, and all you can think about is Halloween candy?"'

Ptah says, '"Well, sure. Reese's Cups especially."'

Ptah says, 'Harold rolled his eyes. They sat in an apartment not too far off campus, one of the nicer ones where the stairs were only half falling off the side of the building.'

Ptah says, 'They'd had problems with mice the year before, but nothing too serious. Except for the one they'd caught, and tried to let loose, which had then jumped out the second story window in a panic.'

Ptah says, 'All in all, it was a pretty good apartment, Harold thought, as long as the ceiling didn't leak anymore.'

Ptah says, '"Well, all I know," Mindy said, "is that if she shows up bragging about how rich her daddy is again, I'm gonna scream."'

Ptah says, '"But her daddy IS rich," Harold pointed out reasonably.'

Ptah says, '"Oh, never mind," Mindy said. "You'r eimpossible to talk to when you're in this sort of mood."'

Ptah says, '"What mood?" Harold said, but it was too late, Mindy had gone back to pacing in front of the door.'

Ptah says, 'They heard the screech of the Porsche outside. A gabble of voices rose, something about "My kids are out here, you ..." "Oh, I'm so sorry! I'd never hurt the cute darlings. Here, have some candy..."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy rolled her eyes. "They're here."'

Ptah says, 'The door opened and a couple walked in. As usual, Suzanne didn't waste any time before she started talking.'

Ptah says, '"Check out wht I got my daddy to get for my costume!" she said.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy shot a glance at Harold, who shrugged.'

Ptah says, '"Looks nice," Mindy said, looking at the shopping bag. "What is it?"'

Ptah says, 'Suzanne pulled out a few lengths of black velvet. "A cat suit! I'm thinking that Steve here might appreciate it."'

Ptah says, 'Steve grunted. That was about all he usually said anyway, Harold figured. Steve was very much the quiet type.'

Ptah says, 'Sometimes Steve had been known to start along discourse about football. Once or twice he even discussed his dad's business in bathtub linings.'

Ptah says, 'But most of the time, Steve grunted. Which Harold thought made him a good match for Suzanne, who never shut up.'

Ptah says, 'Steve and Suzanne had hooed up at one of those frat parties that had sticky floors and music that was too loud.'

Ptah says, 'Harold had actually watched it happen. He was standing by the punch bowl, waiting for the police to get called or someone to need an ambulance or something, when he saw Suzanne make a beeline for the tall guy with the sweatshirt.'

Ptah says, 'He knew Suzanne because of Mindy, of course. They were in the same sorority, had been off and on friends for a while.'

Ptah says, 'He didn't know Steve, except to think he was crazy to be wearing a sweatshirt indoors at such a hot sweaty party.'

Ptah says, 'But Suzanne, whose beeline was somewhat erratic given the amount of alcohol she had imbibed, didn't seem to care. She latched onto the big guy and his sweatshirted arm, and it seemed they had been inseparable ever since.'

Ptah says, '"What about you, Steve?" Mindy said brightly, interrupting Suzanne's chatter about how her daddy had been SO nice to get it for her, it was genuine Italian velvet or expensive from New York, or she just couldn't reMEMber, but it was fan'

Ptah says, 'fancy, and her dady had such GOOD contacts in the fashion world..."'

Ptah says, '"Lumberjack," Steve said.'

Ptah says, '"Oh, he has an axe and everytihng, you HAVE to see it," Suzanne said. "It looks SO real, I swear it looks like he could chop off a head or two..."'

Ptah says, '"Uh huh," Mindy said.'

Ptah says, '"Of course, Steve would never DO such a thing, who could imagine it. My daddy always says that the people who do that sort of thing, they're probably people who suffered from a disturbed childhood, like their mothers didn't nurse them l'

Ptah says, '"Why don't we all go change," Mindy said hurriedly.'

Ptah says, '"Good idea," Harold said. "Steve, we can let the girls use the bedroom..."'

Ptah says, 'As the guys were changing, Harold into his pirate outfit and Steve into the lumberjack flannels, Harold asked the question that had been o nhis mind.'

Ptah says, '"So, you asked her yet?"'

Ptah says, 'Steve shook his head.'

Ptah says, '"You?" he said.'

Ptah says, 'Harold shook his head as well.'

Ptah says, 'Both of them had been talking idly about what to do with their futures.'

Ptah says, 'What to do with Mindy and Suzanne, specifically. Mindy joked about how college was just a way to get her MRS, but Harold didn't quite believe it.'

Ptah says, 'Surely no girl in this day and age could really think that way?'

Ptah says, 'And Steve was more than a little uncertain about whether Suzanne was the right girl for him. Or so he'd expressed a single painful word at a time to Harold, over the course of many weeks.'

Ptah says, '"Well," Harold said. "At least she's willing to get dressed up in a cat suit for you."'

Ptah says, 'Steve grunted.'

Ptah says, 'But when they came out, they didn't find what they expected.'

Ptah says, 'There was Suzanne, bright red and pale makeup on her face, with a clown smile painted on, a floppy pink and purple wig, and giant clown feet.'

Ptah says, 'And Mindy. Wearing a sleek velvet cat suit, complete with swishy tail, perky ears, and a decidedly unamuse expression.'

Ptah says, 'Steve grunted.'

Ptah says, 'Harold sort of grunted too. There are times when it's the best response to a situation.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy quickly pulled him aside and whispered furiously in his ear. "I can't believe this. I feel completely naked."'

Ptah says, '"Why are you wearing it?"'

Ptah says, '"She said I had to. She practically broke down in tears when she tried it on."'

Ptah says, '"Tears?" Harold said.'

Ptah says, '"Yes, tears. She went on about how her and Steve have been having trouble lately, and she didn't know if she could tease him so, and..."'

Ptah says, '"Ready for trick or treat?" Suzanne said, smiling brightly through her noticeably heavy makeup.'

Ptah says, '"I can't go out like this!" Mindy said desperately to Harold.'

Ptah says, '"Well, you don't have another costume," Harold pointed out reasonably. "And you're the one who wanted candy on Halloween."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy surveyed herself in disgust.'

Ptah says, '"Chocolate... naked... chocolate... naked." She sighed. "I choose chocolate. C'mon, let's go." And she garbbed her coat.'

Ptah says, 'Harold made a point of walking behind her.'

Ptah says, 'How did the tail do that, exactly?'

Ptah says, 'After a few blocks, Suzanne had helpfully filled them in on the situation with Felice, who had been SO dumped by her boyfriend on the basketball team, and how she wasn't sure if she was pregnant or not'

Ptah says, 'but it wouldn't matter because even if the boyfriend wouldn't pay for an abortion, well, the professor she has hooked up with on the rebound might, even if just to avoid upsetting the tenure committee,'

Ptah says, 'and of course, everyone knew that the tenure commitee had that Jansen guy on there, and he was known for being SUCH a stickler, did they hear he flunked ALL of his freshman art class?'

Ptah says, 'Not that any of them really had talent, her daddy had told her that only one in 500 people was even capable of learning how to draw, it was a trick of the eyes he said'

Ptah says, 'Harold was very happy when they got the first candy and Steve shoved some in Suzanne's mouth.'

Ptah says, 'Suzanne shot an adoring look at Steve. "Feeding me now? Daddy was saying that on that TV show, the only with the old British guy, he saw that couple who fed each other were doing it as a sign of commitment. Do you think that..."'

Ptah says, 'Steve handed her the rest of the candy and walked faster to catch up with Harold, whoch was walking fast as it was to catch up with the gently swaying tail of his girlfriend Mindy.'

Ptah says, '"Mindy," Harold said. "Don't you think we should stop at some of these houses?" He was panting with trying to catch up.'

Ptah says, '"Hmph," Mindy said.'

Ptah says, '"C'mon," Harold said. "Look, those little kids got candy there." The kids were dressed like fairies and small toothsome ogres.'

Ptah says, 'They chorused "Trick or Treat" and ran giggling and screaming away from the door when a witch answered the door.'

Ptah says, '"Look, Harold," Mindy said, stopping suddenly on the sidewalk. "If I walk up to a doorbell and ring it and a guy answers, the door, I'll curl up and die of embarrassment.'

Ptah says, 'And if I ring the doorbell and a girl answers the door, I'll feel like a pathetic slut and curl up and die of embarrassment.'

Ptah says, '"Give me a break," Harold said. "You look good, you're not naked. You're just pissed at Suzanne."'

Ptah says, 'The aofrementioned Suzanne had walked past them already, digging through her bag of candy. Steve was walking a ways behind her, probably wondering whether to get her to eat more candy and make her quieter again.'

Ptah says, '"Oh, you're right," Mindy said with a sigh. " I guess I should make the best of it."'

Ptah says, '"That's right," said Harold. "So how about we ring this doorbell, you get your chocolate, and then, if you want, we can go back home."'

Ptah says, '"It would have been easier to just buy a Symphony bar at the grocery store," Mindy muttered. But they headed up the walkway.'

Ptah says, 'The walkway wasn't very well tended. But the lights in front of the porch were cheery and bright.'

Ptah says, 'Harold really had no reason to suspect. After all, if he had had a lawn, he wouldn't have tended it. He wasn't much for yardwork.'

Ptah says, 'And the car (he thought later, in his last moments) looked like an ordinary car. A Subaru or something. Late model, powder blue.'

Ptah says, 'Granted, it had lots of bumper stickers.'

Ptah says, 'Some of them had funny shapes on them.'

Ptah says, 'But there was also a famo;oar Darwin fish, so he didn't think anything was amiss at the time.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy rang the doorbell firmly. Her tail swished behind her.'

Ptah says, '"See?" she said. "Nobody home."'

Ptah says, '"You didn't even wait to see if they'd come to the door!" Harold protested.'

Ptah says, '"I did so! We would have heard a TV or something inside anyway."'

Ptah says, '"Oh, come ON, Mindy," Harold was saying, and then the door opened.'

Ptah says, '"Aren't you two a little old to be trick or treating," asked a mild voice.'

Ptah says, 'The speaker was a woman, looked around forty, hair tied up in a bun that was coming sort of loose. Jeans, a nice demin shirt. Nothing unusual. Bifocals.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy stammered.'

Ptah says, '"My girlfriend here thought that we might relive our childhood one last time," Harold said, stepping into the gap. "Nice to meet you."'

Ptah says, 'The woman peered at him over her glasses.'

Ptah says, '"And, uh, trick or treat?" Harold tried.'

Ptah says, 'The woman laughed. "Out enjoying All Hallows Eve, I see?"'

Ptah says, '"Why, yes ma'am," Harold said, smiling ingratiatingly. It was something that his professors said he did very well when he put ihis mind to it.'

Ptah says, '"Sounded more like you were having an argument," observed the women.'

Ptah says, '"Well, yes, but no," Harold said, losing the ingratiating smile.'

Ptah says, '"I'm sorry," Mindy said. "We didn't mean to argue on your doorstep."'

Ptah says, '"I think you two had better sit down," the woman said, pointing at a swing on the porch. "Why don't you get comfortable, and I'll bring something to drink."'

Ptah says, 'Bewildered, Harold and Mindy did as they were told.'

Ptah says, 'As the woman puttered about inside, Mindy whispered fiercely to Harold, "Tell me ONE more time, why am I wearing this costume?"'

Ptah says, '"Why, because you want to, dearie," said the woman, carrying out a tray with what looked like glasses of iced tea. "Isn't it?"'

Ptah says, '"No, I did not!" Mindy said, indignant.'

Ptah says, '"Oh?" The woman said, sipping from her tea. The swing moved quietly in the cold night air. "Did he make you do it, eh?" She gestured at Harold, who shrunk against the bench.'

Ptah says, '"No," Mindy admitted. "He couldn't make me do anything I didn't want to, really."'

Ptah says, '"Hey now," Harold started to say, but when the two women turned their eyes on him he shut up.'

Ptah says, '"So you wore it for yourself, then," said the woman. "You came to it of your own free will."'

Ptah says, '"I suppose I did," Mindy said. "But it sure felt like I was forced to do it at the time. See, I have this friend..."'

Ptah says, '"This wouldn't be the friend who was gobbling chocolate, who rang my doorbell a while ago, dressed as a sad clown?"'

Ptah says, '"Wasn't a sad clown when she left our apartment," Harold said. "I mean, the makeup was pretty good at the time."'

Ptah says, 'The woman looked at Harold again. Harold shrank back again.'

Ptah says, '"Well, she has her own problems, now doesn't she?" said the woman reasonably. "That boy tagging along like he doesn't know quite what to do with her... and her knowing that in her bones."'

Ptah says, '"And that voice in her head, a voice she will probably never outgrow. I'd say she has reasno to be crying, don't you?"'

Ptah says, 'Mindy hung her head. "I suppose. Anyway, I wore the costume because she asked me to."'

Ptah says, 'Harold said, "And you wanted to go trick or treating, for chocolate."'

Ptah says, 'He was a little uncomfortable witht he odd direction the conversation was going. But Mindy had almost finished her iced tea, so maybe they would be moving on soon, he hoped.'

Ptah says, '"Well, young lady," said the woman. "It may be someone else's skin you've chosen to wear tonight, but chosen to wear it you have. You have none to blame but yourself if you end up living someone else's life for the evening."'

Ptah says, '"And thank you very much for the iced tea," Harold said, standing up suddenly. "Come on, Mindy, there's lots of houses with lights on on this street."'

Ptah says, 'He grabbed Mindy by the hand, and half ran down the porch steps, his iced tea toppled and leaking a dark brown stain onto the porch floorboards.'

Ptah says, 'He glanced behind them as Mindy protested, and saw the woman peering over her granny glasses, waving peculiarly in the air. "Good night," the woman called out behind them. "Good night!"'

Ptah says, '"Now WHAT was that all about?" Mindy demanded, when they had run half a block. She leaned against an old oak tree, breathing hard, licking her lips with her sharp pink tongue, hands on her knees.'

Ptah says, '"She was spooky," Harold said, shrugging.'

Ptah says, '"Spooky," Mindy said, flicking her tail.'

Ptah says, '"Yeah. Look, Mindy, you didn't get any candy. Can we go to an ordinary house and get you some M&Ms or something, and go home?"'

Ptah says, '"That WAS an ordinary house. It had a SUBARU in the driveway for crissake."'

Ptah says, '"But that," Harold said, "was not an ordinary lady."'

Ptah says, '"Suuuure." Mindy said. "So this is the moment when you say 'Let's split up and look for clues! and something with a big green skin problem sneaks up on us. Right?"'

Ptah says, '"Hi guys!" Suzanne said cheerily from behind the tree.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy whirled around, grabbed the tree, and clawed her way a good two feet up the trunk, terror in her eyes.'

Ptah says, '"Mindy," Harold said plaintively, "are you SURE you don't want to go home?"'

Ptah says, '"Home?" said Suzanne. "Home? No WAY. We found a party up there. They have beer, and gin, and and uh, beer, and itsh..."'

Ptah says, '"Where's Steve?" Harold said.'

Ptah says, '"Shteve? I dumped him," Suzanne said merrily, tears tracking all her clown makeup down her face.'

Ptah says, '"He wash ALL wrong for me. ALL wrong. I shouldshave litshened to Daddy, he told me sho."'

Ptah says, 'Harold sighed. "I think we should ALL go home. C'mon, Suzanne, you'r ein no shape to drive. Where's the keys to the Porsche?"'

Ptah says, 'Suzanne giggled. "I shink I threw shem at him."'

Ptah says, 'Then she fell over into a heap on the grass.'

Ptah says, '"Oh brother," Harold said, kneeling next to her. "Mindy, do you think you can help me carry her back to the apartment?" He was trying to lift one shoulder when he felt a sharp nail slide across the back of his neck.'

Ptah says, '"Let's just leave her here," Mindy purred. "She can sleep it off."'

Ptah says, '"We can't do that," Harold said, still trying to lift the sodden Suzanne. "She could choke on her own vomit. Plus, it's Halloween. All sorts of weird characters come out on Halloween."'

Ptah says, '"Yeah, they do," Mindy said, stretching her lean arms to the sky, tail whipping behind her. She grabbed Harold's arm andfolded hers under it in a tight grip. "Let's hit this party, big boy."'

Ptah says, 'As Mindy purposefully marched Harold away, he spared one last glance at the snoring Suzanne, whose makeup was smearing onto the grassy lawn.'

Ptah says, 'The party was loud. A typical high school party out of control. At the age of twenty-one, Harold felt like a dinosaur.'

Ptah says, 'He kept wondering, where are the parents? Don't they care that their white leather couch is getting cigarette burns on it? Those won't come out.'

Ptah says, 'And surely that lamp should be ON the table, not under it?'

Ptah says, 'But they did have gin. And beer. And a crushing loud crowd, smoking in hallways, all the doors and windows open, toilet paper streaming from the trees outside, sticky puddles of unidentifiable fluids at the doorsteps.'

Ptah says, 'There were a couple of guys at the doorway, pretending to only let invitees in.'

Ptah says, '"Who invited you?" the skinnier one challenged (notable acne there, Harold thought).'

Ptah says, 'Mindy stood quite close to him, rubbed up against him with her velvety body, and rubbed noses. "Why, you didm didn't you?" Then she minced on in, stepping daintily over the puddle.'

Ptah says, 'Harold pushed in past her. Behind him, the skinny guy was caught in what looked like a prurient sneezing fit.'

Ptah says, 'The white leather couch had an empty seat, so Mindy just jumped onto it, curling her legs under her. She grabbed a glass out of a passing partyer's hand, and ran her pointy tongue around the inside rim, and grimaced.'

Ptah says, '"Mindy," Harold said. "Do we really need to be here? There's no chocolate here."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy poured the drink out on the carpet, to Harold's utter shock.'

Ptah says, 'Of course, he reasonaed away, it's not like the carpet hadn't already had worse on it. But by then, Mindy was stretching out on the couch, long feet'

Ptah says, 'She tore strips out of the sofa when she did it.'

Ptah says, '"Oh dear," she said.'

Ptah says, 'Harold was horrified. "Mindy, that's probably a five hundred dollar couch! What are you doing?"'

Ptah says, '"Oh, I don't know, Harold," she purred. "But it FEELS good."'

Ptah says, 'She stretched again, rubbing her feet and hands across the leather, soft scritching sounds rising up.'

Ptah says, '"Oh God," Harold said. "Why me?"'

Ptah says, '"Hey man," said a teen, a little worse for wear from beer. "She with you? Wow."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy peeped her head up over the back of the couch. Her ears perked up.'

Ptah says, '"'Cause she's like, totally hot. How'd you get a girl like that? She, you know, drunk or what?"'

Ptah says, '"No, all she's had is some iced tea," Harold said distractedly, trying to keep Mindy from scratching at the sofa some more.'

Ptah says, '"Wow, you mean, she's like this all the time? Are all college girls like that, man? I mean, wow, she's like licking herself. Dude, you gotta check this out!" The teen started to beckon over some of his equally inebriated friends.'

Ptah says, 'Harold grabbed at Mindy's arm. "Stop that!" he hissed at her.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy hissed right back, and swatted at his face. It stung. When Harold felt at his cheek, his fingers came away with blood.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy immediately got a contrite look on her face. "On no, Harold, I'm so sorry. Come here, let me look at that."'

Ptah says, 'Harold bent down, and Mindy grabbed his head in her hands and delicately licked at the blood.'

Ptah says, '"Dude!" said the chorus of teenagers.'

Ptah says, '"Ooookay," Harold said. "That's enough."'

Ptah says, 'he grabbed Mindy's arm and yanked. Mindy slid off the couch and landed on her rump. She stood immediately and smoothed the for on her arms like nothing had happened.'

Ptah says, '"We're leaving," Harold said.'

Ptah says, '"Dude, I like totally get you," the teenager said. "The bedroom's over here."'

Ptah says, '"Not the bedroom!" Harold said. "The door. The FRONT door?"'

Ptah says, '"Oh," the teenager said, nodding wisely. "Even better. It;s that way, he said, pointing.'

Ptah says, 'Harold started to pull Mindy that way, then stopped. Even better? Never mind, he told himself firmly, and kept going.'

Ptah says, 'Once outside, the cold air was like breathing ice. Harold felt half drunk just from the fumes in the house. Mindy was pacing around the lawn, peering quizzically at teens half passed out on the lawn,'

Ptah says, 'batting idly at dangling ghost white strips of toilet paper that hung fom the branches.'

Ptah says, 'She kept trying to jump up and reach one that was just outside of range of her clawed hands. Harold grabbed her arm again and said, "Let's GO."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy hissed at him again, then fluffed up. "It's cold," she mewed plaintively.'

Ptah says, '"That's right, it's cold," Harold said. "And you're drunk. What the hell did that woman put in that iced tea, LSD? Jesus, of all the irresponsible things to do."'

Ptah says, '"It was GOOD idec tea," Mindy said, rubbing up against him. "Let's go have some more!"'

Ptah says, '"I've got half a mind to do just that! Give her a piece of my mind!"'

Ptah says, 'They made their way stumbling down the street. Mindy kept tangling her feet in Harold's, rubbing her leg against his. Once, she reached over and bit his ear, rather hard. Almost felt like her teeth had been filed or something.'

Ptah says, '"Ecstasy," Harold said.'

Ptah says, '"Mmm hmm," Mindy said, sneaking a hand inside his shirt.'

Ptah says, '"No, no, Ecstasy," Harold said, pulling at her hand. "In the iced tea. I heard about this sort of reaction once. When I was in high school, some kids died in a car crash because it made the girls act like this..."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy just looked at him and laughed.'

Ptah says, '"Oh, Harold, Harold." She shook her head, andsashayed her way back down the street towards the apartment. "Really, it's perfectly natural."'

Ptah says, '"You're so cute, sometimes."'

Ptah says, 'They walked down the street, and once Harold tried to pull her back, saying "Wait, this is where Suzanne was, we should go get her."'

Ptah says, '"Nonsense," Mindy said. She seemed to be growing more commanding by the moment, her huge eyes glinting in the moonlight. "Look, why don't you get your car and drive up here, I'll go find her, and we can drive her home."'

Ptah says, '"Oh," Harold said. "That seems like a good idea."'

Ptah says, '"Yes, doesn't it?" Mindy said, licking her lips.'

Ptah says, 'And so Harold did, looking back behind him as he ran down the street and Mindy sauntered over to the tree where Suzanne had fallen asleep.'

Ptah says, 'The car, of course, didn't want to start. He'd gotten it with money saved up from summer jobs while he was in high school, and had never been able to afford more than occasional repairs.'

Ptah says, 'When it finally got going, he drove up the two blocks to where the party was, all the while wondering whether Mindy would be OK, whether Suzanne had choked on her vomit, and where the hell Steve was.'

Ptah says, 'A lot of the houses had turned off all the lights by now, and it was getting harder to see. He missed the right house the first time, and had to double back. A streetlight was out.'

Ptah says, 'Suddenly, Mindy bounded out of the darkness, and landed in his headlights, courched on all fours. He slammed on the brakes.'

Ptah says, 'She stood up, nonchalantly, whiskers quivering, tail lashing.'

Ptah says, 'Once she was sitting next to him, he asked, "Where's Suzanne?"'

Ptah says, '"Doesn't matter," Mindy said, licking her chops. "Everything's taken care of."'

Ptah says, '"What do you mean?" Harold said.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy held up one clawed hand. Dangling from a finger were the keys to the Porsche.'

Ptah says, '"Oh," Harold said with relief. "Steve came back."'

Ptah says, '"Yes," Mindy agreed. "He... came back."'

Ptah says, 'She stretched in the car as he put it into gear, and scratched at the ceiling. A small rain of fluff fell on Harold's ears and hair as he drove.'

Ptah says, '"Would you cut that out?" he said irritably.'

Ptah says, 'She didn't stop, and finally, he pulled the car over, just short of the apartment building.'

Ptah says, 'He got out of the car, Mindy following behind him, walking an aimless line, half looking at the stars, half following him intently, eyes focused like headlights on a road, tail lashing and whipping back and forth.'

Ptah says, '"You're driving me nuts," Harold said angrily. "This is ridiculous. I don't know what that witch got you on, but you're acting crazy, and crazier since it started to wear off."'

Ptah says, '"Wear off?" Mindy said, coming closer. In the moonlight she shone sleek and black, slight breezes sending silvery waves across her glossy fur.'

Ptah says, '"YEah, wear off. Don't think I can't tell, Mindy. You're just playing with me now. Jesus, maybe Steve was right about you..."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy stopped dead.'

Ptah says, '"What did he say?" she asked softly.'

Ptah says, '"Oh, that you were controlling, that you were whiny and just manipulating me to get your way... I kept telling him he was wrong, that we were great together, but..."'

Ptah says, 'Harold looked around, anguished. The side of his apartment building loomed long and tall and solid. He rested a hand against the brick, glanced up at their window, two stories up.'

Ptah says, 'A light shone reassuringly from their window.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy came closer. "Maybe I just didn't know what I wanted," she said gently.'

Ptah says, '"Yeah," Harold said bitterly. "You and your joking around about getting your Em Are Ess. Your MRS. Nice fat joke. Joke on me, I guess."'

Ptah says, 'Mindy came closer. "No, Harold. I really thought that the two of us..."'

Ptah says, 'Harold looked into her slitted green eyes. "That the two of us what?"'

Ptah says, 'Mindy pressed up against him. Her tail lashed its way down his leg. One hand snaked behind his neck, sharp tiny claws making pinpricks at his jugular. Her breathing was fast, and she stank of musk.'

Ptah says, 'She pulled his head down to her and kissed him, hard on the lips. Her tongue flicked, rough and sandpapery.'

Ptah says, 'Then she bit down on his lip with those sharp pointy teeth, and brought up one long and shapely leg, and raked claws down his calf.'

Ptah says, 'He sank to the ground' hand still holding her, and she sank with him. She's not wearing any clothes, he thought irelevantly.'

Ptah says, 'Soon he wasn't either.'

Ptah says, 'After, as he lay there among the trash cans and the bodies of the mice that lay therein, he watched her lick her paws clean of his blood that snaked its pearlescent way across her fur.'

Ptah says, 'He thought it was odd, how it didn't stain, but instead skated soft across the top of the hairs, the hairs that ruffled now as she glanced around, eyes aslit.'

Ptah says, 'He realized that the warm stinking smell was from his gored stomach, and the salt on his tongue was his blood that burbled up with every breath.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy paced around him, batted at his outstretched limbs.'

Ptah says, 'Then, she let out a few experimental coughs, a sound like a panther ready to go hunting.'

Ptah says, 'That was when Harold thought back. He thought back to the odinary house, witht he Subaru. He thought back top Steve and Suzanne--in what shape were they, there under their tree, on the lawn?'

Ptah says, 'And he thought back to his first date with Mindy. They'd gone out for Italian.'

Ptah says, 'He'd thought it was so funny.'

Ptah says, 'How she twirled the spaghetti around, dangled it down, slurped it up, giggling all the while.'

Ptah says, 'That's when I started falling for her, he realized.'

Ptah says, 'When I realized how much she liked to play with her food.'

Ptah says, 'Mindy let out a few more coughs, peered up at the moon, and began to feed.'

Herbert nods his agreement with Krigg.

Khayman nods his agreement with Krigg.

Ptah bows deeply.

Issabella goes EEK! in distress.

Teki shudders.

Haloroid turns green.

Drakkon says, 'thats scary'

ShardZ pukes.

Yardik says, 'hola all :)'

Faye bites her lip.

KStarfire is gald he didnt have spagetti tonight

Issabella cheers for Ptah - huzzah!

Kaine smiles happily.

Strad claps for Ptah approvingly.

Chetley shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Issabella says to Ptah, 'another very nice one!'

Haloroid shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Mantix applauds.

Isam says to Ptah, 'You sir, have spoiled cats forever. and i missed half the story :P'

Vertexon applauds Ptah's quick thinking and good judgment.

Issabella snickers at Isam nastily.

Ptah says to Isam, 'cats are evil, didn't you know that?'

KStarfire cheers wildly!

Kaine asks Ptah, 'Not a cat person then?'

Kaige shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Faye claps for Ptah approvingly.

Issabella giggles.

ShardZ gives a round of applause.

KStarfire cheers for Ptah - huzzah!

Kaine chuckles politely.

Khayman shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Aemilia shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Gavvius claps for Ptah approvingly.

Isam says to Ptah, 'Well yes.'

Kaige says to Kaine, 'he's allergic to 'em'

Strad says to Ptah, 'I hope not, I live with 4.'

Teki pouts.

ShardZ looks happy.

Gavvius gets a neon glow-in-the-dark skull from a belt pouch.

ShardZ whistles at Ptah appreciatively.

Teki says, 'kitties aren't evil!'

Retribution says to Ptah, 'well told sir!'

Krigg drinks the last of his Hoth Ice Beer, and proceeds to then opne a large bottle of Kashyyyk Kloh

Gavvius gets a small garnet stud from a belt pouch.

Issabella purrs contentedly in Strad's lap.

Yardik says, 'thanks kaige'

Teki points proudly at herself.

Ptah says to Strad, 'if you find them peering at you from your chest when you wake up, move out.'

Teki says, 'good kitty!'

Strad pets Issabella lovingly.

Mantix says, 'Sppooooooooky!!!!'

Kaige says to Vertexon, 'DUDE! You got a DELL!'

Retribution says, 'makes me trust females even less now :P'

Strad says to Ptah, 'I get that EVERY morning man!'

Gavvius rolls around laughing at Kaige's joke.

Ptah sighs loudly.

ShardZ says, 'lol'

Teki grins evilly at Retribution.. wonder what she's thinking...

Issabella snickers softly.

Ptah says to Strad, 'you're doomed.'

KStarfire says, 'sorry..was it not over?'

Issabella says to Strad, 'and night'

Strad sniffs sadly.

Yardik says, 'i totally miss muds'

Vertexon recursively searches for any of his components that were deleted earlier.

Khayman says, 'How loudly can one really sigh anyway?'

Ptah sighs VERY loufly.

Strad says to Ptah, 'well, thanks for breakin' it to me?'

Krigg gives a drunken standing ovation....AUTHOR AUTHOR, he spews

ShardZ says, 'funky-wierd story. hehe'

Issabella says to KStarfire, 'Ptah's story is over'

Mertjai sighs loudly.


Herbert says, 'man i heard this chick once sigh so loud it woke my dad up'

Issabella says to Ptah, 'loufly?'

Khayman says, 'LouFly indeed!'

Drakkon says to Ptah, 'thanks for the story, it was good'

Chetley says, 'thank you Holo!'

Lelldorin says, 'no more stories?'

Issabella says to Ptah, 'it was REALLY good!'

Krigg says, 'and I only got here for the gorey part'

Strad chuckles politely at Ptah's feeble witticism.

Kaine says, 'Will there be another ssstory?'

Strad comforts Ptah.

Ptah says, 'I ALMOST forgot to tie in the mice at the end'

Mantix says, 'You da man Ptah :)'

KStarfire says, 'go do those focus threads ptah :)!'

Chetley says, 'errr Ptah I mean :)'

ShardZ says, 'WEll done Holo.. hehe'

Vertexon says, 'Good story, Ptah.'

Issabella giggles at Ptah.

ShardZ says, 'I mean Ptah'

Mantix says, 'Thanks for much for inviting us.'

Kaine smiles at Herbert.

Khayman says, 'Scrolling. So. Fast'

Issabella bounces up and down.

ShardZ says, 'Yes, thank ya kindly :) was definitely fun'

Herbert says to Kaine, 'you know me, i will always tell one if theres an audience'

KStarfire says, 'sorry to all the regulars for my umm brethern.. :) and thanks for having us'

Issabella smiles at KStarfire.

KStarfire says, 'be sure to check out SWG and we can show you around :D'

Herbert grins evilly at KStarfire.. wonder what he's thinking...

Mertjai says to KStarfire, 'stick around play the game'

Mantix says, 'You're all welcome to vdrop by and visit SWG too...'

Krigg says, 'yes, sorry I missed the meat of the story...pardon the pun'

Kaige says to Yardik, 'cool.'

ShardZ says, 'hehehe, true dat'

Retribution says to Herbert, 'and even when there isnt an auduience'

KStarfire smiles at Isssa

Herbert stifles a laugh as he regards the situation at hand.

Herbert nods his agreement with Retribution.

Mantix says, 'Goodbye all'

Issabella smiles at KStarfire.

Ptah says, 'OK, so traditionally, people continue to tell stories around the campfire.'

Kaige says, 'it'll be up on our website (legend's) and I imagine raph's as well sometime tomorrow'

Mertjai says to KStarfire, 'come back often, that sorta thing'

Herbert says, 'last time I was playing my bard i told a story to ONE person'

Ptah says, 'But I'm afraid I have to be at work in the morning, so I can't stay :('

Issabella cheers for Kaige - huzzah!

ShardZ says, 'Oh dear.. so late. hehe'

Vertexon says, 'I think I'm going to call it a night, too. Thanks for the invite!'

Issabella gives Ptah a huge bearhug - your ribs ache in sympathy.

Herbert says, 'but that one person had fun so I dont care'

KStarfire smiles back

Khayman says, 'Awwwwwww Ptah!'

Strad says to Ptah, 'YOU should come by more often and say hi to all of us :P'

Issabella says to Ptah, 'thank you for staying late with us to tell yours'

KStarfire says, 'thanks for the story Ptah...'

Ptah says to Issabella, 'I try never to miss a year :)'

Chetley says, 'thanks so much all!'

Mantix says, 'with all that free time you have?'

Issabella nods her agreement with Ptah.

KStarfire says, 'you worry me :)'

Strad chuckles politely at Mantix's feeble witticism.

Krigg says, 'I have to go to work, I stayed late just to listen'

Issabella says to Ptah, 'I know, neither do I :)'

Ptah chuckles politely.

Khayman says, 'Nice job Ptah!'

Retribution says to Ptah, 'I'll be waiting for next year :)'

Issabella will be waiting too.

Ptah says, 'No, I don';t play here. I used to be Imp here'

Vertexon waves farewell.

Ptah says, 'Well, two more years and we can make it ten years :) Have to keep going!'

Herbert says, 'ok i cant do the fancy fancy Ptah area thingees but I can manage a few emotes maybe'

Bula'ia says, 'i wanna hear a story!'

Herbert says, 'k we're starting now'

Herbert wears a black cap labelled, 'Storyteller'

Herbert says, 'The chill wind which blew through the woods rustled the leaves from their quiet resting place amongst the damp ferns and dense underbursh. And all was quiet but for a quiet almost melodic voice echoing throughout the place'

Herbert says, 'the tiny woodland life of the forest ran through the underbrush hurriedly trying to avoid the brisk winds'

Herbert says, 'the tall trees seemed to avoid a large area several metres around a delicately carved circle around which were standing six women dressed in dark almost midnight black gowns'

Herbert says, 'they swayed with the wind and as they held hands firmly to brace one another from the elements, each almost entirely expressionless and focussed'

Herbert says, 'The woman closest to the north of the circle chanted lightly 'Goddess of the watchtower of the north and of the earth grant me your blessing within this circle' and she closed her eyes to feel the life around her'

Herbert says, 'the woman standing alongside her whispered quietly almost embarassed 'goddess of the east and of the chill winds which blow here grant us your blessing within this circle and shield us from harm''

Herbert says, 'the chant was continued by another of the woman, 'goddess of the fiery south grant us your blessing within this circle and grant us the strength to conduct our business within your realm''

Herbert says, 'and finally another woman muttered hurriedly 'Goddess of the west and of the raging seas grant us your blessing within this circle and let us not wander from the web''

Herbert says, 'as the chanting was finished the woman let their hands slip within their robes as their leader a young woman in her early twenties bent down to light the candles around the circle'

Herbert says, 'one of the younger girls whispered to the woman beside her 'wont they just blow out?''

Herbert says, 'the leader turned to her and said 'not with the blessing of hecate for if these candles are extinguished we could be in grave peril''

Herbert says, 'with that she winked and added, 'please try not to let that happen''

Herbert says, 'the leader then stood and carved into the moss of the circle a rough pentacle in the moss with a tiny ornate dagger'

Herbert says, 'the woman resumed their positions and once again joined hand and waited for the priestess to continue, for that was her station within their number'

Herbert says, ''Goddess Hecate we come in search of the spirit of the woods, at this time of Samhain, when the veil between our worlds is thin and the web we work within is strong''

Herbert says, 'the woman each said this with a look of complete concentration on each of their five faces'

Herbert says, 'the priestess continued 'we ask the blessing of this spirit and its guidance to show us how best to work our craft in the year to come, we wish its wisdom to show us that which is right, blessed be''

Herbert says, 'as the women finished their chant the wind suddenly died out and not a sound could be heard within the clearing, only the beating of their hearts almost in unison like a vicious tribal drum'

Herbert says, 'the young woman who had asked earlier about the candles looked down at her feet and noticed the moss seemed to be crawling towards the circle, she looked about frantically wishing someone would tell her what to do'

Herbert says, 'the leader looked at her and whispered 'be strong sister hecate is with us''

Herbert says, 'as the moss crept closer to the circle it brushed by her ankle its cold almost alien strands tickling her flesh and causing her to step aside in terror knocking the candle nearest her'

Herbert says, 'as the flame extinguished itself in the dewe covered grass she lost all control of her senses and let go of the hands of the women beside her and as she did so she felt a strange burning sensation along her wrists'

Herbert says, 'as she glanced down she saw the blood streaming from two long gashes along her wrist and she was plunged into the cold oblivion of unconsciousness'

Herbert says, 'nothing was said of the affair on the long trek home, through the woods the witches walked with their cloaks wrapped tightly and only when they reached the boundaries of their town did they speak'

Herbert says, 'the leader simply turned to the following troupe and said 'say nothing of this to anyone and watch her closely, she was weak and it may cost us all dearly''

Herbert says, 'the women nodded and the poor young lady whos wrists were yet bleeding simply sniffled in pain and embarassment'

Herbert says, 'and as quickly as they had assembled they returned to their homes amongst the local peasantry none knew of their activities and none ever shall'

Herbert says, 'the next morning the poor young woman awoke to the sounds of scratching amongst the rafters, her husband had died only months before and had ultimately been her reason for joining the coven, as a way to be with him in spirit'

Herbert says, 'she unbandaged her wrists slowly fearing the possible reopening of her wound.. but to her astonishment there were no wounds'

Herbert says, 'again that terrible scratching echoed all about her cottage and she glanced about nervously and muttered, 'bloody crows... always in the thatch''

Herbert says, 'it was then that it happened, the terrible snap within her head, the pain flooded in and she felt as though she had died and yet lived, a bright white flash of pain and rememberance'

Herbert says, 'and the voice that echoed immediately after it, 'they did not help you, they left you to me, and now you are mine, you will do my work or you will suffer as you just have.. do you accept me?''

Herbert says, 'the voice sounded almost familiar, and yet completely alien'

Herbert says, 'the pain returned and another flash of white within her brain glanced through her vision'

Herbert says, 'she nodded, as the tears rolled down her young cheek and over her whimpering pale lips'

Herbert says, 'the voice echoed once more as though surrounding her..'you will sleep and as you sleep I will do what must be done''

Herbert says, 'as though in a trance she returned to her bed, and lay amongst her threadbare covers shaking in pain..'

Herbert says, 'she could not say how much time had passed but when she awoke the stars were once again in the night sky and she recalled the violent dreams of oak trees and tangling briars of the long sleep'

Herbert says, 'as she walked clothed only in a light nightgown through the streets she saw several shutters slam closed and the locals cross themselves as she passed'

Herbert says, 'she did not know why but felt a deep passionate hatred for them nonetheless'

Herbert says, 'and so she walked, the stones never hurt her bare feet, nor did she feel the cold, she did not feel the briars tearing at her arms as she crossed the woods, and she did not feel the wet grass as it dampened the hem of her gown'

Herbert says, 'and suddenly she realised where she was, the very circle she had attended only days before.. standing in a ripped and torn nightgown at the centre of the circle'

-----arrrgggh... mud crashed -----