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Sandra's PKill Discussion 01/28/04


This discussion took place on January 28th, 2004.


Sandra says, 'ok, lets get started. First thing!'

Sandra says, 'This is a meeting on how the players can improve pk. There will be no code changes. No code improvements(other than the obvious bugs that we're all aware of).'

Sandra says, 'with that said!'

Sandra says, 'I've noticed some things picking up lately'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Maloth sticks her tongue out at DoC. =P

DoC snickers softly.

DoC says, 'were cooler'

Sandra says, 'how can we get more people interested?'

Maloth says, 'nuh uh'

Maloth says, 'umm'

Vendetta says, 'give out coupons'

Maloth says, 'sorry done playing around now'

Sandra says, 'seriously'

DoC says, 'hmm'

Vendetta says, 'Tell them they can't be looted while PKE'

Lust says, 'less clans so they fill up easier'

Vendetta says, 'Because its true'

Cheap says, 'well, the challenge wood thing was a good idea, the echo from the fight but thats code change'

DoC says, 'i think alot of it is player problems...we need bad guys'

DoC nods his agreement with Cheap.

Sandra says, 'that's actually a simple building change. The ballgame uses echo that way'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Fortebraccio says, 'or we need player that could stand if we are bad :P'

DoC nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Cheap nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Kaige says, 'I'll try to have that in by the 14th, if not sooner'

Sandra says, 'and how do we define bad guys these days? Grendels used to be'

Sandra beams at Kaige delightedly.

Cheap says, 'thats a big problem'

Lust says, 'people tend to freak out on bad people!'

Maloth nods her agreement with Lust.

Cheap says, 'people standing bad guys'

Vendetta says, 'I was bad yesterday'

DoC says, 'ruthless people that jump low dont care etc etc'

Lust smirks at Vendetta.

DoC says, 'talk shiz multi sometimes'

DoC shrugs helplessly.

Vendetta nods his agreement with DoC.

DoC says, 'like dusk'

Cheap says, 'yeah, its why I left pke, I admit I could not stand the low dealing'

Fortebraccio says, 'if we do that we all have the whole mud complaining'

Sandra says, 'so the multi and low blows aren't something we want,b ut we want some bad guys still'

DoC nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'How about PKE information meeting for people interested to come in and ask questions?'

Sandra says, 'I can surely do that'

Cheap says, 'thats kinda what this is'

Maloth says, 'hehe offer a big brother little brother service, for people to get a pk mentor'

Cheap says, 'if people were interested, they would show up to a pk meeting maybe'

DoC cackles gleefully at Maloth - whatever he's going to do to her, glad it's not you!

Sandra says, 'this is alot for those already in pk. But we can do one for those interested in joining'

DoC says, 'big sister sana'

Cheap nods solemnly.

Maloth says, 'and kinda set up fights for new learners and have their more experienced pker help them out'

Vendetta says to Cheap, 'but people are interested there maybe isn't enough advertising of it.'

Maloth says, 'like follow them around or something'

Vendetta says, 'a PK school was a cool idea, I think Paranoia ran it'

Cheap says, 'true enough'

Cheap says, 'dias did didn't he?'

Kaige says, 'how come the clans that said that was their purpose failed at doing it before? What can be done by players to make that work better?'

Maloth says, 'the problem with the pk school I think was that pkers were already in clans'

Vendetta says, 'Paranoia was in it'

Maloth says, 'and it was a whole new clan'

Kaine nods his agreement with Cheap.

Maloth says, 'if we just have like an advertising board or something'

Kaige says, 'other than the war board?'

Vendetta says, 'a warboard in every inn?'

Sandra says, 'there's the warboard. That's the most obvious spot'

DoC says, 'i dont think theres really any new pkers to tell you the truth'

Maloth says, 'warboard is for people who know its there mainly, most people who arent already in pk dont really think about it'

Cheap says, 'I think for a lot of people, the same old things pop up, I don't want to lose xp, I don't want to lose gear, there is no way of keeping track of who wins so I don't feel like it'

Vendetta says, 'So no one goes out of the way to check'

Fortebraccio says, 'pkill feds on itslef'

Sandra says, 'maybe post on the news board?'

DoC nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Fortebraccio says, 'if who pkills now does it enough will attract people'

DoC says, 'the thing is'

Vendetta says to Fortebraccio, 'is that true?'

DoC says, 'xp isnt hard at all to get'

Cheap says, 'I still log on to pk even though I spend a lot of time lately on another mud'

DoC says, 'people need to understand that'

Sandra says, 'I have to wonder. The same fear is there as always. Why is it different now than before?'

Maloth nods her agreement with Cheap.

Sandra says, 'hell, when I started pkilling, that was my fear'

Sandra says, 'and I've pkilled forever'

Fortebraccio says, 'because then lot of people was pkilling'

Vendetta says, 'I had no fear, I just lost all my xp hehe'

Lust says to Sandra, 'Everyone's turned into a complacent bunch of whiners!'

DoC nods solemnly.

Lust says, 'used to be if you were pk, you HAD to be tough.'

Cheap says, 'its that fear that makes it fun, people have to understand that losing could be bad, it makes you want to win'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Lust.

Lust says, 'cuz back then, it was pretty much anything went'

Fortebraccio says, 'and mostly now people can be happy just to dabble in pkok'

Lust says, 'we took our lumps and got revenge'

Vendetta says to Lust, 'there was some control.'

Cheap nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Cheap says, 'yup, pkok'

Lust says to Vendetta, 'Yeah, the BADBAD guys got theirs.'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'there wasn't always control. Augustus got away with a lot for a long while :)'

Vendetta says, 'I wasn't around then'

Vendetta says, 'I was more like 5 years ago'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Fortebraccio giggles.

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Not to mention Sylia, Bremmar and Kiera.'

Lust says to Sandra, 'And we were utterly terrified!'

Maloth nods her agreement with Vendetta.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Sandra nods her agreement with Lust.

Sandra says, 'when those people logged in, you were afraid'

Cheap says, 'take some of the recent multies and stuff, what happened, people rejected, you can say sure, thats the point of pke but sometimes multies play a role as well in pke, take I'e and the loot incident'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'and damn it was fun'

Lust says, 'i guess there's not really much to fear anymore'

Cheap says, 'er, pkok'

Cheap says, 'don't mind me'

Vendetta says, 'That's why PKOK is so bad'

Vendetta says, 'there is no abuse in PKE without a possibility of revenge'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'so let's just talk pke for a bit'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Fortebraccio says, 'but funnily enough people perceive pkok as safer'

Lust says, 'i actually think more players should utilize PKOK so that PKE and PKOK actually intermesh better.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Cheap says, 'a lot of pke pkillers are aa'

DoC says, 'theres just too much abuse'

Maloth nods her agreement with Cheap.

Cheap says, 'or not enough abuse'

Fortebraccio says, 'who use pkok use it only to duel mostly'

Lust says, 'yeah, we need a better honor system tho'

Kaige says, 'so how can we improve the fact that there's only 78 pke chars and they usually only account for about 10% of active characters?'

Vendetta raises his eyebrow at Cheap.

Cheap says, 'I mean non illegal abuse that gets people up in arms'

Fortebraccio says, '78 pke is a lot of char..wish the logged in'

Fortebraccio giggles.

Vendetta says, 'how many different (players) do we have'

Sandra says, 'there are alot of pke chars. How do we get them busy?'

Maloth nods her agreement with Fortebraccio.

DoC says, '78'

Kaige says, 'exactly my question'

DoC says, 'cause 1 pke per'

Fortebraccio looks up into the sky and ponders.

Lust says, 'i was thinking maybe we could have pk games'

Vendetta says, 'I mean some people have like 12 chars'

Lust says, 'something like hot potato'

Sandra says, 'well, there's 78 pk players. There's more than that that play'

Kaige says, 'how do you make it more attractive to play the PKE char and keep the action rolling instead of having people drift to other characters?'

Cheap says, 'invoke a one fight a week or lose 1 mil exp while being a pke pkiller unless you archive, take care of those numbers quick and get more action Id say :P'

Sandra says, 'I want to run the token game I had run last time again. But it probably won't be until after the expies'

Maloth grins evilly at Cheap.. wonder what she's thinking...

Maloth says, 'I like that suggestion'

DoC says, 'thats an idea'

Kaige says to Cheap, 'Or a quickly defalted number of PKE chars.'

Kaige says, 'err deflated'

Cheap nods his agreement with Kaine.

Maloth says, 'weed out those who never log in'

Sandra says, 'we wanna get them joining, not leaving ;)'

Cheap says, 'there really is no incentive beyond some of the pbase doing stuff and some immortal run stuff'

Cheap says, 'clans are a joke, no offense'

Cheap says, 'there is no Inter clan wars'

Maloth nods solemnly.

Cheap says, 'something that once was a big deal im told'

Maloth says, 'those happen when buncha multi's happen'

Sandra nods her agreement with Cheap.

Maloth says, 'but theres only one clan with regular log ins'

Cheap says, 'yeah, but fade fast'

Maloth points at Fortebraccio.

Maloth says, 'therefore, no clanwar'

Fortebraccio says, 'well to atract players to pke i think..that who pkills should try to make it loud that is fun..and shpuld avoid whining on chats..'

Sandra says, 'actually there are two'

DoC says, 'we need another clan full of people killing the grendels'

Lust says, 'there's no items sacred to the clans that they protect when stolen either'

Cheap nods his agreement with Lust.

DoC says, 'but they dont log on as much...although brutus is really active'

Fortebraccio says, 'is just Brutus pretty much'

Cheap says, 'most clans have 1 or 2 public pkillers'

Kaige says, 'nothing stopping them from getting them either... all the clan tokens were was zips really'

Cheap says, 'thats about it'

Maloth nods her agreement with Cheap.

Vendetta says, 'There are rogues PKing'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Fortebraccio looks up into the sky and ponders.

Lust says to Kaige, 'Yeah, but it used to mean a lot to have a rival's token.'

Maloth says, 'it seems to be that the more a GM logs in and pks, the mroe the clanmembers do, and then the more people see that clan pking the more appealing it looks to other pkers to join that clan'

Fortebraccio says, 'waht about making key to hall stealable?'

Cheap says, 'there are a few active rogue's that I can tell, but not a lot'

Fortebraccio says, 'so they would be like old tokens'

DoC says, 'that would be cool'

Kaige says, 'I was really disappointed a while ago when the Knight's code was stolen by Krynn and it just kinda languished on the whole rp/clanwar front'

AA-Aarington slaps DoC.

Lust chuckles politely.

DoC snickers softly.

Maloth pets AA-Aarington lovingly.

Lust says, 'them knights always were chickens'

Cheap says, 'I think I still have that code he stole'

Fortebraccio says, 'they were pkok rp'

Sandra says, 'Yea, that one sadly fell because of the knights. They didn't do anything'

Kaige says, 'yeah, but that's the kind of situation that used to kick off clan wars.'

Cheap says, 'knights are a dead pk clan'

AA-Aarington says, 'die grendels! die!'

Fortebraccio says, 'but but they aren't pke'

AA-Aarington says, '*clanwar*'

Lust says, 'nobody cares that much anymore'

Vendetta says, 'But that's a different story, the Knights GM does not believe in PK'

Maloth says, 'so each clan should have a symbol of its clanworthieness and have it be like a capture the flag?'

Vendetta says, 'or on such a big scale'

Kaige says, 'it was an example of what COULD be done with zips/strings/etc to kick off one...'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Fortebraccio says, 'well you know Vendetta and Aa-arrington dod well last night'

Kaige says, 'I wasn't holding the knights up as paragons of PK today.'

Kaige chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'believe it or not, alot of the older clanwars started off in much the same way'

Fortebraccio says, 'they will get killed and killed again from us'

Cheap nods his agreement with Kaine.

DoC nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

DoC snickers softly.

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Kaine smiles at Cheap.

Spite arrives from a puff of smoke.

Vendetta says to Fortebraccio, 'we'll see about that.'

AA-Aarington says, 'how cute, you werent even there'

Maloth pets Spite lovingly.

DoC licks Spite.

Vendetta grins evilly at Spite.. wonder what he's thinking...

Fortebraccio says, 'you touched my girl..thats' it!'

Sandra says, 'Use situations as examples. But keep the bickering for the game ;)'

AA-Aarington says, 'your girl maliciously abused the spirit of pk'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Sandra.

Cheap says, 'I think pk needs a few perma's! :P'

DoC says, 'permas happen'

Spite says to Cheap, 'devlins working on it :).'

Maloth says, 'oh, talia's down on xp, she can be first'

Vendetta says, 'Perma's would destroy people's view of PK'

Maloth says, 'err wait. bad idea'

DoC says, 'sor got permad'

DoC snickers softly.

AA-Aarington says, 'pk perma's just promote power levelling :P'

Cheap says, 'right now, Pke is random encounters with a few flare ups every now and then'

Lust says, 'maybe perma warnings should come from how many times you've died a level, rather than based on total xp'

Maloth says, 'er'

Maloth wrinkles her nose with distaste.

Lust says, 'not a really low number or anything, maybe 25 or so'

Lust says, 'for level 50's more'

Maloth says, 'I'd be perma'd like 8 billion times'

Maloth says, 'and I stopped pking'

Sandra giggles.

Fortebraccio says, 'we wouldn't last long'

Spite says, 'we should run more free-for-alls, then anyone can have a chance to win, and beat someone they normally cant :P'

Lust says, 'or it could add a death or two every time a level 50 gets 25 mil'

Lust says, 'or something'

Cheap says, 'sandra mentioned she could do that'

Vendetta says, 'that's too hard'

Maloth says, 'I die seriously twice every time I try to help someone'

Lust says, 'another reason to get xp :P'

Maloth says, 'I would just stop doing anything'

Sandra says, 'I like that it's hard to perma now compared to before. I don't consider perma or multi an in-game or IC act. They are purely ooc'

Fortebraccio says, 'heck we had to run a free for all for Grendels yeserday'

Fortebraccio giggles.

AA-Aarington says, 'then pk would go squish'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

DoC throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Vendetta says to Fortebraccio, 'i missed that?'

Fortebraccio says, 'so that Mrecedes could win some fight :P'

Vendetta sighs loudly.

DoC says, 'grendels have civil wars all the time'

Cheap says, 'im just thinking that people react to adversary, and some bad stuff usually gets people going'

DoC snickers at Fortebraccio nastily.

Spite says to Fortebraccio, 'i let him beat devlin every now and then :).'

DoC snickers softly.

Sandra giggles.

DoC says, 'brb'

Maloth says to Cheap, 'Should post the results of the free for all.'

Fortebraccio says, 'you knwo taht once challenge wood is fixed we'd like to run few tourneys there'

Sandra says, 'ok, so what else can we do to promote'

Cheap says, 'I ca do that'

Cheap nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Sandra says, 'Yea, I want to run one there for the birthday'

Fortebraccio says, 'Grendels and Cheap will run some'

Fortebraccio says, 'so that may entice people'

Vendetta says, 'What's so special about challenge wood?'

Vendetta says, 'I missed that'

Maloth says, 'local echo'

AA-Aarington says, 'people hate it?'

Fortebraccio says, 'cannot get out of it'

Cheap says, 'I have run lots of free for alls over various alts'

Sandra says, 'when I run pk games, they will all be on this port. I like that there are repercussions'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Cheap.

Spite looks up into the sky and ponders.

Fortebraccio says, 'of course'

Lust nods her agreement with Sandra.

Vendetta says, 'I thought PK Open practice helped'

Cheap says, 'yeah, I agree, tournies are fine but definatly this port games are in order'

Fortebraccio says, 'problem is that people is too scared to try it'

Vendetta says, 'although some veteran PKers would sometimes interfere in fighst'

AA-Aarington says, 'pfft'

Fortebraccio says, 'i don't pkok open helped at all instead'

AA-Aarington says, '50 mil xp - 400k a few times is nothing'

Vendetta says to Fortebraccio, 'i saw a lot more newbies trying it than enabling here.'

Cheap says, 'pk open practice is mainly just a verteran free for all with healing from la'

Sandra says, 'the open practice is cool for those that want to test out new things, or just want to give pk a try'

Fortebraccio says, 'pkillers just tried in anothe rport..but never tried it in mud'

AA-Aarington says, 'barring sana trying to jump me on another run, that's like an hour of sitting there 'druiding''

Fortebraccio says, 'so i see it as failure'

YamaRaja smiles happily.

Sandra says, 'Nat has a game idea she wants to run past you all'

Lust smirks at Natalia.

Spite says, 'what about clan zips and stuff, would initiate more clan warfare if there was something to fight for, and might entice more people to join pk clans'

Lust cheers for Natalia - huzzah!

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Cheap says, 'fix steal first'

Maloth smiles at Natalia.

Natalia has begun to lurk.

DoC says, 'run jumps start nice little mini wars'

Sandra says to Spite, 'I'd be glad to make clan zips.'

Fortebraccio says, 'stela needs to be fixed too'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Cheap.

Cheap says, 'can't do anything without steal working better'

Natalia says, 'I'd like to run a game of GOTCHA!(tm?)'

Maloth says, 'Sana just hoarded them last time and then got rid of internet, hehe'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Cheap.

Vendetta jumps in the air and slams a thunderous high-5 with Cheap!

Sandra says, 'ok, let's check out Nat's game idea'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Fortebraccio smiles at Natalia.

Vendetta says, 'Oh I know that game'

AA-Aarington says, 'no, poisoning vendetta in a clan hall then pussying out start clan wars :P'

Vendetta says to AA-Aarington, 'we're OOC.'

DoC says, 'pussying out?'

Cheap says to AA-Aarington, 'join a real clan :P.'

Natalia nods her agreement with Vendetta.

Sandra says, 'guys'

AA-Aarington bursts into tears.

Maloth frowns.

Vendetta says, 'keep it OOC'

Sandra says, 'keep it ooc here. And listen up'

Kaige says, 'ahem'

Kaige waves her bottle of puzzle saver.

Natalia says, 'everyone has to sign up beforehand, then you each get a card with your target's name'

DoC says, 'oo'

Vendetta whispers quietly to Kaige.

YamaRaja says, 'can you have desc off?'

Vendetta laughs.

Vendetta lies down on a a battered sofa.

Natalia says, 'kill your target and they have to give you their target and so on until theres one player left'

Cheap says, 'sorry, I can't take mine off, I have eaten the code that changes it and threatened to blow up the mud if the imms fixed it'

Lust says to Natalia, 'Oooo.'

Sandra likes it.

Maloth says, 'I like that game'

AA-Aarington says, 'asassin!'

Kaine has played that in rl, kinda (without the killing of course)

Maloth says, 'played it with my dorm'

Maloth giggles.

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Natalia says, 'in a nutshell thats the basic game'

AA-Aarington says, 'it's a res gae'

Natalia nods solemnly.

Kaine nods his agreement with Maloth.

AA-Aarington says, 'erm, game'

Cheap says, 'thats a good game'

Vendetta says, 'Its fun'

Fortebraccio says, 'all the proble with those games are that people don't log in enough'

Natalia says to AA-Aarington, 'Yup, we played it.'

Cheap says, 'I played it in University'

Lust says to Natalia, 'Would it be continuous or whenever you feel like killing someone?'

AA-Aarington says, 'could we get an info like 'so and so was assassinated' when we successfully complete the hit?'

Spite says, 'why not make that sort of thing a permanent fixture'

Maloth nods her agreement with Cheap.

Sandra says, 'so if they don't log in in so many days, they get dropped'

Kaine nods his agreement with Cheap.

Kaige says to Fortebraccio, 'Yeah that's the problem I found with running for a week before.'

Maloth says, 'I dont think the last person is found yet actually... started on halloween'

Sandra shakes her head in disagreement with AA-Aarington.

Vendetta says, 'Ya, good point, with'

Maloth giggles.

Vendetta says, 'With dorms people are pretty much there all the time'

Natalia would like the old clan infos back but thats her own opinion, not that of the staff.

Vendetta says, 'With the MUD, not so much'

AA-Aarington says, 'also, some rules for it in dorms are you cant assassinate the other person if they're in groups'

AA-Aarington says, 'so interference is allowed? like by aa and other PKE players?'

Maloth nods her agreement with AA-Aarington.

Fortebraccio says, 'it would put some perks on being in a clan in truth'

Cheap says, 'we called the game spy vs spy but still the same concept, and it ran until just before finals second term'

Vendetta says to Natalia, 'oMG yes!'

Cheap says, 'during the end of year blowout, the winner got crowned'

Vendetta says, ' had got a cap in his ass.'

Cheap says, 'it be a good game to have a winner announced at expies'

Natalia whispers quietly to Cheap.

Natalia laughs.

Varnel lies down on the ground and gets comfortable.

Cheap says, 'and ran for the year prior'

Varnel says, 'AFK... logging :P'

Maloth bounces onto Varnel's lap.

AA-Aarington says, 'it'd be better if there were 2 people left at expies and the imms poofed them to a closed arena to fight to the death :P'

Sandra says, 'ok, so it sounds like everyone likes Nat's game?'

Maloth nods her agreement with Sandra.

Maloth claps for Natalia approvingly.

Cheap says, 'ohh'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Spite nods his agreement with Sandra.

Cheap says, 'that is a good idea'

Lust says, 'it's got considerations, but i like it'

Lust giggles.

Sandra giggles.

Cheap says, 'battle for the top prize at the Expies, make choc glue you for making noise!'

YamaRaja says, 'i liked it except i got another idea'

Vendetta says, 'What about the problem with inactivity?'

AA-Aarington says, 'choc already glues me if I make noise...and kaige...and sandra'

Sandra says, 'I'm sure there'll be things like that to work out :)'

DoC says, 'we need playerbase but i dunno how to get people to play'

DoC bursts into tears.

Maloth says, 'bug LoW'

Kaine says, 'What happens if you kill the person who has your name on the card?'

AA-Aarington says, 'the simple way is to lower pk xp loss'

Maloth ducks to the ground.

YamaRaja says, 'bring a friend to mud!'

DoC laughs.

Vendetta says, 'Force PKE is the answer'

Cheap says, 'you know, fix challenge woods and introduce that game as a long lasting game, you would do well to help pk I think'

Lust cackles gleefully at Kaine - whatever she's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Vendetta says to Kaine, 'dT.'

DoC says, 'i know thats the answer but no code changes'

Vendetta says to DoC, 'oh ya... damn.'

Cheap says, 'though again, Im on the code changes :P'

Spite says, 'cant lower the xp loss, then there is no sense of urgency when you are close to perma'

YamaRaja says, 'just bring the old system back'

YamaRaja grins evilly.

Spite says, 'if it doesnt matter if you die, you aint gonna put everything into a fight'

Cheap says, 'ohh, and make the game pke only'

Sandra says, 'the old system is back'

DoC says, 'but the problem is'

Sandra says, 'it's jus mixed in with the other one'

DoC says, 'there two groups'

Vendetta says, 'Slay PKOK'

AA-Aarington says, 'it'd be ool to have aa mirror PKE more'

YamaRaja says, 'the problem is pkok'

DoC says, 'pke and pkok'

YamaRaja nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Maloth says, 'if you kill the person with your card, they just need to keep trying til they get you dead'

Maloth giggles.

Sandra says, 'yes, but pkok isn't leaving'

AA-Aarington says, 'like pkok is ALWAYS aa or ALWAYS reject all'

Spite says, 'all pke people should be force aa'd :P'

Maloth says, 'or someone will end up killing them then another person will come after you'

AA-Aarington says, 'and then PKE is just forced aa, and has prizes and stuff asociated with it'

Kaine nods his agreement with Maloth.

Varnel says, 'Ok you got a clan... so you're paying a 10% tithe for what.... a channel? And a hall you never use....'

YamaRaja says, 'people has to be willing to log on their pkes for a good reason'

Fortebraccio grins evilly at Varnel.. wonder what he's thinking...

Vendetta says, 'In the game, the way it works is the ALWAYS the last person you have to kill has your card'

Fortebraccio says, 'out channel is pretty much used'

Cheap says, 'clans are an extra channel, thats about it'

Kaine nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Natalia says, 'more when i return with coffee'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Natalia's head.

Varnel nods his agreement with Cheap.

Spite says, 'clan channels are there for screaming for an assist when you get wolfpacked by like the entire pk community'

Varnel says, 'Maybe ifyou could govern your own channel'

Cheap says, 'but, im not saying there is a fix for the clan sit'

Varnel says, 'I mean it's not even private'

Sandra says, 'We won't bribe people to log in and pk. We'll run games for ya. We'll have these meetings to help with ideas and such. But as i said at the start, there will be no code changes for pk'

Kaige says, 'ok here's a random thought... how come no one writes up pk fights? They used to get written up all the time in the "golden era" that every one keeps referring to...'

Lust nods her agreement with Kaige.

Varnel says, 'Heh'

Varnel says, 'They used to happen in the "golden era"'

Kaige says, 'gets your names out there as winners -- gives others targets that are known to be active'

Spite says, 'I always forget to log mine'

Varnel says, 'PK was a way of life for some people'

Varnel says, 'There are no pure pkillers anymore, and the ones that there are, don't play'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'i wrote a bunch of time.'

Kaige says, 'don't have to be "logged" just write up something quick about how you kicked someone's ass'

Varnel says, 'They've all migrated to pk muds'

Cheap says, 'yeah, but if I do that, Ill look like a big loser cause I never win'

Sandra says, 'sucky ones too, from what I"ve seen'

Sandra laughs.

Varnel nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra giggles at Cheap.

Varnel says to Sandra, 'I agree, which is the only reason I haven't.'

Kaige says to Vendetta, 'I'm saying on a regular basis from a larger pool of people.'

Maloth says, 'ok I gotta head out'

Cheap says, 'hey, sucky pk on another mud is better then no pk on legend, hard fact but true'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Kaine.

Vendetta nods his agreement with Cheap.

Fortebraccio says to Kaige, 'you may have a point...but sometime we don't do that jus not to look cocky.'

Vendetta says, 'PK here has a greater variety'

Sandra says, 'that's debatable ;) Get them busy here.'

Varnel says, 'if I could make Legend, and make it pure pk'

Kaige says to Fortebraccio, 'You can also write up your losses... make yourself look like easier pickings!'

Kaige giggles.

Varnel says, 'I bet I could get a lot of ppl on it'

Fortebraccio grins evilly.

DoC says, 'a ton'

Spite says, 'I could incite people to pk, but Id lose my channels, or get archive-locked again'

Varnel says, 'In facty'

Sandra says, 'it's obvious to everyone in this room that each of us has a pk char. There's targets right there'

Spite grumbles.

AA-Aarington wiggles his bottom.

Sandra giggles at Spite.

DoC says, 'but all we do is kill each other theres no one new'

DoC chuckles politely.

AA-Aarington nods his agreement with DoC.

Varnel nods solemnly.

AA-Aarington says, 'yeah, eventually you realize who youre gonna slaughter regularly'

Cheap says, 'you know what, its to bad legend could not run from two ports'

Sandra says, 'make it look like the fun it is and you'll get new'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Fortebraccio says, 'i think that's the trick'

Cheap says, 'to laggy I know but that would be really cool'

DoC says, 'yeah i just dunno how heh'

Fortebraccio says, 'bikcer in channenls'

Cheap says, 'a legend pk mud and a legend rp mud'

AA-Aarington says, 'check'

Lust says, 'maybe if the whole mud was pkok, since reject all is just basically not being pk, and still can have only one pke'

Sandra says, 'go around and multi people, bitching about how they went and used a healer while you ran all over the world isn't gonna get that idea across'

Rusalka gives a big hug to everyone in the room.

Varnel says to Sandra, 'I can make it look all fun if I want.'

Spite says, 'someone send me a list of all the pke people and I'll start at the top and work my way down'

Vendetta says, 'and a MUD whre there are no MOBS and its just RP'

Kaine nods his agreement with Sandra.

Varnel says to Sandra, 'But you'll always have the 75% rp'ers bitching about us, and how much pk sucks.'

AA-Aarington says, 'I've coaxed a efw RPers into fights :)'

Varnel says, '"rp'ers" term used loosely'

Vendetta panics, and attempts to flee.

Sandra says, 'I don't think that number is quite so high'

Vendetta lies down on a a battered sofa.

Cheap says, 'auto posted pke names, another good idea'

Vendetta says, 'damn fade in trigger'

Cheap says, 'if your willing to go pke, then you should be willing to have your name up'

Sandra says, 'there will always be people that will never like pk. Just as there are people that will never like rp'

Spite says, 'just gotta give an rper a reason to fight, insult their ideals always seems to work'

AA-Aarington is lying ehre, paralyzed.

AA-Aarington says, 'grr, stupid typo'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Spite.

Sandra says to Cheap, 'Then that takes away the surprise of clans like the secretives or assassins. If they were to ever come back.'

Sandra says, 'or any other clan like them'

Cheap says, 'it would I agree'

Fortebraccio says, 'it wouldn't be fun yes'

AA-Aarington says, 't talia what'

Vendetta says to Cheap, 'part of old PK is that you didn't know who was enabled.'

Cheap says, 'yes, but right now you are running around killing the same 15 people'

Fortebraccio says, 'the cpde change on put personalized infos is cool though'

Vendetta says, 'BEcause most of the time at level 40 you got hit by every lvl 50'

Fortebraccio winks suggestively at Kaige.

Cheap says, 'ohh, here is an idea then'

Kaige says to Fortebraccio, 'Yes, but won't be limitted to one type of clan if it's done.'

Spite says, 'the difference is these days you can walk into an inn, backstab everyone in there and not hit an enabled person'

Fortebraccio says, 'fine by me'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Cheap says, 'how about a command that tells you how many people, no names are currently on and pke'

Lust nods her agreement with Spite.

Kaige says, '20% atm'

Vendetta says, 'Good idea'

Lust smirks at Kaige.

Kaige says, '62% are pkok'

Cheap says, 'I would type pke and it would come back, there are 5 targets online, good hunting'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'give us that command?'

Kaige says, '4% are AA'

Lust throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Vendetta says, 'like who pke'

Fortebraccio says, 'well aa we see'

Cheap nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

AA-Aarington says, 'I'm the only aa character in here right now :P'

Vendetta says, 'This would give a number not names'

Fortebraccio giggles.

Cheap says, 'I don't need to know who, I just want to know if its worth it to go hunting'

Spite says, 'pke just need to watch info and store up the names :)'

Sandra nods her agreement with Spite.

Sandra giggles.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Spite.

Kaige says, 'how would knowing that number actually help you tho?'

Varnel laughs at Spite.

Spite says, 'then give the winner a little time to regen, then go hunting'

Cheap says, 'you would not care to know how many hours I spent one day running around typing kill target and getting, you can't kill them, they are not enabled :P'

Lust says to Sandra, 'Have some idea of who's jumpable.'

Varnel says, 'I'd have to say at least 1/3 of pke chars on the mud'

Varnel says, 'have never fought'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'iF there is 1 PKE on it would be pointless to track one person down.'

Kaige says, 'doesnt' it just give you another excuse not to talk/interact with other people?'

Lust says, 'meant to kaige'

Lust peers at herself myopically.

Varnel laughs.

DoC snickers softly.

Varnel says, 'For one reason or another'

Kaige says to Lust, 'If it's just a number... not sure how that helps?'

DoC says, 'because then we know theres a reason to hunt'

Cheap says, 'it tells you that there are potential targets online'

Vendetta says, 'If there are 5 you have a good chance if finding them'

Lust says, 'well, i do always just start with 'come get me, you fools!''

AA-Aarington says, 'bah, if coding new changes is out, I think a awr system would be cool anyway, or a real set up mud assassination system'

Spite says, 'only problem I ever have with jumping someone new, is that they are always str/con and beat my ass hard'

Kaige says to Vendetta, 'If there's ONE pke person on.. it's like you?'

Kaige giggles.

Varnel says to Lust, 'That never works.'

AA-Aarington flexes his bulging, impressive muscles.

Varnel says to Lust, 'Therefore your plan is flawed.'

Natalia says, 'and back'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'then you say, no targets and alt to your RP character.'

Natalia has begun to lurk.

DoC cackles gleefully at Spite - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Lust says to Varnel, 'You'd think it had a higher success rate, really.'

Cheap says, 'yes, then your like, 1 pke, thats me, ok, ill come back after or hmm, Ill stick around and do something and wait'

Spite says, 'I like to pick on snipers or surgeon snipers, they are always pretty easy :P'

Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

DoC cowers in fear!

Varnel says, 'That would be kinda cool tho'

Sandra says, 'ok, Vendetta just possed a problem to the idea'

Fortebraccio giggles.

AA-Aarington bonks Spite on the head!

Varnel says, 'To be able to just type a command and find out how many pke's are online'

Sandra says, 'without even realizing it'

Vendetta says, 'You can't prove it'

Cheap laughs.

Sandra says, '"alt to your RP character"'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Kaige says, 'yup'

Vendetta says, 'I don't have alts'

Vendetta sticks his tongue out at everyone! =P

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Especially problematic for those who claim not to believe in Rp.'

An aura of heavenly light appears above Kaige's head.

Fortebraccio says, 'that is the only problem here..who has pke..doesn't stay logged in enough'

Sandra says, 'what you said, basically is that you will use the command as a shopping list.'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Sandra.

Lust says, 'well, yeah :P'

Varnel says, 'RP is slang for Mobkill alts btw imms'

DoC says, 'not rp, my boredom character:P'

DoC spanks himself. Kinky!

Varnel says, 'Just for clarification'

Lust says, 'put levels back in who!'

Lust peers around intently.

Kaige says, 'and either shop, or walk out of the store, leaving others to come into an empty store.'

Sandra says, 'you won't get a command for a shopping list :)'

Vendetta says, 'Well, unless someone is wanting to kill you, there is no reason for them to alt to PKE and jump'

Varnel says to Sandra, 'Yea you will, go to'

Sandra says, 'why not stay out and be a target?'

Varnel says to Sandra, 'And click on "motherboards"'

Fortebraccio says, 'we wouldn't need any command if people was playing pke char all the time in a good clan with rp themes if they wanted to'

Cheap says, 'well, as it stands right now, you log on, if your not sure if anyone is on, you rent'

Sandra giggles at Varnel.

Kaige says to Sandra, 'More fun to jump than be jumped.'

Cheap says, 'I fail to see the difference'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Cheap.

Lust says, 'hey, i always have fun getting jumped'

DoC says, 'being jumped isnt bad'

Sandra nods her agreement with Lust.

Lust says, 'it's always a nice jolt!'

AA-Aarington says, 'being jumped is squishy'

Sandra says, 'yea, but if you hurry up and rent, there's no jumping from either side if someone logs in'

Spite says to Kaige, 'i like getting jumped, especially when im out in the open, resting while low.'

Cheap says, 'most times you don't stick around as a pke pkiller long enough, you log, type who, rent'

Lust says, 'i usually almost drop my cigarette and fall off my chair'

Vendetta says, 'And I am also really tired of fighting same people... some fights are close and others just have the same result every time'

Spite says, 'then if I can win, it makes me feel even better :)'

Sandra giggles at Lust.

Fortebraccio giggles at Lust.

Lust says to Sandra, 'Course, i usually beat em within an inch of their lives.'

Lust ponders her own existence - better keep an eye on her.

Cheap says, 'yeah, Im sick of tired of losing to all these oldbie pkillers, I want some noobs to fight so I can feel better!'

Varnel laughs at Lust.

Varnel says to Lust, 'Yea then they kill you :P.'

Fortebraccio says, 'i think i got jumped for the first time in one years 2 days ago..i was oow even..that was fun!'

Spite nods his agreement with Cheap.

Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

DoC says, 'i wanna log on and be scared shatless:P'

DoC nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

DoC says, 'that was fun'

Cheap says to Fortebraccio, 'i jumped ya when I was active, hush.'

Sandra says, 'You aren't gonna get hundreds of different people to pk with here ;) This isn't EQ. It's always been fighting the same people. Even though groups come and go'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Cheap.

Vendetta says to Fortebraccio, 'was that when I jumped you?'

Varnel says, 'I agree Sandra'

Spite says, 'log in, run straight for the saferoom, and be ready for the hoarde to come chasing you'

DoC says, 'allegory'

Varnel says, 'er with sandra'

Varnel says, 'However pkill was more better when there was less rules'

Varnel says, 'Pkill is all just, don't do this, don't do that'

Varnel says, 'tick timer this tick timer that'

Varnel says, 'It's just an annoyance really'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Varnel.

Vendetta says, 'Tick timer sucks butt'

Sandra says, 'You can pk how you choose to pk. Sure, you have timers now, but otherwise, it's no different'

Varnel says, 'I liked when you could go ooc to get away from a fight :P'

Fortebraccio laughs.

YamaRaja nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'the timers are all that's different as far as that goes'

Cheap says, 'lol, no'

Sandra giggles at Varnel.

Vendetta says, 'from anywhere in the game'

Sandra says to Varnel, 'Wuss.'

Spite says, 'I can see why it was implemented, but changing code type stuff because people lack maturity seems kinda pointless'

Varnel laughs.

Varnel says to Sandra, 'REally though, tick timers are a huge deal, they're the worst use of coders I've ever seen in my life.'

Cheap says, 'the pbase here is either highly mature or highly immature, face it'

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'it seems with the imms and PK, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.'

Fortebraccio says, 'dunno..truth is that if we were to play Grendels are really evil people atm..we will never fight agin i think'

DoC nods solemnly.

Spite says to Fortebraccio, 'i'd still be up for some grendel beating :P.'

Sandra says, 'the only time the timers bug me is when I forget about them and want to go ooc to read the warboard :P'

Sandra says, 'or rent in a house'

AA-Aarington says, 'or go ooc to a meeting'

AA-Aarington just counted off 3 ticks to get here

Vendetta says, 'Or join in on a run'

Kaine giggles at AA-Aarington.

Varnel says to Sandra, 'Then you just alt tab and read it with your imm char :P.'

Sandra says, 'well, I tend to not bring my pkiller for those. I'm usually running or helping run them ;)'

Varnel says to Sandra, 'Make me an immortal :P.'

Sandra giggles.

AA-Aarington nods his agreement with Sandra.

Spite says to Fortebraccio, 'beating a grendel is kinda like hitting puppies with big sticks :P.'

AA-Aarington says, 'vote varnel for suprme god'

Fortebraccio grins evilly at Spite.. wonder what he's thinking...

Lust says to Sandra, 'That's wrong, people should be using their pkers for everything.'

DoC laughs.

AA-Aarington rolls around laughing at Spite's joke.

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Cheap says, 'I did'

Spite says, 'strangely satifying'

Sandra says to Lust, 'I use mine for alot of things.'

Varnel says, 'I think you should be pk from lvl 10 no matter what!!!'

Cheap says, 'I logged over 200 mill as cheap, fully pke'

Fortebraccio says, 'if whoever had a pke would play it for everything pke would resurge in 2 secs'

Lust nods her agreement with Varnel.

AA-Aarington says, 'I would use mine more, but it's hard to heal on a run when you seem to get jumped every 2nd one of them'

DoC rolls his eyes heavenward.

Varnel says to AA-Aarington, 'Lol I never get jumped on runs.'

Cheap says, 'jumping runs is fun damnit, people get so upset'

Sandra says, 'that's part of the fun!'

Varnel says to AA-Aarington, 'Ever stop to think you're doing something wrong?'

Vendetta says, 'If we were to even speak about the 78 PKE characters, inactivity is still the biggest problem, I mean if those people ever played much it would provide TONS of variety'

DoC says, 'become the predator aa'

AA-Aarington says, 'I never see you on runs :)'

AA-Aarington says, 'otherwise you'd get jumped 100% :)'

Varnel says, 'Well I never used to'

Cheap says, 'I love waiting for pd to recall and spamming backstab'

Spite says, 'only shivan has jumped me on a run recently, I miss the fun that gives'

Kaige nods her agreement with Vendetta.

Sandra says to Vendetta, 'You're right. We need to get them out and playing again!'

Varnel says, 'And I'm sorry AA, but you're one of the only ppl who has a complete hate on for me, you make me dislike pkill, if you quit I would play drakkon 100% more'

Vendetta tugs at his collar uneasily.

AA-Aarington doesnt hate you, but ok

Cheap says, 'AA been making lots of foes lately, things are heating up for him me thinks'

AA-Aarington shrugs helplessly.

Sandra nods her agreement with Cheap.

DoC grins evilly.

Fortebraccio says, 'right you just said it..Shivan most of the times plays like a true Grendel should....well i keep receiveing compalins about him..something is wrong :)'

AA-Aarington says, 'I had 5 wardens jump me once'

Sandra has noticed that.

DoC coughs loudly.

Spite says, 'I gotta get in on some of that action, sure beats me being on the recieving end'

Varnel laughs at Fortebraccio.

Vendetta says, 'Last night was different'

Sandra giggles.

DoC says, 'howso'

AA-Aarington says, 'what I dont get is why I get heat, it's not like I'm not giving out undue consequences for actions that have been committed already'

Vendetta says, 'It wasn't AA's fault'

Vendetta says, 'Much'

AA-Aarington says, 'much :)'

DoC says, 'his fault for getting involved'

DoC snickers softly.

Spite says to Fortebraccio, 'i jump shivan, he flees and hides, then comes back and kills me later, it feels good when I actually have to watch my back :).'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Spite says, 'we need more fear inspiring up in here'

Cheap says, 'say shivan, lol'

DoC says, 'yeah shivan is a prick but hes fun'

Cheap says, 'nothing more to say'

Vendetta says, 'There is a line though, if people watch their back 24/7 they're not helping newbies or joining runs'

Spite says, 'Ive never fought anyone as slippery as he is :P'

AA-Aarington looks up into the sky and ponders.

DoC says, 'that just makes runs more fun having to watch your back:P'

Spite says, 'devlin joins runs occasionally, and helps out lowbies'

Vendetta says, 'But I personally LOVE watching my back'

Fortebraccio says, 'well if in the run there were 3 pke..i can assure you would be tougher to jump them'

Vendetta nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

DoC says, 'im bored 95 percent of the time im here thats why ive been xping so much'

Lust nods her agreement with Fortebraccio.

Vendetta nods his agreement with DoC.

Cheap says, 'legend needs a one character maximum :P'

Vendetta says, 'Ya, I like having the fear someone's gonna jump ya'

DoC cackles gleefully at Cheap - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Cheap looks up into the sky and ponders.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Cheap.

Cheap ducks to the ground.

Sandra giggles at Cheap.

Cheap panics, and attempts to flee.

Sandra says, 'I'd be shit out of luck on that one'

DoC throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Cheap nods his agreement with Sandra.

Fortebraccio giggles.

Spite snickers at Sandra nastily.

Cheap says, 'I have 8 to 10 or so'

Kaine chuckles politely.

Sandra says, 'I have 41'

DoC rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'that includes IMM characters.'

Spite faints.

Vendetta rolls around on the ground with laughter.

Kaine whistles appreciatively.

Sandra says, 'hehe'

Fortebraccio grins evilly.

Cheap says, 'but Id give em all up in a heartbeat for a 1 character legend'

Sandra says, 'well, see I told you I test things!'

Cheap says, 'its a dream, not going to happen I know'

Spite points proudly at himself.

Spite throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

DoC says, 'or 2 maybe even'

Cheap says, 'nope, 1 and live'

Fortebraccio says, 'that is anyway part of th eprblem'

DoC says, '1 pke and 1 xp monger:P'

DoC ducks to the ground.

Vendetta says, 'Why not a more sensible limit of 4 or something'

Cheap says, 'nah, pke and you can xp all you want'

Fortebraccio says, 'most of the old pkilers had pretty much that char and nothing else..amybe one more'

Vendetta says, 'perhaps some sort of account verification as well?'

Cheap says, 'just watch your back'

Sandra says, 'well, barring things that won't happen ;)'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Sandra.

Kaige says to Fortebraccio, 'Depended on the player actually.'

Sandra says to Fortebraccio, 'Actually I had at least 5 chars when I first started pkilling.'

AA-Aarington says, 'quickest way to limit characters is force an archive lock upon archiving and only allow a certain # out of archive at any one time'

Cheap says, 'I have right now, 2 active pkillers'

Kaige would just like to get the monthly purges going again.

Cheap nods his agreement with Kaige.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

DoC nods his agreement with Kaige.

Lust says to Kaige, 'Why did they stop?'

Sandra only keeps 4 out at a time.

Cheap says, 'please god, get rid of those clans'

Vendetta says, 'Why are they off again?'

DoC says, 'i cant wait for purges'

Sandra says, 'brb'

Varnel would like clans to be limited to 8 for rp and for pk

DoC nods his agreement with Varnel.

Vendetta says, 'Ya'

DoC says, 'purging and limited clans would do alot'

Vendetta says, 'no need for 15 grendels and like 5 people in syndicate'

Kaige says to Lust, 'Because they wreaked havoc with nearly all the existing player housing when we moved to the new directory structure.'

Lust says, 'ow'

Spite says, 'everyone wants to be a grendel, cos they still have the coolness factor'

Fortebraccio laughs.

Cheap says, 'grendels stink and are easily killable :P'

Vendetta says, 'I want to be syndicate'

Spite says, 'its cool to be a grendel :P'

DoC snickers softly.

Vendetta says, 'Forte wouldn't let me join'

Vendetta sighs loudly.

Spite says to Cheap, 'never said they were any good, its just smoke and mirrors.'

AA-Aarington nods his agreement with Vendetta.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Spite.

Sandra says, 'back'

Cheap nods solemnly.

Kaige says, 'I think the max number's fine... but perhaps the min number of members should be raised... but then I think they're all inflated currently with a lot of dead wood.'

Vendetta says to Sandra, 'ok What, in your mind, should we cover.'

YamaRaja nods solemnly.

Vendetta says, 'else'

Vendetta says, 'should we maybe talk about the new 'token' game or some PK event'

Sandra says, 'I think that we've covered all that we can at the moment. Nat is gonna runher game soonish. Look for details on that! And I'll be running osmething for the birthday bash'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Cheap says, 'yeah, I think there where a couple constructive ideas there'

Sandra says, 'And we'll have another of these meetings in march. Sound good to you all?'

Spite says, 'with steal being a waste of time these days, pkers can again string items, need more opportunities to get em'

Sandra nods her agreement with Cheap.

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Spite chuckles politely.

Fortebraccio says, 'i ahve hopes'

Cheap says, 'personally, echo on challenge woods will make life more fun'

Spite nods his agreement with Sandra.

Vendetta says, 'Is there a PK tourney in JAN?'

Fortebraccio says, 'lately things have been picking up'

Vendetta says, 'or PK open practice?'

Sandra says, 'you won't get an open practice from me ;) Only on this port'

Fortebraccio says, 'if all of us in this room would commit us to play more their pke chat..i;d see some fun'

Kaige thinks EVENTS would list it if there were.

Cheap says, 'AND, spectators can watch and those who are thinking of pking can see the echo and see what happens'

Sandra nods her agreement with Fortebraccio.

Sandra says, 'yea, we cna make the first room the spectator room. The one outside'

Sandra says, 'that's easy'

Kaine nods his agreement with Cheap.

Neo_Tritoch says, 'aha!'

Spite says, 'I would play devlin more, but retrib needs to run pretty constantly to cover housing costs'

Vendetta says to Kaige, 'events is not being updated well.'

Kaige says, 'between the wood and Dal riada?'

Sandra says, 'it is too :)'

Cheap nods solemnly.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Kaige nods solemnly.

Lust waves happily.

DoC says, 'wzoot'

Kaige says, 'ok cause that's what I just did'

Sandra says, 'hehe'

DoC laughs.

Sandra says, 'great minds'

Cheap says, 'and you have to raise the people limit or take it away'

Nelson says, 'what'd I miss it?'

Cheap grins evilly.

Sandra says to Nelson, 'You're late!'

Nelson says, 'oh come on I faked a broken leg to get outta class early'

Sandra says to Cheap, 'Yea we'll be doing that :).'

AA-Aarington comforts Spite.

Sandra laughs.

Cheap grins evilly.

AA-Aarington says, 'old create blood'

Nelson says, 'you know how hard it is to fake a broken leg while walking on both legs?'

Sandra says to Nelson, 'Give me your email address and we'll send you the log.'

Kaige was gonna post it on the lectures thing again...

Sandra nods her agreement with Nelson.

Sandra says, 'oh that works too'

Nelson jumps up and down.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra says, 'I've had a hard day! My brain is asleep'

Vendetta says, 'PK time'

Vendetta says, 'its a brainless activity'

Vendetta ducks to the ground.

Sandra giggles.

Vendetta says, 'backstab flee, backstab flee, backstab para!'

Sandra says, 'ok, so Look for those 2 things coming up soonish. And I'll post the next meeting time probably in Feb, for march'

Spite says, 'excellent'

Cheap says, 'thanks!'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Sandra smiles happily.

Sandra says, 'now go kill each other for me!'

Vendetta says, 'will you hold a newbie PK meetings?'

Sandra says, 'sure. that'll probably not be til march either'

Vendetta nods solemnly.

Spite says, 'time to go regen devlin up then, cant disappoint the sandra :)'

Sandra is swamped with testing, school, work and birthday week

Spite waves happily.

Sandra waves happily.

Vendetta waves happily.

Sandra says, 'thanks for coming everyone!'

Kaine tips his hat gallantly.