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Sandra's PKill Discussion 10/22/03


This discussion took place on October 22nd, 2003.


Duckon wants to be converted.

Sandra says, 'ok!'

Sandra says, 'stragglers will be assimilated'

Haley giggles.

Shmeck says, 'not assassinated?'

Duckon smiles happily.

Sandra says, 'so, Haley's here with me because she's gonna help me out with some pke stuff'

Sandra says, 'same thing'

Sandra says, 'the first thing I want to let you all know is this'

Shmeck whispers, this was a trap! now she owns you all!

Sandra says, 'the system that is in now, is what it will be. We're gonna talk about what we can do to improve what's there from a player standpoint. There will be no code changes'

Perigriene says to Shmeck, 'and you too. :p.'

Boss says, 'so the rumors that pke will be pulled at 6 months are false?'

Alashar yawns.

Sandra says, 'they're true in part'

Gorthaur laughs.

Sandra says, 'if pke is a failure, it'll be pulled'

Sandra says, 'it's so far not a failure'

Gorthaur says, 'duh walked everywhere but down'

Pazuzu says, 'well... is it?'

Alashar says, 'is it failing?'

Pazuzu says, 'oh good'

Sandra shakes her head.

Sandra says, 'pkok has had more problems than pke since pke went in'

Shmeck nods solemnly.

Sandra says, 'so I'm very proud of you all for that :)'

Kuznetsov says to Sandra, 'Cookie!'

Sandra giggles.

Pazuzu says, 'I think we made a fairly good showing of ourselves'

Perigriene cheers wildly!

Sandra nods her agreement with Pazuzu.

Pazuzu says, 'even if clan involvement is down'

Wort says, 'a lot of people went full out with pke, some not anymore but it was there at the start'

Sandra says, 'I would like to see it grow more. It's been a slow go, but it's hard when we started it in the summer'

Duckon hugs Jasra.

Sandra says, 'so, what do you all think we can do to promote pke? Raise hands so we don't get spammy'

Perigriene says to Sandra, 'need to encourage the PKOKer's to make PKE alts too.'

Shmeck says, 'wait never mind'

Sandra points at Shmeck.

Shmeck chuckles politely.

Sandra giggles.

Sandra nods her agreement with Perigriene.

Duckon says, 'make me pke and i'll promote! MUHAHAH! :P'

Sandra points at Pazuzu.

Pazuzu says, 'clans clans clans clan, We need to promote clans'

Perigriene says, 'no'

Sandra says, 'ok how can we do that?'

Sandra smiles at Kae.

Pazuzu says, 'it is the pinpoint of many problems'

Gorthaur bows before Kae.

Boss says, 'where are the good guys, is my question'

Boss says, 'there are no good guys anymore :P'

Kaige has created some popcorn!

Perigriene shuffles in front of an annoying jerk.

Wort nods solemnly.

Kuznetsov says to Boss, 'We killed them all.'

Pazuzu says, 'well we should give us all clanhalls with 6t trans mobs in three different eras or something'

Pazuzu says, 'I dont know'

Kaige nibbles on some popcorn.

Perigriene snickers at Shmeck nastily.

Shmeck says, 'I know!'

Shmeck snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'we won't be going back to old clan halls ;)'

Pazuzu says, 'yes I know'

Pazuzu says, 'but perhaps there can be a further bonus to being in a clan'

Sandra says, 'Wort was next'

Perigriene nods solemnly.

Shmeck nods his agreement with Pazuzu.

Sandra says to Wort, 'You're up.'

Perigriene says, 'I think there is enough bonus'

Wort says, 'host more pk events, such as more tournies and such'

Shmeck shakes his head in disagreement with Perigriene.

Perigriene says, 'what we need is for some of the better pkillers to branch off certain few clans and make more.'

Shivan says, 'make said tourneys pke'rs only? cause right now anyone can enter one :)'

Wort says, 'it does not even have to be big events'

Wort says, 'little ones'

Sandra says, 'I'd like to, however(and you knew there'd be one), I wanna host most of mine on the mud, not on another port'

Wort nods his agreement with Sandra.

Garet says, 'well thats not a large problem either, as long as you set certain rules'

Sandra nods solemnly.

Garet says, 'I mean, I dont give a poo about losing some XP'

Wort says, 'me neither'

Duckon says, 'hmm.'

Sandra says, 'I didn't think most pke people would. It's all in good fun'

Garet says, 'We're not in it for that, we're in it to PK, that doesnt bug us'

Sandra points at Shivan.

Perigriene points at Shmeck.

Shivan says, 'on tournys- post the damn results so people know who won, and get some acknowledgement.'

Shivan says, 'secondly, less pkok to make more pke'rs, that means reject all!'

Shivan grumbles.

Shmeck growls.

Kaige says, 'we can't do that for y'all'

Kaige smiles happily.

Sandra says, 'Yea, I'll talk with LA about the posting thing'

Wort says, 'yeah, not a post about the heavyweight champ'

Shivan says, 'I am suggesting it to people'

Shivan says, 'not a imm thing'

Sandra says, 'as for the pkok thing, it's up to you all and your clans, get on 'em!'

Kaige nods her agreement with Shivan.

Zack sighs loudly.

Sandra points at Shmeck.

Perigriene nods his agreement with Shmeck.

Duckon is pkok :S

Duckon peers at himself myopically.

Talia says, 'I kinda like being able to pk with more than just one char though'

Perigriene says, 'come on shmeck'

Shmeck says, 'Ok, well is it possible to host PKE clans separately from RP clans?'

Perigriene snickers softly.

Shmeck says, 'what I mean by that...'

Perigriene nods his agreement with Shmeck.

Wort nods his agreement with Talia.

Shmeck says, 'maybe have PKe clans need to be imm sponsored? Make the clans actually mean something other then a universal house'

Gorthaur nods his agreement with Talia.

Perigriene nods his agreement with Shmeck.

Shmeck says, 'I would like to see joining a clan *MEAN* something'

Perigriene nods his agreement with Shmeck.

Perigriene says, 'like it used to for Mercs'

Pazuzu blinks.

Sandra says, 'what if we had the GM's give higher standards?'

Shivan says, 'joining a clan means something to me'

Shivan shrugs helplessly.

Kae was just wondering.

Pazuzu says, 'explain?'

Kuznetsov says, 'Craven tripped over my network cord. Kick him!'

Shmeck says, 'I look at the who list, and I see everyone shouting out on their title the clan they are in'

Perigriene nods his agreement with Sandra.

Shmeck says, 'And I know this might not be related, but it disgusts me how many RP clans are there with no purpose'

Shmeck says, 'I type clans RP and I get kicked off'

Shmeck grumbles.

Sandra says, 'yea, we can't do much about that'

Kaige says, 'screenlen is your friend'

Shivan says, 'rp clans are clubs :P'

Boss says, 'i agree with shmeck, the number of inactive, useless clans out there are amazing'

Kae says, 'define "purpose"?'

Wort says, 'yeah, I agree, but you can't hamper a small groups rp'

Pazuzu says to Sandra, 'how could we enforce higher standards in clans you think?'

Perigriene says, 'craven you cheater you're watching someone else's screen. :P'

Kuznetsov says, 'clans... The one thing a clan needs is a GM with alot of time on there hands.'

Kae says, 'I mean, if people are happy with their small clans, power to them?'

Gorthaur says, 'or have a standard set of clans people are forced to choose from and stay with and then combine that with an imm'

Shmeck says, 'Well, Grendels wouldnt pass the "purpose" test'

Zack says, 'only 19 people ooc'

Zack frowns.

Shmeck says, 'Their purpose is kill kill kill'

Perigriene says, 'I find with clans it just promotes a gang mentality'

Sandra says, 'part of the problem with the overabundance of clans at the moment is that the monthly purge isn't working :) I bet half of the members would get purged'

Perigriene says, 'to PK'

Shmeck says, 'I think there should be an immortal to say " go deeper"'

Shelbi says, 'I have a purpose dammit!'

Pazuzu nods his agreement with Sandra.

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'Heh, we just have fun :).'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Shmeck nods his agreement with Shivan.

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Several clans will go poof.'

Shmeck says, 'That works in this system'

Gorthaur nods solemnly.

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Shmeck says, 'But thats why im saying there should be a stricter system'

Pazuzu says, 'with the ability of clans to be created and delered at will, they are very un-special'

Pazuzu says, 'deleted'

Shmeck says, 'You cant trust people to govern themselves'

Shmeck says, 'people are stupid :)'

Shmeck says, 'very very stupid'

Gorthaur raises an eyebrow inquiringly.

Haley says, 'Even if we only had 4 pkill clans that were not huge but active... I think that would be great... but how do we promote getting them there then keeping them active after they're created?'

Sandra says, 'here's what I could do as far as helping pke clans have a purpose'

Pazuzu says, 'theres no clan pride, the feeling of you're apart of something special is gone'

Shmeck nods solemnly.

Duckon nods solemnly.

Shmeck says, 'Craven did it well with whatever clan that was, I forgot the name of it'

Sandra says, 'I can talk with the gms of each. I can't and really won't do much more than that.'

Shmeck says, 'i tried to do it with Mercs'

Perigriene says, 'Dark Enforcers?'

Haley says, 'I saw the Wardens with a wonderful RP-PK idea, but it fizzled... But the overall concept was great'

Sandra says, 'but I do believe that most pke gms want to promote good pk'

Gorthaur says, 'so as soon as people gp pke force them to choose from a standard set of clans where ya are forced to stay for life with that caracter'

Kaige nods her agreement with Haley.

Sandra says, 'well, fun pk'

Haley says, 'so how do we keep them going?'

Duckon says, 'have clan vs clan pk tournaments'

Duckon smiles happily.

Garet smiles at Fortebraccio.

Gorthaur bows before Fortebraccio.

Shmeck says to Haley, 'Get involved and destroy the clan if they arent doing anything :).'

Zack says to Gorthaur, 'thats good I think.'

Fortebraccio bows deeply.

Shmeck says, 'Reward clans that do a good job'

Zack says to Gorthaur, 'but it gives GMs less of a choice.'

Haley says to Shmeck, 'I think the pkiller community should be able to reward each other.'

Gorthaur nods solemnly.

Wort says, 'yes, if a clan is active, a reward would be great'

Kae says, 'people are going to be pissed to no end if they feel they've done a good job and some immortal poofs them, though'

Shmeck says to Haley, 'Thats people governing themselves, and as I said before, people are stupid.'

Gorthaur says to Zack, 'that is true.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kae.

Haley says, 'in the same manner that RP ones do... the good RP ones that is.'

Sandra says, 'it's really hard to say what's been 'good'. I don't see us defining that'

Perigriene says to Shmeck, 'you're not sayin much for yourself then. :P.'

Shmeck says to Kae, 'If they failed to continue their purpose, then they have no right to be angry.'

Shivan says, 'i still think something as simple as a trophy list would help pk alot :P'

Kuznetsov says, 'clans isn't the anser to enhanced pke imo'

Perigriene shakes his head in disagreement.

Kae says, 'killkill? how do I decide when that purpose is fulfilled?'

Perigriene says, 'I agree with Kuz'

Zack nods his agreement with Shivan.

Zack says to Shivan, 'or a list of kills...'

Kae says, 'who have the prophets converted lately?'

Fortebraccio grins evilly at Kae.. wonder what he's thinking...

Shivan nods his agreement with Zack.

Garet says to Zack, 'thats a trophy list.'

Perigriene says, 'I 100% agree with Kuznetsov'

Shmeck says, 'Kill kill kill isnt a clan that should be created in the first place'

Sandra says, 'well, lemme ask this about the trophies'

Kuznetsov says, 'Clans are all good a fun. but they arn't the ball of cheese so to speak'

Duckon says, 'like .. what clan is on top of certain things? a gold count? kill count deal?'

Shmeck says to Kae, 'As long as they try to convert people, thats enough.'

Kae says to Shmeck, 'And what exactly defines trying?'

Fortebraccio says to Shmeck, ' the clam most succesfull though :P.'

Sandra says, 'You don't think that it would degrade pke to the point of people doing whatever they could to get said trophy?'

Garet says, 'Its already like that'

Shmeck says to Fortebraccio, 'In this system :P.'

Perigriene says, 'yes it would'

Kae says, 'that I happened to actually be online the day some member made a speech IC? or crap luck that I wasn't, so poof they go?'

Garet says, 'Prophets have wolfpacked me twice'

Shivan says to Sandra, 'If you want to kill someone, you do whatever you can do it anyways.'

Perigriene says, 'moreso'

Garet says, 'And my clanmates 4 times'

Mercedes wrinkles his nose with distaste.

Zack says, 'You are in the syndicate...'

Perigriene says to Garet, 'then get a pack and get em back. :P.'

Zack chortles at his own joke.

Sandra says, 'and it would get worse, don't yhou think?'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Perigriene.

Garet says, 'It cant get worse'

Archibald nods solemnly.

Perigriene says, 'yes it can'

Kuznetsov says, 'a trophy thing isn't a good idea at all I think'

Shmeck says, 'Me neither'

Zack says, 'Its hard to say it owuld get worse, nobody wants a huge list of multi's on the trophy list.'

Perigriene says, 'i remember Morphine and her crew doing way worse things than that garet'

Wort says, 'I don't see trophies for general pk action working, but maybe for clanwar action that could be hosted once a month'

Shivan says, 'Zack (29) :P'

Zack snickers quietly to himself.

Sandra says, 'I'm all for clanwars'

Haley says, 'would you say a trophy room so to speak... like from pkill tourneys?'

Kuznetsov says, 'possibly a clan ranking system of some sort'

Zack says, 'I was in a pkok clan war when pkok just came out, that was a lot of fun'

Shmeck says, 'But clanwars cant really happen if they dont have a purpose'

Mercedes licks Bula'ia.

Haley says, 'like in the war room with a list on the wall kinda?'

Shmeck says, 'What would they be warring about?'

Duckon says, 'clanwarrss'

Wort says, 'thats true'

Kaige says, 'someone could take over Klein or Africa again.'

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'Generally, we war when someone loots or multi's a clannie? :P.'

Gorthaur laughs.

Duckon says, 'the purpose of clanwars would be .. to defeat the other clans and be counted as being the top pk cln'

Garet says, 'I played a PK mud with trophies, and lemme tell you, I take NO pleasure in saying "Oh look, I took 4 to this 1 guy, and killed him 6 times" anyone with that mentality doesnt need to PK'

Kaige says, 'someone could steal a string... gosh.. I dunno.. the possibilities are endless of what to fight over'

Kae shrugs philosophically.

Shivan says to Garet, 'Oh, thanks alot :P.'

Zack says, 'I tried to steal a string from Quigly, Maloth returned it..'

Kuznetsov says to Kaige, 'Steal! STEAL! FIX STEAL.'

Zack shrugs helplessly.

Shmeck says, 'I would rather see a war because two clans have conflicting purposes'

Garet says to Shivan, 'you know Ive never agree'd with yer PK mindset.'

Wort says, 'I think once a month clanwars of some kind on top of stuff may help'

Sandra giggles.

Kae says, 'seems to me a lot like since PKE got back in, the PKE community has been trying to eat itself -- not playing with the rest of the mud at all, and thus missing out a lot of fun for everyone'

Shivan says, 'steal works even though its rather pointless'

Shmeck says, 'Maybe there would be a PK clan of all mages, and a PK clan of all warriors'

Zack says, 'nah'

Duckon says, 'or a war between the two active clans'

Gorthaur says, 'well i have seen people take other people 6 times or let their buddies do that and injoy it mayorly'

Duckon says, 'most'

Duckon says, 'most active'

Shmeck says, 'And the two could war eachother because of that'

Fortebraccio says to Kae, 'could you specify what you mean Kae? :).'

Boss says, 'a pk clan of all warriors would get demolished :P'

Archibald says, 'people are still easily intimated by PK because they only ever see the bad parts, they dont see the comaraderie at gangwars, or the rivalry at tourney'

Archibald shrugs helplessly.

Sandra says, 'I haven't really seen that'

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'Yea -- I haven't had any pkok char of mine jumped or even suggested duelled for 3 months.'

Shmeck says, 'it was just an example :)'

Kaige says, 'honestly the string I was thinking of that was "stolen" wasn't even "stolen" using the skill, but..'

Kae says, 'TAlia is the only PKE person who's even considered the idea'

Garet says, 'I dont think PKE'ers trying to dissuade PKok is a bad thing, that promotes PKE alts, which is what is the aim here'

Zack says to Kae, 'you should go pke then.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Kaige.

Shivan says to Sandra, 'Yes, what archibald is saying, more publicity.'

Sandra says, 'I didn't even have steal when I stole the OTS harp ;)'

Kae says, 'there are only a small number of PKE people -- if you only play with yourselves you're bound to die from inactivity'

Shmeck says, 'bad idea! Kae used to pick on me'

Shmeck whimpers softly.

Archibald says, 'show the pbase more of the funtimes'

Kae says to Shivan, 'Yea, but you used to win :p.'

Duckon smiles happily.

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Ok that's two.. I was thinking of the sweet nothings.'

Garet says, 'And even in PKok, if they arent AA most often they dont want to duel either'

Archibald says, 'show them a day of active Grendel clan chan if ya ever get brave enough *snicker*'

Kae says to Shivan, 'Err, ok, change your name to shmeck, please.'

Shivan says to Kae, 'Eh?'

Harlequin says, 'i just don't have time to convert to PKE, i think there are a few like that'

Shmeck snickers softly.

Sandra says, 'ok, so how do we get more publicity? You've all said yourselves that pke scares people. How do we make htem not scared?'

Shelbi says, 'I may be wrong, but I feel distinctly different between this pke alt, and my pkokers... I want to rp with my pkokers... but I wanna fight or jump someone to make them come after me with Shelbi'

Gorthaur says, 'my alt allways wants to fight ....'

Mercedes snickers softly.

Fortebraccio says to Kae, 'i see what you mean but the point of pke is not to offer us to being abused from pkok of course you wouldn't..but pke people me included would rather fight other pke.'

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'Fair enough, but the best way to get more PKE people is to get more PKOK people.'

Gorthaur pointedly ignores Garet. Bit chilly in here, eh what?

Archibald says, 'yeah with the rapidly expanding oldbie pbase now we have to wait on them all to level a PKE'er cos they all missed the enable by a month or so'

Mercedes nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'People discover pk is fun, they make a pke char TOO.'

Wort says, 'yes, pkok is about dueling with some rp, and pke is about jump and live or die'

Garet says, 'I wont open my mouth about who, but in the past like 2 weeks, I have had clannies, and general friends come to me with stories of multi and loot, this does NOT promote PKE, all this does is scare more people, this has to stop'

Shmeck says, 'I dont care what you say, but I *like* PKOK because it gives alot more targets'

Kae says, 'that said, I think that pkok people who use reject are suckers, wimps, and chickens'

Kae nods to herself.

Kae nods her agreement with Shmeck.

Shelbi says, 'I kinda jumped in head first and was scared to death and still almost have a heart attack whenI get jumped but its fun to jump in'

Duckon says, 'i dont have alts anymore :/ i only use this guy. and he's pkok .. but he doesnt wanna be *slap duckon*'

Shmeck says, 'its true you can abuse the hell out of it, I'd rather see that get fixxed then anything'

Boss says, 'or someone trying to fight someone else to have 3 clanmates materialize outta thin air then multi 5 times'

Garet says, 'But said people refuse to level, they sit at 39 smiling to themselves that retribution cant be had'

Mercedes grins evilly.

Shmeck says, 'You make friends with a pack of level 39 people'

Fortebraccio says to Garet, 'we working on fixing that too! :P.'

Shmeck says, 'Offer them something they want'

Kae says, 'my pkillers are all pkok and I used to see a lot of action, since PKE went back in I've been action-less -- and while I agree that some pkok people abuse the hell out of the system, it's still where you need to find new people'

Mercedes cackles gleefully at Fortebraccio - whatever he's going to do to him, glad it's not you!

Zack says, 'Garet ill be here forever.'

Zack says, 'I love you too.'

Kae says, 'otherwise it's the same kids in the sandbox all the time, you'll die from lack of new blood'

Garet snickers at Zack nastily.

Archibald says, 'i think if a person can reasonably prove they were absent for any of the PKE discussion before implementation and that they have no other PKE char they should be given a kind of grace period to enable one'

Duckon nods solemnly.

Garet says, 'I said Im not goin to get into that'

Sandra says, 'I would say that if pkok has declined, then the pkok people need to get on the ball ;)'

Kae says to Sandra, 'Agreed.'

Zack shrugs helplessly.

Shmeck says, 'My chars are all AA :)'

Alashar says, 'pkok is made for duelers, nothing else'

Shivan says to Archibald, 'Too hard.'

Kae says, 'but pke also needs to play WITH pkok cos it's where they'll be recruiting'

Harlequin rolls her eyes heavenward.

Gorthaur says, 'my pkok is allso aa'

Shmeck says to Alashar, 'Not true.'

Kuznetsov says, 'I forget I'm AA all the time :P'

Sandra says, 'we did give 2 months for the pke thing. It was in the LT, on boards, etc.'

Shmeck says, 'I want to see more AA people'

Wort says, 'if my character is pkok, they are aa if they are active'

Mercedes says, 'i cant play with pkok cause when i do they accept me and not my clannies and i get railed:P'

Zack laughs at Mercedes.

Kae says, 'yea, as I said, some people abuse the hell out of the systme'

Shivan nods his agreement with Mercedes.

Bula'ia laughs at Mercedes.

Shmeck says, 'I mentioned this to sandra, and all the imms, but they told me no code changes... I really want to see an option to accept ONLY those people who are AA'

Mercedes nods his agreement with Kae.

Archibald says, 'how many oldskool pkers subscribe to the LT though, and if they werent here they didnt read the boards'

Shmeck says, 'it would get rid of the absuability of the system'

Fortebraccio says to Shmeck, 'be pke?'

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'Not all of it.'

Shmeck says to Fortebraccio, 'Only 1 char in PKE.'

Sandra says, 'yea, there won't be any code changes for pke/pkok'

Alashar says, 'I read the lt a little'

Kae says, 'I'm gm of at least one pkok clan that doesn't, though, and I'm kinda disappointed to see that cos we're pkok and not pke, we're suddenly not worth playing with'

Archibald says, 'i just know theres a lot of people who would organise this mess a lot more efficiently than us baby whiner newb pkers who cant cos they missed it'

Shivan says, 'i feel that only one char is a good thing- removes the temptation for xplay, and makes you more attached to that one char'

Gorthaur nods his agreement with Kae.

Garet says to Kae, 'we're not saying you arent worth the time, dont put words into our mouths, we're trying to promote PKE'ers first.'

Sandra nods her agreement with Shivan.

Alashar says to Kae, 'Now your getting it.'

Fortebraccio says to Kae, 'uhm...we do accept most of clans noneless.'

Archibald says, 'one character is DEFINITELY a must, but a lotta people missed the boat'

Alashar says to Kae, 'Pkok people have made themselves untrustworthy.'

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'Yea, Grendels are good at that.'

Duckon smiles happily.

Alashar says to Kae, 'Unfortunately its the old rule a few ruin it for the majority.'

Shmeck says, 'Its also a problem that theres 42,000 clans'

Kae says to Alashar, 'Some have, yes, but it's still where you need to find new recruits.'

Shmeck says, 'Cant accept them all :P'

Alashar says, 'its not worth the bother'

Archibald says, 'bleh i go back to my mud golems and stuff'

Archibald tips his hat gallantly.

Duckon twirls a silver serrated sword on the tip of his finger and expertly catches it in the air.

Alashar says, 'to try to keep your accept list up to date you'd ahve to spend an hour a day'

Mercedes nods his agreement with Alashar.

Shmeck says, 'at least'

Kae says, 'or determine which clans are abusers and which aren't, and accept those'

Bula'ia flops all over a comfortable high-back couch.

Shmeck says, 'theres like 42 new clans a day'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Kae.

Alashar shrugs helplessly.

Alashar says, 'believe what you want :)'

Duckon says, 'hehe'

Sandra says, 'I think that it's an equal footing as far as recruiting new pkillers. SOme will want to dabble, some will want to jump right in. People did jump right in before pkok'

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'Hardly.'

Shelbi says, 'I'd like to see the pkok clans posting or making themselves known to us as well... I'd love to get involved with others'

Shmeck says to Shivan, 'Type screenlen 0, and then clans rp.'

Mercedes laughs.

Alashar says, 'first of all, theres no such thing as a pkok clan'

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'My connection can handle it :P.'

Duckon says, 'wow'

Shmeck says, 'yea? then go for it'

Shmeck snickers softly.

Kae says, 'well, that's my view at least, if PKE wants to isolate itself it's going to wither away and die'

Alashar says, 'there are RP clans, and pk clans'

Shivan says to Shmeck, 'I want to be able to see the discussion :P.'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Alashar.

Alashar says, 'and thats the problem. The RP clans that want to dabble in pk'

Kuznetsov says, 'PKE is for PKE chars not pkok. Why bother with pkok when your pke?'

Alashar says, 'thats fine, they can. But they don't want to dabble in pke, trust me'

Duckon says, 'shouldnt a clan be gone if their GM hasnt logged in since april or june? hehe'

Sandra says, 'we've got the purges shut off for the time being'

Wort says, 'does not having two systems make it two seperate systems? saying that pke should accept pkok does not make a lot of sense'

Alashar says, 'the majority of the "pkok" clans would rather spend 14 hours rping the stages leading up to the fight'

Mercedes says, 'yeah dont purge:P wed lose jman'

Mercedes whines.

Harlequin laughs.

Fortebraccio says to Kae, 'you might be right...but if you wanna play with pke we need to have some reassurance too.'

Kaige says to Duckon, 'Normally the GM at least would be moved on to the next person by now, but with purges off it's not.'

Mercedes pokes Talia in the ribs.

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'That's where the accept some clans, not just anyone, comes in, yea.'

Duckon says, 'i want my judge skill back.'

Alashar says, 'I'm not knocking what they like to do...but it doesn't mix well with pke'

Kae says to Fortebraccio, 'If they abuse the system, don't play with them, we don't either.'

Harlequin gives a small piece of paper from Harlequin to Talia.

Fortebraccio says, 'unless a gm let me know that is fine to accept us and not to reject us the day after..i won't accept that clan'

Alashar says, 'besides, rogues can't exist in pkok, and rogues are what make pk interesting :)'

Kae says, 'reject is for losers'

Harlequin nods to herself.

Shmeck says, 'People are ok with being considered a loser if it gets them an advantage :)'

Duckon says, 'youre right!!'

Duckon says, '*rejects kae*'

Shivan nods his agreement with Shmeck.

Mercedes snickers softly.

Wort says, 'im sorry, but rejecting the people who abuse pk is good'

Fortebraccio says, 'wlel i tried for months to get accepted from knights..never worked..after a while it gets tiring..just to name one of the rp clans'

Kuznetsov says, 'I'm dying! The house is on fire!'

Wort says, 'the fact that you can do that in pkok, is the fundamental purpose of pkok'

Alashar grins evilly at Kuznetsov.. wonder what he's thinking...

Alashar says to Kuznetsov, 'Our oven is power.'

Kuznetsov says to Alashar, 'Turn it off! god why!'

Sandra says, 'ok, so let's go back to the question of how we get more people interested in pke. I've seen suggestions for more pke events, some work with clans, what else?'

Shivan says, 'ok quiet'

Alashar says, 'I don't think its a problem with interest, isn't there like 60 pker's?'

Alashar says, 'its just a matter of activity'

Garet says, 'People who multi and perma and loot need to be somehow weeded out of the system'

Shivan says, 'just publicity, publicity, publicity. nobody see's pk'

Sandra says, 'something olike that'

Shmeck says, 'a problem of activity, and a problem of a lousy system'

Garet says, 'Its things like that that got PKok put in and old PK removed to my understanding'

Gorthaur says, 'for once i agree with garet'

Shmeck says, 'two pseudo-systems'

Kuznetsov says, 'multi loot and perma are what make pke what it is. They are needed'

Sandra says, 'ok so let me suggest two things'

Alashar says, 'multi and looting is part of pk'

Perigriene says, 'I have to go my girlfriend just got in an accident'

Alashar says, 'and they cause strife and the need for revenge, which causes more pk :)'

Sandra says, 'eep'

Mercedes says, 'they are needed...but not by people who stay at 39'

Garet says to Alashar, 'stop preaching parts of PK and think about whats going to get people to come and enjoy themselves for once.'

Shmeck says, 'why not'

Duckon says, 'so there should be a death mac that says "Duckon pke'd with Alashar and was defeated brutallly" ? :P that's publicity ..'

Sandra says, 'lemme suggest af ew things'

Alashar says to Garet, 'Babyproofing the mud anymore then it already is is a horrid idea.'

Duckon says, 'then they'd be like .. who's duckon and what's pke?'

Flower says, 'Archibald wanted me to suggest that all PKE'ers are automatically accept all under pkok with no access to the reject command'

Garet says to Alashar, 'so is letting PKE die.'

Flower says, 'His idea, not mine ;)'

Alashar says, 'pke and pkok are seperate systems'

Garet says to Alashar, 'if this continues its going to be yanked.'

Alashar says to Garet, 'Without risk, there is no reward.'

Shivan says to Flower, 'And archibald is nuts :P.'

Zack says, 'Anyone who bitches about somebody staying at 39, needs to get a clue. Pazuzu stayed at 49 so he could kill those people.'

Sandra says, 'as for the multis, what's stopping the players from policing that? Other than some level range problems'

Alashar says to Sandra, 'EXACTLY.'

Alashar says, 'I'll multi you all day long'

Mercedes rolls his eyes heavenward.

Alashar says, 'if you don't fight back, whats stopping me?'

Wort says, 'my pke alt is 49 just to go around and smush those little buggers'

Garet says to Alashar, 'you're welcome to try.'

Garet shrugs in response to Alashar's words.

Alashar says, 'if you people that love old pk so much want it back, ACT like its old pk'

Alashar says, 'in old pk if I multi'd someone 10 times, I'd get jumped in no time'

Sandra says, 'let's not get huffy. It's a question I'm interested in the answer ;)'

Wort says, 'but its not old pke'

Garet says, 'What we want is the current system to work for now dammit!'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Alashar.

Kuznetsov says, 'if some little lvl 39 is multi'n/looting you. Well lvl to 50 dang it!'

Sandra nods her agreement with Alashar.

Shivan says, 'who cares about old pk, we have current pk and thats all..'

Sandra says, 'old pk is pke'

Alashar says, 'code isn't the answer garet'

Zack nods his agreement with Kuznetsov.

Wort says, 'my god, if I have to hear one more person cry for old pke ill scream, its over, its dead, get over it'

Alashar says, 'if anything removal of code is the answer'

Fortebraccio says, 'i offered the service of pur clan to police the pke :P'

Shivan says to Sandra, 'Old pk is a mindset :P.'

Garet says, 'I dont want god damned Code Alashar, I never mentioned code'

Kae says, 'old pkill also had people in clans who stayed at 35 to deal with that kind of people'

Fortebraccio grins at himself. You must wonder what's in his mind.

Shmeck says to Alashar, 'Not enough activity for people to police themselves like that.'

Wort says, 'move on and make pke what it is'

Garet says, 'What I want is people to grow the hell up'

Alashar says, 'whoever said its a mindset is right'

Alashar says, 'it isn't about code'

Zack says to Fortebraccio, 'your under 50 guys need work.'

Garet says, 'Multi without provocation is BS'

Zack says to Garet, 'dont have a clan of 10 level 50s.'

Alashar says to Garet, 'So DO something.'

Fortebraccio says to Zack, 'they coming around..wait zack :P.'

Shivan says to Alashar, 'That was me.'

Alashar says, 'heres a good example'

Zack snickers at Fortebraccio nastily.

Garet says, 'How Alashar, I cant, Im 50, my time to do so is past'

Alashar says, 'Jaid multi'd lanfear about 30 times'

Alashar says, 'so I looted half his corpse'

Alashar says, 'worked like a charm'

Zack nods solemnly.

Boss says to Alashar, 'on another alt =P.'

Alashar says, 'no, it was sardonyx'

Duckon smiles happily.

Alashar says, 'who was involved in the original confrontation'

Alashar winks suggestively at Boss.

Kuznetsov says, 'that was a fun day'

Alashar shrugs helplessly.

Alashar says, 'you have to be willing to stand up for yourselves'

Alashar says, 'and for each other'

Wort says, 'ok, but how long did you have to wait to loot him and pay him back?'

Fortebraccio says, 'multi loot are part of the game indeed'

Sandra says, 'and things like that I agree with. People are afraid because they see that the pke community is not standing up for themselves.'

Alashar says, 'month or so'

Garet says, 'Multi and loot are not an integral part of the game'

Alashar says, 'well garet, you could make the argument that neither is pk or rp'

Wort says, 'multis just piss people off and frustrate them'

Sandra says, 'multi and loot suck. But there are ways to return the favour'

Alashar says, 'but they add a lot of interest'

Garet says, 'Not when they're out of range sandra, I keep trying to say that'

Duckon says, 'hehe hmm .. so pke is making it look hard by being wussies and in return nobody wants to be that .. so they stick with pkok?'

Garet says, 'Thats my problem in this'

Garet says, 'People want to hit 50'

Duckon looks up into the sky and ponders.

Sandra says, 'actually there are'

Shivan says, 'i dont think pk would be very interesting without multi and loot :P'

Fortebraccio says, 'i said so is not zack that runins pke by jumping defenless people..are the litle pople that run away scared and just talk on chta instead of getting back at him'

Garet says, 'Yeh, ok, Paz is 49 to police it, well I aint Paz's friend, his clan does me just as much wrong'

Kaige says, 'you're also not operating in a direct peer to peer connection with that person... gain allies and not ones that are identical to you'

Fortebraccio pets Zack lovingly.

Alashar says, 'um'

Alashar says, 'if you're out of the 39's range'

Alashar says, 'why do you care what he does?'

Bula'ia says, 'hrm hrm ...pharoah'

Sandra says, 'find someone that is ;)'

Kaige nods her agreement with Sandra.

Shivan says to Alashar, 'Cause he's multiing my clanmate?'

Garet says, 'Because he does it to my clan Alashar'

Sandra says, 'and you can get them other ways'

Zack strokes Fortebraccio's ....*blush*

Garet says, 'As GM its my job to help my clan'

Alashar says, 'well garet'

Alashar says, 'if you have clanmates in his range'

Alashar says, 'teach them how to fight'

Alashar shrugs helplessly.

Duckon says, 'get clan allies'

Shivan says, 'as a member of a clan its your job to help your clan ;)'

Alashar says, 'its you and your clans responsibility, not imms and code'

Fortebraccio says to Garet, 'that's what i'm trying to do to protect my low level range.'

Garet says, 'You miss the picture entirely, blah blah, get retribution, blah blah, part of the mud, open your eyes'

Zack says, 'When I was not such a good player I know there was a create player that was level 39 for as long as I was pk :)'

Garet says, 'Using that part of the mud turns people off!'

Mercedes says, 'i can fight thats not the problem, he had lvls on me and was xplaying'

Alashar rolls his eyes, exasperated with Garet.

Fortebraccio giggles.

Alashar says, 'and not using it turns other people off'

Fortebraccio says, 'was Grendel!'

Sandra says, 'get a healer that's in your clan or a friendly clan to heal the person while they're fighting, Hire someone to do the job, there's alot of options'

Shmeck says, 'This is off subject, not that I really care :)'

Alashar says, 'i.e. anyone who wants any spice in pk'

Shmeck says, 'None of this promotes more PK'

Garet says, 'I dont need to multi to get spice'

Alashar says, 'I don't fear dt's anymore'

Garet says, 'If you do, thats yer problem'

Alashar says, 'do you know why? Because it doesn't eat my strings'

Zack says, 'I do'

Alashar says, 'the spice is gone from dt's'

Sandra says, 'actually, it would if people see that the pke people are policing themselves'

Alashar says, 'its the same idea'

Boss snickers at Alashar nastily.

Alashar says, 'remove all the dangers in pk, what fun is it?'

Shivan says to Alashar, 'I fear them, strings or not :P.'

Fortebraccio says to Garet, 'is not about th about self regulation.'

Garet says, 'I have spice plain and simple fighting someone I consider better, or good period, or a class that isnt easy to take'

Boss says, 'i use DT's as a restringing method :P'

Alashar says, 'replacing gear is easy'

Duckon says, 'i think they should make a pke death message. .. like "This death was brought to you by the makers of PKE" or something ..'

Wort says, 'yeah, I dont' fear dt's either'

Sandra says, 'if they see someone multiing someone else, and then somebody coming to their rescue, that's 10 times better than no one going to help'

Garet says, 'Im a damned sniper, my whole career is spice'

Zack chuckles politely at Duckon's feeble witticism.

Duckon says, 'ya never fear dt's till they pop out of nowhere and steal your gear.'

Duckon pokes himself in the ribs.

Fortebraccio says, 'right..but if you want to involve your clan you ought to think long range'

Fortebraccio says, 'protect the imnterest of your mebers'

Duckon says to Zack, 'Isnt it a good idea though? It would sure promote.'

Shivan says to Duckon, 'Nah.'

Alashar shrugs helplessly.

Duckon says to Shivan, 'It would so!'

Alashar says, 'the problem is people are all too scared to be "evil"'

Fortebraccio says to Garet, 'heck if somebody harrass your mebers you could ask for some kind of alliance.'

Alashar says, 'if someone kills you twice'

Wort says, 'more spiffy death messages would be cool'

Alashar says, 'do it back, don't let them walk on you'

Shivan says, 'run pke tournys and give the winners pretitles :)'

Konrad bounces around.

Haley says, 'I think its goofy, but also kinda neat... like a message that would make people think 'heeeey, i wanna part of that''

Zack says to Duckon, 'no.'

Haley shrugs helplessly.

Wort says, 'I like the idea'

Duckon scuffles dirt onto his own shoes for some odd reason.

Sandra says, 'we were actually tossing around the idea of customizable death messages for clans. But it's currently tabled'

Duckon scuffles his feet around in the dirt.

Sana yells, 'Arrgggg!'

Duckon says, '.. but ..'

Fortebraccio says, 'oh..nice!'

Zack says, 'anyone i've multi'd has ran away...and they dont even fight back'

Zack shrugs helplessly.

Alashar says to Sandra, 'Hehe, where on the table, how many years :P.'

Zack says, 'they're wussies'

Shivan says, 'like if sammael was pke, and won the 50 tourny, he's by Sammael, The heavyweight Champ'

Sandra says, 'the discussion sorta died ;)'

Shivan says to Sandra, 'I'm trying !'

Alashar says, 'sounds like congress and bills'

Wort says, 'well bring it back, its a good idea'

Sandra says, 'I have no problem with that. Idea it Shivan'

Kaige says, 'nah. congress doesn't have real lives'

Fortebraccio smiles at Sana.

Sandra says, 'so I have an idea to help promote pke'

Sandra says, 'ready for it?'

Zack nods solemnly.

Craven chortles at Zack's feeble witticism.

Sandra says, 'it sort of falls into the events I want to run on the mud'

Zack pats Craven on the head.

Fortebraccio says to Sandra, 'yes yes!'

Shmeck says, 'Nope, im not ready for it'

Sandra says, 'I want to run monthly events. However, I'll single out a clan, or a rogue to trigger the event with something. No one will know who, or when, or what it is.'

Craven says, 'rogues are good'

Zack says, 'is it only pke clans ?'

Fortebraccio giggles.

Shmeck says, 'rewards too!'

Shmeck snickers softly.

Craven says, 'who cares about rewards'

Sandra says, 'if you're in a pkok one, you're a rogue if you're also pke ;)'

Craven says, 'pk should be the reward :)'

Rummy nods his agreement with Craven.

Zack nods his agreement with Sandra.

Zack says to Sandra, 'cool!!'

Sandra says, 'for this stuff anyway'

Bula'ia says, 'that could be fun'

Gorthaur nods solemnly.

Shivan says, 'rewards are not unreasonable, some of us are jaded..'

Duckon says, 'killing is the rewaarrd'

Wort says, 'give an example'

Shmeck says, 'Im a fan'

Sana nods her agreement with Shivan.

Craven chortles at Shivan's feeble witticism.

Shivan says, 'and dont feel much from your every day pk :P'

Craven says, 'I suppose rp'ers get rewards for tiny plots'

Duckon shakes Varnel's hand.

Craven says, 'these sound like pk tiny plots'

Sandra says, 'I also want to run some capture the flag type games'

Shelbi says, 'uh oh! Not the dreaded void!'

Bula'ia says, 'capture the noob'

Zack says, 'all the level 50s, i'd be immune!'

Shelbi scuffles her feet around in the dirt.

Sandra says, 'they'll always be run on the mud tho, not on another port'

Zack throws his head back and cackles gleefully!

Shivan nods his agreement with Sandra.

Craven says, 'thats why they won't catch on'

Shivan says to Sandra, 'Good idea really.'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Sandra.

Craven says, 'dying for nothing sounds pretty pointless'

Bula'ia says, 'make a random char with like 5000 hp and give it to a noob to run around'

Kuznetsov says, 'pk tiny plots.. I like. I think he likes it Tommy'

Shivan says to Craven, 'But you just sai the pk was the reward.'

Bula'ia says, 'whoever gets the killing blow wins'

Bula'ia grins evilly.

Shivan says to Craven, 'Dont contradict yourself.'

Zack giggles at Shivan.

Craven says, 'I want pk in the game'

Sandra says, 'you don't know it's for nothing. It might be for something!'

Craven says, 'not pk in contests'

Varnel says, 'I remember when Sandra vowed never to run another tinyplot because everyone ruined it :P'

Sandra giggles.

Zack chuckles politely.

Craven says, 'contests don't really help the game'

Zack says, 'I would have jumped the participants if I was around.'

Sandra says, 'I wont' really be running this, I'll just give the start'

Craven says, 'do you truely believe that this open pkill port has increased pk in the game at all?'

Shivan says, 'anyways i've got to eat dinner'

Sana says, 'so like, varnels lame self might come up and loot me some day, and it might be sandras doing? that what this is sorta?'

Duckon says, 'i wanna kill people'

Duckon says, 'straight up'

Varnel nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'I don't like pk on another port'

Shivan says, 'later everyone, good luck :)'

Varnel says, 'There's an open pkill port?'

Sandra shakes her head.

Craven says, 'once a month'

Sandra says, 'not currently'

Harlequin smirks.

Shmeck says, 'its pretty boring'

Craven says, 'exactly'

Sandra says, 'it's cool for practice, but I would rather promote things here'

Shmeck says, 'people log on, multi eachother, then log off'

Sana says, 'people just run around and multi each other'

Craven says, 'promote pk in the game, not contests'

Duckon says, 'put pke in your titles'

Sana says, 'and then they whine about us being multiers, they are closeted multiers thats why they always bring that stupid comment out'

Zack says, 'no'

Sana nods to herself.

Zack says, 'people know im pke'

Sana says, 'I have pke in my title'

Sana says, 'its called grendel :p'

Duckon says, 'how? you wear it on your sleeve?'

Sandra giggles.

Flower giggles.

Duckon peers at Zack, looking him up and down.

Rummy says, 'half the fun of PKE is not knowing who is PKE me thinks'

Zack says, 'I kill people almost every day'

Shmeck says, 'Hes a prick, most pricks are PKe :)'

Sandra says, 'well, lemme give you a rundown of the capture the flag idea'

Duckon says, 'that doesnt mean your pke tho ..'

Duckon smiles happily.

Zack says, 'if you're pke you know who else is pke'

Zack says, 'unless they're new.'

Sana says, 'yeah, it's like a secret club'

Duckon says, 'but youre trying to promote pke'

Zack says, 'like I found out mercedes was pke the other day'

Varnel says, 'Some people stay at 39 tho and don't let the rest of us have fun with them'

Varnel glares icily at Zack.

Duckon says, 'so put it in your title n let people ask questions about it.'

Sandra says, 'what I had intended was to give each pke person a token. Clans will get their own token that's the same for each member'

Duckon smiles happily.

Fortebraccio says, 'half of fun is actually finding out who's pke'

Zack nods his agreement with Sandra.

Rummy nods his agreement with Fortebraccio.

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Sandra.

Sandra says, 'kill people to collect them. However, you also collect all the tokens they've got stored from their kills. They MUST hand over the token ify ou can't steal.'

Varnel says, 'So tokens would be not ownable'

Varnel says, 'Because steal is not really working :P'

Fortebraccio giggles.

Shmeck says, 'nope :P'

Sandra says, 'you must also fight fair ;) No multis, no wolfpacks, no killing low'

Sandra says, 'right'

Kuznetsov says, 'fix steal!'

Fortebraccio goes EEK! at Sandra in distress - isn't Sandra an awful person for teasing?

Duckon says, 'nuts'

Sana says, 'no killing low?'

Sandra says, 'nope'

Fortebraccio says, 'no wolfpack?'

Varnel says to Sandra, 'that screws over half the pkilelrs on the mud :P.'

Fortebraccio sniffs sadly.

Sandra giggles.

Gorthaur says, 'then its like duel'

Duckon says, 'ehheheh'

Duckon nods solemnly.

Sana says, 'nothing suggested this a few years ago to promote pk, but the whole idea was I kill fight somebody and take thier token, then somebody else swoops in and gets both tokens'

Sana nods to herself.

Fortebraccio says, 'what's the davantage of bing in clan :)'

Varnel says to Gorthaur, 'you know, you CAN jump ppl who are full hp.'

Sandra says, 'not really, it's jumps. Just like pke is now. Just fair'

Kaige sprinkles some cheese on her popcorn.

Fortebraccio giggles at Kaige.

Kaige uses a salt shaker on some popcorn.

Sana says to Fortebraccio, 'i think she means, no wolfpacks except for us.'

Sandra giggles.

Fortebraccio says, 'ah ok!'

Shmeck says, 'thats not PK'

Sandra says, 'I mean none ;)'

Shmeck says, 'thats duels'

Shmeck growls.

Shmeck says, 'And...'

Shmeck says, 'people will argue "thats not fair"'

Gorthaur says, 'okies i am going afk for a few'

Shmeck says, 'and refuse to give up the token'

Zack says, 'geez cant kill low? i'm screwed :P *jk*'

Sandra says, 'why would it not be fair?'

Sana says, 'then you multi them shmeck, and prove thier point'

Varnel says, 'People will argue that it's duels not pk, but those are the people who can't kill anyoen unless they're involved in a wolfpack, or a low hp jump.'

Sandra says, 'you die, you kick up the token(s)'

Shmeck says, 'Cause people are twisted, they'll say "I was afk!" or I was low on mana (lying"'

Zack says, 'peace out Resident Assistant Duty calls!!'

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Because they're not good enough otherwise?'

Fortebraccio says, 'but of course if pople jump our clan mates we can defened them!'

Kaige ducks to the ground.

Duckon wiggles his bottom.

Sandra says, 'I don't care if they were afk ;) Don't go afk in the open'

Sandra giggles at Kaige.

Shmeck says, 'But that person wont give up the token'

Sandra says, 'I'll make them'

Sandra smiles happily.

Shmeck says, 'and the imms wont be able to monitor it well enough'

Shmeck says, 'screw the "fair" rule'

Sandra says, 'oh I can monitor it pretty well'

Fortebraccio says, 'i'm sure sandra can!'

Shmeck says, 'You die, you lose your token'

Varnel grins evilly at Sandra.. wonder what he's thinking...

Sana says, 'I think varnels make then unownable thing was perfect, if you can make them do that'

Shmeck says, 'Let there be wolfpacks'

Shmeck says, 'and kills while low... its a part of PK'

Fortebraccio says, 'ok but what about this..we get the token fair..but we defend us unfairly? :P'

Kuznetsov says to Sandra, 'Your just a PR now. you have no powers!'

Varnel says to Sana, 'it's the only way anyway, pke can't steal from another pke.'

Sandra says, 'if you give them over, they're unowned. I can't make them otherwise'

Wort says, 'wolfpacks are for morons'

Sandra says to Kuznetsov, 'Oh I have lots ;).'

Sandra says, 'no, no wolfpacks'

Shmeck says, 'Then call me cynical, but I dont think it will work :)'

Sana says, 'cynical'

Sana says, 'spoil sport'

Fortebraccio giggles.

Varnel laughs at Sana.

Sana says, 'mr.negative'

Shmeck says, 'I hope it does'

Sandra says, 'but you can get 3 of your buddies and go kill a group o grendels'

Rummy says, 'ok uhm, my router keeps .. randomly turning off? so i'm out for now'

Rummy waves to Sandra.

Sana says, 'never willing to give anything a chance'

Shmeck says, 'But I have to have my doubts'

Fortebraccio says to Sandra, 'fair enough.'

Sandra says, 'well it's worth a try :)'

Fortebraccio says, 'sounds a good plan'

Shmeck says to Sana, 'I've seen things like this fail before, I dont want sandra getting angry like the last tiny plot.'

Sandra says, 'do I have members from each of the pke clans here?'

Sandra says, 'oh this isn't a tiny plot'

Wort says, 'I think a major problem of pk, and something I don't see a fix for is that not everyone has a few buddies to call on when they get wolf packed or multied'

Duckon looks up into the sky and ponders.

Kaige says to Sandra, 'Feel free to take the assassin idea and run with it too if you want... sounds very similar.'

Wort says, 'exspecially the newbies to pk'

Sandra says, 'okie'

Varnel says to Wort, 'that would be me.'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Kaige.

Sana says, 'make friends, problem solved'

Garet says to Varnel, 'like hell, Im always here, and you can get ahold of me :P.'

Varnel giggles.

Wort says, 'and saying make friends problem solved is not a solution, because its hard to make friends'

Sana says, 'even newbies to pk can stick up for each other. You think we all started out with a buncha oldbies backing us up for no reason?'

Sandra says, 'that's why we need some 'good' pk types, not just all the evil ones ;)'

Fortebraccio says, 'not if you have a good attitude'

Shmeck says, 'Then be a true rogue who doesnt need friends'

Varnel says to Wort, 'it's pretty easy actually, if you aren't a total moron, and you play by the rules.'

Shmeck says, 'Find something people want'

Sana says, 'it's called stupid newbie pk clans, most of the time they get slaughtered, but they do some good occasionally'

Fortebraccio nods his agreement with Varnel.

Duckon says, 'i just wanna be a friendly killer then'

Varnel says to Wort, 'you can't go into pk expecting to start wolfpacking and multi'ing people.'

Varnel says to Wort, 'you need to get a little respect first.'

Sana snickers at Varnel nastily.

Wort says, 'there is no respect'

Varnel laughs.

Shmeck says, 'Yes there is'

Sana says, 'you could have told me that! :p'

Varnel says, 'Whatever'

Sandra says, 'there is'

Sana says, 'I just went right into multing'

Sandra says, 'you gotta earn it tho'

Sana ducks to the ground.

Shmeck says, 'Anyone respect me?'

Shmeck chuckles politely.

Varnel laughs at Sana.

Shmeck says, 'people used to!'

Wort says, 'you start winning fights, you start getting multied or people start dising you'

Shmeck whines.

Varnel says to Sana, 'you did not, you couldn't kill anyone at first :P.'

Sana says, 'heh'

Sandra says, 'ok lets get back on track'

Shmeck says, 'Theres a track?'

Varnel says, 'Who is this child?'

Sana says, 'yeah thats true'

Sana says, 'wort'

Sandra says, 'i see 3 pke clans represented currently.'

Duckon smiles happily.

Wort says, 'im wort'

Wort shrugs helplessly.

Varnel says, 'Do you pkill Wort?'

Wort says, 'I just see that stuff happening'

Sandra says, 'there's no wardens here I'm guessing'

Sandra says, 'oh Kuz is here'

Duckon says, 'maybe make the rp clans that pk .. pk clans'

Wort says, 'im one of the best pkillers on the mud'

Wort struts proudly.

Wort snickers softly.

Varnel says, 'Oh, syndicate went pke, sweet action'

Fortebraccio cheers for Wort - huzzah!

Garet nods his agreement with Varnel.

Fortebraccio says, 'did they?'

Fortebraccio cheers wildly!

Sandra says, 'ok, so I have members from each'

Garet says, 'I told you that was the plan'

Sana says, 'i'm one of the worst pkers on the mud, but I have the most personality'

Fortebraccio claps for Garet approvingly.

Varnel nods solemnly.

Garet says, 'Hell, I put it on the boards!'

Garet stomps on Fortebraccio's toes.

Fortebraccio congratulates Garet on a job well done.

Garet stomps on Varnel's toes.

Sandra says, 'this is what I want from the pke clans'

Garet says, 'Jeeeesus, where have you all been'

Varnel says, 'mid-term week :P'

Sana nods her agreement with Varnel.

Sana zones out.

Duckon says, 'ive been sleeping ..'

Duckon says, 'cept for my wedding .. that was fun.'

Shmeck says, 'We're just friends with sana because he gives good he-Hey! look Syndicate went PKe'

Sandra says, 'think up a token. It could be something like the old clan tokens of the past if you want. Make sure that your clanmages agree on it'

Sandra says, 'then mudmail that to me'

Sana stomps on Shmeck's toes.

Shmeck snickers at Sana nastily.

Sandra says, 'rogue pke, do the same cept without the clanmates agreeing'

Fortebraccio nods solemnly.

Sana says, 'you hear that forte? she said make sure the clanmages agree'

Varnel says, 'So every member of the clan will get their own token?'

Sandra says, 'we'll give the capture the flag thing a go'

Sandra nods her agreement with Varnel.

Fortebraccio says, 'do you agree or should i outcast you?'

Sana says, 'so make sure me and shivan agree!'

Sandra says, 'yea i can't type today :P'

Sandra says, 'clanmaTes'

Sana says, 'hehehehe'

Sana says, 'outcaster!'

Fortebraccio grins evilly.

Sandra giggles.

Sana says, 'I could go back to umm'

Sana says, 'umm'

Varnel says, 'Well the amount of people that showed up is a half-good sign anyway'

Sana says, 'somewhere@!'

Sandra says, 'I'll give everyone 2 weeks after I post about it on the warboard to get those in to me'

Sandra nods her agreement with Varnel.

Shmeck says, 'ok im out like, sana's sister on a weekend'

Shmeck waves happily.

Sandra giggles.

Varnel waves to Shmeck.

Kuznetsov says, 'ok my full attention is going to the Red Wings now.'

Sandra says, 'we'll go from there. I'll also set up a meeting to talk with pke clan gms'

Kuznetsov says, 'later peeps'

Kuznetsov says to Sandra, 'Nice meeting.'

Kuznetsov nods his agreement with Haley.

Sandra says, 'anything else we need to cover for this one? I'll definitely be having more of these in the future'

Sana says, 'yeah'

Sandra says, 'if you have input on things that you think up later, you can always mail me or catch me online'

Wort says, 'I just like to say, that one of the best ideas tonight I thought was the more personal pk death messages, at least it sounded fun'

Duckon smiles happily.

Sana says, 'me and shivan, demand mesmerize be imped so we can get mobs to kill low level pkers'

Duckon waves happily.

Sandra giggles.

Haley smiles happily.

Sandra says to Wort, 'I'll see what I can do about gettin the discussion on that going again.'

Sandra says to Sana, 'No ;).'

Wort says, 'that would be cool'

Duckon waves happily.

Duckon smiles happily.

Sandra says, 'ok, I think that's it then :)'

Wort says, 'thanks'

Sandra says, 'go kill each other in my honour, of course'

Harlequin smirks.

Wort flops about helplessly.

Wort waves happily.

Haley says to Sandra, 'I'm all for helping out with messages!'

Haley giggles.

Haley loves that idea.

Sandra thanks Haley heartily.

Fortebraccio grins evilly at Sandra.. wonder what he's thinking...

Sandra giggles.

Sana says to Fortebraccio, 'ready to meet your maker?'

Fortebraccio says to Sana, 'maker?'