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This is the application for admittance into the Legends of the Past area.

Legends of the Past consists of mobiles that represent characters throughout Legend's history. Its sole purpose is to honor those of legendary status and share those characters and their history with current and future players.

The character replicas within the area will, as best as possible, behave as the actual character did when it was 'alive.' If the character is voted into the area, the character's playerfile will be taken over by the Building staff of the Legends Past area upon completion of the character replica. Please keep the above in mind when applying.

You may apply only once for a character. However, if that character does not make it at that time, the application will be kept and reviewed at a later date.


You must submit the application below to the Legends Past Committee. A confirmation email will be sent to you acknowledging that your application has been received. Upon recieving the application, the LoP commitee will review it, judge its completion, and the character applying. This process will take one (1) week. You may receive questions from the committee regarding your application via email. Answer these questions promptly, if possible. If the application is approved, they will be added to a poll for the players of LegendMUD to vote on. This voting will take no more than two (2) weeks. Based upon the results of the poll, the applicant will be notified whether or not their character has been accepted into the area. The replicas, if approved by the polling, will be installed monthly.


Legends of the Past Character Application

All fields with an asterisk must be filled out in order to be considered complete.

=-=-=-=-=-= Character Statistics =-=-=-=-=-=

Character Name*:

Email address*:
This will be kept confidential.

Short Description*:

Please select the hometown where you started from the list.

Long Description*:

What was your look-at description*:
Please note that ASCII art is not acceptable and will result in disqualification.

What type of character were you?*
(Mage, Druid, Fighter, etc)

List your main fighting stats
(Were you dex, strength, dex/con, con/mind, etc)*:

What weapon did you use?*:
(Please include the weapon's original name, if it was strung)

=-=-=-=-=-= Character Skills & Spells =-=-=-=-=-=

Favorite fighting tactics
(include what skills/spells you used most)*:

If you had a warcry, what was it?
(No profanity allowed)

If you were a mage, what school and circle were you? What spells did you use most often?

If you were a druid, what kind of vials and poultices did you make most often?:

=-=-=-=-=-= Character History =-=-=-=-=-=

Why are you applying for Legends of the Past with this character and how do you consider this character 'Legendary'?*

Give your character's background. This will be used as the basis for the help file for the character.*:

Who did you hang around with? What would you say if asked about these people? Or if you saw these people?*

Where could your character be found most often? Are there areas your character rarely or never went to?*

Were you a pkiller?
(Pkiller = actively engaged in pkill, not just pkok set. NOTE: This does not count when voting.)

How did your character behave?
(Where you helpful, rude, quiet, noisy, etc) Did you have any personality quirks? Did you use a permanent mood setting? What was it?*

Give a story about your character that would be most memorable by the players(try to keep it to 3-4 paragraphs). This story will be told by Ramadan. If it's in an LT, give the LT volume(s) and number(s), and title of the article(s).*

List your character's strings, if they had any, from most to least favorite.*
Please note that this does not guarantee your replica will have a stat item.



Thank you for your application and interest in Legends of the Past.

If you have any questions about this form, please ask online or drop an email.

The Legends of the Past Area Commitee