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..../                / /./       /./     /./  /.../  /./       /
.../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
../________________/      WHAT'S GOING ON AROUND HERE
VOLUME ONE, ISSUE EIGHT                                 Oct. 25th, 1994


        **All of the following are things that have been
        changed in the code, but they may take a longish
        while to filter through to you on the actual mud.

- Boats now sink, and you can drown if you are caught boatless in deep 
water. If you are can swim and are in shallow water, or are flying, this 
will not affect you. Different boats have different chances of sinking. 
Look carefully at the one you have. You will be given a warning between 
2-10 ticks before the actual sinking occurs.

- You can no longer rent or get an offer while fighting.

- Swordsmanship, arms training, and fencing (what used to be called 
dueling) were also coded.

- The poets in Hell have had their repop time extended. They will not be 
repopping as often.

- The preserve spell will not extend things past ten mud days.

- You are now told who it is that has reconnected from link-death in the 
room you are in.

- Murky rooms will now tell you that you cannot see the items in them 
even when you are in brief.

- You can no longer alter your wimpy to higher than your current hit

- Entrance now has a chance of failure. Entranced people will cease 
being entranced if they flee from the room where the music is. It also 
no longer works on deafened people.

- You now get a message if someone tries to give you something and your 
hands are full or the item is too heavy.

- Various small problems with the messages from judge are fixed. There 
were all purely cosmetic.

- Pick lock now permits you to lock doors and containers even if you do 
not have the key.


        **All of the following are things that have been
        added in the code, but they may take a longish
        while to filter through to you on the actual mud,
        especially the medical skills as we will not have
        teachers for them for a while to come.

 command: POISON 
Poisons a weapon with a slow-acting poison. Poisons food or drink with 
an instantly fatal one. Requires a poisonous herb or drug.

 command: ASSESS 
Describes their current physical state: strength, dexterity, 
constitution, hit points.

*First aid
 command: AID 
Administers basic first aid to a patient. Requires a bandage and the 
bandage skill.

 command: RX 
Looks up a drug in the helpfiles. Note that currently there are no drugs 
and therefore no database for them.

*Field surgery
 command: OPERATE 
Offers major healing to a patient. Requires a scalpel and knowledge of 
first aid and dress wounds (unimplemented skill).


As those of you who have been here for a while know, one of the things 
we hope to add to Legend to add to the flavor of the mud is player-
defined long and short descriptions. In a nutshell, that means that 
instead of seeing this:

      CouchPotato is standing here.

when you walk into a room, you'd see:

      A man shaped like a pear is standing here.

Unlike other muds, we d not intend to have you set these descriptions 
when the character is created, but rather only after you have entered 
the game, when you decide it is a character you want to keep. The 
reasoning behind this is that otherwise we not only get ourselves into 
the task of having to check all descriptions of newbies, many of which 
will never be back, but also impose the whole question of getting your 
character 'approved' which we would like to avoid.

Instead, player short and long descs will be entirely optional. If you 
wish to have one, then you ask an immortal to register the description. 
After you have registered, it may not be changed except for a 
substantial roleplaying reason (say you decide you were struck blind; 
lose a limb; shave your head and become a monk--something noteworthy 
enough to be reported in the Legendary Times).

However, there are of course issues related to this which we'd like to 
resolve in conjunction with you the players before we actually jump into 
the coding of this addition. Seeing things like:

      A slender dark-haired girl with buckteeth says, 'Hello.'

are going to be somewhat inevitable. Having a system whereby you could 
be 'introduced' to a player and thereafter have your character remember 
their name isn't something that will really be doable in the short term, 
because it implies a LOT of disk access and a lot of space for each 

This means that we will in effect be condemning everyone to seeing lots 
and lots of short descriptions. The question becomes where and how do 
people want to see these.

As an example, I think it is safe to say that if you have a long 
description set, you will always look like this when people walk into 
the room:

      A scarred youth with grey eyes is here, off to one side.

The tricky stuff arises when you alter the short description of a 

First some definitions. The short description is what you see when a mob 
does something. "A legionary" is the short desc of a legionary. Its 
'name' is actually 'legionary soldier roman etc etc.'

Players normally have no short desc and only one keyword--their name. So 
their name gets used right now for every action they take.

If we use the player short description for everything, here is a sample 
of what it might be like:

      A slouching hunchbacked old man has arrived from the east.
      A slouching hunchbacked old man says, 'Hello.'
      A slouching hunchbacked old man rolls his eyes heavenward.
      A slouching hunchbacked old man has a pathological fear of
      A slouching hunchbacked old man's Freagra, the Answerer slices
      plate-sized chunks of flesh off of a slender young blonde with
      bright blue eyes.
I think you can see the problem that can arise here. :)

One option is to permit toggling of the use of the short description for 
things (another option is of course to simply register a long 
description and not a short description if you want to avoid this hassle 

Say we had toggles for speech, for emotes and socials, for movement, and 
for fights. Then the above could be set to this:

      A slouching hunchbacked old man has arrived from the east.
      Steve says, 'Hello.'
      A slouching hunchbacked old man rolls his eyes heavenward.
      A slouching hunchbacked old man has a pathological fear of
      Steve's Freagra, the Answerer slices plate-sized chunks of flesh
      off of Suzie.

(or this latter might still be as follows if Suzie does not have HER 
toggle set):

      Steve's Freagra, the Answerer slices plate-sized chunks of flesh
      off of a slender young blonde with bright blue eyes.

So as follows is a list of cases where player names are currently used. 
What we'd like to get your feedback on is which of the following should 
use names, which should use short descriptions, and which should be 
toggleable between the two at the player's discretion. If you could send 
responses to the Legendary Times, or better yet, sign up NOW for the 
Legend Discussion List (send email to to join) and send your 
responses there with the subject
                         Legend: player descs
it would be much appreciated by we who are trying to put in this system.

So without any further ado, here is a list of places names get used:

chat, info, auction
clan channels
tell, gtell
giving orders
in spells
in the results of spells (e.g. Kiki's homunculus becomes what?)
splitting money
give, drop, get, wear, wield, remove, hold
buy, sell
offer, rent, enter the game, lose link
fight messages
judge, juggle, and all other skills (may be broken down by skill)
entering and leaving the room
read, write, post, append, recieve, send
open, close, lock, unlock
drink, eat, quaff
recite, use
fill, empty
shoot, reload

Even if you just sent back an email with the above list and NAME, SHORT, 
or TOGGLE written next to each item, it would be helpful. :) Also, 
consider the option of getting names always when grouped.

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First, this issue of the Legendary Times sponsored by:

    Tired of getting killed?  Does it seem like every time you set
    forth to adventure, you wind up shaking hands with the Grim
    Reaper?  That if there were a Suicide Squad, you would be the
    captain?  If you answered yes, then join the One Nine.

    Taking its name from the will be historical U.S. Marine Corps'
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...and in other news...

...Mercenary declared that Sansaria betrayed his trust, and seems to be 
on the warpath. Pete used magic to point out Merc's position regardless 
of where he went... could this spell the beginning of a lynch mob 
against Mercenary?...

...speaking of deserving a lynching... Obmig pkilled Magda again... 
wasn't even scratched. Seems once before he killed her by trying to kiss 
her and not being too careful... this time he accidentally missed the 
mob they were both fighting and bashed her instead...

..the player most seem to want to lynch these days however, is Mystra. 
She's killed Arkady because he crossed her path when she was in a bad 
mood, and Ainur died trying to rescue Magdalen from the entrancement of 
Mystra's music. Mystra offered the fact that she was very emotional as 
an explanation... we'll have to see how emotional the next-of-kin get...

...In response to the ever present threat of invasion by Formori
Warriors and the number of fearsome creatures that terrorize innocent
victims in the outback of Ireland, a number of Gaelic Families have 
banded together under the one name to purge the evil from the land we 
love. Clan Connaught seeks to help defend Ireland and its inhabitants 
from the ravagers of the world. Here is a message from its leaders...

   "We will take every opportunity to further our knowledge of both
Ireland and its surroundings, and will actively engage any evil that
threatens the safety of Irish Citizens. In particular we have singled 
out Boggles and Spriggan for continuing eradication and, as our powers 
allow, the removal of menaces of the land such as Gan and Fith-Fath.

   "If anyone needs help with anything in Ireland, please feel free to 
call on the Clan, and we will respond to the best of our ability. Once 
the boards are again working, we will keep all new adventurers in 
Ireland aware of the hazards of the area and announce further 
objectives. We also seek to repel the advances of the British - look for 
our raiding parties in the Roman British area.

   "Clan Connaught consists of Rory O'Connor (Sorceror), Jove of Eriu
(Champion), Bart (Justiciar), Ballard (PathFinder) and Belnos
(Spellbinder). Below are two bios of Rory and Jove.

   "Jove of Eriu - Eldest son of Donnal O'Connor, renowned warrior of 
the moors.  Under the tutelage of his father Jove learned many of
Donnal's skills in battle and diplomacy, shaping Jove into a fine
successor.  Stories told in the taverns not only tell of Jove's skill in
battle but also of the unnatural good luck that seems to follow him.  
Other stories told in the taverns tell of the time Jove accidentally 
drank an idiocy potion only to find it had no effect!  Often seen 
adventuring with his brother Rory, Jove seeks to live up to his title of 
Champion and see how far his luck will indeed hold.

   "Rory O'Connor - Younger brother of Jove, Rory has benefited from all 
the extra time available to him given that his brother, and successor to 
the Clan, is responsible for the diplomatic and social aspects of the 
Clan. With this free time, Rory has devoted himself to the studies of 
Sorcery. Sick of the continual rape of the land he loves so dearly, and 
afraid of losing his family to the same terrors, Rory is often seen 
accompanying Jove on his adventures - forever looking out for his 

..that's all the news of the land for now... keep in touch!

 Legendary Times is put out by the gods of LegendMUD. Please send all
 replies/additions to for inclusion in the next  
 edition. We, however, reserve the right to moderate this discussion,
and may object to some submissions. If you feel we have wrongly omitted 
 one of your messages, please talk to either Kaige or Ptah online or 
 through EMail and see if we did indeed receive it in the first place.
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