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 ............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
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 ........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __   \.../  /\  \
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 ..../                /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
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 VOLUME TEN, NUMBER SEVENTEEN                                 May 24, 2003

                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          The Editor's Note

                        NEWS, REPORTS, UPDATES
                          Calendar of Events
                            Recent Updates
                           Recent Q&A Topics

                         News from Dominic
             Tancred Resumes Leadership of Knights Templar

                             Clan News
       Panucci's Pizza and Dark Worshippers of Amon Ra Disband
                 Grendels Switch to PK Clan Status

                            The PK Front

                          Apparent Dangers
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                      The Editor's Note                          |__\

Next Sunday, June 1st, kicks off this year's Summer Odyssey! We've got
some games, articles and plenty of updates planned to showcase each era
for the next three months, but we'll be starting in the Ancient Era.

We hope to be doing some area specific articles this summer, and we are
also encouraging players to write up short travelogue type articles on
their favorite areas and submit them to [email protected] (3-5 paragraphs
or 500 word max). What's interesting/fun to do there, what makes this
your favorite area, what's your favorite thing to show off there to new
players, etc. No spoilers or other in game info please!

The following keywords can be used with the HELP command online to find
out more information about these ancient areas:


We also have a section on the web pages that is dedicated to providing
basic information and related links that may be of interest. To visit,
that page, please point your browsers to:  

If you're planning an adventure to go explore any of these areas for the
first time, we like to recommend that you read the helpfile on the area
first, turn brief off, check exits often and check out HELP MAPPING, and
enjoy the experience!

We hope that you will enjoy all that we have in store for you this summer
and that everyone has a good time exploring our world's history!

Don't forget the Buddhism lecture tonight at 10pm and the tinyplot on
Sunday that starts at 5pm!

Have a great week!

___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                   LegendMUD Calendar of Events                  |__\
          [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]
                    [NOTE: new time for Q&A is 7:30 pm]
                      MAY                       JUNE
             S  M Tu  W Th  F  S         S  M Tu  W Th  F  S
                         1  2  3         1  2  3  4  5  6  7
             4  5  6  7  8  9 10         8  9 10 11 12 13 14
            11 12 13 14 15 16 17        15 16 17 18 19 20 21
            18 19 20 21 22 23 24        22 23 24 25 26 27 28
            25 26 27 28 29 30 31        29 30

Saturday,  May       24th      10:00 pm      Buddhism Lecture
Sunday,    May       25th       5:00 pm      May Tinyplot
Tuesday,   May       27th       8:00 pm      PK Open Practice 
Thursday,  May       29th       7:30 pm      Q & A in the OOC Auditorium

Coming in June: Legend's Summer Odyssey, starting with the Ancient Era!
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          Recent Updates                         |__\

    /\                            CODE UPDATES
   /  \     
  /    \    BUG FIXES:
 /_    _\     o Fixed another place where you couldn't see people move.
   |  |       o Fixed IRON WILL messages displaying when not known.
   |  |       o Fixed a potential crashing bug with shopkeepers.
   |  |       o Fixed when you killed a taxi driver where it said "he
   |__|         breaks away from his harness"
   /  \     MISC CHANGES:
  /    \      o Removed the stun reduction possibility for IRON WILL
 /_    _\       skills.
   |  |       o Added increase in para chance for WARCRY for IRON WILL
   |  |         skills.
   |  |       o Changes BARKSKIN to a self only defensive spell.
   |__|       o STONESKIN no longer casts on self if you were trying to
    /\          cast on someone else by mistake.
   /  \       o Clearer distinctions made between PKE enabled status and
  /    \        PKOK enabled status in score.
 /_    _\   
   |  |                         HELP FILE UPDATES
   |  |     
   |  |     Skill Topics:
   |__|        COURAGE/VALOR/IRON WILL  
   /  \     
  /    \                          AREA UPDATES 
 /_    _\   
   |  |     If you want to suggest specific improvements or new additions
   |  |     to existing areas please don't hesitate to submit them with     
   |  |     the idea/bug/typo commands or drop mudmail to the builder
   |__|     currently responsible for the area (use AREAINFO to find out!)
   /  \     Paul in the Wild Boar Tavern (OOC) will be offering skill
  /    \    reimb packages from now until June 13th, 2003. There are
 /_    _\   three options to choose from: INSPIRE, BOWMAN and CHANT which
   |  |     take all the appropriate skills if known. All 1st circle
   |  |     spellwords are reimbed at 1 practice per word and all 2nd
   |  |     circle words wil be reimbed 2 practices. ASK PAUL UNLEARN for
   |__|     character specific info.
   /  \         Zombies will now poof too if they lose their master.
  /    \    
   |  |          Sylia checks if she's fighting before recasting sink.
   |  |     
   |__|          A crude fix to the vikings piling up.
 /_    _\        Various minor bugs and typos fixed.
   |  |     
   |  |     BEOWULF, and THE CRUSADES
   |  |          Some new stuff added.
    /\                     In Progress Area Updates
   /  \     
  /    \    This section is intended to share what builders are working
 /_    _\   on behind the scenes. It is not a perfect record of progress
   |  |     as all builders do not commit updates every week. Badgering
   |  |     builders about their progress will get you flogged. 
   |  |     
   |__|             Kae           Larderello (Dante's Hell)


  _______   ____    _______
 /  ___  \ / __ \  /  ___  \  Logs of Q&A sessions are available on the
 | /   \ | \ \/ /  | /   \ |  web pages for those who are unable to attend
 | |   | |  \  /   | \___/ |  or had to leave early. The most recent ones
 | |   | |  /  \/\ |  ___  |  are listed on the sitemap page or you can
 | | /\| | / /\  / | /   \ |  get a complete list on the Q&A index page
 | \_\ \ | \ \/  \ | \   / |  at the url below.
  \___\/_/  \__/\/ \_/   \_|

                              RECENT TOPICS

 o Tweaks for New Skills?            o Paralyze Spell?
 o Wave of Nausea?                   o If AA need to re-enable for PKE?
 o New Min Level for Operate?        o What is Dress Wound?
 o Surgery and Prestige?             o Any Changes for Steal, Yet?
 o Progress on Areas?                o Can We Get Heads on Pikes?
 o Why is Autorush 100% No-Fail?     o Poison and Resist Poison?
 o -Con Spell and Others Available?  o Pk Tourney Date Yet?
 o Engraving?                        o Coupons for Alternating Colors?
 o Spirit Reqs for Spell Words       o New Mage Skill: Mana Conservation
 o Barkskin Becoming Defensive Only  o Blindside Duration?
 o Prize Machine Ideas?              o Why is WHO different in the OOC?
 o General Suggestions/Questions     o Iron Will Changes?
 o Why is Skin Nature Based?         o Stealing from Shopkeepers is Bad?
 o Bug with Recovering Stolen Eq?    o Can we get Pets and Hirelings?
 o Changes for Cause Charmies?       o Area Progress?
 o Suckerpunch and Blindside         o Changes for Barkskin?
 o LoP Mobs and Cheating Skill lag?  o Updates for June?
 o General Suggestions/Questions
___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|      LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World   |__\

Hello, Legendmud!

Ok, temporarily at Ft Lewis, WA for a while!

New address:

Sgt Charles P. Simons
Task Force 222
Unit 801st CSH
Box 339528
Ft Lewis, WA  98433-9528

For my sins of being computer literate, I am now the administrative NCO
for this detachment. Absolutely no medical time for me, I'm stuck at HQ
at a desk!

Hope all is well with all of Legend.

Be Safe!



Fra' Tancred de Gisborne of Nottingham has once again resumed command of
the ranks of the Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon of
Jerusalem -- the Knights Templar for short. Thus made to appear at least
occasionally in ceremonial garb, rather than the more, err, casual outfit
the knight has been known to prefer, he may now be spotted around the
realms as:

a silver-haired Knight Templar
A silver-haired swordsman blows dandelion fluff into the wind.

     ___                                                          ___
     \  |--------------------------------------------------------|  /
     /__|                      Clan News                         |__\

          Panuccis Pizza Inc. was disbanded on May 21st, 2003.
     The Dark worshippers of Amon Ra were disbanded on May 21st, 2003.

        The Grendels changed their status to PK on May 21, 2003.


There are currently 23 RP clans and 2 PK clan. This leaves open slots
for seven (7) more clans to form. For more information, read HELP CLAN and
see the clan information list via the CLANS command while logged into the
game. For a basic handbook and reference guide for players interested in
starting and running a clan, we recommend that before you even type FORM,
you visit:

     ___                                                          ___
     \  |--------------------------------------------------------|  /
     /__|                    The PK Front                        |__\

Slight change in the format here. Instead of only listing PK clans, all
clan pkill activity being reported. A little more competition should be
healthy and also give recognition to those clans who are actively out on
the pkill front. If you want to see more detail than this quickie run
down, you're going to have to help by reporting on various pkill
happenings you either participate in or see happening.

The Wardens of the King had the most active members this past week.
The Necromancers and Infernals tied for the next slot. The newly PKE
Grendels had half of their members out and involved in some sort of
pkill skirmishes this week. Vae Victis and the Knights of Legend each
only had a pair of members out in the field this week. And individual
members from the following clans were seen in action: Knights Templar,
Fields of Albion, The Seven Circles, The Grand Coven, The Hermetic Order,
the IRA, and the Institute of Healing Arts.


In the past week there were 41 pk-related deaths involving 34 different
characters. Of those 34 characters, 19 of them were accept all at the
time. There were 9 pke vs pke battles that ended in death. There are 22
PKE characters total. So come on, let's get YOUR name up in lights! We
can't report on it if you don't tell us about it!

If you witnessed or commit any glorious or nefarious deeds, send a short
report to us at the LT. If you are looking for a fight, recruiting, or
anything else related to PK (not necessarily PK Clan related), send it
in! It's free AND you'll get a prize token! Be a celebrity, the envy of
all your friends! Tick off your enemies or just tell your side of the
story! The possibilities are endless -- act today!!
             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                           Apparent Dangers

The high lady Manadragoran made her way from the large Bastilith, A large
green creature that towered over the highest trees and had a large
gaping mouth and small undetectable eyes. Manadragoran stopped to regard
the huge creature with passion. She walked to it, placing a hand on its
large protuding nose. The beast hummed as she patted it.

'I'll see you later my faithfull steed,' she said in a whispering voice
to the beast.

In response, the beast 'hrrrumphed' and lumbered to a lake about a mile
away, a considerably short distance for the creature of its size.

'My Lady Manadragoran, it is great to see you, how long has it been,
about a least two winters?' a short fat man with a wise smile and a
micheivious grin said.

'I thought to see you once more Master Milicain, you tought me so much of
the sword that you made me a Master. Who says I cannot see my instucter
and mentor?' she said with an smile that could make mountains crumble or
kings kneel.

'I always look forward for my students and apprentices to see me, but you
have been busy, yes?' He said with a little worry in his voice.

'The Council has been on my back about reforming and turning in my sword,
I told them I cannot yet... I am not ready for the destinies they choose
for me,' she said with a little hesitation, but eased when he smile
lightly and motions for her to come into the large open doorway from a
large Leatherwood cabin.

Light poored from the building giving a little light in the darkness. For
once the winds seemed to retreat from her, never relenting in the
retreat. She needed the winds right know, for he protections as for the
protection of Milicain. Lloth could send anyone any time to Destroyer
her, wich was likely since she could not sence the winds let alone feel
them. To flourish with the winds was to drink life, to drink everlasting
love, all in one feeling. A feeling of utter invulnerability, a state of
being that you could not understand, it gave life and yet it served
death. The winds as a weapon was better than any army the world could
build. There were only twenty human Walkers or users of the Winds. So as
it was Lloth had more Walkers than the world of light, plus a better
army, an army of utter death, destruction and chaos, The end of the age
of light will end, Chaos will reing again, unless the worlds army emerges
and fights for all good.

'Ohhh bother Milicain i need help, to gather the worlds Army without the
Keledain stone is hopeless, utter hopelessness' Manadragoran almost cried
as she looked into the old instucters large beedy eyes.

'Not when you have this, Manadragoran,' he motioned to the pure quartz
crystal, shining with blue fire that seemed to grow from within it.

'With the powers, once more you can take your place in the High Council,
you must become Destroyer, Conquerer of Nations, Destroyer of evil, and
Savoir of hope once more... That is your fate, not mine. You have to go
through the Portals and to the Lake of Winds, where your power will be
restored and you will once again you will soar in the clouds with Eden
and Carlohah,' he stated in a long wise tone that seemed to stop

'Nice to see you, Master Milicain, thanks for the honor of your talk,'
Manadragoran stated in the proper fashion.

'Farewell Destroyer, farewell Lady Manadragoran of Aganai,' he waved
goodbye and wached as she made her way slowly to a tree and slowly
started to sing. The ground rumbled and the Large toering beast stood
above her sending down a hand. He lifted her to his shoulder where a
small saddle lay. The ground shook once more until the creature was out
of sight over the horizon.

'Goodbye my Lady, may your jouney be adventurous and great,' the old man
said to himself.

The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD. Please send
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inclusion in the next edition. All subscription options are now handled
at this url: 
For RP submissions, copyright ownership remains with the author. We do
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