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 VOLUME TEN, NUMBER TWENTY-SIX                               July 27, 2003

                          TABLE OF CONTENTS
                          The Editor's Note

                        NEWS, REPORTS, UPDATES
                          Calendar of Events
                            Recent Updates
                   Cheyla Explains Generic Animals                   

                  Wanted: Scumslin head and burned town!

                              Clan News
                   Wardens of the King Recruiting
               The Council of the Nine Winds Disbands
                 The Union of Protagonists Forms
                       The Prophets Clan Forms

                            The PK Front

                               A Rose
                      The Winds of the Past...
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                      The Editor's Note                          |__\

This is our last week in the medieval era, if you haven't made a newbie
in either Lima or Klein, or at least walked around and dropped some ideas
and comments onto the feedback channels, this is a perfect time to do so.

So far this summer we've made updates in every ancient era and all but
three of the medieval ones so far. We've managed to knock off almost one
thousand entries from our area bugs file. So be sure to let the
builders know what a good job they're doing!

Next Friday, we'll be kicking off our trek through the Industrial era.

Have a great week!

___                                                                   ___
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/__|                   LegendMUD Calendar of Events                  |__\
          [All times are system time unless otherwise specified]
                    [NOTE: new time for Q&A is 7:30 pm]

           Su  M Tu  W Th  F Sa           Su  M Tu  W Th  F Sa
                  1  2  3  4  5                           1  2
            6  7  8  9 10 11 12            3  4  5  6  7  8  9
           13 14 15 16 17 18 19           10 11 12 13 14 15 16
           20 21 22 23 24 25 26           17 18 19 20 21 22 23
           27 28 29 30 31                 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Thursday,  July 31st          7:30 pm          Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
                              9:00 pm          Trivia! with LadyAce

Coming in August: Summer Odyssey continues, focusing on the industrial era!
___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          Recent Updates                         |__\

    /\                            CODE UPDATES
   /  \     
  /    \    MISC CHANGES:
 /_    _\   o The disintegrate spell can be used to restring strings to
   |  |       storage rather than just eat them. So if an item is strung
   |  |       (not zips, of course) then a mage can now perform the
   |  |       restring to storage.
    /\      o Moves the lag on the inital hunt from 1 pulse to 3 to give
   /  \       people a chance to run for their lives before being
  /    \      broadband auto-hunted.
 /_    _\   
   |  |     
   |  |                         HELP FILE UPDATES
   |  |     
   |__|     General Topics:
    /\           PKE and WARNING
   /  \     
  /    \    
 /_    _\                        SUMMER ODYSSEY
   |  |                       MEDIEVAL ERA UPDATES
   |  |     
   |  |     If you want to suggest specific improvements or new additions
   |__|     to existing areas please don't hesitate to submit them on the
    /\      idea/bug/typo channels or drop mudmail to the builder who is
   /  \     responsible for the area (check AREAINFO to find out!). And 
  /    \    please don't limit ideas and suggestions to these 3 months!
 /_    _\   
   |  |     1802 ALASKA
   |  |          An act that was supposed to set FEVER but was setting
   |  |          TURN UNDEAD instead was fixed. Bug/typo fixes.
    /\      SHERWOOD
   /  \          Fixed typo on rabbit pelt. Robin will rescue Marian.
  /    \    
 /_    _\   ST DENIS ABBEY
   |  |          Clean up on the mini quest recently added.
   |  |     
   |  |     VICEROYAL PERU
   |__|          Changes the vnums for the generic crabs so they're crabs
    /\           again instead of hammerhead sharks flopping about on the
   /  \          shore. And chameleons should be chameleons again.
  /    \    
   |  |          Various minor bugs and typos fixed.
   |  |     
   |  |     
   |__|                      Other Area Updates
  /    \         Various bug and typo fixes, rabbits load/set right fur,
 /_    _\        fawn control. Some polish on mount acts. Some mammals
   |  |          can be fed now.
   |  |     
   |  |     ANCIENT GREECE
   |__|          Few fixes here - typo/bugs, increases the time Teiresias
    /\           sticks around, and fixes an object or two that were in
   /  \          the wrong slot.
  /    \    
 /_    _\   AZTECS
   |  |          Generic reptiles replaces with tiny/small and large
   |  |          turtles. Cockatoos and parakeets replaced with native
   |  |          birds.
    /\      CELTIC IRELAND
   /  \          Tika reacts to mice again. Fix for Gawain's chest. More
  /    \         clean up on the mini quest for the burning roof, if it's
 /_    _\        not (FLAMING) it's not really burning and won't work --
   |  |          please report via bug channel. Various bugs and typos
   |  |          fixed.
   |  |     
   |__|     ROMAN BRITAIN
    /\           Legionaries should be able to remove their pilums and
   /  \          hand them over now More slight clean ups on the repair
  /    \         mini quest. Shop inventories increased from 5 to 10 of
 /_    _\        things they'll buy -- like elsewhere. Retrired
   |  |          Centurion's home fixed (INDOORS) and article added to
   |  |          the room title.
   |  |     
   /  \          Various minor bugs and typos fixed.
  /    \    
 /_    _\   
   |  |     
   |  |                    In Progress Area Updates
   |  |     
   |__|     This section is intended to share what builders are working
    /\      on behind the scenes. It is not a perfect record of progress
   /  \     as all builders do not commit updates every week. Badgering
  /    \    builders about their progress will get you flogged. 
 /_    _\   
   |  |     
   |  |             Kae           Larderello (Dante's Hell)
   |  |             LadyAce       Kleinstadt (Update)

___                                                                   ___
\  |-----------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|               Cheyla Explains Generic Animals                   |__\

Recently, I finished the generic animals update and expansion I started 3
years ago and we've begun using them in the game. Many don't understand
what generic animals are, why we need/want them, or what they're good
for. And few understood my frustration with getting bug reports on a few
problem animals (%s ducks, foals and piglets with $s in their long
descriptions)... So this article will try to clear some things up.

Firstly, thanks to all who reported problems that needed fixing with the
new generic animals so far. The old bugs/ideas were also reviewed, so
thanks to people for their reports regarding the old generic animals -
their input helped to improve the new ones. See the welcome board for
specific names.

What are generic animals?

     A group of animals builders can load in their areas that aren't
     specific to any area. Most of the animals are those that are
     relatively widespread about the world or in a general area. Mice are
     good examples. If you see a tan mouse in Malta, it is likely that a
     mouse of the same color in Pittsburgh or Greece is actually the same
     mob. Others like this include many of the kittens, cats, puppies,
     dogs, horses, etc out there.

What kind of generic animals are there?

     We have lots of different animals available - mammals, reptiles,
     amphibians, birds, insects, and fish. They are restricted to animals
     you'll tend to find in many areas, though. Norway rats (those brown
     ones) are found all over the world and are perfect generic animals.
     Red deer are a European species and with so many European areas,
     they are a generic as well. Something more specific to a place won't
     be included in the generics, like kangaroos or arctic foxes.

You had generic animals before, why did they need to be updated?

     There were a number of reasons. Some included:
       Builders were unhappy with the variety offered (no moles, European
         deer, pelicans, etc)
       Some animals were too generic (1 mob could be 8 different things,
         giving little choice in what you got)
       The descriptions were so generic, they looked out of place in some
       The animals didn't do much and were boring
       Some animals weren't really generic (such as Bengal tiger, African
     The update tried to address these issues by:
       Increasing the variety offered
       Removing animals that were unique
       Changing the descriptions to be more descriptive of the animal but
         not too specific
       Making sure all animals did at least one thing of their own
       Increasing the variety and scope of acts for groups (all mice have
         a set of acts they all use)
     Ultimately, I aimed to make sure each animal had a chance to do
     something when you arrived in their room, had something to do while
     fighting, and do at least one thing typical of that animal randomly.

     For those interested in numbers and the expanse of the project (ie,
     why it took 3 years to complete), here is a comparison of before and
           Group     # Mobs:  Before     After
           Birds                34       157
           Bugs                 18        20
           Fish                  5        80
           Mammals              99       137 (some originals removed)
           Reptiles/Amphibians   7        26

What good are generic animals?

     There are a number of benefits to having and using generic animals:
       Save builders time (don't have to write a new mob or new acts)
       Save on vnums in an area (generic mob isn't using area space)
       Provide general acts to utilize for common behaviors (dogs panting
         and scratching, etc)
       Provide builders with a general guide for assigning levels (mice
         in X range, deer around Y)
       Give players a more constant atmosphere (mice in Timbuktu aren't
         level 20 and level 3 in Siberia)
     There are also objects that are used by the generic animals
     themselves and can be used in areas or on custom animals. Some of
     them are animal-specific (animal hides & furs) or more for
     atmosphere (like driftwood and coral reefs). This also saves on
     vnums and can make acts simpler - it's a lot easier to check for one
     generic item than 12 area-specific ones.

How can I tell if an animal is a generic animal?

     There is no sure way to tell - especially if the builder is using
     generic animal acts on an area-specific animal. There may also be
     animals with similar descriptions in multiple areas that are not
     generic. If you see a %s duck in Viking, though, and another %s duck
     in Malta - 99% of the time, it's the same mob.

So what was Cheyla's problem Monday? You ask us to report bugs/typos and
then get upset when we do?!?

     Frustration from getting the same bug/typo report over and over and
     over and... Many times, from the same person but in different areas.
     JimBob saw a $s horse in Romania, he'd report it as a typo - and
     then report it as a typo also in Roman Britain, Malta, and London.
     So instead of having just 1 report to filter through, there were
     then 4, all for the same mob, from the same person.

     In addition, the problems had all been fixed Saturday morning and
     updated for when we crashed - but of course, when you WANT a crash,
     there never is one. So to continue to get large numbers of reports
     for something that was already fixed... Hopefully you get the point.

___                                                                    ___
\  |------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|      LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World   |__\

                Archaon has reached 100 million experience!


                  Wanted: Scumslin head and burned town!

I did return to me cave this mornen te find me place sacked. The entrance
furs be broken down and everythen did be thrown about. And no less than 7
of me precious mundane items be missen.

Now I see the fresh prints of boots and I be tracken the steps te the
city of Valetta. But none there do seem te want te tell me who the bugger
scumslins who entered me cave and stole me stuffs be.

I be holden the bugger Aloph responsible fer no haven control of his men
and I be wanten vengeance! I be promisen everythen anybody can bugger
desire fer bringen me the head of the bugger who stole me stuffs and
burnen the bugger scumslin town down te the ground.

I's be doen it meself of course if I had not been busy given the bugger
ritterlin town the same treatment.

Sigrid Icelander.
     ___                                                          ___
     \  |--------------------------------------------------------|  /
     /__|                     Clan News                          |__\

                   Wardens of the King wants YOU!

We are a pke clan with good nature. We are currently hiring solid active
pkers with controlled and mature pk style.

See the warboard for some information of the clan, or talk my clanmates
or myself for more details.

Hail to the King!

[Wardens of the King] GM


     The Council of the Nine Winds disbanded on July 25th by the GM.

        The Union of Protagonists Clan formed on July 20, 2003.

                The Prophets Clan formed on July 23, 2003.


There are currently 23 RP clans and 3 PK clan. This leaves open slots for
six (6) more clans to form. For more information, read HELP CLAN and see
the clan information list via the CLANS command while logged into the
game. For a basic handbook and reference guide for players interested in
starting and running a clan, we recommend that before you even type FORM,
you visit:

     ___                                                          ___
     \  |--------------------------------------------------------|  /
     /__|                    The PK Front                        |__\

Upon the old laws of Iscariot - The Prophets have risen again! And did
they come out of the corner swinging! They had nearly three quarters of
their members active in pkill this past week. The Infernals had the next
highest number of members participating in pkill this week, followed by
the Necromancers and the Grendels. The Wardens had all but one of their
members out active this week and are currently recruiting. The following
clans each had a pair of members representing them in battle this week:
The Seven Circles, The Grand Coven, The Syndicate, The Avengers, and The
Faction of the Great. Also seen on the fields of battle this past week
were a solitary Knight of the Temple, a member of the Institute of
Healting Arts, a lone Knight of Legend, and a Washed Up Loser.


In the past week there were 116 pk-related deaths involving 55 different
characters. Of those 56 characters, 20 of them were accept all and 23 of
them were PKE at the time. There were 45 pke vs pke battles that ended in
death. There are 58 PKE characters total. So come on, let's get YOUR name
up in lights! We can't report on it if you don't tell us about it!

If you witnessed or commit any glorious or nefarious deeds, send a short
report to us at the LT. If you are looking for a fight, recruiting, or
anything else related to PK (not necessarily PK Clan related), send it
in! It's free AND you'll get a prize token! Be a celebrity, the envy of
all your friends! Tick off your enemies or just tell your side of the
story! The possibilities are endless -- act today!!
             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                               A Rose

She hadn't meant for it to happen, not that way. Not that she was sorry
it had, either. She'd missed him. She wanted him back. It had all really
started innocently enough, he'd come to pick up what few things he'd left
at the cottage. And they ended up in the garden -

'Remember when we planted the plants together?' she said, 'Keep one,'
she'd said as she handed him a rose.

He mumbled something to himself.


He mumbled quietly, 'Nosink.'

She pressed him further, until at last he said he would tell her if she
would only stop asking.

He met her eyes then he softy said some words in russian one of the words
being 'Briarwen'.

'You were supposed to say them in english so I'd understand!'

Again, she pressed him, until he gave in and translated what he had said.

'Roughly it translates to sere is only vone rose in se vorld I vant..' he
said quietly, not looking at her, but staring instead at his feet.b And
her name is Briarven.'

She blinked at him. 'But, you aren't happy with me...' her voice trailed
off sadly. 'I'm sorry,' she said, holding back the tears as best she
could. 'I'm sorry I can't be the things you want me to be.'

He took the dusky pink rose and ripped it in two, then threw one half
into the air, the petals flying all over the garden.

'Who can not be sad vhen yu see a rose like this?'

She blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall at any minute.

'You think I'm like that?'

'I sink sat is all of yu I can ever have,' he said as he thoughtfully
stared at the half rose in his hand.

'Maybe that's all of me that there is.'

'Open yur eyes, yu are all over se garden.'

'In pieces,' she mumbled, 'Broken.'


'Ugly,' she muttered under her breath, hoping he wouldn't hear.

He just tilted his head and looked at her not answering.

'The rose can't be put back together again, either,' she mumbled.

'No..' he replied quietly.

'I'm sorry we ever met,' she cried.

'I am not, I am sorry ve did not meet much earlier,' he wistfully added,
'Before yu vere srovn into se vind.'

She stared at a few of the rose petals that had fallen at her feet,
before picking up a handful and squishing them.

'I don't really want you to go, you know,' she whispered.

'I know.' was his quiet reply. 'But yu do not vant me tu stay enough

She raised her eyebrow inquiringly. 'Enough?'

'Give up vhat yu are doink and I vill stay.'

She said tearfully, 'It's not just giving up what I do, it's... giving up

'Everysink except love.'

'There's no such thing as love,' she retorted with a bitter snort.

'So vhy do yu not vant me tu go?' he asked her quietly.

'I don't want you to go because I wish there were such a thing as love,'
as she let out a wistful sigh.  'Your leaving just proves there isn't.'

'Sat does not make sense, love's existence can not depend on my actions.'

'It does to me,' she mumbled.

Briarwen crumpled up the rose petals still in her hand, then let them
loose to scatter in the wind. Watching them, Jakov then threw his handful
to join with hers.

'Sere, nov at least se garden looks beautiful.'

'It looks sad.'

They returned to the cottage, and as Jakov got ready to leave, she
admitted to him, 'I'll... I'll miss you.'

He took her hand and held it for a minute, before letting it go.

'I miss yu too.'

They stood there, just staring at each other for a long time, until she
reached up and ran her fingers lightly over the peach-fuzz he called a
beard. She knew this was it. He was leaving. It was for good. All she
wanted.. all she really wanted... was him.

'You.. you.. don't have to go.. at least.. not tonight...'

'I sink I do.'

'Please?' she stared at him with a look that said 'Please don't go yet'.

She couldn't let him go, not just yet.. she had to tell him...

'I love you...' she admitted quietly.

'I vill alvays love yu.'

He turned and started to head towards the door, 'I must go.'


'Because if I stay..' He hesitated. 'If I stay I will..' He couldn't seem
to get the words out. 'Not,' he said finally, 'Not leave.'

'And kiss yu,' he added.

'I ... want you to stay.. and not leave.. and to kiss me.'

And he did. And that was how it happened.


                      The Winds of the Past...

The village was still the same, even after all this time. He smiled as he
watched children playing in the streets. They would occasionally stop and
whisper to one another, sometimes one would point in his direction, only
to be chastised by the others. Chuckling to himself, he crossed the road
and stood before one of the children. 'Greetings, young man.' he said.

'Hello sir,' the lad asked. 'Are you a knight?'

'Yes, I am, but only just recently knighted.' He cleared his throat and
asked, 'Young man, do you know a woman named Marissa Kirvel?'

The lad's forehead wrinkled as he looked at the young knight. 'I dunno...
maybe ma or pa might know her. Wanna come with me?'

'I would like that, indeed.' the young man said, falling in behind the

'We live over this way. Ma is home, but Pa is still in the fields
workin'' the lad explained as he led the young knight to a small cottage.
The boy opened the door and the smell of freshly baked bread wafted from
inside the cottage. 'You can come in, ya know' the boy said from inside.

'It would be better, perhaps, if you told your mother that I was here
first.' The man said, sounding more serious that he had intended to.

The boy nodded quietly and yelled, 'MA! THERE'S A MAN AT THE DOOR THAT'S

'WHO IS IT, DEREK?' a tired sounding voice yelled back.


'What are you talking ab...' The voice stopped as a young-looking woman
turned the corner. She stared at the young man and said to the boy, her
eyes never leaving the young knight's, 'Go get your father, Derek. And
tell him to wash up. We will be having a big meal, eaten with company.'

'Huh?' the boy questioned.

'Just do it!' she scolded. The boy ran off toward the fields. The young
woman closed the distance between herself and hugged the young, and now
blushing, knight.

'Ransom Kirvel! Why have you been gone so long? You look different, but
those eyes never change.'

'You have become a beautiful woman, Kirva. Tell me, who was the man lucky
enough to steal your heart?'

'Jani Virten, you remember him, don't you? The son of Thorvald, the

'Ah yes, big lad, flaming red hair, a punch that would put a mule's kick
to shame...' Ransom chuckled, rubbing his jaw and winking. The woman
chuckled and nodded.

'The boy resembles him in size and hair color but shares your fine
features. He will be quite popular with the girls as he grows.'

The woman blushed and said, 'It's good to see you again Ransom.' and
kissed his cheek. 'Now, go wash up for a meal that might make you want to
stay here for good.'

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