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VOLUME TWELVE, NUMBER FIFTEEN                      September 20, 2005

                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

                    LegendMUD Calender of Events

                          RECENT UPDATES
                           Area Updates
                           Code Updates
                             PR Update

                           Did You Know?

                      Mutterings from the Imps

               A Personal Interview with Terrence Charles
                        Archibald Chamberlain III

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/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\
                       Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
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                        4  5  6  7  8  9 10
                       11 12 13 14 15 16 17
                       18 19 20 21 22 23 24
                       25 26 27 28 29 30

-=NOTE Q&A day change!=-

Wednesday,   September 21th,  7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Sunday,      September 25th,  6:00 pm     Complete the Sentence with
Wednesday,   September 28th,  7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium

October 1 - Deadline for Immort apps!

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/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                            Area Updates

All members of a Nemean Lion group now have one-time access to the

London, Sherwood:
Transmob-killing acts fixed -- be careful!

Tartarus: It's time for a post-install fixathon -- many bugs and typos
fixed and incorporated into the game -- thanks for all your reports! 
coins should be a bit more available. Campe has been tweaked, be 
Also, the manacles have been fixed.

Higbald has been tweaked, be careful.

Small fixes were made and typos smashed in:
Black Forest, Abbey, Alhambra, Anasazi, Carnival, Crusades, Pittsburgh,

Rent revisions went in to:  Alhambra, Arabian Nights, Aztecs, Beowulf,
Roman Britain, Casablanca, Frisco, Greece, London, Medieval Seas, North
Africa, Nazca, Picts, Romania, Tudor, Lima, Bengal/Seoni, Tortuga, and
Tara. The Tara changes are particularly exciting, over 90% of the items
have been changed substantially.

The following in-progress areas saw commits this week:
Dartmoor, Silkroad

                           Code Updates


o blindside and sucker punch improved, greater chance to hit, more 
o innate defense improved, higher heal ratio when it occurs.
o Gradual stat update moved to the regen update pulse which should
  speed up gradual stats in both directions by about 4x.
o Casting a spell gives an innate 5% chance of improving the cast 
  The casting level cannot be improved beyond 25, but this will give a
  bit more flexibility and not require people to use spellbooks as the
  ONLY means by which to gain spell levels on newly added spells.
o Gradual stats will change by 2 all the time instead of 1-3 randomly.
o A ton of mood changes.. ask chaykin!


o Firestorm and corrosive death will do damage again.
o First letter of a character's name in 'roster' will always show
  as upper case.
o Being shot will now display messages to people in your room.
o Balm wearing off will be displayed even if you're asleep.
o Empathy bug where it was possible to go into negative
  numbers for the caster effectively healing more than you had to 
o Empathy will no longer display a message that you've been healed
  unless said healing has occured.

                            PR Updates

One of this Friday's changes is a revision of the moods. Nearly all
of them were edited in some fashion: some were only tweaked minorly;
many of them were pretty much completely rewritten. In the process I
also added 15 brand new moods based on what I thought we were missing 
some player suggestions. They are:

adventurous, childlike, dashing, dazzling, diplomatic, festive, grim,
militant, morbid, obedient, resolute, spooky, unloved, unnoticed,
and vengeful

Additionally, a few old ones had their names changed so that they made
more sense, so be aware of that.

The reason? Most of the moods as they exist today suffer from problems,
including mixed meanings, a lot of adverbs that had nothing to do with
the mood being used, grievous grammar and punctuation errors, and other
issues. Also, many of them were more or less copies of other moods.

The revision makes them all unique, gives them some better writing 
and makes the adverbs in the "action tags" actually make sense for
physical actions.

Hope you all enjoy them!

by request, the moods which changed their names:

"admiringly"      is now       "admiring"
"careful"         is now       "cautious"
"disagreeable"    is now       "disagreeing"

-Chay (Congratulations go out to Chaykin for doing this project from 
to finish!)

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/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

              Mertjai has reached 100 million experience!
              Aemilia has reached 100 million experience!
               Percy has reached 100 million experience!


        Intempesta Nox Clan disbanded on Thursday, 8 Sep 2005
                        due to low membership.

   _____       DID YOU KNOW   ... CONFIG SHOWREGEN
  /  _  \      With all the new regeneration spells and effects
 /__/ \  \     out there, did you ever find yourself wondering
      /  /     whether or not they are actually DOING anything?
     /  /      Well wonder no more! Just type config showregen
    /__/       and the system will generate a message when one
    __         of the effects assists your regeneration.
   /  \

___                                                               ___
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/__|                  Mutterings from the Imps                   |__\

The last week has been rather exciting behind the scenes.

The first big news, as promised, is that the backend code for the first
part of the PK changes has been completed. This first effort is a 
by which we can detect PK damage regardless of how it is generated
(skill, spell, melee, etc) and change how much damage is done.

The way it does this is to reduce the overall damage proportionally for
all incoming damage. If a hit would have normally done 80 points of
damage, it will now do a percentage of that (say, 37). We're still
working out the exact level to set it to, but 45% looks to be about the
proper level. This extends most PK fights to 12-20 rounds instead of 
3-6 that we were seeing before this change.

Because of the way the new system is set up, it allows us to also 
mana costs based on this reduction in damage. If, by PK, you end up 
lower damage than a spell normally would, you will be charged less 

There are a few things we're reconsidering as we test this change:

  o stoneskin and its affects -- perhaps it has too high of a 
  o the 'lasting stun/can't cast anything' code -- this will likely go
  o the 'backstab frequency' code

We also recognize that healing under this scheme will be overpowered 
are working on a way to resolve that.

We would like to thank those who have taken the time to take advantage 
our testmuds and help test this system out. Your feedback has been very

This is not the only efforts we are taking to address the PK issues, 
merely a first step. We do recognize there are problems with risk vs.
reward in PK, and how the current system tends to dissuade people from
taking advantage of it. To that end, some of the things we are

  o Reduced penalty for death
  o Laxing the requirement of 'steal' to loot objects from corpses
  o Adding other bonuses and perks to being PKE
  o Re-evaluating the cost of carryable potions, looking to reduce the
    cost and weight of these items
  o Re-evaluating the 'affects save over rent' code

We recognize as well that PKOK and accept/reject has its fair share of
problems. Though we don't have any clear ideas on how to resolve this, 
is one thing we will be tackling as we move forward.

Naturally, any conversations about PK will almost always lead to
discussions of clans, clanhalls, and how both affect the PK 
Again, we have more questions than answers at this point, but we're 
to be looking at those moving forward as well, trying to make clans and
clanhalls more viable for in-game affects but, especially in the case 
clanhalls, slide their abilities away from being virtual safe rooms.

We'd also like to make special mention of the installation of Tartarus.
Nestor's done a fine piece of work with this new area, and trooper he 
he's already hard at work on the next.

Some other things on the horizon:

  o Rewritten moods! Chaykin has been hard at work correcting some of 
    issues with moods and his first commit looks to change a great many
    of them for the better. Typos, grammar and spelling fixed, 15 new
    moods added and many of them rewritten, this looks to be a massive 
    positive change where moods are concerned.

  o Era Experience is still early in its design stages. Some ideas are
    currently floating around about rewards and Snapper has begun 
    some of the backend functions that will be required for

  o Some changes to groups and grouping are in the works. Again, they 
    early in the design stages, but we're hoping to make groups a bit 
    robust part of the game and also refine the way groups are handled
    in the code -- potentially speeding up a number of group-based
    things. Lorenzo is heading up this project.

  o Some new spell ideas are on the horizon for create mages. I don't 
    to break the surprise yet as these still have not been given 
    but we're looking at adding a couple interesting new affects that
    are petty ground-breaking where Legend is concerned.

  o Spells -- Spellbooks, everyone hates them, but they've been a
    necessary evil for new spells added to the game. We will continue 
    provide spellbooks as a means to increase your casting level, 
    we will be adding an innate chance to increase your casting level
    *every* time you cast a spell. This chance is small, but over
    repeated use of newer spells, your casting level will improve to a
    very usable point. This will work on all spells, so if you forgot 
    chant 'wither' until level 50, you can improve older spells as 
    Obviously, the easiest way to ensure a low spell level is to cast
    spells early, but that will not be the only way any more.

  o We now have the ability to swap stats. People have been asking for
    this for a long time, and we're not quite sure how we're going to 
    it into the game just yet (will it be a redeem? will it be a quest?
    not sure yet), but look for at least a one-time chance ability to 
    any 2 stats around.

  o The builders have been hard at work moving all of the exist areas'
    objects to the new sliding rent scale for lower-stat items. This is 
    lot of work, but they're moving pretty quickly. Look for these
    lower rent modifications to enter the game over the next few weeks.

  o Gradual stats -- Gradual stats will become a little less gradual
    (or a little more gradual) depending on how you look at it. We're
    bumping the amount of change from 1-3 per tick to 2 points 4 times
    per tick. That means that over a minute, any one stat can gain or
    lose 8 points rather than the 1-3 currently. We'll be looking at
    this closely and try to figure out a good mean between 'spam gear'
    and 'alternate gear being completely useless'.

That's all for now. As always, the communication lines are open.

Rufus and Sandra
             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

              A Personal Interview with Terrance Charles
                     Archibald Chamberlain III


(Compiled over several weeks by a scribe of the Chamberlain household.)

-- If you would please introduce yourself, sir.

I am Terrance Charles Archibald Chamberlain the Third, of Archibald
Castle in Yorkshire. I was educated at Oxford University, where I read
in Philosophy. As a young man I was particularly fond of archery and
dancing, and I was granted numerous opportunities to waltz with some of
the most beautiful young ladies in Yorkshire. Today, some fifteen years
after returning home from Oxford, I have invested heavily in a
fine Portugese vineyard.

-- If you could elaborate on your business, sir.

Certainly, dear boy. You see, at Oxford I met a refined young man whose
family had a knack for investing. His family was invested heavily in 
interests of the East India Company, but my curiosities lied elsewhere.
Through him, I came to meet some of the more influential wine importers
in London on holiday. By the time my reading was finished, I was well
connected with the more prominent merchants, which acquainted me with a
shrewd Portugese man, whom I would later back financially.

-- How have your investments faired, sir?

Quite well, my boy, quite well indeed. I must add that this Portugese
man's family produces Colheita Port, the finest of all Port wines. It 
in fact so rare that only one half of one percent of all Port wine made
in the entire world is Colheita. I will not bore you with the 
but the market price of a bottle of my partner's Colheita would startle
most, and needless to say we are doing quite well.

-- Sir, as your family's loyal servant for many years, I know that you
are as yet unmarried.  Surely your successful investments, coupled with
your good name, will compel you to marry soon?

My boy, are you ever bold! Indeed, I am entering into my prime years,
and would like nothing more than to share my good fortune with a 
lady. I believe that, as a Chamberlain, my future wife would enjoy the
many material benefits of a high marriage, not to mention sublime

-- 'Sublime contentment,' sir?

I am first and foremost a gentleman, my boy, a man versed in chivalry
and principle. A lady is to be treated as such without exception, and I
would see to it that my wife live happily and comfortably, free from
worry and anxiety. Stability, my boy, stability. Is that not sublime

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