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VOLUME TWELVE, NUMBER SEVENTEEN                      October 21, 2005

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

			   The Editor's Note
                      LegendMUD Calendar of Events

                             RECENT UPDATES
                              Area Updates
                            Housing Changes
                              Code Updates

                        Mutterings from the Imps?

                       New LT Column: Ask the Imps!

                          A Wonderful Wedding

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/__|                      The Editor's Note                      |__\

 Howdy folks, just wanted to highlight a couple things available to you 
a player.  First, ever sitting at work wishing you could log on but
certain your boss would fire you if he saw even one prompt on your 
Well why not read up on some back Q&A's for your Legend fix while at 
I know I do.  Their location is:

 Also, back by popular demand, I will be running trivia for you crazy
folks come November time, so warm up your brains for some really 
fact finding and your fingers for google.

 Please, don't forget to vote for LegendMUD at the various mud sites so 
can get some more Newbies at

 Thanks a lot and I'll catch ya on the flipside!


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/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\

                        Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                         2  3  4  5  6  7  8
                         9 10 11 12 13 14 15
                        16 17 18 19 20 21 22
                        23 24 25 26 27 28 29
                        30 31

Sunday,      October  23rd,   7:00 pm     Complete the Sentence with
Wednesday,   October  26th,   7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Monday,      October  31st,   all day     Halloween

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/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                            Area Updates

Alhambra: You'll now have a chance to 'dodge' the bandits' trip act.

- Hydra no longer drop coins on death
- Teiresias will stay around longer when summoned
- Cockatrice will no longer turn her friends to stone
- Pytheas will now be quicker in making lockpicks
- You dont become an enemy of Thebes by fighting the king (only by 
  him). However fighting him still removes his friendship
- Lotus eater won't anymore count brews as done when he fails one or
  destroys a plant

Malta: Mobs with arrival acts will use them less often. The strip of 
quest now has a whois (which will show up automatically for everyone 
has already done the quest) so that you can tell if you've done it.

Medieval Andes: the merchant quest should be quicker to do.

Romania: The midwife should now be able to do what she promises.

Tartarus: The minimum entrance level has been dropped, but acts to 
lower-level characters have been added. Proceed with caution!

Typo fixes and small enhancements went in to: Ancient Seas, Aztecs,
Generic Birds, Carthage, San Francisco, Klein, Dante's Inferno, 
South Seas

The following in-progress areas saw commits this week:
Dartmoor, Mongols, Silk Road A new area is on our "in progress" list 
week: Medieval Japan. This area is a joint project between Nestor and
Chaykin, and takes advantage of some  old unused work Nestor did in the

                           Housing Changes

 As part of an overall evaluation of what little economy Legend
has as compared to the game system, we're going to eventually
try and work out better ways for money to flow through the game
and not let the crutch rest entirely on Housing to extract
the bulk of the gold.

 And recognizing the fact that merely owning a house shouldn't
require someone to spend an inordinate amount of time doing a
single activity (money running), we're reducing the rent cost
per day of housing.

 Initial prices of houses will remain the same.

 Also note -- we may adjust this number up or down as we see
its affects on the game.

 So as of today:

o Housing rent is now a weekly sum. However since the mechanics
  already existed for taking it out nightly, your nightly rent
  is now 1/7th of what it was previously. It will still be
  removed with the nightly housing update.

- Ruf
                            Code Updates

o Slight increase in the healing amount of first aid.
o Resting now gives the same regeneration speed as sleeping. Sleeping 
  still an option for those quests/area effects that still require it, 
  all regeneration bonuses given by sleeping are now part of the 
o Perma raged people should now wake up properly when stunned.
o Note about stat of 123456 not being a good char removed from the char
  creation process.
o config gtellafk will send gtells to your afk buffer.
o Notes posted to boards will remain in the inventory of the poster
o For players who can see their stats, any stats in flux in 
  will see an asterisk by the current stat:
  Strength   [30]  [100]* [78]
o Heals that are truncated for PK dam are still charged old
  mana value.
o cc line for notes will now be 240 characters.
o Posting a note will still leave a copy in your inventory.


o Parry should give the correct messages now.
o Hush should now work on channels.
o Backstab will no longer give messages about dead people being less
o You can't use socials on channels to show a character's disguise.
o Crashing bug fixed.
o gtells will only be sent to afk if the person receiving the
  message is afk.

___                                                               ___
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/__|                 Mutterings from the Imps?                   |__\

 We interrupt the usual "Mutterings from the Imps" to address a
frequent question -- What's with the Delay?

Obviously, we have a lot of balls juggling in the air at the moment:
Era Experience, pkill damage code, clans discussion, PKOK discussion,
hit table/ac/hitroll/damroll discussion, etc.

We've been asked a number of times, knowing that some of these things
are getting close, when they'll be implemented exactly and what is
with the delay?

For this update, we'll cover only the new pkill damage code.

First off, we want to do things right the first time without having to
'nerf' things into oblivion down the road. As we all know that doesn't
work to well most of the time, we do want to at least step out on the
right foot. There are a number of tricky balance things within the
pkill damage code that we think we've worked out to the best of our
abilities. It is about 99% ready to go in, with just a few small
tweaks remaining.

However, as the timid architect of many of the changes, I (Rufus)
would like to be able to be around to watch the initial implementation
and work on collecting data and correcting problems immediately.

Right now, I'm unavailable to do that and will be for the next week or
so as work issues sort themselves out. We're in a crunch time here at
the old publishing house and I can't devote enough time to make sure
that the transition to the new code goes smoothly.

We have tentatively targetted 10/28 as the install date for the pkill
damage code changes. If this changes, a notice will be posted on the
welcome board.

So what's going to happen?

I'm going to be honest -- chances are it's going to be broken in a few
crucial and/or critical ways. We've tested this, you have tested this
on testmuds, we've done our best, but every bit of code has bugs and
we will always have balance issues.

This pkill damage code change does not solve any of PKill's problems.
What it does is attenuate some of the most detrimental effects in the
game and make fights longer, which will allow us to get a bigger
picture view of the balance problems with pkill. I

As I have said, it's a first step. Heck, it might not even be a GOOD
step but it's the best we've got right now.

Once we let this settle for a few weeks, we'll start taking a look at
what other code needs to be changed or modified. We will try our best
to leave the system untouched while players and imms alike evaluate
its overall effects, but again, I promise nothing other than most all
fights will take longer. I encourage people to try it out and comment
on it objectively... This will not fix create mages' ability in pkill
-- don't expect it to, it won't fix sniper's rather uncanny ability to
stun frequently, it won't fix the fact that many factors of ac and
hitroll can be completely undermined by a lucky special attack, and it
won't fix the fact that damroll is by all intents and purposes a bit
wacky when it comes to balance.

We appreciate any and all feedback, of course. Were it not for
players' suggestions and comments, we wouldn't have been able to make
this step, let alone any others. Give it a shot, give us some info we
can work with. Yes, it will suck, at first. We promise to make it

Thank you,

Rufus and Sandra

___                                                               ___
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/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

                   New LT Column: Ask the Imps!


Ever have a burning question that you want answered and want answered
out in the open but don't feel like attaching your name to it? Unable
to make a Q&A session? Well, now's your chance!

As of the next LT (provided we have any questions, of course), we will
start a new column: Ask the Imps!

Every LT we will pick a few questions and answer them as completely as
we can.

Send any questions you have to!

             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                      A Wonderful Wedding

 I, a servant of the House of Chamberlain, am pleased to announce that
Lord Terrance Charles Archibald Chamberlain III and Lady Zqviimia
Schilderknaddargeres were wed on this day, Sunday, the Ninth Day of
October, the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Five.

 For those of you who were unable to make it, Mister and Misses
Chamberlain have provided a transcript of the event for you:
(Editors Note: This Log has been edited for  content and length
and has been formatted to fit your TV Screen.)


'Okay, we ready to start this party?' Friar Chaykin says.

Terrance nod anxiously.

Zqviimia, the matchmaker nods solemnly.

Henslin is rip red roaring to PAR-TAY!

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin giggles.

Zqviimia, the matchmaker throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Terrance takes a slow, deep breath ...

'Okay, then let's begin,' Friar Chaykin says. 'I'd like to request that
everyone please remain perfectly quiet and remain from unnecessary 

Friar Chaykin says, 'Er, refrain, that is.'

Zqviimia, the matchmaker throws her head back and cackles gleefully!

Friar Chaykin clears his throat gruffly.

'We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Terrance and
Zqviimia,' Friar Chaykin says. 'For them, this marriage is more than an
exclamation of love. It is a desire to unite their hopes and dreams and
live together as one.'

'Today we celebrate not only the union of Terrance and Zqviimia, but 
ties to one another as a community,' Friar Chaykin says. 'As Terrance 
Zqviimia take their vows, let us re-affirm our bonds to our friends and

Out of the corner of your eye you notice a very upset, and very dead,
zombie quietly file into one of the pews in the back. He appears to be
dressed as a taxi driver.

'It is only appropriate that you, the community, participate in this
sacred ceremony,' Friar Chaykin adds. 'The love, trust, and devotion 
two bring to their marriage have roots in the love, trust, and devotion
which you have nurtured in them.'

'Will you, the community, stand behind Terrance and Zqviimia?' Friar
Chaykin says.

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin nods solemnly.

'Yes indeed,' Gwangali says.

Henslin nods solemnly.

Meffrid says gently, 'Aye.'

Friar Chaykin nods solemnly.

'Well then--,' Friar Chaykin says.

Suddenly the zombie stands up and blurts out with a great show of 
'Noooooooo! I love you! No, Terrance! I love you!'

Terrance looks angry.

Terrance glares at the zombie ...

Terrance composes himself.

'Ah hem. I am a gentleman ... you are a zombie of a -taxi driver-, and
surely you know it was a -tip- I gave you?!' Terrance says angrily.

'WHAT?! A TIP?!' cries the distraught undead cabbie. 'You call -that- a
TIP?! That was -more- than just a tip, you insensitive ass!'

A zombie of a taxi driver wails uncontrollably.

Terrance glares at the zombie ...

'Not only are you of the lowest of the lower classes, you dwell now six
feet below them!' Terrance says, red-faced with anger. 'Be gone!'

'That didn't stop YOU, did it?!' sobs the zombie.

Terrance scowls heatedly.

In a flash, the Phantom of the Opera appears! After glancing at the 
of a taxi driver, he is overwhelmed by passionate stirrings!

Friar Chaykin peers around intently.

Terrance raises an eyebrow furiously.

The Phantom and the zombie of a taxi driver meet each other's gaze, and
you suddenly get the sense that you are intruding on something private
and really, really disturbing.

The two twisted forms meet, and begin to dance! Not taking their eyes 
each other for a moment, they parade out to a flying limousine, and
outside the church you see it take off, soaring over the rainbow.

Gwangali shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

',' Zqviimia, the matchmaker says.

The bunnies sing, the bears prance about, and they live happily ever

Zqviimia, the matchmaker blinks.

Terrance blinks.

Terrance looks relieved.

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin giggles.

'Hmm, all right,' Friar Chaykin says. 'Well...if there are 
objections...let's continue?'

Zqviimia, the matchmaker nods her agreement with Friar Chaykin.

Terrance nod agreement with him.

Friar Chaykin states, 'Will you, the community, continue to stand 
Terrance and Zqviimia? Please nod now.'

Henslin nods solemnly.

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin nods solemnly.

Gwangali nods solemnly.

Meffrid nods gently.

'Terrance and Zqviimia, we, the community of Legend, stand behind your
decision to wed,' Friar Chaykin says.

'Do you, Zqviimia, take Terrance to be your husband and partner 
Friar Chaykin says. 'Do you vow to protect him, counsel him, assist 
and devote yourself wholly to his well-being, even in trying times?'

'I do,' Zqviimia, the matchmaker says.

'Please present him with his ring, the token of your bond,' Friar 
says to Zqviimia, the matchmaker.

Zqviimia, the matchmaker gives Terrance a hand-crafted platinum wedding

Terrance wears a hand-crafted platinum wedding band on your left ring

Count Drakkon leaps in from the north, prepared to climb any mountain.

'Wear this ring proudly, Terrance, as it symbolizes your union,' Friar
Chaykin says. 'May it never dull or tarnish.'

'Do you, Terrance, take Zqviimia to be your wife and partner eternal?'
Friar Chaykin says. 'Do you vow to protect her, counsel her, assist 
and devote yourself wholly to her well-being, even in trying times?'

'I do,' Terrance says, sighing with relief.

Friar Chaykin says, 'Please present her with her ring, the token of 

Terrance gives a platinum princess-cut diamond ring to Zqviimia, the

Zqviimia, the matchmaker wears a platinum princess-cut diamond ring on
her left ring finger.

'Wear this ring proudly, Zqviimia, as it symbolizes your union,' Friar
Chaykin says. 'May it never dull or tarnish.'

Zqviimia, the matchmaker giggles.

As an immortal of the Legend community, I hereby announce that Terrance
and Zqviimia have entered into wedlock. (You hear the clink of that
wedlock snapping shut.)

Gwangali cheers wildly!

Zqviimia, the matchmaker cheers wildly!

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin cheers wildly!

Everyone tell Zqviimia to kiss her new husband!

Henslin shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Zqviimia, the matchmaker kisses Terrance.

Nadia grins evilly.

Meffrid gives a round of applause.

Terrances pulls Zqviimia close to him and gives her a tender kiss.

Zqviimia, the matchmaker blushes bright red.

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin hugs Zqviimia, the matchmaker.

Friar Chaykin says, 'May I present.'

The Mysterious Krista, the assassin hugs Terrance.

Count Drakkon shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

'Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain,' Friar Chaykin says.

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