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 ............./      /            THE LEGENDARY TIMES
 ............/      /
 .........../      /.....______.._____.....______.._____.......____
 ........../      /...../     /./     \.../     /./     \...../    \
 ........./      /...../  ___/./  ____/../  ___/./  __   \.../  /\  \
 ......../      /...../  /_.../  /....../  /_.../  /..\   >./  /./  /
 ......./      /...../  __/../  /____../  __/../  /.../  /./  /./  /
 ....../      /_____/__/__../  \_\  /./  /__../  /.../  /./  /_/  /
 ...../ Celebrating    / /./       /./     /./  /.../  /./       /
 ..../ our 11th year  /_/..\______/./_____/./__/.../__/./_______/ MUD
 .../________________/      running on 9999
 VOLUME TWELVE, NUMBER NINE                            April 22, 2005


                           The Editor's Note

                        NEWS, REPORTS, UPDATES
                          Calender of Events
                             Area Updates
                             Code Updates

                         What is a zip string?
                          Vote for Legendmud!

                             A Great Honor...
                       For You Did Never Lie To Me
                        The Ballad of the Knights

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                      The Editor's Note                      |__\

 Big change on the perc fighting style front.  I encourage you all to 
read the code updates and try the new rules for backstab. Also, don't forget 
to vote for Legend at the forum! I've looked at the numbers we're getting 
and they aren't up to snuff, so lets get out there and vote more.  Finally, 
if you've got any ideas for PR stuff, or anything in general be sure to
overuse our bug/idea channels, the discussion board and the forums.

 - Huma, the broken record

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                LegendMUD Calendar of Events                 |__\

             April                               May
     Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa               Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
                     1  2                1  2  3  4  5  6  7
      3  4  5  6  7  8  9                8  9 10 11 12 13 14
     10 11 12 13 14 15 16               15 16 17 18 19 20 21
     17 18 19 20 21 22 23               22 23 24 25 26 27 28
     24 25 26 27 28 29 30               29 30 31

Sunday,      April 24th,   2pm-10pm    PK BattleZone
Thursday,    April 28th,   7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium


Thursday,    May 5th,      7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,    May 13th,     7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,    May 20th,     7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium
Thursday,    May 27th,     7:30 pm     Q&A in the OOC Auditorium

Other Events in May dates TBA:
PKill Tournament!
Level-to-5 Game!
Scavenger Hunt!

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                       Recent Updates                        |__\

                            Area Updates

PR: prize machine update

The spider grandmother will no longer find your music entrancing.

Johnny will be sure to stand up if he's in a fight.

Forage section added. Shilam has more to sell.

Assassins may be slightly more effective in their acts which target
lower-level characters.

Dante's Inferno:
Geryon should behave himself better, the Styx is a little more 
The shades have better act responses and now prefer fight to players
rather than each other.

Stats changed on the righteous anger. Please note that one affect on 
the righteous anger is buggy but the bugfix is in next week's code update
package, so don't build your strategies too heavily on the bug!

North Africa:
Forage section added. Shilam has more to sell.

You will no longer be able to enter the Tudor barge from Blackfriar's
Dock, and you'll no longer see its progress on the Thames from rooms 
that aren't on the river. Various other miscellaneous things have been 
fixed, including typos, a housing exit, and so forth.

Egil should be back to normal.

Unusual doors were made NO_LOCK in:
Anasazi, Carnival, Crusades, Pirates' Den, Klein, Melbourne,
Tudor, Viking

2004 Expies information went into the areainfo sections for:
Carthage, Crusades, India, Klein, Dante's Inferno

Assorted minor fixes went in to:
Abbey, Dante's Inferno, Generic Animals, Generic Foods, Somme,
Dreamtime Australia, French & Indian War, Dante's Inferno

The following in-progress areas had commits this week:
Black Forest, Tartarus

                         Code Updates


o shopkeepers may start trading only in their own currencies.
o You'll now get partial mana back when you fail to cast a doppelganger
  due to one being in play already.
o Backstab will no longer be possible on stuns/para.
o You will now be able to backstab 3 times per tick.


o Crashing bugs fixed.
o Setting tells to off will now work, if you're making that choice.
o Taint will no longer work for londoners.
o Weight will now register when you put things in a held bag.
o Gust of wind now breaks entrance.
o Gust of wind will do slightly more damage to flying targets but
  will not do more on people on the ground.
o You won't be able to sleep while raging anymore.
o Cutting and pasting text into notes will no longer eat blank lines.

___                                                               ___
\  |-------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|  LEGENDITES: Information Regarding the People of Our World  |__\

                    What is a ZIP STRING?

 Zip strings are a fast and easy way to promote yourself and give you a
little individuality without the need for an equipment change. They can 
be used for almost anything at all and cost absolutely nothing! Hard to
believe, I know, but FREE!

 Ok so you ask, how do I get one of these miracle products? It couldn't 
be simpler. Just ask anyone from the PR department to make you one and
provide them with the short and long descriptions that you would like.
Here are some examples of ways to enhance your character with a
zip string.

 Let's assume you are a disgusting body snatcher (just like me!). When 
you are first starting out, you are not likely to come across many coupons 
so you get a zip string of: 'a disgusting severed arm.' This can be used 
for poking people, shaking hands, dragging in the dirt, or any other thing 
you can do with a normal item. At the same time, it gives people a glimpse 
as your personality!

 Or, let's assume that you are an already established character and 
people are already familiar with your style, but you have just joined a clan 
that requires some form of membership identification, so you or your GM (if
they're thinking ahead) might ask a PR immortal for something like: "a
laminated CoolClan membership card," and there you have it proof of 
your allegiance, and handy discount card when dealing with affiliates!

 As you can see, zip strings can be used to great effect in many 
instances and cost absolutely nothing but a little imagination! So call now!

                     Vote for Legendmud!

 Now it's even easier to vote for Legend on the various sites.
Just go to and click on the links.

 While you're there, if you're not yet a member, register! It takes
just a moment to register your character.


(Editors Note: This was posted on the welcome board but I thought I'd
include it here as a reminder to everyone that we not only have a 
forum, but it offers the option to vote for Legend on various Mud sites.  The
best part is, you can vote EVERYDAY! So, if you have a moment at work,
feel free to schedule in 2 minutes to drop by the forum and cast a vote
for Legend at the 6 or 7 sites, it will hopefully attract more people 
to our lovely little world.)

             /                       \
        o O | Wonder what folks are   |
  `\|||/    | doing over at LegendMUD?|
   (o o)     \_______________________/

                       A Great Honor...

 To the people of Legend-- It is my humble honor to announce that Sir
Ransom Kirvel has deemed me worthy of joining the Knights of Legend. It
has been my pleasure to serve under not just one, but two of Legend's
finest knights, first as Sir Lawrence Windstrom's squire and then under
the patient and gracious direction of Master Ransom. I was knighted in 
the presence of my dear childhood friend, Sir Dak, and it is now my duty 
and my pleasure to serve the good people of this world as a Knight.

   - Sir Val Alexandre, Knight of Legend

 Due to his new position as a Knight of Legend, Val will no longer 
appear as a young master, but as Sir Val Alexandre, a twiggy, green-
eyed knight winks at you from under a mop of silken ebony hair.

                   'For You Did Never Lie To Me'

For you did never lie to me
And that was to your gain.
You never claimed to hold me fast
In anything but name.

Love abased me, it is true
And cast me down a well.
Made me prisoner to you
And your passing strange design.

But surely you did offer naught
Nor asked for aught, 'tis true
That I did choose to give far more,
And acted all the fool.

A bargain made between us?
Nay, t'wer only with myself.
You only followed your own path
And cast me off apart.

To follow as it pleased me
Till I followed you no more.
Then only then you sought to grasp
The passion from my heart.

I own myself again, praise be
To Her with many names.
And you may go to Hell
Or Heaven, if you please

It is the same to me. (To M.A. from M.A.) (Editors Note: The preceding 
was delivered to the LT editorial office by a rather large demon, and 
written on a piece of lilac scented lavender notepaper.)

                    The Ballad of the Knights

 There is talk of vagabond traveling from inn to inn, harbor to harbor,
telling this tale of the Knights:

Tales abound of the Knights and their ways,
Slaying vile monsters and saving fair maids.
But the hour grows late at this crowded inn,
And with the clatter of service,
Under the chatter of men,
Does sit a Knight, battle-scarred and old,
Who speaks of a schism,
A clash of the bold.

With his helm at his side,
And his blade in its sheath,
A once-Knight, Delandel,
Does speak of the breach.

In the beginning were men who lived by their word,
A shining example for all to behold.

We were the honor, the virtue, the beacons of good,
Keeping the peace for the rest of the world.

We set down in code the ways of our clan,
So as to remember the path of the righteous.

And so for an age lived the Knights of Legend,
The way, the truth, the light of the land.

But as even the strongest of rocks will erode,
So did the Knights. So did our code.

There were many among us who did seek to change,
The very foundation of our glorious clan.

Slowly but surely the words were wiped clean,
And new words were made to replace them.

Lo! The end of the age drew near!

Many of us were seething with rage,
Our code! Our clan! Falling quickly away!

We struck out! We formed a bond of our own.
The old code would stand as it had for so long.

In this hand the new, in the hand the old.
On this side the true, on this side the bold.

Divided we stood, for all to see.

As ever it does, time healed some wounds,
Concessions were made, and so fell the True.

The Knights became one, but not as they were.
Many of us simply wandered away.

Tales may abound of the Knights and their ways,
Slaying vile monsters and saving fair maids.
But what of the code as once it stood?
What of the wayward souls of the brood?
What of a time when all Knights were True?
Is the age passed forever?
Or coming again?

  The Legendary Times is published by the immortals of LegendMUD.
Please send replies, additions, or corrections to [email protected]
for inclusion in the next issue. All subscription options are handled
at: and submissions
at: For RP submissions,
copyright ownership remains with the author. We do reserve the right
to moderate the forum and edit or reject any submission.

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